An Urgent Message About Gaza 434

I can’t type much with my left hand but I wanted to get this out there. It then took me ten hours to upload with a maximum speed here of 0.5mbps. Still more breaking news now. May do a follow-up tomorrow.

[ Transcript now available: ]



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434 thoughts on “An Urgent Message About Gaza

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  • Stevie Boy

    Being a total cynic. My first thoughts when I read about the murdered aid workers was: ‘they all look like military to me’. Now we appear to have confirmation that not all is as it seems – albeit the Israelis did indeed murder them.

    “The three British World Central Kitchen staff Israel slaughtered were all ex-Royal Marines or Special Forces who also worked for a private, UK-government approved security firm. The news poses more questions than it gives answers – as the NGO was a US-backed, Israel-supported operation in Gaza whose ‘celebrity chef’ head has close ties to government, ”

  • Jack

    I do not understand how the west can lie like this, when one read about the traits of sociopaths you see quickly that the western politicians fit the critera perfectly:

    John Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, strongly emphasized that Israel, up to this point, has not breached any international human rights laws in #Gaza. This comes in the wake of inquiries from journalists regarding the recent Israeli attack on the #WCK delegation, despite Israeli media accounts reporting that Israeli precision rockets struck the convoy on three occasions, damaging several vehicles.

    Why are they bending over backwards defending Israel?! Whats in it for the west to defend perverse industrial killings of civilians that is obvious to anyone? Why?! What would happen if they condemn Israel? These people are sick.

      • Carlyle Moulton

        I do not believe that all those acting for collective entities like government who behave like psychopaths are necessarily psychopaths, merely that they are performing the necessary actions that they perceive support the overwhelmingly important interests of the organization for which they work.

        • Giyane

          Carlyle Moulton

          Tory motto is Work fast and break everything. Their purpose is to change the rules of society by shock. I’m a Thatcher survivor, and I learnt long ago their purpose is to remove old bums from old seats of power and insert new ones.
          No more, no less.

          The more rules you break, like killing ex-servicemen of your closest allies, the faster you can put Israeli politicians on the seats of British politicians. It works.
          Cameron will be replaced

        • Jack

          Carlyle Moulton
          That play a role no doubt but to be able to flat out deny obvious, flagrant human rights violations there must be something more going on. They know what is going on but nontheless put on this sinister show that Israel is free of any guilt, crimes.

          Lying, Showing lack of remorse, Manipulation, Showing indifference to the use of violence, ignoring norms/laws, risk taking etc, those are the traits of sociopathy.

        • Jules Orr

          Carlyle Moulton

          John Kirby, Matthew ‘Smirkula’ Miller & the rest are carefully selected by genocidal sociopaths and are only ever seen behaving as genocidal sociopaths. I see no point in giving them any benefit of doubt.

  • Cornudet

    The involvement of “former” U.K. special forces operatives in the guise of humanitarian workers smacks of a kind of rerun of the White Helmets paramilitary units in Syria which were, attempting to sway a war weary public opinion for Western imperialist military intervention in that country as the only way of preventing more bodies from being buried in rubble by Assad’s forces and their allies, the Western powers demanding a monopoly on this sort of thing, for which they have prolific experience. That Israel would attack these operatives is indeed strange, akin to Isis attacking the White Helmets in Syria, forces intrinsically linked to their own cause. Whether Hamas has somehow tricked the IDF into assuming that perhaps some false flag stratagem was at play within the WCK group and for that reason deliberately murdering many of its members in the late attack, whether indeed some member of the group was linked with a journalistic outlet and was perhaps preparing to channel information as to Israel’s actions in Gaza which might excite outrage and revulsion around the globe, in a microcosm of the Wikileaks publications as to of American war crimes, are issues that,at present, can only be pondered upon

  • glenn_nl

    There has been a shift in the narrative.

    The BBC has never allowed critical commentary on Israel to go unchallenged, and has never pushed back on Israel’s stranglehold of the media before – less still allowed _that_ – the stranglehold – to be mentioned.

    The BBC is, we should bear in mind, the primary output for Establishment propaganda. They don’t shift like this without directives from the very top down.

    Today, and for the first time ever that I can recall, we have had serious questions about whether Israel can really be considered to be an ally – by no less than a former defence minister. Talk about how several hundred lawyers have signed a letter concerning UK culpability if it supplies Israel with weapons – given its clear violations of International Law.

    Craig’s old friend Jack Straw revealed how Israel would go behind the backs of ministers to the PM himself if said minister got out of line, as far as Israel was concerned – noting that no other country feels so entitled.

    Awkward silence from the BBC news host when a Zio-bot mantred “Israel has the right to defend itself!” / “Hamas Hamas Hamas!” / “We take such care of civilians….” and all the other standard BS. There were even a couple of genuine follow-up questions, instead of thanking said Zio-bot for their time in clearing up any possible confusion concerning whatever atrocities Israel had just perpetrated.

    Something has suddenly changed in the official narrative, perhaps I am overly optimistic, but it seems a corner has been turned. Things may turn quite swiftly from this point.

    • Johnny Conspiranoid

      “There has been a shift in the narrative”
      There has, but perhaps it is only to do with the run up to the presidential election. That said, the US would be wise to dump Israel at this point but a lot depends on the US’s domestic politics.

      • Stevie Boy

        Exactly as for the UK. The USA political class is nothing without Israeli lobby money, and the USA economy is nothing without forever wars. The rot is too deep now for peripheral changes to make any difference. A complete root and branch change event is needed, and for the USA that would have to be some sort of civil war. Things will only get worse before they get better, but for most of us that won’t be in our, remaining, lifetime.

    • ET

      Seems you are correct about the changing narrative. Nicholas Soames, veteran tory MP now peer, calling for a halt to arms sales to Israel. Alan Duncan, former minister, calling for the expulsion of Braverman, Patel and others going as far as to say they were “were also extremists for not condemning illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land” and further “accused Pickles and another Tory peer, Stuart Polak, of “exercising the interests of another country” by lobbying for Israel through the Conservative Friends of Israel group, which Polak formerly headed.”
      Of course, now he is under investigation by the Tory party for anti-semitism.

      Is this the beginning of something or just choreographed for press consumption?

      • Stevie Boy

        These MPs, particularly the Tories are obnoxious scum. Of course Duncan is right about the zionists, however, that has to be tempered by his major role in oil exploitation and jailing Assange. And, fat Soames is equally unspeakable for years he has been benefiting from tax payers monies paid to his Serco contracts, some of which have links to Israel. They’re all jumping on the bandwagon – is there an election due ?

        • ET

          I agree with your view Stevie. What can you and I do from here? Should we encourage this contrived change of heart or point out it’s insincerity or both? I vote for both but with an emphasis on promoting the change.

    • DunGroanin

      That’s the reality of real people that the Narrative manufacturers and purveyors find themselves ‘beyond the Pale’ in now. They are scrambling as elections around the world are threatening wholesale upheaval which they can’t easily ignore.

      “Nothing will stop us! More and more Orthodox Jews are taking a public stance against Zionism.
      Israel is not our country
      AIPAC is not a Jewish lobby
      Zionism is not Judaism
      “We are American Jews and loyal only to America, my message is to
      , get OFF our back!” “

      That’s the current statements at the UN, getting applause, by anti Zionist, anti AIPAC, anti Illegal Entity, JEWISH rabbis.

      Here in the U.K. change will only happen by dismantling the Friends of the Illegal Apartheid Entity groupings in parliament.
      By disbanding the Community Security Trust as a ‘charity’ with its secretive setup and extremely well paid executives; and the defanging of the British Board of Deputies which lays claim to all things Judaic depriving many Jewish communities of their voice , much of it against the anti Zionist illegal Apartheid Entity and in support of the indigenous Semitic peoples of the Palestine and the Levant.
      Their control of mass media narratives is now beyond the cuddly comedian and news anchors powers of persuasion.

      These entities are Imperialistic and support the Zionazis, they have branches across the world , they are fronts for Mossad and it’s blackmail operations. It has absolutely nothing to do with Judaeophobia in the U.K. Zilch.

      The current revelations of the gay Tory MP honey trapped into revealing personal details is all part of this Narrative Management.

      These organisations are NOT the anti-fascists who gathered to fight the British Fascists and Nazis immediately after the end of WW2. The same fascists who always had support within the elites and Crown and State pre war, immediately postwar and in the early 60’s – I suspect largely to encourage more to go settle in the Palestine! Because the colonisation of that under Zionism as we all should know was a long term plan going back to at least the early C19th.

      That is why the withdrawal of the last imperial Anglo European colony in the Levant is the only option – its settlers must be repatriated or move to where they will be invited. That land must be restored to its indigenous native populations just as most imperial colonies have been.

      The history of the East London is clear about anti fascism, anti Judaeophobia and anti racism because of its multiethnicity. Where Irish Catholics supporting Tottenham Hotspur FC still proudly call themselves the YiddArmy, yet are wholly supportive of the Palestinians. Go figure as they say.

      The grassroots are more awake than Woke and it can ‘kick off’ faster than expected. Look at the pushback already against the prospect of going to fight against Russians (that’ll be for another topical post – it’s funny).

      The opaque organisations and their overarching worldwide executive bodies such as the Trilateral commission and WEF etc , membership by invite only, have to be barred, no politician can be representative of these international bodies and the local electorate they claim to represent. Can they?

  • Fwl

    Listening to Craig’s warning has made me want to mention Peter Zeihan’s The End of the World is just the Beginning (mapping the collapse of globalisation). It’s main theme is to consider the consequence of the US’ apparent decision to stop being the world’s policeman and to withdraw its 75-year defence of the seas and trade routes and its move to begin favouring regionalism over globalisation. The consequences of this process are beginning to show with regional interventions as in Russia, in Ukraine, and Israel in Palestine. But the consequences may go far further than that. Readers may disagree and think that US is not disengaging but fuels both wars, but there is something about how both Russia and Israel have felt enabled to take their military actions. In years to come when we look back we may see these two wars as the start of the international lawless years. I suspect many here think they would welcome the US giving up its world policeman’s role, but things may not pan out quite as expected. Zeihan considers what happens when international trade and maritime security begins to break down in terms of food, energy, metals, manufacturing, international financial markets, which areas and countries may fare the worst and which are better placed to weather the storm. He concludes that withdrawal should suit the US but it won’t suit most others. It’s not just there is more war and more piracy, state or private, but that there are product shortages and a breakdown of food and energy supplies and with that the fine veneer of being civilised cracks and flakes off.

    Second thought of the day. Media today reports on Judges signing a long letter calling on the Government to stop arms sales to Israel so as to avoid the facilitation or risk of genocide. Both Lady Justice Hale and Lord Sumption have signed as well as Lord Wilson. Lady Hale was to some extent an interventionist in politics, but Lord Sumption was more of a libertarian hands-off sort of Judge and one for whom Parliament really is sovereign. This is now the second time in a few months where he has felt compelled to speak up against this Government. The previous time was with regard to Rwanda, when he found himself eloquently agreeing with Baroness Kennedy. Thank God there are some (including on the right) with character, basic decent principles and ethics.

    Even if civilisation should start to unravel each of us can still try to behave with courtesy, sincerity and with respect for others as well as for basic principles.

    Anyway, my thanks to both Craig and Lord Sumption. That’s a funny sentence.

    • Johnny Conspiranoid

      ” I suspect many here think they would welcome the US giving up its world policeman’s role, ”
      The US isn’t ‘giving up’ its role, it is being gradually forced to abandon it. I’m sure the rest of the world can make a better arrangement without them since they are the chief law breakers.

    • Cornudet

      The US has never behaved like a policeman, if by that you mean a dispassionate enforcer of law, more like a trigger happy vigilante in a Spaghetti Western. When Chinese labour offered cheap products which could flood markets under a globalised system of capital, the West powers that be cheered the country to the echo. As the Chinese economy boomed leading to a corresponding rise in the technological and, by implication, military might, the West suddenly noticed that human rights abuses in China were flagrant and that a network of bases must be established around China to prevent aggression towards her neighbours, most saliently Taiwan. The bans imposed on Chinese technology firms such as HUAWEI and Tiktok demonstrate that the West fears that China is catching up with their technology. The American eagle looks at least as overstretched and exhausted now as did the British lion in 1900. The only questions surround whether, as in the 20th century, it will take one or more world wars to usher in a new order, and what that order will look like

      • Fwl

        The concept of world order will become historical. We are moving towards regional orders (as per George Orwell’s depiction).

        I wasn’t suggesting that US policing was dispassionate or fair just that it enforced /facilitated globalisation but that is ending and there is no other country capable of replacing it. We are not playing musical chairs. The game is over.

        • Cornudet

          I have to disagree. In a globalised world you cannot have regional blocs. Chinese economic dominance, and the rise to prominence of India, will impact massively in Europe, indeed will tend to reduce economic policy in this region to one of managed decline, learning European nations as the global equivalent of WH Smith or Boots in the face of Amazon and Ebay Hence the eagerness of the West to gain supremacy over the vast natural resources of Russia, the main cause behind the ongoing war in the Crimea. . In the same way civil war in the Sudan will cause mass migration to the global north, chiefly Europe

          • Fwl

            The key driver is de-globalisation. Globalisation is incredibly fragile and completely dependent upon very cheap transport security. Gold is on a tear partly because this breakdown is becoming apparent. It’s not going to be comfortable for anyone especially outside of America. As the old saying goes be careful what you wish for.

  • Jack

    I read today that Israel, allegedly, will open their own border to let in aid to Gaza, a ploy of course only meant to mitigate the criticism of their murdering of the aid workers.
    Speaking of aid, in 2012 Israel even contemplated a scheme (or used?) of counting the calories that each Palestinians could consume:
    Israel used ‘calorie count’ to limit Gaza food during blockade, critics claim
    Counting calories?? This is on some Dr Mengele depraved thinking.

    Look also how quickly west reacted when a handful of western aid-workers of their nations were murdered, then THEN they care. But not when 30000+ Palestinians are getting killed! That is the “humanitarian” “rule based” west alright.
    Poland summons Israeli envoy over aid worker’s death
    Warsaw was outraged by the killing of one of its nationals by the IDF

  • Brianfujisan

    Thanks Republic of Scotland for the Greyzone Piece..Re
    CIA assets WCK.. Sickening ..Evil

    Well here is a Very brilliant Medialens post on that –

    ‘Nothing Left To Assault’
    Australian writer Caitlin Johnstone wrote this week:

    ‘Israel has ended its assault on the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, because there is nothing left to assault. The facility — the largest medical complex in Gaza where hundreds of civilians had been sheltering — is now an empty, unusable, burnt-out husk. Witnesses report hundreds of corpses in and around the complex, with video footage showing human body parts protruding from the earth and bodies with zip ties on their wrists.’

  • GFL

    The murder of the WCK workers was as far as the IDF is concerned a perfect operation. Denial of yet another aid agency resulting in even more suffering for the people of Gaza.

    In my opinion, the building of a pier to allow aid in by sea is a clear ruse, it’s there not to get aid in but to get Palestinians out Shortly when the weather warms up and disease and starvation levels become unacceptable to even our scum bag government. When that time comes, there will be a flotilla of bum boats ferrying people out to troop ships never to return and our media will hail us all hero’s

    • Jack

      Israel announced yesterday that the soldiers involved in th the WCK attaack had been taken out of command, oh so cute, when white westerners are killed they “act” but they can slaughter the more colored, dark complexion indigenous people daily without even blushing. israel prove day in and day out what kind of racists they are but they do not understand that because their hatred, racism is so normalized in their sick society.

      • SA

        And the very racist response by all those caring western governements. Israel by deliberately killing 6 western aid workers from an organization that is designed to take over from UNRWA was outrage and demand for action. In response Israel will open its own crossing to even better control the aid arriving and the calibrated starvation diet. Then of course the wst will be able to again claim moral superiority because we solved this intractable problem created by us.

  • harry law

    BREAKING: Officials working in the Department for Business and Trade have threatened to stop working over UK arms sales to Israel
    These officials are worried about complicity as described in the Rome statute, especially where following illegal orders is no excuse, the government have told them they are unlikely to be prosecuted, the workers have said such assurances are not enough. Quite right.

  • Jack

    A UN report last month said that while it was “reasonable” to believe sexual violence had occurred on the 7th of October the report also stated:
    “in the medicolegal assessment of available photos and videos,” undertaken by the UN team, “no tangible indications of rape could be identified.”

    It also concedes that the UN team saw “no digital evidence specifically depicting acts of sexual violence” in their own “open source” investigation, despite reviewing “extensive digital material.”

    Not a single specific victim of sexual assault has been positively identified, living or dead.

    ““despite concerted efforts to encourage them to come forward, the mission team was not able to interview any of these survivors/victims.””

    “Mass rape”, “Mass beheadings”, “babies mutilated”, “1400 israelis killed” etc
    All these lies, exaggeration is what laid the ground for this heinous killing, still, the west believe every word coming out of Israel to this day, that is what the constant dehumanization of palestinians result in.

  • harry law

    David [Mr Snooty] Cameron seems to think the perpetrators of a crime [Israel] are the best people to investigate it.
    “Hello Mr Jeffrey Dahmer we have noticed a bad smell like rotting flesh coming from your drains.”
    JD: ‘I will go and check, everything is fine.’
    “OK, Mr Dahmer, thanks for your time.”
    Cameron is an incompetent fool who should be summarily dismissed, he is merely following orders from the mafia in Washington.

    • Jack

      I must say David Icke really sums up the western, media/politicans in the first 2 minutes in this video:

      David Icke:
      The greatest form of control is when you think you’re free when you’re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can’t see the bars but you think you’re free.

      What the human race is suffering from is mass hypnosis. We are being hypnotized by people like this: newsreaders, politicians, teachers, lecturers. We are in a country and in a world that is being run by unbelievably sick people. The chasm between what we’re told is going on and what is really going on is absolutely enormous.

      The greatest hypnotist on the planet Earth is an oblong box in the corner in the room. It is constantly telling us what to believe is real. If you can persuade people that what they see with their eyes is what there is to see you’ve got them. Because they’ll laugh in your face of an explanation then which portrays the big picture of what’s happening… and they have.”

  • Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett

    The older I get the more I believe that there is a global conspiracy leading to a horror story ending.
    What do I mean?
    My general thoughts would take us way too far and maybe off target before I arrive at pin point truth. So, we shall keep it narrow.
    Let’s focus on Gaza which now sees about six months of daily bombing. What are the consequences?
    Well, shall we start with 13,000 dead children and still counting?
    Why are entire apartment multi-story buildings razed to the ground by way of Israeli bombs? Maybe everyone in the buildings were Hamas residents?
    Shall we add the women civilians to the death count – then we get to over 30,000 dead Palestinian civilians.
    Now, enter the world’s chief defender of the rule of law.
    Stop! Wasn’t there a cease-fire resolution delivered by way of the UN Security Council?
    Ah! President Biden is defending the ‘rule of law’. How so? Well, his administration blocks on three occasions the call via the UN Security Council to end the conflict – then on the last occasion he has his administration abstain to permit the resolution to pass. Oh, he cynically directs that a ship of humanitarian aid with a pier to be built be the source of humanitarian aid for Gaza. Really, so why not just tell Netanyahu to open the border crossings and let all the food be delivered into Gaza? No? Well, wasn’t it the same Genocide Joe who used his executive authority to insist that the Ukraine immediately terminate the investigation into the company that it was alleged was doing illegal dealings with his son, Hunter Biden? Indeed, he did, and he made that a pre-condition before urgently needed funds would be released by the US. So, in a far more serious situation of thousands of lives being lost on a daily basis via Israeli bombs – Uncle Joe – don’t you have the power to bring the conflict to an end? No, instead you play a cynical political game while daily innocent Palestinians are slaughtered via your blessing accompanied by inaction.
    Joe – you say you are a religious man – so, may God have mercy on your soul – you insufferable sinner!

    • Jack

      Well the often smeared “conspiracy theorists” certainly have a field day these days when every single western state act in co-ordinance with the interests of Israel like there is an actual conspiracy going on behind the scenes, above all, a wow of silence being practiced by the western leaders, it is like they wait for instructions, talking-points every time Israel commit another war crime.

      As Israel speaks openly about the ethnic cleansing of Gaza’s Palestinians, Western countries are nowhere to be seen or heard.

      For decades we have heard about the horrific, menacing all present “russian interference” “russian influence” and look now, all western state of head bow to Israel like they are some fifth-column! When did you ever heard the threat of “jewish influence”? Of “Israeli influence”? Never of course even although israel influence directed against the western world is of one of the mightiest of powers, lobbies in the western political culture.

  • antonym

    Anyone, including foreigners, entering a war zone is taking a big risk: who would have thunk that??.

    Being murdered, raped or abducted en mass from a music festival in a state at peace should be a minuscule risk.

    Common sense is AWOL in the woke West. Importing intolerants who feel hurt by some rants is a good trick by the WEF: divide and concur, the adagio of Whitehall aka Blackhall. Make them FM, AM whatever.

    • Laguerre

      Israel was not a state at peace. it is founded on land stolen from others. The festival took place on land right next to the open-air prison camp of Gaza. And then most of the vehicles were destroyed by missiles which Hamas never possessed.

    • SA

      I remember your repeated posts over the years questioning that Palestinians and Gazan’s are being subjected to a slow and incremental genocide. Have you now seen the light and do you accept that this is the case?
      Your above post appears still to be in defense of the indefensible. Even in war there are rules. The Israelis who control everything in that area knew of the aid workers and killed them deliberately. Starving whole populations and one-sided killing by an occupier is not really war, it is state terrorism.
      Gaza has been an open air prison for many years and the burden of guilt for the massacre of those attending the festival lies entirely with the occupiers who smugly thought that this imposed state of siege is tantamount to what you call a ‘state at peace’.

    • antonym

      Gaza an open air prison camp? Definitely the most luxurious one by any standards outside of continental EU. Belmarsh as the UK spoilsport. What did Hamas do with the limited space: tunnel digging and baby making, very productive. Gaza was way better under the IDF a few decades ago, by non EU middle class standards. By Islamic standards it was material paradise.

      Can any of you explain why not a single Arab, other Muslim nation or the West wants to receive Palestinian refugees? The West accepts anybody from Afghanistan to Congo to Peru crossing their borders illegal.


      • glenn_nl

        Our resident racist does some genocide denialism. Gosh, how clever.

        Bet this is Anon1, he used to be good for racist trolling back in the day.

        • frankywiggles

          Antonym is just parroting mainstream thought in Official Britain. The British establishment is zionist to the core and hates the poor people in Gaza at least as much as antonym does. They are every bit as determined as Israel to ‘cleanse’ Gaza by means of famine and relentless bombing.

        • SA

          Glenn-nl Antonym is not Anon 1. He used to be Antonyl but changed names. Unlike Anon 1, who was contrarian in everything, if I recall correctly, he is singularly obsessed with the Palestinians not decreasing their numbers despite Israel’s murders and massacres and blames Hamas for that. His (hers?) genocide denial is based on a complete misinterpretation of what genocide is and how Israel is effecting this incrementally as well documented by writers like Ilan Pape.

      • Jack

        Gaza an open air prison camp?

        Yes? You sounds surprised. Even David Cameron admitted as much
        …at that was 14 years ago!

        UN have warned repeatedly that Gaza is in principle unlivable due to the israeli blockade, constant destruction, occupation by Israel:
        Gaza “Unliveable”, UN Special Rapporteur for the Situation of Human Rights in the OPT Tells Third Committee
        …and again, that was years ago!

        There are millions of palestinians living outside of Palestine by the way. Do a google search and you will be fine.

      • SA

        Advocation of ethnic cleansing as an answer to solve the problem for Israel, is not very clever. The Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza want to stay in their country which is occupied, that is an inalienable right. Whether your racist ideals want you to deport them so they can live as refugees elsewhere is pure whitewashing of this proposed ethnic cleansing. I do not understand why you like to write here; maybe the Daily Mail or telegraph is a better home for you.
        I guess you think it is the right of Israel to continue to introduce more settlements and grab more land.

        • glenn_nl

          I suppose the likes of Antonym would have immediately surrendered to, say, his fellow travellers the Nazis had he lived in occupied France. He would have accepted their rightful prize of his own land, and gone with his tail between his legs, pleading for another country to accept him as a permanent refugee.

          Not only that, but done so without criticism of the coloniser/occupier, and would have expected all other countries to acknowledge a rightful victory along with his expulsion.

          Such courage!

          • SA

            It really does not matter one little bit what the likes of Antonym choose for themselves but it is his advocacy on behalf of the occupier and how the brutally suppressed should comply without resistance to be occupied and starved in order to maintain a peaceful existence for the occupier, so that they could enjoy peaceful music festivals., that’s what sticks in the gullet

          • antonym

            One little problem for the numerically challenged: for a real genocide the victim population should vastly reduce in size, like the Armenians ~100 years ago in Turkey. In Gaza because of their permanent Hamas planned baby boomed the total population size is staying stable instead of growing like usual.

            By the way, did you know that most Jews who survived a real Holocaust lost faith in their Jaweh initially? How could he allow that on Them? Anything like that in Gaza? They also claim an exclusive god.

          • SA

            Antonym. You must really get a bit up to date with definitions of genocide and attempted genocide. I trust that you are not a leading human rights lawyer from the way you write and therefore find it very strange that you should be pitting your say so against the highest authorities on this matter, the ICJ, who have ruled by a majority that there was a plausible genocide. But even so, deliberately starving a population is clearly a war crime even if it may not qualify as genocide.

            The other spurious question you raise here is a complete red herring. Palestinians are a nation, an ethnic group and an ancient culture but they are not solely identified because of their faith as Muslims even though the majority of them might be. So that your assertion that they claim ‘an exclusive god’ is nonsense because this god is also claimed by all other Muslims throughout the world and is not limited to race or ethnicity. The zionists on the other hand do clearly claim exclusivity and rely on their land rights on biblical mythology and being god’s chosen people.
            Anyway relying on exclusivity through religion is an outdated concept in the modern world. A nation is accepted in the world order if it observes the rules of civilization not the rule of supremacy through arms. The reliance of Israel and US on the latter is what the problem is here. Palestinians would accept the existence of an entity that had been wrongly foisted on them provided that that entity does not continue to displace then from their land and expropriate their land, discriminate against them and kill them. Only the blinkered or indoctrinated will not understand this. Most would agree that the presence of Israel in its current aggressive form is incompatible with long-term peace in the region because a great injustice to Palestinians remains, unless they are recognised as a nation with equal rights to security and recognition as a functional autonomous state – things that have been denied to them by Israel and its supporters.

          • antonym

            Whatever some club called ICJ or XYZ frames as their favorite definition is irrelevant to Truth. This particular NATO kangeroo court showed their cards when “judging” Serbians or the MH17 case: totally biassed, pretty transparently on top.

            Ethnic cleansing: killing more than 1 person of a different culture?

            Next: their definition of a “woman”. Mine: someone who has a womb. Theirs: woke ???

        • Pigeon English

          Sarcasm alert!

          Antonym out of concern for Palestinians life is advocating for the transfer of Palestinian people.

          ¨The term “forcible transfer” describes the forced relocation of civilian populations as part of an organized offensive against that population. It is a crime against humanity punishable by the International Criminal Court (ICC).¨

          ¨The Commission of Experts also stated that the coercive practices used to remove the civilian population can include: murder, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, extrajudicial executions, rape and sexual assaults, severe physical injury to civilians, confinement of civilian population in ghetto areas, forcible removal, displacement and deportation of civilian population, deliberate military attacks or threats of attacks on civilians and civilian areas, use of civilians as human shields, destruction of property, robbery of personal property, attacks on hospitals, medical personnel, and locations with the Red Cross/Red Crescent emblem, among others.

          The Commission of Experts added that these practices can “… constitute crimes against humanity and can be assimilated to specific war crimes. Furthermore, such acts could also fall within the meaning of the Genocide Convention.”

          • Pigeon English

            To my disbelief
            ¨As ethnic cleansing has not been recognised as an independent crime under international law, there is no precise definition of this concept or the exact acts to be qualified as ethnic cleansing¨

            If we observe and describe Israelis behaviour we have perfect definition!

  • Allan Howard

    There was an article in a Spectator newsletter yesterday entitled The Truth about Israel’s ‘friendly fire’, and the reason I opened the email to check it out is because I thought it was referring to October 7 and the music festival etc. Turns out it wasn’t, and the main jist of it is that people get killed by friendly fire all the time in wars, and they cite Libya, and they cite Afghanistan, and the author berates David Cameron for castigating Israel over the ‘tragic unintentional’ killing of seven aid workers (it didn’t occur to me that the headline was referring to the seven aid workers precisely because I immediately concluded they were killed deliberately – ie murdered in cold blood and assassinated).

    You see Cameron is demanding a ‘full, transparent explanation of what happened’, and the folk at the Spectator are supposedly not very happy about it, which is complete bollocks of course, as they know he has to be seen to be taking the matter very seriously on the one hand, and THEY know that HE knows that the aid workers were killed deliberately, and that any ‘full transparent explanation’ by Israel will of course be complete B/S on the other hand. But I didn’t really stop to think all this through until I saw where the article was headed:

    Across social media, the cry goes up: Israel did this on purpose. It seems Israel is the only state not allowed to make mistakes. Where us decent Westerners kill friends in error, Israel does it intentionally, with malice at its heart. The double standards are staggering. It is hypocritical and ridiculous for the citizens of nations that have accidentally killed far more people than Israel to now lecture Israel about its wayward bombs.

    It smacks of bigotry, too. We make mistakes, they commit crimes. We err, they murder. We should be forgiven, they should not…….

    Needless to say, the author knows damn well that many of the so-called friendly fire episodes he cites were deliberate, and along with every other journalist and columnist and reporter in the country knows that the aid workers were deliberately targeted, and the author of the piece is a propagandist who’s job it was to not only counter what is undoubtedly the truth, but to also find a way to discredit them. And these scum get very well paid for their ‘work’, manipulating and deceiving.

    PS The whole article is actually visible, and not behind a paywall as most of their articles are.

  • Steve Hayes

    *On the evening of Oct. 28, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed his country. Among other points, he made an argument for the war in Gaza, positioning Hamas as an iteration of the biblical Amalek. Netanyahu quoted Deuteronomy 25:17, “You must remember what Amalek did to you.”

    However, Deuteronomy 25:19 continues: “You shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Never forget!” The Hebrew Bible later calls for the killing of the entire — and profoundly antisemitic — nation of Amalek, as well as its animals, in I Samuel.*

    When the Israeli PM made such a clear call for a biblical style genocide, the burden of proof shifted. If attacking aid workers causes aid agencies to pull out of Gaza so that more civilians starve, it’s up to the IDF to prove, not merely assert, that it was an accident rather than a carrying out of their government’s stated policy. The fact that their PM made such a blatant statement demonstrates their hopefully misplaced sense of impunity. Even a US President would know better than that.

  • Jack

    The population of israel must face some type of de-programming. People talk about getting rid of Netanyahu, but the problem is not only Netanyahu himself even though he play a considerable part in the path Israel have chosen to take past decades, the problem is the holocaust-obsessed, self-victimized israeli population that have brainwashed themselves to belive they are the victim in this conflict.

    “The destruction of Beirut under the Israeli fire was the news item during my first school holidays. I was seven years old and I remember seeing Menachem Begin’s impassionate [sic] speeches, thinking that they made sense. Knowing that Hitler was the ultimate evil, and hearing that Arafat was like Hitler, how could it be wrong to destroy him? But when I looked among the images of people in Beirut to find the Nazis, all I could see were people who looked poor, quiet or scared.

    Nothing like the tall and erect Nazis, shouting out orders in their uniforms and shiny boots. I was confused. And this confusion bred a lifelong interest in what was really going on in Israel. How could a people that had suffered so much cause so much suffering? Why were they telling the world that they were fighting the Nazis? And why did the world believe them?”

    “The inability of many Israelis to tell the difference between Nazis and Palestinians, and their inability to recognize their own military superiority so that they could understand that they are no longer a powerless people trembling at the threshold of the extermination camps of Europe is not a willed stupidity. It is, rather, a pathological distortion based on the trauma of victimization not yet overcome.”

    Or as israeli journalists said a couple of years ago:
    “As Israeli columnist Gideon Levy wrote in 2019: “I have yet to hear a single teenager come back from Auschwitz and say that we mustn’t abuse others the way we were abused. There has yet to be a school whose pupils came back from Birkenau straight to the Gaza border, saw the barbed-wire fence and said, Never again. The message is always the opposite. Gaza is permitted because of Auschwitz.”

    It is the same with the west, with all the bus-trips with European students going to Auschwitz every year as the constant stream of documentaries on the tele about the holocaust, all that have paradoxically twisted the mind of many westerners to support just the type of racism and gross, cruel human rights violations that nazi Germany committed but this time against the palestinians. These type of people have not learned anything from history, they only repeat it.

  • harry law

    Nancy Pelosi to AIPAC, “That’s fundamental to who we are.” Nancy Pelosi: “If capital crumbles to the ground, one thing that’ll remain is our commitment to Israel”. If Pelosi was asked is Israel more important than Religion and/or life and death, she would probably say, oh its more important than that. Stupid Harridan
    How things are changing now….
    “This intensifying fragmentation of Biden’s base has been on display this weekend also given former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – still very influential among Dems – has publicly come out against Biden’s policy to continue arming Israel. The issue is entering the heart of the Democratic establishment, threatening unity.
    Axios reports that she “signed onto a call by progressive members of Congress for the U.S. to stop transferring weapons to Israel over a strike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza.”

  • ET

    According to various MSM media Israel announced today that is is withdrawing all ground forces from southern Gaza and the city of Khan Yunis. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said the withdrawal was tactical and the IDF denied it was the result of a US demand to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Republicofscotland

    At least they are discussing it, approving it and enforcing it will be much more difficult.

    “To date, 139 countries have recognized Palestine as an independent and sovereign State.

    Starting this Monday, the Security Council will address the question of the recognition of Palestine as a member state, and not just as mere observer state, of the United Nations, in a process that could take several weeks.

    According to UN regulations, the Council must create a committee composed of all its members (fifteen) that studies the case and delivers a report back; in case the committee approves it, the request arrives at the General Assembly, who votes for it, and finally returns to the Council which gives its final approval.

    At its morning meeting, in camera, the Council has scheduled the item “Admission of new members”, and then, at noon, there will be another open meeting on the issue with the reading of a letter from Secretary-General António Guterres.”

  • Allan Howard

    I was just checking out today’s front pages (on Today’s Front Pages), and the main story on the front page of the Telegraph is ‘UK failing to prepare for war, say ex-ministers’, but next to that article, and taking up about as much room on the front page, is a large picture of Muareen Lipman with a caption above the picture which reads: ‘Leftist anti-Israel protests are close to fascism’. Right, so I know that the article is almost definitely behind a paywall, but I thought I’d check just in case it wasn’t….. but it IS. But, the headline is a little different on their website, and is, shall we say, more precise. Here it is, along with the sub-headline:

    Left-wing actors’ protests against Israel are close to fascism, says Maureen Lipman

    Coronation Street star criticised fellow performers who take a ‘fashionable’ stance against the Jewish state

    That’s all that’s visible, and the rest is behind a paywall. But I tried my little trick of renewing the page, and then quickly highlighting everything that’s visible and copying it before the paywall comes up. And I think I got the whole damn article. Now I’d be quite happy to post the whole thing on here, but then that might cause problems for the site, so I’ll just post a few passages:

    « Maureen Lipman says ‘the bandwagon has been against Zionism for a very, very long time’

    Left-wing actors’ protests against Israel are “close to fascism”, Dame Maureen Lipman has said.

    When it comes to hatred of the Jewish state, the “Left and the Right are interchangeable”, according to the Coronation Street star.

    Speaking to The Telegraph six months on from the Oct 7 massacre, Dame Maureen revealed that “not a day goes by” when she does not think about the hostages who remain in captivity in Gaza.

    She also hit out at her fellow actors, saying: “The bandwagon has been against Zionism for a very, very long time. And certain people like to jump on that bandwagon. It is very fashionable.

    “As we say, anti-Semitism is a light sleeper. It is not fashionable in the world of wokeism and diversity to admire the Jewish state. It is fashionable to wish it to be wiped out as an entity.”

    Asked what she made of actors who have taken a stand against Israel, she said that their “Left-leaning polemic is very, very close to fascism”.

    Last October, an open letter signed by well-known actors condemning Israeli military actions was criticised for failing to mention brutal terror attacks carried out by Hamas.

    More than 2,000 artists, actors and musicians in the UK, including Tilda Swinton, Steve Coogan, Charles Dance and Maxine Peake, signed the letter.

    They called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and claimed that: “Our governments are not only tolerating war crimes but aiding and abetting them.”

    However, the letter did not mention the terror group Hamas and the massacre it had carried out earlier that month of around 1,200 people, nor did it mention the 253 Israelis it took as hostages.

    ‘Put yourself in their place’ »

    And so it goes on, Lipman defending mass murdering psychpathic fascists against empaths and, as such accusing THEM of being fascists, or bordering on, and like all malignant and malevolent propagandists she – courtesy of the fascist Telegraph – turns reality on its head.

    And no doubt the reason the actual newspaper is different – and implies that Lipman is referring to the pro-Palestine protests in general – is because it can be seen on newspaper stands etc by people who DON’T buy the Telegraph. Anyway, here’s the front page (on the Today’s Front Pages website), which you can still check out even after they’ve put up tomorrow’s front page(s), as there’s a link to the previous day’s front page at the bottom of the page.

  • harry law

    Israel/US have major problems brewing in their defence of the genocidal enemy Israel…
    Yemen has promised Iran the support of 400,000 troops if regional war breaks out after Israel’s bombing of the Iranian embassy in Syria to murder a top Iranian military officer, Iran Observer Twitter/X account has said this afternoon.
    Meanwhile in Iran 1,373,720 [Iranians] love to fight Israel [and have already registered].This is not including the official Iran military.or Hezbollah.

  • harry law

    This is big news, the Biden administration finally recognizing the West Bank not part of Israel as per UN Resolutions.

    3 Mar 2024 —
    The Biden administration is drawing up plans to require labeling of products originating from West Bank settlements, the Financial Times reported on Friday, citing U.S. officials.
    It is still unclear if and when such an initiative would take effect as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to turn the screws on Israel following reports of a supposed increase in settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. The report also highlighted Washington’s frustration with how Israel is conducting the war in the Gaza strip.

  • Allan Howard

    Re my post up the page a little bit about the front-page article in the Sunday Telegraph, I thought I’d just do a search for the letter that’s referred to from last October and, in the process, came across the following MailOnline article posted on their website this morning:

    Maureen Lipman claims actors’ protests against Israel are ‘close to Fascism’ – after more than 2,000 artists signed open letter condemning IDF war in Gaza but failed to condemn Hamas’ terror attacks

    In the Telegraph article – referring to the open letter – all it says is ‘last October’, but in the list of results it says the 17th of October, but whether or not the actual date is specified, it was LAST October, so why is SHE (and these newspapers) making a big fascist deal about it NOW?! Anyway, I wasn’t aware of this letter at the time, and only learnt about it on account of checking out today’s front pages and coming across the ‘Lipman’ article in the Sunday Telegraph, and THIS is my point: That this accusation by Lipman about fascism and antisemitism etc solely stems from this letter, and nothing else, and needless to say – and I just read the letter – there is nothing remotely fascist or antisemitic about the letter of course, and if you thought there WAS, why would you wait six months before saying so?! Anyway, here’s a link to today’s MailOnline article, which reproduces the letter in full down the page:

    And check out some of the Best Rated comments (there are 496 altogether), no doubt written by their shills. Here are a few examples:

    “I just tend to not support people who want to be ruled by a terrorist group. There should be a protest to free Palestine from hamas rule, but if they still support hamas I’ve no sympathy.”

    “I didn’t realise that there were so many anti-Sem*tes in the acting profession.”

    “Too many leftie luvvies. If they were that bothered about Palestine they should want them to be free of hamas rule.”

    “Why would actors think that they have any political influence at all?”

    And in a Reply:

    because they are in the main self centered egotists who think that whatever they say or do is important!”

    As the Mail often does, it reports the story in a neutral fashion (knowing of course that it’s propaganda B/S), and then have their shills do the discrediting in the comments section, and keeps them at the top by giving them the necessary amount of Likes to keep them there.

    Oh, right, and the actors et al were just being ‘fashionable’, and it was nothing to do with Israel slaughtering people in the hundreds every day and flattening Gaza.

    PS I’m just gonna check to see if it was covered by any other so-called newspapers today, like the Sun and/or the Express and/or the Times.

    • Allan Howard

      So I just this minute went on the Sun’s website and did a search, and it doesn’t look like they covered the ‘Lipman’ story, but THIS – from last month (the 20th) – came up second in the list of results which, like the open letter, I’ve not come across before:

      Countdown star forced to bring in 24/7 security after death threats – amid fears of attack

      The TV star said she has been left shaking with fear amid the ongoing abuse she is receiving

      Yeah, no doubt it’s those anti-Israel Hamas-supporting antisemitic Jew-hating left-wing protesters!

      • Allan Howard

        How weird! Or perhaps I should say… What a coincidence. I just went back to the Sun article to finish reading it, and further down the page there’s a picture of Riley with Maureen Lipman!

        Obviously Birds of a feather (when it comes to ‘Anti-Israel protesters’)!

  • Mr Mark Cutts

    Dowden’s weedy defence of Israel having the right to defend itself is pathetic. The revenge attack on Gazans and Palestinians due to being embarrassed at the impregnable high tech guided/controlled defence of Israel via a fence being shown as not infallible.

    Most Israeli’s belief in Uncle Bibi fell to pieces. Instead of removing Netanyahu and his mad mates they decided to back the revenge attack.

    There is no ‘War’ – a war consists of two sides who are and have weapons to fight a defence or an attack with. Unbalanced as most wars are between the combatants what is happening does not describe in anyway the idea that this is any kind of war. It is an assault on helpless people.

    Hamas have no tanks – no jet fighters – no 2000lb bombs – helicopter gunships and no form of artillery. They fight with just rocket propelled grenades. That’s it – that’s all.

    Biden and his just as mad mates have sent Jet fighters – more 2000lb bombs and more weaponry. No military expert here but this means to me that Hamas is no longer the main enemy now – Hezbollah and others and maybe Iran are now the focus.

    Whether the Rafah assault will now happen is in doubt – for which I am relieved in a hopeful way. But – if the s**t hits the fan (as in, the conflict is expanded) then Israel will really be in a proper War. The action appears to planned for the North of Gaza/Palestine.

    Dowden only gave his pathetic opinion which in the great scale of things totally irrelevant. The question for the UK government (and the US government) is what are your legal advisers telling you? Are you not only breaking International Law – are you also breaking your own domestic laws.

    We may find out as usual only when the UK government has to declare it. Actually the government’s reluctance to say what it is and stand by it suggests that on both counts they know they are breaking the laws but they daren’t say – begging the question as to why they daren’t say it.

    Eventually they will have to.

    • Stevie Boy

      Mark. Like Israel and the USA, the UK is breaking international and national laws. The sad fact is that nothing will happen to the law breakers, nothing at all. There are no consequences for them, no skin in the game, they can and will get away with what they are doing – just like Tony Blair, et al.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for the day of retribution, it ain’t comin’.

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