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8 thoughts on “Grovelling Gove

  • chris

    I saw this snivelling little S**te on TV thinking he did nothing wrong and blaming the “rotten” system. Do he seriously think that people would think it acceptable for him to have a constituency home and claim for a westminster home when they are only 25 miles apart?

    Does he think that the system is a fault for his greed? What a twat!!! Personally I voted to buy them all a moat in the above article with the idea that we could use it to drown them all. Problem solved!

  • Simon

    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for posting the link. I’m not sure if the comments are from the real Gove or not. One way or another it has come from an official Conservatives e-mail address. It’s nice to see them joking their way out of this mess.

    And Chris, yes, I suspected that would be what most people would want to use the moat for.

  • David McKelvie

    How did this snivelling nonentity get to be “an expert on Islam”?

  • mary

    How did this snivelling nonentity get to be “an expert on Islam”?

    By being a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel? Also Kirkbride and MacKay btw.

  • lwtc247

    To be an expert on Islam you just have to speak out against it. Truth or fiction matters not.

    The fraud by Ayan Hirsi Ali is a good example believing all the drivel she spouts out. Little wonder His Holiness, no, not that Hitler youth dude, but His Holiness Richard Dawkins is such a great bedfellow.

    There are about 1m experts on Islam in the UK – People who live by it EVERY day of their lives. Funny how they are ranked below those pic ‘n mix Islam ‘experts’ who get weeled out into the studios of the BBC every once in a while.

  • Jives

    How did this bawbag “learn” about Islam?

    Oh i imagine he got a 1 page file of bullet points from MI5 full of the usual lies,simplifications and NeoCon orders and was told to memorise them by the morning and repeat ad nauseam in any meedja platform they set up for him.

    His pockets are probably stuffed full of brown envelopes,too.

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