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With Euro and local elections coming up, it is tempting to not vote at all. But if we give up on democracy, the alternatives will prove much worse. So please do vote – for change.

My advice is, if you can find a candidate you know to be a good man, you should vote for him regardless of party.

For example, out of the whole country, in the Euro elections I would vote for Rupert Read in the Eastern Region of England. Rupert is an honest and hard working man with a passionate concern for the environment and for the quality of life in this country. He sees the need for a society not motivated solely by greed. He is that rare thing in modern politics – somebody who wants to serve, not to rule.


So look at who your candidates are, not what party they belong to. Give special consideration to whether you have an Independent candidate worth supporting, including some of the Jury Team. Remember people are more important than labels. I would, for example, vote for Bob Marshall Andrews or Malcolm Rifkind in any election given the chance. There are a few more of them in their parties.

Having said that, when it comes to party, this is my ranking of parties in order of preference:

1= SNP/Plaid Cymru

2 Lib Dems

3 Green

4 Respect/Solidarity/SSP

5 Libertas

6 Conservative


8 Anyone Else

9= New Labour/BNP

I decided neither BNP nor New Labour deserved better than last place. The BNP is a racist party. New Labour is not, but then New Labour is a real and present danger to everybody’s civil liberties, of whatever race. When you think about it, that’s no better.

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53 thoughts on “Who Do We Vote For?

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  • paul

    How is a loss of self determination to a pan European body that in future decides to join a single global governing body (that you can no longer stop because you have lost your national government) a defence against it?

    When, throughout history, has centralisation of power ever had a good result for those whose hands are not on the levers of that power?

  • eddie


    “New Labour have:

    – “Ended habeas corpus” – bollocks, you have no proof of such an assertion.

    – “Reinstated information from torture as public policy” – bollocks, show me the legislation or the public policy statement that proves this.

    – “Introduced 42 new reasons the police can enter your home without a warrant” – bollocks, crime is down and most people feel safer.

    – “Arrested an opposition MP for the first time since 1812” – no charges were made, the police cocked up.

    – “Introduced 37 new restictions on the right to protest” – perhaps, but does that put them on a par with the racist BNP who would send black and asian people “home” wherever that is?

    – “Launched a major illegal war on a pretext of lies” bollocks. Illegal sez who? Sue or be damned.

    What about the list of achievements of this Labour government, in schools, health, housing and other areas of public policy? They’ve kept tossers like you in funds for a start, living off taxpayers like me. If you really want a Tory government that is what you are about to get. Do you rememebr what the last one was like? Because I do. To rank the Labour Party with the BNP is crass, come on admit it. It just reveals you as a shallow political figure.

  • KevinB

    kardina lbirkutzki,

    I am thoroughly sick of coming across stories about ‘anti-semitism’ or charges of ‘anti-semitism’ EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE.

    I notice that planeloads of british schoolchildren are being flown out to Auschwitz (with state-supported funding) by the thousand.

    Let us agree that genocide is a very bad thing…..but if the purpose of these activities was to ensure that genocide would never happen again, one wouldn’t mind…..

    ……but we participate in genocide.

    There have been literally millions of Muslims who have died over the last three or four decades as a direct result of our (western) actions.

    So it seems that genocide is OK by us.

    We have no problem with genocide!

    …so what is all this ‘holocaust/anti-semitism thing really about?

    If anti-semitism was such a dangerous reality we would not have let Jews reach such a position of prominence (or should I say dominance) in our country.

    The media here and in the USA is almost entirely dominated by Jews……not to mention so many other banking/corporate power centres that are also controlled at the top by Jewish interests.

    See here:


    It seems to me that ‘anti-semitism’/holocaust issues are ferociously and consistently hammered in the public domain with the purpose of instilling in the majority white non-Jewish population a guilt-complex that makes us fearful of saying the above, lest we be thought of as Nazis. This calculated activity has allowed Zionism to forward its agenda with little or no opposition….

    ……and, let us not forget, thanks to the obsessive way Talmist rabbis drill this same material into the minds of Jews, Jewish people are even more ensnared in the pison of this meme than we are…..

    ……to the point where 94% of Israelis and a large majority of diaspora Jews believed that the slaughter we witnessed in Gaza last winter was justifiable and proprtionate.

    The fact that Gordon Brown along with his US allies blocked a united UN call for a ceasefire (at exactly the same time that Brown was on TV calling for one) should tell us all we need to know about who is really in charge in the UK.

    We are a Zionist country.

    Start to ‘get it’.

    ….or forward some evidence to the contrary.

    Calling all sayanim. No name calling (the usual tactic)please. Just meet the challenge.

    Evidence. When has the UK ever acted against Zionist interests? When has the UK seriously challenged or even criticised any action of an israeli government?

  • eddie


    In line with your previous policy you should give KevinB a red card or at least a final warning for his vile views.

  • Anonymous

    ‘and, let us not forget, thanks to the obsessive way Talmist rabbis drill this same material into the minds of Jews, Jewish people are even more ensnared in the pison of this meme than we are…..’

    I quite agree Kevin. They are bigger victims than the rest of us. It’s nothing short of brainwashing.

  • Jon


    I agree that anti-semitism (and anti-Americanism, racism, etc) are concepts used to stifle debate. But you do sail a touch close to the wind by making a case for the existence of ‘Jewish dominance’.

    In any case, Jewish people being successful should be applauded, as should people of other religions who have been (or are) persecuted. I would say you would only have reasonable cause for complaint if there was evidence that this was advancing a Zionist agenda outside the democratic framework, and that would be a difficult thing to prove. (For the right-wingers here, it would be akin to evidencing that high-profile muslims were advancing a Sharia agenda, which would be equally tricky to prove).

    But that aside for one moment, could you explain to me your logic here?

    > If anti-semitism was such a dangerous reality

    > we would not have let Jews reach such a position

    > of prominence (or should I say dominance)

    > in our country.

    I think anti-semitism is real, but “dangerous reality”? I struggle to parse your meaning here, but I trust you are not saying that “if Jews really are as bad as people say, they shouldn’t be allowed to do X”. That would indeed be unacceptable.

    On the misuse of the Holocaust, I wonder if this is best tackled by Jewish progressives? Finkelstein has covered it and Chomsky is likely to have done so. It is unfair that non-Jewish people are unable to tackle this without being labelled anti-semitic, but personally I am uncomfortable doing so.

  • MJ

    I’m sure KevinB will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he was simply saying that if anti-Jewish sentiments were as prevalent as Zionists like to suggest then Jews would have been unable to reach the positions of power that they have.

  • Craig


    I really don’t like to see nonsense about “Jewish dominance” on this website. I don’t agree with you, and I don’t think it is any more acceptable than railing about black people. Or us Scots, who really do run the place.

  • Anonymous

    Would one be complaining about ‘Italian Dominance’ and be anti-Italian if they were complaining about the Sicilian mafia?

  • anon

    If you want to talk about an actual entity, like the Sicilian Mafia, – or for that matter the state of Israel -feel free. If you ant to discuss vague racial slurs, piss off.

  • KevinB


    You are meant to feel uncomfortable. That’s the point I am making.

    I’m also saying that the charge of ‘anti-semitism’ is used as a tool to stifle any possible opposition before a thought is even transferred into words.

    It has proved to be a very effective tool.

    I spent my whole life completely ignoring this ‘anti-semitism’ nonsense and entirely unaware of any prejudice against Jews at all. I had honestly, in my day-to-day life, never come across it. I never heard anyone make an ‘anti-semitic’ statement until two or three years ago.

    I still get on very well with the Jewish people I know. I hold no prejudice against persons…..

    …..but the behaviour of the state of Israel since Sharon’s stomp across the Temple Mount, the vile treatment of the Palestinians, the buried facts about the attack by Israel on the American spy-ship SS Liberty in 1967, the fact that 9/11 was an inside-job and that Mossad hands were all over it (they’re not the only ones)….these things have completely changed many people’s views on Israel, including my own.

    Even more serious, for me, is the fact that the people I used to think of as my government dance to the Zionist tune. The USA is completely dominated by the Jewish lobby. Sharon said it….this is direct quote…”Do not worry about what America will do. We, the Jewish people, control America….”

    This is not a healthy situation.

    Not for me.

    Not for you.

    ‘Vile views’ Eddie?

    What did I say that is not true. That’s one of the problems when one tries to break this rotten taboo. The opposition, whoever they are, rarely if ever engage in argument. Abuse. banishment. That’s the game. And that’s all it is, a game to many Zionists. The truth is neither here nor there. All that matters is the outcome….

    ….who wins?….

    Anyway, what is controversial here?….apart from the ‘inside job’ thing (all I can say is that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory has been disproved thoroughly. Controlled demolition has been established as fact way beyond any reasonable doubt by numerous scientific papers. The only people who do not know this are the wilfully ignorant)

    Why should a person be afraid to stand up and speak in the interests of himself and his children and society at large. This sacrifice of self-interest in service of Zionism represents a massive existential threat to us all.

    We should be withdrawing unconditional support for Israel and urging them to make a sensible peace with their neighbours. Would that such a thing were now possible. Would that Israel even wanted such a thing.

    We are ruled by an international financial oligarchy. The Jewish element in this oligarchy is not necessarily dominant but these powers-that-be are currently using Zionism as a divide-and-rule tool to advance its global agenda.

    I object to the taboo against saying so. The matter is just too important.

    I want to live in a decent country. A country that is genuinely peaceful. Where ALL issues are thoroughly aired and a real government serves the best interests of ALL the people……a government that is not owned by financiers……that does not betray its people with its every breath it takes.

  • Anonymous

    ‘If you want to talk about an actual entity, like the Sicilian Mafia, – or for that matter the state of Israel -feel free. If you ant to discuss vague racial slurs, piss off.’

    So I take that as a no then? That’s the correct answer.

  • KevinB

    I don’t want to be vague nor slur any race but there is a real issue of international organisation under Talmudic PRINCIPLES AND TEACHING and a similar issue relating to the PRINCIPLES AND TEACHING of Freemasonry…..but Craig does not want these things discussed here.

    Again, we are allowed to strain at gnats but not camels.

  • eddie

    Red card for Kevin B Craig.

    Conspiracy theories = history for stupid people. You seem to want it both ways. Incompetent and venal governements, corrupt politicians, cock ups in all directions and yet these same people are capable of organising these amazing conspiracies that must involve hundreds of operatives and not a word is leaked. Grow up. Please.

  • KevinB


    Was Gordon Brown’s call for a Gaza ceasefire (presumably to mollify public outrage) whilst instructing his ambassador at the UN to support the US in blocking such a call……

    …..was that ‘vile’?

    Just curious.

  • KevinB


    Come on Craig, ban Kevin B. He’s stupid…….he must be ….eddie says so….

    I know opening one’s mouth on this subject is asking to be banned. That’s how powerful this taboo is.

    I could blaspheme against Christ and hardly anyone would care and those that did would say little about it.

    ……if anyone doubts that Freemasonry and Talmudic Judaism are organised conspiracies whose objective is absolute global power they should read their own documents.

    Until people face this issue and recognise that there is and has been an international conspiracy at work that is working for nobody’s interests but their own, then all our protests and cries of outrage will be futile.

    You do not destroy the tree by lashing out at the branches. You must find the root and dig it up.

    I call two witnesses in my defense:

    1) Jesus Christ, who condemned the moneylenders and the original Talmudists, the Pharissees. He said they were the Synagogue of Satan. These are the people who are riding high….not ‘The Jews’ whom Christ loved and tried to enlighten. The moneylenders have progressed from having a small influence with Prince William of Hanau in Southern Germany in the late 1600’s (I think) to holding the very basis of our entire western civilisation in their bloody hands today. These black-hearted fiends own us and direct us all.

    When the current bail-out bubble ‘pops’, what next?

    …..what is there but war?*

    2) President Woodrow Wilson:

    Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.



  • KevinB

    by the way eddie,

    It isn’t, quote….”these same people”

    ….not at all, it isn’t. If you think MP’s are really running this country the next time the word ‘stupid’ crosses your mind you should look in the mirror.

  • MJ

    Don’t take eddie too seriously KevinB, he’s only pulling your leg. He likes his conspiracy theories more than anyone. Ones involving bearded Muslim CIA operatives living in caves are his favourite.

  • eddie

    Read The Ghost by Robert Harris. It’s a great read but if you look on the back it says “Fiction”. Just like your fantasies about dark forces. You should get out more and do something useful in your community instead of this onanistic fantasising on line. It ain’t healthy. What’s that great quote about the internet, that it allows mad people to communicate with each other and re-inforce their madness? Too true.

  • KevinB


    Talking of onanism. It used to be said that it makes you blind.

    Hmmm……..maybe there is more truth in this than I had imagined.

    If you fail to recognise that Brown’s posturing and actions on Gaza were morally degenerate then you wouldn’t recognise a ‘dark force’ if it…..

    ……no, sorry….better not go there.

  • McDuff

    Chris Davies in the North West is one of my favourite MEPs. He’s a Lib Dem with a strong human-rights and environmental activist record, and also has an ongoing campaign running on his website highlighting the need to reform MEP expenses. Good bloke.

    For all those who rail against the “undemocratic” nature of the EU, two points.

    Firstly, our gerrymandered and outdated democracy in this country does a far better job of disenfranchising people than the EU ever has.

    Secondly, you’re conflating asserting something to be true with the capacity to make it true. Pulling out of the EU and stomping our little feet won’t magically make us a nation free of the dreaded “foreign interference”. It will just mean that the EU will become another institution that gets to boss us around without us having any say in the matter whatsoever – you know, like the USA. Readers of Amyarta Sen will be aware of his formulation that freedom = capacity for action rather than right to action, and that applies just as much to nations as it does to individuals. It seems to me that the kneejerk anti-EU voices haven’t really analysed just how much withdrawal from international institutions will hinder this capacity. Merely asserting our right as a sovereign nation to do as we wish makes no difference whatsoever to the practical realities of the international order that prevent us behaving in anything other than a principally reactive fashion.

  • Jaded

    For starters, I certainly don’t think any anti-EU comments on this thread are ‘knneejerk’. If one population takes the lead another might follow. Alliances can be forged with countries that do follow which don’t depend on political union and a Brussels gravy train. We can all be part of a genuinely democratic European Alliance. It doesn’t have to be the way it is and the way it will likely become. I don’t buy the argument that we are doing ok in a troubled world and i’m not saying you have said this. Our country is part of the world problem. Every single day we are sucked on by vampires. If we allow a NWO it will be democratic curtains for all of us. I seriously doubt we can stop this happenig through international law and institutions, if at all. Is that what you are saying, as does Craig, or are you just saying our best bet is to just accept it? Our current capacity of being able to participate in a global mafia doesn’t really do it for me. Also, I think that our nation does have a capacity for action, especially if we break away around the same time as other E.U. members. Positive change is still possible. As I said, time will tell. My bet is we will probably, unfortunately, see a lot of grim change in the next 20 years.

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