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45 thoughts on “The New World Order At Work

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  • angrysoba

    Of course, Stephen Harper was not in power when he delivered his own speech.

    And Canada never sent troops to Iraq

  • Anonymous

    ‘And Canada never sent troops to Iraq’

    They were deeply involved in one of the worst torture outfits in both wars, and in the torture of rendition victims.

    google University of Ottawa law professor Amir Attaran.

  • ScouseBilly

    “ScouseBilly, eddie?

    Posted by: at May 14, 2010 10:42 AM”

    Nope 😉

  • Saffa

    Craig, the video is no longer available. I haven’t seen it yet, do you know where there is another link?

  • ScouseBilly

    Craig, re. Old-New World Order:

    “Measured by British interests alone,” wrote the Oxford historian Elizabeth Monroe in 1963, the Balfour Declaration “was one of the greatest mistakes in our imperial history!”

    The Zionists had the Herzlian tradition — shall we call it — of Promises, “promises.” Considerable credit for the diplomacy which brought into existence the Jewish national home must go to Weizmann. A British official who came into contact with him summarized his diplomatic method in the following words:

    When (the First World War) began, his cause was hardly known to the principal statesman of the victors. It had many enemies, and some of the most formidable were amongst the most highly placed of his own people … He once told me that 2,000 interviews had gone into the making of the Balfour Declaration. With unerring skill he adapted his arguments to the special circumstances of each statesman. To the British and Americans he could use biblical language and awake a deep emotional undertone; to other nationalities he more often talked in terms of interest. Mr. Lloyd George was told that Palestine was a little mountainous country not unlike Wales; with Lord Balfour the philosophical background of Zionism could be surveyed; for Lord Cecil the problem was placed in the setting of a new world organization.

    Time to research Lord Cecil, I’d think.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “Dr Fox was a supporter of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as believing that military force is an option against Iran. He strongly supports NATO and is opposed to European defence integration (as well as European political integration).” Mark Golding

    Yeah, this is why I think he is the political equivalent of Ashtaroth. Watch him, Mark, keep your beady eye on the fox.

    Do you think the speech was penned by a certain Richard Pearle (aka Mister Nice)?

    Richard Pearle looks and sounds – that mellifluous voice – like a reassuring Karachi cardiothoracic surgeon, but of course in reality he is a master of war. He is the one – but there are many with his views – who would press the red button.

    So, anyway, here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Channel Isles (and the Isle of Man) we have a Tory Government and we have the fox… but where, oh where, are the hounds!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The hounds are our own ‘eyes and ears’ Suhayl plus it pays to know some of the elite on horse-back and ‘tip your cap’ while remembering names.

    Once such name is ‘Vernon Bogdanor’ a member of the Henry Jackson Society and my source behind the grand plan – for ‘Big Society’ read ‘Big Brother’ – Keep your ‘beady eye’ on him Suhayl.

    A Lib Dem who I admire said:

    “Richard Perle attempted to justify the notion of pre-emptive strikes on terrorists by claiming that acts of terror are likely to originate entirely from within a particular nation state, and since conventional combat cannot apply in such circumstances, then pre-emption, presumably intelligence-led, is the only weapon a state has to protect its citizens under such circumstances.”

    This does raise the interesting notion that if the justice system cannot act as a deterrent for such acts of terror, it can only deal with their aftermath, how can a state prevent such acts other than by pre-emption and the horrible fact of detention without trial a la Guantanamo?

    Is there a common thread – YES there is it is called Eton – here food for thought (but don’t panic just yet!!

    At the Tory conference, Cameron presented himself as a man of modern Britain embracing single mothers, minorities and gay marriages. He urged his party, historically associated with toffs, to modernise, reform and embrace meritocracy if it is to become electable.

    Behind the rhetoric, the reality is that Cameron’s inner circle is packed with Old Etonians like Toppo. Not since Harold Macmillan was Tory prime minister in the 1950s have Etonians held such sway.

    At one point Macmillan had six in his cabinet. Among Cameron’s inner circle, no fewer than five went to his old school. They include Oliver Letwin, his head of policy; Edward Llewellyn, chief of staff; Danny Kruger, chief speechwriter; George Bridges, head of campaigns; and Zac Goldsmith, his environmental guru.

    In addition, Cameron’s previous shadow ministerial team boasted Letwin and 12 other Old Etonians ?” including Hugo Swire, the culture spokesman, and Boris Johnson, the higher education spokesman.

    Vernon Bogdanor, Cameron’s tutor at Oxford and a professor of government, said the Conservative party had turned back the clock. “It’s interesting. Winston Churchill (who studied at Harrow) was descended from a duke; Anthony Eden was the son of a baron and went to Eton; Harold Macmillan was the son-in-law of a duke and went to Eton; Alec Douglas-Home was a 14th earl and went to Eton,” Bogdanor said.

    “But then you had Ted Heath, son of a builder; Margaret Thatcher, daughter of a grocer; John Major, son of a garden gnome manufacturer; William Hague, son of a soft drinks manufacturer; Iain Duncan Smith’s father was in the armed forces; and Michael Howard’s father was a Romanian immigrant. And then we go back to David Cameron.”

    All change please!

  • ScouseBilly

    Mark Golding – Children of Iraq at May 16, 2010 5:42 PM

    Eton or Bullingdon?

  • Syd Walker

    I ran this story on my own blog back in late 2008 – see ‘Whose Masters Voice?’ at

    Rather clear who was writing the script back in 2003, eh?

    Incidentally, anyone in Britiain who imagines the clandestine Zionist grip on power is less strong in further flung regions of the old British Empire than in Britain itself should check out the voting pattern in the UN at the time when the first and crucial vote over Israeli recognition was taken in the UN back in the late 1940s.

    Nine years earlier, nations such as Australia had slavishly followed Britain into war (“Great Britain has declared war upon [Germany] and… as a result, Australia is also at war.” – Menzies 1939″.

    Yet in 1948, each of the ‘dominions’ – from South Africa to New Zealand, Australia to Canada – voted AGAINST the principled position of the British Labour Goverment of the day to withhold recognition from an Israel with grossly bloated boundaries siezed by force during the Nakba (see Douglas Reid’s account at

    Behind-the-scenes Zionist manipulation of the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ body politic is an old problem with a long history, most of which is not taught in schools or via the ‘History Channel’.

  • Gordon




    Open the doors.

    The Pandora’s Box


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    £17.8 Million COVERTLY paid into Conservative Coffers for 1992 General Election as disclosed in HANSARD 22 June 22 1993 report.

    The Criminal non disclosures by consecutive Government Officials attempting to hide the Loss of those 3 Nuclear Bombs.

    The Assassination of Dr David Kelly

    The 2009 North Korean Explosion of ONE of those Stolen 3 Nuclear Bombs.

    The CONTINUED Cover-up to PROTECT from CRIMINAL Prosecution.

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    Margaret Thatcher

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    Stepahnus Adolphus Kock

    Alistair Campbell

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    Sir Brian Wyldbore-Smith

    William Waldegrave

    Sir Nicholas Lyell

    John Major

    Tony Blair

    Gordon Brown.

    And that is why Dr David Kelly was ASSASSINATED.

    He was the Government Overseeing Agent in this Criminal Covert Operation.

    And that is WHY the Israeli GAZA Naval AID Convoy operation became a Deadly game.

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