The Price of Ermine 45

I see that “Lord” Alan Sugar, the unpleasant bully of employees, has donated four hundred thousand pounds to the New Labour campaign. All part of why New Labour will never give us a democratic upper chamber. Having promised it three times in their election manifesto and broken the promise every time, i am stunned they have the temerity to offer it again.

Jack Straw is of course in charge of Lords “reform”. Probably the most corrupt man in the House of Lords – and one of the few to be suspended for corruption – is Straw’s bagman, “Lord” Taylor of Blackburn, the “parliamentary consultant” to at least ten big defence firms including BAE. Another is “Lord” Adam Patel, chief organiser of postal ballot abuse in Straw’s Blackburn constituency, immortalised in the famous blog “Postman Patel and his dog Jack”.

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45 thoughts on “The Price of Ermine

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  • Abe Rene

    With any luck the country will say to New Labour “You’re faired!” and £400,000 of Alan Sugar’s money will go down the drain.

    But hold on. If I were Sir Alan, would I just support one political party? I’ll leave it to others to fill in the blanks..

  • tony_opmoc

    In praise of the NHS, Prayer, and O2 3G mobile broadband..

    Letter to America


    Thanks for your prayers. They worked.

    He was rushed into hospital yesterday, because he had exceedingly high blood pressure – but no pulse.

    About 6 years ago when he was 80 – he was rushed into hospital, because he couldn’t wee. They did an emergency operation – and plumbed in a by-pass – with a tube down his leg – such that he then wee’d by turning on a tap at the bottom of his leg. 6 months later they replumbed him such that he could again wee as nature intended. He made a full recovery.

    This time it seems he has a similar problem with his blood system. There was some blockage somewhere – which they admit maybe due to the dioxin drugs they had given him. they’ve stopped them, and given him aspirin instead. he may have to take warfarin – which is rat poison to thin his blood further.

    But anyway he is still alive which in itself is close to a miracle. Not only that – but we have brought him home. He’s on a continuous 24hr portable monitor to record everything – and if necessary we will rush him back into hospital.

    This is in Lancashire, England all for free on the NHS.

    I realise that some people may find it strange that I still believe in Prayer although I completely reject Religion.

    But prayer works. I have numerous personal examples that prove it to me.

    I reckon he will make 100.

    Thank You and

    God Bless.


  • tony_opmoc

    I actually quite like Alan Sugar, even though his TV programme is absolutely aweful, and bears absolutely no relationship whatsoever to what it is like working in a top UK company.

    It may however bear some relationship to working for a crap company like Amstrad.

    Anyway, despite the fact that nearly everyone reckons that Alan Sugar is a cunt, I personally reckon he is O.K.


  • tony_opmoc

    I’m missing my mouse. How do you make the text bigger. Normally I have a wheel in the middle of my mouse. i have got a great mouse that works with my laptop. it cost about £4 and is a wireless mouse – but in the rush to see my Father in Law who we thought was on his death bed – I elft it at home.

    he’s sat in front of the Telly eating a Jaffa Orange – a bit like Jim in the Royle Family – though of course he claims to be much posher – but even he won’t vote Tory any more…

    He says they are all a bunch of corrupt bastards.

    he says he is going to vote UKIP

    it can’t be that hard to find the functionality of a mouse wheel on a laptop.



  • tony_opmoc

    So – No one will help me on Craig Murray’s website?

    even 10 years ago, I could ask a question such as this and within minutes someone would reply with an answer that would work.

    and it was a totally non-technical website

    But everyone was fired up – and it attracted the most diverse range of intelligent people imaginable of all political views

    Of course there was one really common thing amongst everyone.

    they all wanted to make things work

    they banned me from it years ago when I posted “All Terrorists are Cunts”

    I wasn’t going to apologise.

    It was the word CUNT they found offensive

    Not Terrorist

    I thought what stupid cunts

    How the hell can you be offended by some old fart like me posting swear words when emotionally upset, but actually accept Terrorism

    I haven’t got any bombs or guns

    I am completely harmless

    I am merely trying to change your mind and reject such total obscenities and bring the Real Culprits like Tony Blair to Trial

    But No

    i used the Word Cunt

    And I was Permanently Banned


  • technicolour

    Tony you are ace! You are quite right. I asked someone as I don’t have a clue and it is – wait for it everyone

    CONTROL and PLUS simultaneously.

    Brilliant. Thanks Tony. I can see!

  • tony_opmoc

    You see, Gordon Brown may pick his nose and chew it live on TV from the depths of hell – and I completely hate his Fascist Nu-Labour Total Cunts in His Party..

    But Gordon Brown is a Clever Cunt

    And I Think His Heart is In The Right Place

    I am Not Surprised that The Americans hate his guts.

    He really Did Single Handedly Save The World From Complete Financial Collapse.

    You see, the money is worth nothing and is backed by nothing.

    Its only purpose is to motivate people to do useful work.

    we are currently going through a massive battle to disarm the real CUNTS in the World

    Gordon Brown is doing O.K.

    Tony Blair Should Be in Jail With His American and Israeli Bum Mates who are Fucking Everything Up


  • tony_opmoc


    I worked with the best in the business. they inspired me tremendously and I worked very hard.

    By the time I was 23, I had virtually no social skills but had a big team of people and enormous responsibility.

    I always did my best to motivate my staff to achieve the almost impossible. I gave them all the responsibility and encouragement I could – and they did achieve and make the impossible work.

    then when I was 28 – it all got blown away – nearly all of us lost ur jobs and had to start again…

    we fought back, changes, did something different and started again

    when you are working so fucking hard, sometimes you just can’t take it any more and have to take some time out

    It happenned again when I was about 33 and again when I was about 45

    now I am approaching 60, I may think about coming out of retirement

    What have you done?


  • tony_opmoc

    I tried to do it when I was 7 years old on a piano, but I knew I was crap.


    on my aunties piano

    I tried it again when I was 13 on an accoustic guitar

    My Mum bought me Bert Weedon’s Play in a Day

    But I was crap

    I tried but the strings hurt my fingers and I just thought – I can’t do that…

    So I did something different instead

    But still I loved the MUSIC and I wanted to do it myself

    When I was 50 I tried it again…

    And I was a bit better

    But by then I knew some of the best Guitarists in The World

    My Daughter borrowed my guitar after she had been at University for a few months

    And she is determined to Learn How to play It

    We don’t see that much of her – because she has a great social life and we are just her Mum and Dad

    So I don’t expect to see my guitar back any time soon. I expect it to be ripped to shreds by all the kids at University who want to learn to play with my Daughter

    So I have ordered a Les Paul

    All my mates tell me it is much easier to play if you are raw and get sore fingers

    The Les Paul is Mine

    It hasn’t arrived yet


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Dreoilin, thanks for this – but it’s making me cross-eyed as I peruse the keyboard in search of short-cuts…(!) I keep thinking that one day, I’ll press a button and the multiverse will collapse into an receding, impenetrable dot like sued to happen on the old valve-driven TV sets. Closedown.

  • dreoilin

    No, no need for that. Just pick one you think is useful, and use it. Add another later if you wish.

    I find that when one becomes a habit, I use it without thinking.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    … and Tony with his torrid tales of the afternoon before! Tony, man (or indeed anyone), if you want to read some excellent fiction of similar ilk to pass the long Spring afternoons, you could do worse than check out a short novel, which I would thoroughly recommend, entitled, ‘The Snake’, by one Melanie Desmoulins. She’s a very good writer, Ms Desmoulins. Wonder what heppened to her…?

    Oh well, we’ve lost Alan Sugar somewhere in the cup of tea. Certainly not saccharine. Speaking of which, if we could do the same to Noel Edmonds…

  • MJ

    “She’s a very good writer, Ms Desmoulins. Wonder what heppened to her…?”

    Who knows? Perhaps she spends time on blogs, promoting her books. Far-fetched I know, but you can never tell these days.

  • dreoilin

    “… and Tony with his torrid tales of the afternoon before!”

    Very true, I was just kidding. But I’m the only one who got deleted? Oh well. I’m off.

  • Vronsky

    “Ms Desmoulins”

    I know I can be a bore about this sort of thing, but it’s Mlle. Desmoulins, s’il vous plait.

    On a somewhat related note, I’ve just received a short note saying that I was unsuccessful in a job interview. Pity. The task was writing synopses in French and Spanish for porn movies . When I applied I had thought (honestly!) that it was a technical web-authoring job with a preference for someone with a couple of European languages, so my only worry was that I might not have adequate technical vocabulary. I was so right.

  • dreoilin

    Best of luck, everyone. It’s been a lot of fun. But Craig’s random deletions and his recent complaints [bottom of the ‘Anti-Israel Protests Not Anti-Semitic’ thread] about “unreasoning abuse of Larry” (despite Larry’s wholesale abuse of Arsalan, and myself, and several others) has become irksome. When there are rules, I keep them. When there is moderation I don’t complain.

    See you in the ether.

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