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by craig on May 23, 2014 5:31 pm in Uncategorized

No politics tomorrow.  Instead there will be a short post entitled – Amanda Knox, Oscar Pistorius and the McCanns.  Guilty as hell.

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  1. I usually enjoy your blog Craig, but seriously, that is tasteless.

  2. If the McCanns are guilty, one has to wonder what is their motive in keeping the case in the public eye. Without their ceaseless pressure on the police and media, the case would have been forgotten long ago. It would be the most elaborate and sustained double-bluff in history.
    I don’t buy it, Craig.

  3. Knox and Pistorius – yes.

    The McCanns – really not. That’s crazy.

  4. Why in hell would one want to use these three cases for a story and one outcome? The need to shine? is there something that has any relevance for us here, re: Pistorius?

    Is it not enough that the mass/tabloidally challenged media, this includes the BBC, off course, is spinning this every possible way?

    Go ahead create another tabloid. How about a Neill Adams column and how NCFC will stay in the doldrums for the next three years?
    And you could put anon in charge of the crime column. Then there are multiple applicants for the stargazer/astrologer spot and we could officially adopt Habby as our collective pet.

    Worst idea ever, imho, and beware those experienced in libel.

    My best to nadira and the family, enjoy the weekend.

  5. You’re following the agenda now, good boy.

  6. Pistorius is South African and Knox is American, so why should this have any relevance for us, unless it is to wind up and goad the tabloids?

    To show us how viscose and bent the law is? big deal, whats worth reporting about that? Both are runners from the law in their own way, but not worth talking about.

    Here are a few fugitives no tabloid shoul;d be without.

  7. I hope you’re being ironic, Craig, regarding the McCanns. Or that you have reliable information that justifies the statement that they are guilty. We had a woman called Lindy Chamberlain whose baby was taken by a dingo. Hilarious, i know. The jokes keep getting better. Anyway, she was dragged to hell and back for the crime of failing to act like the distraught mother that TV has taught us is to expect of an innocent mother who has suddenly lost her child. Looking forward to your post.

  8. I have reached no conclusions about any of these events, except that they are all massive media distractions. Children go missing in vast numbers all the time, and enormous numbers of people are murdered – usually by Governments in foreign countries. We rarely hear the details of any of this, and instead are distracted and terrorised by multiple methods such as these.

    I am now totally convinced that some major media events are totally fabricated. I completely believed in The Moon Landings until about 15 years ago, then I saw a video of men walking on the moon – projected in a pub – by a Police Cover Band…Having recently done a lot of video work…and knowing about one sixth gravity…My mouth just gaped wide open…This simply does not look right…

    Why does this photo look like it does? This thing has supposedly just landed on the moon – yet the concrete dust has not in the slightest bit been disturbed. Strange that.




    23 May, 2014 - 8:03 pm

    Maybe influential types can convince the EU to enact a universal legal system as good as Italy’s. Double-jeopardy could be just as effective as doing away with the jury system. A Star Chamber might manipulate the correct tone in the politics of fear with a well-placed cudgel rather than a level-playing field for both the State and the Defendant.

  10. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    23 May, 2014 - 8:10 pm

    I suggest that commenters exercise just a little self-restraint (I know it’s a big ask) and await Craig’s post. It might not be exactly what they’re expecting.

  11. I’ll look forward to the post tomorrow, since I enjoy this site.

    I’m a bit sceptical of calling people guilty who have never been called to trial, though. Call me old-fashioned or just call me a ‘typical middle class socialist’ (one of those is fairly accurate) but for all it’s many faults, the justice system is all we’ve got. None of its faults can be rectified by arbitrary nomination of who is and who isn’t guilty. (It’s the McCanns I’m thinking of).

  12. Well, he’s already done a post on Foxy Knoxy and she was found guilty, so unless he’s changed his mind on that it’s hard to see how he might otherwise relate the three.

    Can’t really see what the McCanns are supposed to guilty of.


    23 May, 2014 - 8:24 pm

    Well Amanda Knox had a trial, but she is certainly guilty of being American.

  14. Sadly, probably true. What they all have in common is friends in high places.

  15. Bored Craig? Designed to provocate.The McCanns? In a place that is not their own ,in a foreign land,they murder or kill their own daughter and manage to hide all the evidence whilst keeping the case in front of the eyes of the police very much alive.We are talking about a mother here,not just Mr McCann.Knowing as much as you I firmly disbelieve that it is possible.
    Pistorius without any shadow from a doubt.
    Foxy Knoxy? That is a conundrum. Gut feeling says njet,the behaviour after the event said yes.The whole story was sensationalized from the first beginning.I used to think that the Police were interested in finding the murderer,but now I know they desire to close the case asap.

  16. If not a joke, pretty dodgy on the McCanns

  17. Resident Dissident

    23 May, 2014 - 9:51 pm


    I suspect you may be right – the question is who is guilty in those cases. Believers in liberty are usually strong supporters of the presumption of innocence.

  18. I am surprised at the surprise. I have posted on the McCanns before.

  19. I always thought Facial Expressions Re the McCanns told the story.. Guilty big time..If even only for leaving the wee yin Behind… at Base for some hours…

    P.s it happen to Portuguese…kids..and other nationalities ALL the time.., Children abductions..is a big problem in Portugal…So i hear from a native of Portugal


    24 May, 2014 - 12:03 am

    “If even only for leaving the wee yin Behind… at Base for some hours…”

    Both being Drs. makes the irresponsibility more profound, but child endangerment is not what Craig refers to when he say’s ‘guilty’. I know this because I used the same intuitive code-ring Craig found in the cereal box.

  21. I’ll be more than happy to see what you have to say about the McCann case, Craig. It’s been a very odd ordeal all round. I think much too little attention is given to the class of the McCanns, when compared with similar cases.

    Several missing children cases have been jumped on by the press & MSM to vilify working class parents – or the perceptions thereof – over the past few years, whereas the McCanns were largely given a pass, other than the stupid, (I assume) politically-motivated stuff in the Daily Express.

    Moreover (and obviously related to the class issue), I can’t think of a single other similar case where the parents of the missing children had access to such incredible PR mechanisms, with direct governmental links, to shape public perception of the case.

    The very fact that such mechanisms were deemed necessary only amplifies my own suspicions, and should do so for anyone with an insight into how the public narrative is shaped by the PR industry (which I assume constitutes a large number of the readers here).

    Some background – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Madeleine_McCann#Media_and_the_McCanns

    P.S. I’m a little drunk, so forgive my lack of cogency. :)

  22. Horizonism

    Yes, the PR professionals and especially the use of Carter Ruck has been extremely distasteful

  23. Craig, I agree with you

  24. Controversial!

    I tend not to follow these grim cases. Some people do, each to their own, but it just takes so much effort to get on top of the evidence, and I’ve got many other things to read. I’d make the effort were I on the jury, of course. I will of course posit an opinion for no other reason than I can. My opinion is totally worthless, I agree.

    McCann bloke looks a shifty bugger and no mistake. Every time I see him I think ‘nut job’.

    That Knox bird is cute, but has dead eyes. Is lying about something, but I’m not convinced she did it.

    Oscar Pistorius is so obviously guilty, I’m amazed there is still a trial. Got angry, shot at his cowering girlfriend, bang to rights. Even if it’s possible he wasn’t aiming at her, you can’t go shooting at bathroom doors in a rage. Has to be at least manslaughter, and that’s being generous. I can only assume political interference is keeping the case alive.

    I am available for a tabloid column, and quite cheap.

  25. The McCaans are seeking the truth about what happened to their daughter..as for the other 2 I agree. Bit tasteless mate.

  26. On the subject of the McCann case the ‘Pat Brown profiler’ blog is,rightly or wrongly,worth a read imo.

  27. It was when Broon got on board and seconded Clarence Mitchell to the couple that got me puzzled. Why?


    http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/417751/McCann-media-man-Clarence-Mitchell-to-stand-for-Tories LOL

    His Twitter profile.
    ‘Clarence Mitchell @mitch_1uk
    Conservative PPC for Brighton Pavilion, Head of Media, EMEA B-M UK. Likes the media, Tory Party, Triumph TRs, photography, BHAFC and Chelsea.’

    B-M UK = Burston Marsteller is a global public relations and communications firm headquartered in New York City. Burson-Marsteller operates 67 wholly owned offices and 71 affiliate offices in 98 countries across six continents.

    Ubiquitous. PsyOps inc Ukraine.

  28. Craig’s McCann previous for the newbies here.


  29. Note that he was on the high profile cases for the BBC. Jill Dando, the Wests, Diana, etc.
    SIS links?

    From a BBC puffpiece

    ‘Clarence left the BBC quite suddenly, making a move into the Labour government as director of its Media Monitoring Unit. His salary was widely reported to be £70,000 a year.

    Madeleine McCann
    Madeleine was last seen on 3 May

    As the Madeleine McCann story exploded this summer, it became clear that a high level of control and organisation would be needed to cope with the media maelstrom.

    Clarence was plucked from his job, and sent out to handle the media, rather than be part of the media, on a massive crime story. Now he’s left his government job and gone in with the McCanns full-time.

    Setting aside the essential tragedy of whatever happened to Madeleine McCann, I would imagine Clarence is content in his new role as the family’s voice.

    He’s centre stage on a huge story, intimately involved as ever, and on television and in the papers all the time.

    It was extraordinary how, last week, his intervention seemed to eliminate within hours any misgiving about the McCanns in the British media.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he gets to tell us Madeleine has been found safe and well?’

    Profile: Clarence Mitchell

  30. Jemand You can surely ascertain that it was taken down for a reason. Have you heard how many threats of legal action Craig has withstood over the years?

  31. I agree,Craig.

  32. Craig, very much looking forward to it.

    The McCann case stinks to high heaven – if you’re a blood dog or a cadaver dog, that is.
    As for a double bluff – the PR route takes on a life and fund of its own, so there’s no shying away from the ongoing publicity.

    Tony, you’re not alone regarding the Apollo story…

  33. The car that the McCann’s used was a hire car which, quite obviously, had an unknown history which could have included the transport of a deceased person. It is therefore of no value in the absence of further direct evidence.

  34. Scouse Billy

    24 May, 2014 - 4:15 pm

    And the apartment, Jemand?

  35. “And the apartment, Jemand?”

    Rented too.

    Scouse Billy, people don’t always die conveniently in hospital or at home. And objects contaminated with minute traces of a corpse will probably register positive with a cadaver dog.

    Crime mysteries aren’t mysterious for having an easy explanation for everything. They are mysterious because of a puzzling convergence of unlikely factors that remain inexplicable.

    If you understand probability, then you understand that it is highly improbable that a complex scenario will be comprised of the most probable factors. The most probable scenario therefore is likely to contain one or more improbable factors and maybe an exceedingly improbable one that renders a correct explanation implausible.

    Have you ever heard of “a series of unfortunate events”? Most of us have had some really bad days where everything goes wrong. Some people have had really bad days where everything goes wrong plus someone either dies or disappears. How prepared are you to accept a suspect’s story that describes a series of unlikely events?

  36. Scouse Billy

    24 May, 2014 - 5:09 pm

    You haven’t researched this thoroughly, have you?

    And having spent spent half my working life as a professional statistician, I have more than a grasp of understanding probability.

    As a psychologist, by academic background, I don’t “buy” the McCann’s behaviour either.

    There are many aspects to this case that defy coincidence theory and I await Craig’s post with interest in case he has information that I have not yet seen.

  37. Well, Mr Billy, that is the reason why some innocent people need to lie in order to save their hides – because people like you sitting on the jury are not prepared to accept the truth if it sounds anything like a series of unlikely events. But lying carries a risk that, if the lie is exposed, the truth is even less credible. Now that’s justice for you.

  38. Jemand – consistently an image is worth more than a thousand words…

  39. @Craig: I am surprised at the surprise. I have posted on the McCanns before.
    Indeed, Ex-Excellency. Any sycophant worth his salt should be shocked, shocked that anyone would question the pronouncements of an ex-Ambassador.

    As for me, I’ll let the South African judge decide whether Pistorius is guilty. Knox was certainly found guilty, but the American tradition of double jeopardy may prevent her extradition. As for the McCanns – I don’t know. Let the police investigations take their course.

  40. Mark Golding, give us a couple of dozen for that pic of Kate McCann. Because to me, it looks like a pic of an ordinary person walking.

  41. Scouse Billy

    24 May, 2014 - 5:51 pm

    Interesting – “The McCann case stinks to high heaven…”, is what I said.

    A little girl went missing – unsupervised by the parents according to same.

    They are not exactly “innocent” by any standards – the only question is for what and to what extent are they guilty.

    A thorough investigation by the Portuguese authorities was not carried out/permitted.

    I reiterate, I look forward to Craig’s post.

    If you’ll pardon my French, what the fuck’s your beef?

  42. Is that curt remark directed at me Mr Billy?

  43. Scouse Billy

    24 May, 2014 - 6:32 pm

    Jeez, Sherlock, do you think it’s probable or just coincidence?

    No, feel free not to bother answering – I’m bored with you and looking forward to Craig’s, no doubt more enlightened offering.

  44. Jemand and Scouse Billy – brilliant! Perhaps they’ll annihilate in a puff of opposing contradictory illogic.

  45. Well isn’t this interesting.

    Mr Billy, let me reintroduce you to an old nemesis or yours, Clark. He might be able to teach you something about the long standing and civilised principle of “presumption of innocence” versus the common practice of vulgar gossip. But don’t count on it. Your mutual intolerance of each other and history of irrational and hostile exchanges speaks volumes for the prospects of intelligent debate here – which is, of course, almost always none.

  46. Scouse Billy

    24 May, 2014 - 8:36 pm

    … and what are you puffing tonight?

  47. Mr Billy, go ahead and have the last word. Try to make it a nice one.

  48. Scouse Billy

    24 May, 2014 - 9:50 pm

  49. Clarence Mitchell spooked up to the max.

    And why were MI5 in attendance at PR strategy meetings?

    Does every missing child get this attention?

    I think not.

    Whole case stinks to high heaven.

  50. In sight Scouse Billy insight – and I am sure Craig knows more than posted:


    Money? Experiment? Genetic modification? – the connection seems strong…

  51. Yes, Mark, I have seen it and read the book.
    I have also seen the transcripts of the interviews by Leicester police of David Payne and the couple that alleged the offensive interaction between Gerry McCann and Payne on a previous holiday. Leaves an unpleasant taste, so to speak.

    On another note, are you by any chance familiar with Lars Drudgaard?
    I won’t post a link because his research is not for the faint-hearted but his talk at the Open Minds Conference 2012 in Denmark is very interesting. You are one of the few I have come across that I think could handle it.

  52. Warm regards Scouse Billy – Interestingly mind conditioning i.e. to suppress strong negative emotions by certain frequency waves from RF or other implants is a blunt reality. As is the little divulged experiments in brain transplants.

    We have moved on from ‘Cadavers for Sale’ to something much more sinister.

  53. Mark Golding ^


    MK-Ultra is flourishing these days.

    Not too mention Targeted Individuals,Gang-Stalking,Zerzetzen,Psychotronics and No-Touch Torture.

    These are all,also,flourishing these days too.


    I sense you know this Mark-and others here do too.

  54. Charlie Bean, the bean counter at the Bank of England is preparing the citizens for bank rate rises to a probable 3%. But only in ‘baby steps’. Have you ever heard anything so stupid. Anyway, prepare for the next crash as mortgages go unpaid.

    ‘It as if 2007 never happened’ as one of the comments says below.

    Outgoing BoE policy maker Charlie Bean warns of ‘potholes’ ahead
    By Sam Fleming

    Financial markets bear worrying similarities to conditions that prevailed before the crash of 2007-09, a senior Bank of England policy maker has warned.

    Charlie Bean, a deputy governor at the BoE, used his final speech in the post to raise concerns about the low levels of volatility in markets and the renewed search for yield among investors.

    “Taken in isolation, this is eerily reminiscent of what happened in the run-up to the crisis,” he said.

    Mr Bean said the fleeting effects of the Federal Reserve-induced “taper tantrum” that briefly roiled markets last year could add to the sense of “complacency and an underestimation of market risk by investors”.

    He warned that there may be “potholes” ahead as central banks prepare to exit from ultra-easy monetary policy.

    In a speech at the London School of Economics, Mr Bean said: “It is inevitable that at some stage market perceptions of uncertainty will revert to more normal levels.

    “That is likely to be associated with falls in risky asset prices and could be prompted by developments in the Ukraine, the faultlines in the Chinese financial sector, monetary policy exit in the advanced economies, or something else. But it will surely come at some point.”

    Mr Bean argued that there had been positive developments in recent years that should help financial sector resiliency.

    These included the higher levels of capital in banks, lower leverage, and stronger visibility of counterparty exposures, which should mean that the risk of major financial problems in advanced economies was much lower.

    Mr Bean is due to retire from the BoE after almost fourteen years on 30 June. He leaves as central bankers continue to debate the correct role of monetary policy in heading off future financial crises.

    Mr Bean said he accepted that monetary policy ought to take greater account of stability concerns, but that it would be a “brave” central banker who deliberately plunged the economy into recession in order to prevent a future financial crash.

    He said so-called macroprudential tools – such as varying capital requirements or levers such as loan-to-income or loan-to-value caps – would be better suited to restraining the build-up of “dangerous financial imbalances”.’



    If he wants to see potholes he can come to Surrey!

    That’s the first I have heard of a ‘macroprudential tool’!

  55. Scouse Billy

    25 May, 2014 - 8:55 am

    Thank you, Mark, and please accept mine too.

    Did you know any transplant, even blood transfusion, “implants” aspects of the donor’s psyche?

    It is something surgeons generally do not talk about but nonetheless is true.

    Does the body rule the mind or the mind rule the body? I don’t know…

    I once worked for a mind control organisation (a la Alan Watt, you could say). Of course, they did not purport to be anything of the sort. Before they let me go, I was warned by the head that I was “dangerously intelligent” – flattering and sinister. I recount this not from an egotistical motive but to emphasise that they don’t want “wise guys”, rather the proverbial useful idiots that can’t see through them, i.e. self-fulfilling compartmentalisation.

  56. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    25 May, 2014 - 9:10 am

    Scouse Billy

    “Before they let me go, I was warned by the head that I was “dangerously intelligent”


    Yes indeed, it shines through every comment you make. There’s no mistaking it.

    One day you might consider applying that dangerous intelligence to replying to questions put to you.

  57. I was talking to, Mark – not you, troll-lite.

    I am not the point – it is the phrase dangerously intelligent.
    An odd combination and from a former senior US military man btw.

    Meanwhile, got anything intelligent to add yourself?
    No, thought not.

  58. You’re a self-righteous hypocritical shit, Craig.
    If you post anything further that libels Mr and Mrs McCann you’ll be keelhauled though the courts, quite rightly.
    Recently someone was jailed for doing just that.
    Your turn soon.


  59. Some of us have posted tirelessly on the fact that Julian Assange has not been charged with any crime and is therefore entitled by legal tradition to the presumption of innocence. Craig has made many comments, i believe, in support of that position. So it is fitting to remind folks commenting on this thread that neither of the McCann’s has been charged with any offence, let alone murder or interference with a corpse, and are thus equally entitled to the same principle that Craig would enthusiastically endorse for the benefit of Assange.


    25 May, 2014 - 10:26 pm

    Public opinion, Legion though it is, is not a substitute for proper evidence of guilt. Everyone has an opinion/anus and through the megaphone of outrage that someone must be punished, comes a horse, darkly. The Lindberg and McMartin cases come to mind.

  61. Wow.

    It’s troll tag-team in here,recently.

    You must be close to the truth Craig.

  62. Funnily enough, Jives, I was thinking exactly the same.

    These callous entities seem to forget the real victim who still awaits a thorough investigation and the chance of justice.

  63. Is that the best you can contribute to the discussion, Jives? A blanket accusation of trolling?

  64. McCanns guilty? Of concealing Madeleine’s death, yes.
    Of sundry other crimes resulting from that criminal action? Yes again.
    Hardly a surprise to the 20,381 members of the Facebook group The Madeleine McCann Controversy who analyse police statements freely available online since 2008 but, mysteriously, a no go area for the UK MSM.
    Scouse Billy seems aware of the protection being afforded to the McCanns, who dare not step out of the media spotlight and are thus tuck in the prison they have built for themselves.
    They chose to ride the tiger, knowing they can never dismount. But how will the nation be prepared for their fall from grace?

  65. To all of you saying maddies parents are innocent, do your research!

  66. 2nd post in this thread, I said “I don’t buy it, Craig.”
    Having followed many links posted here, particularly those concerning David Payne, I am now considering buying it.

  67. I think if people read the official police files which were released they might agree with Craig. E.g. Mccanns lied about the patio being open, they totally changed their original police statements, they told relatives the shutters were jemmied, it was proven impossible (in the Amaral libel case)for an abductor to have climbed out of the window with Maddie, two different types of highly trained dogs separately alerted to two different substances(blood & cadaverine) in exactly the same spot underneath a sofa that Gerry had moved. Eddie the cadaver dog had never once false alerted and he alerted to cadaverine in 11 spots which only related to the Mccanns including on Maddies cuddly toy AND in a hire car they hired 3 weeks after she disappeared.

    Blood was found in the hire car and found to have 15 of 19 alleles common with Maddies DNA. Enough in an English court of law!

    The Mccanns refused to cooperate with the Policia Judicaria and Kate would not answer 48 simple questions to endeavour to find out what happened. What innocent parent would refuse?!

    People like me on twitter who publish and discuss these known facts are constantly abused, stalked and attacked for simply highlighting the police facts. This in itself is telling. The Mccanns themselves have taken legal action against anyone that has opined on these published facts using funds from the ‘find Madeleine’ fund.

    It is also my firm opinion that they are as guilty as hell

  68. joan butterworth

    26 May, 2014 - 1:16 pm

    To the poster(s) who surmises why if the McCanns were guilty do they keep the case in the public eye: It is a time-worn strategy of a guilty criminal to try deflect attention in the opposite direction. I suspected the former Olympic sprinter Linford Christie of steroid use as soon as he called for drug-cheats to banned. Much more seriously, remember Ian Huntley’s conduct at the time of the Soham murders? They are two random examples. And when you’ve people at the highest levels of government protecting you and a cast-iron certainty you’ll never be brought to justice. When you have the BBC and the British Press deifying you and vilifying the conclusions of the Portugese Police…..do you see my point?

  69. Kev, your post is certainly a lot more pertinent than the one from Mr Rees (but it was 15 from 37 I think?)

    But let’s not go spamming Mr Murray’s blog, folks. I’m sure he knows what he thinks about the case already. He doesn’t need our help.

  70. Lyall, no it was originally 15 of 19 which as I said is enough in UK but requirement was changed as Portuguese law requires the set to be 37. It still tells us it was ‘indicative’ of being Maddies blood 3 weeks after her disappearance. Gerry’s phone pings showed up in some very remote places during this time and one theory is that Maddies body was moved in the hire car.

    This isn’t spamming. It’s designed for comment and we’re staying on subject. It just validates Craig’s statement and backs it up with published facts from the official police files.

    It’s important to tell the truth as the main stream media will print anything but

  71. From day one the McCann’s have systematically lied and deceived both the police and the onlooking public. Just a brief amount of time looking into the enormous amount of evidence against these parents is enough to sway the opinion of any poster that is not supporting them in some type of a protection agenda. The consensus I see most is that Maddie McCann was dead well before the exercise was put into place to announce her missing. The fact that incredibly the statement made by a Dr Gaspar which implies that Gerry McCann and David Payne have a sexual interest in infant girls has not been seized on by the media is utterly astounding but perhaps Carter Ruck has played a part in that. I also feel that the overall public perception of this case is changing at an alarming rate and just a thought to end on, why would the parents of a missing child need a ltd company that certainly appeared to be a charity within days of her going missing when surely she could have turned up at any given minute. The fact that Gerry McCann hogged the camera with his long term strategy gave me the impression that he knows only to well that his daughter would never be found.

  72. “If you post anything further that libels Mr and Mrs McCann you’ll be keelhauled though the courts, quite rightly.
    Recently someone was jailed for doing just that.” This is from a post signed by someone called “Wanker” on 25 May at 12:23.
    I wonder if Wanker would be so good as to tell us WHO was jailed for “libel” of “Mr and Mrs McCann” as I have been following this case from the very beginning, but I seem to have missed that.

  73. @ Tracy Kemp 2:39pm

    You just posted my exact thoughts Tracy. No case I can recall places so much evidence in one direction.

  74. @ Petsy 2:40pm

    Well it would appear the courts would be rather busy as it seems most of the country think we are watching a complete farcical extravaganza taking place in which two parents have faked an abduction scenario in order to gain profit.

  75. Lyall, please explain why you consider my comment to not be pertinent; I genuinely cannot understand your reasoning.

  76. Just to say no suspicious reason for non-appearance of post – not had time to finish it yet,

  77. test

  78. Craig, I look forward to your post.

    In particular, I would be interested to read your opinion on the behaviour of Ambassador John Buck, who immediately charged down to the Algarve and insisted that the PJ hold an early press conference, aimed primarily at the UK press, to announce that the poor girl had been abducted.

    I appreciate that it is the duty of the FCO to provide all necessary legal, medical and even financial assistance to British subjects in a spot of foreign bother, but it is highly unusual for a UK diplomat to prematurely impose a groundless (conspiracy) theory on a foreign police force and to help orchestrate a media campaign on behalf of the prime suspects. One is tempted to ask how John Buck could be so sure that it was an abduction within a day or two, when we have yet to see a shred of evidence for abduction a full seven years later.

    Indeed, one is reminded of the embarrassment of Carter Ruck’s Isabel Martorell’s admission in court that there was no evidence for abduction and that her affidavit’s assertion that “Madeleine was abducted” was based solely on what the McCanns had told her.

    Doubtlessly Buck was acting on orders from London (at a time when Blair was still PM), although it subsequently emerged that an unnamed diplomat had expressed doubts to the FCO about the McCanns (re their inconsistencies and lack of cooperation with the PJ).

    Suspicions of TPTB complicity in what is increasingly looking like a national scandal are further fuelled by the Sunday Times report that “a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case”, by the extraordinary chauffeuring service provided to the McCanns on their return to Britain by Special Branch (supposedly responsible for national security), and by the recognition by one of the Tapas 7 lawyers that “the economic and political lobby surrounding the couple is truly frightening to anybody”.
    (From an interview with the Evening Standard, long since whooshed but still available at http://joana-morais.blogspot.ie/2008/06/pj-brought-back-to-portugal-3-of.html?m=1).

  79. Nick

    I know John Buck fairly well. A nice man, but the chances of him ever doing anything without a direct instruction are nil.

  80. I’d like to make one further comment to ponder.

    Gerry Mccanns first statement to the police, which is likely to be the most honest, stated that he and Kate entered the apartment by the front door using keys.

    This would mean walking all the way around to the front if the building so suggests that the patio was locked otherwise it’d be a no brainer.

    This proves that 5a was locked and without any signs of break in but a ‘staged’ opened from the inside window it tells us that abduction was impossible.

    This is why the PJ made them Arguidos

  81. Craig, I take your point about John Buck. He was clearly acting under instructions from London and was most probably the unnamed diplomat who reported his concerns about the McCanns back to London. Political pressure on a reluctant ambassador sounds like familiar terrain for you.

    Further government involvement is indicated by Kate McCann’s rather desperate remarks to Ricardo Paiva on September 3 2007, after he told her that she was going to be brought in for more questioning:

    “but the Portuguese police is being pressured by the Government to end the investigation!”

    That one statement is very very telling indeed, once you make the not unnatural assumption that she was referring to the British government.

  82. Its utterly remarkable that our so called best police in the world are going along with what one poster rightly described as a complete farce. It is common knowledge that these parents used money from donations (fund) to suppress the e-fits that literally pointed the finger directly at Mr Gerry McCann. Now it doesn’t take a genius to draw the conclusion that clearly they (the McCann’s) were fully aware that those e-fits resembled Mr Gerry McCann to an uncomfortable degree hence the 5 year suppression. And the most intriguing part of it being the Mr Redwood would have us believe it was NEW potential evidence knowing full well it was indeed not. Ultimately time will tell if the McCann’s are indeed a pair of liars and set about an incredible hoax or indeed just a pair of heartless parents who thought nothing of leaving 3 tiny infants alone in order to pursue their liking of wine and food. Surely any caring loving parent would have sacrificed their social time to care for a 3 year old child that had by her mothers admission already cried and complained at being left alone. The Gaspar statement in conjunction with the multitude of clearly fabricated statements from the group of friends (especially that of Jane Tanner) should have had Scotland Yard knocking on the McCann’s door with some very pressing questions many years ago. However someone somewhere is not allowing that and until that person is found and the reason exposed the McCann’s will continue this stage show and cement a legacy as the parents who got rich from neglecting 3 infants.

  83. You’re probably right Craig, but what happened to the promised post?

  84. “You’re probably right Craig, but what happened to the promised post?”
    Craig read this:

    OK, his jail sentence was suspended – my bad.

  85. Am curious to see the post, and to know why you haven’t published it Craig.

  86. People can’t be jailed in the UK for libel. It is a civil, not a criminal, offence. I believe Mr Bennett received a suspended jail sentence for contempt of court. So not only has Wanker lied on this blog, trying to scare people off, he’s got his facts wrong as well. It makes one wonder why supporters of the McCanns feel the need to intimidate people like this.

  87. I’m not so sure Knox is guilty.

  88. Petsy: You’re wrong. People can be jailed for anything, literally (and I use that term advisedly) – anything at all, in this country. Even (for instance, as an illustration is probably incumbent upon me at this point) for walking on cracks in the pavement, or feeding pigeons. I suggest you read up to understand the awesome power that various terrorism legislation, ABSOs, special “security” protections and so on have allowed for. Hell, you could land yourself in jail for making just a single inappropriate comment here.

  89. You were warned. Get ready to pay.

  90. McCann bully boy tactics are wearing thin.

    Reading between the lines, it appears that you may well have received some sort of warning from the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, Carter Ruck or John Buck, in addition to the threats from posters like “McCann” or “Enoch”.

    For what it’s worth, I would be happy to pledge £1,000 to any legal fees or costs you may incur.

  91. test ….. sorry

  92. Still not gone to print.
    Have you been leaned on?

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