Gordon Brown’s Eyesight and Boyzone 9

In KLM lounge at Schiphol. Having been given the choice of the Telegraph or Mail on the flight here, I feel compelled to note that the attacks on Gordon Brown over his eyesight are completely out of order. The media of course was quite happy with David Blunkett – blindness is evidently OK as long as it is populist right wing blindness.

One of my strange brushes with popular culture. About four years ago I was with Nadira in the then popular St James’ nightclub, when she started dancing in the incredibly sexy way only she can with a young man a good deal shorter than her, and a very great deal younger and better looking than me. I was a trifle annoyed, but he came and joined us for a drink and he was both friendly and very obviously more likely to be interested in me than Nadira. Nadira explained to me he was Stephen from Boyzone, whcih meant next to nothing to me. We saw him I think just once more, but he was very friendly, polite, unassuming, drank very little and showed no signs of drugs. He bought his round (a quality high up my judgemental list on men).

I have never knowingly listened to anything by Boyzone. I suppose now I ought to.

Off to Ghana now.

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9 thoughts on “Gordon Brown’s Eyesight and Boyzone

  • dreoilin

    With the image Boyzone had, I’d be very surprised if they took drugs. I was never a fan, but the news about Stephen is sad. So young. Apparently no explanation yet for his death.

    Agree with you totally about Brown and his eyesight. NOT fair.

  • Alex T

    Perhaps I am incredibly cynical. But I have to say that the whole GB eyesight thing just stinks like a red herring put out there by GB’s own people in order to provide him with an established get out if he decides to bottle it before the next election. He seems so risk averse that I just can’t believe he’d go through with it. It must just be a question of him lining up some big payoff like head of the world bank or IMF and then jumping ship.

    I am not a medical person but isn’t it unwise to fly if you have a partially detached retina – wouldn’t that make jetting off to high level meetings a bit tricky?

  • Frazer

    Craig has to fly business class due to health reasons (read his books !)

    Graig, my best to everyone in Accra..

  • glenn

    Having a pop at someone because they mention business class travel smacks of desperation. Jesus, some people will reach for _anything_ … I bet the anonymous coward offering that criticism doesn’t have a go at his own Great Leaders for traveling business class or better.

    When has Craig Murray ever pleaded poverty at us, anyway? I know he’s asked people to buy his books and contribute to election campaign funds, but what author/ political candidate has not, ffs? I imagine if the said author/ candidate _didn’t_ need funds, that too would be bad, on account of their being independently wealthy. wtf once again!

  • Mrs D

    You’re right about Gordon Brown. There isn’t any doubt he has had, since his student days, problems with his eyes. Right wing zealots demand to know about what tablets he may be taking, then complain when he releases information about his eye condition. There ‘s no pleasing some people.

  • tony_opmoc

    Despite the fact that I completely despise almost everything about Nu-Labour, I knew at the time it was happenning a year ago, that we faced Enormous Financial Danger.

    The American’s were completely fucking it up and making things worse…

    We came within 48 hours ot total financial collapse, such that you go to the ATM and they no longer dispense cash, and companies and government would not be able to pay their employees…

    Most people have absoluteluy no idea how close we cane to total financial destruction – the results of which would be highly unpredictable…

    And I posted somewhere That Gordon Brown was a complete hero and had saved the UK and possibly the entire world from financial destruction…

    The next day – whilst in The House of Commons – he actually spouted something like – I have saved the World…

    And The Tories took the piss and laughed and said he is completely bonkers..

    But the fact of the matter is – he did..

    Thank Fuck Blair had been shown the door – or we would have stood no chance…

    Absolutely Nothing Would Work Now and we would be scratching round looking for nuts to eat.


  • MikeD

    Eyesight Brown

    As someone wryly noted in DT, people don’t have a problem with his eyesight but with his foresight…

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