Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children 83

This is a heartrending documentary from Australia’s national broadcaster, ABC. The terrible fate of the Palestinians at the hands of a world which has accepted the ludicrous claim to a religious Israeli right to their land is incomprehensible in a rational world. The brutality of Israeli soldiers, motivated by views of racial and religious superiority, towards children is sickening.

But it is also deeply sad that it is now impossible that the BBC would ever make a documentary like this, or indeed that anybody in the BBC would ever dare to consider doing it. It must be twenty years since I saw anything remotely as honest on British mainstream television. I am not sure if I will ever live to do so again.

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83 thoughts on “Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children

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  • Mary

    Ms Ferguson.

    Her husband is fair dinkum too by all accounts.

    ‘In March 2011 on Q&A, the ABC sought out a question for Prime Minister Julia Gillard from political activist Julian Assange in which Assange queried if Gillard should be tried for “treason”. Jones asked Prime Minister Gillard if she had got “carried away” in making an emotional address to the US Congress in which she praised the United States. Jones said “Briefly, when I was a small boy my first impression of America was of the Vietnam War and the fact that young Australians were being conscripted to go and fight in this war and there were demonstrations in streets and the notion of all the way with LBJ and at that time Labor figures were leading the demonstrations. There’s no sort of reflection of any of that Labor tradition in your speech—a sort of cynicism about American power.”[6]’

  • Jemand

    You’re welcome to have Sarah Ferguson back anytime, Mary — to keep the other one company. You might also like to have Tony Abbott back as well, since your so enamoured with him. You do know he’s a common pommy bastard, don’t you? He wanted to be a priest once. The idea makes my skin crawl but it’s to be expected when you know that the most perverted weirdos are attracted to religion. No one I know likes him.

    Mary, why did you mention the missing Malaysian flight where over 200 people lost their lives? Was that supposed to be funny or were you making a valid point about the incident? Not funny.

    Interesting to observe that you never contribute any commentary that acknowledges the horror of Islam inspired violence. Now why would that be, Mary? I guess that’s why you think it’s funny when hundreds of Chinese die while China wages war with their own Islamic problems in the West of the country.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Diamond Geezer)

    A quick Google unequivocally reveals Abbott as one of the most unpleasant arseholes currently permitted to exist by an inscrutable deity, rather in the Blair mould. Agree.

    But I think China falls rather flat as a model opponent of Islamism. Tiananmen Square (25 years ago last week), anyone?

  • Jemand

    BZ, Abbott’s out at the next election, unless we discover that Bill Shorten is a secret transvestite, paedophile, kitten-eating vampire — which might make it a dead heat.

    China is certainly thuggish and cruel, but I tip my hat to the Muslims for pitting their medieval brand of brutality against the oriental variety that makes iPhones during the rest of the business week.

  • Jemand

    PS – Abbott’s existence just might prove the non-existence of God. I might put that one to Alain de Botton.

  • Mary

    •Jonathan Cook: How Alain de Botton plays safe with the news – The Editors Yesterday, 5:11 pm
    ◦Great stuff – I proper love Jonathan Cook! NM – Lala Yesterday, 5:35 pm ◾What honest, egoless writing looks like – The Editors Yesterday, 6:20 pm
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    ◾Watching Simpson the other night on BBC News – he personifies JC’s observations. nm – CJ Yesterday, 6:38 pm
    ◾Exactly! The best bleedin’ ‘presentational technique’ is to tell truths, *especially* inconvenient – Rhisiart Gwilym Yesterday, 7:07 pm
    ◦Re: Jonathan Cook: How Alain de Botton plays safe with the news
    gloriousrevolution Yesterday, 6:22 pm


    Links to all of Craig’s posts have been put up on the Medialens Message Board btw.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Is there ANY public figure, politician, journalist, well-off and /or seuccessful person, or indeed anyone else who has distinguished him/herself in any way whatsoever whom Mary will not try to piss on?

    I suppose there’s John Pilger. Anyone else?

    What a dreadful old sourpuss.

  • Mary

    The Israeli made bullet that killed the teenage Nadim Nawara last month outside Ofer prison.

    Who made the bullet that killed sports-loving Palestinian boy “in cold blood”?

    ‘When confrontations broke out between the demonstrators and the Israeli army, soldiers responded with force and live ammunition. CNN video images have shown the soldiers firing at the demonstrators, who posed no conceivable threat, from a long distance.

    The two boys are among the more than 1,400 Palestinian children killed by Israeli soldiers or settlers since 2000, according to Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCI-Palestine), a group that monitors violations of Palestinian children’s human rights.

    Israeli military forces have shot and killed four Palestinian children or teenagers so far this year, including Nadim Nuwara.’

  • Mary

    The typos are getting out of hand. Drinking sessions in the shed? Where’s Sofia?


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Mary : typo corrected; how about an answer now? 🙂

    “Is there ANY public figure, politician, journalist, well-off and /or succesfull person, or indeed anyone else who has distinguished him/herself in any way whatsoever whom Mary will not try to piss on?

    I suppose there’s John Pilger. Anyone else?

    What a dreadful old sourpuss.”

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    As you guessed Mary, they had quite a session down in the garden shed.

    With the kind of hangover that can be acquired only with the consumption of secret mixtures and catering industry quantities of superior Malt, Pims, Gin and Sherry, it’s a wonder he can type at all so please give Dad a bit of lee-way with his spelling.

    Here’s why RD isn’t back with us yet.

    Meanwhile in Ukraine the Kiev Junta launched the opening salvo’s of white phosphorous in it’s bid to have Semyonovka twinned with Gaza and Fallujah.

    The book of evidence continues to grow.

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    A question for Dad.

    Why is white phosphorous so popular with your masters?
    Is it the pretty lights, the “crispy critters” or the feelings of invulnerability from the law it’s users seem to feel.

  • Mary

    Sofia. How do you do it. Make me roar with laughter that is with your RD link!


    Seriously how much more evil can it get in Ukraine. Willie Pete – the slang name – caused enough horror in Gaza. I expect everyone remembers those scenes of it raining down on a UN school playground.

    Some years back, I went to a talk by Mads Gilbert, the surgeon who went into Gaza to help during Cast Lead. The photos he showed were shocking and are still vivid in my memory.

    The phosphorus carries on burning through flesh down to the bone. He also spoke of horrible injuries caused by metal from some new unidentified weaponry (DIME). The Israelis were obviously conducting experiments on the captive Palestinians. The reviews contain good comments.


    Earlier I was re-reading Craig’s 2010 piece on Vittorio Arrigoni.

    Later on he was assassinated.

    His mother –
    The love of a mother for her son. The last paragraph always has me in bits.

    So much sadness has been created by the cruel Occupiers.

  • Northern Observer

    There have been many tragedies of mass killing and forced displacement throughout the history of mankind. The Palestinians are not special in this regard, they are simply par for the course. What is unusual is the intervention of the UN keeping the displaced Palestinians at the location of their displacement instead of letting them move on to new lands to start new lives, as the Armenian, Greeks and Germans did in recent memory. It is as if the UN and the Arab countries are collaborating for ideological and religious reasons to keep the Palestinians on the “front lines” and suffering. Allah’s soldiers of convenience and the atheists perfect victims. A bloody travesty.

  • andreas w . mytze

    Thanks, Rehmat, may be “old stories” but not well known it seems.
    here are some more details(to correct my memory). The US ambassador in question(to Lebanon at the time) was John Gunther Dean (born 1926 in Breslau into a Jewish family: Dienstfertig). Because of his contacts with the PLO he claims that in August 1980 he was the target of an assassination attempt which he believed was “directed by Israel”. He wrote a book about this: Danger Zones. A Diplomat’s Fight for America’s Interests (2009) which was reported by Barbara Crossette, but otherwise neglected by the “mainstream media” (of course). Because of other “outrageous” claims he was declared “mentally unfit” by his superiors in Washington and went finally to France retiring where he lives today. Well respected in law circles with a long and distinguished diplomatic career in Thailand, India, Denmark etc.

  • Mary

    June 13, 2014
    Photos of the week: Devastation for the Negev Bedouin

    This week: The Bedouin village of Al-Arakib is destroyed for the 65th time, Palestinians and Israelis commemorate 47 years of occupation, administrative detainees on hunger strike, Israeli soldiers break their silence in public, demonstrations against asylum seekers in south Tel Aviv and more.

  • Mary

    Northern Observer I resent the assertion that the Palestinians should be moved. How dare you. It is their land. How about turfing the Israelis out to whence they came?

    The Palestinian people have sumud, ie steadfastness.

  • Miss Castello

    Reply to HabbaBabble 12TH June,2014 – 4:18pm

    “Is there ANY public figure, politician, journalist, well-off and /or succesfull person, or indeed anyone else who has distinguished him/herself in any way whatsoever whom Mary will not try to piss on?”

    Yes. The honourable few; of no interest to you.

  • Mary

    Can the trolls even begin to imagine the terror felt by a child lying in bed in the dark in Gaza as the Israeli air raids take place?

    2 Palestinian women injured as Israel pounds Gaza overnight
    Published today 15/06/2014 13:30

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Palestinian woman and a teenage girl sustained wounds Saturday night in two separate Israeli airstrikes on the Rafah district in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources.

    The military said in a statement that “direct hits were confirmed.”

    The strikes come only three days after Israeli air forces targeted a Palestinian individual associated with Palestinian political and militant group Islamic Jihad in an airstrike that killed him as well as a seven-year-old boy who was walking nearby, and injured another man.

    In the past two weeks, six rockets from the Gaza Strip have hit Israel, all of them landing harmlessly in open areas.


  • Arsalan

    The Zionists do what they do. Because they can.
    They will loss nothing by killing a Palestinian child. or torturing a Palestinians.
    Yes some white liberals will say naughty at them.
    But the Zionoist will respond, “That is antisemetic”, and shut the white liberals up.
    The change will come when when Muslim nations reunite. When Sykes picot is reversed.
    And a Unified Muslim Army removes what the UK created in Palestine. When these young boys you see beaten in that video have the guns, and the soldiers you see in it have nothing but stones to protect themselves. Will they be so brave?

  • Mary

    Ramallah, June 20, 2014

    A 15-year-old boy was shot dead on Friday morning as the Israeli military continued to use crowd-control weapons and live ammunition against civilians in the search for three Israeli teens.

    Mohammad Dudeen, 15, was killed by a single live bullet after dozens of Israeli soldiers descended on his home village of Dura, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron, overnight. The soldiers raided the village as part of a weeklong crackdown on civilians in the West Bank in response to the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers on June 12.

    “Israeli forces have increasingly resorted to the use of excessive force, recklessly firing live ammunition and rubber-coated metal bullets at civilians, including children,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program director at DCI-Palestine. “While Israel claims to open investigations into incidents in which children are harmed, impunity reigns for Israeli soldier violence against Palestinians.”

    In sworn testimonies given to Defense for Children International Palestine (DCI-Palestine), eyewitnesses stated that clashes erupted between local residents and soldiers as the Israeli military forced entry into over 20 homes. Soldiers used crowd-control weapons and live ammunition against youths throwing stones.


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