An Urgent Message About Gaza 434

I can’t type much with my left hand but I wanted to get this out there. It then took me ten hours to upload with a maximum speed here of 0.5mbps. Still more breaking news now. May do a follow-up tomorrow.

[ Transcript now available: ]



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434 thoughts on “An Urgent Message About Gaza

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  • Carlyle Moulton

    There is an onerous taboo. Before daring to criticise Jewish mass murder of Palestinians one must genuflect to the evil of what Hamas did on October 7.

    There must be something wrong with me as I see Hamas’ actions of October 7 perfectly understandable for an indigenous people that have been under a campaign of effective genocide for 57 or 76 or however many years. There is a war and it is asymmetric and the balance of power is such that even guerilla hit and run was tactics are not feasible for the weaker party. The nicety of not killing civilians because International law says it is not allowable is not available to a party as weak as are the Palestinians. If one considers the ratio of collateral damage, i.e. killing of civilians to killing of legitimate targets on October 7 – it is about 2 to 1. The collateral damage ratio of Israel’s subsequent attacks on Gaza is somewhere above fifteen to one and may be as high as thirty to one.

    Those who full of self-righteousness are on Israel’s side are unconscious of the all the things Zionists have done to Palestinians since the nineties of the nineteenth century, since the commencement of Jewish immigration under the Ottoman Empire, since the Balfour declaration of 1917, since the Palestinian rebellion of 1936 put down by the British Army in conjunction with Zionist militias, since the Nakba of 1948, since in 1967 the conquest of the remainder of mandate Palestine not grabbed in 1948 and in the West Bank and Gaza since.

    Consider the events of 1948. The proto-Israeli death squads killed 15,000 Palestinians to get 750,000 to flee converting the Jewish minority in Palestine to a majority. The 15,000 were killed in two stages, the first was a softening up process killing 7,500 to instil terror and then another 7,500 on Nakba Day (one in every hundred) to encourage the others to flee. One event typical of the softening up process was the Deir Yassin massacre. Mondoweiss has an article on it and the things done were very similar to the unproved allegations of which Israel accused Hamas on October 7 e.g. cutting fetuses out of pregnant women and beheading them before killing the mothers.

    MOD I am unsure of the hyperlink, please delete if it has failed to work.


    • Lysias

      Hamas did no more on Oct. 7 than the Algerian FLN did to the French colonizers in 1962 and than the Vietnamese did to supporters of the puppet government through the Vietnam War.

      • Bramble

        I reject violence personally. But I cannot help but note the hypocrisy of those decrying Hamas (and by implication all Palestinians). They are the ones justifying Israel’s genocide as a response. They accept the creed of vengeful violence when committed by their favoured State, but not when committed by the victims of that State. (Israel breached another fundamental international law by attacking a consulate building and murdering those within it. But that has not been condemned, only the threatened retaliation. Same shameful hypocrisy, endorsed by the mainstream media and most commentators in the supposedly “civilised” West.)

    • Tom Welsh

      Thanks, Carlyle; I couldn’t agree more.

      “…an indigenous people that have been under a campaign of effective genocide for 57 or 76 or however many years”.

      Actually it began at least 100 years ago. The declaration of the “state of Israel” merely accelerated the process and gave it spurious legitimacy.

      Moreover, Israel has gone to most unusual lengths to make it virtually impossible to know who is a “civilian”. I hear that all Israeli adults undergo military training and are reservists ready to be called up at a moment’s notice. many “civilians” are routinely heavily armed, and some of them have no compunctions about killing Palestinians, with or without any pretext.

      And, of course, no “Israeli” has any moral or legal right to strut around Palestine pretending that it belongs to them. It doesn’t.

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        Ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews (who currently constitute over 10% of the Israeli population) have an exemption from military service, Tom, provided the man of the house’s ‘career’ involves studying the first five books of the Bible, which he gets paid by the Israeli State to do, in order that he may be able to put food in the mouths of his very large family caused by his having taken the Biblical injunction to ‘go forth and multiply’ literally. Needless to say, all this is currently causing a bit of friction in Israeli society:

    • Jack

      There was a report by the UN last month that said that while sexual violence “reasonably” occured, tellingly – no witness or evidence were presented to the UN from Israel. Nothing:

      UN report launders Israel’s fraudulent “mass rape” propaganda

      The hyper-focus on alleged sexual violence seems to be a tactic by Israel trying to appeal to the islamophobic western population that this is what evil muslims/immigrants do.

      That Israel itself carry out sexual violence is of course never mentioned in the media:
      “We are particularly distressed by reports that Palestinian women and girls in detention have also been subjected to multiple forms of sexual assault, such as being stripped naked and searched by male Israeli army officers. At least two female Palestinian detainees were reportedly raped while others were reportedly threatened with rape and sexual violence,” the experts said. They also noted that photos of female detainees in degrading circumstances were also reportedly taken by the Israeli army and uploaded online.

  • Jack

    According to a new Yougov-poll some 36% polled believe there is a genocide in Gaza, speciffically 56% of the Biden voters believe this (link in the twitter link)

    An american (jewish?) doctor that visited Gaza saw genocide in Gaza:
    “Genocide was the overwhelming impression that I got,” says @mperlmuttermd
    , orthopedics hand surgery specialist and president of the World Surgical Foundation who just volunteered in Gaza. “This is dehumanization. The purpose of this is to kill a population.”

    Watch this segment on Democracy now here:

    This is the problem, facts do not matter anymore to the west. I mean these are first hand accounts by western doctors, including this possibly jewish doctor, what other kind of evidence do west need to admit that the jewish state actually commit acts of gencoide?

  • Brianfujisan

    In the Early weeks of this Genocide I’d say to some people. ” the Israel Genocide of Palestinians ” ..Now I only have say ” The Genocide “.. Cos the whole world knows.
    And now the Germans send the Police in to End a Palestine Event in Berlin..
    Here Yanis Varoufakis Tells of German police storming the building to end
    the Palestine Congress Event –

    The speech by Yanis Varoufakis on Palestine that German police banned – 15 mins –

    • frankywiggles

      Little ruff man Olaf getting brutal with Palestinian women and children and now scholars.

      Meantime from the FT a couple of days ago, “A survey by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry last September found that *43 per cent* of large German industrial companies were planning to relocate their operations outside of Germany, with the US being the top destination.”

      Little ruff man Olaf standing silent as Genocide Joe vows to destroy Nordstream 2 pipeline, Feb 7, 2022:

      It begs the question, are Hitler’s heirs taking out their cucked frustrations genociding trapped women and children because they are too cowardly to protest Biden wrecking/ stealing their manufacturing economy?

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        Maybe it’s because many Germans can no longer afford to take out their ‘cucked frustrations’ on the 400,000+ mainly Eastern European prozzies who ply their trade in the mega-brothels etc, franky. Half to two-thirds of German men aged 18-60 were regularly doing that (as in weekly or fortnightly) by my back-of-fag-packet calculations.

        • will moon

          “ in the mega-brothels”

          Blimey la, is this a case of ”build it and they will come”?

          I saw a clip of a German “red light zone”, it was the scale of the place that struck me. Sex as a commodity in a vast urban market, regulated and apparently profitable – beyond my ken

          I lived for several years recently in the heart of the unofficial “red light zone” of this city – tawdry and sordid, in extremis. Though steeped in urban trough politics, I found myself suffering in the ambience – coercion, drug addiction, law enforcement, tears, sexual violence etc. It shifted my already sympathetic attitude to sex workers. Now when a bad case (substance abuser/sex worker) harasses me, I have no problem generating the emotion to make the encounter go well – once these women sense that awareness, they seem happy to move beyond stigma, as I am.

  • Jack

    Pathetic to see the EU putting sanctions on individual jewish settlers, there are now roughly 450’000 illegal settlers in the West bank and have soared to this number for decades. Ridiculous ploy by the EU now, trying to pretend/frame that they are taking a critical stance against Israel. Oh these religious fundamentalist settlers are now forbidden to enter the EU or what? Wow this will change things!
    EU do not of course dare to put sanctions on israeli government that facilitate these settlements to begin with!

    As usual, when it comes to Russia the EU had no problem putting sanctions on Russia, not individual russians “settlers”, for their annexation.
    EU extends sanctions against Russia over occupation of Ukrainian regions until February 2025

    • ET

      There is a split in the EU with regards to Israel. There is politics behind the scenes. Ireland and Spain are trying to force through an assessment of the current EU-Israeli trade deal on the basis that Israel isn’t complying with its human rights obligations commitments made in that deal.

      Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Malta, Belgium, plus possible Norway and Portugal are moving to formally recognise Palestine as a state.
      I think there is significant resistance from other EU states such as Germany, Austria and maybe others. Ireland and Spain have said they will press ahead with this unilaterally, which has infuriated Israel. Charles Michel has also made some statements, as in the following article:

      My reading of his statements is that he is trying to delay things. The upshot is I don’t think that the EU member states are speaking with one voice, even if it appears so.

  • Republicofscotland


    Hopefully the charges will be dropped.

    “Julian Assange’s wife says it is a “good sign” US President Joe Biden is considering dropping prosecution charges against the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder.

    Stella Assange said on Thursday her husband was “extremely unwell” and “stressed obviously because he could be extradited to the United States to face 175 years in prison.”

    “We’re considering it,” Biden replied when asked if he had a response to Australia’s request to drop prosecution of Assange.

    Australia’s parliament passed a motion in February with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s support for the release of Assange.

    “I have said that we have raised, on behalf of Mr Assange, Australia’s national interests that enough is enough and this needs to be brought to a conclusion and we’ve raised it at each level of government in every possible way,” Albanese told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    “I hope Joe Biden really just drops this case now as the entire human rights community and press freedom community is asking him to do,” Stella Assange said.

    Assange, an Australian citizen, has been held in Britain since 2019 while fighting extradition to the United States.”

    • Melrose

      O/T too
      cause we never took that matter lightly.
      Obviously, Biden is inclined to drop charges against Assange. But his advisers tell him to wait, until the Donald makes a bold statement about it.
      So presumably, we still have to wait for a few months, and so does Julian. Sorry, Stella!

      • Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett


        The release of Julian Assange is more a matter of practical politics for Biden (as you accurately suggest) rather than an issue of law and/or principle.

        • Melrose

          Thanks for confirming the obvious.
          If it comes as a surprise, we’re not living in a perfect world. But let’s keep hoping…

        • Tom Welsh

          *Everything* is more a matter of practical politics for Biden than an issue of law and/or principle. And the same applies to most other “Western” politicians and businessmen.

  • harry law

    There will be an appeal in the High court soon by Glan and Al Haq. concerning the admission by Alicia Kearns MP, and other developments.
    NEW: The oral hearing to appeal the initial dismissal of our case will take place before 26 April.
    Pushed several more times about whether he has been advised that Israel had breached international law, Cameron said: “The short answer to that is no.”
    He added, however, that he felt his answer wasn’t “fair on the lawyers” because it didn’t reflect the complexity of their considerations. [In other words he was lying HLaw]
    “The lawyers give you lots of advice saying, ‘We are worried about this event, that event. We’re going to go away. We’re going to consult with Israeli authorities, ask a bunch of questions and then we are going to give you considered legal advice’,” Cameron said.
    “That’s why it’s not really a yes or no answer,” he said to O’Hara. “I’m trying to be helpful by explaining how the job works. Does that help at all?”
    “No,” said O’Hara to some laughter from those gathered in the small room at Portcullis House. “But unfortunately, I think it’s as good as I’m going to get from you.”

  • harry law

    Earlier today the navy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp boarded and seized the container ship MSC Aries near the Strait of Hormuz. The ship is operated by Zodiac Maritime, a company owned by the Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer.
    Israel has condemned the seizure as a violation of international law, you could not make this up. It is to be hoped that more blocking of Israeli shipping, especially to the main ports Haifa, Ashdod and BenGurian airport which accounts for 80% of Israel’s import/export.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    There is an irreconcilable conflict between the interests of Israelis and Palestinians. Both side believe that they alone are entitled to occupation of the remains of mandate Palestine. Supporting these claims are two irreconcilable narratives and most supporters of one suffer unbearable cognitive dissonance if exposed to the other. I am on the Palestinian side and am talking about myself here, I respect those like Tony Greenstein who expose themselves to the other argument in order to debunk it. When I argue the Palestinian case I am relying on things that I learned from newspapers in the seventies and eighties before the MSM’s extreme anti-Palestinian shift.

    The balance of the narratives in public opinion has shifted over the years. Immediately after 1948 there were many Jews sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians. Some of them according to articles in The Intercept were published in magazines supported by Jewish organizations. By about 1953 these pro-Palestinian voices were squeezed out. Another Intercept article asserts that US anti-terrorism laws were developed to specifically target Palestinians and discredit their narrative. From about 20 years ago Israeli propagandists (The Jerusalem Congress) have successfully advanced this process.

    • AG

      just a short comment –

      3 weeks ago Norm Finkelstein on Princeton campus talking – reminded that 1947/48 cleansing was, whether one likes it or not, a project of what we would call today “progressive Jewish left”. And therein lies the core problem.

      On the other hand I always point out – I don´t have the opportunity to inquire Finkelstein on this since I don´t live in NYC – that at the pre-1948 poll conducted by a British polling agency, 25% of Jews in Palestine were against the foundation of a Jewish state.

      They argued – correctly so as we now know – that a nation-state would destroy the civil society and grassroot-network of Arab-Jewish community life created since the late 19th century also utilizing progressive Kibbuz-projects. And yes Noam Chomsky for one has always taken much of his now abandoned one-state-solution argument from his experience in those structures.

      He once said that “Zionism” did in part turn itself onto its head more and more after 1948.

      All this said in the light of Finkelstein´s contradicting harsh views – which most will share here – on the incapability of true cooperation and “co-existence” of original progressive Zionists of the sort of Ahad Ha’am/Asher Ginsberg.

      I would therefore really be interested how a conversation on this very issue between Finkelstein, Chomsky, Khalidi and Edward Said coming back from the dead would look like. I assume however there is material on this discussed by said gentlemen in some exchange of views. I just haven´t found it yet.

      • David Warriston

        The dichotomy between the two forms of Jewishness were visible in the Warsaw Ghetto before Israel even existed.
        The left wing Combat organisation saw the future of Jews as remaining within Europe. They fought to the death to hold that belief. They saw little future in a Zionist state. Nor did Albert Einstein in later years when he was offered the Presidency.

        The right wing Revisionists, who fought just as bravely in Warsaw as anyone else, saw the future as a Jewish state in Palestine. Their inheritors are now the governing elite within Israel.

    • Tom Welsh

      I don’t see that there can be any disagreement between people who accept the facts. In the early 20th century, Palestine was first loosely ruled by the Ottoman Empire, then essentially by nobody apart from the British occupation which was merely an extension of WW1.

      More and more Jewish people kept pouring into Palestine by all means and from many places of origin, backed by huge sums of money – largely from rich American and British Jews. Even the first technique adopted by the Zionists – that of buying up large areas of land from absentee landlords – was unfair to the people who had been living there. A proper Palestinian government would have regulated such purchases more strictly. No national government allows foreigners to buy up large amounts of its land and other valuable property.

      Then the Jews began flooding in against the resistance of the British Mandate occupation, and veered from allies of the British to their vicious enemies. That forced the British to leave and give up the Mandate. Now Palestine was virtually in a state of anarchy – which always suits the rich, as they can take over with their own private armed forces.

      Finally the UN resolved that Palestine should be divided roughly equally between its inhabitants and the Zionists. That was grossly unfair for many reasons. Who gave the UN the right to hand out the property of Palestinians? Not a single Palestinian had a hand in that vote, or was even consulted – although many Jews were. President Truman himself was heavily bribed to go directly against the advice of his own State Department, as were many other politicians and UN representatives. Eventually the resuloution scraped through by the narrowest of margins.

      But even if we accept that the UN had the right to give more than half of Palestine to the Zionists, how come they now control virtually all of it? The whole business stinks to high heaven, and if one single series of events were chosen to demonstrate the utter corruption of the UN and global politics, it would have to be the annexation of Palestine by the Zionists while all the so-called “great powers” stood by and watched.

      • Tom Welsh

        Professor Michael Hudson’s views – as usual extremely well informed and profound.

        “The aim all along has been to kill them. Or first of all, to make life so unpleasant for them that they’ll emigrate. That’s the easy way. Why would anyone want to stay in Gaza when what’s happening to them is what’s happening today? You’re going to leave. But if they don’t leave, you’re going to have to kill them, ideally by bombing because that minimizes the domestic casualties…

        “So, the genocide that you’re seeing today is an explicit policy, and that was a policy of the forefathers, the founders of Israel. The idea of a land without people was a land without Arabs in it, the land without non-Jewish people. That’s really what it meant. They were to be driven out starting even before the official funding of Israel, the first Nakba, the Arab Holocaust. And the two of the Israeli prime ministers were members of the Stern gang of terrorists. The terrorists became the rulers of Israel. They escaped from British jail and they joined to found Israel. So, what you’re seeing today is the final solution to this plan. And the founders of Israel were so obsessed with the Nazis, essentially, they wanted to do to them what they did to us, is how they explained it to people…

        “And the idea, if you bomb a population, you can’t really hide that, even if you kill the journalists. How do you kill a population passively? So you minimize the visible bombing. Well, the line of least resistance is to starve them. And that’s been the Jewish, the Israeli policy since 2008”.

        • Tom Welsh

          “And I think Alastair Crooke has cited Trita Parsi, one of the Israeli political leaders, saying the objective really in all this, of Israel’s conflict and Biden’s acquiescence to it, is that Israel is engaged in a deliberate and systematic effort to destroy existing laws and norms about warfare. And that’s really it”.

          Really, really, REALLY bad idea. If they destroy all the existing norms, their enemies will get a lot more scope for harming them. How many Israeli embassies and consulates are there in the world?

          “Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law!
          “More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
          “Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
          “More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast– man’s laws, not God’s– and if you cut them down—and you’re just the man to do it—do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake”.

          – Robert Bolt (“A Man For All Seasons”)

  • AG

    Norman Finkelstein wrote a short piece about Benny Morris and Morris´ genocidal position, including Iran:

    That was April 12th.
    First drones were fired today

    2 weeks ago I posted a treacherous interview by German state paper TAZ with Morris on the occasion of the German translation of his 2008 study “1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War”.
    I found Morris deeply flawed in his interview. And deeply dishonest.
    This is now confirmed by Finkelstein´s verdict.

    I had heard of a planned debate between Finkelstein and Morris which Morris eventually canceled. I would have liked to read Finkelstein´s analysis that made Morris falter.

    Needless to say that Morris is the St. George of German elite culture as far as the Arab/Palestinian dragon is concerned.
    A saint beyond doubt.

    Finkelstein above, among others, quotes a Morris piece where Morris is suggesting that Israel should nuke Iran if it were the only way to destroy Iran´s nuclear research facilities.
    That piece is from 2008.

    Its´ link was – to my initial astonishment – a German site. But a quick glance made it clear who those people are.
    As a decent scholar Finkelstein is of course looking into all sources regardless of provenance.

  • Jack

    So Israel got help shooting down drones from Iran by US, UK and Jordan opened their airspace for the americans. Disgraceful.

    Look how western media frame it:
    Iran launches retaliatory attack on Israel that risks sparking regional war
    No, the israeli bombing of the iranian consulate is what risked sparking a regional war! Where is all the westerners now, claiming Iran “have the right to defend itself”?

    Western states seems to get more and more involved to defend the genocidal maniacs in Israel. Some weeks ago an italian fighter jet was circling around Dimona Nuclear powerplant in Israel.

    • Stevie Boy

      The USA are psychotically paranoid about Iran, they intend to destroy Iran in the same way they did Iraq – and this is nothing to do with nukes either – it’s about control by the hegemon. Israel is just the mad uncontrolled attack dog. In the current political situation, an attack on Iran is not going to go well for the West.
      What is also interesting is the cost disparity between the (100-200) iranian drones and the (patriot) missiles and aircraft used to intercept them. Including shipping, if this is a war of attrition then Iran is winning.

      • Pears Morgaine

        It’s not the cost of the drones or the missiles but the cost, including to life and limb, of the damage that might be inflicted if they got though. So far Iran has been frustrated in its attempt to hurt Israel. Apart from one act of piracy against an unarmed merchant ship.

        • AG

          as civil protection goes, an alarm system and short ways to bomb shelters are much more effective than any missile defense.

          In Oct. Ted Postol gave an – as usually, ignored – interview regarding his criticism of Iron Dome (which I personally share: in Germany we just spent 4 bn. Euros on that junk instead of using it for Kindergartens and education).

          BOSTON GLOBE:

          “Israel’s Iron Dome system doesn’t work, says missile defense critic”

          “There’s some evidence of an intercept very occasionally,” Postol said in an interview. But he claims that the great majority of the Iron Dome interceptors miss their targets altogether. “I would say that the intercept rate is at best 4 or 5 percent,” said Postol, adding that it might be as low as 1 percent. “It’s so low, it’s very hard to tell,” he said.
          “They can produce no evidence that the system is working,” Postol said. “It’s a fraud perpetuated by the Israeli government on its own people. It’s also perpetrated on the American taxpayer because we’re paying for everything.”

          In contrast, Iranian citizens seem to be bullet/rocket-proof beings. At least about the dangers to THEM in case of attacks we don´t hear a peeps around here.

          • Melrose

            Apparently, the best estimate is
            So back to the drawing board, and… Try again!

  • Ewan2

    Apparently ‘Hamas’ is an acronym, but I translated into Hebrew and it means ‘violence’. What a linguistic coincidence.

  • AndrewR

    It is good that the Americans stopped the missiles getting through to Israel, saving the random deaths of the inhabitants.
    And it’s an incredible show of their technology that they could.
    So it’s for them to answer why they didn’t stopped the attacks on Gaza.

    • Stevie Boy

      Of course we are told the missiles didn’t get through by exactly the same people who told us about beheaded babies – what else would you expect compulsive liars to say ?

      • Steve Hayes

        Well yes. Israel says 300 missiles were sent and 99% intercepted, leaving 3. Their Channel 12 TV says 7 struck one airbase. Masters of hype but not necessarily much else.

  • portside

    Ah moving and brilliant, Mr Murray. A terrible time indeed. The cutting of funding to UNRWA is still scarcely believable. A coordinated plot among so-called democracies to bury the genocide ruling of the ICJ and to starve a helpless population (of mostly children) to death. It is a crime against humanity that will forever be recalled across the globe every time neocons are heard affecting concern for human rights.

    You are obviously correct in saying that at this point anybody still denying genocide is merely indicating their support for it. The same may be said of those still denying UK participation, media bias, etc.

    What will be the upshot of it all? The crimes in Gaza in the past 6 months are the most shocking most people will have ever seen and are being openly documented, celebrated and mocked by the perpetrators and excused by their enablers.

    But at what cost to the genocidaires?

    It is not just their moral standing that has vanished but their aura of military invincibility. Gaza’s fighters remain undefeated and have forced the Israelis out (having already dealt a mortal blow to IDF hubris on October 7th). The Houthis of Yemen have forced the Hegemon to beg to be allowed to continue committing genocide. These native resistance groups are veritable ants who have demonstrated they can face down the most powerful militaries on the planet. This follows on hard from NATO defeats in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

    So while Israel and its patrons have succeeded in murdering thousands of infants, inflicting mass starvation, destroying hospitals etc., their image in the eyes of the world has suffered virtually irreparable damage. You conclude by wondering at Chinese inaction but this whole thing could hardly have been scripted more perfectly from a Beijing perspective.

    • Tom Welsh

      “A coordinated plot among so-called democracies to bury the genocide ruling of the ICJ and to starve a helpless population (of mostly children) to death”.

      Ahem – a small correction if I may… Without disagreeing in the slightest, I would shift the emphasis a little:

      A coordinated plot among the oligarchies that control our so-called democracies to bury the genocide ruling of the ICJ and to starve a helpless population (of mostly children) to death.

  • Trev

    Iranians are celebrating the attack on Israel by playing “Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot (Official Music Video) ft. Pharrell Williams”.

    Awesome stuff!

    • Melrose

      Meanwhile, Israelis celebrate the remarkable performance of their air defense by dancing to the tune of “The Beatles – Back to the USSR”.
      Great lyrics, with a sexy mention of Ukraine girls…

        • Melrose

          Exactly. But the USSR is over, or so it seems. Thus time travel, and back to…
          Sadly enough, Iran’s botched retaliation attack provides Israel with a perfect smokescreen behind which to exercise even more blind violence and wars crimes in Gaza and the West Bank.
          It also gives the US and the UK a perfect excuse to increase delivery of state-of-the-art military equipment to their favorite ally.
          Back in the USSR, Putin must be delighted, he can push the Spring offensive as he wants, while the West is focused on the Middle East, and Zelenskyy keeps crying in the desert…

          • will moon

            “Iran’s botched”

            Sources Melrose, sources.

            You should know the drill by now Old Bean, surely?

          • glenn_nl


            What do you mean “exactly”? You got it exactly wrong!

            I love it when someone makes a real howler of a gaff, and then pretends it was the plan all along.

            Iran’s “botched attack”, as you put it, showed that sending a smarm of drones worth $20 or so apiece costs Israel $1,000,000,000 to shoot down, while letting older, less precision missiles straight through. Even the BBC admitted this.

            Now, Iran knows exactly what the capabilities of Israel are – and aren’t – and just how easy it is to overwhelm the defences on the cheap.

            Botched indeed!

            Btw, about all these “perfects” – you wouldn’t be a Trump acolyte by any chance?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            I love it when someone on here accuses someone else of making a ‘real howler’, Glenn, and then goes on to make three ‘howlers’ in the very next (short) paragraph – but then I’m a **** like that.

            P.S. Any chance of an apology for referring to me as a genocide apologist on the previous page? Probably not, but you never know.

          • glenn_nl

            LA: “Any chance of an apology”

            Since your only contribution to this sub-thread is in scurrying to the defence of another genoicide apologist, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait for that apology. There are a lot of false equivalence, both-sidesism merchants in the list ahead of you.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            So I see that, like Rachel Riley, after being called out, you’ve doubled down on things. Well, that’s the world we live in. I was merely pointing out that if you’re going to accuse someone of making a minor mistake, it’s not a particularly good look to then make *three* similar mistakes in your own comment – but I would have held back if you hadn’t called me a genocide apologist in another recent comment.

            Now can you point to any comment of mine where I have denied, supported or defended the genocide* in Gaza (or recent genocides anywhere else, like Tigray for example – in which a lot more kids have been killed than have so far in Gaza, and which you probably barely know anything about)? I haven’t read all of Melrose’s comments, so could you also please show me any of them that have denied, supported or defended the genocide in Gaza?

            Can I also ask if you paid any tax in either the UK, US, The Netherlands or other Western European country in the years 2014-18 – because if so, you may not have been apologising for genocide, but you will have been actually *funding* it (see Operation Inherent Resolve etc). And no, you don’t actually have to pay any tax in any of those countries if you would prefer not to.

            * A genocide that the International Court of Justice will not call a genocide – just some mealy-mouthed words about it being possible that the Israeli forces may have possibly committed some acts in Gaza that might possibly be viewed in some lights as possibly constituting breaches of the (genocide) convention.

      • will moon

        “remarkable performance”

        Melrose, unless you provide sources for these wild assertions, you come over like a hagiographer for the death cult of Israel

        You called people who comment here “antisemites” – do you have any evidence for these laughable allegations or are you someone who dishes out the word “antisemite” without thinking of the Holocaust and the real Jew haters?

        At this moment you are no more than a tawdry propagandist for genocide – everyone HAS to be someone – did you choose this? Or are you being instructed?

        The song is called “Back in the USSR” not “Back to the ussr”. With the wonders of the internet you can’t even get a song title right – I do hope you are not being paid, you probably haven’t heard the phrase “value for money” – coz you ain’t.

        • Melrose

          Stop insulting people who have a better sense of humor than yours,
          Even if moderation here is one-sided, your pathetic response is a blessing in disguise.
          And worry not, when you can teach me English or anything else, pigs will fly…

          • glenn_nl

            So no reply whatsoever to a quite reasonable request for you to back up your wild assertions. Duly noted.

            But you can make a string of insults, while whining about moderation.

            Compelling stuff.

          • will moon

            Melrose all these moments will be lost like tears in the rain.

            My advice – you should try to be more resilient – it is no doubt a blow to be naked before a crowd but we have all been there Old Bean – growth, flourishing is still a potentialality, you just have to believe that redemption is possible.

    • Republicofscotland

      Iran had the right to attack the Zionist capital of Tel Aviv but they showed remarkable restraint, the Zionists attacked the Iranian consulate in the capital of Syria Damascus.

      Instead Iran attacked secret military bases in the Negev.

      Site 512 in the Negev lets hope Iran put it out of action.

      Its disgusting that the RAF aided and abetted the genocide committing Zionist occupying military regime known as Israel, to shootdown Iranian drones and missiles, along with help from the French, Jordanians and the Americans, and today the English propaganda machine the BBC has outdone itself on Israeli pro-propaganda.

      “Sometimes something is treated as an official secret not in the hope that an adversary would never find out about it but rather [because] the U.S. government, for diplomatic or political reasons, does not want to officially acknowledge it,” Paul Pillar, a former chief analyst at the CIA’s counterterrorism center who said he had no specific knowledge of the base”

      • Republicofscotland

        Re my above comment.

        Iran’s strikes against Israel’s military bases late Saturday night were “in line with the country’s inalienable right of legitimate defense stipulated in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and in response to the series of crimes” committed by Israel, especially its recent attack in Damascus.

        Reports say.

        Iran hit a large intelligence base in the occupied lands and Israel’s Nevatim Airbase, from where an F-35 jet took off to target Iran’s consulate in Damascus.

        Meanwhile the genocide continues.

        Israeli Army Opens Fire at Hundreds of Displaced Palestinians Returning to Northern Gaza

        • Tom Welsh

          “Iran hit a large intelligence base in the occupied lands…”

          From what I saw (in Simplicius’ blog) that base was completely flattened. The ideal target, as no one innocent would have been there.

  • Allan Howard

    Are Biden and Netanyahu playing games again, games that are intentionally aimed at starting a major conflict with Iran? I wouldn’t be at all surprised:

    ‘US Declines Israel’s Invitation To Start WW3 (For Now)’

    A new report from Axios says Biden has personally told Netanyahu that the US will not be supporting any Israeli military response to the Iranian strike. An anonymous senior White House official told Axios that Biden said to Netanyahu, “You got a win. Take the win,” in reference to the number of Iranian weapons that were taken out of the sky by the international coalition in Israel’s defense……

    Indeed, Israel has already made it clear that it is going to be moving forward with an escalation against Iran. Israel’s Channel 12 cites an unnamed senior official saying the Iranian counter strike is going to receive an “unprecedented response”.

    “Israel has already informed the Americans and governments in the region that its response is inevitable,” The Economist reports. “Its military options include launching drones at Iran, and long-range airstrikes on Iran, possibly on military bases or nuclear installations.”

    I have no doubt whatsoever that BN and Biden and Co came up with the attack on Iran’s consulate as a way of guaranteeing a respone by Iran – ie a provacation that HAD to be acted on – and so Iran duly responded, and now the whole situation will escalate and, as such, Genocide Joe’s hand be forced to get involved militarily. As planned!

    • Jack

      It is an election year too and wars tend the population to rally around the flag, will Biden use that tactic? At the same time the US are apparently worried about high oil/gas prices which is something in turn that the electorate do not appreciate.

      US reveals why it told Kiev not to attack Russian oil depots
      Washington is concerned about global fuel prices, Defense Secretary Austin has said

    • Allan Howard

      And skwawkbox posted the following article yesterday re events in Sydney:

      ‘As Israel supporters weaponise Sydney attack as ‘Muslim’, early reports suggest killer was Cohen’

      His name WASN’T Cohen, but no-one in Australia is talking about what happened being a terrorist attack, and apparently the guy was known to police and had mental health problems. But Rachel Riley (and Julia Hartley Brewer and Lee Kern) had it all figured out straight away. Skwawkbox has pasted their tweets or whatever into the article, and posted the following update at some point:

      Update: the attacker has finally been identified as Joel Cauchi, a 40yo Queensland man. Hartley Brewer and Kern seem to have deleted their tweets but only Hartley-Brewer has bothered to issue a correction at the time of this update. None has apologised and Riley has added a follow-up tweet in which she still attacks Palestinians supporters, saying ‘no, the man being named Joel Cauchi has not changed my opinion that is is wrong for people on the streets to be calling for mass terror attacks across the world’. Opponents of genocide are not, of course, doing this.

      Riley really is an ultra hard-core fascist.

    • Melrose

      Smokescreen, as said earlier.
      Israel has nothing to gain in attacking Iran at this point. They know their enemy is still years away from a deliverable nuclear weapon. They can deal with this later.
      To them, the current mission is clearly to get rid of Palestinians once and for all.
      Smokescreen. But it works, even on this blog!!

          • will moon

            Yet you come here making sloppy assertions and will not justify your statements.

            Do you know most of the “rules” of any populated forum are voluntary and we try to observe them the best we can, each as individual contributors to the debate- it is a limitation of the format but that does not exempt you – we all labour under the same geas

            Best you not talk of “insults”, it sounds like projection – you accused commentators here of being specific types of racists without any factual basis. Without such a basis, your statement is simple prejudice, so let’s have it, why do you say this?

            Until you explain yourself, it is difficult to take you seriously – random behaviour is merely random

          • Melrose

            Are you utterly mad?
            You are wasting your time trying to smear me. And this is not random. You simply act like a nasty watchdog, perfectly incapable of debating about a situation.
            Better try to have something sensible to write, because as you can see your pointless rage doesn’t affect me at all.

          • will moon

            Do you have any facts to back up your claims that people who comment here are specific type of racists or do you call people racists just as a general thing?

            Calling people racists is not debate, is it?

      • glenn_nl

        M: “They know their enemy is still years away from a deliverable nuclear weapon “

        Really? So why has Israel been screeching for the past 20 years, that Iran is always less than six months from having a nuclear weapon? Your hero BB even showed the UN a cartoon of a bomb to prove the point.

        Gosh, they wouldn’t have been lying, ssshurely?

        • Melrose

          You have a major problem with reading.
          I said just the opposite. And, boo boo, of course people are lying!
          All the time! They ought to be spanked…

          • glenn_nl

            So that’s all you’ve got. Insult – childishly – anyone you don’t agree with.

    • Tom Welsh

      All that’s needed now for the Americans’ gloom to become positively Stygian is for Israel to send off a bunch of F-35s to bomb Iran – and have them all shot down.

      The USA pretends to arm Israel, and Israel pretends to pay the USA. It’s all fine until someone calls their bluff.

  • AG

    I like that:

    On the ICJ-case Nicaragua v. Germany

    one attorney of the Central American side is German Daniel Müller, one attorney on the German side is Samuel Wordsworth – who is British. But what´s known about him? (Apart from choosing the wrong side here).

  • Allan Howard

    I mentioned this on here at the time – ie Rachel Riley on Newsnight – and I just found this Daily Express article (with video clip) in which Riley says the following:

    Newsnight presenter Ms Wark… put it to Ms Riley that the declaration was a way to find solidarity and to “express feelings”.

    She said: “Do you think that the October declaration in a way was a way to find solidarity? And that’s what’s behind the declaration for the people to come together and express their feelings?”

    Ms Riley responded: “It is finding solidarity and it is expressing disgust at organisations like the BBC.

    “We now know that there was a pregnant woman who had her belly cut open. The baby was removed from her stomach and beheaded in front of her. There are videos of this.”

    But Ms Wark interrupted to say: “Which is unverified. We haven’t seen these videos.”

    Ms Riley fired back: “You haven’t seen it. I know many people have seen it. These videos are in existence.

    “There are countless others and countless other examples that journalists sat through the other day to prove this exists…..”

    The video clip from the Newsnight interview is one minute long. As for the ‘video’ she refers to ‘that journalists sat through the other day to prove this exists’, Owen Jones saw it at some point later on, and needless to say, it doesn’t contain any such footage.

    And the following came up in the results from today when I did a search re >newsnight rachel riley<:

    'Rachel Riley apologises over ‘misunderstandings’ after Channel 4 urged to sack presenter following ‘Islamophobic’ remarks'

    Rachel Riley has apologised for a now-deleted tweet about the Sydney mall stabbing that was accused of perpetuating Islamophobia.

    There were calls on social media for Channel 4 to sack the Countdown presenter, 38, after she falsely claimed the horror attack was a Palestinian uprising.

    The horrific rampage, that killed six people on Saturday, was carried out by Joel Cauchi, 40, from Queensland, who police said suffered from mental health problems.

    After deleting the original tweet, which said the shopping mall attack was the result of a ‘globalised Infitada’, Riley issued a statement on X and said she was ‘sorry’ if her message had been ‘misunderstood’.

    Yerse, what she said was simply misunderstood you see.

    • Allan Howard

      It just occurred to me to check what time the Metro article was posted, and it was 7.11pm!

      And DO check out the article, and what she goes on to say. It comes across as so reasonable and plausible, and not at ALL mendacious and deceitful and fraudulent and disingenuous and phoney and dishonest.

  • Mr Mark Cutts

    In my opinion the Iranian ‘attack’ (brazen – meaning cheeky – how dare you!?) was a Just Testing attack.

    I’ve watched the MSM coverage and in my naivety I followed the lights in the sky that were going up and the lights that were going down. There were many more lights going down than up. Over Jerusalem and I think it was Tel Aviv too.

    What this means is that as usual the ‘Most Moral Army in the world’ are not being truthful. So what’s new?

    Unfortunately for the ‘Embedded’ the IDF is not going to give them a ride out in the IDF Propaganda Bus to see if any damage was really done.

    From what I hear (not proof obviously) an airbase was targeted and hit – that may have been the main aim. The rest was possibly theatre from Iran, for a psychological reason aimed at Israeli Citizens. Namely, it has already been shown that Israel is very touchable in The Occupied Territories via the Hamas attack on the Settlers.

    This theatre attack was to test the so called ‘Iron Dome’ and showed that despite having that, Israel had to be backed up by the US/France/UK and others in order to prevent a large amount of damage. If a large amount of damage was intended by Iran.

    They were going to finish off Hamas in Six Weeks according to Netanyahu and his crazy mates but here we are 6 months (not weeks) on and it is not going to plan.

    I also heard that Ben Gurion Airport has been attacked. Of course (according to the MSM and the IDF), it will all be over by Xmas.

    • harry law

      Mark, the Iron dome has only been tested on Hamas bottle rockets, and found to be not very effective. Those ballistic precision misslles which Hezbollah have many, and Iran have even more, with underground caverns producing them in their thousands. It is not beyond Hezbollah to knock out IAF bases. The so-called Iron Dome would be overwhelmed, Israel’s defence position is compromised by the ineffectiveness of its much-vaunted Iron Dome System which – according to Professor Theodore A Postol Physicist Professor emeritus, science, Technology and National Security policy, ballistic missile defence etc at MIT – said iron dome may be 5% effective.

      During the November 2012 conflict, a detailed review of a large number of photographs of Iron Dome interceptor contrails revealed that the rocket-defense system’s success rate was very low — as low as 5 percent, or perhaps even less. The collection of data for Iron Dome’s performance in July 2014 is still in progress. The data we have collected so far, however, indicates the performance of Iron Dome has not markedly improved.

    • Tom Welsh

      As well as “Just Testing”, I think it was also a “Formal Notification”. As in, “We dropped a handful of warheads on some of your most prized and heavily defended assets, and you couldn’t stop us. Would you like us to send ten times as many next time? If not, behave”.

      Like Mr Putin’s SMO, trying to achieve the political goal with the absolute minimum of force.

      Of course, if the early warnings are ignored, the force has to be ratcheted up… and up… and UP.

      • Melrose

        To the extent that Iran’s Ambassador to the UN delivered a formal warning hours before the attack, and that Iran’s foreign minister later specified that neighboring countries had be warned 72 hours in advance.
        That’s obviously not what you do when you plan to deliver lethal blows to your enemy…
        Drones and missiles can sometimes become diplomatic instruments…

  • Allan Howard

    I just happened to come across the following DM article from January 2009 in the list of results when I was researching something in relation to the current ‘war’:

    ‘At least 14 children killed in Gaza terror as Israel defies demands for a ceasefire’

    At least 14 more Palestinian children were killed in the Gaza Strip yesterday as the misery and terror of civilians trapped by the Israeli bombardment intensified.

    With Israel defying mounting international demands for a ceasefire, aid workers warned of a humanitarian crisis facing terrified families trapped in their homes with little power, food, fuel and medicine.

    The death toll passed 535 as planes, helicopters, artillery and tanks pounded the Palestinian territory for a tenth day…..

    Bombs also hit a hospital morgue where a family were mourning a paramedic killed in an airstrike on Sunday.

    Three people were killed and 17 wounded, medical workers said.

    Medecins Sans Frontieres, the medical aid agency, said surgical services in Gaza were ‘overwhelmed’ by the estimated 2,500 wounded in the attacks as the suffering of innocent civilians continued…..

    Israel also scrapped arrangements to allow the first foreign reporters into Gaza since the onslaught began.

    And in a caption under one of the photos in the article it says: ‘Israel has been accused of using phosphorous which is banned under the Geneva Treaty of 1980 during its strikes on Hamas’

    I wonder if Israel was accusing Hamas of using civilians and hospitals etc as human shields on that occasion.

    • andyoldlabour

      Well that can’t possibly be correct Allan, because everyone knows that the World started on October 7th 2023. Nothing could possibly have happened before then.

      • Mr Mark Cutts


        Imagine going in a history library and all the previous pages were ripped out of books the West agreed with and they left in all the pages that the West agrees with? That is BBC Verify where a young woman (no idea of her name) has a meander across the internet and is left in charge of what is true or not.

        Not picking on her solely – it’s just the very idea that the MSM see themselves as the ultimate arbiters of the Truth – as if they can be trusted. Ironically if we went back into the BBC’s lying-by-omission archives we should all know better by now. Fortunately for the MSM most people only know what they are shown at an ‘appropriate’ time.

        One Embedded BBC reporter who was ferried to the Israeli Airbase that was fired on by Iran just showed us one hole in the ground. And that was good enough evidence for her. If it was the airbase in question?

        As usual the truths will come out and there will be no apologies from these witnesses. It will never be mentioned again.

        p.s. I notice that a lot of BBC reporters have left their rooftop in Kiev (the one with the beautiful Orthodox church in the background) are now re- deployed standing on a Hill in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and opining on IDF Truths. Tells you all you need to know about what their priorities are these days.

  • Brianfujisan

    George Galloway on Last Nights Moats..

    ” The mantra that Israel has the Right to Defend itself clearly dose not apply to Iran, The Mantra That there’s a Rules based order. that there is a Vienna Convention protecting the inviability of Diplomatic Premises is clearly Bunkum, it doesn’t apply to those that the Western Empire disapprove of…

    More from George’s Powerful monologue @ – THE WORLD HOLDS ITS BREATH –

    • Jack

      Russia put it good:

      Western demands for UN to discuss Iran attack are ‘hypocrisy’ – Moscow
      Nebenzia contrasted the council’s concern over protecting Western nations and their allies with its inaction when Israel bombed Iran’s consulate. “We know very well that an attack against a diplomatic representation is a casus belli under international law. And if a Western representation had been hit, you would immediately have rained down reprisals.”
      However, he added, “when it comes to other countries, their rights – including the right to self-defense – well, that’s a different matter, as you like to say… What we’re witnessing is a display of hypocrisy and double standards that is almost embarrassing to watch.”

      I only wished that Russia would actually stand with Iran/Syria/Lebanon, militarily, on this issue. i.e. protecting Syria from the constant israeli attacks and make make it will defend Iran from israeli missiles.

      • Jack

        Look what Macron said about the attack

        Macron calls for ‘isolation’ of Iran
        “Instead of targeting Israeli interests outside Israel, [Tehran] went after Israel on its soil, and attacked from their own soil, which is a first,” he said, noting that the airstrikes had caused “a profound rupture” in already strained relations between the two Middle Eastern states, paving the way for further “dangerous reactions” on both sides.

        So Iran should have targeted Israel….outside of israel? Would Macron support Iran if Iran struck an israeli consulate? Moronic argumentation.

  • Jack

    About time someone leveled a strike against Israel, sure Iran do not have the upper hand facing not only Israel but the US and the horrible arab leaders that took part in shooting down iranian missiles, drones!

    Jordan airforce shoots down Iranian drones flying over to Israel

    Where did this energy come from? Shooting down missiles? Where have Jordan been last 6 months?
    No, once again we see that these arab states are nothing but complicit actors in this genocide. They ended up doing nothing for Gaza as many of us expected. Instead they are obviously very eager to defend israel when push comes to shove. I cannot wait until the nastiness ruling Jordan, Egypt get unseated, that will be the day.

    It is really simple as Iran said some weeks ago, but unfortunately Iran is speaking for deaf ears:
    Raeisi: Muslim states must cut all ties with Israel, force it to end crimes
    “One of the most effective ways to force the Zionists to stop crimes in Gaza is to cut off all political and economic relations with this regime.”

    • harry law

      Yes, Jack, I agree. Just think how NATO countries are reacting to Ukraine, Germany is deindustrializing and vastly increasing their defence budget, whilst putting ever more sanctions on Russia, knowing not only are those sanctions making Russia stronger, but is wrecking its own economy, industry and people. Now the US are saying to the Europeans “you must do more to aid and protect Ukraine”, when everyone knows Ukraine is defeated; they have no airforce, no ammunition and it is running out of cannon fodder, with half its population living in the rest of Europe, never to return.
      Meanwhile traitors like the UAE are playing footsie with Mossad and conniving with the US to gain brownie points in the hope the west will not turn on them. They are hypocritical cowards with no self-respect. It is to be hoped these ‘half men’ are deposed asap. But then they know how ruthless the Empire can be, and regard the genocide with well over 100,000 killed and injured as just a statistic – or as M. Albright might say “yes it was worth it”. At the end of the day, it’s greed, combined with fear and loathing (you know human nature) which drive the base instincts of these satraps. I think they have a choice: do as you are told by us (the US) or lose your crown – or, in the words of Richard the third on hearing of the capture of Buckingham, “Off with his head” – or lose your head when the masses refuse to be slaves to the US/Israel. Normal self-respect should dictate MbZ’s next moves. We shall see.


  • harry law

    I have just heard UK Foreign Minister speak the most utter Bullshit I have ever heard. Being interviewed on sky news he said ..
    David Cameron: Iran attacking Israel was “reckless”
    Journalist: What would Britain do if our consulate was flattened?

    Cameron looking like a deer caught in headlights replied well we would take very strong action.
    Cameron should be locked up, correction, he should be put in a mental institution where he cannot do any harm to himself, or us.

  • nevermind

    America says that Israel retaliated, opening the tit for tat war, whilst Israel continuous with killing of civilians in Gaza, some 14,256 children out of nearly 34,000 victims of this genocide massacre.
    How long before Iran will act again.
    If they would possess Russian nuclear weapons, this war would be at a stalemate; unless the Zionists want to start WW3.

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