39 thoughts on “Much More Vile Than England’s Riots

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  • Way2Go

    So Rumsfelds visits to Saddam were simply neighbourly and had nothing to do with supplying weapons,intelligence as well as the components to make WMD ( poison gas ) weapons ? The US sat on the sidelines twiddling their thumbs ? I don’t think so !!! The US tried to get even with Iran and failed, and then their stooge in Bagdad wanted to nationalise oil…. replace the dollar… and **BOOM** a desert storm

  • John Goss

    NATO is a group of aggressive countries intent on world domination The sooner it is dismantled the better for everyone. If it ever had a use, which is highly debatable, it has long since outlived its usefulness. It is the ugly face of US led aggression.

  • John Goss

    Mary, never underestimate the power of students. They are the future, like my generation once was. They have few job-prospects. One day they will wake up and realise why they have no job-prospects. It might take another event on the scale of the Kent State University shootings. Who knows? But one day the US troops will return, as they did from VietNam and the killing fields of Cambodia. And they will ask the same question they asked then: “What was all that about?” And Eric Bogle will write another peace song, and those of us who care about the sanctity of life will sing along.

  • mary

    I agree with you John.
    I was cheered by hearing the Bishop of London today in the complete absence of one word from Rowan Williams.
    Bishop of London: ‘We all have responsibility’
    David Cameron has condemned the outbreak of violence this week, explaining that it is “as much a moral problem as a political problem”.
    Bishop of London the Right Reverend Richard Chartres, who has been out in Tottenham and Enfield talking to parishioners in communities, explains why there is a “minority that is largely without hope” that need help.
    PS One of my favourite Eric Bogle songs is Safe in the Harbour. It is so very gentle.

  • Steltzer

    Mary, thanks for that link to the Simon Bolivar Orchestra playing Mahler’s Second. It’s currently downloadable too. I’ve long loved that uplifting feeling you get from the fifth movement.
    I agree with you that Cameron and Clegg would not see the benefits of financing something like El Sistema here, even though, as shown in the link to Wikipedia you provided, there are real, sensible, benefits to help deal with our current problems – like reduction in delinquency and improved school attendance – economic benefit too –
    “On 6 June 2007, the Inter-American Development Bank announced the granting of a US$150 million loan for the construction of seven regional centers of El Sistema throughout Venezuela. Many bankers within the IDB originally objected to the loan on the grounds that classical music is for the elite. In fact, the bank has conducted studies on the more than two million young people who have been educated in El Sistema which link participation in the program to improvements in school attendance and declines in juvenile delinquency. Weighing such benefits as a falloff in school drop-out rates and a decline in crime, the bank calculated that every dollar invested in El Sistema was reaping about $1.68 in social dividends.[9] Supported by the government, El Sistema has started to introduce its music program into the public-school curriculum, aiming to be in every school and to support 500,000 children by 2015.”

  • John Goss

    And thanks Mary for the Bogle link.
    “And some men are schemers
    Who laugh at the dreamers,
    Take the gold from the sailors and turn it to dross.
    They’re men in a prison,
    They’re men without vision,
    Whose only horizon is profit and loss.”

  • Björn Blomberg

    The massacre in Zlitan of 8-9 August is just the top of the iceberg. NATO is now collectively punnishing the Libyan people for opposing the aggressors by bombing the civilian infrastructure, trying to stop people from getting water and electricity. More on this on http://www.leonorenlibia.com. The site is in Spannish but with many links and viedeos in English + translation tools. The author of the website has visited Libya many times and is in daily contact with people there.

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