Civil War Certain as “Afghan National Army” Now Over 60% Tajik 33

There are any number of “Big lies” put forward by the USA in Afghanistan and slavishly repeated by our politicians and media. Here are a few of the “Big lies”:

– The Karzai government is democratically elected

– The Afghan anti-occupation fighters are all Taliban supporters

– Most opium is produced in Taliban controlled areas

– Women’s rights are now respected in Afghanistan

But I want today to tackle this particular “Big lie”:

– The Afghan National Army is ethnically balanced.

There has been a consistent parroting by the Western media of the line that NATO troops operate “in support of” the Afghan National Army, and that this is a genuine force reflecting the whole nation. This propaganda has gone as far as releasing falsified figures of the ethnic composition of the Afghan National Army. These false figures have reflected the “Eikenberry Rule” set out by the Americans.

Under General Karl Eikenberry’s rule, the Afghan army should be 38 percent Pashtun, 25 percent Tajik, 19 percent Hazara and eight percent Uzbek. That would bring it much closer to reflecting the nation’s ethnic composition.

But a very concerned serving British officer of some seniority has just leaked to me that the truth is that the Afghan National Army is now over 60% Tajik, and that figure is increasing. The Pashtun figure is hovering below 20% and may have been overtaken by the Uzbeks.

In other words the “Afghan National Army” is just the Northern Alliance in very expensive NATO provided uniforms.

By carrying the northern alliance with our troops into the solid Pashtun tribal areas as an alien occupying force, we are stoking still further the ferocity of a future civil war. Karzai of course will be safe in Switzerland counting his looted cash by then.

Don’t expect to see this in the mainstream media any time soon. Instead you will hear the “Eikenberry rule” figures repeated as if they were reality rather than a spectacularly failed target.

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33 thoughts on “Civil War Certain as “Afghan National Army” Now Over 60% Tajik

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  • arsalan


    Not even the so called Afghan Government supports the Afghan Government.

    It is no secret it is a puppet, and a government in name only.

    That’s why the only people Karzia can find to be his body guards are American soldiers.

  • Lajber Ali khan

    How did you find the calculation about the ANA that the percentage of Pashtoon has fallen down. This is also propaganda against Pashtoon that the western media is blowing around.

    This is always very panic to every Pashtoon that every site is complicating the issue by abusing my tribe here in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan.

    When you clearly know that Pashtoons are making the 68-70% of whole population of Afghanistan then how do you dare to say that we are downsizing.

    If you really want to know that the reality then come down to Afghanistan and counts the widows of those Pashtoons who were part of the system as Afghan National Army in Pashtoons Provinces.

    I believe it a shy to those who ignore the reality, and hopefully it is cleared to all readers of this topic!

    Lajber Ali Khan

  • James


    We complain about the lack of skill and and the rate of dissertations among pashtuns soldiers. Their sympathy for taliban and opium use. In fact, it is these experienced tajik troops who have created some honor for this ANA of urs. otherwise, ANA would be just a disorganized, inexperienced militia

    But this 60% tajik figure is too much exaggerated. Pashtuns make up 40% of the ANA so do the Tajiks. The remaining 20% are the rest of Afghanistan

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