Britain Institutes Death Penalty 13

For the first time, Britain will tomorrow deport a failed asylum seeker back to Uzbekistan. Jahongir Sidikov, a member of the banned main opposition party Erk, is currently held in Harmondswoth Detention Centre. His ticket has already been purchased for deportation tomorrow.

Previously, as a matter of policy, this country did not deport political activists to Uzbekistan because they will face severe torture and probable death. The totalitarian Uzbek government has since become even more repressive, with widespread imprisonment, torture and extra-judicial killing of dissidents. The immigration officers who escort Jahongir onto that plane are in effect implementing capital punishment. This is a deeply, deeply shameful action by New Labour.

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13 thoughts on “Britain Institutes Death Penalty

  • writeon

    Right Craig. It's shameful to send a defenceless human being back to torture chamber when he's succeeded in escaping, reaches what he imagines in safety, only to find he's broken out of one cell and into another one.

    What's the difference between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair's Britain? George Galloway calls them two cheeks of the same backside. Politically it's hard to see any substantive difference between them, though their personalities appear quite different.

    Brown simply lacks Blair's easy charm, boyish good looks, and his attractive mannerism. Blair had charisma. Brown does not. He also, and this is probably the most important factor, he lacks Blair's good fortune. Until Iraq Blair was extraordinarilly lucky. The Chinese used to call it the Mandate of Heaven. An emperor had it, or didn't, Brown doesn't.

  • George Dutton

    I have e-mailed George Galloway and the Lib Dems the SSP and Solidarity and am now blogging anyone and everyone. Craig must have been in touch with all the newpapers to let them know and see if they can help. We must stop this.

  • andy cyan

    This is extreme news. What combination of incompetance or malevolence can do this? Who could do this, send a person away to be brutaly tortured? It beggars belief. Horrific.

  • Strategist

    Please can someone post the email & phone details of the Immigration Office handling this and the name of the Minister responsible for signing this deportation order?

  • George Dutton

    New Labour/Tories are doing it because of the vast oil and gas fields and pipelines. They don't want to upset the evil that rules Uzbekistan. They are just as evil that is the problem. God help us, well it's all we have left.

  • Alien

    Dear all

    What is the big surprise?!

    This is consistent with this government moral stance. Killing someone or allowing someone to be killed when you have the power to protect them is the same to me. Apart from killing the innocent directly in Iraq and Afghanistan, the government sanctioned the killing and torture by third parties in more than one occasion; American planes carrying people for 'extraordinary rendition' fueling in British airports, the blocking of security council resolution to give time to Israel to kill more Lebanese, and extradition of "terror suspects" to various countries, including the US are some immediate examples.

    The extradition of Sidikov is only a part of thee bigger picture.

  • k

    Advice from NCADC

    Jahongir Siddikov, too late for NCADC to try and intervene, need to read his Home Office documents.

    However, if his life is in danger upon return he/you could apply to the ECHR to stop the removal under Rule 39.

    This is much like a UK Judicial Review and the court always issues a Rule 39 if asked, it would prevent the Home Office removing Jahongir, till the ECHR can have a look at the case.

    Documents available as attachment from NCADC

    You need Jahongir to sign, Authority to ECHR

    Fill in ECHR application it is in French/English

    Rule 39 applications to ECHR Fax: 00 33 3 88 4127 82

    Ring 00 33 3 88 41 23 19 to get confirmation fax received.

    John O for NCADC

    0121 554 6947

  • George Dutton

    "Tuesday November 16, 2004"

    "When Mr Blair was warned by the home secretary in a private letter that there was "ample evidence from a range of sources of serious human rights abuses in Egypt", and that there was "little scope for pushing deportations any further", he replied:" "This is crazy. Why can't we press on?"…

  • elfknight

    Fantastic news! – I was wondering what had happened. I recently got a vague and unconvincing reply from the home office via my MP, but delighted if that minor prodding added to the total.

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