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The nation that supplied Baroness Ashton to head EU foreign policy describes Juncker as a non-entity. This causes much mirth in Brussels.  One fact that the British media have singularly failed to address is that UKREP Brussels (the UK’s Embassy to the EU) has reported that Juncker is believed to be sympathetic to the idea of continuing Scottish membership of the EU after independence.  That makes sense given his record as an EU expansionist and his own background from the small independent state of Luxembourg. It helps explain Cameron’s furious opposition.

The Tories’ frenetic attempts to find an alternative candidate to Juncker are floundering.  This is in part because of a fundamental illogicality in the British position.  Cameron claims that he wants to reform the EU in part to address its “democratic deficit”.  But he wants to start by cancelling the most important democratic advance the EU has made – that the Commission President should be nominated by the winning party in the European Parliament elections.  On top of which, in 2010 Cameron pulled the Conservatives out of that winning party in order to form an alliance with the anti-semites of Poland’s Law and Justice party.  He now wants this losing party to choose the Commission President.

The Tories are hoping Merkel can produce an alternative candidate from Central and Eastern Europe.  The problem is that the parties like Civic Platform in Poland which are in the winning European People’s Party in the European Parliament and in government, are anathema to the right wing loonies with whom the British Tories are grouped.  As a result the names being canvassed by UKREP Brussels are now so obscure as to make Junckers look like Ronaldo, and British diplomats are being obliged to extol the virtues of obscure Czech politicians that they have never heard of.  Meanwhile Carl Bildt is quietly involved in pushing on Merkel a candidate directly involved in the persecution of Julian Assange.  My money is still on Juncker.


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  1. Thanks for explaining the riddle of why Cameron is so opposed to this guy Junckers.
    You also gave me a good laugh with my coffee with the Ronaldo analogy.
    The UK & Sweden also seem to have become as thick as thieves since the Assange case.

  2. As long as it’s not BLair.

    PS I don’t think Smoothface from the Bullingdon Club is very good at chess or poker. But he has his hands full at the moment with Poison Gove and St Theresa, both of whom are after his own job.

  3. Ba'al Zevul (Dot Dot Dot)

    9 Jun, 2014 - 9:35 am

    We are led by a public-school twat PR man with a dim but influential fashionista wife and the cultural awareness of a Sausage McMuffin ™ . He is now reduced to aping Blair. How low can you sink?

    And how can we hope for anything better?

  4. The alternative to Juncker is Schulz, a German SPD man who Merkel opposes, can’t be Camerons solution to this brat spat. Schulz is not into austerity and he’s rather raw on the edges.

    Scotland is a member already and Independence should not give politicians a hard choices to make in the EU. All they see is a stroppy UK threatening to throw the toys out of the pram, with Scotland eager to step aside and clear the EU air.

    I stick my neck out, any referendum that has real information of EU workings at its base will see UK voters back the side their tyoast is buttered on, they will vote pro EU.

    And here lies the crux, a pro EU vote will leave the Tories and UKIP, the whole shabang of rightwing lugholes looking increasingly for what they are, self centred power addicts who have no intentions to give us a fair voting system or negotiate a long term vision within the EU.

    They will be toast in the eyes of voters, with all their prejudices exposed. Cameron still has a chance to turn this around with a referendum before the GE, but I doubt that the public will get proper EU information should he have the guts.

  5. The International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde has said she is flattered to be suggested for a role in the EU as her next post, but it was more important to focus on the institution than the individual.

  6. What has Julian Assange and European unity got. In common?

  7. Schulz would certainly be a good choice. He seems to have the ability to talk like an adult on Ukraine and Russia.

    Juncker just repeats the same tired old propaganda nonsense.

    They could get a monkey to do that.

    Since Europe is divided on the issue it’d be much better to have someone like Schulz who appreciates what’s at stake.

    He’d probably not have made the error Merkel made in using OSCE cover to install German military intel operatives in eastern Ukraine.

    Silly frau.

  8. Who cares?

  9. Herbie thanks but

    So Shulz talks like an adult.

    Try talking like a child and ask the sort of questions that a child might ask! Then we will be getting somewhere.


  10. Being a bitter old angry sarcastic type I just assume it’s 5% politics and 95% PR. Shirley following the recent elections the expectations of us ungrateful peasants is being managed yet again. I predict a BIG WIN for Cameron against the EU someday soon. Obviously the BIG WIN will be meaningless except to make Cameron look like a BIG WINNER against Johnny Foreigner. I was sort of thinking this post (whatever it is) may be that BIG WIN.

    And obviously I must end with:

    Down with the EU monster! Radical decentralisation now!

  11. The ‘fashionista wife’ sans chapeau looks just like my mother on her wedding day in 1939. Was SamCam attempting some tribute to the war or the 40s?

    Far too many photos. The Mail usually go into great detail on the designer and the cost (in £1,000s) but not this time. I should think my mother’s cost <£5.

  12. Bugger (the Panda)

    9 Jun, 2014 - 11:12 am

    Patrick Haseldine

    You got than one nearly correct. Christine Lagarde should herself be in an institution, of a special kind.

    Before jumping into the IMF Chair she was Min Finance for Sarkozy and claimed to know nothing about the state of the French banks and their well-hidden indebtedness.

    Still, she is a Lawyer and US educated. She was, I believe, good at synchronous swimming when younger.

  13. “That makes sense given his record as an EU expansionist…”

    Come on. There is no chance whatsoever of a candidate who is NOT an EU expansionist. There will be a hair to split any of the nutter candidates and that hair will not include their thoughts about EU exspansion. All candidates will be pro EU exspansion, pro NATO, pro IMF, etc.

  14. If Scotland votes for independence, it will make sense IMO for the rest of the UK to be on friendly terms with it and hence support any attempt on its part to join the EU. Therefore there is no sense in opposing Juncker’s candidacy for that sort of reason. I suppose Cameron would prefer a Spanish candidate who would oppose Catalonian independence.

  15. Didn’t the liberals (as losing party) chose Cameron (admittedly of the winning party) to be PM?

  16. Just saw this.

    11:25am UK, Monday 09 June 2014
    Downing Street ‘Asked Obama To Back Union’

    A US government source claims the president’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.

  17. Slightly OT, but wouldn’t it be a nice mark of the common decency if one or two of these gun nutters over at the far edge of the map would do us decent folk a big favour and focus their sights on the likes of McCain and Nuland before turning in, rather than innocents.

  18. Cameron’s attempt to foil the appointment of Juncker is reminiscent of John Major’s (successful) tantrum thrown 20 years ago which prevented the ‘federalist’ Jean-Luc Dehaene from assuming the EU presidency. Both gambits are pure political theatre by the Tory leadership, as they attempt to appease the eurosceptic right of the party. Juncker in reality, like Dehaene before him, is no better or worse, from a British government perspective, than the alternatives (Martin Schultz today and Jacques Santer 20 years ago).

    In both instances a docile media big-up what is essentially a distraction, engineered by the Tory leadership, that seeks to cast Major/Cameron in the mantle of some latter day Churchill as they allegedly defend essential ‘British interests’.

  19. Will Merkel win out? She’s got the power, politically and economically.

    Cameron and Merkel in EU talks
    The prime minister travels to Sweden to discuss the future of Europe as he continues his efforts to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming EC president.

    Juncker: For and against

    Angela Merkel: German chancellor, after some hesitation, backed European People’s Party candidate. Some in Germany believe she may be willing to discuss alternatives

    David Cameron: Opposed to former Luxembourg PM’s candidacy – said to see him as a “face from the ’80s” who cannot solve problems of next five years

    Fredrik Reinfeldt: Seen as opposed to Mr Juncker and reports in European media suggest Swedish prime minister himself could be compromise candidate

    Mark Rutte: Opposed to Mr Juncker, and Dutch PM due to meet Irish prime minister after Swedish summit to discuss alternative candidates.

    Why can’t they have video conferences and set an example. It would save all this flying and much fossil fuel.

  20. Birmingham Airport Long Stay car park is full of cars of businessmen shuttling over to Europe, hiring cars to move around Europe on gruelling schedules, and returning hopefully rewarded with good deals from Europe to the UK.

    Why the anti-Europe Tory party is so disconnected from political and commercial reality completely baffles me. Barmy Tory swivel-eyed ideologues. Another good reason for New Labour to be returned to power, after the traitor Clegg has been expelled from the LibDems .

    Clegg caused the catastrophe of Thatcher failed rant to come back to power and his party will get shot of him if they have a lick of common sense. Then a LibDem New Labour coalition will fight a Tory UKIP coalition. Foaming dogs of war. Every one of them.

  21. But who is the Swedish candidate that Bildt is pushing?

  22. Himself? 😉

    Sweden – contenders to be European Commission nominee

    This website helpfully provided by Clarence Mitchell of Burston Marsteller. He was appointed by Brown to advise the McCanns.


    It seems democracy has lost this principle to fuel
    It’s own success.

    So democracy Is all about success.
    The question should be perhaps how do we fail in ruining the planet?

  24. ” Juncker is believed to be sympathetic to the idea of continuing Scottish membership of the EU after independence. ”

    I thought this was going to be automatic whoever was in charge?

    “What has Julian Assange and European unity got. In common?”

    In both cases people got fucked. In the latter case it was us.

    Negative interest rates anyone?

  25. Seems that Cameron and Merkel trying to persuade Sweden’s PM Reinfeldt into becoming EU Commissioner shows that some democracies still work.

    There is a Swedish parliamentary election on September 14th, and Reinfeldt’s Moderate coalition seems DOA.

    The PM could prove to be the first rat to leave the sinking ship of state.

  26. The row about Islamicisation of Park View, my neighbourhood school in Birmingham, is so familiar from my experience as a new Muslim of the Deobandi India/pakistan community here.

    The first problem is the legacy of the British Empire, where bastards of the nastiest type, as described in Craig’s new book were set loose on the Indian population. This has inevitable convinced the Deobandi scholars that the English as a race are all bastards like the colonial ones, and secondly that they are are conspiring against the interests of Muslims all of the time.

    I have complained many times of their bullying tactics against me, which comes from their embedded suspicions, and ambitions to replace English culture here in birmingham with their own. They spy on me through my internet and mobile phone use, and frequently complain to me about my comments on this blog. If one of their own people has a disagreement with me they listen to his version of what was said, knowing from their own deep-rooted prejudice that their apne/our people are always telling the truth and us gora/white people are always lying.

    The Deobandi scholars have given them the Fatwa to use interest in order to establish a property power base here and to engage in sexual activity with English girls, in fact anything that reverses the dominance of English culture.

    One elderly Hajji in Green Lane mosque once explained their idea clearly. ‘The English are Pharaoh, the oppressors, and we are the Children of Israel, and Allah wants to put us up and destroy the Pharaoh.’

    This vile, indiscriminate hatred is universal. I have been cheated by small-time car dealers and put on blacklists by Pakistani corporate CEOs. The bullying is universal. My main gripe against them is when they hire my services as an English tradesman and proceed to force me cut corners, saving them pennies, butjeapordising my own professional competency.

    Their arrogance and bullying has made Islam deeply hated by ordinary English people. The Deobandi political strategy to gain power in the UK has totally backfired on them. A new park has been built next to the city centre where Hijabed Muslim girls can be found openly snogging after meeting up with their boyfriends.

    The reason for this failure is that the sunna/example of the prophet Muhammad peace and God’s blessings be upon him, is to set a good example and not to bully and hate. Especially when dealing with ahlilKitab/ people of the Book, such as the Christians of the UK.

    They are ignorant village people who are used to doing things in a certain way and sorting out the village pecking order by bullying tactics. So forget about them. They really know very little about Islam or how to promote Islam in the proper way.

    The headline news about Park View School should not be taken in isolation. It is not only a major concern in schools but in the whole of UK city life. You cannot get a restaurant licence in some places without having the right contacts on the council and beating the bribes already established by them.

    It is also the same mentality as we see in Syria by the Jihadists. Islam flourishes on co-operation and consultation. But the Indo/Pak version of Jihad has become not only a mafia but also a CIA backed Gladio terror operation.

    The UK government likes it that way. So long as bad reports of sectarian bullying are hitting the headlines from UK cities and from international destinations, the UK population are very unlikely to turn to the truth of Islam en masse. The false-flag slaughter of s soldier in London is there to protect the Queen and her ridiculous status quo, a fossilised remnant of a remnant of the teachings of the prophet Jesus pbuh.

    Deobandi Islam, being heavily involved in the political process in the UK, is the biggest obstacle to the truth of Islam becoming accepted by the UK people. But Allah can dispose of them for not calling to Islam in the proper way, and replace them with another of His creation. And that is very very easy for Him.

  27. I would hardly refer to Reinfeldt as ‘moderate’. He supported George W Bush personally and his party supported the Iraq war and were members of military coalition. He has been PM (described as ‘a Swedish Cameron’ God help us!) since 2006.

    Sweden was part of Operation Enduring Freedom and in 2012 had 900 troops in Afghanistan under ISAF.

    ‘In the Statement of Government Policy presented to the Riksdag on October 6, 2006, the new centre-right Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt declared that the new government will work for a “strengthening of the transatlantic link”. Reinfeldt’s party, the Moderate Party, is more pro-American than the social democrats and supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq and Swedish membership of NATO. It has some ties with the Republican Party[citation needed]. Reinfeldt visited President Bush at the White House on May 15, 2007.’

    In 2009 and 2013 he visited Obama in Washington.

  28. technicolour

    9 Jun, 2014 - 3:40 pm

    Dropping by. Seems time to share Michael Rosen’s status update.

    Andrew Sparrow in Guardian writes:

    “Here is the full statement from David Hughes, the vice chair of Park View academy trust. He stressed that he was not a Muslim himself, but a practising Christian.”


    “I have been a governor at Park View school for 17 years and I’m immensely proud of what’s been achieved here and what’s been done, and very distressed about what happening to undo that work …

    On behalf of staff, students and parents who have worked so hard improve their schools, we are extremely disappointed to confirm that Ofsted has graded Park View, Golden Hillocks and Nansen schools as inadequate and put them into special measures.

    We support the role of Ofsted in holding schools to account in a fair and transparent way, but we wholeheartedly dispute the validity of these gradings.

    Park View, Golden Hillocks and Nansen are categorically not inadequate schools.

    Our Ofsted inspections were ordered in a climate of suspicion created by the hoax Trojan letter and by the anonymous, unproven allegations about our schools in the media. Ofsted inspectors came to our schools looking for extremism, looking for segregation, looking for proof that our children have religion forced upon them as part of an Islamic plot. The Ofsted reports find asbsolutely no evidence of this because this is categorically not what is happening at our schools.

    Our schools do not tolerate or promote extremism of any kind. We have made a major commitment to raising all students’ awareness of extremism. People who know and have worked with our schools are appalled at the way we have been misrepresented.

    Our schools serve some of the most disadvantaged communities in Britain. In spite of this, 75% of students at Park View achieved at least five good GCSEs last year, including in English and maths. This makes it the best school of its type in England. Golden Hillocks and Nansen are on course to get the best results ever. Quite simply, this is because we believe our role is to break the links between demographics, deprivation and destiny.

    We refuse to let our students’ backgrounds limit what they can achieve, and who they can become.

    The speed and the ferocity with which Park View school in particular has been condemned is truly shocking. Park View school has helped transform the lives of local families by realising their hope and ambition for educational success. School communities at Park View, Golden Hillocks and Nansen that have worked hard to turn round failing schools are being condemned when they should be being celebrated.

    The problem here is not extremism or segregation or religious indoctrination, all the things that Ofsted looked for but failed to find in our schools. The problem here is the knee-jerk actions of some politicians that have undermined the great work that we do here and undermined community cohesion across Birmingham and across many of our cities. They have put Muslim children from these communities at substantial risk of not being accepted as equal, legitimate and valued members of British society, and they have allowed suspicion to be cast on the aspiration of their parents and anyone else who believes that these children deserve the same rights and excellent standard of education as any other child.

    And it is important you know we will now be challenging all these reports through the appropriate legal channels.”


    9 Jun, 2014 - 3:44 pm

    Weren’t we just exoriating the Beeb? Enter the Guardian;

    “One of the uses of history is the cooling breeze of perspective that it breathes over contemporary hot controversies. Reading some of the hyperbolic commentary and shrieking headlines about Jean Claude-Juncker, the Luxembourger whom David Cameron doesn’t want to become the next head of the EU commission, you might come away with the impression that the prime minister is engaged in a life-and-death struggle for the soul of the continent – or at any rate for the survival of Britain. An antidote to that hysteria is to watch the moving commemorations of D-Day”

    They seem to be much more compliant than before they sledge-hammered Snowdens’s hard-drives while GCHQ looked on approvingly.

  30. “Down with the EU monster! Radical decentralisation now!”

    Hi Phil, out with the whistles of old, in with the vuvuzela’s, oh what a lovely radical decentral;isation that would be….
    until it rains/ or people are kettled/ called eco terrorists/ or its tea time and we all go home.

    When was the last time we had a radical decentralised protest in this country? never mind getting a decentralised state.

    When will the middle class NGO’s realise that asking us to make Londoners look good on demo’s is ineffective, inconsequential, indeed they could be accused of setting up demo’s to suit the police.

    So when NGO’s call for demonstartions where we live, all over the country, at every train and bus station, major traffic interchanges, unemployment offices, banks, and airports, then this radical decentralisation you and I are talking about might just start to happen.

    For example, a party that calls itself progressive, forward looking and radical has decentralisation of power at its heart, the Green party, it has voted to centralise its operations and leadership.

    They have been abused by the BBC bias since they existed and took this turn to appeal to a wider media. Well, after this European election they will realise that the bias has not stopped, that they are still the ‘others’. They have the policies it takes for change, but they are naive when it comes to thinking that the electoral system will present them with a fair win.

    so whats the chances for decentralisation?

  31. Technicolour. Yes Ofsted is now under the direct control of Gove. No longer independent or autonomous. You should have heard his supporters baying and baaing as he spoke a little earlier. Same for St Theresa. She was putting all the blame for her leaked letter placed on the Home Office website on her SPAD, Fiona Cunningham. And because Heywood vetted the antics and Agent Cameron approved (he has nipped off to Sweden which is handy so he didn’t have to sit alongside looking innocent) everything is absolutely fine.

  32. doug scorgie

    9 Jun, 2014 - 5:43 pm

    “The US, chief guarantor for the Israeli-Palestinian talks for decades, is so habitually and instinctually pro-Israel that it can’t understand that the Palestinians even have a viewpoint, let alone what it is.”

  33. doug scorgie

    9 Jun, 2014 - 5:53 pm

    If Cameron is trying to persuade Fredrik Reinfeldt ( a pro US enthusiast ) to apply for the EU presidency, perhaps he is merely returning the “favour” Obama did for him in supporting the NO vote in Scotland.

  34. doug scorgie

    9 Jun, 2014 - 6:41 pm

    Barak Obama:

    “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being…because of American diplomacy and foreign assistance, as well as the sacrifices of our military — more people live under elected governments today than at any time in human history.”

    Ron Paul:

    “Last week the Syrians held their first multi-candidate presidential election in 50 years. Almost three-quarters of Syrian voters participated, giving President Assad 88 percent of the vote. After three years fighting a foreign-backed insurgency, voting conditions were not optimal.”

    “But the US government completely rejected the vote in Syria, with Secretary of State John Kerry calling it “a great big zero,” because, as he put it, “you can’t have an election where millions of your people don’t even have an ability to vote.”

    “That is just what happened last month in Ukraine, however, where the US-backed oligarch Petro Poroshenko won with just over 50 percent of the vote in an election where millions in the eastern part of the country did not have the ability to vote. That election, however, John Kerry declared a “victory for democracy.”

    “Similarly, John Kerry described the 2013 coup against the democratically-elected President Morsi in Egypt as a “return to democracy,” while approving the election last month – with 96 percent of the vote — of the man who led that coup.”

  35. Technicolour

    The high ambitions and achievements of schools does not mean that intimidation of staff has not taken place. I work as an electrician and I recently went to look at a local job. I saw one of the slimier members of the inner circle of mosque politicos creeping out of the premises.

    These guys and the Deobandi mosques are very closely connected to the government’s Prevent strategy which monitors tendencies towards extremism. They have funds from government and the government’s main agenda is to prevent the spread of Islam to the indigenous UK population. They participate in the eavesdropping regime in GCHQ.

    As a result, I have not gone back to do the job, because this government sponsored mafia are tasked to make life difficult for converts to Islam. As to the schools, the teachers are tasked with presenting the British values, even if they contradict Islamic values. Instead of going to government minister and demanding that the school teaches Islamic values, which would lose them their nice little earners in Prevent, they intimidate staff who are carrying out government values policy.

    Why am I writing this? Because unless you have lived in this Muslim community you would not know the extent of their deviousness in working for agencies such as Prevent, while simultaneously presenting themselves as humble Muslim worshippers. Have you ever heard a Muslim criticise UK Foreign Policy? You don’t get on the Prevent gravy train if you speak out against Rendition to Syria. in fact you get locked up like Moazzam Begg.

    If you keep up the pressure on the converts/reverts to Islam by a whispering campaign of disinformation about us, you end up almost being shunned from the mosque. All the bad things the government spy agencies can stick on you from your past and all the prejudices of the Pakistani/Indian Scholars against the British make a very toxic mix.

    I have no doubt that the reports about non-Muslim teachers being intimidated by these slime-bag collaborator Muslims in the schools are 100% correct. Those teachers have crossed the ethnic divide to teach children from a completely different culture. they are then pressurised by mosque, government funded ( Prevent ) activists into promoting Islamic values because the activists would lose power if they challenged the British values promoted by their paymasters with the paymasters themselves.

    I have no doubt that there has been bullying and intimidation. schools is not the place for bullying of either pupils or staff. Bullied staff do not transmit confidence to their pupils.
    Who is doing the bullying? Paid Agents of the state.

  36. Hello Nevermind

    Yes the Green party abandoned core principles before it got one MP. Laughable.

    Yes the NGO’s openly collude with the Police to ensure public safety (i.e. zero impact). Shami Chakrabarti sips tea with gold command watching live helicopter, drone and fit video feeds.

    Funny enough kettling is out of favour. Something to do with it being demeaning, anti-democratic, illegal and dangerous. No matter, for with rozzer tactics, like financial crime, as one door closes another opens. Presenting the Ziegler Wasserwerfer 9000. Not sure if I believe it but rumour has it that the customer requested “special equipment” includes electrical repulsion system as standard. So no sticking spuds in the exhaust pipe kids.

    The shut down of Westminster last week was unprecedented. FIVE days of road blocks. On the day itself there were cops on every friggin corner for miles. People were being hauled over left right and centre for crossing a line. Literally. Commuters being read the riot act for walking across the wrong bit of pavement. Roads in Lambeth (other side of the river) were closed. Intimidating stuff. A show of power.

    There is something remote and unaccountable about our politicians that should temper our calls for even more remote and unaccountable government. Big centralised government can only be more remote and less accountable. This is a bad thing. Democracy works better on your doorstep.

    Down with the EU! Radical decentralisation now!

  37. Vlad (not that one)

    9 Jun, 2014 - 8:06 pm

    Carl Bildt is poison. Best kept in strict quarantine.

  38. Doug Scorbie: John Kerry:

    “you can’t have an election where millions of your people don’t even have an ability to vote.”

    We all know that our Polling card can be cross-referenced using the number on the card and that the government is able to monitor its citizen’s votes.

    A nutter like Assad who has bombed his own people and tortured hundreds of thousands who dared to criticise him, can drive freely in his own car from his flat to his office, or hold an election, knowing that most of the adult population who are able to vote will register their support for the dictator in order to avoid being dragged out of their beds and sent for torture.

    In short, Assad now has a list of who didn’t vote for him.
    John Kerry is 100% correct that the result of the election is zero. In fact it is a massive minus, because the madman has now got a fresh list of his opponents… as if bombing them wasn’t enough.

  39. Phil ‘The shut down of Westminster last week was unprecedented. FIVE days of road blocks. On the day itself there were cops on every friggin corner for miles. People were being hauled over left right and centre for crossing a line. Literally. Commuters being read the riot act for walking across the wrong bit of pavement. Roads in Lambeth (other side of the river) were closed. Intimidating stuff. A show of power.’

    I assume you mean that anti climax of the state opening of the Zombie parliament using the new gilded coach. I saw none of it thank goodness.

  40. technicolour

    9 Jun, 2014 - 9:35 pm

    Guano: I think, knowing friends who work in similar areas, I’ll say ‘nonsense’ and stick with the governor’s stout and brave defence, rather than a Daily Mail evil Muslim agenda, or even a government-sponsored evil Muslim spy agenda. But thanks.

    Mary: glad I didn’t see it; Gove’s behaviour after the Syria vote was enough.

  41. Technicolour

    Governor’s puff.

  42. What is meant when Gove refers to ‘British values’? Is there a manual to which teachers can refer?

  43. ‘Technicolour: I was focusing on other things when the Syria vote took place, so picked out this excellent coverage:

    Michael Gove called it a disgrace that 30 Tory MPs dared to listen to their constituents and voted against. Says a lot about his values I think.

    Recalling this moment brings another disgrace to light… only 9 members of the supposedly anti-war Libdems voted against. These will probably be the only 9 who will retain their seats when the election is finally called.

  44. “I assume you mean that anti climax of the state opening of the Zombie parliament using the new gilded coach.”

    Yes I was. Meantime
    spikes are laid in the corners of Westminster where the homeless used to kip.

  45. No, it is probably Merkel pulling the strings. The EU is where the real power comes from, and it may well even have been they who pushed Cameron into suddenly agreeing to the referendum on Scottish independence. It is a way to divide and rule the troublesome British.
    You think you’re voting on independence away from the horrible Tories but you’re actually deciding whether to join the eurozone empire under the Germans – and, as Cyprus and Greece shows, there is no get-out once the economy implodes under interest rates set by Berlin.

  46. Tom (9 Jun, 2014 – 11:16 pm)

    Another disinfo attempt. It was Scotland’s people who decided on a referendum for Scotland’s Independence, by electing with an overwhelming majority, a party which has independence as its principal goal, not something Cameron, Merkel or any one else can or did ‘allow’. Another variant of the too poor, too wee, too stupid line. Another joker on the previous thread, thinks Scotland’s people a burden the UK wishes to unload.

    The arrogance, the condescension the supremacist almost racist principle shines through.

  47. There’s more sense, intelligence and important strategic information in this short interview than in the whole output of BBC News over the past 10 years:

    “The EU has contributed to the development of the Ukraine crisis and has done little to resolve it, says Peace Report 2014 published by five leading German research institutes last week. Does it point to mistakes, or rather – a strategy aimed at creating the crisis? Radio VR discussed it with Dr. Dushan Janjic, Senior Researcher of the Institute for Social Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, and Dr. Tatiana Romanova , Associate professor at the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University.”

  48. technicolour

    9 Jun, 2014 - 11:58 pm

    Guano: “Technicolour

    Governor’s puff.”

    Can you substantiate this?

  49. by the way:

    saw one of the slimier members of the inner circle of mosque politicos creeping out of the premises.


  50. Apparently Karl Rove has been advising in Sweden. Carl Bildt will doubtless have listened to this advice. I feel sorry for Assange, with these two on his case.

    I have concerns about the EU, too. If, for example, it became basically a neoliberal hell, taking it’s policies from the US, I’d argue for withdrawal. I don’t think it’s gone that far, though as always there is a neocon element up to bad things, so I’m not a separationist quite yet. And it’s hard to tell, politicians always trot of the line ‘it’s EU regulations’, but I suspect they may be talking nonsense. I’m thinking of the privatisation mania, which is often blamed on the EU, spuriously.

    Anyway, Cameron is an idiot. And we’re stuck with him. Nu Lab will have their meltdown soon, replace Ed, and look to the following election, allowing an idiot to remain in charge. Politics, eh? Stalin had the right idea (well, ok maybe not).

  51. Sofia Kibo Noh

    10 Jun, 2014 - 1:52 am

    Our leaders in US/EU seem to think that the coup-installed government is behaving appropriately, even with “restraint” (Obama).

    Here’s a short clip of video for those who remain blindly loyal to the mandated narrative that our newly reconstituted enemies “The Russians” are causing all the trouble in Ukraine. It’s only four and a half minutes long.

    If you can bear to watch it, see if you can explain how actions and outcomes such as these could be justified either legally or ethically?

  52. Sofia Kibo Noh

    10 Jun, 2014 - 2:14 am

    Here’s what it looked like for some people returning to their home in Semenivka after Kiev’s ATO had been through,

  53. Technicolour

    If you want to know how mosque politics work,watch a Turkish soap.
    The story is set in a Muslim rural village. There are set character-stereotypes:
    Calculating matriarchal widows who drive the young men to murder for family honour, emotionally frustrated mad females who throw themselves off waterfalls, bald. powerless gaffers wired up to life-support machines and leather-jacketed men who psychologically bully all the other men with threats of violence. Over them all rule deeply corrupt, urban spies from central government.

    This world of remote Muslim village politics has now been transposed to central Birmingham. The matriarchs are replaced by feminist, anti-Islam, female teachers and council administrators. The mad females are given jobs where they can flirt to their hearts content. The fogeys no longer need loyalty from their heirs because they are cared for by the welfare state and the young men concentrate on either business or lucrative political work from government agencies like the Prevent program.

    Michael Gove knows that the majority of English people are politically asleep, compared with immigrant populations who are very alive to political black arts. He wants to place the Birmingham schools under special measures so that he can draw talent from the politically aware minority groups.

    The governor has been supplied with the beautiful idealogically and politically correct script. But if you think that life in Alum Rock is like the script, then you must be part of the great British yawn about politics. Go back to sleep.

  54. Did anyone see the photo of Hague rowing a boat with Mrs Merkel in the middle and Agent Cameron in the stern? Hilarious. Air Sea rescue was not called out.

  55. Correction. Reinfeldt was rowing the boat not Hague. That’s what comes of peering at a tablet at 7am.

    Three men in a boat (and a very powerful woman): Cameron goes rowing in Sweden with Merkel and other EU leaders in latest bid to block Juncker getting Brussels’ top job.

    Cameron joins Merkel, Dutch PM Rutte and Sweden’s Reinfeldt at summit.

    Four leaders holding talks over EU reform at Swedish PM’s summer home.

    PM at odds with German Chancellor over appointment of next EU President
    Cameron said he and other leaders should pick who gets top EU jobs.

    Summit comes after Boris Johnson mocked PM’s attempt to veto favourite.

    Jean-Claude Juncker is the front runner, but UK thinks he is too pro-EU.

    Downing Street wants to protect plan to claw back powers from Brussels.

    Labour announced today that they backed the PM’s bid to block Mr Juncker.

    But Johnson says: ‘You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a cochon’.

  56. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 8:28 am

    Apparently Karl Rove has been advising in Sweden. Carl Bildt will doubtless have listened to this advice. I feel sorry for Assange, with these two on his case.

    I have concerns about the EU, too. If, for example, it became basically a neoliberal hell, taking it’s policies from the US, I’d argue for withdrawal. I don’t think it’s gone that far, though as always there is a neocon element up to bad things, so I’m not a separationist quite yet. And it’s hard to tell, politicians always trot of the line ‘it’s EU regulations’, but I suspect they may be talking nonsense. I’m thinking of the privatisation mania, which is often blamed on the EU, spuriously.

    Anyway, Cameron is an idiot……

    Cameron is an idiot. But what he’s doing with his hysterical opposition to Juncker is not, in his own frame of reference, idiocy. The “reform” of the EU he is banging his little pink fist for is precisely the ‘neoliberal hell’ you and I would like to avoid. On the slightly bright side, I think it is now a truism in mainland Europe that the Brits will push for the Atlanticist option at every possible opportunity and that we are a Trojan horse for the Americans.

    Confirmation of this from William Jefferson Bastard Hague –

    The right people in the right jobs. I think we know how that works. Let’s call it democracy. Someone has to.

  57. Spot on Ba’al. I would not like to be part of a US dominated EU and their spying on us all has already soured many relations Obama had in Europe.
    Camerons talk of reform is the reform that enables the establishment and vested interests, not that of EU citizens/taxpayers.

    The current spat shows us that appointed Commissioners were never a good idea, they should be elected by us.

    I say it again, visavis Scotlands considerate thoughts of staying in the EU, Camerons vision of Britain is one big heap of toys and an empty pram.

    Please, can some cartoonist pick up this idea and draw Cameron as the screaming child, in the pram, sailing out into the Atlantic, toys floating behind…….

  58. Apologies for being off topic, but I am responding to what has been written by Guano and Technicolour above on what I think is an important issue.

    I have been very surprised recently to find I have a certain admiration for some aspects of what Michael Gove is doing. I hasten to add that this admiration is entirely based on what I have read in the press which I know I cannot necessarily trust. Hence my interest in the above debate.

    I am not quite sure that I fully understand what Guano is saying but I don’t want schools in this country to be taken over by people putting forward an extremist Islamic agenda.

    It seems as if Ofsted and Gove think this is going on and if it is going on I think they are quite right to fight back.

    We have an imperialist past which our empire and civilisation is based on. I have all kinds of issues about that but to deny it happened or simply rubbish it is not good enough. It should be studied in a proper way and to teach soundbite history and literature which is what so much of modern education is based on is simply evading the issue.

    I was looking at university history courses not long ago and more and more, including even the OU now teach history as a series of snapshots with no attempt to teach linear history. These are university BA courses I am talking about.

    Tolerance should not go so far as to completely lose any sense of historical development.

  59. Conjunction.

    I hate politics, because it is devious and often dirty.
    People who work in offices have to deal with a lot of politics. There is sexual politics. And there is also this curious brand of Asian politics which you have to deal with if you are a Muslim. There is also UK status quo anti-Islam politics trying to maintain Christianity and Queen as rulers in a changing world.

    My only point was that it was inevitable that where government thinks it can play its Prevent politics, i.e.false flag politics, in schools and the Muslims think they can play this Asian village mentality politics with people jockeying for power in the pecking order of their group, in schools, there is bound to be friction.

    The government wants to portray teaching Islamic values as radicalisation which is absolute rubbish, the Asians try to present themselves as deprived, which is also absolute rubbish. The school is trying to do an excellent job of education with all this politics going on.

    Government should know better than to play politics with education and so should the Muslims. Let’s have on the spot government inspections, where if the Minister for Education is found to be playing politics with education he is sacked and replaced with someone whose emphasis and experience is in education.

    Gove is a neo-con liar on the level of Rifkind. I can’t say he’s worse that his New Labour equivalents. They are all the same.

  60. The issue thrown up by the report which clearly did not support the aquisations levelled at these schools are many.

    1. Why should one particular religion be singled out to be radicalising pupils? How many Christians have become fighters for Academi due to their beliefs?, how many Zionists are finishing Jewish faith schools? Should we stop jewish schools organising school trips to Israel, because of how they treat children over there?

    2. Saudi Arabia is our ally, apparently, Cameron, Hague and a motley crew of arms dealers visit regularly, so why should a school not organise a trip there, a socalled friendly country?
    That it is involved in stopping the majority of Bahrains populus asking for Independence, with violence, does not register, not with the school or the BBC.

    3. Ofsteds report should have repercushions as it is the Government who thrown a light on imaginary threats, and they stick, as all these schools have been put into a bad light and will be watched in future. The psychological damage is done.

    Gove and May should both apologise for shining a OTT 20.000 watt light on something they could have seen by the light of a candle. Government made a mountain out of a molehill, creating suspicions and ill feelings among parents, teachers and children alike.

    Gove and May are guilty of fighting their pathetic succession battle on the backs of schools reputations, they should damnwell apologise.

  61. Speaking of illegality, taken from the WL Twitter stream:

    “The diplomatic cables reveal the Devolution Unit, meant to assist the Scottish Government’s transactions with foreign governments, is functioning as a hostile covert agency of Cameron’s government.”

    And ““… [T]he FCO has contacted the governments of China, Russia, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the 28 EU nations about the Scottish referendum in a global search for allies who might oppose independence.”

    Alleges Cameron even tried to enlist Putin. This is beyond dodgy. Cameron clearly saw his hero Blair escape censure, so figures he can do what he likes. Figures correctly, sadly. Even I’m surprised at this story, and I don’t put much past our idiot PM. This whole anti-independence thing is turning out very weird indeed. What exactly is bothering the establishment, I wonder?

  62. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 11:44 am

    Just to follow up one aspect of the Eek, Jihadis Taking Over Our Jolly Good Schools faith school controversy:

    Intriguing. I think Michael needs to send the inspectors in. With a list of targets to be destroyed :

    And –

    No doubt they did find those books. Gove spent £3M of our money in providing every school with a copy of the KJV Bible, didn’t he*?

    *with his name on.

  63. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 11:48 am

    (Let’s try that again, switching off the strikeout this time. Mods – please delete previous botched attempt)

    Just to follow up one aspect of the Eek, Jihadis Taking Over Our Jolly Good Schools faith school controversy:

    Intriguing. I think Michael needs to send the inspectors in. With a list of targets to be destroyed :

    And –

    No doubt they did find those books. Gove spent £3M of our money in providing every school with a copy of the KJV Bible, didn’t he*?

    *with his name on.

  64. Brendan

    New oil discoveries off the West Coast of Scotland they have tried to hide for the last decade because of US nuclear bases? Check out Aanirfan.blogspot:

  65. conjunction
    10 Jun, 2014 – 9:53 am

    “…I don’t want schools in this country to be taken over by people putting forward an extremist Islamic agenda.”

    Perhaps the answer is to abolish all religious schools; they are, after all, divisive as are private schools.

    A fully comprehensive school system would be inclusive and aid integration across religions and class.

    But it won’t happen because of the powerful religious lobby groups and the well connected upper-class.

  66. If Poison Gove won’t elucidate about ‘British values’ then perhaps Dave might let us in on the secret.

    PM backs drive for ‘British values’
    Plans for schools in England to promote “British values” are likely to have overwhelming support of people in the UK, the prime minister has said.

    He talks about ‘freedom, tolerance, respect for the rule of law, belief in personal and social responsibility and respect for British institutions’.

    So much for his hypocrisy in view of his war on Libya and his proposed war on Syria.

  67. “This whole anti-independence thing is turning out very weird indeed. What exactly is bothering the establishment, I wonder?”

    You surely didn’t think it would be a simple matter of a vote.

    It surprises me that Scots don’t look closer to the Irish experience, from the late 1800s and on up to the present day.

    Admittedly the Irish were having to contend with a UK which was a major world power, but they still fancy themselves, and haven’t yet quite fully undergone the decline one would normally expect. Scotland’s leaving would be a serious body blow.

    I’d be surprised if you got away with just a majority vote, though I do wish you well in that endeavour.

    You need allies. Big allies.

    I don’t see much happening on that score.

  68. Two politicians could serve British interests better than Baroness Ashton – MP George Galloway and Mayor Lutfur Rahman, but sadly none of the EU leaders would dare to support either of them.

    That’s what I call the “European Democracy”!

  69. Anyway, here’s the FoI response on the Firth of Clyde exploration in the 1980s:

    There’s a map of the specific license and then their response:

    “It is our understanding that, while under licence, some geological / seismic surveys may have been carried out within the licence area but we are not aware of any exploration drilling taking place. The licence was relinquished in 1988 and the area is currently unlicensed.

    For further information on the exact nature of any activities undertaken within the
    licence, you may wish to contact BP, who were the licence holder at the time.”

    BP has come out quite strongly against Scottish independence:


  70. You got to be kidding, oil discovered south of Arran, and the seismic data lost!

    Arran is at the west end of the Comrie Highland Fault, and say that a US special op sub, like the USS Connecticut, starts pounding the ocean floor with its lasers – the public told that it’s just more oil exploration or drilling – and a Pentagon-made earthquake occurs, like what the USS Jimmy Carter caused southwest of New Zealand just before Christmas 2004, and the great earthquake and tsunamis occurred a few days later in the Indian Ocean.

  71. doug scorgie

    10 Jun, 2014 - 1:42 pm

    And it’s not only Islamic schools:

    It is difficult, for example, to conceive of a school more openly rejecting of Britain’s predominantly secular culture than the Cardinal Vaughan comprehensive in Kensington, London, where 99.7% of the pupils are Catholic, the principal activity is “the apostolic mission of the Church” and “the teachings of Christ permeate all areas” – unless it is the Yesodey Hatorah Senior girls’ school, a state-funded institution serving the Orthodox Jewish Charedi community in Stamford Hill in London.

    An Ofsted inspection in 2006 noted: “The Charedi community do not have access to television, the internet or other media. All members of the community aim to lead modest lives governed by the codes of Torah observance.”

    It was marked grade one, “an outstandingly effective school”.

    Supposing the Charedi set-up should therefore appeal more widely, in the same way that outstanding Anglican schools have reached out to formerly godless politicians, the school website makes clear (as far as is practicable in the prohibited, online format) that its voluntary-aided status entitles the governors to keep out atheists and incompatibles, staff as well as pupils.

    Although some state-funded faith schools must now let in a fixed quota of infidels, to the fury of Catholics who, nowadays, prefer preaching to the converted, Yesodey is legally entitled, despite being funded by taxpayers, to discriminate against virtually all its benefactors.

    Parents will need a signed form confirming their commitment to the faith and, as for the girls, “any disputes as to whether a child is Jewish will be settled by reference to the Rabbinate of the Union of Hebrew Congregations”.”

  72. You know, if you Scotsmen/women really want to break away from the Duchy of Saville (or Cool Brittania or whatever it calls itself these days,) all you have to do is execute the Convention Against Torture and the Rome Statute in Scottish municipal law, as required. With all these English war criminals, torturers, and aggressors hiding from the law, you’ll be out like shit through a goose.

  73. Mary
    It’s a joke, us Brits are disgusting, we are nearly all addicted to one thing or another we too often over indulge which is totally detrimental. Most of us don’t properly exercise and we all know the effects our lifestyles have on us and the state.
    The value of being British (neoliberal) is that we have no values.
    Our language is disgusting and our culture worse.
    All our common words and phrases are horrid. What are we teaching are children.


  74. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 1:59 pm

    Alleges Cameron even tried to enlist Putin. This is beyond dodgy. Cameron clearly saw his hero Blair escape censure, so figures he can do what he likes. Figures correctly, sadly. Even I’m surprised at this story, and I don’t put much past our idiot PM. This whole anti-independence thing is turning out very weird indeed. What exactly is bothering the establishment, I wonder? {Brendan]

    Please see my comment on ‘BBC Lawbreaking’ thread, 10th June, 1.26 pm, third link, for details. Originally reported by Itar-Tass. Of course this may just be Putin stirring it. Or not.

  75. Well, you do tend to get oil trapped in those faults.

    And it’s certainly strange that a major company like BP would just lose the data, though that’s how their response has been reported.

    Then the BP CEO comes out with some waffle against Scottish independence.

    All very convenient, eh.

  76. Has BLiar had anything to say yet on Dave’s ‘Junk the Juncker’ gambit?

  77. Ba'al Zevul (Freude!)

    10 Jun, 2014 - 3:05 pm

    ‘In the name of God, go’ department

    Straw’s in there. Puke alert.

    And here’s Liam Byrne being shut down by the Speaker. Why? His question wasn’t substantially longer than some others.

    Byrne:… Parents, who should have been the first to know, have been the last to know about the contents of these reports. I am sure that the Secretary of State will want to apologise to the House for the contempt with which parents have been treated in this debate. Secondly, he knows that I have been at the forefront in calling for this Ofsted process. I am glad that Sir Michael Wilshaw has today said that there is no evidence of an organised plot to radicalise our children or introduce extremism into schools, but four out of the six academies—

    Bercow:…his question, which is not yet a question, is far too long—[Interruption.]…

    There IS a use for sarin. There IS.

  78. Here’s a large mote in the eye of the Jewish chronicle.

    What a nerve. I can think of plenty of others about whom we could have a similar vote.

    The history of the campaign waged against him. Good for the Rev Nick Howard.

    A Ms Pinch of the LD Friends of Palestine is also on their hit list.

    I was going to link to the website which is the subject of the complaint but decided it would bring the trolls and the thought police in here.
    It’s a US site where the page goes on for ever and archived back to 2006. No owner identity. The name on the donate page is MRKGlenn at a Yahoo e-mail address.

  79. That was NBG

    Go to their website and enter sizer in the search box.

    I see a Reuven Rivlin will replace Peres. Comms minister in Sharon’s govt.

  80. More truths from Jonathan Cook from within the belly of the beast.

    Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation
    by Jonathan Cook / June 10th, 2014

    In the celebratory atmosphere last week as the Palestinian unity government was sworn in, ending a seven-year feud between Fatah and Hamas, it was easy to overlook who was absent.

    Hamas had agreed to remain in the shadows to placate Washington, which is legally obligated to refuse aid to a government that includes a designated terrorist group. The new Palestinian cabinet looked little different from its predecessor; Hamas’ input was limited to three independents, all in low-level ministerial positions.

    And because this transitional government is still operating within the confines of Israeli occupation, the three ministers from Gaza were refused permits to travel to the West Bank for the swearing-in ceremony on June 2.


  81. Tony Blair ‘in quite a tragic position’ – Charles Clarke
    ‘Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is “in quite a tragic position” because he cannot find a role in national politics, an ex-Home Secretary says.’

    What a terrible shame. We could find a role for him – cleaning the lavs in Wormwood Scrubs for starters.

  82. It’s not often I have anything positive to say about the old lizard’s contributions, bit his offering of 11:44 am is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. More in that vein please! :-)

  83. OT

    Iraq militants seize second city of Mosul

    Iraq’s prime minister has asked parliament to declare a state of emergency after Islamist militants effectively took control of Mosul.

    Nouri Maliki acknowledged “vital areas” of the country’s second largest city had been seized.

    Overnight, hundreds of armed men seized local government’s offices and police stations before taking control of the airport and the army’s headquarters.

    About 150,000 people are believed to have fled the city.

  84. Very droll Anon. An anon with a different avatar to that shown a day or so ago. Another anon? An anon on a different e-mail address? Another anon in a different country? I think we should be told.

  85. Bangkok or Istanbul are cities where water cannons used against rioters. Coming to London now as Boris Johnson has given his permission to the Met to purchase three machines. What a thug. Must keep the plebs in line.

    Metropolitan Police given permission to buy water cannon

  86. Hi Mary, just the avatar I use when posting from my Haifa address – nothing more sinister than that I’m afraid.

  87. Again very droll. Presumably you will have no interest in this further plan to privatize one of the few remaining public services by Agent Cameron and his mob. From 38 Degrees.

    ‘Plans are underway to privatise one of our best-performing public services, the Land Registry – the government body that records the sale of all houses and land. [1]

    The Land Registry has a 98% satisfaction rating with people who’ve used it. It’s also entirely self-financing, and passes its profits on in reduced fees. [2] But the sell-off hasn’t hit the headlines, and many of us haven’t even heard about it.

    James is a 38 Degrees member, who works for a legal services company and uses the Land Registry on a daily basis. He’s started a petition on Campaigns by You to stop the sell-off and already has strong support from high street solicitors behind the campaign.

    But if thousands of 38 Degrees members sign the petition, together we could force the government to scrap their plans. Plans to privatise the Land Registry are being drawn up right now, so if you agree with James, please sign the petition:

    Aside from providing a great service, the Land Registry produces data on house prices, that the government uses to make policy decisions. [3] Privatisation would put this data in the hands of profit-making companies – and could give them influence on government policy.

    James, who started the campaign, says:
    “The Land Registry is well run, efficient and professional. If the government is to sell off one of our best performing public services, the wider public needs to be able to have its say.”

    Together 38 Degrees members can show ministers that we want the Land Registry to stay in public hands. Please click here to sign the petition now:

    PS: Here’s what some of us have been saying about the Land Registry sell-off on the 38 Degrees Facebook page:

    Marguerita: “There is no need to privatise the Land Registry. It is a successful public organisation. Privatisation could open it up to corruption and greed.”

    Colin: “Selling off services like this brings increased costs to the customers, a poorer service, and a further reduction in our nation’s assets.”

    Keith: “I use The Land Registry for work most days and on the whole find it very efficient. What will happen will be the Staff will be cut back and cost increased If privatised.”

    Sandra: “Roll up! Roll up! Massive sale! UK going cheap to friends and cronies! Get some before it’s all gone!”

    [1] The Guardian, Land Registry privatisation plans revealed in leaked document:
    The recently closed government consultation on the Land Registry:
    [2] Save the Land Registry campaign site:!about-us/c3f7
    [3] Save the Land Registry campaign site:!the-facts/csgz

  88. Thanks for that, Mary. I don’t, as yet, have an opinion on the proposed privatization of the Land Registry, but I promise to make sure you will be the first to know once I have one.

  89. Do one.

  90. First you turn up late, then you change your colours, then you’ve forgotten your opinions. What have you done with your Half-buck companion, dropped his remains at sea so we have no shrine at which to mourn him?

  91. Ba'al Zevul (Suffer -the little children!)

    11 Jun, 2014 - 9:00 am

    A prolonged silence in all UK media on the fascinating – to him – topic of Tony Blair. Not mentioned in UK reporting of Renzi’s current visit to China is his imminent encounter with the pretty straight sort of corkscrew himself –

    Soon, Renzi will also see the President of the Republic of China, Xi Jinping, Li and the President of the Council Kequiang. Later, meeting with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was also in Beijing today. (Google Translation)

    He may not be on G-CEYL, which departed Heathrow (? Northolt) yesterday, apparently flying to Cork, and was last seen in Istanbul. Which is a plausible refuelling point, I suppose.

  92. Ba'al Zevul (Suffer -the little children!)

    11 Jun, 2014 - 9:42 am

    Also missed by the media circus: Blair punting snake oil in Ethiopia in March.

    (scroll down)

    Monday, 31 March 2014 07:48
    Hailemariam, Blair discuss regional issues

    Addis Ababa March 31/2014 Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Friday met with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair to talk about bilateral and regional issues.

    The two parties discussed on ways of boosting UK investment in Ethiopia and cooperation with the African Governance Initiative, an initiative working to promote good governance in Africa.

    PM Hailemariam on the occasion urged the need to further boost UK investment in Ethiopia thereby maximize the benefits of both countries from the investment opportunity in the country.

    Blair on his part said the Initiative will work with Ethiopia in a bid to support the country’s efforts to improve good governance.

    Blair said he will promote the favorable investment atmosphere and opportunities in Ethiopia among UK and other European companies.

    Blair lauded the role Ethiopia has been playing in the fight against terrorism and restoring peace and stability in East Africa, according to a high level official who attended the meeting.

    Decoded, Blair Inc will take a cut of whatever aid is going to encourage his pals to make money out of Ethiopia. And support good governance …ok, that bit’s meaningless.

  93. Better Together – No thanks!

  94. Even Bliar and Blunkett did not resort to these measures.

    The Fascisti are definitely in control now.

    ’11:49: Downing Street has backed the use of water cannons on the streets of Britain after it was confirmed that London mayor Boris Johnson had already bought three for use in the capital. The final decision on whether they can be used will rest with Home Secretary Theresa May.’

    Thousands hit by benefits backlog
    Hundreds of thousands of people have been hit by a benefits backlog, a minister says

    Even The Sun gets what is going on.

    ’12:42: Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun tweets That’s it; 35 whole minutes of PMQs, and not one MP asked about UK’s response to the Iraq catastrophe. Instead, they joked about speedos.’

    Thousands of passport applications are stacked up.

    I see that in PMQ Agent Cameron even included football and the England team.

    Glad I did not see or hear any of it.


    We are in a terrible mess and it is getting worse.

    Another friend who was a hospital manager of two departments in another region tells me that there is chaos within her local hospitals. Managers have left or have been made redundant, clerical staff made redundant, other ancillary staff passed on to private companies, and so on. Nobody knows what is going on and the staff are very demoralized. The management asked her to come back from retirement to do a locum but she said no as her own health is not good after the stresses and strains of her job over three decades.

    The ConDem plan for the NHS is of course, Destabilize, Demoralize, Dismantle.

    It is happening under our noses and nobody is even aware or concerned.


    We’ve heard it all before. Welfare is not working. A something for nothing culture. Britain is broken. Why? Because Labour created this mess by maxing out the nation’s credit card. They went on a spending spree, splashing out on skivers and scroungers whilst the rest of us were working hard. So what is to be done? We have to deal with our massive debts like any sensible household. Austerity may be a nasty medicine but there is no alternative. Besides, we’re all in this together.

    It’s certainly a seductive story. The slogans deployed have scored precision hits against the social democratic consensus. The devices and framing of the austerity narrative have embedded into the public’s consciousness to the degree that rebuttal with mere facts is not enough to dislodge opinion. It also goes some way to explaining how the most radical upheaval of the welfare state since its inception, cutting £18 billion a year in benefits by 2015 (to be followed by a further £10 billion a year projected for the next parliament) in the context of the largest post-war public spending cuts, should be met with such equanimity by the public.


    The author – The X-ray factor

    Bio: My name is Youssef El-Gingihy. I am a GP working in London. This is my new political blog – The X Ray Factor – with a short précis below. The inaugural blog is entitled ‘How to dismantle the NHS in 10 easy steps’ about how the NHS has been insidiously converted into a market-based healthcare system. This process is accelerating under the Coalition government and the very existence of a National Health Service is in danger. The blog will focus on capitalism in crisis. From the financial crash and the Eurozone crisis to the Arab Spring, from austerity and cuts to the cost of living, from privatisation to the outsourcing of public services, from the destruction of the NHS to the dismantling of welfare states; we are living through a seismic period of global crisis and unrest. You can also follow ‘The X ray Factor’ on Facebook.

  96. PMQs yesterday.

    Number of mentions of the words ‘World Cup’ – 5

    Number of mentions of the word ‘football’ – 8

    Number of mentions of word ‘Iraq’ – no matches found

    Number of mentions of words ‘Cameron is another Blair’ – no matches found

  97. Ba'al Zevul (Diamond Geezer)

    12 Jun, 2014 - 8:58 am

    Norman Baker joins the calls for Blair to publicly request publication:

    ‘Iraq is perhaps the most serious undermining of democracy for decades and we need the full facts. We are now led to believe Tony Blair is happy to have everything published. I urge him now to call for that publicly.’

    Mr. Blair is currently lying (low). Pic of Blair with Italy’s Blair, Matteo Renzi, in Beijing:

    That should fix Renzi’s future prospects, anyway.

  98. “Have you got blood on your hands Mr Blair?” Reporter to Blair just after Dr Kelly’s death became public information.

  99. Privatisation of the NHS contd.

    NHS: Private profit kills.

    People have rightly been horrified and outraged at the recent tragic death of a premature baby in St Thomas’s hospital in London. The baby’s death is believed to have been caused by septicaemia contracted via contaminated liquid intravenous feed. It is also reported that another 21 babies are being treated after contracting the same infection. While right-wing newspapers carried front page headlines condemning the “NHS drip”, profiteering private companies’ control over medical supplies is the real issue here.

    Claire Job, a nurse in Wales, explains the situation: The type of feed used in this case is called Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) and it can be tailored to the specific nutritional needs of the patient who is unable to eat food in the normal way. In this specific case the feeds were manufactured to feed premature babies as yet unable to sustain themselves from breast milk alone. TPN must be completely sterile before administration to the patient. In order for this to be achieved they are made in a special air filtered environment. Many hospitals throughout the UK have their own manufacturing units and products such as TPN and chemotherapy are made by NHS staff working for the hospital pharmacy manufacturing departments.

    The feeds linked to the sad death of this baby and the ill-health of many more were produced by a private company called ITH Pharma which has been commissioned to manufacture these products for several NHS trusts. Is this another example of private sector commissioning in the NHS putting lives at risk ? The NHS in England is being dismantled by the Con-Dems with 70% of all NHS contracts being won by private sector bidders. This barrage of privatisation actually drains money from the NHS and frontline services. ITH Pharma is a company on the rise and it is reported by the Sunday Times to have made £12.1 million worth of sales in 2011-12 from NHS services.

    The Con-Dems are so blatant in their ideological approach to privatisation in the NHS they have even been considering exempting private suppliers to the NHS from paying tax, to put them on an ‘equal footing’ and help them be more competitive. ITH Pharma has not shared the specific details of how a contaminant found its way into the feeds of those babies, but we do know that the ‘profit motive’ very often leads to compromising safety and health. Competition in the private sector is driven by keeping costs down; this is achieved through low pay, poor conditions for staff and a huge temptation to cut corners. Privatisation does not deliver improved healthcare or an improved patient experience as promised by the Con-Dems. It delivers medicines that are extortionately expensive, it delivers products that are less robustly regulated and it means extra expense for the NHS… but have no doubt, it delivers large profits to the bosses.

    We do not want health to be a market place for cut-throat capitalists seeking to profit from ill-health. The lives of our family, friends and those most vulnerable in society need to be protected. The best protection we can offer is to fight to fully nationalise the NHS and all its suppliers – products, medicines and equipment. Health services should be planned based on the needs of everyone. But Cameron and Clegg are more interested in protecting private companies’ interests than in providing decent healthcare for the majority. And Labour is no different – privatisation in the NHS ballooned in the 13 years of Labour rule.

    Health trade unions must fight against the dismantling and privatisation of the NHS, including with strike action and linking up with other unions. Such a campaign would receive the support of millions across the UK and have the potential to remove the weak Con-Dems from government.

    Registered Address: Unit 4 Premier Park, Premier Park Road, London, NW10 7NZ

    6 years (Incorporation date 17/04/2008)
    Assets £3,783,206 Liabilities £2,071,131 3 Blooms and a Winstanley
    Adam Bloom has 8 other directorships in medical companies and Bryan Bloom 2, having resigned from 12 others including the JNF Charitable Trust Ltd. Well, well! Who would guess?

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