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7 thoughts on “From the land of the free

  • t

    Of course, this appalling behaviour is shocking, and I am shocked. But it's rather unfortunate that Mr Bollyn has previously gloated about Robert Fisk being beaten up in Afghanistan, isn't it? More seriously, in the attached piece he repeats the terrible old lie about Jewish (here 'Israeli') people being warned to stay away from the Twin Towers. I'm pretty sure you should only be republishing it with a health warning and a disclaimer attached.

  • jultra

    Well I agree with t in that I think the arrest of Chris Bollyn and it's circumstances are quite concerning.

    Bollyn has pushed extremely hard on 9/11 issues and that only can only be commended. There was a great piece some months back with Bollyn confronting Professor Eagar of 'truss theory fame' with the work and observations of physicist Steven E Jones.

  • Craig


    I am not endorsing – or commenting at all – on the accuracy of anything in Mr Bollyn's journalism. I can't recall having read anything else by him. I am not endorsing the idea that Israelis were warned to stay away from the Twin Towers – I simply have no idea if that is true or not. I have never made a close study of 9/11.

    For what it is worth, my uninformed view is that official explanations gloss over a great deal, but the conspiracy theories would need too many people involved to be practical. But my own work lies elsewhere, and plenty of good people are looking at that one.

    I already receive loads of emails every day on the subject. Please nobody take this as an invitation to try and educate me. And if you want to posrt about 9/11, there are lots of better websites for it than this one.

    But the allegation that a dissident journalist in the US has been beaten up by police is important. That is why we posted it. Has anyone seen the police side of the story?


  • Pinget

    Don't hold your breath for the "police side of the story". It might be reported locally in Chicago, or not at all. But this incident will not be convered nationwide because of the dogma that such things do not happen here. Just like American elections are not stolen. It's unthinkable, so it is denied. – Dana in Alabama

  • twilightgal

    What is the "never mind"? Story is behind a pay wall. Is Bollyn a nut or legit? Or a bit of both?

  • Pinget

    I didn't pay to look at the Chicago Tribune, so I don't understand why it's not working for you. The story there says the cops arrived, and then Bollyn physically assaulted them. If Bollyn's version is the truth, they're not going to publicize that version, are they? The "never mind" is something I would edit out if I could. I was expressing my surprise that the story even made the Chicago Tribune. If Big Brother is beathing up reporters now, they'll keep it quiet as long as they can.

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