FCO stalls on Craig Murray book clearance

Rather disappointingly, there has been no news yet from the Foreign Affairs Select Committe on whether they have recieved documents from the Foreign and Comonwealth Office that are key to their current deliberations on human rights. It appears the FCO is also stalling on other issues. We post below an excange of e-mails regarding the clearance of Craig Murray’s book that the FCO seems to be taking rather too long to consider.

From: Craig Murray

Sent: 24 November 2005 08:28

To: Richard.Stagg

Subject: RE: Craig’s book


I am not sure about the must. Your legal options are in fact rather limited. Given that the latest section is about six pages long, nor do I accept that you cannot meet the deadline, as a new round of consultation on just six pages is not something that should take over a fortnight, particularly as there is nothing in those six pages remotely touching on the national interest.

I understand that, with Jeremy, you were in touch over sections of the book at a time, pointing out potential difficulties. I think you are just stalling to prevent publication. I am willing to consider agreeing to amendment where you have reasonable points to make. If you don’t make them jolly quick, you will miss your chance.



From: [email protected]

Sent: 24 November 2005 07:45

To: [email protected]

Subject: RE: Craig’s book


Thank you for the latest sections of your book, which have been safely received.

We are working to process them as quickly as practicable. But we will not be able to meet your end November deadline, as each new section involves a further round of consultation.

I shall be in touch before the end of next week, however, to give you an indication of when the process should be complete. As you know, you must await the outcome of this process before publishing your work in any form.


—–Original Message—–

From: Craig Murray [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 20 November 2005 13:47

To: [email protected]

Subject: Craig’s book


What follows is the start of the last chapter of my book. You now have everything which requires clearance. There is some further writing after this, but it covers events after I left FCO employment and does not require your clearance.

I look forward to hearing from you very quickly, at the latest by the end of this month.