An Urgent Message About Gaza 434

I can’t type much with my left hand but I wanted to get this out there. It then took me ten hours to upload with a maximum speed here of 0.5mbps. Still more breaking news now. May do a follow-up tomorrow.

[ Transcript now available: ]



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434 thoughts on “An Urgent Message About Gaza

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  • Blue Dotterel

    Maybe it is time to go to the General Assembly with a resolution, for any countries who agree, that some action must be taken in concert, whether sanctions, a flotilla to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza or some other economic, diplomatic or military show of force. Force Israel to attack an International flotilla in international or Gazan waters. Force them to make the first move against the international community.

    It is time for some consequential legal action. I am sure the GA can take some binding “non-binding” action if the majority can agree and contribute in some small, yet consequential, way.

  • Jack

    What is most depraved to see is the apologetic stance from the west regarding Israel. Whatever Israel do, the West still support it and construe the most sinister and deceitful rationale.

    As this Israeli historian said the other day: Israel know they are immune from any sanctions and so on, so they have free reign to do whatever they feel. They know the West will back them.

    And look at the arab leaders, 60 years ago they initiated the oil embargo, and today they instead increase the gas exports to Israel.

    Israel’s Gas Exports to Egypt Soar Despite Political Tensions
    Israel’s NewMed Energy reported on Tuesday that natural gas exports from the Leviathan field to Egypt increased by 28 percent in 2023. The company reports that the exports jumped from 4.9 billion cubic meters (BCM) in 2022 to 6.3 BCM in 2023.
    Perhaps the Palestinians should try to drag Egypt or Jordan into the war, let them feel the pain they have been brought upon Gaza with their complicity of acts.

    • Laguerre

      You’ve got something wrong there. You talk about Arab leaders increasing gas exports to Israel, and then cite the reverse.

      I don’t know about gas, but I know that Arab states don’t willingly and openly export oil to Israel. The main issue of Syrian oil from the Khabur, which is the area occupied by the US, which is exported via Turkey. The Syrians have no say in what happens, not even the Kurds.

    • Clark

      “And look at the arab leaders, 60 years ago they initiated the oil embargo, and today they instead increase the gas exports to Israel”

      The gas flow is in the opposite direction, from Israel to Egypt. The relatively late development of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean is a major element of Israel’s current geopolitical dominance. Existing Russian gas fields are depleted and can produce at only a third of their peak rate decades ago, little faster than Russian domestic consumption. Likewise, North Sea production peaked in the late 1990s and has declined ever since; the UK now gets most of its gas from Norway via the Langeled pipeline. The USA is down to fracking and other desperate extraction technologies. Consequently, Qatari gas is bought up before it’s out of the ground.

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        Israel’s geopolitical dominance of the Levant has little to with the discovery of gas fields in the eastern Med, Clark, and much more to do with historical military advantage and support from the US. The world is awash with natural gas. Some Russian gas fields have declined, but others have come on stream. Russian gas production shortly before the invasion of Ukraine was similar to what it was 20 years previously. At the moment, despite much of Russia’s potential production being removed from the market as the US twisted Germany’s arm to buy LNG from them instead, and inflation being a thing, the current price of US natural gas is almost as low as it’s been at any point in the last 25 years.

        • Jonathan Bennett

          Ukraine vs Russia just as bad. The American / nato war machine fueling this disastrous conflict shoukd not have happened. politicians around the world have lost their minds. here we are in 2024 and it feels like we are on the brink of Armageddon. we shoukd be living in peace beside our fellow man – but no, the hurts being dished out around the globe will take generations to heal. I truly despair at our current predicament.

          • fredi

            Indeed Jonathan, I believe hundreds of millions if not a few billion share that exact sentiment. A strong feeling of being betrayed by their leaders, living in a collapsing system fueled by greed and fear.

        • Clark

          Israel’s “historical military advantage” is a direct and ongoing result of “support from the US”, which itself is about US control of the Middle East’s hydrocarbons. You think the US props up Israel just for the sake of it?

          “Russian gas production shortly before the invasion of Ukraine was similar to what it was 20 years previously.”

          Indeed; just slightly more than Russian domestic demand, as averaged over a year. But peak output of those old fields has declined to around one third, so local storage has to be filled as winter approaches. This “decline”, caused by depletion, is why “others have come on stream” (as if it happened all by itself) – so rather, why other super-giant fields such as Yamal have been developed, but this gas is far less accessible; it is thousands of kilometres from the existing gas transit networks, and in very harsh environments.

          “…the US twisted Germany’s arm to buy LNG from them instead,”

          Interesting euphemism for blowing up the Nordstream pipeline.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Israel would have a significant military advantage even if it received no support from the US, Clark. It has the highest GDP per capita in the Levant region and spends 5% of GDP on its military. It also has compulsory national service and enlistment in the IDF reserve for most young Israelis (including women). The US supports Israel due to the influence of the Jewish lobby in DC – it’s nothing to do with hydrocarbons.

            Russian natural gas production in 2021 was around 700 billion cubic metres (bcm), substantially higher than domestic demand (around 400 bcm). The fields that have been developed fairly recently, such as Yamal, may be located in harsh environments far away from existing infrastructure, but they can still produce profitably at typical gas prices, otherwise they wouldn’t have been developed. The US persuaded Germany to build LNG terminals long before Nordstream was blown up – which would be reasonably easy to repair anyway.

  • Brianfujisan

    Thank you for this heartbreaking video, Craig.

    And you are correct: the Helplessness we feel.

    I have often said the IDF need to come up against a real army of real warriors – not children.

    Sickens me that the elites allow – strive for – this slaughter…

    How they Steal and Kill.

    Build ports with rubble and bones – of martyred children.

  • Robert Dyson

    I think that China and Russia are letting the ‘West’ get on with destroying itself; the global balance of power has changed and will not change back. Netanyahu et al. have probably destroyed Israel – though it will take time to become manifest.
    I find it hard to grasp the obscenity of the destruction of Gaza and its population, with the West Bank not far behind.
    Although no comfort to those suffering now, I do see a better future – just as happened for a period after WW2. I hope I live long enough to see it.

    • Allan Howard

      Robert, genuine question: When you speak of the West and Israel destroying themselves, what do you mean specifically? Would be grateful if you could elaborate. Thanks.

      • Steve Hayes

        Israel is a case where it’s not too hard to see investment drying up and talented people, many of them with dual citizenship, leaving. For the West as a whole, it’s a slower process. Industrial production was already ceded to China and science and technology are well on the way too. The image of military invincibility, needed to run protection rackets, is dying in the Donbass. You can’t hold a key role in banking and finance if you have a record of stealing the customers’ money and calling it sanctions. The moral high ground, insofar as it ever could be claimed, is gone with Gaza. 80% plus of the world will pivot more and more away from the West though their tourists will come to gawp and photograph our past glories and landmarks as we might on a trip to Lisbon.

        • Rosemary MacKenzie

          I do agree! If the west wants to survive it has to re-arrange its thinking, politics, finances etc completely. It needs to do this in order to look after its people.

  • Mr Mark Cutts

    It is a sight, to be sure, to see barefaced liars appear on our screens and remain unquestioned and criticised.

    For Israel and its Big Uncle, unfortunately, attacks will continue.

    All the backing from the EU to other parts of the Western (‘Civilised?’) world are not aimed at pleasing Israel. It is aimed at pleasing the US.

    The Europeans have been warned constantly that Russia is a big threat and the EU leaders have fallen for it for years. Basically the US has pretended to protect Europe against the voracious Imperialist Russian State.

    No, instead they have managed to rope in a group of Technocrats – not politicians – who, like young children, believe that The Bogeyman is in the Wardrobe and will come out to get them. (Not true – but this is what they believe.)

    Ideally, the US would like the EU to take over the funding of Ukraine’s weaponry and protection.

    The blackmail in order to do this comes from the mouth of Trump. Like a Mobster threatening to leave the EU bar or shop unprotected, the EU has to pony up protection money. (“You wouldn’t want your bar or shop to be smashed up by other Gangsters would you?”) This is something Trump could sell to his constituency in the Presidential Election. “Payin’ your dues” will play well.

    We need to judge the US government by their deeds, not their speechifying to their (not our) public.

    They are continuing to send masses of weapons and fighter jets. And unless they decide to stop sending them – Trump may be worse! – then this will continue.

    As usual with the US’s politics and military plans they will only find out what the price is if the conflict broadens out.

    I’ve never cheered on any war – and won’t start now – but if you have governments that don’t realise the dangers of any conflict spreading and either don’t understand – or do understand and deliberately ignore – the orientation of the actuality, they will be in for a very nasty shock when it takes on a life of its own (as small wars easily develop into big wars).

    This goes for fancying attacking China and Russia, and undermining the BRICS countries specifically whilst additionally getting physically involved in protecting their Spoilt Brat nephew in The Middle East. It’s called “overstretch”, and suggests a mistaken (or overblown) belief in your own capabilities.

    The US in my view is incapable of doing these three things at one time. (This where the ‘proxy’ bit comes in – if the proxies are willing?)

    The EU is judging the wisdom of giving the US carte blanche but ironically they could suffer from sanctions from the US if they don’t go along with their orders, similar to Russia. (See Germany for examples, as they are willing to sacrifice their economy to try and keep the US’s fealty.)

    Back to the point, though: the West keeps its criticism of Israel silent or non-committal for fear of offending the US. Israel is the US’s most favoured nation. Any criticism of the US is a de facto criticism of the US. Without the US, Israel would not have evolved to its current ultra–right-wing form, and the destruction of Palestine – the bombing attacks (“mowing the lawn”) etc. – may not have happened.

    The responsibility for these attacks lies squarely with previous US Administrations and those who have “got as far up America’s arse as possible”. And the price that will be paid, will not be paid by the elite decision-makers: as usual it will be paid by ordinary people.

    President de Gaulle was not my political cup of tea, but he was brave enough to tell the US to sod off (don’t know the French for that!).

    With the BRICS emerging, the US is being deserted. If this madness is to stop then other countries need to do the same.

    This could stop if the US stopped supplying the arms and financial funding. Their deeds tell us they don’t want to.

    Perhaps the real world should sanction or boycott not just Israel, but the US, too?

    • Clark

      The comment above hits the nail on the head.

      “All the backing from the EU to other parts of the Western (‘Civilised?’) world are not aimed at pleasing Israel. It is aimed at pleasing the US.”


      “Trump may be worse!”

      Trump will be worse; during his previous presidency he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, an incredibly provocative move, and he tried to nuke Iran.

      • joel

        Thank God for Biden.. I’m surprised that wasn’t how Craig concluded his video. Imagine how awful things would be if Biden wasn’t in charge.

      • pretzelattack

        I don’t think Trump would be any better, or any worse. speaking of incredibly provocative moves, the terrorist attack on Russia, very likely at the behest of the US and Biden, comes to mind. It is a uniparty Clark.

        • Clark

          I was replying in Mr Mark Cutts’ original context of Israel. I expect the US proxy war in Ukraine could end sooner if Trump gets elected, and probably would have started sooner had Trump not been elected the first time. In this sense US politics is not exactly a uniparty; it just looks like one because the two most likely outcomes are both atrocious.

    • Frank Hovis

      I’d like to think President De Gaulle would have said “Va te faire foutre” to the Yanks – he had very little time for the Americans due to their extremely dis-respectful attitude towards him during WW2.

  • Chrestomathy

    Craig, your moving talk crystallised for me the sadness and despair I have been feeling since these events began.
    I have copied the link and sent it to my family, friends and acquaintances, in the hope that they will do likewise.
    In this year of elections, politicians will be initiating conversations – not to hear what we have to say, but to elicit our votes. The response must be a near-unanimous cry that their attitude towards this depravity is not acceptable.

  • Allan Howard

    As Owen Jones says in his latest video on youtube, Israel murdered the aid workers, and for the obvious reason, as he points out. And he sums up the overall situation in the first 17 seconds. Well worth checking out, even if only the first eight/nine minutes:

    Israel Murders Aid Workers, Destroys Hospital. This Is What Genocide Looks Like. (17 mins 42 secs)

    • Allan Howard

      The obvious just occured to me:

      In a scenario in which Hamas fired rockets from hospital grounds and used such places and the people there as human shields AND the IDF targeted them anyway, then surely you would very soon stop doing that from such locations, precisely because it doesn’t deter the IDF.

      And your thinking would be (as Hamas – in such a scenario) that the IDF know we use hospitals and schools etc. where people are sheltering, so THOSE locations are gonna be the obvious places they’re gonna look for us (with their drones), so they are in fact the unsafest places for us.

      • Allan Howard

        I haven’t really given the Tik-Tok thing much attention, and all I’ve picked up on is the US saying it poses a security risk….. Until I just happened to catch an episode of The Stream on Al Jazeera a couple of days ago. Excellent points made by some enlightened young folk (and relevant to this thread), and WELL worth checking out:

        How will Gen Z react to the TikTok ban in the US? | The Stream (25 mins)

  • Stevie Boy

    The West’s hypocrisy fully on show. A great gnashing of teeth and beating of chest over the murder of seven white european aid workers but nothing on the continuing daily genocide of Palestinian men, women and children, now running into tens of thousands.
    Whilst a tragedy for the aid workers families and friends where is the compassion for the plight of the Palestinians?
    Our taxes are enabling this genocide, why the fuck can’t we stop it?
    So much for democracy.

    • harry law

      Stevie Boy, agreed. For the past 6 months Gaza has been levelled: at least 32,000 dead, and 70,000 injured, possibly one third of those numbers children; IDF saying Gaza is a free-fire zone; non-combatants shot dead while waving white flags.
      And Starmer said nothing and did not call for a ceasefire, insisting that Israel has a right to defend itself. Now, with several British aid workers murdered, he is angry and suddenly the Genocide must end. Words cannot describe the contempt I have for this moral degenerate. He is a psychotic piece of human filth – that is being charitable.

  • Twirlip

    Journalist Chris McGreal at the Guardian – I know that looks like an oxymoron! – doesn’t mince his words, in this article published yesterday, which is very distressing to read:
    ‘Not a normal war’: doctors say children have been targeted by Israeli snipers in Gaza

    I don’t see any sign of the Guardian interfering with the text of the article itself, but some weaselly little shite inserted a subheading in bold type (followed by an appeal to “Support the Guardian’s independent journalism”):
    IDF says it ‘completely rejects’ charge that its soldiers deliberately fired on any of the thousands of civilians killed in Israeli offensive
    Marc Owen Jones on X: “IDF get the privilege of having their narrative and reflexive denial right below the main headline. Very few get this editorial privilege” / X

    • Stevie Boy

      Unfortunately, none of this is new. This has been going on continually for decades, the only difference today is the scale and how blatant it is.
      Anyone remember the videos from 2010 of IDF troops breaking a boys arms with rocks ?
      ALL Israelis are guilty, if only by their presence, Israel as it currently exists must be destroyed.

    • Ingwe

      Why the hell is anyone still reading the Guardian unless for the quick crossword? Its journalistic and editorial integrity disappeared years ago. Buying it keeps it alive. It truly is the fucking worst of the worst because it professes to be progressive.

  • joel

    A heart-rending overview far from home. Sadly that neocon grip you reference in Britain extends beyond the parties to all those media outlets who solemnly intoned after Iraq that Lessons Must Be Learned. (BBC, C4, Guardian). What they actually learned is that they could get away with anything: Libya, austerity, Corbyn is a Racist, even a livestreamed colonial genocide of native people (with direct though unacknowledged UK participation).

    The UK’s neocon establishment have no moral red lines and once the genocide of Gaza is complete will try and make up for lost time in hurrying collision with China and Russia. It’s a purely political-media class agenda, shared by virtually no normal citizen. We know anybody who speaks against it will continue to be labeled an extremist terrorist racist conspiracist. Our course for the 21st century is set. It is why your clearsighted work is so important. Please keep going.

    • Stevie Boy

      If this is allowed to continue without legal consequences for Israel and the West, then I expect that within five years the mindless masses will be flocking to the new resort on the Mediterranean. Partying on the graves of the Palestinians.

      • joel

        Who will hold them accountable? They have ignored the instructions of both the world’s highest court and the UN Security Council. In fact when the UN court of justice ruled plausible genocide the West’s response was to withdraw aid to UNRWA and inflict famine on Gaza. They are now unafraid to show exactly who they are. All pretense is over.

  • Brian Sides

    A moving plea for humanity by Craig. I have not seen the horrors that Craig talks about as I have not sought them out.
    They learnt from the mistake of Vietnam, when they allowed to many of the horrors of war to be shown on TV.
    Very little of what is happening in Gaza is being shown on the main TV stations.
    They managed to get justification for Desert Storm with false stories about babies being taken from incubators by Iraq troops.
    False stories are always used to start and continue war. The supposed Surprise attack on October the 7th is another false story, used as an excuse for a wish to expand Israel. But real stories of the horrors of war when committed by the West – these are hidden or justified.
    The real stories of the horrors that are happening in Gaza, that Craig has seen are kept hidden from most of the population.

    Being a soldier is both the bravest and most cowardly thing a person can do. It is brave to put your life at risk in the wish to help others.
    But the point of war is to win: the last thing you want is a fair fight. If you can ambush or sabotage a surprise attack at night when they are sleeping; better still, attack them from afar with mortar and cannon , rockets or bombs from the sky. Where they will land and who they will kill or maim, you do not know.
    My late mother – a small and gentle woman who raised five children – but during would war 2 she helped build bombs. My father – an ex coal miner – joined the RAF and helped maintain and fix the engines of the planes that would deliver the bombs. Yet just a few decades later we would go to live in Germany, in a British camp surrounded by Germans, with no hostility. My mother never met any of the victims of the bombs she had helped make. We are kept immune from the horrors of war which is done in our name.

    There is a large area of land we now call the United States of America. On this land lived many different people with different languages and culture, whom we collectively call ‘the Indians’. Then came the invaders – the immigrants – and things did not work out well for the natives of that land.
    Many horrors are mostly long forgotten – and so the wheel of time and history has moved on. Are we witnessing now in Gaza a change of history? Or will the reality as it continues to get worse (as it must be hard to hide)? Will popular interest and opinion be raised enough so that those in power will decide it is in their own best interest to change the outcome of history.

    • Jack

      They learnt from the mistake of Vietnam when they allowed to many of the horrors of war to be shown on TV.
      Very little of what is happening in Gaza is being shown on the main TV stations.

      Good point, what is going on in Gaza, but streamed endlessly on social media, and what the MSM is reporting is 2 completely different things.
      On the social media you see the raw, naked truth, you see the war crimes being played out almost in realtime, you see the dead bodies, the mutilated bodies from countless of massacres, you see the depraved nature of israelis, their callous actions and their chilling statements.
      On MSM you get a sanitized view where israeli sources are used without question thus producing an image of what the perpetrator of the crimes want you to believe is happening. On top of that the MSM is so horribly slow in their reporting and so slow in catching on that Israel play them like a fiddle with their disinformation they naively transmit to the western viewer.
      That is why western politicians do not understand the pro-palestinian protests, they have zero understanding of what is going from watching the cleaned-up MSM segments of Gaza.

      The whole spectacle reminds me of the book: “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place”:

      Baudrillard argued the Gulf War was not really a war, but rather an atrocity which masqueraded as a war.[1] Using overwhelming airpower, the American military for the most part did not directly engage in combat with the Iraqi army, and suffered few casualties. Almost nothing was made known about Iraqi deaths. Thus, the fighting “did not really take place” from the point of view of the West. Moreover, all that spectators got to know about the war was in the form of propaganda imagery. The closely watched media presentations made it impossible to distinguish between the experience of what truly happened in the conflict, and its stylized, selective misrepresentation through simulacra

    • Stevie Boy

      It’s human nature, and that’s what damns us. Evolution takes millions of years, so we are essentially no different from people’s 10,000 or 20,000 years ago. We are driven by a selfishness to protect ourselves and our loved ones and damn anyone who gets in our way. We follow warmongers: Churchill, Hitler, etc. We don’t follow nice, peace-loving people – they are seen as weak. We see this at work, in the office, in politics, in conflict. Our histories show there is little hope of change. The bastards always win.

    • Carlyle Moulton

      Glenn Greenwald who is on Rumble for his hour long video shows and on locals for the transcripts that appear a few days later has a hypothesis that the bipartisan US frenzied attack on Tiktok is motivated by the fact that it is the main avenue by which mere voters get to learn truths about Gaza. I believe his idea is more than just plausible.

      • Walt

        The TikTok legislation has been demanded by AIPAC which bankrolls and controls most US lawmakers. UK of course is no different. “Friends of Israel”. That’s why Labour and Conservatives cannot oppose Israeli depravity and brutal brutality [amended by mod].

    • Laguerre

      The Gazans shouldn’t be compared to the fate of the American Indians. Two very different cases. The American situation was protected by the ocean from powers who might have defended them. Israel is a very small country, a pimple on the backside of Asia. It needs constant support from the US (and Europe) to maintain the colony. When that stops, so does the colony. They get more and more like the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem, which came to an end because there was less and less outside interest to support them.

    • MrShigemitsu

      “ I have not seen the horrors that Craig talks about as I have not sought them out”

      Avoiding the truth because it is distasteful, upsetting, and slightly inconvenient to access is not the virtuous, decent stance that you might think it is.

      You risk coming across as the Auschwitz-neighbouring protagonists in Zone of Interest, or the Israelis dancing at a rave a couple of miles from a vast concentration camp. They also didn’t seek out the truth that was happening just a curious glance away.

      Get on to X and/or Al Jazeera, and do not stop watching until the unbearable, unrelenting horror reduces you to tears, or rabid rage. Or both.

      Choosing to hide under a nice, safe, BBC comfort blanket is now just wilful self-delusion, acquiescence even.

      • Brian Sides

        But how is it helpful if I view war atrocities, even if they were to reduce me to tears or rage or both?
        Maybe extend George Orwell’s two minutes of hate for as long as I could stand.
        But who should I hate and rage against? The soldiers? I grew up in military housing and on military bases. If my life had taken a different direction, rather than rejecting the military I could just as easily joined them and be sent to one of the overseas wars that UK has been involved in. In war or conflict, you follow orders, civilians will get killed or maimed.
        Maybe I should be in rage at the people of Israel for not stopping what is happening; but we could not stop the Iraq war or any war.
        How many died or were maimed or were made refuges by the UK wars in my lifetime?
        If I had seen it all, would I still be sane?

      • Ingwe

        MrShigemitsu-April 3, 2024 at 11:01.

        You’re bang on with this. Having lived through apartheid in South Africa I know that, to most of my fellow white, privileged, spoiled kith and kin, they lived in proximity to ‘townships’ like Alexander and Soweto without ever going into them or otherwise troubling to discover the absolute cruelty and deprivation forced on their fellow South Africans, who happened to be black.

        Then they would later claim that they didn’t know what was going on. Strangely, when it became apparent that change was imminent, a lot of South Africans moved to Israel to enjoy similar privileged lives served by dispossessed Palestinian servants and workforce.

    • DunGroanin

      I agree Brian (that does not mean I disgree with mr shigomitsu & ingwe ). I’ll try explain. we don’t need to see it with our own eyes. Those with experience of such horror can deal with such sights. Most of us can’t and shouldn’t. It won’t change the mass murder and mutilation happening today. Many would suffer mental insanity and maybe turn it on innocents at hand or themselves. It’s there if you can bear it. And we can believe what Craig and others describe. It’s our Guernica.
      Bear with me. I’ll expand that as a separate post.

  • harry law

    UK leaders should be in the dock at the Hague – especially Sunak, Starmer and Cameron. Cameron [Lord Snooty] could not remember “every piece of paper handed to him from legal advisors” and called the South African accusations ‘nonsense’:
    He is an evil, incompetant fool who should be sacked immediately.
    Here is a segment from an excellent article from ilana Mercer.

    “The razing and ethnic cleansing of Gaza by Benjmain Netanyahu, abetted by Joe Biden and his Uniparty accomplices, in the course of which tens of thousands civilians are dying: This is murder with malice aforethought, a concept that includes ‘deaths resulting from actions that display a depraved indifference to life.‘ Further depraved indifference to life was Israel’s throttling of supplies of water, food and power to the millions of aid-dependent Gazans, as Israel knew full-well this would imperil civilians indirectly.”

    More than industrial-scale mass murder of individual people — Israel is engaged in the eradication of Gazans as a People.
    Objectively speaking, what Israel has visited on Gazans and their little enclave is not self-defense, but irreparable, wanton mass murder – a “blitzkrieg, by any other name” – combined with ethnic cleansing, and an orchestrated program of starvation against helpless civilians, who are still being indiscriminately and daily bombed, buried—alive and dead—evicted for life.

    • Laguerre

      a “blitzkrieg, by any other name,”

      Strange language. Blitzkrieg is “lightning war”, quite the opposite of what is happening here. Get it over with quickly, a strategy played by Israel in 1967.

  • harry law

    Not content with losing the Muslim vote in the UK, also the votes of former Labour voters, Keir Starmer wants to drive a wedge between ordinary UK citizens and various Muslim Organizations, a despicable move by the vicious Zionist Starmer and the equally vicious Murdock Zionist Michael Gove.
    “The UK’s Labour Party has cut ties with one of the UK’s most prominent Muslim organisations after the government’s communities secretary, Michael Gove, said the group would be investigated for extremism.
    On Monday, Labour told The Telegraph that it had adopted a policy of non-engagement with Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend).
    The move signals that Labour supports the Conservative government’s controversial counter-extremism agenda.
    In mid-March, Michael Gove used a speech in parliament to name Mend, along with two other Muslim organisations, as groups the government intended to “hold to account” using a new definition of extremism and accusing them of having an “Islamist orientation”. The two other groups named were The Muslim Association of Britain, and Cage.
    In response, Mend challenged Gove to “repeat his claims outside of parliament and without the protection of parliamentary privilege”.

  • Allan Howard

    The line on Talk TV is that the aid workers were misidentified – as Israel/IDF is saying of course – and that there’s no way Israel would deliberately target and kill them. When I initially tuned in to check out what they were dissembling about thirty minutes ago, Hartly-Brewer was on and the banner headline was ISRAEL CONDEMNED, whilst she and her guests (Phillip Ingram has been on three times since I started watching) have been saying all they can to undermine the condemning, which is of course fraudulent and disingenuous anyway. And it’s just one lie/falsehood after another (children had their throats cut by Hamas…. obviously replacing the debunked beheaded babies falsehood). And one email from a viewer was saying ‘well, if you choose to work in a war zone….’. It’s all totally abhorrent, so much so, that even though I want to check out what they’re dissembling, I find myself having to keep putting the TV on mute because what they’re saying, and what they’re doing is so horrendous. It’s just pure unadulterated evil.

    Pure unadulterated evil supporting pure unadulterated evil.

    • Allan Howard

      And if you’re unfamiliar with Philip Ingram (I was until five/six months ago), here’s his résumé:

      Journalist, author, and consultant Philip Ingram, MBE is a former British military intelligence, counterintelligence, and security officer. He’s the founder of UK-based Grey Hare Media, which develops informed content for TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines globally. Ingram is a sought-after key note speaker, published author, consultant, and business planner.

  • Jack

    Egypt is right there as the prime western/israel puppet state. They blast Hamas, claiming Hamas were put in power (by Iran, Qatar) to cause division against the peaceloving Fatah/PA and should be stripped of any power as such.
    Video: Egypt’s Foreign Minister demands accountability for Hamas’ interruption of peace
    Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry says Hamas was financed to perpetuate a division between existing mainstream Palestinian peacemaking entities. Shoukry labels Hamas as an outsider to the accepted majority of the Palestinian people. He said the issue of empowering Hamas requires accountability and has been neglected for a long time.’.

    Some years back Egypt even labeled Hamas a terrorist organisation, of course Egypt would not dare label Israel a terrorist regime, even today with what, 35k-40k murdered palestinian arabs.
    Egypt declares Hamas ‘a terrorist organization’

    This is why Israel/west are so eager to quickly normalize the relations with the arab leaders, effectively blocking the arab states from doing something when Israel massacre arabs on the other side of the fence.
    As I said earlier somewhere, perhaps palestinians should take the war into Jordan, Egypt, Saudiarabia, let them see and feel the bloodshed that the arab leaders with their complicity have brought upon the gazans. Lets see who the arab leaders would point their weapons towards, the palestinians or Israel.

    • Laguerre

      Egypt (and Jordan) are not typical Arab countries, as they’re obliged to surrender to US demands because of financial dependence on the US.

  • Shibboleth

    In the last few minutes, Israel disclosed they’ve relied on a secret AI program called ‘Lavender’ which has identified 38,000 terrorist targets. The program has authority to plan and execute strikes against those target with programmed parameters. The IDF spokesman explains:

    “You don’t want to waste expensive bombs on unimportant people – it’s very expensive for the country and there’s a shortage [of those bombs],” one intelligence officer said. Another said the principal question they were faced with was whether the “collateral damage” to civilians allowed for an attack.

    “Because we usually carried out the attacks with dumb bombs, and that meant literally dropping the whole house on its occupants. But even if an attack is averted, you don’t care – you immediately move on to the next target. Because of the system, the targets never end. You have another 36,000 waiting.”

    This is the moment of truth for the UN, ICC and every human on this planet. The truth is perfectly obvious – not just the daily videos and reports from Gaza – but also the witness testimony from many in the IDF and Israeli government, which any court would accept as ‘intent’. Perhaps there is a realisation and the AI disclosure is an innovative way of pleading mitigation.

    What to do? There’s no point in hoping that the left might replace the right with anything different – that’s never worked before, but when the bottom seeks to replace the top, we might have a chance of a better future. Craig will remember the motto under the coat of arms in the High Court – Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. From a time when the Scots were persecuted. It still applies today to anyone in the world, but especially to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

  • JK redux

    I’m opposed to the barbarous and genocidal attack on Gaza by the Netanyahu Government.
    Noncombatatants in their tens of thousands have been killed.

    But I’m puzzled by the unanimous indifference expressed here by posters and now by Craig to the equally barbarous (and genocidal in intent according to some Russians at least) attack on Ukraine by the Putin Government.
    Noncombatatants in their tens of thousands have been killed.

    What’s the difference?

    • David Warriston

      The difference can be viewed by the available numbers in terms of civilian casualties. The ratio of civilian deaths is much higher in Gaza for two obvious reasons.

      One is the declared intent to target civilians mentioned in the previous post, although that merely confirms what has been observed by the attacks already registered on homes, hospitals and aid workers.

      The second is that the Ukraine conflict can justifiably be described as a ‘war’ since both parties possess professional armies, navies and air forces. Hamas has none of these.

      • JK redux

        “the declared intent to target civilians”?
        Surely the comments reported by Shibboleth indicate indifference to civilian deaths, not intent to target them.
        Ignoring morality as the IDF seem to do, targeting civilians is militarily futile.

        As to Hamas not having a professional army etc, I agree that they have an un-uniformed militia.
        This carries risks for Hamas fighters as they may not be protected by the laws of war.

        Of course Israel shows little respect for those laws.

        • harry law

          “Surely the comments reported by Shibboleth indicate indifference to civilian deaths, not intent to target them.”
          The Israeli governments ‘intent’ was made clear on the first day of the massacre…….

          On the 9th October 2023, Israel’s Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, said on behalf of the Israeli government:

          “I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. Everything is closed.”
          In addition, according to Bloomberg television, 9th October 2023, he said “We are fighting human animals.”
          During an interview with Nick Ferarri, of LBC News on 11th October 2023 at the Labour party conference in Albert dock Liverpool, Mr Ferarri posed questions – regarding Israel’s intention to commit grave war crimes, including collective punishment and the withholding of food, water and energy to approximately 2.3 million men, women and children of Gaza -to Mr Starmer.
          Mr Ferarri asked Mr Starmer “A siege is appropriate. Cutting off power, cutting off water?” To which Mr Starmer replied “I think that Israel does have that right, It is an ongoing situation.” This exchange went viral on the internet.

        • Jack

          JK redux

          Killing civilians have obvious goals: who is going to breed palestinian kids if Israel kill their women? Who is going to grow up in Gaza if Israel kill the kids living there? That is what genocide is about, making sure that this race/ethnicity do not grow as intended.
          I am against both wars but there is a difference also, in Ukraine some 10000 civilians have been killed in a country of 40million people.
          In Gaza some 25k civilians have been killed in an area of 2million people. Now compare the ratio. You have 2,5x more civilians killed in Gaza, that in an area where it live almost 20x less people than in Ukraine.
          Thus the human carnage going on in Gaza is much more bloodier, more severe and at higher rate than the situation in Ukraine. On top of it as other people mentioned, this is an unequal fight, militants in Gaza do not even have helmets to protect themselves with.

          • Tom Welsh

            Logical reasoning. But in fact history shows that, when many men get killed in a war, the birth rate shoots up and the population often actually rises. Life is not so brittle.

          • ET

            Tom, can you show evidence for that statement. Yes, I know I can search for the stats but have you a goto site for this where it’s easily digested? It’s not that I disagree with you necessarily but I am thinking that the majority of those killed in Gaza have been children and women alongside a famine situation about to (if not already) happen. I am thinking of Ireland whose population was approx 8 million in 1840-ish just before the famine and 170 years later has still not reached 7 million (for the whole island). Besides the war in Gaza and the deaths of combatants there are other considerations.
            Yes, I aware that much of that was due to emigration also.

    • Allan Howard

      As of Feb 15th, 10,582 civilians have been killed, although it finishes by saying the figure could be higher:

      The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) verified a total of 30,457 civilian casualties during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as of February 15, 2024. Of them, 19,875 people were reported to have been injured. However, OHCHR specified that the real numbers could be higher.

      No doubt more civilians have been killed since Feb 15th, but I wouldn’t have thought the figure as of then would be very much higher. But even if we added on additional 2,000 or so, and called it 12,500, that’s 12,500 over a period of 25 months, which equates to an average of 500 per month, whereas Israel has killed around 40,000 in the space of six months (including the thousands dead buried under the rubble), which amounts to around 6,500 per month. And the difference is that the conflict in Ukraine could easily have been avoided, and both civilians and military personnel are dying unneccesarily, and that is the tradgedy of the situation. The late John Pilger put it like this (in an article on Feb 17, 2022,

      Oh, I just went onto his website (which I did a few weeks ago) to copy and paste the relevant part of his article, and a page comes up on which it says: A Database Error Occurred, so either there’s a problem, or his website has been taken down. Unfortunately I can’t remember the headline to the article, which was no doubt re-posted on other websites, but it’s what he says about the proposals Russia made a couple of months before the invasion (which John lists in the article), one of which was that Ukraine should remain neutral and not join Nato, or words to that effect. And John said that the proposals were something that everyone should welcome, or words to that effect. Anyway – assuming I can find it – here’s what John Mearsheimer said in 2015, in the last paragraph of a (very long) article:

      « The United States and its European allies now face a choice on Ukraine. They can continue their current policy, which will exacerbate hostilities with Russia and devastate Ukraine in the process—a scenario in which everyone would come out a loser. Or they can switch gears and work to create a prosperous but neutral Ukraine, one that does not threaten Russia and allows the West to repair its relations with Moscow. With that approach, all sides would win. »

      But the US and its allies weren’t interested in switching gears.

    • Anthony

      The difference as you well know are the numbers, the deliberate targeting and the assistance of the USA and Europe, knowing full well who is being deliberately targeted with their weapons and by withdrawal of food funding. Most other Irish people would highlight the deliberately enforced famine as THE key difference between Russia and the West in these conflicts.

  • Allan Howard

    ‘This was intentional. The IOF has been doing this routinely over the last six months. This is just the first time they did it to a group of Westerners tied to a celebrity chef. Do you recall the three Israeli hostages who were shot by the IOF after escaping their Hamas captors? They were waving a white shirt and had removed their shirts. Was that just another unfortunate “accident?” What about the two elderly Palestinian Christian women who were gunned down while the 60 year-old was helping the 80 year-old to the bathroom? We are witnessing a pattern of conduct.’

    Larry Johnson, ex CIA

    Just came across this, which someone posted a link to on Skwawkbox this morning:

    Israel Catching Well Deserved Flack for its Undisciplined Brutality

    PS I’m not familiar with the site, but I assume it’s OK (no antisemitism or racism etc). And I should mention that the included videos etc took quite a while to come up.

    • Allan Howard

      In fact, here’s the Skwawkbox article (and I think the initial poster must have heard the same as I did yesterday morning – ie that there was just ONE British person amongst the seven killed – as I said in a post on here yesterday afternoon, having heard it on Sky News early morning):

      Video: Israel’s ‘error’ killing of WCK food aid workers was 3 attacks over 1.5 miles

      ‘Error’? The facts say different but western governments still complicit

      I wouldn’t have believed it was an accident/misidentification even had there been just ONE vehicle involved, but THREE, over 1.5 miles! Yep, it’s BN and Co’s way of saying GFY with your humanitarian aid, and deterring all the rest of the aid workers. And there’s no doubt a significant minority of Israelis (and perhaps even more) who know it was deliberate and designed to deter, and who don’t give a flying fcuk.

      • Allan Howard

        Oh Gawd, yet another explanation on my part is neccesary: I didn’t actually read right to the end of the Skwawkbox article earlier, but when I did so just now, I see that right at the end of the article it says:

        The UK has not even ordered Israel’s far-right ambassador to appear to explain Israel’s actions, despite at least one UK citizen being among the murder victims.

        And it’s for THAT reason that the first poster said what they said!

  • harry law

    Both the US and UK have been blathering about Israel must have the right to defend itself for the past 6 months. Israel has committed many war crimes including a plausible case of genocide. The Israeli government through its Defence Minister said..“I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. Everything is closed.” Many other Ministers said similar things. Then the Israeli air force and IDF carried out those instructions in well documented reports of collective punishment.
    However when asked whether Israel has committed any war crimes over the past 6 months they will not answer, they will not acknowledge what they see with their own eyes. The reason is, to admit the truth would mean they would have to admit they themselves are in breach of International law and their own Law, and have to suspend military supplies to Israel. A fate worse than death for Biden to upset the Lobby.

    • Jack

      They even keep their own reports under lid:

      Government’s lawyers said that Israel has breached international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip but the government has failed to make it public, according to a recording obtained by the Observer newspaper, sister paper to the Guardian.

      The problem at large is that the west is led by the US and their president, that daily show of his obvious cognitive decline. Does Biden even know he is complicit in gross human rights violations? Of course not. Would he even be able to point where Gaza is on a map? And this very man is the reason palestinians are slaughtered day and night, it’s so grotesque.
      I wish that Trump will become president, not because Trump would be any better on Palestine but the Trump-hating EU would surely not back Trump on Israel, that would crush their self-image by doing so and be a wakeup call for them to re-calibrate their policy on Palestine.

  • SleepingDog

    So at least we know what Judeo-Christian values are now, I guess. Picking up the point about human rights, I’ve started reading philosopher Susan Neiman’s 2019 book Learning from the Germans: Confronting Race and the Memory of Evil. From p11:

    Most of my philosophical work has been devoted to defending the much-maligned Enlightenment, that eighteenth-century movement which created the foundations for universal human rights.

  • Shams

    thank god for fellow britons like yourself. still feels like a home with such chaps about. no doubt that’s one good tradition which will continue as ever

  • Allan Howard

    So I just went to Morrisons to get a few things a bit earlier and, as I usually do, I checked out the front pages, and most of them lead on the three British aid workers, many of them taking up the whole of the front page with the story. I just brought up the website re Today’s Front Pages and…….. Well, you can look for yourselves (I don’t know what time they generally change them to the following day’s front pages, but I’m pretty sure there’s the option to check yesterday’s, once they become yesterday’s front pages). The Financial Times had it at the top of their page, but it wasn’t the main story, and there was nothing on the front page of The Star, who went with Fridges are Snitches:

    If Russia had been doing in Ukraine what Israel has been doing in Gaza – as Caitlin Johnstone said in a recent article in effect – you can be absolutely certain that there would have been dozens of occasions when the MSM were reporting it as the main story on their front page over the past couple of years (and the news broadcasters running it as their leading story on TV and radio, and the newspapers on their websites of course). Here’s a link to the Caitlin Johnstone article in case you missed it:

    Imagine If Russia Or China Did The Things Israel Is Doing In Gaza

  • Mr Mark Cutts

    Oh well, now it has become front page news front and centre in the UK because three British aid workers have been killed.

    No slight on any of the aid workers (they are very brave considering the lack of discipline of the ragtag IDF) but the actuality is that added to the eradication of Hamas who are allegedly hiding under the population of Gaza, then killing aid workers is a deliberate policy, as is destroying hospitals – killing reporters etc., etc.

    It’s policy and strategy – not accident.

    Simple question for Cameron and others in the Foreign Office and the PM as well as the government in general and other parties:

    What is the Legal Advice that you have been given vis: The supplying of weaponry to Israel?

    Is it legal under International Law and is it Legal under UK Law also?

    Taking into account the ICJ’s opinions and observations?

    If a plausible genocide is occurring then do you want to enhance it or stop/prevent it as part of your obligations?

    Or do you want to make plausibility into an actuality?

    That should be the question for the MSM – and any one else come to that.

    • Republicofscotland

      Mr Mark Cutts.

      The reason that the English media has been obsessing all day (yesterday) over the men killed in Gaza by the Zionists is:

      “The Britons killed in the attack were the three-man security team – former Royal Marine James Henderson, 33; former SBS (Special Boat Service – a sister unit of the SAS) soldier John Chapman, 57; as well as army veteran James Kirby, 47.”

      As for the World Central Kitchen, well things are not what they seem to be.

      • Mr Mark Cutts


        Yes, as someone says above, a food/water supplier similar to the healthcare providers The White Helmets. They are still operating in their White Helmets in certain areas I hear.

        No slight on any of the aid workers but if this is a US PR construct then as an alternative to UNRWA it comes nowhere near their capabilities and experience. That is why I think that it is a Western PR Construct to look as though the weapons suppliers ‘care’ about the plight of the Gazans and Palestinians.

        Of course the liberal media describe starvation and disease as if it were an Old Testament Visitation with no link to what Israel and The West is doing to the Gazans, similar to reporting the after-effects of an earthquake. No cause but an effect.

        People like ‘Admiral’ John Kirby could be described as psychopaths but all of them are more like psychosalaryacrats or psychopromotionacrats for a bigger psychosalary.

        These are weak people, not strong principled human beings – if they had to work for Stalin they would have worked for Stalin in order to keep their cushy jobs and salaries.

        The lower salaried cyphers of the media do the same and have the same ambitions/goals as their heroes. I do suspect that most of them drink a lot and take drugs – not accusing anyone specifically, but that’s what liars do in order to live with their lies. It’s the only way to cope in their minds.

        As someone said in a post elsewhere “History will not be kind to them”. Very true, but their reasoning is that they can live in the future in the Big House and continue the drugs and drink with impunity forever. But history has a habit of catching up with you and to avoid prison in the future your best defence is to have died.

        They all need to remember that everything changes and can change much quicker than these arrogant people think. I hope that history catches up with them as soon as possible.

  • Twirlip

    [I tried to perform a minor edit on a comment I’d just made (‘#comment-1058118’), but it seemed to make the comment disappear, so I’m posting the comment again. Please delete the older version if it ever reappears.]
    JewishVoiceForLabour on X: “Three former supreme court justices, including the court’s former president Lady Hale, are among more than 600 lawyers, academics and retired senior judges warning that the UK government is breaching international law by continuing to arm Israel.” / X

    The tweet links to a Guardian article …
    Former supreme court judges say UK arming Israel breaches international law | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian

    … which links to a short version of the letter itself:

    UK Judges’ and Lawyers’ Open Letter Concerning Gaza


    03 April 2024

    We are UK-based or qualified lawyers, legal academics and former members of the judiciary committed to upholding the rule of law and to protecting fundamental rights; and who share deep concern about the catastrophe unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

    In a letter dated 26 October 2023, over a thousand members of the legal profession wrote to you concerning your Government’s obligations to avert and avoid complicity in serious breaches of International Humanitarian Law (“IHL”) in Gaza.

    Since that letter, there have been significant developments in relation to the situation in Gaza. These include the provisional order of the International Court of Justice dated 26 January 2024, by which the Court concluded that there was a plausible risk of genocide in Gaza; UN Security Council Resolution 2728 on 25 March 2024 demanding an immediate ceasefire during the month of Ramadan; and the worsening situation in Gaza, where the UN and international aid agencies warn of imminent famine, and where a ground offensive is threatened in Rafah, the last place of refuge for two-thirds of the population.

    We write in the light of these developments to remind you of your Government’s obligations under international law, which require you to take, amongst others, the following five actions:

    1. to work actively and effectively to secure a permanent ceasefire in Gaza;
    2. to take all available measures to ensure safe access to and delivery of the essentials of existence and medical assistance to Palestinians in Gaza, including confirmation that UK funding to UNRWA will continue with immediate effect;
    3. to impose sanctions upon individuals and entities who have made statements inciting genocide against Palestinians;
    4. to suspend the provision of weapons and weapons systems to the Government of Israel; and
    5. to suspend the 2030 Road Map for UK-Israel bilateral relations and negotiations towards an enhanced trade agreement and to initiate a review into the suspension of the UK’s bilateral trade agreement with Israel and consider the imposition of sanctions.

    A link to the full letter and detailed account of our reasons can be found here:

    • harry law

      Twirlip, thanks for all the information and links. These are wonderful developments.
      Nothing concentrates the mind more than a future appearance in the dock.

    • Allan Howard

      The 26th of October! I don’t recall hearing anything about this letter at the time. Would be interesting to determine if the MSM completely blanked it, which given their stance on the ‘war’, wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

      So I just did a search, and as far as I can determine, only The Guardian covered it, although they have it as ‘More than 250 British lawyers…….’, as opposed to over a thousand members of the legal profession. I wouldn’t expect The Star to cover it, but if all the rest of the papers gave the letter a miss, along with BBC/Sky/Channel4 News, then it was undoubtedly deliberately so..

      As for the current story, it looks like the whole of the MSM have covered it, except the Sun and the Express (and the Star no doubt, which I haven’t even bothered checking).

  • DunGroanin

    This Fascism and savagery is something we have been subjected to to get us involved in supporting yet another world war by the same Powers for the same Old reason.
    The horror is there for a purpose to slow boil us to that level of mass murder, again.
    I mentioned Guernica in a response to a comment above.

    I meant much of the inhuman savagery is recorded and out there now.
    Forever. From millions of witnesses with recording devices.

    Future generations will look back and marvel at the monstrosity of the Collective Waste a minority of humanity, we represent a mere 15%.

    That’s the real answer to how this stops. The 85% that isn’t the majority that is now unstoppable as unipolarity totters.

    I’m sure and we can cheer that on.
    I am getting through to people now when they challenge me – Xi or Biden? Putin or Ursula? them or us? It gets people riled and angry when I give them my answers.
    2 years ago they laughed and ridiculed. They calm down and start to think.
    There is change and it’s getting through.
    We might be the Bad Guys and all we believe might be Lies!

    The majority of humanity is stepping up and the Empire only has ultra violent horror left against a captive peoples of a few million in their own land by invaders foisted upon them by .. us.

    Our Civilisation superiority mask has fallen. The super powerful hero fantasyland, Hollywoodised supported by owned media and entertainment industrial complex. Where cultural celebrities and stars somehow lull us into support of lies and liars and killers. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé will have a great influence on voters in the US this year! There are many ‘elections’ happening. The stream of ‘stars’ who went to support Zelensky in ukro natzio proxy war had us supporting actual Nazis from WW2 never mind the current neo Nazis of Europe and Zionazis settlers in the Levant.

    All aimed at grabbing resources as usual from peoples who happen to have them.
    Which is what the horror of Palestine is about too.

    The celebs will now skulk away no responsibility attached for their ‘role’. Just like the aristos and celebrities of that era visited fascist Mussolini and Hitler and of course Franco as they planned their continued world domination.

    Even as today Macron attempts to insinuate the Old Imperialists force of conquistador mercenaries into Odessa! And Nutty and co try to push Iran and horrified neighbourhood into direct war in the MENA.

    What will the future history show? How a second world wars victims were turned into victimisers of innocents in other peoples land shapeshifted in Zionist Nazis as the last iteration of centuries Anglo European imperialism. The last colony to be set up. As an illegal Apartheid Entity given life like a Frankenstein Monster by some Club that was eventually shown to be useless- a repeat of the League of Nations which ended up with Fascism in Europe and Guernica as the starter for the main course!

    Gaza with all its horror has been explicitly manufactured into a new Guernica.
    Too soften us up with horror now just like then.
    Will we get to the main course too?
    Do we need to savour this hors d’oeuvre ?
    For sure we are going to get our just desserts.

  • Jack

    UN Special Reporteur on Palestine, Francesca Albanese:
    Knowing how Israel operates, my assessment is that Israeli forces intentionally killed #WCK workers so that donors would pull out & civilians in Gaza could continue to be starved quietly. Israel knows Western countries & most Arab countries won’t move a finger for the Palestinians.

    Yes it is obvious, Israel say what they are going to do, and then do it. Now they try to fool the world their strike on the NGO crew was a mistake. Oh, was it a mistake the last 6 months when you attacked UNRWA and killed their workers too? Was it all a mistake every time you attacked facilities with humanitarian aid? Of course not. This is intentional.

    UNRWA reports 176 employees killed since onset of war on Gaza
    UNRWA head Philippe Lazzarini on Sunday published a tweet expressing outrage over “Israel’s” recent decision to block the entry of food convoys to northern #Gaza.

    Sickening how there is not at least a couple of nations that could unite, stand up and say enough is enough!?

  • Jack

    Is it not interesting how the media could freely talk about islamic terrorism 24/7 but they do not label what Israel do as jewish/judaic terrorism, even though Israel openly claim to base their war in religious terms.
    Some 35000 have been killed by now, that is considerably more than the death toll from the Islamic state using the same barbaric methods to cleanse the unclean from their, alleged God-given, land.

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