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  • Macky

    Resident Dissident; “What right do you think that you have to make all and sundry account for their actions in your usual hectoring manner when you so conspicuously resist being held to account for your own”


    Resident Dissident; “David Holden

    What makes you think that only those who share your extremely narrow viewpoint are capable of sincerity of feeling?

    If you want to accuse people of lying might I suggest you
    1. Present your evidence
    2. Do so in rather plainer English
    3. Reach a mental age associated with the correct use of capital letters.
    4. Don’t be flattered by Macky, he has no sense of humour and all he knows of satire is that his heroes lock people away for it”


    Golden comic irony at its very best !! 😀

  • Resident Dissident


    Thanks for pointing out the obvious – but my policy is one of giving back as I receive, although with possibly a little more flair and humour.

  • Macky

    @Resident Dissident,

    Glad you agree that your hilarious hypocrisy is so “obvious” ! 😀

    Trust me, flair & humour are so not your strong points !

    Take time to study David Holden subtle satire, and try to pick up some tips ! 😀

  • Resident Dissident


    I suppose the accusation of insincerity (better known as lying) was subtle by your standards.

  • Macky

    Habba-Clown; “Too many smileys!”

    Sorry unhappy Habba-Clown, but you two jokers keep cracking me up ! 😀 😀

    It’s the way you post ’em ! 😀

  • Macky

    Resident Dissident; “I suppose the accusation of insincerity (better known as lying) was subtle by your standards”

    Credit where it’s due, you & the Angry Aussie, both exceeded my admittedly very low estimation of your respective perceptiveness, but yes, you know that I personally prefer the more plain-speaking approach, saves a lot of time with dim trolls, especially the clown-like variety! 😀

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