One Turbulent Ambassador 195

It is really wonderful to be back home again after almost six weeks travelling. It is also a tremendous pleasure to be able to announce this:

A play by
Robin Soans
A World Premiere
Directed by
Jessica Swale
One Turbulent Ambassador follows the career of Craig Murray on
his appointment as Her Majesty’s Ambassador and Plenipotentiary
to the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2001.
Murray’s proximity to post 9/11 Iraq forces him into a political
minefield that neither he nor the Foreign Office could have
envisaged. When he walks into a bar in Tashkent late one
Monday night and sees a beautiful belly dancer arching her
limbs, his personal life threatens to become as turbulent as
the political landscape around him.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see the world premiere of Robin
Soans’s newest play, researched and developed in collaboration
with LAMDA students.
Please note that this production contains strong language and
scenes of an adult nature.
Lyric Hammersmith Ticket Office:
0871 22 117 22* (Mon – Sat, 9.30am – 7.30pm, 5.30pm on
non-performance days) or book online at**
* Calls cost 10p per minute, plus network extras. **Agents, industry guests and LAMDA
Angels should continue to book through The LAMDA Linbury Studio Box Office.
Venue Lyric Hammersmith
Dates 7.30pm Mon 02 July
& Times 7.30pm Wed 04 July
2.00pm Thu 05 July
7.30pm Fri 06 July
2.00pm Sat 07 July
7.30pm Mon 09 July
2.00pm Tue 10 July

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195 thoughts on “One Turbulent Ambassador

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  • Mary

    21 April 2012 11.21
    Bahain (sic): ‘Man shot dead’ in protest ahead of Grand Prix
    A man has been found dead with gunshot wounds in Bahrain after overnight clashes with police, activists say, a day before Sunday’s F1 Grand Prix.

    His body was found in the village of Shakoura, near the capital, Manama, an opposition group said.

    On Friday, tens of thousands took part in at times violent protests demanding an end to the crackdown on dissent in the run-up to the rally.

    Armoured vehicles are patrolling the streets of Manama ahead of the race
    Did you know that the little octogenerian Bernie E had sold out?
    He is just the front man. See {}
    A very tangled web of deals and acquisitions. You see the names of JP Morgan, Lehman Bros, CVC, Morgan Grenfell etc etc.

  • Mary

    This is Kinninmont again. Last time she was dissing Asma Assad on Radio 4 Today but now she makes an apology for Bahrain (crown prince is a reformer!!) and the difficulties in our arms trade. What a horrible woman. She is of course from Chatham House.


    Nowhere is it mentioned that the US Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain which is the real reason for the West to condone what is happening there and to have not intervened in shutting down this obscene Ecclestone roadshow.

  • Parky

    I had to laugh when I heard that “Red” Ken Livingston declined to speak on the same panel where the BNP would be represented. Maybe he’s afraid of his many skeletons being tipped out of the cupboard in the face of a worthy opponent or maybe it’s being told to F-off again as he was by the buffoon Boris after he was accused by the mightly Ken of tax avoidance. Odd that’s exactly what Ken had been up to all along though.

  • Passerby

    the only eligible and fully qualified politician’s agent arrested, and currently under investigation by the police.
    Helena Troy a self sustaining and qualified candidate is left standing still.
    Police arrest woman after dummy is put up as candidate for local council elections
    Fact that the rest of the dummies elected will be costing ship loads more in terms of expenses and then some somehow has been overlooked and is not under the spotlight.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch the single mother on benefits who has paid a scrap man £60 to take her rubbish away and then wound up in the court for not ensuring the chap was a licensed operator!!!!!!
    Note the Kafkaesque “ensuring a licensed operator” responsibility is shoved into the law. Hence the poor woman has been given three months suspended sentence.
    There is shit loads of money to be made out of scrap, waste and rubbish. Those carpetbaggers in the process of creating a monopoly will go so far as legislating for noxious gas removal which will include anyone farting without paying a licensed operator to vacuum it up will wind up in jail.
    Check out the waste management industry racket, and it is all for the benefit of the cleaner and better environment of course!!!!!!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq Association

    John Goss,
    I share your concerns. I have credible information from informed opinion that an Israeli strike on Iran is now problematic. Although America has given Israel the coordinates ( from satellite images) of over 100 buildings in the six major Iranian nuclear complexes and have indicated a further 80, some are dummy sites, others are in populated areas and most are well protected by tunnels, caves and hardened facilities. Logistically in a first air strike Israel is obliged(feedback, support, refueling) to use Jordanian and Iraqi air-space. The flight using F-151, known as Ra’am or Thunder in Israel, probably via Greece and Bulgaria to Georgia and exit to US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The payloads would be GBU-28 and bunker-busters bought from the US. Should this fail a second strike will use long range cruise and/or ballistic nuclear weapons.
    The Israeli Air Force has three squadrons [150, 199 and 248 squadrons] equipped with Jericho nuclear-tipped missiles at the Sedot Mikha [Sdot Micha] base, 45 km south of Tel-Aviv.

    The Sedot Mikha Jericho IRBM base is located near the town of Zekharyah, east of Ashkelon and south east of Tel Nof AB, and south of the Sorek River between Kiriat-Gat and Beit-Shemesh.
    Recent intelligence suggests Iran has BM-25s, the Russian-designed missiles have a range of around 1,500 miles and if a nuclear second strike by Israel is detected, these missile will be equipped with nuclear war-heads from North Korea. Iran also now has S-300SP missile systems sold via Belarus. In addition Iran will attempt to choke the strategic Strait of Hormuz.
    I believe British intelligence have warned Israel that a sudden strike on Iran could precipitate a general war throughout the Middle East and/or a nuclear confrontation. Thus the present UK led game to isolate Iran from Syria by invoking regime change and puppet control is deemed necessary to prevent Iran escalating any future conflict using proxy groups such as Hezbollah or Hamas to attack Israel proper with suicide bombings, covert CBR attacks, and increased missile attacks from Gaza, Southern Lebanon and Syria.
    It is crucial right now that Assad keeps control; else armageddon becomes a reality.

  • Rose

    RIP Jack Ashley – surely one of the good guys to have graced the Houses of Parliament and a reminder that not all who seek office are self-serving hypocritical b…….s with their feet and snouts planted firmly in the trough.

  • guano

    From time to time the rich and powerful, who are both physically and spiritually weak as ditch-water, have to take out their toys and play with them for a while, to remind themselves about the power in their hands. Then it’s smacked bottoms all round and they have to put them back in the cupboard again and go to bed early.
    What have they gained from any of their power? Just confirmation of the fact that are greater criminals than their predecessors Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, or their contemporaries, Pol Pot, Saddam, Gaddaffi, Karimov. Confirmation that the ends do not justify the means. Confirmation that political lying from any quarter will always be exposed by honest souls who will then be oppressed by overwhelming violence in a vain attempt to force them to swallow the lies of those political minds. Violence that not required if politicians had not lied in the first place, because in general people will support any caused that is honest and clear.
    The presence of these weapons of mass destruction mean BY DEFINITION that their owners are liars.

  • nevermind

    How fast can the Dolphin class subs be equipped with SLBM’s is crucial then, whats you score on this, Mar G.?
    If Israel does not want to announce its attack, is it not most likely to occur via cruise missiles, tipped with small nuclear devices, or Trident, although I’m not sure whether the Dolphin class fits Trident, but it surely fits popeye’s.

    In June 2000, for example, the London Sunday Times reported that Israel had secretly test-fired cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons off the coast of Sri Lanka. Quoting Israeli defense sources, the paper reported that the tests were conducted by two Dolphin-class submarines and involved Israeli-made missiles equipped with conventional warheads hitting targets at sea at a range of about 1,500 kilometers. The sources were quoted as saying the launches were intended to simulate swift retaliation against a preemptive nuclear attack from Iran.
    While the IDF dismissed the report, it is exactly this veil of secrecy that helps enhance deterrence.

    Israel has never admitted that it has any cruise missiles; however, Jane’s Defense Weekly has claimed that it modified the Popeye Turbo into an air-launched cruise missile with a range of more than 200 km. The Popeye was developed and built by Rafael, which has a sophisticated missile development division.

  • craig Post author


    North Korea doesn’t yet have viable nuclear warheads to attach to ballisitic missiles. The ability to trigger a nuclear explosion in controlled conditions on (or under) the ground does not confer that.

    Otherwise, I agree that the obstacles to an Israeli airstrike are serious.

  • John Goss

    Mark, you are well-informed on the weapons and forces possessed by both Israel and Iran. Like Craig I have not heard that North Korea has any nuclear warheads. However, as it borders the Russian Federation, although the border is only 17 kilometres wide, according to Wikipedia, and has a much bigger border with China, its main trading partner, nobody can actually be sure what weapons, if any, have been sold to North Korea. It is doubtful if any of them would be nuclear. However, Russia, appears to be supplying Syria, though the report is Reuters, so you take your pick what you believe.

  • Komodo

    If (censored)’s intention is to destroy Iran’s hardened underground facilities, I am not sure a cruise missile is the ideal tool. It’s just not fast enough to deliver the required penetration. A streamlined bomb with a strong and heavy case, rocket assisted, or dropped from a great height, is needed. Hence the US arms industry’s gleeful delivery to (censored) of just such weapons.

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