BBC Lawbreaking

by craig on June 8, 2014 10:46 am in Uncategorized

I despair sometimes that society as a whole has lost all sense of how a democracy ought to operate.  State abuse has become the norm.

I am astonished that there is not greater reaction to the BBC role in Obama’s statement against Scottish independence.  It is now confirmed that not only did No. 10 ask Obama to make the statement, they set up the BBC to ask the question that prompted it.

For a state broadcaster, with a legal obligation to neutrality in the referendum campaign, actively to participate in a stunt plainly aimed to boost one side in the campaign is beyond disgraceful.  There is obviously a realisation at the BBC that they have done something very wrong indeed – all of the BBC’s own coverage with unprecedented reticence omitted totally the fact that it was the BBC that asked the question.

This ought to be an absolutely huge scandal which leads to resignations at the BBC.  Yes, it is not unprecedented for officials to ask a journalist to ask a helpful question.  The Tories might well ask the Sun or Telegraph to ask them something.  But it is a completely different thing when it is a state broadcaster legally obliged to neutrality and part of a referendum or election campaign.

That the BBC truthful report that there were no WMD’s in Iraq led to forced resignations, while this twisted propaganda interference has no result, is a sign of the collapse of democratic values in society – and the expectation of them.

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  1. What astonished me was that Obama said two things. Neither were a surprise. One was that he’d prefer Scotland to. Stay in the UK. The other was that he wanted the UK to stay in the EU. Why this latter statement was almost wholly unreported is beyond me. It’s the BBC and Nick Robinson running with the Tories.

  2. I listened with interst, but ultimately great disappointment, to yesterday’s recording of Any Questions, on BBC radio 4. The bias of the audience was of Ukranian proportions, with a roar of approval for anything pro-Union, and a ripple of polite applause, or even boos, for anti-union statements.

    This was particularly true in the question involving Obama, and those who dared to engage in “Obama-denial” got quite a rough ride. One thing I did learn from this programme, however. There is a very strong pro-union theme being directed through twitter. In the interests of democracy, social media ought to be subject to the same controls as public broadcasting at pre-election times.

  3. Patrick Roden

    8 Jun, 2014 - 11:09 am

    @ Haward, Remember, Dave wants the UK to stay in Europe, he just wants to change the relationship.

    People have reached that dangerous stage where they feel it is pointless to complain, because ‘they are all the same’ and nothing will change.

    Depressing sometimes!

  4. Question time is a staged event were propaganda is cemented into the wider public who calls itself politicall engaged.
    Nothing will change this, because we have also forgotten on how to unite, reagrdless of our own small/great points and differences.

    The BBC is really weak, this is just another show to prove it. Their insecurity over tenure, their set in their way MI controlled news agenda, demands that they suck up to party of the day.
    One could think that only a license/ tax boycott can change this.

    What off those interlectuals who profess to be democrats at heart, what of the Charter 88 campaign and their demands for a fairer voting system?
    Such a referendum should ideally be run by the electoral Commission, not by the politicians it involves and directs.

    But the electoral Commission is in the same boat as the BBC, a bloated clique who’s wages are dependent on a franchise from the party of the day.

    Tax boycott anyone? we can do what Starbucks does all the time.

  5. Lord Palmerston

    8 Jun, 2014 - 11:30 am

    > a sign of the collapse of democratic values

    No, it’s a sign of democratic values doing their work. Voters don’t care about your legality, neutrality, etc. If they have any rational basis at all for how they vote, it’s usually in the form “what’s in this for me?”. They therefore tend to choose politicians who are most skillful at presentation and flattery, qualities not entirely congruent with probity.

    We do live in interesting times. Where will our downward spiral take us next?!

  6. As a genuine question, does the BBC actually have a legal obligation to neutrality in this situation?
    As a State Broadcaster, is it not obliged to serve the interests of the State, however broadly defined? The elected government of any State should be the determiner of what the States’s interests actually are, if this determination is left to the unelected we get into the world of Spycatcher.
    Surely a State is not obliged to be indifferent to the question of its own future

  7. Probity R.I.P. esp. when governments murder citizens they have a duty to protect and national security is used against them to hide truth.

    As an example New York has an encapsulated surge of lung cancer, multiple melanomas or ‘Hiroshima’ disease… -kept under wraps??

    Where will our downward spiral take us next?!

  8. Well, Tim, if that is so why should the public finance a state megaphone that is not operating on voters mandate, but is pursued/obsessed by vested interests?

    The BBC is long overdue for a break up, and Lord Coeey is not the right person to achieve such change.
    Its past support of criminally insane abusers, their clique employment policies, not to speak of their policies of criminalising those who do not heed their demand for this license tax, all points to the ministry of Truth.

    It is doing this nationally and locally, its not that our local stations are un biased. Here in Norfolk the BBC’s Nickolas Conrad, will always come out in favour of his own nest, the local establishment and their interests, he has no crux with challenging the established order or the Tory Mafia.

  9. Nevermind – true, but the State gets taxes for all sorts of things voters disapprove of.

    I am interested in the immediate desire people have to label things they disapprove of as “illegal”. As Was said of Napoleon ordering an execution. Worse than a crime it was a mistake. Whether something can be (narrowly) described as legal does not make it OK.

  10. @Nevermind. I’m with you on that one. Tnhe state may well want to protect itself but if it is acting in its own interests and against the peoples’ interests why should they pay it to further subjugate them…

  11. Thanks Tim, you must be as livid as I am over the CoE’s banning its clergy from affilliations to the BNP/National Front, as if it is their remit and desire to influence politics.

    The ban, imho, was aimed at UKIP and its supporters, it says, watch out you might be next and it has exchanged a moral high horse for a rather priggish donkey, mind after the revelations of their past picadillos they deserve an ass for a ride.

  12. What I can’t understand is why the Scottish govt or SNP don’t sue the BBC? Is it legally not possible?

  13. Scouse Billy

    8 Jun, 2014 - 12:52 pm

    Mark, you may be interested in “Voices From The Grave”, a presentation by Wayne Madsen which covers and fleshes out the Carnaby story along with DC Madam, Barbara Palfrey and Phil Marshall:

  14. It is truly outrageous, but I am most happy about it, as it may get people not only involved in stopping Obama’s world governance but also alert them to man-made surprises like earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like to get them to do his bidding.

  15. larry Levin

    8 Jun, 2014 - 1:08 pm

    does the bbc have duty to be impartial according to its charter.?

  16. Nevermind – I am clearly too stupid to get the connection. For the record, the CofE is still the State religion, but seems at least clever enough to have realised that BNP affiliated clergy would be bad for business. I understand that the CPGB was officially atheist, so they should not have faced the problem from the other political direction.

  17. Craig:
    “This ought to be an absolutely huge scandal which leads to resignations at the BBC.”

    Yes indeed, but the fact that it doesn’t lead to resignations at the BBC is not just a reflection of the values of the BBC and our ‘democracy’ at present. It becomes the baseline from which future judgements are made.
    In the future, the BBC can overstep this particular boundary in the knowledge that ….
    (a) it has done so before and got off with it.
    (b) the public’s expectations of neutrality have been lowered by the previous incident.

    This sort of effect is constantly occurring in our ‘democracy’. Every time a politician/corporation/government body/public figure survives the exposure of their wrong-doings, it becomes easier to repeat it in the future. The boundaries of survivable illegality are being constantly rolled outwards.

    I wonder if controlled exposure of wrongdoing in some circumstances isn’t a deliberate policy to create a society which increasingly has given up on holding its leaders to account.

  18. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    8 Jun, 2014 - 1:56 pm


    “In the interests of democracy, social media ought to be subject to the same controls as public broadcasting at pre-election times.”

    That, if I may say so, is a remarkably sinister statement.


    I would not wish to live in the kind of world you and various Eminences have in mind.

  19. The press conference (ie where the corporate media stooges were called in turn by Agent Cameron and Obomber in turn to ask pre-arranged questions) was being shown on the Parliament Channel repeatedly yesterday.

    G7 – Obama and Cameron News Conference
    Image for G7 – Obama and Cameron News Conference
    Not currently available on BBC iPlayer
    Duration: 45 minutes

    Recorded coverage of President Obama and prime minister David Cameron holding a joint news conference at the G7 in Brussels, from Thursday 5 June.

    and three times more –
    BBC Parliament
    Sat 7 Jun 2014

    BBC Parliament

    BBC Parliament
    Sun 8 Jun 2014

    BBC Parliament

    BBC Parliament
    Sun 8 Jun 2014



  20. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    8 Jun, 2014 - 2:03 pm


    “As a genuine question, does the BBC actually have a legal obligation to neutrality in this situation?
    As a State Broadcaster, is it not obliged to serve the interests of the State, however broadly defined? The elected government of any State should be the determiner of what the States’s interests actually are, if this determination is left to the unelected we get into the world of Spycatcher.
    Surely a State is not obliged to be indifferent to the question of its own future

    I was about to make exactly the same point.

    Very well said (or asked, if you will).

    As a complement : I see the sense in the BBC being even-handed when it comes to elections since the elected govt gets to define the interests of the State (as you correctly note). But this is a referendum not an election, and moreover a referendum the outcome of which will determine the extent of the State in the future. I see no reason, therefore, for either the State not to take a position against independence or for the BBC to follow the line of the State.

  21. I said here yesterday that the Bitter Together crowd are getting desperate. They have abandoned Acanchi/Esler and are now employing Saatchis.


    Alex Salmomd was on Marr this morning but I did not watch it. Switched off after a surfeit of Lagarde whom Marr described afterwards as sophisticated and soignée. What a crawler. I think she is rather masculine.

    Scottish independence: Alex Salmond dismisses more powers pledges

  22. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    8 Jun, 2014 - 2:07 pm


    “I am interested in the immediate desire people have to label things they disapprove of as “illegal”.”

    That observation is also pertinent. The desire you mention merely reflects emotion and is usually based on erroneous readings or interpretations of law.

  23. Wait for the ConDem SPADs to arrive here. Those that have not been sacked recently that is.

  24. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    8 Jun, 2014 - 2:08 pm

    Value Plus

    “What I can’t understand is why the Scottish govt or SNP don’t sue the BBC? ”

    Sue it for what, exactly?

  25. Tim, you are not stupid at all, just to say that these lines are blurred between the done thing and excesses.

    “Whether something can be (narrowly) described as legal does not make it OK”

    Tax evasion is technically illegal, but it is OK to do it here, is it not. The COfE might be as pompous to describe itself as the state religion, but that does not mean its ok for them to meddle in politics.

    Are we not all gods children? and who will be next on their little list?

    The BBC serves them all, there is a clear support for the existing establishment, not the democratic manipulated mandate.
    Should it be illegal to pervert the cause of democracy as a public servant? Here is a small local example.

  26. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    8 Jun, 2014 - 2:21 pm

    Mary on the subject of Mme Lagarde

    “I think she is rather masculine.”

    What, I wonder, are we to make of the above remark, which I suppose contains a note of criticism?

    Does it mean, for example, that, in general, female leaders and politicians should “look (more) feminine”?

    Or is it specific to Mme Lagarde, in the sense that she lacks certain (undefined) “feminine characteristics” and that this supposed lack somehow impairs her in her function and actions?

    Or might it even indicate that Mary believes that women (most of whom, by definition, look more feminine than masculine) are better leaders than men?

    I suspect that answer there will come none…


    Habbabkuk against racism, fascism and sexism.

  27. Another post presenting the same old same old as a surprise.

    Lawbreaking? LLLOL. Quick, let’s compose a letter from news junkie groundhog day lala land:

    Dear President of the EU,

    The UK prime minister is lying and the US President is joining in. Then the BBC broadcast their lies. I am surprised. Please help us.

    CM, Ex ambassador, human rights activist

    p.s. I did vote Green recently.

  28. Who are the Greens? I thought the BBC had officially established that UKIP should now be regarded as the protest party.

  29. Yes, it should cause a scandal. I would suggest that the reason it doesn’t (or hasn’t) is because this sort of thing has been going on for so long; at least since the Bliar era. People just notice it a bit more when their ideas/opinions/party etc. are on the receiving end of the unfairness. The Beeb are past masters at fobbing off/ignoring complaints even from some relatively big hitters.

    It is worth pointing out that Salmond and the S.N.P. have some clout. Not as much as others, perhaps, but more than some poor sod on a council estate or even a local councillor who gets caught with his hand up a fair maid’s blouse or makes an utterance of which the neutral and impartial Beeb disapproves.

    Essentially these people have a sense of self-importance and impunity which is jaw-dropping. The sooner the licence fee is canned and they have to go out and find proper jobs the better.

  30. The 6 posts (so far) from Habbabkuk are either interrogatory, diversionary or interjectory.

  31. “Who are the Greens?”

    They are the next great hope who will never be corrupted until the day they are. Then we, the political revolutionaries of News Junky Groundhog Day Lala Land, will be extremely surprised.

    “I thought the BBC had officially established that UKIP should now be regarded as the protest party.”

    Yes that’s true, but (spoiler alert) Craig will next week be revealing that the BBC lie.

  32. Scots Vote: ‘English Politicians Keep Out’
    An exclusive Sky News/YouGov poll shows voters in Scotland want politicians south of the border to stay away from the debate.

    including a quote from Hague –

    ‘He told the Murnaghan Programmne: “This is for the Scottish people to decide, of course.
    We all have a stake in it though, it is about the whole future of the United Kingdom. It will effect us all.”

    He said it was important therefore that the British government is able to set out its view of the facts along with everyone else.’

  33. I’m sure that Sky meant to say ‘….affect us all’.

  34. Truth is we can do nothing, legally, about the BBC and the Electoral Commission has no power over them.Only the BBC Board can do anything over output. They are protected by law. So other than protest, and what good is that, nothing can be done.
    Of course they play that fact to the hilt, fine example was Politics Scotland today Sunday.

    First we had the great J.Reid, free to spout all he wanted with deliberately feeble interrogation by G Brewer, all pushing the Union cause to the hilt.
    Then there was the “Stories of the week” again spouting Reid, then they went on about Obama’s “intervention in the referendum debate. All within a half an hour.

    Despicable stuff.If anything, could have been done about their bias, then I guess they would not be doing it. Because they have no threat, they have a happy playing field. All against Scottish democracy. They are so corrupt, yet are the first to encourage “foreign” democracy (as long as it suits the British state’s interests.

    It makes you sooo angry, but they cannot be challenged except morally, and they have no morals to work with.

  35. Sorry, previous post – Not the BBC Board, the BBC Trust ( trust?, that’s a laugh!)

  36. “Yes, it should cause a scandal. I would suggest that the reason it doesn’t (or hasn’t) is because this sort of thing has been going on for so long; at least since the Bliar era.”


    Maybe we, the political revolutionaries of News Junky Groundhog Day Lala Land, have forgotten what happened yesterday. Or at least, say, the miners strike or the 1926 general strike.

  37. Ref Haig on Sky News

    “He said it was important, therefore, that the British government is able to set out its view of the facts along with everyone else.”

    Problem is, their facts as they call them, are almost ( if not all) are made up by misrepresentation or downright lies. Cameron takes the high ground, ( he always quotes, he does not have a vote) But orchestrates all the lies that come out of Westminster. Although, he will not debate the issue, he is a coward of the highest order, as is his government.

  38. Phil,
    Please spell out your message without sarcasm. I can’t work out whether you are accusing Craig of being an establishment agent, or just of being naive by your standards.
    Or something else?


    8 Jun, 2014 - 4:06 pm

    I missed this by a mile on Poro’s speech.

    “Poroshenko’s inauguration speech has sent a message to Novorossiia and Russia:

    No federalization
    No state status for the Russian language
    No recognition of the Novorossian political leadership
    Full and unconditional surrender of the Novorossian Defense Forces
    Crimea will forever belong to the Ukraine.
    He could not have been any clearer: that is basically a declaration of war and an ultimatum. This is also a full endorsement of the “Banderastan project”.

    Clearly, the US has prevailed over the hoplessly spineless EU leaders like Merkel or Hollande and the AngloZionists will have their way.”

    Nazis lost the War didn’t they? I’m afraid the EU is just as culpable as the US if this is truly a declaration of war and it seems so.

  40. Yes, the BBC is very obviously in breach here of its own guidelines of impartiality, which were negotiated and agreed with Ofcom and the Electoral Commission. The guidelines are here:

    The BBC is NOT entitled to argue the government line as the state line in the referendum, any more than it is entitled to do so in a General Election. That argument, made by several commenters above, is pish.

  41. “The BBC truthful report” only appeared when Iraq was destroyed and occupied for Israel after murdering over one million Iraqi men, women and children. In 2011, Lord Owen, former UK foreign secretary, cried that the US occupation of Iraq made Iran the most powerful country in the region.

  42. Letter of complaint to the Trust c/o its director Kroll Craig before he retires at the end of the month.

    Trust Unit Director Nicholas Kroll to retire from the BBC

    Note Nicholas’s salary and remuneration is published as part of the BBC’s Annual Report and Accounts. For 2012/13, his base pay was £238,680 and his total remuneration was £246,480. Further information is on the BBC’s Annual Report and Accounts website.

    The Trust Unit

    The Trust is supported by a team of 70 staff, known as the Trust Unit. These staff are independent from the BBC Executive and include specialists in audience research, performance analysis, and finance. The Trust Unit is headed by its Director, Nicholas Kroll.

    In 2007/08, the BBC Trust cost £11.909 million to run; in 2008/09, £10.517 million; and in 2009/10, £10.502 million, excluding Ofcom fees.


    How about applying?

    Culture secretary posts ad for new BBC Trust chairman
    Salary for four-year role to remain at £100,000 a year, with Lord Patten successor expected to lead discussions on royal charter

    We are in danger of getting Coe who is giving it ‘much thought’. In other words he has already had the offer.


    8 Jun, 2014 - 4:26 pm

    Isn’t part of the media’s role to educate the masses? BBC et al failure.

    “Two-thirds (66 per cent) of the public estimate that 20,000 or fewer civilians and combatants have died as a consequence of the war in Iraq since 2003

    – See more at:

  44. ANode

    You make a good point. I have today moved my default position on from anger to sarcasm. However, I did think I was being fairly clear. No, I was not suggesting CM is an agent. I am suggesting that being surprised day after day, post after post, about things that have happened for, well, yonks leaves us stuck in a useless rut of dumb news consumption.

    Jesus fucking harry h bolloxing christ the BBC has always been state propaganda. See the 1926 link provided earlier.

    I actually like the phrase political revolutionaries of the News Junky Groundhog Day Lala Land and shall use it again. This repetition has a poetry to it for me. And we fucking love poetry round here. It is my feeble attempt to be less dull. To step beyond: The BBC lie! I am surprised! I am sooooooo angry! Here’s a link to media fucking lens!

    Anyway I am off to my “Make Friends By Managing Your Wild Fluctuations Between Sarcasm And Anger” workshop and then to sink six stellas. I’ll pop back later if you want to chat.

  45. Craig – I’ve not seen all the reports on this – you say it’s confirmed that Downing St set up the question, and I certainly believe that, but can you point me towards this confirmation as I’d like to be able to use this further…

  46. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    8 Jun, 2014 - 4:51 pm

    “The BBC is NOT entitled to argue the government line as the state line in the referendum, any more than it is entitled to do so in a General Election. That argument, made by several commenters above, is pish.”

    But surely the BBC is entitled to argue the State’s line (of which the govt in office is merely the voice); and it is entirely natural that the State should wish to maintain itself as presently constituted.


    More generally: I’ve read the BBC guidelines you linked to and they seem fair enough.

    Please indicate whether you think the problem lies in the guidelines themselves (eg, they are too lax, they are insufficiently clear, etc..)or in the allegation that they are being breached (if the latter, please supply specific cases of BBC behaviour and cross-reference to the guideline(s) you claim is/are being violated).

  47. There we have Orwellian habby again.

    Trotting out the statist line.

    Auntie will decide what’s best for all.


    8 Jun, 2014 - 5:08 pm

    “But surely the BBC is entitled to argue the State’s line (of which the govt in office is merely the voice); and it is entirely natural that the State should wish to maintain itself as presently constituted.”

    Oh yes. They are merely guilty of benign neglect and only wish for their own survival.

    ‘Not Guilty’ your honor due to permanent obsiquium.

  49. “Yes, the BBC is very obviously in breach here of its own guidelines of impartiality…The BBC is NOT entitled to argue the government line as the state line in the referendum, any more than it is entitled to do so in a General Election.”

    Guidelines! They have broken guidelines! I didn’t expect that! Mr president de la EU please send some eurocops now!

    Meantime here is a link to media lens.


    8 Jun, 2014 - 5:25 pm

    It’s the same in the US for the Team Players.

    Old Journalism is a cottage industry these days. It’s a smaller market and fewer cash returns.

    If one’s credentials don’t display the proper status under these new Shield Laws, they could be cut off from access to critical sources. Becoming a team-player at Pressers and Meets of all kinds is like having the last word at their fated cocktail parties.

  51. Craig Evans

    8 Jun, 2014 - 5:26 pm


    I have given up on the BBC, the way the BBC Scotland is being manipulated and it journalists sidelined or dismissed during this important period is incredible.

    Hopefully in the future, the manipulation of the MSM will become a case study in state manipulation.

    I campaign actively for the YES campaign but it is discouraging to be bombarded on a daily basis with misinformation and lies by the state organs that I pay for through my taxes.

    If only I ca persuade the missus to not renew the TV licence later this month!

  52. I wouldn’t get in a lather, just don’t watch it. Don’t pay their TV Tax. There simply is not enough time in the world to read all the books you want to read, grow wildlowers, root up dock leaves, ride bikes, cure rust, shoo nosy cats, lift tatties, cut your toenails etc., without the grievous mental harm TV can cause and the time wasted when you could actually be getting things done best not left undone. I’ve hardly watched any TV since 1991 (Shock and Awe 1, in Iraq, beamed triumphantly by the new-fangled News-24) so can hardly see what all the fuss is about, had been tapering off viewing since leaving school in 1985, sickened by the miner’s defeat and the BBCs role in that battle; in my 40s and thus in the twilight of my life, I had thought I was probably the last TV-hooked generation, and purposefully sought to eliminate it, to break my addiction, it had simply lost the wonder it had possessed for me as a child growing up in the 1970s -in colour. It isn’t intellectual snobbery, there just isn’t time any more for such idleness and passivity combined with actual mental and physical harm their disgusting lies and disinformation must cause.

    Post-independence this will not change, I certainly will not support with a license fee or similar compulsory extortion anything having the least connection with the existing BBC, some new SBS (Scottish Broadcasting Service) will get short shrift when they pass round the begging bowl, and should be shunned by all, I’d tell them to worry less about their jobs and worry about their continued liberty instead because from where I’m standing this organisation has copious amounts of blood on its hands and its higher echelons will not –cannot evade a certain and colossal reckoning for the harm it does.

    The problem with the BBC ‘job for life’ staff is that airbrushing the deep shame and embarassment of any connection with this disgraced organisation from their CVs might leave a yawning chasm impossible to fill, I’d suggest they cover this gap by falsely admitting to having spent those many years behind bars in prison for some awful crime, or to have been inmates of a mental institution, the latter isn’t so far removed from the truth.

  53. Craig, you used the word “ought” twice and that reminded me of the great philosopher and fellow Scot, David Hume, with whom you’d no doubt be quite familiar.

    So often in this blog’s comments section are quarrels that arise from the problem that David Hume expounded on. The “is vs ought” problem. I think it’s essential reading, like much of Hume’s work.

    A primer on is/ought :–ought_problem

  54. Would there be the same level of outrage at the BBC if Obama had said that he supports independence?


    8 Jun, 2014 - 6:29 pm

    “Would there be the same level of outrage at the BBC if Obama had said that he supports independence?”

    Probably more so. Maybe he should just STFU. It’s none of his beeswax.

  56. I’d say that Obama’s declaration of support for the Union is little more than a favor to Cameron and gang.

    Were it a declaration of US foreign policy he’d have been more emphatic and it wouldn’t have needed setting up by the Unionist gang.

    The US doesn’t see the issue as a core interest.

    That’s very interesting in itself and it does sit well with their more general contempt for European interests so far as their projects in Ukraine and elsewhere have shown.

    It certainly wouldn’t be the first time European interests have been sacrificed to US hegemony.

  57. Bugger (the Panda)

    8 Jun, 2014 - 6:42 pm


    The BBC operates under the rules of its Charter, which obliges it be be fair, honest truthful and unbiased (or words to that end).

    They also have what I call the Prime Directive which allows them not to follow the above if in doing so they would support the disintegration of the United Kingdom (again my words).

    The organisation which adjudicates whether complaints concerning their lack of adherence to the rules of the Charter is the BBC Trust, appointed by the BBC Governors, who are appointed by a method which bears no relevance to the viewers.

    I have seen letters in reply to complaints to the BBC which have challenged the bias and distortions of specific broadcasts and overall bias, which say they (the BBC) have no obligation to be unbiased.

    The BBC is an arm of the propaganda fabric which we have been swallowing day and night since its inception by Reith.

    Post a Yes vote, the BBC is finished in Scotland and are in fact becoming one of the reasons many Scots want a Yes vote; to shut them down.


    8 Jun, 2014 - 7:09 pm

    “You can choose whatever name you like for the two types of government. I personally call the type of government which can be removed without violence “democracy”, and the other “tyranny”.

    Karl Popper—

    As quoted in Freedom: A New Analysis (1954) by Maurice William Cranston, p. 112

  59. I can’t remember if I have posted this before but if not, I OUGHT to have done so.

    Scotlandshire: BBC Scotland Coverage Of The Independence Referendum

    24 March 2014 By David Cromwell

    The BBC’s ‘Amazing Litany’ Of Bias

    Coverage of the Scottish independence referendum, due to be held on September 18 this year, is a compelling example of the deep establishment bias of the corporate media. Some critics have characterised the BBC’s coverage, in particular, as though Scotland is merely a region or a county of the United Kingdom called ‘Scotlandshire’.

    The establishment, pro-Union bias of ‘mainstream’ coverage emerges clearly from a careful analysis by an experienced media academic, and by the BBC’s reprehensible attempt to rubbish both the study and its author. The year-long study was conducted by a small team led by Professor John Robertson of the University of West Scotland. Between 17 September 2012 – 18 September 2013, the team recorded and transcribed approximately 730 hours of evening TV news output broadcast by BBC Scotland and Scottish Television (STV). The study concluded that 317 news items broadcast by the BBC favoured the ‘No’ campaign (i.e. no to Scottish independence) compared to just 211 favourable to the ‘Yes’ campaign. A similar bias in favour of the ‘No’ campaign was displayed by STV. Overall, there was a broadcaster bias favouring the ‘No’ campaign by a ratio of 3:2. In other words, there was 50 per cent more favourable coverage to the ‘No’ campaign.



    8 Jun, 2014 - 7:18 pm

  61. Peacewisher

    8 Jun, 2014 - 7:20 pm

    Any chance of “The BBC Tells Lies” car stickers?

  62. I am sure that there’s a market for them Peacewisher.

    Google BBC Lies on Images. Quite a selection.

  63. Peacewisher 8 Jun, 2014 – 7:20 pm
    “Any chance of “The BBC Tells Lies” car stickers?”

    Great idea. Car stickers will reach places these blogs don’t. All you need is a design and a whip round. Then get 1000 for £212 here.

    Go on. Don’t wish, act.

  64. Phil, thanks for the clarification.

    I understand the point you’re making. I recognise that anger. I enjoy the withering put-downs. But …… you knew a “but” was coming, didn’t you? ….. I think it’s misdirected here. This isn’t an academy for revolutionaries, it’s a talking shop. Craig makes observations and we use them as a starting point to flog our own individual hobby horses. There’s a spectrum of opinion here. A few are here to contradict and spread doubt, one is here for reasons of personal inadequacy, but most of of us are on the same side as you to different degrees.

    Nurture that anger, it’s healthy, but find a fairer target than Craig. Don’t attack your fellow travellers because they’re on a different stretch of the same road as yourself. Maybe you set out before them. You didn’t achieve political enlightenment overnight. It probably took years to reach where you are now, and dare I say it, you’re still learning. So are we all (except the aforementioned personality basket-case). I’ve learned more on this blog than any other single source, and it’s primarily Craig’s blend of idiosyncrasies that sustains this delicate habitat.

    Now I’m rambling. Why am I telling you what to do? I don’t know. Fuck it, carry on, Craig’s quite capable of speaking up for himself. Keep taking the lager.

  65. Peacewisher

    Just to be clear, I was suggesting that you do it yourself.

    I presume you are in Scotland and could raise enough cash to pay for it amongst family, friends and neighbours. Put BBC LIES! and the wingsoverscotland (or any yes site) on it. Give them out. Might even make Sky news. Wash and rinse til you are in free Scotland.

    You will feel better for it because you literally will be a better person. Don’t wish, act.

  66. Agreed Peacewisher. Not a peep about civilians being killed, again, in Slavyansk. I guess the 8-year-old girl who died today was a “pro-separatist rebel” and so somehow deserved it.

    The BBC is an arm of the state.

  67. Peacewisher : “Any chance of “The BBC Tells Lies” car stickers?”
    Phil: “Great idea. Car stickers will reach places these blogs don’t. All you need is a design and a whip round. Then get 1000 for £212 here.”
    Even easier …. google “inkjet waterproof sticker” and print these designs:

    95 mm x 95 mm (4 per A4 sheet)×95.png

    280mm x 45mm (2 per A4 sheet)×45.png

    Here’s those transparent waterproof self-adhesive A4 sheets on eBay:

  68. The BBC are just part of the Union protection racket. Scottish newspapers bar one dis Salmond on a daily basis.The “Scotsman” is a particular disgrace.Scottish CBI recently caused a kerfuffle by going Pro Union. With the bias that there is against Independence it is amazing that the polls still show the Yes voters have any %.
    Now we have a US President whose country’s founding principles are the rights to be Independent going back on them to promote the UK and the EU.No wonder he looked astonished when he said it.
    Latest polls show the No’s in the lead and the Poll that cost an arm and a leg with the wrong results is still being kept buried.
    The song and dance begins.
    The problem I see is that the media tell the lies and when they are proven false, they never retract them.
    Latest scare was that the MoD wont be able to remove the rusting Nuke Subs we have at Rosyth. They’ve been there for years,mothballed and forgotten like the Russians did at Murmansk. The MoD covered up the radio active waste in Dalgety Bay for over 50 years.
    Both our major cities only 15 minutes away from either live warheads or decaying reactors.
    The BBC I suppose have always been as biased as they are now, only difference was we used to swallow their version of the truth more easily.

  69. 95 mm x 95 mm (4 per A4 sheet) …

    Actually, that should be 6 per A4 sheet
    Even more truth for your money.

  70. Are we in danger of literally shooting the messenger? Come out with your hands up MI5 and MI6, don’t hide behind the curtain, BBC are the puppets, you are the puppet-masters. It isn’t even following the government line, the government follows some other’s line, which the parties and now the BBC try sycophantically to anticipate and follow, some deep state inner circle that skewers our illusory democracy. You tell people they can be free, that they are free merely if they choose to be and they hesitate, find reasons to remain ensnared, prisoners, craving the gaolers cruel hand and arbitrary favour.

    The lesson of the seventieth anniversary of the Normandy slaughter should not be that it was all in vain; whatever the people fought for or believed they were fighting for, it was not the same as the puppet-master’s reasons for driving them to fight. On that criterion the war, the people’s war for freedom, was lost.


  71. Peacewisher

    8 Jun, 2014 - 8:45 pm

    I’m an ideas man! I have made an attempt at merchandising in the past, but it’s really not my forte.

    I’m sure that there is someone reading this blog who would know how to take this forward…


    8 Jun, 2014 - 9:00 pm

    Hmmm. No word yet on BBC journalists being detained, ‘bounce!’.

  73. ANode

    Your response deserves a considered answer that I do not have the time to write right now. I accept some of your points and acknowledge I have room to improve my inter personal skills! But of course there’s a but. I will try to reply tomorrow. Thanks for at least not simply ignoring me.


  74. It’s no news that the BBC are anything but impartial in the matter of Scottish Independence.
    Fair enough; they have a view on the matter and report it accordingly. In my view it’s OK for them to have an editorial position.
    What they (or at the very least one of their reporters) have done this time though is to act as an agent for the Government. That’s a significant step change.

    It’s interesting to compare the position of the UK state broadcaster with that of the Hungarian state broadcaster where charges of impartiality can be challenged in the courts.

  75. A Node, neither dropbox link seems to work for me. I’m not sure why, but please don’t use spaces in filenames, that is some braindead Microsoft sabotage, to limit the usefulness of consumer computer software and hardware, which should have been strangled at birth.

    Great idea though; I think Yes stickers would be better, and have one already; plenty of time to spit roast the BBC once the referendum is over.

  76. Working now, got them, very nice. :)

  77. Peacewisher

    8 Jun, 2014 - 9:24 pm

    @Anode: Not only am I crap at marketing but I’m also crap at design. So I’m really not taking this on.

    But in the spirit of adventure…

    Of the two, though, I think the second one is better. Perhaps, as we are taking about democracy, there could be a vote:

    Press 1: To choose this design:×95.png

    Press 2: for this design:×45.png

    Press 3 for neither of the above

    Apologies, Craig, if this overheats your blog.

  78. Car stickers are a great idea – something short and witty that packs a punch (hopefully). ‘The BBC tells lies’ is too direct. The Clash song/album ‘London Calling’ occurs to me.

  79. Superb piece on Ukraine, supine EU leaders, and a meeting that took place in Yalta (of all places!) in September 2013. Tony Blair was there !

    You should read it, Craig.

  80. As Phil says, of course BBC propagandising long antedates the Scottih referendum. Sadly we tend to notice these things only when they affect us more closely. Here’s some stuff on their complicity in the dismantling of the NHS.


    8 Jun, 2014 - 10:18 pm

    “Much has been written about the failure of the BBC to properly inform the public of the nature of the coalition government’s NHS bill, now the Health and Social Care Act, passed by the Lords on 19 March 2012. Many felt the BBC had abandoned the NHS under Conservative pressure and it appears significant numbers lodged complaints. And quite rightly. Having spent a number of days researching BBC coverage of the NHS, the picture which emerges should be of deep concern for both the BBC and the public”

    V; There should be no shame associated with having an interest in profitability, as long as that does not contravene the ostensible public service our media should voluntarily accept as a social norm. Financing and profit dove-tailed with that responsibility intact is not a problem for me. People have to be paid. What I object to is the dash-for-cash dictated by non-news Boards of Directors who normally occupy a conservative pov. When the stock price is the maginot-line for all things newsworthy, then it’s a problem.

    Many formerly respected outlets (NYT) cobble a direct relationship between stakeholders and news that’s fit to print, you get bullshit like Judith Miller and Keller diddling with history’s narrative with the commensurate influence forcing an outcome. Those outcomes rarely benefit the people these outlets purport to support.

  82. @Mike: This is such a good article. Relates to the BBC because they have been presenting quite a different narrative. I know that some here pooh-pooh anything on Global Research, but all the facts presented here are verifiable and it cannot easily be dismissed as “propaganda” (although, no doubt, some will try).

  83. A Node

    ‘Don’t attack your fellow travellers because they’re on a different stretch of the same road as yourself. Maybe you set out before them.’

    That’s lovely – nice one!


    8 Jun, 2014 - 10:53 pm

    “”By most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world…Think about it. Our military has no peer.”

    Most measures? Wrong. Take trade and investment, political, economic and cultural power relative to the rest of the world; take perceived legitimacy worldwide, take moral/values and take adherence to international law – the U.S. is a shadow of what it was, say, 50 years ago.

    True, militarily it is second to none. But that is exactly the problem when you are getting weaker on all other indicators.

    ”And when a typhoon hits the Philippines, or girls are kidnapped in Nigeria, or masked men occupy a building in Ukraine – it is America that the world looks to for help.”

    Even if it were true that the world sees the U.S. as the benign helper, Obama ought to have deplored that countries don’t turn to the multilateral or regional institutions.

    The U.S. has, since Yugoslavia, done about everything it could to undermine the U.N. Later he says that ”the UN provides a platform to keep the peace in states torn apart by conflict.”

    But is it that really the task of the world’s normatively most important organisation: to make peace where others, including the U.S. itself, has ravaged countries?

    The U.S. as a great helper is not a perception shared by many enlightened people – see the failure in the Israel-Palestinian mediation and the handling of Syria. Btw. he doesn’t even mention the Middle East.

    ”The United States is the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed, and will likely be true for the century to come.”

    What in effect Obama is saying here is that every other nation – peoples of the earth – can be dispensed with. Why offend everybody? Why make yourself so good that it becomes pathetic, laughable?

    And 100 years more? Just how stupid do the speechwriters in the White House think we are? Regrettably, there is more where it comes from:

    ”The question we face – the question you will face – is not whether America will lead, but how we will lead, not just to secure our peace and prosperity, but also to extend peace and prosperity around the globe.”

    The obsession with leadership that goes through his speech reveals a deep fear of not being a leader for much longer.

    But people with little sense of history and young West Point patriots may believe such nonsense – including the stated but unfounded unity between America’s and the world’s peace and prosperity. And peace is extended from the U.S. – it is not something we create together.

    ”Regional aggression that goes unchecked – in southern Ukraine, the South China Sea, or anywhere else in the world – will ultimately impact our allies, and could draw in our military.”

    Here Obama ignores the brilliant opportunity to reach out as a true world leader would to Russia and China at this important moment. And who can talk convincingly about what aggression is and how unacceptable it is?

    ”Here’s my bottom line: America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will.”

    Again the leadership obsession – ”must always lead”. ”If we don’t, no one else will” – well, that could be a much much better world for all humankind! But President Obama believes that only the U.S. can lead.”

    I can’t imagine a less likely proponent of change or a more Statist poseur, than Obama.

  85. The US and the EU have been leaning on Bulgaria with success.

    Bulgaria halts work on gas pipeline after US talks

  86. Andy Murray and Gordon Brown are said to have criticized Salmond today for displaying the Saltire at last year’s Wimbledon. Why is that being raked up now?

  87. KingofWelshNoir
    A tip of the hat from yourself is praise indeed. Thanks.

  88. @Mary: another example of the EU having lost the plot. Bulgaria will be poorer, and the pipeline will go through Turkey, or even Greece (maybe the newly empowered Greek left will tell the EU where to go if they try to interfere); Turkey can do what it likes.

    If, by the same token, France cancels its aircraft carriers that would be another own goal for the EU. Good thing that The French Nationalists did well… I’m sure they’ll be putting pressure on France to resist EU (really US!) pressure.


    8 Jun, 2014 - 11:20 pm

    The Bulgaria story is a key entry, Mary. BRICS must not succeed at all costs to the West.

  90. Yes, Ben, but the BBC article again shows an inability to present anything but pro-US/sticking it to the Russians propaganda.

    Here’s the other side:

  91. “US Ambassador Concerned With South Stream Construction Bid”

    This American ambassador, Marcie Berman, isn’t your ordinary everyday common or garden ambassador:

    # A specialist in national security issues and arms control

    # Chief of Mission in Pristina, Kosovo from 2003 to 2004

    # Minister-Counselor for Political-Military Affairs in Iraq

    # Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State

    # Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear and Strategic Policy.

    Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

    So she’s saying that Bulgaria can’t build Southstream because it goes against US sanctions against Russia.

    Barbarossa is saying that it breaches some internal EU market thing.

    The Bulgarian PM announced the step in a Sunday interview after a meeting with three US senators visiting Bulgaria – John McCain, Chris Murphy, and Ron Johnson.

    “Bulgaria’s Prime Minister explained that he had told the US Senators that Bulgaria would only proceed with the South Stream gas pipeline after achieving compliance with the recommendations of the EU and specifying clear implementation terms.”

  92. Michael Robinson

    8 Jun, 2014 - 11:45 pm

    Craig – I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I have followed your coverage of the issue with some interest, and it has led me to the following inescapable conclusion:

    1. A collection of Englishmen, looking at the prospective post-depletion macro-economic environment, have determined, on balance, that it is in their national interest to unburden themselves of Scotland and the growing unfunded future liabilities attached thereto

    2. Further, they have determined that it is also in their national interest that this not appear to be the policy; that the successful execution of this policy requires that they escape all responsibility and political liability for the foreseeable hardship and deprivation caused thereby

    3. To this end, they have undertaken a covert campaign of minor, seemingly inept gaffes, affronts, and slights, which have been carefully calibrated to enrage the Scottish people whilst at the same time remain below the radar of English and international media attention

    4. All the while, their overt weak-tea campaign of “better together” propaganda provides plausible deniability, both now, and post secession, of any culpability for the consequences

    The only question, in my mind, is which side of it you’re playing.


    9 Jun, 2014 - 12:02 am

    “It is important that the USA and the EU continue to work together and to clearly demonstrate to Russia, that its actions in Ukraine will continue to have consequences. Companies and persons who provide material support to Stroytransgaz could also be included in the US sanctions list.”

    – See more at:

    Another good find. Dem Sanctions might be a tipping point for Bulgaria. Russia won’t be adversely affected. Power as coercion wins again.


    9 Jun, 2014 - 12:06 am

    “”We have to guarantee that internal market provisions are observed because we believe that in this case we are exposing the energy security of Bulgaria and the EU to risk,” Barroso said, stressing that the EC had been following the situation in Bulgaria for months and was fully aware of it ”

    – See more at:

    Shit a BRICS y’all. Well done Herbie.

  95. President Putin acted quickly to protect Russia’s border security and the indispensable Southern fleet at the Black Sea naval base at Sebastopol in Crimea. By masterfully using the ballot box as a defensive move instead of a Western or American ‘exceptionalist’ pre-emptive invasion, Putin won the first move, much to the annoyance of the 2013 Yalta meeting planners who set the Putin trap.

    To extract admission from the D-Day ‘celebration’ is was crucial for America to re-project the protection or ‘veiled dominance’ of Europe in true Brzezinski fashion and smash the federal Ukraine bridge that served to connect Russian good relations with the Europe.

    President Putin warily and prudently consider his moves knowing that divide had been achieved. America buoyed by ‘fracked’ energy now attempting to squeeze the balls of Bulgaria and even Serbia to block construction of the South Stream pipeline that would bring Russian gas into the Balkans and southern Europe.

    Instinctively Putin accelerated and secured the huge $400 billion energy deal with China to check the US king; in this asymmetric death game the winner takes all.

    Vladimir Putin must now personally create the opportunity for schism between ‘good guy’ America and Europe. Hearts and minds are consistently won by truth.

    Iraq, Libya and the middle East aftermaths are key ingredients of this truth serum, combined with Edward Snowden epiphany and nuclear 911 or ‘America Attacked!’ bombshells Vladimir has, waiting exposure in his fact locker.

  96. Hey ben, thanks for (10:53) the inspiring words of indispensable leadership from our Commander in Chief, President Obama. Sometimes we forget the many inspiring examples of US leadership, where the USA led the whole world, almost. We led at least 300 million American people of the world!

    Res. 36/96B 109-1 (USA)
    Res. 37/98A 95-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/187A 98-1 (USA)
    Res. 39-65B 84-1 (USA)
    Res. 37/73 111-1 (USA)
    Res. 37-78A 114-1 (USA)
    Res. 38-183M 133-1 (USA)
    Res. 39/148N 123-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/182 116-1 (USA)
    Res. 39/62 125-1 (USA)
    Res. 37/83 138-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/70 147-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/12 145-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/13 124-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/172C 136-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/172N 139-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/172O 138-1 (USA)
    Res.37/47 124-1 (USA)
    Res. 37/69E 141-1 (USA)
    Res. 37/69G 138-1 (USA)
    Res. 37/69H 134-1 (USA)
    Res.38/19 110-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/39E 149-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/39I 140-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/39K 145-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/133 135-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/199 131-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/124 132-1 (USA)
    Res. 33/137 146-1 (USA)
    Res. 41/450 146-1 (USA)
    Res. 36/19 126-1 (USA)
    Res. 38/25 131-1 (USA)
    Res.42-101 150-0-1 (USA)

    And don’t forget all the times the USA actually led somebody else in the world other than downtrodden American chumps who don’t know what’s going on,

    Res. 36/15 114-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36-73 109-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/120A 121-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/120E 139-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/146A 141-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/146C 117-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/146G 119-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/147C 111-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/147F 114-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/173 115-2 (Israel too!)
    Res. 36/226B 121-2 (Israel too!)

    So there, for all you anti-Americans who think the USofA is just an ignorant shit-kicking pariah state with no friends except for the fake ones they buy or threaten for a week at a time. Sometimes we have Israel!

  97. @ Michael Robinson (8 Jun, 2014 – 11:45 pm):

    Few would agree with your ‘inescapable conclusion’. Escape from a torn paper bag maybe?

    It is rather a shallow analysis, an absurdly anglo-centric one, that everything must be of a Westminster/City of London design. It reminded me immediately of an American’s insistence that they brought about the fall of the Soviet Union, discounting as just dumb actors, the Russian people who resisted Communism, by a fifty year go-slow, work-to-rule and a million subtle acts of resistance. The liabilities, apart from the nuclear cleanup in Scotland and the disaster area of Cumbria and the Irish Sea, are few, the assets in oil, in water, coal, minerals, in education and business, in limitless tidal, wind and hydro electric power, in fisheries, agriculture and industry, outweigh this only liability, a liability for which vainglorious UK nuclear weapons programs bear responsibility, a liability which continuation in this abusive partnership can only increase. A crucial difference too is that Independence supporters, the Scottish National Party, the Greens even, and the small but inspiring Socialist parties see Scotland’s people as its greatest asset of all, where you see a burden to be unloaded.

    The wealthy few who’ve lived off the fat of the land and stolen the cream for far too long, can live off the loot they’ve stolen, long into the forseeable future, the real hardship and deprivation will be to the helpless victims of these elite’s ire when the golden goose that has kept the United Kingdom on life-support these last thirty years, takes off back to its nesting ground in the North, to hatch a brood of its own kind.

    In the north of England, in the Midlands, in Wales and the bit of Ireland they can still scare and convulse in groundless division, preventing all from uniting in self-determination and real democracy, a need too, to take back the power – their’s rightfully, deservedly, which they’ve unwittingly disavowed – as if not taken firmly into their own hands, they risk at the very least wildcat fracking, turning their beloved landscapes and homes into barren lifeless deserts of mud and waste. They’ll certainly get the backlash from Scotland’s great and timely escape but in time London’s writ will shrink, extending in time to just a few districts and then a few streets, then nothing.

    If you cared, if you had a dog in this fight, and you should, at bottom in some way you must, you’d split the protagonists amicably, chastise the snapping English Bulldog, comfort the bewildered faithful collie, and send each off home in opposite directions.

  98. Sky have a big push on the Scottish Referendum today, 100 days etc.

    I should imagine that Broon’s contribution for the Better Together campaign will be a turnoff.

    ‘The Sky News interview marks a move by Mr Brown, still highly regarded by Scottish voters despite his humiliating general election defeat in 2010, to step up his efforts on behalf of the Better Together “No” campaign in Scotland.

    On Monday he is due to make a speech on the Scottish referendum campaign to political journalists at Westminster.’

    :: With 100 days to go until the Scottish referendum, on Monday Sky News will have a day of special coverage on TV, online and mobile. This will include interviews with leading figures from both sides of the debate.

    ​Related Stories
    Sofa Talk: Couch Trip Reveals Views On Vote
    Scots Independence: Business Pros And Cons
    Glasgow ‘Full Of Surprises’ As Vote Draws Near
    Scots Vote: ‘English Politicians Keep Out’

    Glaswegians Want Facts Before Vote
    The Scottish city of Glasgow
    Sky’s Joey Jones travels to Glasgow, where he finds voters are disillusioned and in desperate need of facts from both sides of the referendum debate.

    Would Independence Affect Security?
    Mark White

    What About The Royals?
    Paul Harrison

    Could There Be A Scottish Army?
    Alistair Bunkall

    Personal Finance Under Independence
    Poppy Trowbridge

    Independent Scotland’s Tech Scene
    Tom Cheshire

    Independence’s Impact On Politics
    Joey Jones

    Information or propaganda? Infoganda/Propamation

  99. Less of it on the BBC website.

    Referendum campaigns mark milestone
    Campaigners in the Scottish independence debate mark the milestone of 100 days to go until the referendum vote.
    Salmond dismisses devolution pledges
    Reid: ‘Patriotism claim insulting’
    Check out the latest polls What are the ‘No’ parties offering?

    Financial figures
    Foreign investment into Scotland has reached its highest level for 16 years, a report from Ernst and Young shows.

    Final countdown
    Referendum campaigners enter the last 100 days

  100. Gordon Brown is held in zero regard in Scotland, the McSky take on this is as delusional as he is. In fact I’ve read it’s a re-tread of something he cobbled together over two years ago, same corny catchphrases, same backdrops and graphics, it bombed then, amidst gales of laughter, and was followed by a upswing in Yes support, it could only get worse if he were to launch into song this time.

  101. Mark Golding

    Honestly. The “indispensable” Russian southern fleet. Lol. Indispensable to what purpose? OK, a question. Name a single Russian naval victory. Ever. Over anybody.

    The French could sink the Russian southern fleet in an afternoon. The Italians could give it a run for its money.

    Someone considered an “authority” by the left writes an article that points out that the utterly crap and useless Russian southern fleet sometimes, on the very rare occasions they can get a turbine to work, refuels in Syria. So then Ukraine is all about “a vital strategic link” with Syria and the Russian southern fleet. And everyone else repeats this total bullshit ad nauseam.

  102. I never thought I’d see you turn against John Pilger Craig but then that article attracted a lot of derision and ridicule from his otherwise loyal readers when it appeared in the Guardian.

    Perhaps Mark Golding would like to explain to us what the threat to these essential naval bases was. The illegal deployment of Russian troops outside of their bases prior to the snap referendum not to mention the dodgy circumstances surrounding it and its result appear to have been forgotten.

    Interesting that the anti-war Pilger sees nothing wrong in Putin being motivated by military concerns rather than for the safety and wellbeing of the Crimean people.

  103. This morning’s BBC radio 4 coverage of the discredited Islamic schools plot has convinced me that the BBC has lost its way. It sounded like it had been written by a committee drawn from 10 Downing Street and the Telegraph.

    Amongst all the Islamaphobic bandwaggon-jumping, some bits of sensible comment have appeared on the Guardian.

  104. Kempe

    John Pilger is a great man. But nobody is always right (including me).

  105. Craig

    I googled Russian naval victory

    Battle of Chesma

    Battle of Gangut

  106. I thought the Black Sea port was important to Russia because it’s their only warm water port and it offers access to the Med.

    It’s also very useful for dealing with troublesome neighbours to the south.

    Things would have been very difficult for Putin in Russia had it been lost to the fascists.

    Anyway, it was certainly a target for the West, but they lost.

    Seems they’re losing in Syria too.

  107. Ba'al Zevul (Dot Dot Dot)

    9 Jun, 2014 - 8:51 am

    I listened with interst, but ultimately great disappointment, to yesterday’s recording of Any Questions, on BBC radio 4. The bias of the audience was of Ukranian proportions, with a roar of approval for anything pro-Union, and a ripple of polite applause, or even boos, for anti-union statements.

    This was particularly true in the question involving Obama, and those who dared to engage in “Obama-denial” got quite a rough ride. One thing I did learn from this programme, however. There is a very strong pro-union theme being directed through twitter. In the interests of democracy, social media ought to be subject to the same controls as public broadcasting at pre-election times. (Peacewisher)

    Yes, completely agree. The programme was recorded in Monikie (pop.~500), a place of which, though I lived in the area for years, I had never been conscious. So, why Monikie? Off the beaten track and probably conservative? Dundee or Arbroath might have been dangerously likely to throw up a “Yes” claque to rival the vocal and splendidly organised “No” cheers (and boos for any contrary point of view). Or maybe it’s just a question of prioritising local applicants for seats in the small village hall?

    Dimbleby has, over the years, moved from being a fairly unopinionated chairman and moderator of these little discussions to being an incessant intervener, a champion of received wisdom and a persistent and pestilential interrupter of the doubleplusungood enemies of Big Brother.

    It was a disgusting performance, overall.

    We might notice also the Radio 4 Serial: Barnaby Rudge. Very freely adapted from the original, for modern sensibilities,with added swearing, it deals with the consequences of a radical political movement attracting popular support by virtue of its patriotic opposition to a European threat. Nigel FarageThe leadership comes to a sticky end.

  108. If you listened to Any Answers on Saturday, there was a man called Harold Nash from Worcestershire who had served in WW11 as a navigator as a 19 year old. Do listen. He was most articulate. He brought tears to my eyes.

    His thoughts on how D Day was ‘commemorated’.

    5 days left to listen. From the beginning for 8 minutes.

  109. The BBC have had Esler on live from Dundee with ‘selected’ guests. Sky were in Oban with Holmes earlier and now in Edinburgh with Boulton. Overkill.

    Clark is up in Scotland. Perhaps he will give us his findings on what the feelings are.

  110. We get a whole year in which to listen again to Any Questions!

    Margaret Curran MP, Laurie Clark, Michael Moore MP, Keith Brown MSP
    Duration: 48 minutes
    First broadcast:Friday 06 June 2014
    Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate and discussion from Monikie Memorial Hall, Angus, Scotland, with shadow secretary of state for Scotland Margaret Curran MP, businessman Laurie Clark who supports the Business for Scotland campaign, minister for transport and veterans in the Scottish Government Keith Brown MSP and the former secretary of state for Scotland, the Liberal Democrat MP Michael Moore.

  111. Blair’s spin doctor hops into bed with Barclays
    By Sebastian Shakespeare
    9 June 2014

    In another sign of the former Prime Minister’s cosy relationship with high finance, Blair’s right-hand man Ciaran Ward has quit to join Barclays In another sign of the former Prime Minister’s cosy relationship with high finance, Blair’s right-hand man Ciaran Ward has quit to join Barclays

    Tony Blair has amassed an estimated £70 million since he was forced out of Downing Street, and poached senior Barclays banker David Lyon to help increase his fortune.

    Now, in another sign of the former Prime Minister’s cosy relationship with high finance, Blair’s right-hand man has quit — to join Barclays.
    Ciaran Ward, who has been Blair’s chief spin doctor for the past five years, was himself poached by the banking giant to be vice president of its corporate communications.


  112. Oh dear Craig maybe Russia could do with some expert advice from a veteran artificer. Russia’s nuclear deterrent will be seriously undermined by land based missile interceptors, creating a need for more nuclear powered Borei-class SLBM carrying submarines.

    These subs and others will patrol the Southern hemisphere and in true Catherine the Great tradition will use the base at Sevastopol.

    Thus the word “indispensable” ie crucial and vital in our nuclear paradigm is proffered.

  113. Hamish Scott refers to you here Craig. Obama’s speech.

    The 51st State

  114. Obama can be expected to speak for US interests, which presumably favour Britain staying in the EU, and Scotland staying in the UK. But his pronouncements are not likely IMO to make much difference to Scottish voters.

  115. According to wiki:

    The Russian Navy captured in 1780 two British cargo vessels, their cargo were hemp and iron

    Source is said to be:Adams Family Correspondence: October 1782-November 1784, page 417, Lyman Henry Butterfield, Marc Friedlaender, Richard Alan Ryerson, Harvard University Press, 1963.

  116. “Surely a State is not obliged to be indifferent to the question of its own future”

    If that’s the case then surely the Scottish government, as leaders of a nation aspiring to again be a proper state, should be banning the BBC entirely and issuing its own pro-independence propaganda?

    That’s a dangerous route to take, for either side. The Scottish people have democratically voted for a party offering an independence referendum. For the sake of the country generally, that needs to be handled with care and without the ridiculous level of state propaganda from the UK against us. I truly fear for the future of both Scotland and the UK if the no campaign wins with the sheer level of state controlled propaganda and lies its been punting.

  117. Ba'al Zevul (Dot Dot Dot)

    9 Jun, 2014 - 12:36 pm

    Name a single Russian naval victory. Ever. Over anybody.

    In the Black Sea, too.

  118. Russian Navy: Old boats; the best missile technology on earth. Would pick them in a “square go” any day !

  119. Michael Robinson

    9 Jun, 2014 - 1:15 pm

    @ Tony M

    My point isn’t about whether or not the Scots have legitimate reasons for wanting to leave.

    My point is about whether the Westminster/City axis is legitimately interested in keeping them from leaving. If you believe this is so, then you must also believe, on the basis of the evidence Craig brings here regularly, that the cream of the English sociopolitical class is the most clueless, incompetent, ineffectual and short-sighted aggregation of political actors this side of Italy. Nearly without exception, every action they have taken on this issue has had the effect of increasing electoral support for their putative opposition. How likely is that?

    If, on the other hand, they are not legitimately interested in keeping Scotland, then the evidence Craig brings here regularly is exactly what one would expect.

    The question is whether, for example, when they see data like figure 2 here ( ), their reflexive reaction is to think, “oh, yeah, we’ve got to own some of that!”, or whether they instead start thinking along the lines of the “bad bank” solution to balance sheet holes.

  120. This businessman, Keith Cochrane CEO of the Weir Group, was weighing in for a No vote this morning. He doesn’t want anything to upset his very full apple cart.
    Total Calculated Compensation £1,669,573
    As of Fiscal Year 2013

    His board relationships

    The ‘George Islay MacNeill Robertson’ in the list is of course Lord Robertson of NATO infamy. See his extensive biog! Sick bag time.

  121. Think that the importance of the Crimea to Russia is its underground submarine pens in Balaklava which give Moscow a warm water port from which to launch its boomers if a war breaks out between Russia and the West.

    To talk about Russia’s surface fleet, its capabilities, and victories, is totally missing the point.

    When NATO wanted to get rid of the USSR and Russia at Olof Palme’s expense during the fallout from the Iran-Contra conspiracy, it was involved with what Moscow would and could do with its underwater deterrent in the Barents and White Seas, and that at Balaklava,

  122. ” Think that the importance of the Crimea to Russia is its underground submarine pens ”

    Which the Russian navy abandoned in the 1990’s and which are now a tourist attraction.

  123. And that is why Moscow has taken it back, and just tell me when you get a look now inside.

    Try using some creative thought rather than relying upon what Wikipedia tells you.


    9 Jun, 2014 - 2:59 pm

    It is rather superficial to talk about tactical capabilities and standard equipment failure in Russian military. It makes the nuclear threat a default mode. Remember the Doomsday Machine? Even such fictional notions give one pause; most people that is.


    9 Jun, 2014 - 3:20 pm

    US giving the rebels Russian arms because of the poor design and manufacture.

    “Ali is shown riding with a rebel supply officer as he traveled to the Turkish border to reportedly pick up American-supplied Russian weapons and ammunition, but he is not allowed to accompany the fighters to the actual meeting. When the rebels return to pick him up, they display bullets and a mortar, which are shown in the film, and tell him they have received TOW missiles; the missiles are not shown, however.

    The commander of the unit also told Ali that their American contacts had asked him to bring 80 to 90 members of his unit to Ankara for training. Once in Ankara, after a 14-hour drive from Syria, they were interrogated for days about their political leanings and their unit’s fighting history. The commander told Ali that their questioners identified themselves as belonging to “the military,” but that he believed they were from the CIA.

    On the final day, they were told that they would be flown the next day to a training camp in Qatar, a monarchy in the Persian Gulf. Then they were transported to a training facility they believed was near the border with Saudi Arabia.”


    9 Jun, 2014 - 3:30 pm

    Escalating with superior Western technology. Rattle them sabers guys. Good on you. (H/T to Squonk)

  127. During recent NATO exercises two B2s were heard over Europe using callsigns “FOWL-11″ and “FOWL-12″. I wonder if “DEATH-11″ and “DEATH-12″ are the same aircraft with updated scarier callsigns.

    They’ll be bringing the tomato plants in on the conspiracy websites if DEATH-XX is heard talking to “SKYMASTER” on the radio.

    “Skymaster, Skymaster – This is DEATH-11 on 11175″


    9 Jun, 2014 - 4:05 pm

    Are you sure they can’t see/hear/smell you listening in, AA. :)

  129. Ben,

    They’re not going to be bothered by people listening in. These B2 stealth bombers have civilian transponders and talk to civil ATC as well during peace-time and they broadcast on well known frequencies. Anything important is encrypted so all you’ll hear is a bunch of scary callsigns and strings of characters.

    websdrs and $60 shortwave/SSB receivers allow anyone to listen at home if so inclined.

  130. By the way during recent B2 military exercises there were people on some sites telling radio and military enthusiasts what times, callsigns and frequencies to listen to a day in advance. During the exercise itself there were others updating with flight locations and civil ATC comms.

    My suspicion is that the advance publicity was semi-official.


    9 Jun, 2014 - 4:41 pm

    “They’re not going to be bothered by people listening in”

    “My suspicion is that the advance publicity was semi-official.”

    Hmmm. It wasn’t exactly a Press Release from the WH so who wanted the Public informed? Clearly, if meant as a veiled threat of escalation, it’s just enough information for a select number of folks and not the mainstream. You have to believe Russia is well apprised.


    9 Jun, 2014 - 4:43 pm

    BTW; AA, thanks for your role as canary-in-the-coalmine. I feel better knowing you are alert.

  133. Michael Robinson (9 Jun, 2014 – 1:15 pm)

    I’m reading the research/report you linked now.

    Two things spring to mind immediately though.

    One is that the narrowness of the Scottish economy has resulted from the latter period of the Union especially from the Thatcher/Tory monetarist policies of the early 80s, and the lack of investment which should have come for lighter industrial production, leading to those replacements for heavier industries themselves failing both to absorb excess labour and in time themselves, as branch facilities closing amidst a general economic contraction, having shallow roots. Westminster policies did decimate manufacturing industry particularly hard here, in many cases needlesly and vindictively, there is no doubt that Tory policies sought intentionally to weaken Scottish industry and increase dependence on the south, in what was effectively a pre-emptive strike against the viability of an independent Scotland -such startup difficulties will be have to be overcome, but as these are artificially created limitations, of political rather than economic causes, they can and will be quickly, easily reversed. Much is imported that need not be, which could be competitively sourced domestically and profitably exported. The destruction of an indigenous integrated steel oil-pipeline production complex for example, of world renowned quality, in an oil producing country, made no sense whatever.

    Secondly residual-UK couldn’t stand the competition from a reviving Scottish industrial sector, as this is a certainty it could lead to further deindustrialisation in the South and more dependence on financial sector chicanery; the same criticism of the narrowness of the Scottish economic base, dependence on oil, etc, applies equally to residual-UK, it is dependent on the same oil revenues, which it certainly will lose much of, and on the highly vulnerable ‘invisibles’, funny money and casino-banking, oil and gas can only increase in value, with hardly any reverses as international supplies dwindle, the financial sector’s variability however is a far greater weakness and as we’ve seen since 2008, has turned from doubtful asset to staggering liability overnight.

    Scotland’s position economically is more secure than the UKs, or r-UKs could ever be.

  134. Your careful analysis fails to take into consideration the facts that the whole of Great Britain was going through the same process of de-industrialisation at the same time and that this process started long before Thatcher. Jimmy Reid’s occupation and failed attempt to save the Clydeside yards in the early 70’s appears to have been quietly forgotten.

    Manufacturing in the UK failed because British industry simply couldn’t deliver the goods. It’ll take more than a reversal of monetarist politics to revive it.

  135. The more the report is read, the more preposterous it gets, but I don’t argue that it isn’t worth reading, if only to comprehend how detached from reality academics become.

    It dismisses with a wave of the hands: “In what follows, we are not concerned with evaluating why the Scottish economy has under-performed for the past 30 years.”

    If you do not evaluate why the Scottish economy has underperformed in the last 30 years, it makes a nonsense of any attempted predictions, as stated earlier, if, as there are political reasons for this underperformance, then those will be substantially or entirely removed in an independent Scotland. Monetarism, which the Tories themselves never comprehended its grievouswrongs, even after abandoning it in blind panic and the UK economy hit rock bottom in the early-80s, coincided in Scotland with a critically important period of transition from older traditional heavy industries to a myriad of smaller scale product ventures: car/truck/bus industry branch plants, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, electronics, computers and food and drink. The rug was pulled from under these fledgling ventures ruthlessly at a time when the potentialities of the expanding European market opened out and the polar opposite policies to those actually followed were essential, to let the competitive ones find their feet and to plan beyond the short term of Thatcher’s dominant economics guru’s latest wheeze. Long-term unemployment problems began then, when whole generations left school to face nothing except make-work YOP and later YTS programs, exploited, untrained, untapped, then dumped after a year as another lot of new recruits took their place, year after year.

    The report gets siller in its counter-factual narrative, its assessment of Scotland’s post-Independence economic performance, rather crazily considers Scotland’s economic position post-independence, as if none of the revenues collectable for oil will actually ‘belong’ and accrue to Scotland. It isn’t terribly useful, except as a threat that rUK will attempt some strongarm tactics, the rallying cry: ‘It’s the City of London’s Oil’ might find some lunatic supporters, but it’s desperation and wishful thinking in the extreme. If you think I’m kidding, your Figure 2 from the report is predicated on an assumption that: “What these graphs tell us is that it would be extremely hazardous for Scotland to consider gaining greater fiscal independence without access to its geographical share of oil and gas. Attempting to do so would leave the country open to either a sovereign debt crisis (if it were to keep the sterling) or a currency crisis (if it were to issue its own currency).” I cannot conceive of any scenario in which an independent Scotland would not have access to its geographical share of oil and gas (which happens to be the majority -of existing production and future reserves), and as such a scenario is beyond the realms of possibility, why make such a invalid comparision, based on circumstances not only incredible, but impossible.

    I think this Think-Tank have been sniffing glue.

    Crucially though it doesn’t support by any stretch of the imagination your presumably humourously intended contention, that some secret powerful cabal wants to set Scotland adrift, and thus be quids/roubles in, all while no doubt cackling over a bubbling cauldron too. That the dismal No campaign is gamed to lose? No, they really are just that inept, nasty and lacking in coherent credible arguments, they can’t win, Project Fear has been an eye-opener and the Unionist parties’ regional branches final curtain.

  136. Kempe, Monetarism lasted till about 1981, then was thrown into reverse, too late to stop the damage already done. In Scotland it was the replacements for declining heavier industries which were dashed against the wall. Your talk of a reversal of monetarist policies now, shows your total ignorance. Though we knew of that anyhow, long before now.

  137. Old Blatter uses the ‘racist’ card.

    Qatar claims are racist – Blatter
    Fifa president Sepp Blatter says allegations of corruption surrounding the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid are motivated by racism.

    No they are not Mr Blatter. Is your best mate Mr Garcia from NY going to give your outfit a whitewash?

  138. Michael Robinson

    9 Jun, 2014 - 9:28 pm

    @ Tony M:

    Scotland’s “geographical share”:

  139. ” Monetarism lasted till about 1981, ”

    Well most accounts have it staggering on until 1984. Point is it wasn’t the deliberate death sentence for British manufacturing that it’s popularly thought to be.

  140. @Michael Robinson (9 Jun, 2014 – 9:28 pm)

    All the more compelling an argument for Independence, that the best years of North Sea Oil were pissed away by City of London fatcats and bankers and that they have escaped with their swagbags still bulging. Nowhere in Scotland, indeed in most of the rest of the UK was that put to good use, but it enabled successive Tory and then Labour politicians a cushion against the worst consequences of their economic ineptitude. Putting an end to that can’t come quickly enough. Osborne the Wallpaper Sales Floorwalker as Chancellor, Beaker the Lib-Dem guy, formerly experienced only as a camping/caravan site receptionist as Chief Secretary to the Treasury? Without these political muppets and ignoramuses promoted beyond their capabilities, and their coke-head SPADS, blundering and dabbling like ancient mystics and alchemists in matters they’re neither qualified or competent in, hoping against hope to get lucky, Scotland’s economy can only soar. Enough and no more, you might say. Your point whatever it might be becomes ever more obscure, for someone with ‘no dog in this fight’ you’re sure scrabbling furiously trying to make one. I find the pessimism about the North Sea reserves to be politically and short-term profit motivated, it is also an undeniable fact that slower extraction considerably increases the lifetime and final yield of fields, the UK governements rapacious demands for extraction, to bale them out of successive economic disasters, attributable only to their own ineptitude and their cronies’ greed have exhausted fields which differently managed would still be yielding profitable output a hundred or more years from now. It is the UK that is bust and bankrupt on those doom-laden projections, the same figures and projections of revenues, accruing to the Scottish Government and people instead and rightly, would result – paraphrasing the McCrone report – in embarassingly large surpluses and an impregnably strong currency. Damned, hitched to a stinking sinking UK, if you Vote No, for sure.

  141. Incidentally Michael, thanks to the slavish subservient client state relationship the UK has with the US, the best years of North Sea production through the entire 1980s, were sold off cheap, ridiculously low prices, dumping oil on the market till a glut developed, in order to beggar the USSR, which by then was heavily dependent on oil revenues. That is the tragic cost to Scotland (and the UK) of being dirt on the soles of the US Empire’s jackboot. More of the same? Not a chance, Vote Yes.

  142. All nationalism is fascism.

    If the yes campaign succeeds we’ll be spitting on the graves of every allied serviceman who died in WW2.


    10 Jun, 2014 - 1:33 am

    “All nationalism is fascism.”: Succinct and correct. Thank you for that.

  144. Chris 10 Jun, 2014 – 1:29 am : “All nationalism is fascism.”

    I challenge you to justify that statement.

  145. For those suggesting boycotting the BBC….

    It was announced on BBC radio 4 this morning that the fine for non-payment of the TV licence fee is to be raised to £4000.

  146. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 8:49 am

    All nationalism is fascism.

    That would appear to be the globalist consensus, yes. An easy meme to remember, and as ever-larger margins on our productive capacity disappear into the bursting wallets of internationally organised plutocrats, we all need to keep repeating it. Don’t we?

    Funny how the globalist meme echoes the Stalinist one, too. They have a lot in common. Let me suggest forced population transfers as a solution to troublesome workforces in regions with delusions of identity. It worked in the ‘Stans. It could work for you.

    “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”

  147. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 9:16 am

    Peacewisher –

    They have to pay for the endless offensive and threatening license enquiries somehow.

  148. Wayne Nicklin

    10 Jun, 2014 - 9:17 am

    Mike above says “you say it’s confirmed that Downing St set up the question, and I certainly believe that, but can you point me towards this confirmation as I’d like to be able to use this further…”

    Ditto this :-)

  149. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 1:17 pm

    At least supporting Craig’s assertion, but resolutely unattributable –

    There’s a lot of deniability washing around in there.

  150. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 1:26 pm

    Niall Paterson seems to be the main man here – reporting for Sky (!)

    Sky’s Niall Paterson, in Edinburgh, said: “I have been speaking with a very senior source in the Scottish government who tells me he recently had a conversation with a similarly senior source within the US administration – very close to President Obama himself – who confirmed that President Obama’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.

    “More than that, the senior source within the US government claimed that President Obama’s remarks represented the minimum that they could say.

    “I think, essentially, there are three ways you can look at all of this. First, that my source within the Scottish government is perhaps telling porkies, 100 days out from the referendum, to make political hay.
    The Union flag and Saltire are seen flying side by side at Bankfoot in Perthshire, Scotland The referendum on Scottish independence takes place on September 18

    “The second way of looking at this is of course international leaders do speak to each other all the time, officials speak to each other all the time, and frankly, President Obama at a press conference such as that should have expected to receive a question on Scottish independence.

    “He was never going to say, ‘I think an independent Scotland would be a great thing’.

    “The third way to look at it, if this is all true, is that perhaps figures within the Scottish government such as the First Minister Alex Salmond would make the point that if David Cameron is having to request the assistance of the US president to weigh into the Scottish independence referendum debate then perhaps it is not the ‘Yes’ campaign that is on the back foot, it is the ‘Better Together’ campaign.”

    But there’s more.

    And more –

    What’s the Russian for lol?

  151. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 3:04 pm

    ‘In the name of God, go’ department

    Straw’s in there. Puke alert.

    And here’s Liam Byrne being shut down by the Speaker. Why? His question wasn’t substantially longer than some others.

    Byrne:… Parents, who should have been the first to know, have been the last to know about the contents of these reports. I am sure that the Secretary of State will want to apologise to the House for the contempt with which parents have been treated in this debate. Secondly, he knows that I have been at the forefront in calling for this Ofsted process. I am glad that Sir Michael Wilshaw has today said that there is no evidence of an organised plot to radicalise our children or introduce extremism into schools, but four out of the six academies—

    Bercow:…his question, which is not yet a question, is far too long—[Interruption.]…

    There IS a use for sarin. There IS.

  152. duncan forbes

    10 Jun, 2014 - 3:10 pm

    have the beeb and westmonster made the president an accessary ?

  153. I like the ‘westmonster’ bit Duncan. V good. Accessory to what though? Their crimes? :)

  154. Moses Humberstone

    10 Jun, 2014 - 4:52 pm

    Hold on, Did I miss something here.

    Who has shown that No 10 put the BBC up to asking this question? Is there any evidence of this?

  155. Downing Street ‘Asked Obama To Back Union’

    A US government source claims the president’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.


    There was a BBC video of the actual question and answer but I cannot find it now. The BBC kept playing it on their News Channel.

  156. Encrypted voice communications uses delta modulation to digitize the voice envelope. This is then mixed with a synchronized pseudo-random key producing encrypted voice. You will only discern ‘noise’ or ‘crackle’ (old school)if you listen-in with an ordinary short-wave receiver.

  157. Ha! From Medialens.

    The Myths of Gordon
    Posted by The Editors on June 11, 2014, 6:06 am

    One of the best opening paragraphs ever written in a political piece.



    By Robin McAlpine

    Gordon Brown exists only in an intensive care unit manufactured for him by certain sections of the Scottish media. They keep him politically alive through regular injections of myth.

  158. Ba'al Zevul (Suffer -the little children!)

    11 Jun, 2014 - 8:46 am

    Hold on, Did I miss something here. (Random Pseudonym)

    You missed my comment, three above yours. Niall Paterson, a Sky reporter, is the proximate source. He is cited by all reports on this. Should you wish further confirmation, I suggest you contact him. I doubt he will reveal his source, however, since it was plainly confidential.

    Lighten up. You’ve believed many less substantial assertions in your time, particularly if you’re an Express reader.

  159. At the top of the BBC Scotland page and in all their news output today.

    Scottish independence: JK Rowling donates £1m to pro-UK group

    Thank goodness I have never bought or read any of her books even the over hyped Harry Potter series.

  160. The BBC and The Guardian have equated JK Rowling’s giving one 1,000th of what she is worth to what the Weirs gave to the Yes campaign from winning the lottery.

    In doing so, Ms. Rowing joins UK notables like Ian Taylor, the oil mogul who supporter Serbian assassin Arkan..

  161. “Thank goodness I have never bought or read any of her books even the over hyped Harry Potter series.”

    Because she has an opinion?

    What is wrong with you people?

  162. ” Because she has an opinion? ”

    Because she has the “wrong” opinion. Dissent is not tolerated around here.

    It has however allowed the nationalists to shine forth in all their misogynistic narrow-minded glory.

  163. I merely say I’m glad I have never read her books so Fred (very much NO in the referendum) follows with a cutting listing some unpleasant attacks on her implying that I had made similar comments. Then Kempe chimes in as per usual.

    I can’t stand her politics or her shallowness. Read this extract from Wikipedia.


    In September 2008, on the eve of the Labour Party Conference, Rowling announced that she had donated £1 million to the Labour Party, and publicly endorsed Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown over Tory challenger David Cameron, saying in a statement:

    I believe that poor and vulnerable families will fare much better under the Labour Party than they would under a Cameron-led Conservative Party. Gordon Brown has consistently prioritised and introduced measures that will save as many children as possible from a life lacking in opportunity or choice. The Labour government has reversed the long-term trend in child poverty, and is one of the leading EU countries in combating child poverty. David Cameron’s promise of tax perks for the married, on the other hand, is reminiscent of the Conservative government I experienced as a lone parent. It sends the message that the Conservatives still believe a childless, dual-income, but married couple is more deserving of a financial pat on the head than those struggling, as I once was, to keep their families afloat in difficult times.

    Rowling is a close friend of Sarah Brown, wife of Gordon Brown, whom she met when they collaborated on a charitable project (see above). When Brown’s son Fraser was born in 2003, Rowling was one of the first to visit her in the hospital.

    Rowling discussed the 2008 United States presidential election with the Spanish-language newspaper El País. She said she was obsessed with the United States elections because they would have a profound effect on the rest of the world. In February 2008, she said that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be “extraordinary” in the White House. In the same interview, she also said her hero was Robert F. Kennedy.[201]’

    She is wrong on nearly all of it especially Obama and Clinton. She was right about them being extraordinary though. Extraordinary killers. ‘We came. We saw. They died.’ La Clinton.

    and yesterday 16 more Pakistanis were killed by Obamadrone in N Waziristan.
    LATEST:US carries out two drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal North Waziristan area, killing at least 16 militants – reports

    Perhaps she could have provided some housing for the homeless with this kind of money as she is such a keen advocate of ‘socialism’. This says it all.

    ‘In July, JK Rowling’s husband applied for planning permission for two huge interlocked treehouses at their new home in Barnton. The application said the tree houses were for their children to play in.
    It is understood the tree houses, which would be built by Blue Forest, would cost £150,000.’

    Private splendour. Public squalor.

    She apparently makes £1m every three days from her Potter stuff.

    I will not enlarge on how Brown has feathered his own nest since leaving office. He has not been as successful as his best enemy Bliar but is said to have net worth of $15m.
    The same website has Cameron with $50m.

  164. Ba'al Zevul (Diamond Geezer)

    12 Jun, 2014 - 8:48 am

    Fred quotes:
    “Thank goodness I have never bought or read any of her books even the over hyped Harry Potter series.”

    I’m assuming I’ve blocked this contributor, Fred. But
    (a) I can personally testify that if you’re stuck in a caravan in Argyll in the pissing rain, and there’s no other reading matter, they’re quite entertaining
    (b) What she does with the profits is entirely her affair. Just a little ironic that she finds Scotland an attractive place to live as compared with England, and pays to perpetuate the union. But life’s like that.

  165. Miaow!

  166. Sorry A Node. I see you have that one.

  167. An “unhelpful” view of the BBC –

  168. After I had first read your blog I went and asked Nick Robinson of BBC is he was asked by government officials or aides to ask the question to Obama. He replied stating he didn’t ask the question. So, I asked him again if he was asked to ask it by any government official or BBC political advisor. He never replied. Who did actually ask the question and why was it not the Chief Political Correspondent of BBC?

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