Deep Interest of the Deep State 131

Actually just read that Obama quote again:

“we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner”

If the United States truly believes it has a deep interest in making sure that Scotland does not become independent, we can be quite certain that America will be pulling out all the stops to make sure that No wins.  The language is the language of intelligence service tasking memoranda, which Obama is consciously or unconsciously reproducing.  I have personally been involved in a great deal of intelligence service tasking.  Intelligence service resources, both personnel and financial, are deployed to a greater or lesser extent to a task according to an assessment of the depth of national interest involved.  If Obama has decided the US has a deep interest in the result of the Scottish independence campaign, we can expect hidden interference at Ukrainian levels.

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131 thoughts on “Deep Interest of the Deep State

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  • Mary

    His cup of vitriol is really overflowing today isn’t it! Perhaps his masters are displeased with him. He really needs a useful job, perhaps like the ones the couple in my post below had, where he could make a contribution.


    I came across this story about a good couple who worked for the wellbeing of others in the early part of the C20, Dr Alfred Salter and his wife Ada. I will be sending a contribution to the fund.

    The Salter Statues Campaign

    Ada and Alfred

  • Resident Dissident

    While I can appreciate that many here would be implacably opposed to the US even if Noam Chomsky were its President (funny how he continues to live there despite bad mouthing its every action) perhaps some of our more intelligent brethren might just wish to give Obama some credit for the change he has achieved in the US’s direction of travel – on the other hand the slathering dogs might welcome Bush III or similar.

  • Resident Dissident

    “Well she is his boss and with the whole world watching it wouldn’t exactly have added any dignity to the occasion had he ignored her or stood picking his nose whilst she was talking. Kiss the knighthood goodbye as well.”

    LOL – Lady Dorking is of course an inherited title only the real aristocracy can get away with such behaviour.

  • mike

    A Jordanian prince as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights! I’ve heard it all now.

    Next thing you know they’ll be giving MC Drone King the Nobel Peace Prize…

    MC Drone King and the P-NAC Fluffers.

    I like that. A crooner and his backing singers.

    “In the ghettooooo, and his mama crieeeesssss…”

    Nicey-nice between Vlad and Willy Wonka at Normandy. Cue some extra sanctions from the US to stir the pot, methinks.

    Will the EU follow suit?

    Will Angela tells Barack it’s over?

    Tune in for another episode of “A House Divided” by Reserve Currency Productions…

  • Resident Dissident

    A couple more of Robert Conquest’s limericks

    There once was a fellow called Lenin
    Who did two or three million men in
    That’s a lot to have done in
    But where he did one in
    That old bastard Stalin did ten in

    First puking and mewling
    Then very pissed off with your schooling
    Then fucks and then fights
    Then judging chaps rights
    Then sitting in slippers, then drooling

  • Muscleguy

    So, exactly will the US do? the grassroots Yes campaign on the ground is out of anybody’s control. Blair Jenkins admitted that gleefully some months ago. We have more boots on the ground than anybody else and the best evidence and arguments to convert anyone to Yes and the momentum is ours too.

    They have left it a bit late too and doubtless they are taking advice from the UK government who have proved so totally witless in their attempts to persuade us to vote No. They do not understand Scotland and I sincerely doubt the US does either. The astroturf VoteNoBorders adds got booed in cinemas.

    There is also the revelation problem. If we find out they are interfering then there will be a MASSIVE swing to Yes in response AND frosty relations with iScotland from the off. iScotland can ask New Zealand how to handle that sort of relationship as a small nation too.

    Deny us entry to NATO? a lot of Scots do not want to be in it. Also we won’t help patrol the Iceland Gap then (which GB is scandalously not doing at the moment).

    Then there’s other places if they heavy is put on or they are discovered. The Irish won’t like it for one and the Auld Alliance will likely be rekindled too, against a new common foe.

    Alez-Oop! and Bring it on, Pal

  • Muscleguy

    Tell you what Craig, you post things you think are done or are caused by the US in this proposal and those of us up here in Scotland can judge them for likelihood. Deal?


    “might just wish to give Obama some credit for the change he has achieved in the US’s direction of travel ”

    RD; I think you are a little confused. Obama is first, and foremost a political animal. What has he achieved, other than a cornucopia of cash deliveries to corporates via healthcare mandates? LGBT rights? Everything he does is muted by his deference to his legacy. He is a cold and calculating politico who, in spite of his public persona, relates every decision to the furtherance of the Democratic Party.

    If I could make a comparison, let me ask you a question; If you were up to your neck in shite and someone threw a bucket of snot at you, would you duck and cover?

    Thusly I sum up the difference between the two majority parties in the US.

  • mike

    “If you were up to your neck in shite and someone threw a bucket of snot at you, would you duck and cover?”

    That’s an excellent analogy, Ben! Best one I’ve read yet.

    Live long and prosper, dude.


    Thanks Mike. It’s taken me a long time to catalogue my one-liners, but I can’t take credit for that one. I got it from a 16 year-old kid who tragically missed the innocence of his ‘yoot’. I, on the other hand, am a slow-learner. 🙂

  • Mary

    Colonial and Corrupt – Time’s up for BBC Scotland
    05 June 2014 22:22
    By G.A.Ponsonby


    About Us

    Newsnet Scotland was launched on 12th March 2010 by unpaid volunteers from Greenock. The site was set up in order to address what we believed to be an imbalance in the reporting of Scottish News and Current Affairs.

    A not for profit organisation we support major constitutional change for Scotland whether it be full fiscal autonomy, Devolution-Max or full independence.

    The Newsnet Scotland team includes:

    Online Editor and Social Media
    Lynda Williamson – Lynda joined the Newsnet project in early 2011. Lynda divides her time between looking after her family, her small business and Newsnet Scotland.

    Paul Kavanagh – Paul is fluent in Spanish and speaks reasonable Catalan, allowing us to report on developments in Spain. He has a long-standing interest in Scottish languages.
    Bob Duncan – Bob writes extensively for Newsnet and has written news pieces as well as opinion pieces.
    Lynn Malone – Lynn is a freelance journalist and also Newsnet Scotland’s features editor.
    Angela Haggerty – Angela is a freelance journalist and writes regularl news articles for Newsnet Scotland.
    Dave Taylor – Former Data Analyst from the west if Scotland, Dave is Newsnet Scotland’s resident polling expert and provides regular expert analysis on polls and surveys, both in terms of occasional articles and advice to the team.

    Other writers include G.A.Ponsonby, Martin Kelly and of course some of Scotland’s most respected journalists and commentators who have written commissioned pieces and also allowed us to reproduce their work for free. We include George Kerevan, Lesley Riddoch, David Torrance, Gerry Hassan and Kenneth Roy in this impressive list.

    Corporate NNS Media Limited is Newsnet Scotland’s not for profit corporate entity.

  • Mary

    Subtle bit of anti Putin propaganda here from the BBC. In reality, Putin and Poreshenko look to be of similar height. In this photo at the top of the main page of their website, Putin appears to be much shorter. Pathetic stuff.

    Ukraine’s Poroshenko to be sworn in
    Petro Poroshenko is to be sworn in as president of Ukraine, amid hopes the move could help put an end to a fighting in the east of the country.

  • Salford Lad

    The US interferes in just about every country worldwide, either politically , financially or military.
    The business of the US is Business.They must be allowed to loot and plunder at will to satisfy their financial class.
    They will not be happy to see Scotland step out of line. Means they have to deal with another National leader apart from the muppet Cameron.
    Expect to see a demonisation programme on Big Eck, and the airing of any dirty laundry, real or invented,possibly the frighteners will go in too,with some kind of false flag operation. ALL standard procedures in the CIA dirty tricks toolbox to destabilise a country.

  • Mary

    This is rich. A breaking news headline on the BBC website. Poreshenko has now been sworn in as President.

    BREAKING NEWS:Ukraine’s President Poroshenko calls on separatists to disarm, offers amnesty to those without blood on their hands.

    How about the Kiev brigade?

  • Resident Dissident

    Ben and Mike

    I did say some of our more intelligent brethren – your reactions were only to be expected but I hope they made you feel better.

  • Tony M

    As Walter Scott might have had one of his Hielan’ Chieftains ask: “What is the disposition of the Redcoats in the Lowlands?”

    Well the regular troops have all mostly been moved en-bloc to Ireland, for fear they might join the revolutionary movement. That just leaves the Praetorian Guard, a grisly bunch of stuffed and mounted Tories, and it’s their marching season, a sort of combination of a camp medieval re-enactment of nothing in particular of note, a Miss world contest for thick and ugly blokes, all mixed in equal amounts with a Masonic initiation and an unruly Orange walk. Of which hollow show of reactionary force there can be nothing to fear, centuries of inbreeding has left them physically weak and their mental powers, starting from an inherited low have like declined. These limitations, combined with pub landlords scandalously over-serving them with curdled drink laced with homeopathic amounts of alcohol, must hinder their effectiveness in paralysing movement in, out or through Border towns, but conversely loosens the riders internal movements. Loose bowels, equine or human are no handicap, as they do not need to dismount to evacuate numbers one or two and the resultant effluvia mingles with that of the excitable nags, forming an unlovely aroma and risk of epidemic; mountains of excrement not seen fouling the streets anywhere else in Britain, since the 1930s, have been a feature of the Borders since some Tory councillor in the 1970s, following a cerebral seizure had the execrable idea of of re-inventing long dead ‘traditions’ he dreamed of in his fit, and presumed the power to reinstate them.

    So it came to pass that the local nobs and hooray henrys, worthy cretins and new-spawned Thatcherite yuppie contingent began every summer to veer along the roads in large numbers, ineptly on horseback, immune to traffic laws, neither giving way, yielding or ever in anything approximating control of their temperamental nags, they scorn and burn the ‘satanic’ Highway Code, and in total disregars proceed to charge in a series of diagonal lines from one kerb to the other, snarling at passers-by and scaring babies in prams, in unseemly but shamelss celebration these same nobs’ ancestors theft of the surrounding Common lands from the people, whilst the descendants of those thus dispossessed line the streets to gawp, open-mouthed at first in disbelief, but increasingly to jeer and protest the grievous inconvenience, economic cost and cheek of the whole antedeluvian spectacle. There is a studied avoidance by the wise and wary from places afar which renders the whole region a no-go no-mans land of congested traffic, frustration, anger and quickened revolutionary fervour amongst those affected, and too, a great exodus of the repulsed locals amid a precautionary boarding up of windows by those trapped behind. I think though there is nothing to fear from them but hot-air and wind. In the eastward parts of Dumfries and Galloway, the middle and east Marches, in the disputed lands, the situation is every bit the same, but the resistance is inexplicably cowed.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Question to all

    Is “Tony M” the reincarnation of the late, unlamented Fedup (minus the effing and blinding)?

    Mary , you’ve a lively curiosity about the identity of commenters. Any thoughts?


    “How about the Kiev brigade?”

    Kyev announced an impartial inquiry by the Prosecutor to not only gather evidence on Odessa, but will transparently release their unbiased findings to the Public, Mary.

    We await with bated breath.


    “The US interferes in just about every country worldwide…”

    It’s not personal, just bizness.


    RD; Washington Times?

    Putin may have a bit of Napoleon in his demeanor and behavior, but shall we also post their cartoons of Obama with satellite-dish ears?


    The Fix is in….

    “The anti-Chinese and anti-Russian propaganda howl is reaching a deafening crescendo, especially in Asia. Western media outlets are in the highest gear, spreading propaganda through both their own outlets and through their local media affiliates in the client states, mostly owned by big business.

    China and Russia are now vilified, openly insulted, and blamed for the escalation of tensions in the Asia-Pacific region, and for the military build up. The entire mighty Western propaganda machine is now at work, demonizing China, Russia and other independent countries.”

    The good old days are here again. Jihadists are so abstract. The Cold War is back. Ez pz.


    Is Rouhani a reformer? Bet you didn’t see this story in the MSM.

    “During a public speech late last month, however, President Rohani called for more freedom and rights for Iranians and less state intervention in their lives. “Let people relax. Let people be mentally healthy. Do not interfere so much in the people’s lives even for sympathy,” the cleric-president said on May 24. “Let people choose their own path to heaven. We cannot send people to heaven by force or the lash.”

    The reference to lashing was a not-so-subtle nod to the punishment commonly carried out for drinking, partying, and other violations of Islamic laws over the past three decades.”

  • kli

    @mike, the new human rights commissioner is not some random Jordanian. He’s done humanitarian relief work on the ground and he was president of the ICC assembly of states parties. He gets a lot of the credit for writing aggression into criminal law. The interesting thing about this appointment is having somebody in the UNHCR slot who knows both human rights and humanitarian law. This is emblematic of the new era where human rights moves from finger-wagging at states toward prosecution of specific criminals. He might be a good guy to have around if you want to enforce the right to peace against aggressor states.

  • Mary

    OOps! Recovery? What recovery?

    European Central Bank Goes Sub Zero
    Mike Whitney

    June 07, 2014 “ICH” – “Counterpunch” – On Thursday, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi dropped rates on overnight deposits to minus 0.1% thereby charging commercial banks to keep their money at the ECB. The move, which was applauded by the media as a “historic measure to fight deflation”, is nothing of the kind. Negative rates have been used in both Sweden and Denmark in recent years, but to little effect. The policy will not “get the banks lending again” as the ECB suggests, nor will it ease the high unemployment and slow growth that have plagued the Eurozone for the last six years. In truth, the rate change will have no impact at all. It’s merely public relations stunt designed to create the impression that the ECB is aggressively addressing the crisis for which it is largely responsible. Here’s how the World Socialist Web Site summed it up:

    “The move is an expression of the fact that, nearly six years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the world economy remains mired in deep crisis, for which the world’s central banks have no solution outside of pumping trillions into banks and financial firms. While trillions are handed out to the banks, workers throughout the continent are told that there is “no money” to pay for pensions, social programs, and healthcare benefits.” (European Central Bank cuts interest rate below zero, World Socialist Web Site)

    Stock traders loved the news that the ECB was going “sub zero”. As we’ve seen before, any indication that the easy money regime is here-to-stay is enough to send equities skyrocketing, which it did. All the main indices notched substantial gains on the day while the SandP 500 surged to a new record of 1,940.

    The idea that charging the banks a small fee on overnight deposits will induce them to lend more freely, demonstrates a laughable misunderstanding of how the system really works. Banks don’t need piles of reserves to issue loans. What they need is creditworthy customers and strong demand. But, of course, demand is weak because the ECB has taken steps to keep the EU in a permanent state of Depression through its austerity policies. What this shows, is that the objectives of the class war precede the requirements for a healthy economy. Draghi and his cohorts would rather decimate the welfare state and reduce EU working people to abject poverty, then implement the policies that would generate a strong economic recovery. ‘



    Any further news on Madame Lagarde IMF on those charges?

    I always want to type Defarge!

    She is in a long list here. ‘Meanwhile, the French politician and IMF chief Christine Lagarde is “under interrogation” in a financial misconduct case.’

    The EU resembles a criminal organisation. Its supporters – including Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg – are compromising their integrity
    By Peter Oborne
    May 20th, 2014

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