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Murder In Samarkand – Document 10 – Colin Reynolds’ report of 26 June 2003


We lost our political officer when he cracked up under the pressure and started attacking people in the street. His partner, my deputy, also left. That was all of my British political and economic resource gone.

Personnel Department sent out an officer, Colin Reynolds, ostensibly on a pastoral visit following these events. In fact he had been primed by the Foregin Office to look for excuses to remove me, and briefed on rumours originated by the US Embassy that I was an alcoholic and jkept a “Love-nest” in Tashkent – both completely untrue.

In fact Reynolds’ report was very fair. His comments that some procedures were not followed correctly were accurate – he does not note my response, that the tiny staff of our Embassy in Tashkent was not equipped to carry out the full FCO bureaucratic requirements.

Colin Reynolds’ report of 26 June 2003 (pdf – 1MB)

Document no longer available on this site. Removed by legal action by the British Government, which acknowledged the authenticity of the document and claimed Crown Copytight over it.