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There is a mystery about the media coverage of the Newark by-election result.  The most interesting thing about it was the abysmal failure of the official opposition, just one year ahead of a general election.  The New Labour percentage vote actually dropped, and even just taking the New Labour v Tory vote, the New Labour swing from Tory was only 2 per cent.  That is an almost unprecedentedly poor performance by an opposition in a by-election at this stage in a parliament, and a very, very plain indication of what was already obvious – that Miliband is not going to be entering the door of No. 10.

Yet Sky News, the BBC and the Guardian have virtually nothing to say about New Labour’s disastrous result.  Both Sky and the BBC this morning managed to give their analysis on the by-election without even mentioning New Labour at all.  What can be the cause of this reticence?  Is it that they are not anxious to point out to Scots that their choice is independence or more Tory government?


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189 thoughts on “The Dog That Didn’t Bark

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  • Mary

    The Pope plants an olive tree in the Vatican garden with Peres and Abbas.

    Pope dives into Mideast peace with prayer summit

    How about the thousands upon thousands of olive trees that the Israelis have destroyed and are destroying in Palestine?

    Since 1967 Israel has razed over 800,000 Palestinian olive trees, the equivalent to destroying Central Park 33 times over

  • Ba'al Zevul (Dot Dot Dot)

    Team 2015’ was launched to some eye rolls in 2013 as a reward-based activist pool designed to target the 40 key seats that the Tories need to hold or gain in order to secure that elusive majority. [Grant] Shapps says he modelled it on his own operation in Welwyn Garden City where he turned a 5,000 majority in 2005 into a ultra-safe 17,000 at the last election. ‘I will regularly get thirty people out on Saturday morning. Am I paying them? No. To professionally deliver the entire constituency would cost £7,000 but you know what I do, I put all the names in the hat at the end of the delivery and there is lunch for two in the best restaurant in the area, which probably costs the association 180 quid.’

    His backyard also notably bucked the Ukip trend in this month’s local elections. Instead of lunch, ‘Team 2015’, which is run centrally by CCHQ staff, dishes out awards and meetings with Cameron and the cabinet. ‘As I joke with the PM, the top platinum, platinum prize is you get to go to Ibiza with Sam and David – it’s for the person who devotes their life to the campaign.’

    ‘In fairness to the PM, he has always loved it,’ Shapps assures me. ‘When I presented ’Team 2015′ to MPs at one of our parliamentary meetings, he stood up afterwards and said “this is the best things I’ve seen from CCHQ in thirty years”. His quote may be a slight exaggeration, but we’ve now built up our network to almost six thousand people.’

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    I thought I’d just swing by and check on the grownups.

    What a sorry sight to see two grown men making fools of themselves.

    What Dad and his sidekick don’t realise is that in this technological age the evidence doesn’t go away.

    So while international courts will spend the next while sifting through video evidence of the Odsessa Fire, the Artillery bombardment of Eastern Ukraine and assorted antics of the Nuland Junta’s Neanderthal Guard, crack teams of psychiatrists will sift through material like this,

    Will they ever work out just why Dad’s friendship with RD proved such a disaster?

    Must go.

  • guano

    “As a social democrat I have always believed that markets are once of the best mechanisms for resource allocation but they do need effective regulation to prevent their worse excesses.”

    Your God ( the Thatcherian Market ) died in 2008. Has it been resurrected to judge over us on the Day of Judgement, who bagged the most tiddlywinks?

    These two trolls are like Laurel and Hardy trying to put up a sign over a Jewish shop.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Rif: Mary at 3:16pm

    Deutsche Bank worried…

    According to “EU ruling could open floodgates on cartel lawsuits”
    Quote: Individuals can claim compensation from cartels even if they did not buy products from one of the companies involved, the EU’s top court has ruled.

    In a verdict on Thursday (5 June), the European Court of Justice stated that companies that participate in cartels are responsible for the losses caused by competitors being forced to raise their prices.

    Thursday’s judgement could open the floodgates for a slew of private damages claims, but has particular implications for the commission’s ongoing cartel investigation into the Libor rate-fixing scandal…

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