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The official Conservative party spokesman, Laura Kuenssberg, has just announced that Theresa May will remain as Prime Minister, supported by the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. Now the DUP are probably the most unpleasant bunch of individuals in organised politics in the UK. The “No Surrender” arch protestant bigot party founded by Ian Paisley.

It is fascinating that, after an election in which the Tories and their mainstream media acolytes attacked Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity for his alleged sympathies with the IRA, the Tories have come to an arrangement with a party that was from its inception and still is the political wing of the loyalist terrorism. The mainstream media never even mentioned the existence of Loyalist terrorism during its sustained attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

The loyalist terrorists murdered 1,016 people in the period 1969-2001. They shot someone dead in a supermarket car park in an internecine dispute actually during the election campaign. In all the media attacks on Corbyn about the IRA, there was no acknowledgement that Loyalist terrorism even existed. I think we can be pretty certain that the media are not going to start digging into the terrorist links of the Tories’ allies now. But social media is going to discredit them.

The DUP are corrupt, homophobic, racist and above all religious bigots of the worst kind. The nastiest people in politics. The utterly discredited Theresa May refuses to resign and intends to continue to rule over us with the support of this ugly faction. Popular support for the Tory government is going to plunge to unprecedented levels. This gruesome malformation of a bigots’ alliance between Brexiteers is not going to last long as a government, and the popular retribution will be massive.

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249 thoughts on “Tories Leap Into the Unpopularity Abyss

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  • defo

    “The DUP are corrupt, homophobic, racist and above all religious bigots of the worst kind.”
    A marriage made in heaven then. 😉
    You forgot to add thuggish, inbred opportunists.

    This coalition of chaos won’t see xmas. Subtlety isn’t one of the DUPs qualities either.
    Their demands will be outside that Overton window.
    Why do you think the Brexit negotiations have been postponed Craig ?
    I suspect it has less to do with the Tory, more the DUP ‘problem’.

  • Ishmael

    There are those among us who are not among us.

    And it doesn’t matter how well they dress, Memorise (regurgitated 1000 times “knowledge”) Or maintain impeccable punctuation. “Position” they have.

    Underneath it all they are naked. Empty.

  • Ian Pleb

    I look forward to your analysis of the Scottish vote as I find it incomprehensible. Why have Tories been elected in Scotland?

        • defo

          The Ruth Davidson party pandered to the Unionist sectarians in Scotland, and got their votes as a reward.
          Murdo ‘Queens 11’ Fraser being their go to man for all things bigoted.
          Ex Labour areas, who were SNP last time, areas with ultra-strong working class roots, who were fucked over by Thatchers neo-liberal nightmare, voted Tory !

          • knickknacky

            I’m in Argyll. We had dozens of leaflets from all the parties – the one and only issue that the Libdems/Tories campaigned on was independence. All – including Labour – claimed they were ‘the only ones that could stop the SNP’, stop another indie referendum.

            Scottish Labour has collapsed since the independence referendum – it allied itself with the Tories as a unionist party, and alienated most of its hardcore trad voters.

    • Shatnersrug

      Like corbyn hate Scottish labour is the most obvious – some voters were prepared to wear the blair nosepeg but it enough splitting the left vote.

      BUT I don’t think that’s the whole story – just like the rest of Britain there are a lot of Tories north of the border – probable even more shy than southern Tories given the hatred there is for the Conservative party so they did a sneaky one.

      Also you can’t underestimate the power of the BBC in their relentless attacks on the snp.

      Maybe the snp have overestimated the taste for a second indyref but I’ve not noticed that in people I know.

      • Ian Pleb

        Scotland de infested itself of the Tory scum years ago, what tiny holes have allowed them back in…..

        • Shatnersrug

          Ian – evidently not.

          This has been a battle of campaigning and new media vs PR in the old media

          New media is on the ascendence but not quite there yet.

          Old media is on the way out but will probably die off like it’s readership – it’s why May wants to ban the internet. Murdoch and Harmsworth don’t have control and that will never do.

    • wendy

      kezia instructed voters to put their cross any where other than for snp. lot of tactical voting happened.

      kezia is an idiot. and a blairite who hates corbyn.

      • fred

        Craig said just a few posts back “The Guardian have published a useful guide to some seats where tactical voting might be effective. I endorse it.”

        Is it any wonder there was a lot of tactical voting happened?

      • Shatnersrug


        People want Jeremy, everywhere – not just in the UK my American family were following this one for god sakes. Never have we needed honest men and women more than now – Jeremy offers it in spades.

        Enough to get some Scottish voters to put down their distrust of Westminster and vote for hope. Real hope – not manufactured Obama hope. Not Israel apologist Bernie Sanders hope. The real deal. The one that the establishment never wants the public to see.

        We can do it. It’s the 21st century.

  • J Galt

    Surely there are still Tories such as Ken Clarke for instance who will not stomach getting into bed with the professional Catholic haters.
    And if the Sinn Fein don’t change their abstention policy surely there must be a new general election.

    • defo

      I don’t think they’re overly keen on Muslims either. Or Sikhs, Or Those who must not be named, or….

    • nevermind

      Good point raised, J Galt,

      Sinn Fein, after years of peace and cooperation, slow bonds developing, and after having martin Mc Guiness shake hands with the queen, years back, are facing a stark choice to make, either choose an open border policy negotiated by a majority of the UK, a progressive Alliance incl. a Welsh, Scottish and NI representative, or carry on refusing the tawdry patronage, by refusing to be subjects and see NI fall backwards into incomprehensible sectarian divides and violence everybody was glad to see the back off and which nobody wants to see again.

  • D_Majestic

    Have been watching the Beeb in denial. They lost the plot, and the election they shilled for. Now they have clearly lost their marbles.

    • ue

      The worst BBC election coverage ever. It was embarrassingly bad. Dimblebore couldn’t string a single terse question together of anyone interviewed. He couldn’t even work out that with a sound delay his rambling conversations were permanently hiccupped as successive hapless interviewees kept thinking he’d finished. He and Keunssberg might as well have had blue rosettes on their chests. Emily Maitlis at least gave decent info and she would have done a much better job as anchor.

      The other channels were almost as bad.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      She might well delicately suggest that a government of national unity is the only conceivable way forward. The national interest is currently as vulnerable as I can remember seeing it.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          May sees the Queen’s role as simply a matter of course. Guess Elizabeth II should head for the sidelines like Japan’s Emporer

          Loved the way the PM has changed suits from the scralet red when the poll was coming in to Tory blue when visiting the Queen.

          • Shatnersrug

            The queen has no constitutional power parliament wrestled that one off them after Charles the second.

            What happens in these circumstances is that the larger party presents its minority or coalition government to the crown it’s convention that the other parties allow it to pass – the queen must approve it, then it will live or die. Historically the uk doesn’t do coalitions 2010 was extremely unusual. Normally they happen every 40 years or so and collapse. This one feels much more like a typical British hung parliament I’d expect it to collapse

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Then the monarch helped the passage of the 1832 Reform Act, and the Parliament Act of 1911 which ended disputes between the Commons and the Lords.

            Also see my later post about Monarch’s ending PMs chosen by popular vote.

  • David Macilwain

    I’m hoping Craig that you’ll also be pursuing May’s presumed collaboration with MI5 and the LIFG that made her effectively complicit in the Manchester attacks. This is no time to let bygones be gone, but to press the charges so that May’s career continues behind bars, along with as many of her accomplices as possible. Given what is happening in Syria right now, and the crazies of Riyadh seaching for bomb targets, there’s no time to waste…

  • Deepgreenpuddock

    Everything still to play for.
    May must go. She will be saying Et Tu Phil? et tu Amber?
    Apparently Murdoch was fuming. That is in itself rather interesting.
    the meaning of this is that the print media’s venomous, vindictive campaign of lies and insults and puerile name calling has been seen through.
    I don’t expect them to change their affiliation but theior strategy of support for the May campaign has failed. What about Crosby and his henchcreatures? they have failed to masnipulate the outcome by a winning degree. That is failure and it begs the question of what is to be done about such strategising monkeys and their marketing ‘skills’. At the end of the day, sincerity and straight talk was clear to anyone with a brain cell. (cf the absence of such a facility in Anon1 /Labourgeddon)
    There is also the money. What does it say when the Tories who will have seriously outspent the Labour and Lib Dems? Money is important but it is also not enough.
    The point is that May must go and i suspect we wiull have to have another election. It is unthinkable and unworkable to expect the DUP to behave with any kind of honour. an arrangement with them is deeply scurrilous and it is inevitable that it will be seen through.
    what about the May statements about human rights legislation being sacrificed to ensure securiuty. When she is no longer PM(or Home sec) will she enjoy the kinds of protections that such figures are often afforded? Will there be leaks and revelations regarding her behaviour and decisions?
    The Libya connection requires some detailed elucidation. The deep connections between Tories and the Saudi despots, Qatar their ISIS ‘bedfellows’, the connection to the disaster in Syria, and their money making arrangements will be under stress.. One can only hope for some leaks.
    I personally cannot see how Brexit negotiations can have much meaning with Mays at the helm.
    Who wil succeed?. Well there is of course Johnson. One can only marvel at the thought of a Trump in US Johnson in UK double act. Gove? Fox? Hammond? Davis? Actually there are very few figures that have any real credibility, although there more hubristically inclined narcissistically disordered personalities than one can shake a stick at.
    Labour party? Some careful management required here. Blairites have been goiven a sharp stick up theoir bums. I hope they are squirming. They have been completely out of touch, misjudged very badly, and truly only interested in their own advancement. Blair’s interventions now look surly, inadequate, churlish and his (whatever he had left )credibility must also be shot. If there is a genuine revival of the Labour party i wonder if it is partly to do with the passage of time from the Iraq war and Blair’s scurrilous activities since then. Brown (that big beast) was mercifully silent.
    SNP of course have suffered a setback but with another election to go in the near future there is a chance to reset. The real issue will be the consolidation of the Tories in Scotland. I am not convinced that the Tories are much more than feeble grey-brained protest vote. what will happen to the new found support when the horrors of the chaotic coalition of mad right wing Brexit Tories and the bigots of the DUP are headed up(probably) by that borderline crook, licentious shagger, and bumbling Billy Bunteresque Johnson.
    What a fuck up.

    • Brianfujisan

      Very well said Deepgreenpuddock

      it’s all practically Incomprehensible Jeezo

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Pretty good summation, DGP.
      But in my own specialist subject, I’m pretty certain Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, McTernan and the rest of the eurotroughing globalists will be back stirring it with their now-returned Blairite puppets very shortly. They’re messianic obsessives, the left jackboot of corporatism, and they don’t give a flying fuck for public opinion because they are not accountable to the democratic electorate. Shame is a word missing from their lexicon, and self-criticism another*: why should they question their own genius?

      I hope I’m wrong, but if Blair could brazen out Iraq (against all the evidence) this is nothing more than a glitch in the grand plan. Once the inevitable compromises have been reached regarding who is actually running the country, the blairing will recommence, louder than ever. And then there’s Osborne.

      However, Craig’s view of all brexiters as racist scum will oblige him to ally himself with the said pondlife…strange times.

      *Hyphenated – counts as one word. Pedants piss off.

      • nevermind

        the sum of it… Are we looking forward to another third GE in an effort to copycat Italian political machismo?

  • defo

    Well, I’ve been searching for the silver lining…
    At least there won’t be a need for any more terrrrist attacks.

      • Mike

        Agreed – there’s likely to be at least another attack in the coming weeks – that would be the certain path heighterned alert, more armed police on the streets and onto a fear induced unity government

  • Brianfujisan

    Sheeezz.. How many people were kept from the truth, by the Tbbc

    Rudd and May’s Libyan / Syrian terrorist connections

    the Tory manifesto Re Elderly, Childrens School meals ect

    Nuclear war – They lied that North Korea had missiles ” Seemingly Capable of reaching West coast USA ”

    This is Many people today Freaking out – the Brilliant Johnathan Pie –

    • Sharp Ears

      All true Brian. Have you noticed none of the Tory stooges have come out in May’s support? Davis. Fox. Hammond. Hunt. Fallon. Rudd. et al. They are all moral pygmies.

      • Brianfujisan

        Aye Sharp Ears..Secretly Affronted for them selves. No wonder.

        I seen that J.C has a Video message out though. Thanking his support..

        And the Irony of how it seems almost like Scotland helped prop up the Tories. A Dizzy Day indeed.

  • reel guid

    One silver lining about Alex Salmond’s defeat is that he is freed up from parliamentary duties and can use those formidable skills of his to good effect. In British television and radio studios and in print, to hold wrongdoing politicians to account.

  • Xavi

    Craig, thank you for being a consistent voice of sanity, compassion and truth in British public life and articulating what so many feel but rarely see expressed. Respect my man, last night was vindication of your righteous mission to inform and enlighten. Keep up the great work with renewed heart and strength!

  • Paul Barbara

    Inside the DUP: Domination by Free Presbyterian Church and Orange Order laid bare
    Exclusive: The most definitive study of Northern Ireland’s most powerful political party ever undertaken
    ‘…According to the research, just under a third of DUP members (30.5%) are Free Presbyterians and slightly more (34.6%) are members of the Orange institution.

    To put these figures in context, the 2011 census recorded that there were 10,068 Free Presbyterians in Northern Ireland – just 0.6% of our total population.

    Like most political parties, the DUP does not disclose its membership, but it is believed to number around 1,100 people.

    Overall, Free Presbyterians are more than 50 times more common in the DUP than they are in the population. Orangemen are 21 times more common in the party.

    The prevalence of both bodies increases as you move up the ranks. Almost 40% of the 175 DUP councillors elected in 2011 were Free Presbyterian and more than half (54.2%) were members of the Orange Order. These proportions may have fallen a little in the council elections held last month.

    Among the DUP’s 38 MLAs over a third are Free Presbyterians and exactly half are Orangemen. The proportion increases further among the party’s eight MPs.

    Prof Tonge points out that the influence of the Free Presbyterian Church has declined over time, whereas the Orange Order membership appears to have increased….’

    Like the Masons, ‘Common Purpose’ and other religions and sects they help each other gain power.
    Jeremy Corbyn is condemned for talking to IRA members years ago, whilst May brings ‘ex’ (?) terrorists into government to save her mangy a**. She’s all ready garnered a lot of support from the Kippers.

    • Dave Lawton

      “Like the Masons, ‘Common Purpose’ and other religions and sects they help each other gain power.
      Jeremy Corbyn is condemned for talking to IRA members years ago, whilst May brings ‘ex’ (?) terrorists into government to save her mangy a**. She’s all ready garnered a lot of support from the Kippers.”

      Common Purpose is a EU funded brainwashing organisation which its main purpose is to condition State civil servants on a weekend Matrix programming course.And we the taxpayer pays for it.This all evolved from EST and Scientology.

  • Matt Kelly

    And, of course, the other key fact about the DUP is that they are anything but British!

  • Warwick Sweeney

    You’re right. I saw Michael Gove contort himself on Andrew Neil last week in a futile attempt to discredit Corbyn (Neil made no attempt to intervene, mind)
    and now this. The entire Tory party wallows in a sea of hypocrisy, individually awful, collectively bankrupt.

    • Jo

      Haven’t seen Gove about today. Wonder where he is!

      Did anyone else think May’s heavy make up very late on was due to earlier tears when she realised the awful truth?

      • D_Majestic

        Yes. I noticed it and thought ‘This is new’. Then twigged the possibility.

  • Anthony Murphy

    Ironically, the DUP are even more extreme now than under Paisley!! What an achievement!

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      And recall that Brits who didn’t go along with such, like the more moderate ones on that Chinook helicopter which was sabotaged at the Mull of Kintyre in June 1994, like DCI Deverell,RUC;s Ian Phoenix, and Contable Fitzsimmons, were simply dead meat.

    • Makropulos

      Thanks for this. I never heard of Jonathan Pie. I’ll need to add him to my favourites now.

  • john

    Hipocracy of the highest order by a prime minister who is clutching at straws to save her own skin, the DUP will be her achilese heel and ultimately her downfall.

  • Republicofscotland

    So Corbyn lost in the end, the SNP still won by quite a margin, however according to media reports there was a 13% increase in voters opting for a Tory vote in Scotland.

    The unionist parties in Scotland had no policies on offer in this GE, except to say stop another divisive independence referendum-the SNP however did have useful policies and mentioned another indyref sparingly.

    I say this to the SNP, stop! Stop mitigating the bedroom tax, Stop supporting or funding, free bus passes, prescriptions, do nothing to halt the dementia tax, pensioners winter heating allowance. Keep stum on the rape clause, benefits cuts mental health, the slow slide of the NHS into the oblivion of privatisation.

    Let the people of Scotland feel the full force of Tory cuts, and the hundreds of thousands of job losses expected by the tragedy that is Brexit.

    I’m absolutely disgusted by the amount of treacherous b*stards, that hide out in this country and vote Tory or SLAB, some of those tomb tabards, will have the audacity to sing their hearts out tomorrow during the Scotland vs England football match, pretendy 90 minute Scots.

      • Republicofscotland

        They’re the only pro-Scotland party, lets not kid ourselves the Tory, Libdem, and Labour parties in Scotland are ran from, and for the benefit of Westminster.

        • Soothmoother

          Not everyone wants independence. And they have a democratic right not to want it. BTW I voted SNP, although my pencil hovered over the Labour box for a few seconds.

          • Republicofscotland

            “Not everyone wants independence. ”


            Well those folk can’t honestly expect Scotland to flourish, with one hand tied behind its back.

            Scotland needs ALL the levers of government to move Scotland forward.

        • fred

          So you’re not Scottish unless you would sell your children into abject poverty in exchange for a flag to wave.

          • Republicofscotland

            Says Fred, who loathes Scots, but is hiding out in the highlands, from Tory cuts south of the border.

            Abject poverty my arse, if Westminster hadn’t buried the McCrone report, Scotland would not be in this position.

            Westminster chose to keep Scotland in the dark over its great wealth (North sea assets)incase we voted for devolution or independence, some union that is.

            More depressingly a fair percentage of Scots suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Going by the latest GE, the more the Tories threaten to cut, the more Scots vote for them, hardship is more appealing than independence, what does that say about the mentality of them.

            Maybe the utter tragedy that is Brexit will shake them from their apathy.

          • defo

            Totally Fred. I haven’t seen the Butchers apron in years. England is above such silly things.

  • Republicofscotland

    One good result from the GE is that it now looks like the end for Ukip, no MP’s, and soon to be no MEP’s. All the bigots and racists, that haunted Ukip, have now flocked to the Tories.

  • Njegos

    One of the more entertaining outcomes of the election result was this morning’s Twitter performance of “Rage and Bewilderment” by the Corporate Media Echo Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Oliver Kamm (although I was more than a little disappointed that “Putin Was Behind It” was dropped from the program).

    Anyway, there is still time to catch mega smear merchant Jamie Kirchick’s live meltdown (“The End of Jamie Kirchick”?)

  • Republicofscotland

    The sad thing is that, even if all the parties (excluding the Tories) added their seats together to form one big giant coalition, they still wouldn’t have had enough seats to get over the line, well according to Sky news they wouldn’t.

    Even sadder is the hard Brexit that will follow the Tory/DUP alliance.

    From WingsOver Scotland.

    “The party (DUP) actually says that it doesn’t want a hard Brexit, but there’s no possible way that can be done without NI having special status, which the DUP flatly opposes.”

    The DUP even rejects the concept of evolution.

    • MJ

      The Tories failed to get an overall majority so by definition all the other seats add up to more (even allowing for the Sinn Fein seats, traditionally not taken up).

  • Dave

    The irony is following Brexit there is a magic money tree, because instead of balancing the books early (austerity) to save the Euro, they can now be balanced over a longer period enabling a big expansion in public spending. Hence why the Corbyn Left will honour Brexit.

    The solution to the Irish border is to hold a border poll over whether the Republic wants to re-join an independent UK as part of the peace process. Far fetched! Not as far-fetched as a European Union, and less far fetched now that the Republic has become less Catholic and the Queen has visited Dublin.

  • Soothmoother

    I enjoyed last night. The Tories without a majority and Labour showing up well. My hope is that Labour return to their roots and dump the Blairites. Hopefully this will pull the Tories away from the extreme right. I have a feeling the SNP will now lose people to Labour and that the Independence dream is over. I’ve voted either SNP or Green for quite a few elections now, but I’m seriously considering shifting to Labour if Corbyn keeps up the good work. Honest politicians are rare.

    • reel guid

      A DUP run council banned an Electric Light Orchestra concert a few years ago because they considered it ungodly or something. Total nutters.

      So no wonder Theresa May described them today as old friends and allies of the Tories.

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