BBC New Labour Orgasm

by craig on May 23, 2014 4:37 pm in Uncategorized

The BBC is totally out of control. At 16.15, the BBC were reporting Labour net gains of 240 seats out of 3,032 declared. At 15.18 Sky were showing just 171 Labour gains out of a total of 6,137 seats declared.

The BBC are way behind in their totalizing, and cherry picking the Labour gains. The BBC have consistently been showing about 7% of all seats contested as Labour gains. Sky consistently shows under 3% of all seats contested as Labor gains.

This cannot be accidental – it has been a consistent pattern for the last sixteen hours of coverage. Of course it makes no difference to the ultimate result, but what it does is enable the BBC to slant the entire day’s news output to one of Labour success.

The BBC figure of over 7% of all seats contested as Labour gains is ludicrous. It is so far removed from reality, and they are so far behind Sky in adding up the total number of seats, that it is a statistical impossibility for this to have happened as an accident for the last sixteen hours – as impossible as your winning if you just sat in a casino for sixteen hours betting red on every single spin of the roulette wheel. This is deliberate and methodical spin by Purnell’s boys at the BBC.

Those 16.15 figures:


Lab 1461 (+240) Con 1072 (-178) Lib Dem 367 (-233) UKIP 142 (+140)


Lab 3036 (+171) Con 2200 (-167) Lib Dem 745 (-178) UKIP 156 (+140)


To spell it out further.

The BBC is showing New Labour as having a 14% increase in their number of seats.  Sky is showing New Labour as having a 5% increase in their number of seats.

The BBC is showing the Tories as having a 14% decrease in their number of seats.  Sky is showing the Tories as having a 6% decrease in their number of seats.

The BBC is showing the Lib Dems as having a 38% decrease in their number of seats.  Sky is showing the Lib Dems as having a 20% decrease in their number of seats.

This effect can only be achieved consistently by a very careful non-random selection of which seats the BBC is feeding in to their totalizer.  The final figures will prove how mendacious the BBC were – but by the time those are available the results will have slipped down the news agenda.  It is about news management.




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  1. Beeston Regis

    23 May, 2014 - 4:49 pm

    I guess it makes a change from the BBC being the f’n Nigel Farage Show.

  2. Blackburn with Darwen
    Liebour holds.

  3. Poor postmen must have been very busy

  4. Some very interesting comments recently. I now realise that both my cats exhibit serious signs of racism (they are not related and look completely different). They have never let any other cats in the house, but with one exception. After being seperated at the age of 6 weeks, and having no contact for nearly a year, a neighbour’s cat turned up – looking identical to our eldest. This cat was immediately accepted. However, he was born here and is the cat’s brother.

    I also realised some time ago that fish are racist, and extremely territorial.

    Of even more interest is that people are exactly the same, but to varying degrees. Also the vast majority of people are almost totally incapable of objective analysis. They will always tend to find evidence that confirms, their already strongly held views, and dismiss evidence even, if it is overwhelming, that conflicts with that view. The vast majority of people will also almost always obey a strong authority figure, even if they are being instructed to do something that they find highly objectionable – even repulsive.

    There are extremely good historical reasons for this tribalism and compliance. If your tribe is being attacked, there simply isn’t time to argue with your elders. You either do what you are told immediately or your tribe is wiped out.


  5. Do you mean the newly privatised Royal Mail operatives lugging sackfuls of postal votes in like Father Christmas? :)

    They are all new faces and have shiny new vans round here. The bikes have gone. Nearly every day I have to put something back that has been misdelivered in the letter box. Last night there was an item on the ‘news’ (forget which channel) preparing us for the principle of universal delivery to be dropped by the Royal Mail in the near future because of competition from the privateers taking most of the profitable work in the cities and towns. They had someone on from TNT to say it was a scare story. Oh yeah?

    I digress! AlcAnon has put these comments on his blog.

    May 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Craig is doing number puzzles now

    Quite a few people on twitter asking the same question (why are Sky and BBC running totals/gains radically different).

    May 23, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    BBC just commented on the subject of Craig’s latest post live on air. Said that “another broadcaster” is “causing complete chaos” by putting up results and totals for seats that weren’t up for election this time results. BBC standing by their figures and saying Sky are wrong.

    So BBC say they are not behind Sky but Sky are just misleading. Don’t know what Sky will say.’

  6. Sky were showing just 171 Labour gains out of a total of 6,137 seats declared.

    Which is a problem as there were only a bit over 4000 seats up for election last night in total according to BBC. BBC just said on air that “another brodcaster” is “causing complete chaos” by putting up results for seats that were not contested last night.

    Don’t shoot me – I’m only quoting what David Dimbleby said a short time ago. I have yet to hear Sky comment.

  7. Mary

    All good clean fun. Pretty meaningless anyway -the results are enormously skewed by London being over 50% of the total. Even in England there was no vote for most people – no council election here, for example. We will see what is really happening on Sunday with the European vote.


    Local elections 2014: results updated live
    Follow the 2014 local elections results live as more than 4,000 councillors are elected in England across metropolitan boroughs, unitary authorities, non-metropolitan districts and in every seat in every London borough. Figures are updated after overall council results are announced

    Guardian results seem to be running behind the BBC in terms of total seats counted. Current totals at links above

  9. Mary,

    I was intending to post here as well – you just beat me to it while I tried to check a few things :-)

  10. To make matters worse, the BBC have the idiotic Jeremy Vine stalking around over the even more idiotic map in the ‘Election Studio’.

    I keep saying it. The BBC MUST be dismantled.

    As I write the servants to power Huw Edwards is reading the ‘news’ and Nick Robinson is commenting on it. They read the stuff off autocues.

  11. ‘All good clean fun. Pretty meaningless anyway….’

    Don’t know about ‘clean’. It keeps them all in their well paid jobs anyway and sitting on their well padded chairs and sofas. The newspaper reviews illustrate how incestuous the set up is ie each branch of the corporate media feeds off one other and promote each other. The ones ‘chosen’ to review the papers on the BBC and Sky are always the same old faces. They would not countenance having the likes of you or any of us along to say our pieces.

  12. Sorry AlcAnon for ‘queering your pitch’. (that’s a strange expression. Wonder where it came from)*

    You confirmed the Sky/BBC mismatch very well.

    *Travelling showmen and market hawkers also called the place they set out their stalls a ‘pitch’. ‘Queer the pitch’ was frequently used it those circles, and later amongst travelling theatre groups, as meaning ‘distract the paying audience from the show’. Directing the public away from one trader’s business and towards one’s own was an important part of street trading of any sort. There was and still is an established pecking order of positions where a stallholder may ‘pitch up’ on any site. It is a difficult to explain but none the less established fact that a crowd, when entering an open space through an entrance, will veer to the right. The stallholders whose stalls languish on the left-hand side were likely to try any sort of ‘queering’ of the right-hand ground to redirect traffic.

  13. Norwich no change whatsoever, same as it ever was. But UKIP is rattlin the gates nationally alright.
    Colchester the same, a UKIP free zone whilst the rest of Essex went barmy.

  14. For comparison here’s the Daily Mail’s figures as of 6:30pm for net change of seats

    Con -188
    Lab +275
    L/D -273
    UKIP +153
    Ind + 18
    Green +16

  15. lucythediclonius

    23 May, 2014 - 6:52 pm

    Well UKIP have won with a total of 0 councils under their control anyway.

  16. That’s democracy!

  17. Northern Ireland results so far

    Party Share % *
    Democratic Unionist Party 25.84
    Sinn Féin 20.99
    Ulster Unionist Party 17.55
    Social Democratic & Labour Party 11.36
    Alliance Party 6.71
    Traditional Unionist Voice 4.56
    Progressive Unionist Party of NI 2.66
    UK Independence Party 1.89
    Green 0.92

  18. Arthur Penney

    23 May, 2014 - 7:35 pm

    Well as most councils only had a third of councillors up for election (=33.33% for lefties) and you need more than half (50%)to gain control it is apparent to rational people (50%>33.3%) that it was mathematically impossible for UKIP to win any councils (outside London) this year.

  19. Sky now showing with results still coming in.

    Labour +251
    Con -196
    L/D -252
    UKIP +159

  20. I voted UKIP, so apparently under Craig’s definition I am a racist.

    Actually I Am a Left Wing Capitalist, but have recently have been trying to hide it by writing in all lower case too.


  21. Resident Dissident

    23 May, 2014 - 9:17 pm


    I suspect that Sky’s figures for the number of seats being contested are way out of line – they are now getting on for nearly 8000 – which is c51 for each council which has declared – which just doesn’t make sense given that quite a lot of councils elect by thirds.

  22. “This effect can only be achieved consistently by a very careful non-random selection of which seats the BBC is feeding in to their totalizer. ”

    Or maybe their information is just more up to date. As of now the BBC are showing 292 Labour seats gained, Sky 251. Tory losses according to the BBC are 251 compared with Sky’s 201, Lib Dems 284 and 252 respectively.

  23. Resident Dissident

    23 May, 2014 - 9:28 pm

    The Telegraph here only has c4000 seats being up for election – Sky appeared to have found another 4000 just to help Craig prove his point about the Labour Party and have a go at the BBC!

  24. Resident Dissident

    23 May, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    Current figures per Sky

    SEATS WON (Sky fantasy figure! – used to understate the success of the Labour Party – or more likely just a cock-up)
    LD 861
    Ukip 176
    Other 406

    LD -266
    Other +37

  25. Resident Dissident

    23 May, 2014 - 9:46 pm

    For all those wanting support for the view that the one reason why the far left are not great supporters of democracy is their inability to be able to convince people to support their weak views

    I know Mr Scourgie likes a link to support an argument.

    PS Congrats to the one elected Respect candidate!

  26. Andrew Neil presenting Newsnight tonight.

  27. “It is about news management”. Exactly. But we all know that. :)

  28. 24.5.14 News channel websites headlines

    Contrast and compare

    Labour Badly Bruised By UKIP In Stronghold
    Ed Miliband’s hopes of winning next year’s general election have been seriously undermined by the UKIP effect.

    Labour defends election performance
    labour candidates clapping (photo)
    Ed Miliband’s Labour says it has performed well where it matters in English town halls amid complaints about the campaign from some in the party.

    Pathetic. Is Mr James Purnell, ex BLiar minister, LFoI and one time chair of LFoI, now Head of Digital BBC, directing ops in the newsroom?

  29. All good clean fun. Pretty meaningless anyway -the results are enormously skewed by London being over 50% of the total.

    A fact Ms Kuenssberg signally failed to mention on Newsnight yesterday, when she informed viewers, with a certain amount of suppressed glee, that the Ukip share of the vote this year was lower than in the local elections of 2012.

    Craig often refers to the fact that Scotland has a different political culture to England. It is now pretty clear that London, because of its unique demographics, is a place apart in political terms from the rest of England. Labour made considerable gains here, whereas its vote stalled elsewhere. The Ukip vote was in single percentage figures in London, but close to a quarter of the total outside the capital.

    Farage was reported by his former Ukip colleague, Dr Alan Sked, as using in conversation the term ‘the nigger vote’. As Dr Sked is my old History teacher, I don’t doubt the honesty of his recollection. Farage’s reported language was crude and racist; nevertheless, if Thursday’s poll is anything to go by, it expressed an underlying truth. ‘Ethnic’ voters in western countries (ditto blacks and Latinos in the US)in the main do not vote for the right.

  30. Does anyone know what the turnout percentage was in the local elections?

  31. A. 35% apparently.

    Max Benwell 24 May 2014
    The local election results prove why everyone should be forced to vote online
    How can we say we live in a democracy when 65 per cent of the electorate refuse to take part? Compulsory online voting would revolutionise the way our political system works

  32. Resident Dissident

    24 May, 2014 - 3:13 pm

    Compulsory online voting would revolutionise the way our political system works

    pretty tough for the 17% who are offline—households-and-individuals/2013/stb-ia-2013.html

  33. Tubby Isaacs

    24 May, 2014 - 5:48 pm

    I can’t believe Craig watched the same BBC as me. Labour were talked down all the time, and UKIP talked up. Rotherham was mentioned as some morality tale of discontented Labour heartlands- all the time results were coming in from other heartlands where UKIP were doing very little. Complete narrative driven rubbish. No-one mentioned the very specific local issues in Rotherham at any point either, so that it’s importance for the general narrative couldn’t be challenged. That Labour was holding up far better to UKIP than the others was rarely pointed out. Wrong kind of narrative.

    “This is deliberate and methodical spin by Purnell’s boys at the BBC.”

    Purnell is “Director of Strategy and Digital”.

    Have a look who actually runs the news, Craig.
    Then listen to some of it for a while. Hear Labour spokesmen interrupted every 2 seconds. Hear IDS or Osborne or Cameron or Gove lie and never get picked up on it by appallingly briefed interviewers or clueless daytime News 24 autocue readers.

    As a Labour leftist, I’d say there aren’t massive differences between the parties, and we’d probably agree about that. But the difference matters a lot to people high up in BBC News.

    It’s hard to say for sure, but I found it intensified after the Syria vote v Miliband. Cameron’s utter humiliation was furiously spun.

  34. They are after Clegg.

    Lib Dem candidates call on Clegg to step down

  35. I’ve noticed distinct differences before with the speed of breaking news coverage between Sky and BBC. Sky are often first on the scene to news events and more reliable in their coverage. Considering the national infrastructure the BBC has at its’ disposal it is a somewhat unforgivable state of affairs. The BBC are such a well funded bureaucracy with multiple levels of management hierarchy, political correctness control and editorial decision making, it is surprising they can even get out a reliable and timely weather forecast.

    Now we have the UK Local election results out of the way and of course they all made a song and dance about it on Friday, the best is yet to come but without all the pantomime as the UK Europe results are embargoed until this evening and will presumably be announced in one go. I suspect UKIP will triumph and the fate of Nick Clegg will be sealed once and for all and he will duly return to Europe on a well funded commissioners job like Kinnock and others before to join the ranks of the failed and corrupt.

  36. Tubby Isaacs

    25 May, 2014 - 1:14 pm

    “he will duly return to Europe on a well funded commissioners job like Kinnock and others before to join the ranks of the failed and corrupt.”

    Neil Kinnock’s a failure? Or corrupt? Not borne out by his political or bureaucratic career.

    Commissioners jobs are hard work, and Kinnock was around them a while and thought to have done them well. Got promoted too.

    Clegg won’t get nominated to be a Commissioner. Will be off doing lectures about how he was a “liberal mugged by reality”.

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