Evidence To Parliament – Live Webcast 97

If I pretended I wasn’t nervous about my appearance before the parliamentary committee today I would be lying. Little patches of moisture appear briefly on the keys as I hit them, then evaporate.

I am nervous not for myself, but in case I fluff this real opportunity to redeem something of the honour of our country, and to end this barbarous collusion with torture. If I had the chance to speak uninterrupted for ten minutes, I am sure I could make an impact. But I am limited to short answers to questions from the committee.

You will be able to see this on live webcast here at 1.45 BST today.


If anyone knows how to capture this for podcast or youtube or anything…

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  • Grumpy Old Man

    Considering the FCO will have briefed the Cttee, suggested the membership and directed the questions,(security, old boy), you can only hope that there is at least one loose cannon who will ask the questions that you want to answer. A post-appearance blog on all the questions the Cttee SHOULD have asked would be revealing. You are a very brave man. May the God you probably don’t believe in be with you.

  • Trough Mixture

    Much respect to you Craig. Second all the above. They will be hurt and if you aim your shots well even Pravda ( Shepherd’s Bush Branch)will have to give it an i-playering.

    Best of luck chap.

  • nextus

    Gore them like Galloway! But don’t try to bully them like Boris!

    Harangue without harassing. In other words, be critical and forthright, but avoid projecting wounded indignation like the blustering buffoon, which would just taint your testimony as sour grapes or sentimentality.

    Rely on your words to make the impact without distracting theatrics. Cool, temperate, surgical delivery and measured responses.

    But you know this already. Just remember your Jedi training.

  • kathz

    I hope it goes well – I’ve heard you speak with the authority of knowledge and the calm of conviction. All you can do in the committee is take the opportunities offered to tell what you know. Don’t let anyone rile you. You are doing all you can – more than most can hope to achieve. You are a human being speaking for humanity – no-one should expect you to be superhuman. Just do what you can and speak to the humanity of the committee members, however buried it is. You won’t be able to say everything you wish but it’s good that you can say someting.

  • Ruth

    Good luck. Thank God there is somebody who won’t give in to all the shit that exudes out of the political edifices of our country.

  • Mentalogirl

    Real courage is acting in the face of fear and I salute you for this.

    You have the truth on your side and the many readers of your blog know this.

    I would only say that there is no real transformation possible out of making people wrong – the world situation is proof of this.

    So,as much as your career has been destroyed by all this,standing in a space of creation will be a lot more inspiring to you,I think.

    Best of luck.

  • MJ

    I suppose this is the British Parliamentary equivalent of the episode in Ghana you wrote about a couple of days ago. The same degree of composure under pressure will be required. All the best Craig, look forward to reading your dispatches from the front line…

  • Strategist

    Good luck Craig – sock it to ’em!

    I do hope someone can save the broadcast to put up on Indymedia or YouTube….I won’t be able to watch at 1345.

  • Jon

    @Strategist, @all: the broadcast looks like it is going out live, but in general all live broadcasts are also available in the Parliament TV archive for later viewing.

    I will continue to contact a number of media outlets/NGOs this week.

  • mary

    Does anyone know how to download/store the broadcast from the Committee hearing? Last night I put the link to the page on Craig’s previous post.

  • Jon

    @mary, yes, that should be fairly easy with a bit of techie knowledge. Although it will stream from Parliament TV for a year after today, I think personal copies can be taken without too much copyright hoo-haa. I will look into it, and will post on this thread if I find out how to do it.

  • JC

    Yes Ed, I am getting exactly the same. Frustrating to say the least!

    ‘Portcullis House, Line 3, The Thatcher Room’ over and over again.

  • M-RES


    I should in theory be able to save this video locally as a Quicktime movie, then upload to YouTube.

    If I can get a copy up the ‘Tube I’ll send you a link to it.

  • Mae

    M-RES, just to warn/help you.

    Video and Audio carries live and archived coverage of all UK Parliament proceedings taking place in public, including debates and committee meetings of both Houses. The material is then available from an on-demand archive for 12 months. All material parliamentary copyright © 2008-2009.

    At least for 12 months a link will be available, I MAKE NO COMMENT ON KEEPING A PERSONAL COPY FOR USE AFTER 12 MONTHS.

  • Ed

    CM’s testimony seems to be making quite an impression on the committee.

    Is everyone else seeing video? (I am just getting audio and a blank green screen.)

  • Mae

    Sadly this is a Committee and you can take nothing from their reaction as what gets put out can be ‘weeded’ out based on their remit.

    Your green screen is a codec problem.

    Either you don’t have the Windows Media Video 9 codec or you have a filter conflict.

    Do you have ffdshow?

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