As the Spirit of Enoch Powell Presides Over England, Scotland Must Leave the Union Now 382

I am genuinely stunned that, following the competitive racism-fest that was the Tory Party conference, the Tories have gone up in the opinion polls.

I quite admit my judgement was completely wrong. I was feeling happily that the Tories had finally overreached themselves, and the implications of employers drawing up lists of foreign employees, or primary schools writing to parents demanding birth certificates, would be met with popular revulsion from the inherently decent British people.

Well, I was wrong. Racism pays, at least in England. After their Conference the Tories are up to 43%. The Tories and UKIP combined are up to 54%. I am afraid it is intellectually dishonest to avoid the grim truth. At present, you cannot be too racist for popular English taste. The underlying theme of the Labour Party conference was Blairite calls for Labour to join in the mood of xenophobia. Of the existence of that mood there can now be no doubt.

That Scotland has an entirely different political culture to England is now undeniable. I think the map of the EU vote by voting district is crystal clear.


The problem is, “Devolution” does not protect Scotland from implementation of this tide of xenophobia. As immigration is a reserved matter, the refusal of visas to attend non-Russell Group universities will impact harshly on some Scottish universities, even though University policy is theoretically with Holyrood. Similarly Holyrood cannot stop Scottish employers being ordered to draw up lists of foreigners by the Home Office, nor Scottish primary schools carrying out new immigrant checks ordered by Amber Rudd.

Theresa May has already sought to rub Scottish subservience in our faces by making plain Scotland will have no place in Brexit negotiations and Holyrood no veto on any outcome. Now we see the true limitations of our defences against Tory rule.

In the Independence referendum campaign Gordon Brown vowed that, if Scotland voted No to Independence, it would within two years be “as close to a federal state as you can be”. Instead it is as close to a fascist state as you can be.

There is a huge gulf between what is happening in the UK and what a great many No voters in the Indyref, particularly Labour No voters, believed would happen. The political circumstances are now entirely different to those prevailing or promised in 2014.

It is therefore very legitimate, indeed necessary, now to call a second Independence referendum to sort out the mutually conflicting votes of Scots in the Independence and EU referenda. Scots voted, democratically, to be both in the Union and in the EU. But they cannot be in both. It is vital, now, to discover which they want as a matter of democratic legitimacy.

The SNP really must stop havering. Now is the time for Indyref2. we must break free from the toxic culture of jingoism that has swept much of the UK. It is both a political and a moral imperative.

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  • Sharp Ears

    Here is a clip of Boris in full flow today.

    To his right Mr Tobias Ellwood, Conservative Friend of Israel and FCO MENA minister and Territorial Army reservist.

    His tweet today:
    Tobias Ellwood MP ‏@Tobias_Ellwood · 3 hours ago
    Following timely HofC debate today delighted to discuss Allepo and Mosul with @brett_mcgurk US Pres Envoy for the counter DAESH Coalition

    To the left of Boris, Ms Priti Patel, Secretary of State DfID, nodding in agreement with what he said.

    Recipient of a donation of £2,500 from the Henry Jackson Society in 2014.

    ‘•Name of donor: Henry Jackson Society
    •Address of donor: Parker Tower, 43-39 Parker Street, London WC2B 5PS
    •Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): costs of visit; approximately �2,500
    •Destination of visit: Washington, DC, USA
    •Date of visit: 2-5 March 2013
    •Purpose of visit: delegate at the AIPAC Homeland Security Forum on Middle East and International Security Issues including a programme with HJS in Congress pursuant to UK and allied interests in the economic and security spheres.’


  • Mick McNulty

    Mmm. So now Craig wants another vote on Scottish Independence just two days after saying we should have our vote for Brexit ignored? To get his way he wants two votes on one issue and no vote on the other. Democracy sure slipped away from him recently.

    • Babushka

      If we (Craig’s readers) accomplish nothing else by contributing here, we might assist his own journey to One-ness, within himself.

    • Shatnersrug

      Well he’s untitled to his opinion, it does strike me as a littler delusional though

      • Babushka

        ‘Entitlement to opinions’ is fundamental to freedom.
        The issue here is that Craig has lost some of his influence in the Establishment and on this blog has gained a different kind of influence.
        As a long distance reader in Oz, with two adult offspring living and working in the UK, I’m learning a great deal on the CM blog about the fundamentals happening ‘over there’. But one thing I know:
        Everyone loathes hypocrisy and double standards.
        It matters not what people say or think or believe- it is by our actions that we are truly known.
        I very much respect Craig’s courage, and also his honesty.
        Add to that his humility, as I know he puts his dilemmas out here, for help to clarify his thinking. And apart from the trolls, the depth and breadth of “intelligence”, not to forget the humour, yes, sometimes very black, is a “conversation” not found elsewhere.
        As another commenter wrote: thank you for your Transparency.

  • mike

    Is the UK REALLY going to join with the US and start shooting at the Russians?

    Are we really that fucking stupid? Is our upper middle class media THAT supine? If war is the answer and the banks are in charge, the answer might be yes.

    There’s a new game in town: it’s called the Rise of Asia. So it’s time to stop playing Risk and start playing by the new rules.

    Here’s a really hard-to-discover secret – the bad guys in Syria are Islamic Proxies Inc, shot full of petrodollars and armed by the Yanks. They’ve got some nifty media skills too. Someone should tell the corporate media; they could be missing a scoop here.

    • RobG

      “Is the UK REALLY going to join with the US and start shooting at the Russians?”

      Yup, because they are all totally batshit crazy, and are backed-up to the hilt by the whores in the media who take a buck to lie to and deceive the public.

      • Shatnersrug

        You know this all about Clinton, they seem to think that winding up a war blaming Wikileaks on Putin, trump on Putin – having Britain back her up will win her the election. I doubt it. If trump like brexit is perceived as a vote against the establishment then expect it to happen. There is no point trying to bust him on his dirty nasty comments it’s this kind of social justice warrioring that is driving his support. The Clinton campaign is absolutely useless, it’s like John McTernan were running it.

    • Loony

      The answer to your questions are: Yes, the intention is to provoke war with Russia and, Yes the media are wholly supine.

      In Vietnam a US soldier observed that “we had to destroy this village in order to save it” The plan today is to destroy the planet and all who inhabit it in order to make clear that we will literally pay any price to protect (and simultaneously destroy) child victims of the war in Syria.

      Oh the joy to be alive in such an age of reason.

      • RobG

        Loony, we posted at the same time.

        You may call me a fool, but I’m a strong believer that good will prevail.

        Hang in there.

        • Babushka

          We just don’t know what that good looks like.
          You’re no fool robg. Kudos to you for your passion.

  • mike

    Look at the front page of tomorrow’s ‘Guardian’ – a photo of rubble that was once a Syrian neighbourhood. What should we do – bomb the fucking rubble? Is that our answer? When rubble is turned to dust there will be peace in Syria?

    Jesus wept.

    This is Russia’s sphere of influence. Russia is an imperfect society and it would be great if we could change one or two things. But we can’t. Shall we leave it at that and get the fuck out of there?

  • Hieroglyph

    Given the incredibly dangerous and stupid war-mongering going on, Scotland has to leave. Basically, the UK parliament is no longer sovereign, and our foreign policy entirely in the hands of crazy neocons. On the Off Guardian site, a writer mentioned that The real Guardian had entirely trashed it’s reputation, and this is true. It has become a vehicle for neocon propaganda, and the shamelessness is quite disturbing. But, nobody at The Guardian makes any decisions on foreign policy (to my knowledge). The calculating and unpleasant Boris is someone who does make decisions, and his lies and filth over Syria, and especially the carnage in Aleppo, are borderline sinister. I say it again: when your foreign policy makes Putin look like a statesman, you have very serious problems indeed.

    No Scots Guards in Syria. They can stay home and build bridges and help in floods and stuff, their proper peacetime role.

    • philw

      You may be too late already. You wont get rid of the Trident bases in a hurry even if you have an indyref tomorrow. The US is acting like it thinks it could ‘win’ a war with Russia. Maybe they have some hot new weaponry they are itching to try. And Hilary is just the woman to give it a spin. Or maybe they’re bullshitting, but the Russians cant be sure.

      Anyway, if the US starts bombing the Russians in Syria (aka a ‘No Fly Zone’) then the Russians might well decide a shot across their bows is necessary. Shooting the other Godfather’s poodle might fit the bill, especially if the UK joins the bombing. Those missiles they moved to Kaliningrad are less than 1000 miles from the Clyde (or London).

  • Mark Golding

    With Scotland very much in focus here I heard Royal Navy Lt Cdr Clive Langmead saying “In Scotland, QinetiQ, as part of its long term partnership agreement with MoD have prepared the flying and underwater ranges which it runs in Benbecula, Stornoway, Applecross and the Kyle of Lochalsh, including erecting hangars and laying a dummy mine field for the robots to try and find.

    The range at Loch Fyne (my daughter lives in Inveraray) is ideal for unmanned boat testing and remotely piloted submarines.

    Sadly an independent Scotland is prepared to allow future NATO training exercises such as the recent Unmanned Warrior, a major UK led NATO exercise.

    Joint Warrior, meanwhile, involves about 5,700 military personnel from armed forces from countries including Norway, Sweden, Germany and the USA. Thirty-one warships and submarines as well almost 70 aircraft, many of them being flown out of RAF Lossiemouth in Moray and Prestwick in Ayrshire, are being used in the training off the Scottish coast.

    Joint Warrior runs until 20 October.

    • Old Mark

      Sadly an independent Scotland is prepared to allow future NATO training exercises such as the recent Unmanned Warrior, a major UK led NATO exercise.

      Spot on Mark G- Lysias here often refers to the Irish independence template as one the Scots should follow. In defence matters, that is likely to mean a Treaty Ports’ arrangement with the UK and NATO over the use of Faslane,RAF Lossiemouth et al-

      • lysias

        The Irish treaty ports arrangement did not last long. It ended with the treaty of April 25, 1938 that ended the Anglo-Irish Trade War. Over the course of the rest of 1938, all three of the treaty ports were handed over to Ireland.

        • Old Mark

          True Lysias- but then the Irish treaty ports were only really relevant to the maritime security of Great Britain, and nowhere else.

          Faslane, Holy Loch. RAF Lossiemouth & the rest are as much NATO assets as UK assets- and thus the pressure on an independent Scotland to stick to a deal allowing continued access to these facilities by non Scottish armed forces personnel will be all the greater.

  • fedup

    As anticipated, yet another comment of mine has been met with:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have started to keep a record of my comments that have gone into moderation or deleted, by keeping a local copy, and I would recommend for other “unsaved” and “unsavoury characters” to follow suit by keeping a local copy before publishing in this “free” blog!

    • Tony_0pmoc


      >90% of my comments go into moderation. That is even when I’ve been completely sober for 3 days. I think that’s fair enough. I do write a lot of crap especially when drunk. I’ve even had my son delete some of my posts on his website when he was 13 years old..and he got over a million hits in a year. It was his website – he could delete or ban whoever he wants – including me.

      No one has any right whatsoever to post anything on anyone else’s website.

      You can start your own if you like – its not hard. I even used to know a few tricks to make it rise to the top of any related search (even before google became famous).

      Personally, I don’t do it – never really have. Trying to moderate a load of nutters is extremely hard work – and is liable to send you mad. I guess it’s O.K. – if you are being paid to do it – even as an intern at a National Newspaper. Its probably more fun than stacking shelves in Sainsburys after you have got your degree, though not as well paid.


  • Alan

    I just watched Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, on TV, talking about the time Scotland was suffering from acute xenophobia

    And how King James VI brought the xenophobia south with him leading to a whole century of murder.

    Yet all we ever hear here is how wonderful and enlightened Scotland is Blah! Blah! Blah! Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

        • kathy

          Nothing like the mention of Scottish independence to bring out the British nationalist trolls. What exactly are you all so afraid of?

          • fred

            He is posting evidence that people in Scotland are not too different from people in England.

            Do you so desperately have to believe that Scots are superior? That there is a line through Berwick where people become racist?

            Do you honestly think that fostering this belief in Scots that they are better than those south of the border and manufacturing grievances between a people is going to benefit anyone except the few who use people’s base instincts to manipulate them and take power for themselves?

          • Shatnersrug

            He wasn’t trolling he’s frustrated with this fantasy that scots are in someway of higher moral calibre than the English, as a half and half I grew up believing that to be true and to be ashamed of my English side. People are people the world over, when they are constantly under attack they start to distrust others – we know what hitler said on the matter. I doubt the people in pre war Germany were any different to the Scots or the English, they just found themselves in an astonishing set of circumstances – and here we all are now in an astonishing set of circumstances.

            Should this government be brought down and a more egalitarian, more progressive government take its place then people will learn to forget the sectarianism and we’ll be our best.

            However the press here must be reformed – Murdoch must be removed and all of the papers broken up and handed over to trusts. And never again must a foreign power be allowed to wield such uncontrolled influence both in public and in private.

            Start with the news papers and everything else will fall into line.

          • Harry Vimes

            The existence of bigots in Scotland as well as England is not, despite the bullshit being passed off as evidence here, sufficient proof of what is being argued by the likes of Fred, amongst others. The key factor is the level of support their ideas, aims and objectives enjoy amongst the wider society.

            Mr Murry has provided statistical evidence pertaining to England and Wales regarding the level of support for parties involved in the political decision making process who espouse the kind of elitist, bigoted, jingoistic inward looking policies [quite apart from the economic neo liberalist and neo conservative colonial policies] which he claims does not enjoy anywhere near the same level of support from within the wider Scottish society.

            When evidence, if you actually what that is and how to present it, is put forward that the bigots and ‘we are the people’ jingoists enjoy a similar level of electoral support in Scotland as exists in England AND which has already been presented by Mr Murray, then you might have the basis of a coherent and valid argument here. As it stands, the level of support for political parties espousing such policies in Scotland in recent years is well below that of England. Ergo, proving Mr Murry’s argument.

          • Alan

            It’s like this; when you live in a democracy people are allowed to have different opinions and vote accordingly, and if you fail to bring enough people round to your point of view, then you have two alternatives, shut up and give up, or persuade more people to come round to your way of thinking and try again.

            HOWEVER if you, or Craig, think that insulting others with rude names and false accusations is going to do anything else than alienate others to your cause, then you both need to GROW UP!

            Obviously in Scotland, the TOTALITARIAN spirit of Uncle Joe Stalin is alive and well.

          • fred

            @ Harry Vimes

            Take a look at Europe. Ausrtria, far right Freedom Party 35% of vote, Hungary, Fidesz party 45% of the vote, France, National Front, 28% of the vote, Poland, Law and Justice party, 38% of the vote.

            Why would Scotland want to ditch centre right Britain to preserve their alliance with these far right countries?

          • Harry Vimes

            When you can provide evidence, Alan, that a generalised argument that points out the different levels of support for specific policy positions and the basis on which those positions are generated vis a vis two areas of the UK [ as it presently exists] represents what you claim as “insulting others with rude names and false accusations” you might deserve to be taken seriously.

            Fred: when some us went to school 4/27 represents only around 14% of the number of EU countries with a total population of around 24% of the entire EU population as currently exists [given we have not left yet]. That barely stands up as an anywhere near convincing argument. Hardly worth the effort on your part.

  • Clydebuilt


    Approx 30% of SNP supporters voted leave. What has happened to support for Independence since June 23rd. Has it declined, has support for the Tories increased in Scotland.

    I’m a supporter of Independence, there’s no sense in pushing for a 2nd Indy Ref. without polling evidence of strong support for a YES vote.

    • michael norton

      Why not go for another once in a lifetime Independence Referendum,
      who knows, this time you might win.
      Please, either do it now or STFU

  • Ba'al Zevul

    The spirit of Enoch Powell does not preside over England. Cerebral classical scholars who achieved distinction in wartime and manage to be excellent constituency MP’s while maintaining their own opinions in the face of vested interests (and the wilfully uncomprehending) are pretty thin on the ground. When a thing like Gove can state that he has no use for experts, and most of the population wanders round poking at little illuminated boxes, we can safely say that any spirit interested in rationality has fled to an alternate universe. The spirit that presides over England boasts management-school bollocks as his first language, and looks like Rupert Murdoch. Very different.

    The man was damned for using hyperbole – as a quotation from an ancient author* – in recognising a real threat to the identity of the country he had helped defend – Britain, as a whole. Which identity has, as he predicted. disappeared. We are in the process of experiencing a financial earthquake as a result of the issues he identified being permitted to fester unattended, under the guise of tolerance , until the ulcer burst, not in rivers of blood, but in a democratic vote to take our state back. From a globalised culture – if you can call it that – in which the Euphrates “flowing with much blood”, as it has for some time, is entirely acceptable. Should the democratic option fail, the possibility of bloodshed closer to home remains.

    *”If history teaches us anything it is that we learn nothing from history”.Powell – an historian – while disproving that in his own case, demonstrated its general applicability to his opponents.

    • Old Mark

      The man was damned for using hyperbole

      Ba’al- Powell was also damned for making accurate projections about the growth of the Afro Asian population in the UK (in effect just England) if the trends he identified back in 1968 continued. In the speech below, delivered later in 1968, he surmised that this immigrant descended population would, by the year 2002, comprise at a minimum around 4.5 million people. For enunciating such eeririly accurate predictions (as the 2001 census proved) Powell was castigated by the bien pensants of the day, just as his name today is dirt to their successors- Craig, RoS, Fedup and the rest of the sorry crew.

      In comparison to the brainfarts about immigration extruded by Craig and the open borders/cybernat claque on this thread, Powell’s speeches were beautifully written models of conciseness, and not the lunatic ravings his present day detractors would have us believe-

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Yup. It’s tempting, on looking back, to see Powell’s demonisation as foreshadowing the beasting Corbyn’s been getting, and perhaps for similar reasons: the upsetting of some comfortable Establishment certainties. Which may, of course, have had nothing to do with immigration at all.

        • Old Mark

          Ba’al, I thought this part of Powell’s 1968 speech showed incredible prescience in the context of the recent murder of Dr Jeroen Ensink by a psychopathic Nigerian immigrant ‘student’-

          ‘Though their customs and their social habits and expectations may be widely different, there is no reason to suppose they are more malevolent or more prone to wrong-doing. That is, however, not the point. With the malefactors among our own people we have got to cope; they are our own responsibility and part of our own society. It is something totally different when the same or similar activities are perpetrated by strangers, and above all when they occur in the course of an increase in the numbers of those strangers and an extension of the areas which they occupy – an increase and an extension to which the victims perceive no end in sight. Surely only very clever people could fail to understand so simple a point.’

          Quite- some clever people here (yes I’m thinking of Craig in this context) fail to grasp the elementary points Powell made back in the day.

          • Sharp Ears

            The Nigerian student was having psychotic episodes and should not have been at large due to shortage of mental health beds in OUR NHS. How dare you use mental illness in your racist propaganda here.

          • Republicofscotland

            ‘Though their customs and their social habits and expectations may be widely different, there is no reason to suppose they are more malevolent or more prone “to wrong-doing. That is, however, not the point. With the malefactors among our own people we have got to cope; they are our own responsibility and part of our own society. It is something totally different when the same or similar activities are perpetrated by strangers, and above all when they occur in the course of an increase in the numbers of those strangers and an extension of the areas which they occupy – an increase and an extension to which the victims perceive no end in sight. Surely only very clever people could fail to understand so simple a point.’


            So tell me Old Mark ,since it appears you somewhat admire Powell’s above excerpt.

            What of those now from the likes of Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, who lost everything due to Nato’s incessant onslaught over the years, which includes the dis-United Kingdom actions.

            Are we to let Europe absorb all the refugees? Is their predicament at the very least (though I suspect far more) no part of our making?

            By the sounds of it you feel those who’ve, or are, trying to move to Ungreat Britain, won’t or can’t integrate, with our society. Well I suggest you take that matter up with consecutive governments of the dis-United Kingdom, who’ve backed countless wars, that’s led to most of those people fleeing their own lands and cultures, because of the greed of our culutres.

            The great immigrant exodus to Europe is of OUR making, it’s OUR fault, the blood is on OUR hands, we created the refugee crisis, so learn to deal with it.

          • Gulliver

            I fail to see the relevance in this context of the nationality or employment status of Femi Nandap. This could quite easily have been anyone having a psychotic episode. Both Dr Ensink and Nandap were let down by the agencies employed to prevent this tragic incident.

            I find it interesting that when describing Nandap, he is almost always referred to in the media as “Nigerian born…” but when mentioning Dr Ensink it’s rarely pointed out that he’s from the Netherlands. Wonder why?

          • Loony

            RoS According to you “we created the refugee crisis, so learn to deal with it”

            How can anyone learn to deal with it, if no numbers are forthcoming as to the quantum of the problem? The population of Africa is rising by about 80 million per year. If the EU were to take in just the increase in the African population then in 10 years time the population of the EU would rise by 800 million thus making Europe a majority African population.

            Is that the quantum – or is it more or is it less. If that is the quantum then the people that need to learn t deal with it would be the majority population – i.e. it is a problem for Africans.

          • Loony

            RoS According to you most people who are fleeing their own lands and cultures are doing so as a consequence of wars (and specifically wars backed by the UK)

            Some of the most devastating damage caused by war include the dropping of both conventional and nuclear bombs on Japan, the German destruction of vast swathes of the USSR and the subsequent destruction of Germany through both mass air bombings and land invasions.

            Is there some reason that millions of German, Japanese, and Soviet refugees did not flood the UK from the mid 1940’s onward?

            Around 1.15 million French were killed in WW1 – where do I look to find the descendants of millions of French refugees?

          • Republicofscotland


            Oh here we go after centuries of Europe raping Africa, for its mineralscausing wars, and enslaving its people. You jump on your high horse and scream…oh we can’t take them all, because we don’t know how many are coming.

            Well Looney what did you think was going to happen? Did you think we could plunder and ravage Africa forever without consequence? I bet you did.

            Gaddafi once said that, Europe would see mass intergration and so it shall, our conceited attitude towards the Middle East and Africa, and our neverending wars in those regions often at the behest of the Great Satan, has led to the huge influx of refugees and immigrants.

            Europe is changing whether you like it or not, if you’re looking for someone to blame, look to your governments foreign policies in those regions.

            We manufactured the exodus, and now it will change Europe forever.

          • Loony

            RoS – Resorting to phrases about high horses and screaming is oh so emotional. I am far more interested in the application of the exponential function and of reason.

            The population of Africa is growing at around 80 million people per year. How many people of African origin do you believe should have the right to settle in Europe?

            If Europe just took the growth in the African population then in 10 years the population of Europe would rise by 800 million people giving Europe a population of well over 1 billion and a majority population of African origin. Do you think that such a scenario is practical? How for example will Europe feed all of these people? Do you have any idea how long it would take to build basic sanitation facilities for such a population?

            If you do not consider it likely that Europe can absorb 80 million people per year every year then on what basis would you propose (a) determining the appropriate number of migrants and (b) selecting or rejecting migrants? Surely you cannot be content with the current system of forcing vast swathes of people to cross the Med in un-seaworthy vessels and just accepting 100% of the survivors.

            An unwillingness to address such issues is evidence of nothing more than delusional thinking – a form of delusional thinking that if left unchecked will visit untold misery on everyone – including those whose welfare you profess to care about.

          • Republicofscotland

            “An unwillingness to address such issues is evidence of nothing more than delusional thinking – a form of delusional thinking that if left unchecked will visit untold misery on everyone – including those whose welfare you profess to care about.”



            A unwillingness to address and delusional thinking, is exactly what put Europe in this predicament in the first place.

            Why do you keep using 80 million as an example when only one million refugees entered Europe last year (estimate the UNHCR and the IOM).

            Of course Europe can’t handle the huge influx of refugees, but what can we do? Some would thrown them into the Mediterranean and be done with it. What we can do however, is stop invading their countries overty or covertly.

            Stop instigating wars and regime changes in Africa and the Middle East, stop following the Great Satan, who at present is thought be involved in 134 wars most covertly.


            Let Africans and those of Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq etc, sort out their own countries problems internally, I hear no great out cry from Nato over Saudi Arabia’s domestic stance, so why invade other countries in the region?

            Do that and there would be far fewer refugees heading to Europe, but we can’t we’ve got be changing regimes or causing wars, in those regions, so it’s really up to you and me to petition our governments to stop interferring, like I said the refugee crisis is of our making.

            So tell me Looney what would do, with the refugees coming to Europe?

  • deepgreenpuddock

    yes indeed i have watched the developments in england with dismay.
    “DisMay? -A state of psychological distress and despair induced by listening to Ms May.
    i agree that the only way forward is independence. It is a daunting thought but being shackled to a backward outpost of a 19th century empire is much worse.

    • Old Mark

      i have watched the developments in england with dismay.

      What ‘developments’ are these DGP ? Not the ones Enoch Powell so presciently predicted surely ?

  • Sharp Ears

    JC has had a haircut and was in combative mood this morning at PMQs. He had Teresa, who was not wearing her f off pearls, gasping for air at times. She was on the back foot most definitely.

    • Macky

      Indeed, Theresa the Troll is completely out of her depth; both embarrassing yet fun to watch ! 😀

  • Old Mark

    Sharp Ears @12.42pm

    Get off your high horse for once in your life- there are as yet unverified but credible reports doing the rounds here in London that Ensink’s murderer was in the UK in December last year on a student visa that had already expired- in which case the murderer’s immigration status is highly pertinent. I have the name of the institution he was alleged to have ‘attended’ (previously a part of the University of London) and as I happen to know a senior academic at that institution I am checking out the veracity of this claim before reporting it as fact here.

    BTW Ensink’s Nigerian ‘student’ murderer was living in Woolwich at the time he committed the offence- a mere 2 miles away from where I live, writing this.

    You’ll of course understand why I have no time for idiots like you and RoS who declare their disgust at the alleged harshness of the UK’s immigration regime (as enforced by the goosestepping Frau May) when in real life it allows nutters like Femi Nandap to roam the streets just a short distance away from where I ,my wife and my son actually live.

    • Macky

      Old Mark; “when in real life it allows nutters like Femi Nandap to roam the streets just a short distance away from where I ,my wife and my son actually live.”

      I think you will find that our own indigenous “nutters” vastly outnumber people like Femi Nandap; perhaps you should join Sharp Ears in complaining about the shortage of mental health beds in the NHS, if you are really in such fear for your life.

      • Old Mark

        Macky- implicit in your discussion of Nandap’s mental health needs is the assumption that a foreign student on a short term visa has an automatic right to use the full range of NHS facilities on the same basis as a taxpaying citzen, and with I assume no attempt by the NHS to recoup the funds spent on such treatment from the foreigner concerned.

        Please either confirm or refute the assumption I’ve made about your views on this matter ASAP.

        Please also inform me how many of our EU neighbours (many I readily admit with better health services provision than the UK) allow non EU foreigners access to their health services on the basis I assume you wish had been provided to Nandap ?

        • Macky

          Old Mark; “implicit in your discussion of Nandap’s mental health needs is the assumption that a foreign student on a short term visa has an automatic right to use the full range of NHS facilities”

          No that’s only your strawman implication; my point is why are you are so concerned of being harmed by mentally ill foreigners, but not by our own more numerous mentally ill, who are being sent out on the streets because of lack of NHS resources ?

          • Old Mark



            Should foreign students have free unlimited access to the NHS or not ??

            How many of our EU neighbours allow African students free and unlimited access to THEIR health services- which for some reason appear not to be suffering the same resource constraints as our ‘National’ (or should that be ‘International’ Health Service ??

        • Macky

          Steady old chap, looks like you’re about to burst a blood vessel or two !

          Perhaps you need to be reminded of how a debating forum works; people who are interested in a subject express their opinions, others who are so inclined, will comment on these expressed opinions, often just on a certain aspect contained in that opinion, like I did with you regarding your apparent fear of being attacked by mentally ill foreigners, with your “when in real life it allows nutters like Femi Nandap to roam the streets just a short distance away from where I ,my wife and my son actually live.”, so my point to you, asking about whetever you are not worried by the greatest risk of being attacked by mentally ill fellow Brits, (who are being pushed out into our communities because of lack of proper NHS funding), is not a diversion; whereas your attempt to avoid addressing this specific point is very much a diversion.

          There, hope all is clear now, and your blood pressure is back to normal.

          • Old Mark

            Thanks Macky- yes, all is clear now- you obviously have no credible answers to the questions I’ve put to you, hence your refusal to engage with them.

            As Larkin put it (another ‘Little Englander’ in your book no doubt )- ‘Useful to get that learnt’.

      • Gulliver

        Obviously I would not use the word “nutters” but the indigenous Thomas Mair, who had a history of mental illness, springs to mind.

          • Gulliver

            I’ll assume the reference to Thomas Mair born 1701 as opposed to the more contextually obvious, and still very much alive, Thomas Mair is your idea of humour. Each to his own, I’m sure the family of Jo cox would find it hilarious.

            I’ll admit to never having heard of the theological Mair (I’m not a religious person) but I did read the Wiki entry and found his epitaph quite poignant: –

            “Muse, passenger, as you this stone walk by,
            And gravely think that underneath it ly
            Some relics of a much-enlightened Seer,”

            We could do with a bit more enlightenment right about now.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      The Nigerian student was having psychotic episodes and should not have been at large due to shortage of mental health beds in OUR NHS. How dare you use mental illness in your racist propaganda here.

      If his visa had expired, maybe his right to “OUR NHS”‘s facilities was questionable in the first place. A rational approach to spending scarce NHS resources on non-citizens seems to be in order…and being implemented here and there…

      It’s not racist propaganda – although Old Mark is perhaps more strident than some – It’s the other side to yours of a debate which badly needs to be had. How very dare you lug the NHS into it? 🙂

      • Old Mark

        Ba’al- I would have no issue with Nandap, or other foreign students, accessing the Health service attached to the educational institution they attend; I attended LSE back in the 70s , an institution which at the time, and still today, has a 50% foreign student enrolment. Of course the foreign students there quite rightly used the student health service on the same basis as the home students such as myself; however my view, both then and now, is that foreign students using generic or specialist NHS services beyond the student health service (except for nationals where reciprocal arrangements apply) should pay for the NHS treatments they receive. (At LSE the foreign student cohort, whether they came from 1st world countries such as the US or Japan, or flyblown third world countries such as Guyana or Kenya, was almost to a man and woman richer than the typical home student- they certainly had the ‘ability to pay’ for additional NHS treatments if they were required. Contrariwise, some of my home student friends were on full grants, and all but one of us who attended a recent impromtu reunion event were state school educated.)

        In the case of Nandap other questions arise-
        1.How genuine was his stated reason for being here, namely as a ‘student’ ?
        2. Did the educational institution he attended actually interview him back in Nigeria to assess his capability for completing the course he had applied for? Given Nandap’s repeated psychotic episodes, which presumably didn’t just manifest themselves when he moved to a cooler climate, I would have serious doubts about whether any such checks were made before he came here. His educational institution, like many others, was likely merely interested in boosting its student numbers, and its fee income from foreign student sources- and bugger the impact this has on the wider society.

        • Geoffrey

          I had no idea he was here on a short term student visa. It seems extraordinary that this was not mentioned in any of the news reports that I saw or read.and I would say was material.I do not see why the UK is responsible for his actions as seemed implicit in the reports I saw or read.

    • Sgarp Ears

      Never been on a horse in my life, high or low.

      Stop your racist spewings, They are making a mess on this site.

      • Sharp Ears

        This is an example of what the situation is with regard to mental health provision. If you go to the link to the £150m scheme being set up, you find it’s nothing to do with mental health beds or psychiatry – which is the urgent need – but involves the police and the third sector. The link below that refers to a private public partnership. Lovely. Wonder whose fingers are in that pie.

        Schizophrenia patient’s fear over psychiatric ward closure
        11 October 2016
        A woman with schizophrenia says she is “very worried” over plans to close her local acute psychiatric unit.

        Amber Hindle, from Knowle, West Midlands, is leading the campaign to retain Bruce Burns ward at Solihull Hospital.

        Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust said inpatients would be better served elsewhere.

        Fears over psychiatric ward closure in Solihull
        New £150k West Midlands mental health scheme set up
        Public-private partnership for Birmingham mental health services

        In Devon, the police were having to keep young mentally ill people in cells overnight. The ACC said publicly that this could not continue.

        Mentally ill teenager held in police cell found care
        29 November 2014
        A teenage girl with mental health problems who was kept in police cells for two days because of a lack of care beds has been found a place to stay.

        Concerns for her welfare were raised by Paul Netherton, assistant chief constable at Devon and Cornwall Police.

        He spoke out on Twitter on behalf of the girl, who had been held in a cell since Thursday because, he said, no beds were available anywhere in the UK.

        NHS England said the 16-year-old would be moved on Saturday night.

        A spokesman said: “After details were provided to NHS England about the girl and her condition, a place was found locally within a few hours.

        “We are grateful for the help of the NHS in the area in identifying the place.’

        Note no beds ie a place of safety, were available anywhere in the UK.

        • glenn

          Do you reckon an open-door immigration policy, and offering OUR NHS to the entire world (or at least, anyone residing here illegally) would improve things here, or make them worse?

          • Loony

            There are a lot of idiots around – and a few people who leverage other peoples idiocy to their own advantage.

            Globalists and the elite hate the NHS and want to see it destroyed. They have a problem as the majority of the population take the opposite view. However if the NHS can be forced to perform the function of a World Health Service (WHS) then it will collapse, and those who hate the NHS will have achieved their aim.

            The superb irony is that they will achieve their aim through enlisting the support of the deranged virtue signalers who scream ever more vociferously that they love the NHS and that the NHS should treat everyone for everything.

          • Harry Vimes

            The thought occurs that:

            – One of the key arguments which has been and continues to be put forward in favour of leaving the EU is to regain control of our borders.

            – The key argument for the above is in order to stop, note the word stop rather than prevent, the numbers of immigrants entering the UK.*

            – This being the case such an argument clearly implies that this is seen as a problem stemming from our membership of the EU AND which has been a problem since the UK became a member over forty years ago.**

            – The clear conclusion from this line of argument is that this perceived unsatisfactory situation has been going on for over four decades.

            – This being the case why is it that the rest of the nearly 9 billion other people on the planet outside of the UK population are not already here taking advantage of our NHS along the lines being laid out by a number of posters here? They have certainly been somewhat slow on the uptake?

            Could it be that these scenarios being laid out in the above questions along the lines of ‘how many do you want to come here’ are merely hyperbole? Theoretical and rhetorical straw men arguments with no basis in practical reality? Does anyone seriously believe that after forty odd years of completely open borders, as implied in the control of borders and immigration argument that if the rest of the world has not already overrun these islands that its ever going to happen.

            Arguments should be realistically based rather than the hysterical nonsense being presented as argument in this case.

            * This leaves aside the fact that apart from one period in which the Poland topped the number of immigrants entering the country the vast majority of immigration into the UK over many years has been from non EU countries. Which means that that immigration ‘problem’ was down to the UK Government not the EU. For those who fixate on the immigration and EU argument it would seem some target practice is required because the aim is shooting at the wrong target.

            ** This leaves aside the inconvenient fact that Powell’s speech about immigration was made at least seven years before EU membership and the problem of not controlling our borders because of the EU actually started. Again, suggesting that this perceived problem is not mainly down to EU membership. The point being that if a problem is to be addressed its causes need to be adequately identified.

          • glenn

            @Harry: We haven’t had “forty odd years of completely open borders.” I’m afraid everything that follows from that flawed premise is worthless.

          • michael norton

            The World has possibly seven billion people
            at last “count”

            If a problem is not addressed straight away, does that mean it should never be addressed Harry?

          • Loony

            Harry – Whatever thoughts occur to you are surely nor grounded in facts.

            The UK joined the Common Market or EEC in 1973. Over time the EEC morphed into the EU. This involved many changes in structure/governance, and an expansion to the number of member states.

            This being a brief synopsis of actual verifiable facts it follows that it is illogical and irrational to conclude that a problem with freedom of movement with the EU has existed for over 40 years.

            There are not 9 billion people on the planet as you state – there are about 7.4 billion. Your margin of error on that assertion is a mere 1.6 billion.

            The fact that the UK population is inexorably rising and that the population increase is largely accounted for by immigration is an example of the exponential function at work. That you conclude that people moving to the UK “have been slow on the uptake” merely highlights Professor Al Bartlett’s observation that “the greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function”

          • Harry Vimes

            To recap what is NOW being argued then; the argument that the immigration problem is not down to our membership of the EU and that it predated our membership of the EU is now accepted? Yes? No?

      • Old Mark

        If I get up you nose to the extent that I elicit pathetic mewlings such as this, I reckon I’m performing a useful job here !

        • Old Mark

          Just to clarify, the above is my reply to Sharp Ears’ little eructation at 16.03pm today

    • Republicofscotland

      “You’ll of course understand why I have no time for idiots like you and RoS who declare their disgust at the alleged harshness of the UK’s immigration regime (as enforced by the goosestepping Frau May) when in real life it allows nutters like Femi Nandap to roam the streets just a short distance away from where I ,my wife and my son actually live.”


      Well Old Mark, there are probably more indigenous headbangers walking around in your area. But that’s neither here nor there as they’re not foreigners, you’ve shown your true colours Old Mark and they’re not a pretty site.

      Frau May and das goosestepper party as I describe them, seems a sore point with you, but I can assure the goosesteppers have killed far more people through DWP sanctions than Mr Nandap ever could have.

      As for Sharp Ears and myself, I doubt we’ll lose a moments sleep over your feeble musings. BTW have ordered your jack boots yet?

  • Republicofscotland

    Boris Johnson, what a pratt, the Goose stepper has the chutzpah to call, Putin a Nazi, yet its Johnson’s party, verging on the edge of Fascism, that wants to catalouge and remove the people of the dis-United Kingdom, people they class as untermensch.

    The bumbling clown of a Foreign secretary has even called upon people to go and protest outside the Russian embassy in London. Of course Johnson and the West, led by the Great Satan (US government) are at a loss over what to do about the situation in Aleppo.

    The Salafists and Wahhabists, backed by the West/Saudi Arabia and Israel are taking a pounding in Syria, especially in Aleppo. The only way Nato and it’s minions can push pro-Assad forces back, it to declare a no fly zone over Aleppo, however that would bring Nato’s jets into conflict with Russian jets, so it’s a non-starter.

    So we hear major bitching in the news, by Nato mouthpieces, such as Johnson, Kirby, Hollande and Kerry. We are also blasted with video of the White Helmets rescuing someone again, even though there’s no way to contact them from inside Syria (they must be clairvoyant ) and reports from some, disgruntled Syrian guy, in Coventry who runs a clothes shop and fronts the SOHR.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Frau May and Das Goosesteppers party, won’t be content until Sterling drops as low as the Weinmar economy of 1929. As leaked Treasury documents show that Brexit could cost the dis-United Kingdom up to £66 billon quid a year. Combine that with the thousands of jobs that are forcast to be lost, and you get a very bleak picture of Ungreat Britain.

    Indeed in articles I’ve read it would appear that the Goosesteppers involved in Brexit, Phil Hammond and Liam Fox, can’t stand the sight of each other nevermind plan anything useful. It’s all one big f*ck up as we float helplessly onto the jagged rocks of a hard Brexit, and sink in a sea of high prices, high unemployment and a even lower wage economy, all for the Goosesteppers of das Fatherland, and their twisted image of how things should be.

  • J

    “Well, I was wrong. Racism pays, at least in England. After their Conference the Tories are up to 43%.”

    I wouldn’t take it so hard.

    The current situation in Syria is almost exactly the inverse of the MSM harmony, the same way the Scottish Independence campaign was misrepresented, the same way Iraq and Libya were systematically misrepresented. We go to Newspapers to get a sense of the world and receive a bizarre metropolitan vision, almost a religion of economic and military self justification interspersed with trendy liberal peer pressure.

    Are you surprised if people are supposedly ‘confused’ enough to believe in Tory-ism. It’s exhausting and dispiriting to recognise that almost everything we believe is a fabrication or that finding worth while information is an almost full time occupation. Who would do it it if they don’t have to? Most people simply don’t have the time, energy or inclination between work and life. The poor have almost as little free time jumping through hoops to beg borrow and steal a living. To be successful requires quite a close alignment of one’s ideals toward self selecting societies and their various gate keepers, active recognition of their flaws isn’t easy to balance with that. For example, culture appears to be selecting for negative survival traits through rewarding destructive behaviour. The amount of production poured into war and preparation for war is just one example.

    Part of the solution might be crowd sourced independent newspapers with nationwide distribution. There’s certainly a gap in the market for fiercely independent and accurate journalism which tackles the difficult power relationships and how they intersect with our lives.

    How accurate are the polls anyway? That they have been consistently wrong lately is one aspect. I’m probably naive but I do begin to wonder if they perform as a self fulfilling prophecy mill, after all we tend to follow what others are doing more often than we care to think:

    What’s to stop polling companies collaboratively shifting the polls (between elections) in order to push people one way or the other?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      For example, culture appears to be selecting for negative survival traits through rewarding destructive behaviour.

      On the contrary, it’s selecting for the survival of people who can get other people to fight on their behalf. Granted, a nuclear exchange would spoil that hypothesis for good, but, failing that, humanity can look forward to consisting entirely of politicians in ohhh…2116. At which point, survival of the fittest will probably kick back in, and the rats and cockroaches will get their chance at last.

  • Republicofscotland

    The hurricane stricken people of Haiti, are up in arms over the idea that donations to help them may be going to the US Red Cross. The people of Haiti, suffered similar misfortune in 2010, when a earthquake caused severe damage, back then $500 million dollars was raised, to help those people or so they thought.

    It turns out the Red Cross built only six houses after the earthquake, in Haiti, where did the money go? mind you the branch office of Labour in Scotland, when last in government also only built six house in Scotland.

      • Republicofscotland


        Thanks for that, though the media claims Haitians still don’t trust the American Red Cross. Now I don’t suppose you can find a Labour link, that says they did build more than six houses, it’s okay I won’t ask for a miracle. ?

        • Ba'al Zevul

          I believe you regarding.Scottish Blairbour. Not that English Blairbour did much better, in terms of the grand not-quite-binding promises made.

          It’s possible the Red Cross was the victim of crossfire in Trump’s assault on the Clinton Foundation, whose presence after the Haitian earthquake does seem to have been less than an unqualified blessing all round. Still, there’s plenty of other aid boots on the ground now. Oxfam and MSF among them.

  • philw

    “Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war

    Russian officials have been ‘told to bring relatives home to the Motherland’
    Failure to act will put promotion chances at risk, according to local reports
    Comes amid worsening relations between Russia and US over Syria crisis
    US has pulled plug on Syria talks and accused Russia of hacking attacks
    Russia has moved nuclear-capable missiles nearer to the Polish border”

  • Max

    The sooner Scotland gains independence, and busts up the remains of empire, the better the world will be. The weaker the political elites of England will be, and power will once again rest with the people, as it should in any nation that claims to be even a little democratic. Decent English people who have been so ingeniously manipulated into believing that immigration rather than a criminal government is the problem will then have a chance to reassess whether they want to continue living under a subtle but brutal form of fascism, or depose its arms-dealing, tax-avoiding, Pinnochio-nosed, snot-faced leaders.

  • Irritable pedant

    Hi Craig.
    Spot the errors in the following sentences:
    “That Scotland’s political culture differs to England’s is now undeniable.”
    “The political circumstances now differ entirely to those prevailing or promised in 2014.”
    Obvious, isn’t it?
    “Differs to” is clearly wrong, and for the same reason, so is “different to”.
    It strikes jarring note in your otherwise elegant prose.
    Please cease and desist!

    • Harry Vimes

      It would be helpful to identify what is meant by the phrase “these butchers'”.

      Are we talking about mentally ill and unstable people here or black people?

      Also, regardless of which of the above [or both] would it be reasonable to surmise that this post represents an argument to deport one or other [or both] categories of people from these islands?*

      * There is no indication throughout the report in the Sheffield Star of where the accused [verdict and sentence has yet to take place and it could well be interpreted by some who are more sensitive to these nuances that any other description than ‘accused’ could be contempt] was born. He may have been an immigrant, he may have been born here.

      • Macky

        Why do you feel the need to include the words in brackets ?;

        “Harry a [black] man who attacks another person screaming I’ve already cut off two heads and I am going to kill you.Then goes on to chop an [English woman] police officer who is on the floor, [in England] in my book is a butcher.”

    • Harry Vimes

      Well at least some within the Police Service take that position. Devon and Cornwall’s Chief Constable is pursuing a case against the NHS over the fact that there are insufficient beds for mentally disturbed citizens and his service is having to put them up in cells.

      Interestingly I cannot find the original posts which were exchanged on this particular matter. They seem to have been moderated away. Which is a shame really as some of them were quite revealing.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    If you have a full time job, and a full time family, I don’t honestly think it is possible to find out what is actually going on in the world. You simply do not have either the energy or the time – unless your job is to find out what is going on in the world, and can make a living from publishing your results, by writing books or making documentaries. Finding a way to publish your results in incredibly difficult, and you are almost certainly going to have to make some compromises – if you want to eat.

    The World is controlled by those who have the Power and an Extremely large amount of money. They control the information you are exposed to.

    I am convinced that this also applies to the vast majority of politicians who have not actually yet been corrupted by bribery or blackmail.

    They are exposed to the same propaganda as the rest of us. A politician has all kinds of problems (many local) that he has to deal with. They are going to take up the vast majority of his time.

    He is simply not going to have either the energy or independence, to be able to make any really objective analysis and assessment, and if he doesn’t conform to what is his current “Groupthink” then he is going to be ostracised. sidelined, and probably lose his employment.

    We are drowning in a sea of lies, but I suspect that many of those promoting the lies and propaganda, actually believe them – and they are promoting them innocently – and with the best of intent.

    Political Propaganda, I think is very close to a religious cult. It is Faith Based, not Evidence based.

    Who has the time to actually examine the Evidence, when they are being drowned with work, and propaganda – which they trust to be fact?

    Even arguing with real hard evidence, has very little if any effect on changing such people’s minds.

    The personal effect on them..if they have a conscience is much too dangerous for them at a personal level to stand up and state.

    If they do so, they are extremely likely to lose their job, and possibly very much more.

    That is the world we live in.

    A world of lies and evil…and very few people have the courage to stand up to the lies and evil.

    Craig Murray is one person who does. Whilst I disagree with him, on all kind of political matters, I really respect him, for his courage to stand out from the crowd – even the highest levels of Government, against the most appalling Evil.

    Its people like him, that actually give the human race a chance of a future.


    • Loony

      Tony – I find it hard to believe that those who promote lies are “promoting them innocently and with the best of intent”

      Take for example the ocean of lies being peddled against Russia and the Russians. These lies are being peddled with the specific intent of provoking conflict – in this regard they are the same as the lies peddled about Saddam, Ghadaffi, and Assad. All of these lies led to conflict. The crucial difference this time around is that Russia is able to defend itself and has a long cultural history which can be examined. Any examination of Russian history will not lead to a conclusion that Russia is infected with a propensity to surrender.

      These lies are not innocent and their intent can only be to provoke a species ending event.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        Personally, I think people like Boris Johnson and the Plebgate idiot Andrew Mitchell are simply too thick to have a clue what’s going on. They might be bribed and corrupted, but when the nukes start flying they are hardly likely to have a bunker to hide in underground…and the Russians have been through a hell of a lot of grief over the last 100 years or so.

        I am amazed they haven’t already nuked Washington and New York, with London next on the list.

        When a Bully Really Pisses You Off, eventually,,,you are going to hit him…irrespective of the consequences. He never expected that. He wasn’t looking.


        • Old Mark

          I’d disagree with that conclusion Tony O, at least as it relates to BoJo- he consciously plays the buffoon to lull his audience- and he has the stereotypical distain of his class when it comes to truth telling.

          He appears to have got a double barreled response from the Government friendly Russian media today though, ha bloody ha!

          I think we can safely assume we are pretty close to the ‘back of the queue’ for a post Brexit trade deal with the Russians as a direct result of Bojo’s intemperate outburst yesterday.

  • Harry Vimes

    Well, if the Daily Mail opinion suggests this might be so than it is obviously definitely going to come to pass.

  • Harry Vimes

    Is that an echo of todays Daily Express headline and comment piece:

    in which a call is made to put MP’s in the Tower, without trial, who have the temerity to represent any of the 48% of people in this country who are their constituents who have a different view in order to teach them a lesson in democracy?

    So, everyone has got to fit in with the program or bugger off out of what some people consider to be ‘their’ exclusive country eh.

    Not going to happen. Not going anywhere. Born here, as were Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents etc. etc, Worked here. Paid my taxes. If that’s considered unsatisfactory or unacceptable than I’m afraid its put up or shut up for the loud mouths who think they own the place.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Harry Vimes, ” put MP’s in the Tower ”

      I will settle for both Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and David William Donald Cameron if both convicted in a Fair Trial under English (or Scottish) Law

      (one or both might be innocent – the evidence has not yet been heard)

      But if found Guilty – to spend the rest of their lives in Jail – and to be Exhibited One Day a Month – in a Cage Outside The Tower of London…for the Tourist’s entertainment.

      No rocks or guns allowed…

      Bring your own soft fruit and tomatoes.


  • michael norton

    It’s a ‘DESPERATE strategy’: David Davis blasts Treasury for trying to sabotage Brexit
    TREASURY officials are doomsaying over the state of the economy in a desperate attempt to keep Britain in the Single Market,
    David Davis has said.
    I trust David Davis but I do not trust Philip Hammond

    Britain’s Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union has accused Remain-backing ministers of launching a “desperate strategy” as part of a last ditch attempt to shackle the UK to the crumbling bloc.

    Leaked Treasury papers, drafted under the direction of Remain-supporting Chancellor Philip Hammond, warn the cost of Britain leaving the Single Market could total £66billion in tax revenues.

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