Grand Day Out – Hogg Fever 34

I have had a great sleaze wheeze. The news channels are reporting that Douglas Hogg is defying Cameron over any notion that he should pay back taxpayers’ money used to maintain his country estate, complete with moat, housekeeper etc.

The public have been maintaining this property for decades. Surely that makes it a kind of National Trust property? It is a place I would love to see, as it incorporates parts of the original manor of Margaret Beaufort. She was a fascinating and extremely strong woman who knitted together the alliance that won the throne for the Tudors, whose sole claim to the throne came from her. Indeed, it is arguable she was considered a Queen in her own right.

Anyway, enough of the history. We pay for this place, so let’s go enjoy it. Who is up for a Grand Day Out at the Hogg estate in Lincolnshire? Let’s launch toy yachts on the moat, swim in the pool, picnic on the lawns and look round the house.

If you’re interested, let’s put this out in the blogosphere and see how much interest we can get. We could hire some charabancs. We have been paying for this place for years. Let’s get some use out of it!

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34 thoughts on “Grand Day Out – Hogg Fever

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  • mary

    Anon @11.05pm

    You were obviously watching Question Time last night and you are quoting the Blessed Ming Campbell almost word for word. His, Margaret Becket’s and Theresa May’s oerformances were toe curling.

    I thought the McDonalds man spoke the most sense. Someone like him could sort out this shaming and shameful episode very quickly.

  • mary

    Agree lwtc247. Their second (and other) jobs and other interests are not mentioned. Whenever I hear one or other of them spouting off, I usually look them up on TheyWorkForYou or as it now known WeWorkForThem.

    A further visit to is always useful. Campbell last night introduced the death of the four military this week in Afghanistan as being overshadowed by the expenses crisis. Shameful. Note the reference to his interest in the military contract below. This is his entry for the most recent session of Parliament.

    CAMPBELL, Rt. Hon. Sir Menzies (North East Fife)

    1. Remunerated directorships

    Scottish American Investment Company PLC (£15,001-£20,000)

    2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

    Queen’s Counsel. (Resumed practice at the Bar with effect from 1 January 2008.)

    Advance under contract with Hodder & Stoughton for autobiographical book. (£35,001-£40,000)

    Fees for two appearances on ITV’s ‘The Book Quiz’. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 7 January 2009)

    4. Sponsorship or financial or material support

    Donation from JRSST Charitable Trust to support research for a report dealing with the military covenant and related issues. (Registered 27 October 2008)

    5. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

    Whilst travelling to London from the United States in my capacity as Chancellor of St Andrew’s University on 1 November 2008, I was upgraded from Business to First Class by British Airways. (Registered 12 November 2008)

    Whilst travelling on parliamentary business from London to Washington on 13 December, I was upgraded from Premium Economy to Business Class by British Airways. (Registered 19 December 2008)

    6. Overseas visits

    13-17 May 2008, to Washington, to meet members of the current US administration for discussions about Guantanamo Bay. My fares and accommodation were paid by Amnesty International. (Registered 2 June 2008)

  • Anonymous

    “The construct here is that the more money you pay someone the better a job they will do, And that construct is BS.”

    No it isn’t – it is just that certain people with certain abilities will not take a pay cut in order to be an MP – you may not want such people to be in Parliment but others may not agree. Stop putting words in my mouth and setting up straw men – you will never get anyone to listen to your arguments or to change their views on such a basis.

    If you believe that salary is not a factor in people chosing their jobs (and no I didn’t say it was or should be the only factor) then you are clearly out of touch with reality. Why should a GP take a pay cut, with all the implications that it has for his family, if he wants to become an MP?

    Perhaps rather than attacking parlimentary democracy (“if a parliment is to be had”)you should come up with some workable proposals as to how it may be reformed. (or perhaps you think that this is best achieved by smashing bank windows and other puerile activities?) Those of us who have seen systems were alternatives have been tried (e.g Uzebekistan and the former Soviet Union) usually see it as parlimentary democracy as the least worst alternative – as far as I know it doesn’t boil its opponents.

  • Stephen Jones

    —–“I am really sorry to disappoint our anonymous friend, but British diplomats get no money for their homes back home while working abroad, and yes they do pay UK income tax, even when working abroad.”——

    Perfectly fair, as their accommodation abroad is either provided free of charge or they are given an allowance for it. MPs don’t get anything for their first home either. And diplomats routinely rent out their homes back in Blighty.

    I was speaking to an American once about State Department jobs. The problem, she said, was that you were called back to the States on a regular basis, and had to spend a year or two in Washington trying to survive on a paltry $80-90,000 a year with no allowances. She reckoned it was the dealbreaker that stopped her applying. I suspect that a posting back in Whitehall is used as a disciplinary measure by the FCO when there are no more postings left at Alma Ata or Doha.

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