Deep Interest of the Deep State 131

Actually just read that Obama quote again:

“we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner”

If the United States truly believes it has a deep interest in making sure that Scotland does not become independent, we can be quite certain that America will be pulling out all the stops to make sure that No wins.  The language is the language of intelligence service tasking memoranda, which Obama is consciously or unconsciously reproducing.  I have personally been involved in a great deal of intelligence service tasking.  Intelligence service resources, both personnel and financial, are deployed to a greater or lesser extent to a task according to an assessment of the depth of national interest involved.  If Obama has decided the US has a deep interest in the result of the Scottish independence campaign, we can expect hidden interference at Ukrainian levels.

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131 thoughts on “Deep Interest of the Deep State

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    LeGarde seems to have escaped to some degree. She still has special status however, kinda like paid leave.

  • Abe Rene

    “Ukrainian levels”? Oh, I get it. An American invasion of an independent Scotland and a referendum in which 99% decide to become the 51st State. 🙂

  • mike

    “He might be a good guy to have around if you want to enforce the right to peace against aggressor states.”

    Unless the aggressor is the US, Kli, launching the next phase of its Syria operation from Jordanian soil. Two massive “exercises” held there in the last 6-10 months, with a lot of the kit and personnel still in situ. I daresay they will start probing the Syrian border around Deraa this summer, while keeping East Ukraine on simmer.

  • mike

    And he hits another home run.

    What’s the difference between Obama and Bush? It’s a serious question. One’s tall and black and the other…isn’t. Is that it?

    Obama is a better salesman for the same horror, that’s all. When the going gets tough, put a black guy in the white house and call it a revolution. It worked, for about six months. That was long enough to make people forget Bush.

    If you look closely at David Cameron, you can see the air get pumped back into him when he starts to deflate.

  • KLI

    funny you should mention Syrian aggression, Mike, as Putin stopped that once, partly with swarm-targeted Sunburns but partly by beating obama over the head with the definition of aggression. Humanitarian law and the big stick, it’s a potent combination, particularly now as treaty bodies, charter bodies, and special procedures are ganging up on the US for other violations of jus cogens. Even if that can’t fully protect Syria, it might accomplish something else, like maybe crack the UNSC open. or shore up the ICC.

    Thanks for the heads-up to new PCR.

  • Jemand

    American interference in the independence referendum is an interesting line of enquiry worth pursuing. I would guess that if the anticipated outcome remains too uncertain, then covert US efforts to facilitate the ‘democratic’ process must be presumed to be in the works. Similarly, if there are any foreign interests in a possible UK split, we might just as well expect meddling from that quarter too.

  • Kempe

    Complete and utter rubbish.

    The Allied army that went ashore on D-Day was the world’s largest liberating force because the Soviet army invading from the east was not a liberating force but another army of conquest and oppression; unless you believe that being raped 20 times a day is a liberating experience.

    If there was little to oppose the Allies as Roberts claims why did it take the Allies 11 months to fight their way into Germany at a cost of nearly 800,000 casualties, 196,000 of them killed?

  • Tony M

    Kempe, Be assured the Allied armies were bent on conquest and oppression too, but if you’re arguing semantically from a position of weakness, the Red Army were ‘Allied’ too.

    Authoritative German sources after the war said the West could have knocked Germany out of the war completely, stopped dead almost every industrial process, in 1940, if they’d targeted the country’s electricity production and distribution facilities and network, there’s no question they had the capability as the thousand bomber raids on urban-poor working class homes prove, and no doubt would have been made aware of this extreme vulnerability from German sources during the war, and MEW, the Ministry of Economic Warfare should and almost certainly did work this out for themselves, it was their official primary function. Targetting was far from optimal, e.g. the Ford truck plant at Cologne survived completely unscathed, never once hit by anything, never actually targetted, absolutely pristine, though even blind saturation bombing couldn’t have failed to hit it, the plant was fully operational, but almost all of the surrounding city districts’ dwellings were nothing but rubble. A Ford plant in France was bombed by the RAF before America entered the war, and the Americans went ape-shit, it was soon running again and thereafter it was sacrosanct, though it could have been totally razed at any time, daily, but continued like Cologne to pour out hundreds of thousands of trucks and light armoured cars for the Nazis, serenly exempted from any hindrance.

    Many of the Atlantic Wall/coastal defenders were old infirm or injured men, commanding others like themselves and a great many, at times disloyal, insubordinate and untrained non-German conscripts from the captured eastern territories, some of whom were deserting and drifting back homewards, others reluctant to go back for fear of the Russian’s Commissars, were only too willing to surrender to the US-aligned forces.

    The allied conduct of the war leaves a lot to be desired, inexplicably sub-optimal and unnecessarily bloody in so many ways, there are too many loose ends and unanswered questions, contradictions and inconsistencies, no understanding of it can possibly be attained by your Pollyanna repetition of badly aged but back then expeditious fishy tales, culled from now hilarious seeming and unsophisticated baldly disingenuous newsreel over-simplifications, and atrocious atrocity legends, spun for the manipulable masses.

  • Deep Fool

    I learnt of Peter Dale Scott from previous posts on an earlier thread this site. He is a poet and former Canadian diplomat who has written on the deep state / deep politics, and if you haven’t read him then do as he is worth reading.

  • Kempe

    Tony; where did you find that load of rubbish? The (non-Russian) Allies oversaw free elections and withdrew from any administrative control of the territories they had occupied. The Soviets remined in de-facto control until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Suggestions that bomber command deliberately avoided damaging specific factories is laughable. The technology available in 1941 made it difficult enough to find and hit a target the size of a city, particularly at night, let alone pick out individual factories or power plants. Bombs frequently landed one and a half miles away from where they were aimed.

    Allied forces in Normandy were confronted by crack SS Divisions, some transferred from the Eastern Front, who fought with the same savagery as they had against the Russians. Summary executions of PoWs was distressingly common.

    Please dump David Irving and read some proper history.

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