3 thoughts on “Hit The Road Jack Straw (link updated 24.08.05)

  • underblog.co.uk

    Hit the Road, Jack.

    The General election campaign has barely started, but I think we already know which will be the funkiest campaign song of 2005 (via bloggerheads).

    Yeah, shouts-out to Blackburn from the rest of the country!

    We?re hopin? the people in tha…

  • The Skakagrall

    Hit the Road Jack (Straw)

    The election is producing a terrific collection of cartoons, posters, animations and satirical songs by online activists and others. The Rub of Peace not War have a great version of ‘Hit the Road Jack’ in support of Craig Murray’s cam…

  • Zorglub

    Dear Mister Murray,

    did you look into the events of sept 11. 2001?

    If you did will you speak out about it?

    if you didn?t please go to Google and type "controlled demolition".

    Gratefully yours

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