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2 thoughts on “MOD Challenged on Coordinates

  • Rwendland

    BBC News highlighted this, and offered an explanation, in a web article "British apply 'ridicule' tactic"

    by Paul Reynolds, Wednesday, 28 March 2007:

    "The British coordinates were given as 29 50.36 North and 048 43.08 East. (Note: the reading on the photo at the top, taken from a helicopter over the ship still at anchor two days afterwards, is slightly different as the ship's captain said the anchor had dragged since the incident)."

    Unfortunately the damn BBC have since updated their article removing this, as is their way, so that version is no longer online. Luckily I saved a local copy, and a version is still in google's cache – google for "ship still at anchor two days afterwards, is slightly different" if you want it.

    Anyone reading Wikipedia's "2007 Iranian seizure of Royal Navy personnel" article would already know this 🙂

  • Friend

    I always read Paul Reynolds with interest as he appears to be a rare independent mind within BBC online. Guess that's why his postings, or sections of them, don't stay up for too long 🙂 Glad that at least one main stream jouralist picked up on it – where were the others?

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