Obama: Keep the Cannon Fodder Coming 24

“we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner.”

Translation – “Thanks for sending so many young Scots to die in Iraq and Afghanistan for us.  Look forward to seeing them die in Syria or Iran soon.  Keep the cannon fodder coming.  Sorry have to nip off now to approve some teenagers on a drone kill list.  Keep storing those nuclear warheads for us.”

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24 thoughts on “Obama: Keep the Cannon Fodder Coming

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Craig, sorry to have to say it but you’re being silly. Point of that post?

  • John Goss

    Not just Iraq and Syria. They might be needed alongside the Poles to fight the nasty Russians. The stark reality of what has not been reported on any mainstream media channel is captured in this blog by Professor de Noli, a human rights’ activist living in Sweden, who was himself imprisoned under Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile. WARNING: There are images in this blog which are not for the squeamish. The BBC, as ever, is disgusting. What do we pay our licence fees for?


    The poor woman who had legs removed by the kind Yatsenyuk forces for good, died later in hospital I have been informed. Her name was Inna.

  • Richard

    Unlike Habba, I think I understand the point Craig is making. I can’t extrapolate to his implied conclusion, however.

    The point is that what’s in America’s interest is no concern of ours – though watching the news one could be excused for thinking otherwise. This is particularly true when it comes to stupid and pointless “wars” in Yugoslavia, Libya, Ukraine or elsewhere. Our concern is British interest and I just don’t accept that it lies with Balkanisation. If we had leaders who knew the difference between right and wrong, were moral and cared for Britain and her people, O’Bomber could whistle for his extra-mural cannon fodder.

  • Iain Orr

    I don’t imagine this endorsement of “Better Together” will cause the SNP to lose any sleep. Indeed, it’s hard to think of many celebrity endorsements for the union that don’t risk being counter-productive. Celebrity endorsements for independence seem not to have quite the same negative effect; though, if I had a vote, I’d think a few times about whether I wanted to be in bed with Sean Connery.

  • Mary

    There are 30 mentions of Scotland here, either in the Royal Regiment of Scotland, or in the column marked Place of Origin. That figure does not tell the whole story however. Many other Scots could have been in other units or have lived elsewhere.


    Ditto Iraq except no place of origin is given.


    These litanies are BLiar’s legacy.

  • Alex Grant

    Thanks Craig, I have to say that you are ‘spot on’! I’m sure the Scottish Government would like to say it but can’t. Perhaps Obama could talk to Chomsky who seems to have a better perspective? But hey is that a surprise?

  • Tony M

    It’s not only Obama, but Putin too, but I don’t fear any interference from that quarter.


    And it’s not only Obama and Putin, but another 34 countries, who’ve been asked to help throw a spanner in the independence works.


    I’m not impressed by this site, it purports to present an “Analysis of media bias in the Scottish Independence referendum campaign” but is itself full of subjective judgements and ad hominem editorialising: “the Hammer of the Ukraine”, “Stalin’s heir”, “the dictator of Russia”. Pro-Independence? but also pushing bizarre discredited mainstream media narratives.

    On Noam Chonksy point above: http://archive.today/50tii “his intuitions favor [sic] a yes vote”.

  • Mike Heinemeier

    President Obama seems to have forgotten that his own country gained independence from the UK after a bloody war. We can do it peacefully. Why should he make pro union comments when he rejects it for himself. I think he is putting self interest before the needs of the Scottish people.

  • mark golding

    Reasonable and wise comment from Craig that frames perfectly the Obama menial slogan beetling ‘Yes We Can’ which in actuality is ‘yes’ to proxy murder, torture, control and manipulation.

    ‘Yes We Can’ translates to the believable in the hearts of the brave where Scotland’s independence is really just a leap of faith.

  • Mary

    Well said Mark and as Craig states it’s all about keeping the NATO military coalition intact including Trident at Faslane.


    ‘Faslane is also a Defence Equipment and Support site, operated in dual site organisation with Great Harbour, Greenock, by Babcock Marine and Technology, and managed by Serco Denholm.’

    It’s a wonder that the Scottish people can sleep at night knowing those goons are in charge.

  • nevermind

    well said Craig, and lets not forget the war smitthies at work in the eastern Ukraine. Just what aims and objectives do Academi’s mercenaries have Mr. Porshenko/Obama?

    It feels as if this president would have us believe that there is no option for us as ro accept, not in the Ukraine and not in Scotland. Which shows me that he’s not from Europe but from Mars, from where a whole lot of republican warmongering arseholes come from mas well. They been having visits stoling the fires in Ukraine, when they should be shot out of the sky.

    And he would have us believe that future UK/scottish soldiers will willingly lay down their life’s for his shady hegemonial games, off course, what else would they do?

    Many many more will die if this goes past the wire, because these fuckers have spread themselves around the globe infesting every country, providing targets for reprisals or first use.

    Putin does not need war, its the US that has a flagging economy, with chocolate money to back it up. Their richest are targetting Russia’s riches now, believeing that a few enriched oligarchs such as Putin Poroshenko and the rest of them will give up the reign.

    Stupid cowards never learn.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    NATO makes absolutely no sense – and – here are my thoughts on the comment just made.

    In the early 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed that was a great opportunity to create a new global architecture, starting with the dismantlement of NATO. Why would one want to have forces to stir tension when there is no external security threat? But – then – if one does stir tensions one has a reasons to sell armaments and make more wars. So here is how I see it:-

    Fairy tales, truth and reality ( reflections on the world in which we live).

    In this life, we can choose to believe in fairy tales – or – we can examine hard facts and reality:-

    A. We can start with a statement from George Kennan, who was the architect of the “cold war” on the US side and consider what he said:-

    “Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.”
    ― George F. Kennan

    N.B. at the highest level we are being told in very clear language that the US economy needs war to survive. I have indirectly echoed these thoughts in an analysis I did about global energy supplies:-


    But, yet, I still hope that there are enough of us around the world who are sane enough to change the general bellicose trajectory the most powerful in the world have placed the world on.

    Thus, forgetting that the US had trained and supported the then termed Mujahidin in the Afghan war when the Soviet Union was the occupation force ( colloquially this has been referred to as “Charlie Wilson’s war” – so called after the US Congressman who played a central role in the CIA funding – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472062/). Post-Soviet departure the same Mujahidin morphed into the Taliban. But, conflict and warfare serve well the military-industrial complex’s purpose of perpetual warfare.

    B. For President Dwight D. Eisenhower, had given a forewarning to the US and the world in his departure speech, about the military-industrial complex:-


    C. And finally, we saw the false flag flying over 9/11 and of all the theories circulating, the web site Truth 9/11 (http://www.911truth.org/) and the most recent release of data from Russia should make all humane and thoughtful people think carefully about the world in which we live, and of those who are its masters:-



    I could have elected to have used all the academic training I have had for one of two purposes in the course of my life. Either to do good for humanity – or – embrace an evil status quo that on utilitarian principles does not serve the general welfare of the majority of humankind. I have chosen the former in my life.


    Courtenay Barnett

  • Rehmat

    Attacking Syria or Iran – are both Israeli projects. So far, Pentagon has refused to march on Netanyahu’s orders in both cases. American Generals rather prefer the Israelis to fight their wars by themselves.

    After three-year American proxy war to bring a pro-Israel regime in Damascus (like in Kiev) has backfired. President Bashar al-Assad won a landslide victory.


  • UK smithereens

    Nobody wanted Slovenia to break away either, but the USA couldn’t stop them and neither could the Serbs. Slovakia went its own way despite obsessive US propaganda. But thanks for this poignant opinion from Barack Obama, the most impotent puppet ruler ever installed by a degenerate ruling class, diffident spokesmodel for a regime ejected from Iraq by the simple expedient of denying impunity, and ejected from Afghanistan by patient self-determination. The USG’s UK satellite state will soon be ejected from Scotland, however it stuffs the referendum ballots. Better together, fuck you, you criminal cunts, we’ll see you again in the Hague.

  • Mary

    Iraq is hardly mentioned in the corporate media. They have ‘moved on’. This is the reality of the legacy of Bush and Blair. “Militants” are more often than not protesters against Maliki’s murderous regime and militias. Anyway, if someone is believed to be breaking the law, arrest them and try them in a Court of law. The never ending hell of the “New Iraq.” A terrible death and injury toll.

    Iraq Military Repulses Militants; 166 Killed, 96 Wounded
    by Margaret Griffis, June 05, 2014

    A large-scale attack took place in Samarra, but the Iraq government was able to repulse the militants. Nearby Baiji also came under attack. Over 120 militants were killed out of the 166 reported dead today. At least 96 were wounded. The numbers will likely rise.

    Eight people were killed and nine more were wounded during air strikes in Falluja.

    A Naqshabandiya militant leader was killed in western Anbar. This group is not affiliated with ISIS/DAASH.

    In Samarra, scores of militants arrived in dozens of vehicles to lay siege to the city. The Iraqi military bombed the attackers and forced them to retreat. About 80 militants were killed. Some buildings were reportedly occupied before the militant forces withdrew. Twelve security members were killed, and reinforcements are on their way. An unknown number of civilians were killed, and at least 45 people were wounded.

    The city sits on a major roadway about 80 miles north of Baghdad and would have been a great strategic prize if taken over. It is home to the Askari Shrine, one of the holiest sites in Iraq. A damaging attack on it is believed to have set off sectarian unrest in 2006. The city is not far from the fighting in Anbar province.

    A suicide bomber in Baiji left one officer dead and four more wounded. Two soldiers were killed and five more were wounded in attacks against checkpoints. This may have been related to the events in Samarra.

    Clashes in Ein al-Jahash left 42 militants dead. Separately, a bomb killed two policemen.

    Mortars killed three people and wounded six more in Tarmiya. A roadside bomb killed a soldier and wounded three more.

    In Sadr City, a car bomb killed one person and wounded 10 more. A second bombing killed one person and wounded six more.

    A roadside bomb killed one person and wounded six more in Mahmoudiya.

    Four people were killed during a house invasion in Latifiya.

    Gunmen killed two civilians in Baquba.

    In Mosul, gunmen killed a woman and an old man in two attacks. Gunmen killed a policeman.

    In Baghdad, a bomb wounded three people in Zayouna. Security forces killed a militant leader.

    Read more by Margaret Griffis
    •Sahwa Leader’s Nephew Among 65 Killed, 144 Wounded Across Iraq – June 4th, 2014
    •Heavy Casualties in Falluja; 122 Killed, 80 Wounded Across Iraq – June 3rd, 2014
    •Bombers Strike in Southern Iraq; 85 Killed, 189 Wounded – June 2nd, 2014
    •73 Killed, 50 Wounded Across Iraq on First Day of June – June 1st, 2014
    •New Offensive Launched in Anbar; 46 Killed, 36 Wounded Across Iraq – May 31st, 2014


  • Briar

    “I think he is putting self interest before the needs of the Scottish people.” Like all American politicians, he is putting the interests of the global Empire before those of every ordinary citizen worldwide. All those people who snarl and rant and rage against the EU should bear in mind that it isn’t Europe which directs our foreign policy, chooses our wars, dictates our economic policy – and so on ad infinitum. Maybe if Europe had stood strong and united against America we wouldn’t have the current Reich, but the rot was there from the start, especially in England.

  • Martin

    So true it’s not funny.
    Obama cares not a jot, he and his transvestite wife are just some twisted figureheads.

  • Peacewisher

    Couldn’t agree more, Craig. The UK might as well be the 51st state, and looks like the EU is rapidly becoming the 52nd…

    Sadly, Scotland has a much chance of getting a neocon blessing for independence as have the breathtakingly brave Donbass people.

    One backswipe against the neocons happened last week from an unlikely quarter… Teresa May.

  • Rehmat

    Mary – The Zionist-controlled mainstream media will never tell you that Iraqi mess was created for the benefit of Israel.

    In 2002, Philip Zelikow, then a top-level White House Jewish official, admitted (Asia Times March 31, 2004) that Iraq was invaded because Saddam Hussein became a threat to Israel. Interestingly, Saddam Hussein was an American poodle who waged 8-year war against the Islamic Republic which killed nearly 500,000 Iranians and destroyed over $3 trillion worth of country’s infrastructure.

    In May 2004, Sen. Ernest Hollings also acknowledged that Iraq was attacked to “secure Israel” and “every body knows that“.

    The Jewish Voice for Peace also admitted that Israel and the Jewish lobby groups (neoconservatives) played a major role in the invasion of Iraq…..


  • Peacewisher

    It is true (I think) that Saddam Hussein was indeed a threat to Israel, because he personally paid $25000 as compensation to the family of each Palestinian suicide bomber. That is state-sponsored terrorism, or is it…? If he paid as an individual it is not the Iraqi state that is responsible. However, this is still very bad, as was what was being done to the Palestinians, but the US didn’t seem to bother about that.

    There was also all that oil…

    Invasion must have been on the table for years. Problem was… it was against International Law. We all know how they got round that, and who helped them.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    The world in large measure is run by mad men ( and a few mad women too). Obama now says that IRAQ needs a “wake up call”. Well consider this:-

    A. A country is invaded based on fabricated evidence presented to the UN.

    B. Before the invasion, for all its other problems, it treated women with a high degree of equality ( and just compare other Arab neighbours’ attitudes and practices towards women). Well that great friend of the US – Saudi Arabia – surprise – surprise – comes to mind.

    C. Just look at the take over by fundamentalists some ten years and more on after the “mission accomplished” declaration.

    Now -tell me – are they mad – delusional – temporarily insane – or what?

  • Mary

    I say that they are not mad Courtenay. They are psychopaths. 4% of the male population have the characteristics and <1% in the female.

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