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UPDATE: Livestream from Independence Live added.

I am heading out now to Glasgow for today’s demonstration for Scottish Independence. I am hoping to speak at the rally, but am not quite sure at the moment if I will get to do that. If not, I shall just be one of the crowd, tramping along. If you recognise me, do say hello.

Over 20,000 people have indicated on Facebook that they are going, but I fully expect the BBC to ignore the event. They will be far too busy wandering around Glasgow, desperately searching for Tory voters they can vox pop.

Use of vox pops in this election has been deeply disturbing. They are a device under which the broadcasters can slip in views of the “ordinary man” which they might otherwise need to challenge. Just this morning Radio 4 Today had somebody calling Jeremy Corbyn a “communist” without contradiction. Last night Channel 4 News did a vox pop in Mansfield in which seven out of nine people interviewed were switching their vote from Labour to Tory. When I was in Merthyr Tydfil last week I was given an eye witness account of a Sky News team going around the town centre literally for an entire working day and finding only two people who were switching from Labour to Tory. Those two people were broadcast as the entire Merthyr Tydfil vox pop.

It is not only the broadcast media. The mainstream media do it too. Rabid unionist propagandist Severin Carrell of the Guardian managed to do a vox pop around Glasgow East constituency which did not find a single SNP voter (the SNP will probably get over 50% in Glasgow East) but did find Tories (they will definitely get under 15%).

The point of such vox pops is of course to convince voters that people like themselves are thinking a certain way, and perhaps they ought to follow. It also introduces further pro-Tory slant which does not count against one party’s equal time selection. What we know already from the opinion polls is that the vox pops the media have given us are massively unrepresentative of the population.

I have never yet spoken at any demonstration or event for Independence without some well-meaning people contacting me to warn me against the group organising the march. My view is that I will turn up pretty well anywhere and speak to anyone in support of Independence. I am not sure if I will get to speak today, and I have seen no indication of who the other speakers are. But I shall be there. I am getting so overweight lately I can bulk out the crowd quite a bit!

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129 thoughts on “Marching Again for Freedom

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  • mike

    That’s a conspiracy, Itsy.

    There’s no such thing. Ever.

    Run. Hide. Tell.

    What kind of mindfuck bullshit is this? It’s the kind of stuff you say to kids.

    We are not kids.

    Vote Corbyn/SNP/Plaid Cymru/Green and fuck the petrodollar puppeteers.

  • Becky Cohen

    With regard to the Sky News reporters, unfortunately there are also many more like them who are prepared to assist in concealing the true amount of racism and anti-Semitism within the British Isles.

    • defo

      You may have experienced otherwise (cohen), but i’ve never, ever met an anti-semite in my 50 odd (v odd) years.
      Met plenty who have issues with zi0nism though.
      As to racists, well, they’re everywhere.

      • labougie

        Well said, defo. Neither have I in my 70 years heard anyone express a hatred of Jews in my presence – they’d have been given a hard time if they had. However, zionism is an extremely nasty racist supremacist idealogy which anyone with the slightest hint of empathy would condemn.

    • BJ

      In my 66 years I’ve never witnessed an example of anti Semitism, neither verbal nor physical; I do however know many people who’ve expressed outrage at Israel’s behaviour and the West’s relaxed attitude to that behaviour.

  • J

    So, what’s next? Martial law? Suspension of the election? Editorials expressing their distaste for terrorist sympathisers?

    And perhaps loudest of all, despite whomever or whatever becomes the official narrative of tonight, no discussion of the single largest and most culpable supporter of terrorism in the world today. From it’s offices in Washington to it’s palaces in Saudi Arabia.

    • Humphrey Bland

      What’s next?, surely the cabinet office briefing room A will follow the Kryten-Rimmer protocol:

      I know that postal voting is already open, but why is al mamlikat’al Arabia al Saudia being allowed to vote multiple times during this British election. Sad.

  • defo

    Hilarious, in a sick, sad way how the 24hr rolling news circus (BBC/Sky) get all excited about this sort of thing.
    I kid you not, on Sky there’s a link to “Highlights so far”. Highlights! Like it’s a footy match.

  • @scotzineguides

    These Vox pops sound very much like the Mohawk Valley stuff that Chomsky talks about. Very sinister but my experience of them is that they seem to have the opposite effect of that which is desired.

  • tony_0pmoc

    I don’t believe a word. The evidence that these people fake it is overwhelming…you just didn’t examine the evidence..and believed what you were told…

    This one may be real (but I very much doubt it) and my post almost certailnly won’t appear

    Banned again. (I’m used to it)

    “Live London terror attack: London Bridge and Borough Market latest – at least two dead amid van attack, stabbings and gunfire”

    watch it – i’m not interested – its just a crap show


    • giyane


      Hold my hand ! We can jump together out of ground zero onto the very hard ground.

      Thierry Meyssan :”This declaration was only possible in the context of the attack in Manchester perpetrated on 22 May, by the son of an M16 double agent, both an ex-member of Mouamar Kadhafi’s security services and of Al-Qaïda [6]. But it is clear that the British still have no intention of depriving themselves of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

      Craig is about 90 degrees behind the curve, because of the plateful of MI6 tripe ingested during his time in the foreign office which feeds his romantic dreams of one day pacing again the ivory-tusked mansions of power. Not Ivory though, just Tripe Towers

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The reality is tha Terrorists attacks in the UK are incredibly rare. I’ve never seen one. Does anyone know anyone who has seen a real terrorist attack in the UK?

    So how come with virtually all these terrorist attacks – the newscrew, the production people, the cameras and the sound – were already there on location to record and broadcast these events – unless they knew in advance – the time and the place?

    This is getting silly. Bah Bah lamb. Turn off the telly – and don’t read this comic except for a laugh. They make it up.

    This mighht be real – I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Real or Performance?


  • giyane
    ” According to the figures explored here, total deaths from Western interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 1990s – from direct killings and the longer-term impact of war-imposed deprivation – likely constitute around 4 million (2 million in Iraq from 1991-2003, plus 2 million from the “war on terror”), and could be as high as 6-8 million people when accounting for higher avoidable death estimates in Afghanistan.

    Such figures could well be too high, but will never know for sure. US and UK armed forces, as a matter of policy, refuse to keep track of the civilian death toll of military operations – they are an irrelevant inconvenience.”

    Do the USUKIS executors of anti-Muslim terror in our lifetime really care if a few people are mown down on London Bridge? Mrs May and Boris Johnson in their former jobs were in the thick of all this false-flag UK mayhem. When sometimes Mrs May appears to be dithering, she is in fact applying many layers of double-think before opening her evil mouth.

  • Ishmael

    Anther day of arms and support for saudi extremists, another day of killing on the streets..

    No, I don’t think we should tolerate it. These many links are obvious.

    Stop demonising muslims, Stop funding states engaged in terrorist activity. Stop the UK state engaging in terrorist activity.

    It’s not going to be easy.

  • Sharp Ears

    I hope you all got it. The three dead perpetrators were ‘muslims’. They were of ‘muslim appearance’ we heard!!



    ad infinitum.

    Got it!

    Thank you Giyane for that Voltaire net. extract.

    Theresa has cancelled her campaigning for today and calls a COBRA meeting.

  • fwl

    Daily Mail at 9.30 last night reported Survation has Tory lead over labour at only 1%.

  • giyane

    Let’s be clear. There is Islam and there is politics. There is no such thing allowed in Islam as violent intimidation, or murder, or adultery, or spying on people’s private lives, or torture. Political Muslims are, and always have been, called ” confederates ” because they serve the interests of the non-Muslim powers while being able to infiltrate the Muslims in a way that non-Muslims cannot. The prophet Muhammad may God’s blessings and peace be upon him was informed by Allah that even if he forgave the confederates, or hypocrites, Allah would never forgive them.

    Political Islam, false Islam serving the interests of the non – believers, is not limited to creating false Islamic rulings to justify murder and terror, it also shares a spy intelligence collaboration by which those true Muslims who follow the message of the Qur’an and speak against colonialism will have their private lives interfered with in order to busy them and incapacitate their opposition to the colonisers and their confederates.

    Jesus pbuh called for his missionaries to be as wise as serpents and as humble as doves. 2000 years later the colonisation-confederate machine is more sophisticated than the Roman Empire and the Rabbis of his day, but through all the 5 centuries after Christ pbuh, and the 14 centuries after our prophet SAW, the intricate knowledge of Muslim scholars subverting Islam for the non-Muslims powers to be able to colonise the Muslim lands has been passed down intact, employing human psychology, murder, terror, sexual politics, war, starvation, torture. In fact I have heard political Muslims refer to their superior knowledge of all these in-Islamic activities.

    Only babes in arms, wet behind the ears from their mothers’ wombs, can fail to understand from the internet that these terrorist acts in London, Kabul, Egypt and Manchester are nothing to do with Islam. The great cuckoo of AngloSaxon hegemony sitting on the nest of the world is the result of massive forward planning and collaboration. It took 100 years exactly for Winston Churchill’s demand at Sykes Picot for Mosul where geologists were aware of the indications of oil, to be transformed into Islamic State, created by butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth Obama, using Turkey Saudi and Israel got to pump out that Mosul oil to this country.

    For a man of Craig’s calibre, educated in the arts of secret paid agents, to pretend that he sees no connection between the collaborators, colonialism, endless war abroad and shocking acts of terror in the UK, is shocking.
    Obama was so deeply brain-washed into colonial racial prejudice that he was unable to condemn police institutional violence against black people in the US, even though he himself was black and African and he was the president. Wow! That lithium is powerful stuff!.

    • giyane

      In-Islamic. Spell check always changes un-Islamic to in- . which doesn’t exist.

    • Pyewacket

      Giyane. The redrawing of the Sykes-Picot line to include Mosul was done at the behest of David Lloyd-George rather than Churchill. Clemenceau the French Prime Minister agreed to the change in return for support over Alsace-Lorraine. This is also worthy of a quote, taken from Peter Frankopan’s book The Silk Roads; A New History of the World; ” It was all bad, wrote Edward House, (US) President’s foreign policy adviser, when he found out about the secret agreement from the British Foreign Secretary. The French and the British are making the [Middle East] a breeding place for future War ” He was not wrong about that !

      • defo

        I suppose you could call that a ‘group’, there being more than 2 unionist provocateers waiting to vent their spleens at a peaceful march of 15-20,000 supporters of independence.
        You dependents are a queer lot. “counter protesters”. Countering what freddo ? It wasn’t a protest march.

        The unionists would struggle to get a crowd of hundreds, and they’d mostly be the bigots of the OO, and the amoebas who support ‘Rangers’.

        “Blatant BBC bias”. ROTFLOL. Ta, needed that.

          • fred

            I watched film of the march which is the subject of this blog entry and gave my opinion on what I saw. The message the counter protesters were trying to get across sounded reasonable to me yet they were attacked, intimidated and people tried to prevent them from speaking.

          • defo

            They were there to provoke. Looks like there were more polis than Yoons.
            Did anyone get hurt ? Apart from your tender feelings.

          • fred

            The Nationalists marched and waved their flags freely while chanting “FREEDOM”.

            Those wishing to wave the Union Flag needed police protection, where was their “freedom”?

          • defo

            Police protection !
            Away man. Now you really are clutching at very thin straws.
            Which way are the police facing ? Enough, already.

          • defo

            “Who was it that divided them?”

            Rape clause, no surrender, WATP Ruth is doing her best to, for selfish reasons. It’s not even ideological, just her bloated, over-inflated ego. And it’s dangerous. Ulsterisation.
            Every leaflet sent out in Scotland is for “ruth davidsons” party, and she’s not even standing for election.
            Detoxifying the Tory brand only excuses this so far.

  • Muscleguy

    Preaching to the converted might be fun Craig, but who out of those we need to convince for Yes do you think you or this march reached?

    It was a psychological jolly and functions like those media vox pops except for Yessers.

    I don’t need geeing up, perhaps because I live in the Yes City. Unionist sentiment is not something I hear spoked as I’m around and about. My badges stimulate conversations with other yessers. No Unionist so far has challenged me. My Dental Hygienist volunteered to me that she has moved from No to Yes post Brexit.

    That is what we need, more individual conversations, on doorsteps, at street stalls, in ordinary encounters.

    Mass marches do nothing for Yes and may even be harmful as they seem triumphal and smug to Unionists.

    If marches recruited people to your cause Scotland would be a deeply Orange place and it isn’t.

    • defo

      “Mass marches do nothing for Yes …”
      What’s up mustleguy ? You started this on WoS yesterday too.
      What it does is give the troops, those that like this sort of thing, a right good boost. It enthuses.
      It also keeps the issue in the public eye, not just Rape clause & the Dug whining endlessly on, to try and convert No voters to their lost causes.
      You don’t like it, I’m not exactly keen participating either, but a hell of a lot of people do get something out of joining together publicly.

      • Muscleguy

        Except as I said and you ignored, it turns off and entrenches those who find them triumphal and smug.

        The big marches at the end of the summer of 2014 gave the impression of Yes going on to win the referendum, when it did nothing of the sort. Turnout in Glasgow where the majority took place was one of the lowest in Scotland, the same here in Dundee.

        We may both have voted Yes but the correct perception here in Dundee that a Yes vote was foregone conclusion almost certainly led to the low turnout despite me at least in RIC hammering the ‘every vote counts’ mantra. If the turnouts in Glasgow and Dundee had been more like the national average then we would have got a lot closer and Unionist crowing would have been muted.

        This is why the are a bad thing. They may well enthuse those going on them but I strongly suspect those who do don’t really need enthusing. But they entrench those we need to convert and engender dangerous complacency in our voters.

        • Muscleguy

          Same with the anti-BBC protests at PQ. They did nothing to change the BBC, just engender a martyr complex there. I know people here in Dundee who went but I still think it was a pointless exercise except to make those there feel like they were doing something.

          It allowed those we needed to convert to view Yes as dangerously extremist. When the people we need to convert still see the BBC as something valuable even if flawed those who demonise it look extremist.

          I sincerely hope we don’t see a repeat of them. They would be a distraction and do nothing to change the BBC. Only Independence will do that. The BBC point to their guidelines and interpret them how they want, they ignore polling and election results and give in to LibDem pressure and so Wee Willie will get on the telly again and Patrick Harvie et al won’t.

          We have to find ways to win despite all this and tilting at windmills is not the way. Talking reasonably to as many people as we can is the way.

          • defo

            I went to PQ. Once. A first for me.
            Frustration at the relentless, unremitting bias got me off my arse.
            The worlds media was there.

            “We have to find ways to win despite all this and tilting at windmills is not the way. Talking reasonably to as many people as we can is the way.”
            Ways, or way. Everyone to their own.
            I must have been amongst the first of the nasty Cybernats. Pre 2010.
            But I don’t have the temperament for canvassing. The pensioners would probably hide if they saw me coming up the path. Not a pretty sight 🙂

        • defo

          Triumphal ? You need to have won something first.
          What about Rape clause & TM now taking the tack that Scotland needs to show it wants another referendum ?
          I really doubt that a march would put people off voting in what was the most important poll of their lives.
          Those who didn’t vote ? Who knows why. Many, and varied reasons probs.
          I’m not for falling out with fellow travelers mate, how about you ?

    • kathy

      The marches are important to counteract the Unionists’ claim that Scots do not want another referendum as well as to keep up the morale of independence supporters in the face of the constant propaganda from all the powerful union-supporting media outlets. It was an impressive turnout and I say well-done to Craig for going on it.

  • Salford Lad

    The White Helmets are a pseudo Red Cross organsation and Propaganda arm of ISIS in Syria. THe head man is James Le Mesurier ex British Army SAS. They are funded by various Western and Gulf States among them the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK Govt.
    How can Teresa May condemn Jihadi terrorists,when her Govt are funding them. Below an extract of info was secured thru; the ‘Freedom of Information Act’.
    John Pillger and Vanessa Beeley, both Oz citizens expose the hypocrisy of Uk policy in Syria.…ruct-in-syria/

    The United Kingdom has provided support to Syria Civil Defence (also known
    as the White Helmets) through the cross-departmental Conflict Pool and its
    successor, the Conflict Stability and Security Fund. Our assistance has
    been delivered through trusted third party implementers. The total value
    of funds committed between June 2013 and the end of the current financial
    year (31 March 2016) is £19.7m. All funds are accounted for in line with
    HMG guidelines, including the receipt and review of quarterly financial
    Our support to Syria Civil Defence is part of a coordinated international
    programme of assistance. It has helped to provide the Syrian-led
    organisation of over 2800 volunteers with much-needed training and
    equipment. As at February 2016, they have saved more than 50,000 lives
    and were nominated for the Nobel peace prize in both 2015 and 2016 in
    recognition of their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian

    Yours sincerely,

    On behalf of the

    Near East Department

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  • RP

    “The point of such vox pops is of course to convince voters that people like themselves are thinking a certain way, and perhaps they ought to follow. It also introduces further pro-Tory slant which does not count against one party’s equal time selection”

    The way the results of British opinion polls are presented serves a similar purpose. They are presented as representative of public opinion, but they are actually weighted to be reflective of groups likely to vote, who are predominantly older, wealthier and Tory. When you the unweighted results that reflect overall public opinion, Labour are actually quite far ahead in some recent polls. But that is never reported, leaving them impression that Labour are much less popular than is actually the case.

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