Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children 83

This is a heartrending documentary from Australia’s national broadcaster, ABC. The terrible fate of the Palestinians at the hands of a world which has accepted the ludicrous claim to a religious Israeli right to their land is incomprehensible in a rational world. The brutality of Israeli soldiers, motivated by views of racial and religious superiority, towards children is sickening.

But it is also deeply sad that it is now impossible that the BBC would ever make a documentary like this, or indeed that anybody in the BBC would ever dare to consider doing it. It must be twenty years since I saw anything remotely as honest on British mainstream television. I am not sure if I will ever live to do so again.

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  • nevermind

    JK Rowling is another person who would want to leave Scotland if it gets Independence, she is paying 1 million up front to her moving company better together. Little does she know that moving on is not their strongest point.

    Why would the Conservative not want to give the vote to 16 year olds? are they too clever and clued up about our party oligarchs? promoting psychopath, selfserving and the manipulation of the electoral system.

    Democracy a British value? More like fiddling the figures.

  • doug scorgie

    Ba’al Zevul (Suffer -the little children!)
    11 Jun, 2014 – 12:48 pm

    “Just a tiny ray of hope here:”

    “In an interview with the JC, the 74-year-old said it is the “destiny” of Israelis and Palestinians to live together side by side, “unfortunately this is not understood by many Jews and Palestinians”.

    Not a “ray of hope” Ba’al, just the same old…same old.

    In fact Reuven Rivlin is more right-wing than Netanyahu:

    “The 74-year-old opposes the creation of a Palestinian state, putting him at odds with the platform adopted by Mr Netanyahu.”

    “He is also a supporter of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, another central issue in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.”

  • Mary

    G4S hires pro-Israel professor to whitewash war crimes

    A careful and devastating analysis by Amena Saleem of Palestine Solidarity Campaign. What is described is really quite astounding…and yet standard behaviour when it comes to defending Israel and allied corporate interests:

    Posted on Medialens by the Editors. The professor concerned is at Kings College, by name one Guglielmo Verdirame, a barrister at 20 Essex Street Chamnbers where he is listed as Junior Counsel. Listed in the members is Sir Daniel Bethlehem, late legal adviser to the Foreign Office. No more need be said.


  • Tony M

    I’ve never got what the insane hype is about JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books, it seems large number of adults favourite book is derivative escapist children’s fiction, which says much about their language skills, reading comprehension and intelligence. Stuck forever in pre-adolescence, in fantasy worlds of magical beliefs and silly superstitions, this Rowling seems to have stolen the target audience once suckers for religions to capture, the lost cause people like those scary hide-bound GnoFolk, living and breathing deeply of the toxic propaganda fog, knowing carriers of its hope-destroying disorder.

    Is the real world too difficult for them to deal with, that they live in a world of fairies, pixies and wizards? This burgeoning generation of mental degenerates deserves serious study as a matter of urgency, amongst them will be found the next Thatcher, George Bush or Tony Blair. At one time in human evolution most people I would guess quickly outgrew the childish pulp fiction of their embryonic days of Farley’s Rusks, dolls and cuddly toys, and with it, Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, Secret Seven and all of that fodder, the genre of which Rowling is but the latest to artlessly revamp, no longer now just for children but for the hard of thinking of all generations.

  • Abe Rene

    This looks like a disturbing report – I’ve only seen the transcript so far. I can’t believe that anyone who tortures children is acting legally, and the Israeli government will have to punish the people responsible.

  • Mary

    O/T So what was it all about? A very expensive and futile exercise.

    Breaking news No evidence after Madeleine searches
    No evidence relating to missing Madeleine McCann identified after searches in Portugal, say British police

  • Aidworker1


    Thank you for posting this – it’s left me angry and tearful. I hadn’t seen this.

    Keep up the good work – both you and Mary!

  • Jay

    All such passionate people and wonderful people, with all the world to behold options seems so limited .
    Aren’t we at a peak of knowledge that we can’t create something more for these people.

    Limited options. Where are the big thinkers!

  • Greennumberplate

    Hi Craig,
    As an Ecumenical Accompanier, recently returned from 3 months service in the West Bank, I can tell you that my colleagues and I witnessed this harassment of children by the Israeli military on a routine basis, every day in Palestinian villages, bedouin communities and refugee camps across the West Bank. One of our regular duties was the Unicef funded Access to Education ‘school run’, to provide protective presence for Palestinian kids going to school. Each morning at school time, the IDF sends fully armed soldiers with teargas cannons and stun grenades into villages, targeting the school entrances to intimidate, taunt and harass the kids and teachers. This frequently escalated into teargassing, whole communities being terrorised and kids being detained and taken away. Another tactic is that Palestinian municipal authorities in these villages are denied permission to construct school crossings or road safety warning signs or do anything to improve safety for kids near schools. At one of our regular schools, the Israelis issued a demolition order on a safety barrier that the school had erected at its entrance after a 7 year old girl was killed by an Israeli settler car. When we asked soldiers why they came to the villages, they always replied that it was because the kids threw stones. This was absurd. This harassment of children and other human rights violations we observed, like the cutting of hundreds of olive trees, were clearly strategic military actions targeting Palestinian villages in locations where the Israelis want to expand settlements. The military were clearly working in concert with the Israeli Settlers. And of course, a number of Israeli government officials, such as Avigdor Lieberman, have homes in West Bank settlements.

    In January 2014, in his unequivocal final report as the UN special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, Richard Falk sets out Israel’s numerous violations of International Humanitarian Law and human rights law and its non-cooperation with the UN. He describes Israel’s oppressive occupation as ‘designed to encourage residents to leave Palestine, which is consistent with the apparent annexationist, colonialist and ethnic-cleansing goals of Israel, especially in relation to the West Bank including East jerusalem.’ He goes on to say, ‘It is past time for the United Nations to take action that seeks to protect the rights of the Palestinian people…’

  • BrianFujisan


    Thank you for that

    are you part of Breaking the silence ?

  • andreas w . mytze

    so much stuff, who can oncentrate on what?
    did you know that israel tried to assassinate an us ambassador in lebanon
    (was it in 1982?)? not widely reported at the time it seems. this diplomat now lives in france, published a book a few years ago about this.
    andreas w. mytze (holocaustgeschädigt?)
    gretchenfrage: who turns 90 tomorrow? (yes, correct!)

  • Kempe

    ” I’ve never got what the insane hype is about JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books, ”

    Errm, I don’t think anybody actually believes JKR’s stories really happened anymore than anyone imagines that Martin Chuzzlewit and The Wife of Bath were real people. If you want to study suckers who live in a fantasy world try David Icke’s website.

  • guano


    The Big Thinkers of our time have followed Usama Bin Laden down a lizard’s hole of endless war. The only way for Muslims to get a better deal is for them to reform. Sacrificing hundreds of thousands for a fleeting moment of power, as in Libya, might justify make Al Qaida feel justified in its big collaboration with the USUKIS superpower.

    Killing one Muslim is enough to send you to jahannam, so is that whiff of power worth the sacrifice of the entire population of Syria for example? Company managers are now enjoying that whiff of Victorian, Thatcherite, pre-union power. Obama has just borrowed 5 billion dollars to keep Al Qaida on the addiction of slaughter.

    We can only deal with our politicians. Day by day force them to accept responsibility for the mayhem they cause. The Al Qaida people believe they are better Muslims than anyone. But they will be the greatest losers on the Day of Resurrection when they find that the adrenolin kick the Obamas and Camerons afford them as obedient slaves in creating mayhem, has earned them their place in the Fire.

  • BrianFujisan

    andreas w . mytze

    thanks for that…very interesting…i shall look into that

  • Rehmat

    Andreas Mytze – the failed Israeli assassination attempts on US ambassador and Gen. Dempsey are old stories.

    The publisher-editor of ‘Atlanta Jewish Times’, Andrew B. Alder, in his January 13, 2012 Op-Ed, entitled What would you do? – called for assassination of US President Barack Obama by Israeli Mossad – as one of three options to stop Islamic Republic achieving nuclear capability. Andrew Alder’s three options, were; “Strike Hizbullah and Hamas, strike Iran or “order a hit” on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!”

  • Ba'al Zevul (Diamond Geezer)

    One contribution from someone who has actually been there and seen it is worth more than any other contribution. Thank you.

    Doug, What you say about Rivlin is valid. However, he has been supportive of Arab interests, and I don’t think he subscribes to the rabid Netanyahu/Liebermann mindset. It’s been suggested – and the evidence doesn’t contradict this at all – that the two-state solution is a dead duck, and it is far more convenient for Israel to continue to pay lip service to something becoming more impractical by the day than to honestly engage in a unified state, which is what Rivlin, I think, would support.

    OK, maybe it’s more of a feeble glimmer of hope, in that Rivlin isn’t fully behind ethnic cleansing. But I think it’s there.

    Compare and contrast the highly partial Martin Indyck, who was Kerry’s negotiator in the last round of doomed talks: an arch-neocon, strongly wedded to Israel, and superficially in favour of the two-state solution. Or Blair, ditto, and rightly ridiculed by the Palestinians for his unconcealed bias. What they want is a set of Bantustans, labelled, but not recognised by anyone as a ‘state’, from which hedge funds can milk large profits on minimal, and inappropriate, investment.

    As long as Israel can continue to insist at the same time that it favours two states and that a separate contiguous Palestinian state is not acceptable, this miserable state of affairs will grind on and on, while Israel continues to steal land and displace Palestinians. I say Rivlin has one basic fact straight; as he said, Israelis and Palestinians are doomed to live side by side…damn it, they’re almost the same people, after all. A glimmer of hope, then.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Diamond Geezer)

    * … the same people…

    Too sweeping, sorry. The Sephardim and the Pals are, maybe. The Khazar Ashkenazim have closer bonds with Russians, of course.

  • Jay

    That’s the importance of anti-racism and anti-tribalism and to fervor common ground in religions and maybe a move to soft conservatism as a regulation on globalisation and cultural changes.

  • Yonatan

    Israel has its fan club. There are reports that Kiev regime is using white phosphorus shells to bombard the civilians in Slaviansk

  • Geoffrey

    Thank you Greennumberplate,your report gives first hand corroboration that the aim of the Israeli soldiers menacing is to clear the Palestinians in order to make way for settlers as the ABC documentary suggests.
    Thank you.

  • craig Post author


    Thank you. You are one example of what makes it worth while to keep this blog going.

  • Mary

    I would take John Pilger over you any day.

    Ms Fersuson sounds jolly good. Tell her to come back to Britain. We could do with her at the BBC instead of all the Zionist stooge incumbents.

    Anyway just to cheer you up, here’s your national anthem.

    Has Mr Abbott found that plane yet? Oh No. Of course not. He hasn’t had time because he’s been over here in Europe and then in Canada with that nice Zionist Mr Harper.

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