Horrible Harman 20

From Guido’s comments page:

Clapham Commoner says:

May 14, 2009 at 10:03 am

I walked past Harman’s house last night (Herne Hill) and there was a Range Rover outside and a ferrari in the drive.

She is a “socialist” MP and he is a union official.

Go figure.


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20 thoughts on “Horrible Harman

  • JimmyGiro

    What a queer set-up; a union man married to a dis-union woman.

    A bit like Jack Sprat and his wife: he wants to share the power, and she wants to take the power; between them our plates a clean.

  • Chris Comley

    Dear Heart!

    There are two sorts of politicians. The ones that choose a set of policies to espouse in the interest of promoting themselves to positions of importance either coz they like being important or because they realise the best way of getting their snouts into the comfy end of the trough is to be in charge of the trough.

    And there are the sort of politicians who seek to do the job because they genuinely believe the policies they promote will make the place a better world for everyone.

    The latter usually end up getting fired.

  • JimmyGiro

    Andrew MacKay and his wife were a bit like ant-Jack Sprat and his wife: he couldn’t stomach paying, and she couldn’t stomach paying; between them their plate was full.

  • Tom Kennedy

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  • been_there

    @ Chris Comley at May 14, 2009 12:01 PM,

    Obviously you have no idea about UK politics.

    UK politics operates based on getting tapped, and selected, before any selection the notional candidate is assessed on his/her probable and future course of the conduct, furthermore through the running of many simulations, of differing scenarios, with many differing groups of stakeholders, whom all agree on one principle; is the potential candidate a moron ie no original opinions, and fear full of thinking for himself, and someone who is devoid of any; honour, principle, sense of justice, bravery, and above all honesty.

    Only then the candidacy is granted, and after a sham process that is passed as elections the individual is let near the trough of power, to harrumph as required, and whine about the “real world” problems to the expectant constituents whom verily believe they have representation.

    Therefore the almost exact replicas that replace other replicas by the cookie cutter politician production line, who are forever in the parliament.

    I should know I have been out on the stump many times over many years, and watched all manner of shenanigans as well as the ballot box stuffing as and when there were the needs arising; included the reduction of the numbers of the votes casts, just for the kicks of it all, and driving home the point of who is in charge.

  • JimmyGiro


    Your assessment seems naturally plausible, as it is the selection process that must determine the quality of the product.

    In nature we have the sexual proclivities, which by evolution, prevent us from selecting breeding partners amongst animals, children, and feminists.

  • eddie

    Jealousy will get you nowhere. You will just need to work harder. And what proof do you have that said vehicles belonged to Ms Harman and husband?

  • Gerard Mulholland

    Those two don’t need corruption.

    They are both hereditary champagne socialists.

  • Polish thy knob

    The same proof you have that the tortured inmates of Guantanamo ‘went back to jihad’?

  • NuLab P. Taker

    Believe me, heads will roll over this! We believe in Values, which is why the PM often uses the word. Now, after this convincing display of righteous wrath, you will vote for us, won’t you? Please note that replies containing swear words will not be treated seriously.

  • anticant

    What’s hereditary about Dromey, except that he presumably had parents?

  • Jaded

    I really don’t believe we were going to get all this on July 1st, albeit minus addresses! They were biding their time to think of some scheme to stop it. No fekking way were we going to get all this. Also, i’m sure they previously said they didn’t want this info released, as terrorists could use it. Now that is all out in the open does anyone hear or even sense anything that one of thse lowlifes is even remotely concerned about terrorists? Yeah right!

  • Jaded

    And a Columboesque ‘one more thing’, which I think is very important. How many of these MP’s that have given the ‘I was busy’ excuse when caught erring on their expenses have second jobs? Jack Straw springs to mind as someone that has gotten away scot free. Does he have a second job? Surely getting your expenses in right is a key component of your first job and any second job impinging on that duty ‘even in the slightest’ is a second job you should not be doing. Jack Straw is a criminal, second job or not, and should be banged up in the Scrubs. You find the time to do your expenses, which really shouldn’t be complicated, when you are not busy. If he has done any supplementary work over the last couple of years, which I don’t know, then his own excuses (lies) fall flat on their face.

  • lwtc247

    Excellent point Jaded.

    The pond-creatures invoke ‘national security’ and ‘terrorism’ to allow their own corruption to go unchecked, the inverted law to follow a nefarious political agenda (an agenda largely in tune with Zionism) to multiply like pathogenic bacteria.

    The nasty little pigs.

  • JimmyGiro

    At the end of this calamity, when all the red faces are accounted for; I hope somebody with all the data can create a public list of all 640 odd members, including their expenses quota and some measure of efficacy.

    We can then sit back and assess at leisure the full extent of corruption, and plot just how easy it was for the honourable to betray our compliance:

    “People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous.” (Edmund Burke)

  • Jives

    How do we KNOW whose cars they were?

    Some petty-minds need to grow up.

    This is the kind of ignorant spiteful “logic” so prevalent these days that extrapoltes to torturing anyone for the merest “suspicion” whilst lacking any detailed evidence or facts whatsoever.

    It’s the politics of insinuation and vague association and people here,of all places, should really know better.

    And,God knows,i’m no lover of NuLabour or politicians generally.

  • rwendland

    Tim Ireland is right that they’re a bunch of sock-puppeting liars over at Paul Staines’ site.

    A more plausible sounding later comment in the Staines thread is:

    “Guido, the two cars referred to are regularly parked on a drive at the Herne Hill end of Burbage Road ie. NOT Harman’s Road so NOT Harman’s house or cars. Harman’s “drive” has only room for one car and it needs washing.”

    Craig, I think that since you have upgraded this thread comment to a main article, it is now your duty to find out which version is the truth (eg by finding HH’s address and seeing if the drive only fits one car). Then reporting that.

  • rwendland

    And also even Guido later in the thread says “Get a photo next time. Please.”

    Another comment confirms this is a mistake with:

    “Sorry Clapham Commoner, you are a dipstick. I walk past her house every day. I saw her being collected by a chauffeur yesterday. She can only get one car off the road on her “drive”. The house you refer to is in Burbage Road and indeed has a grey Ferrari and an underground car elevator on the forecourt. Harman lives in an adjacent road. Check it out with the Father’s Alliance and have a look at the snaps of Superman on her roof. NOT the same house.”

    Looks highly likely this claim you have repeated is wrong Craig. Decency requires that you acknowledge this.

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