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123 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on Afghanistan Opium

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  • Redders


    That Inspector was a scumbag himself, I found out that a few years after I left he was busted to Sgt. after being found drunk on duty.

    The problem is these guys didn’t get paid huge amounts compared to what they could earn in business so they satisfied their overblown ego’s by flexing their petty powers and bullying anyone they felt they could. They were, again, the exception but I usually ended up with them because I was a bolshy shit and they kept trying to give me the worst jobs to piss me off.

  • Clark


    “didn’t get paid huge amounts compared to what they could earn in business”

    Business. How many times do we hear it? The people who do the most for society get paid the least, and commercial concerns rake it in, the profits going to the top and the shareholders, not the essential staff. Then they make off with the pensions. Our ‘elected representatives’ make decisions that benefit Big Money; meanwhile, society goes to hell and the soldiers to Afghanistan.

    And what do we get from it? 100 hours plus of telly per evening of crime, trivia, propaganda and advertisement, consumer goods that break two minutes after the guarantee expires, a house you might actually own if you live long enough, lots of flashy shop fronts just to rub in the fact that they have the money and we don’t.

    Can’t imagine why there’s a load of drugs and crime.

  • Anonymous

    RENTON: Swanney taught us to adore and respect the National Health Service, for it was the source of much of our gear. We stole drugs, we stole prescriptions, or bought them, sold them, swapped them, forged them, photocopied them or traded them with cancer victims, alcoholics, old age pensioners, AIDS patients, epileptics and bored housewives. We took morphine, diamorphine, cyclozine, codeine, temazepam, nitrezepam, phenobarbitone, sodium amytal dextropropoxyphene, methadone, nalbuphine, pethidine, pentazocine, buprenorphine, dextromoramide chlormethiazole. The streets are awash with drugs that you can have for unhappiness and pain, and we took them all. Fuck it, we would have injected Vitamin C if only they’d made it illegal.

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