Michael Foot – An Appreciation 34

I wrote this appreciation of Michael Foot last year. The media ridicule of this good man was a key waymark in this nation’s journey to despising integrity and honesty in politicians, and instead worshipping only slick media presentation.


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34 thoughts on “Michael Foot – An Appreciation

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  • Richard Robinson

    “Richard, I always sensed you’d been a wild-eyed scruffy – good on you!”

    *grin*. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

  • ingo

    I can only thank Vronsky for his appropritae description of this honest man. Michael Foot was eeked out of Labour by the new Labour apparatschicks on the rise.

    Dreolin, it was not the lack of a party machine that stopped the Norwich north campaign, some of the mistakes were our own, like the lack of any press work, something I did not agree with, but its water under the bridge now.

  • Expat

    Well, well, didn’t think you would find it necessary to dig in the archives for pictures to support your argument. Be that as it may, whilst you were scrounging for photos, you didn’t perhaps stumble across a few of the COMPULORY WHITE ARMY from the “apartheid years”? Funny how nobody has bothered to comment on the fact that the defence of SA was the sole responsibility of our 16+year old men – blacks weren’t swept off to the army for 2 years on the day they turned 16…hmm..photos?

    I hold my head high in the knowledge that I started a small business in the “New South Africa” – only employing black employees because I chose to create jobs for the less privelaged of our society. Please note, I was never afforded the financial support of any banking institution – as I am white and didn’t meet the banking requirments – blacks only. This is starting to sound a little familiar – apartheid all over – oh, sorry, in reverse!! I successfully ran my business employing only black staff, but due to lack of funding was unable to continue with the business. There are now another handful of black citizens unemployed, but this time at the hands of THEIR government who chose to oust me because I am white. Can’t say I didn’t try. We had to leave SA because we have white children who are not entitled to university entrance due to the skin colour – one of the points counting against their entrance application. I absolutely hate the massacer depicted in your photos, but I wasn’t even a twinkly in my daddies eye when that happened, why must I and now my children, have to bear the brunt of what our forefathers did? You tell me Craig, when will this stop? Have you perhaps taken the time to look into the statistics of the New South Africa? Take a glance at employment criteria – seems whites are ranked at the bottom of that list too. And yet, you only have to subscribe to the South African news to read the advertisements for expats to “please return, we are in need of your expertise!” It is now 16 years on and yet the world still refuses to accept responsibility for what the REAL problem is in SA – it’s not the white South Africans any longer, we came to terms with the changes many moons ago. Try and look at the multitude of African cultures and therein you will find your problem. But then again, you would have had to have studies these cultures for 12yrs of schooling in order to truely understand the difference between a black South African and a white South African. I am witness to the way the wealthy black population are embarrassed by their own people, and to the poor manner in which they treat their own people. Craig, I know that this is a free world and freedom of speech counts, but seriously, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of LIVING the South African life before you comment further. We actually returned our children to SA so that they could grow up in a multi-cultural society, but believe it when I say, those small “uneducated, underprivelaged children” who greet you with open hands at the intersections, are the very same people who literally knife the white man in the back when they are adults. Terrblanche may have died, but as long as Zuma tolerates or hides behind the world wide accpeted chants of the ANC youth league, South Africa will always practice apartheid, it just depends who is leading the country at the time. At the moment it is black on white – maybe next time it will be black on coloured!

    I eagerly await your photos of our army boys if you please…the ones taken by black reporters in the 80’s.

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