‘Rendition flights’ landed in NI 1

From BBC Online

The transport secretary has revealed that aircraft allegedly operated by the CIA to take prisoners out of the USA landed at airports in Northern Ireland. The planes landed at Belfast International and City of Derry airports after January 2001.

Alistair Darling said the government had no information about the flights’ purposes as they were “non commercial”. Anti-Iraqi war campaigners said they were used to fly prisoners to states where torture was used.

A total of six US planes linked by campaigners to “extraordinary rendition” used UK airports 73 times since 2001, Mr Darling confirmed. Campaigners claim to have details of planes used by the CIA to transfer terror suspects to countries where they could be tortured.

Mr Darling confirmed the serial numbers of planes that had landed in the UK matched those on the campaigners’ list. But he said he had no evidence they were involved in rendition.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has denied the US uses torture, but insisted the practice of extraordinary rendition was not unlawful, adding: “Renditions take terrorists out of action, and save lives.”

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One thought on “‘Rendition flights’ landed in NI

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Excellent. Darling has therefore agreed that military or quasi-military flights of all sorts are none of the UK's business. So if the USA decides to use Heathrow or Gatwick as a staging post for military flights on their way to nuke Tehran then that's OK and we won't be involved. Absolutely brilliant!

    And Rice has decided, without due process, that all those unfortunates placed on CIA aircraft to be handed over to others who are less squeamish about blood on the walls, are 'terrorists'. How does she know this? Does she believe that terrorists, convicted or suspected, are not entitled to proper treatment, decency and human rights? Of course she does. Moral turpitude of the First Order.

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