Massacres and Wirecutters 2

I just don’t know what to say. The bodies of so many children bring tears, not words.

Even if you believed the crazy Bush and Blair logic, I cannot understand how anyone can look at these tiny corpses and say “it is worth it to eradicate Islamic fundamentalism”. If you do that, you could watch the corpses from the gas chambers and say “its worth it to elminate the World Jewish conspiracy.” This is crazed and aburd. We must reject the logic of hate.

Even last night and this morning, the UK and US are still working full out at the UN to head off any resolution calling for an urgent unconditional ceasefire. Instead we are pushing a plan which involves the ethnic cleansing of Southern Lebanon to create an empty zone – and the international community is expected to enforce the ethnic cleansing.

President Chirac’s proposal has much more justice – that there should be an international force deployed equally both sides of the border. We have made plain at the UN that we will veto such a proposal. Blair is still pushing Bush’s view that the US has to have latitude to pursue the military option while diplomacy goes on, until the world is obliged to accept ethnic cleansing.

And if it needed any more underlining, where was Tony Blair? At a meeting addressing Rupert Murdoch’s chief executives from News International. My last musings suggested that anyone who stayed in the Labour Party was a pariah. That was not strong enough.

I don’t know if the bomb that killed 37 – and rising – children was carried on a plane that landed in the UK. Quite likely. I see that Prestwick being considered insecure, they are now coming through USAF Mildenhall.

I hope that everyone will come to the national demo from the Stop the War Movement on 5 August. Once that is over, perhaps the next day, let us organise a reclamation, however temporary, of part of Mildenhall from the Americans.

This is going to involve, at least, getting beaten up and arrested. But how do you weigh that against 37 child corpses? I am up for it. Wire cutters, anyone?


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2 thoughts on “Massacres and Wirecutters

  • Craig

    I just received an abusive email from a gentleman in Florida (unlike most emails I get from Florida, this one didn't threaten to kill me, which I suppose is progress).

    Anyway, for "Flag" from Florida, and anyone else, I do not believe in the World Jewish Conspiracy. That was rather the point of the post. The logic for the killing is crazy.

  • Chuck Unsworth

    To emphasise Craig's points: there is no justice or sense in killing innocent civilians anywhere. From a legal stance, the Geneva Convention clearly sets this out. From a moral perspective too, there is no justification. It's obvious that neither the Israelis nor Hezbollah will emerge from the current hostilities with any credibility.

    And it's patent that by their actions Bush and Blair have added to their rising stock of turpitude. It's truly ghastly that there has not been an immediate vociferous condemnation of such attacks (be they by any party) from these two 'world leaders'. Their disgusting silence is a tacit approval of an ongoing slaughter of the innocents.

    It's appalling that these two are content to ship vast quantities of munitions to Israel, despite public outcry and distaste. How do they think this will help the process of peace and negotiation? But then again, maybe that is precisely what they wish to avoid.

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