Blackwater – Murderers of Women and Children 58

It is worth reminding ourselves of the detail of the murders by Blackwater on which charges were recently dismissed in the US.

And remembering that in the UK there has not even been any attempted legal action against hired killer Tim Spicer and his Aegis crew:

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58 thoughts on “Blackwater – Murderers of Women and Children

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  • tony_opmoc

    I think we – humanity are on the cusp of great change…

    Whilst shit happens, most of it is being imposed on us from above – the People in Control of Us.

    The People Who Are In Control Of What We Read In Our Newspapers and What We See On Our TV Screens

    Even Drunken Old Working Class Farts From Oldham Realise That We Have a Bunch Of Completely HORRIBLE People in Control Of Us…

    And There are So Many Of Us, That The Climate Really Is Changing

    Sure we know you have control of all the Money and have Enormous Power

    But we also know that you are not an Alien Infection of the Planet Earth, and Are Not Only Human, But You Have People Like Dick Cheney and Tony Blair as Your Puppet Stars…

    People are Beginning To Notice

    Sure We Have Seen The Wizard of Oz

    We just haven’t yet decided what we are going to do with you after you have faced Trial For War Crimes Against Humanity…

    The thing is You are So Completely Up Your Own Arse That You Think Al Gore Invented The Internet…

    Blatant Opportunists and Snake Oil (Bullshit) Salesmen…

    When it comes to the Crunch you couldn’t fight your way out of a Paper Bag

    You think you don’t have to – because we have got the Power – The Military in Control

    Whereas I am calling For The Military To Take Control and Dismiss All You Corrupt Politicians And After a Stabilization Process of a Year or So (When Nothing Much Changes and Everyone Realises That You Politicians Are Completely Unnecessary – and The Rest Of The World Can Get Along Fine Without You), Hold Free and Fair Elections with all Former Politicians Disbarred…

    If You Actually Want To Be a Politician You are Not Worthy Of The Job

    The Only True Leaders of Society Do It, Not Because They Want To Do It, But Because Everyone Pushes Them Forward To Do The Job. They Don’t Seek Election.

    crab – the above needs editing


    Did you see the crab seals and the killer whales today?

    It was on BBC in High Definition…

    Amazing how many Killer Whales you can find if you go to places where they are feeding


  • Tony

    So much complicated discussion around what is a simple state of affairs. It is about the economy, stupid – the US economy. The US has an economy with only a few interesting things left to export commercially to keep the dollar alive – Microsoft, Apple, Boeing, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Hollywood. It used to have more major attractive deals on offer from manufacturing industries, but China and India have been given the jobs instead and have bank balances to show for it.

    What else? All the USA seems to have left to sell are financial fraud schemes and of course the biggest elephant in the room by far – war.

    The American economy is in one big mess and war has been its only growth industry for years, and a huge money-spinner it is too for suppliers like Blackwater XE. Unfortunately war does not create wealth which is what capitalism has always depended on – the main thing it creates is widows, orphans and chaos.

    Look no further for an explanation for the US’s (and UK’s) death-wish in the Middle East. War is a major US employer in one way or another and Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama will not do one single thing to stop the wars in the Middle East. Nor will any obedient poodle US client states like the UK offer any obstruction. Get used to it.

    War makes money for US companies, war in the Middle East keeps Israel happy – an irresistable combination for Congress and Senate alike. Neither Brown nor Cameron will say a word in protest in the UK – they’ll just shed crocodile tears whenever the coffins come home from Afghanistan and take lunch with the next US politician to give them a call.

  • amk

    “I am calling For The Military To Take Control”

    Just in case somebody reading this didn’t already think Tony is a nutcase he posts this. The Very Significant Capitalisation only adds to the air of crazy.

  • Tony

    Please define which Tony is a nutcase, or quite possibly both of us. If I am confusing things I apologise – we may both be Tonys but at least neither of us is a Blair.

    As far as US foreign policy is concerned unelected hawks are already in control now and have been for years, – much more than political parties now anyhow. Obama was voted in on his promises to bring change, and in the Middle East we have escalation if anything. That shows he has negligible influence because others are in charge. Obama said he would sort out Israeli illegal Palestinian settlements and he ran away crying when Netanyahu said ‘no’, then shut up.

  • dreoilin

    “Obama said he would sort out Israeli illegal Palestinian settlements and he ran away crying when Netanyahu said ‘no’, then shut up.”

    I think that was the moment I knew – that Obama was going to be nothing like we’d hoped. Yes, I was naive, and expected some real changes.

  • tony_opmoc


    My Grand Father was an Officer and a Gentleman

    Both My Older Brothers Became Members of The Royal Army Medical Corps

    I Have Personal Friends Who Have Served Our Country In The Military, The Police and The Health Service and The Fire Brigade

    My Dad Helped Design and Deploy The Mulberry Harbour in Our Fight Against Evil

    Now, I am a Pacifist

    And Have Never Done any Of These Things

    But I Have Far More Respect For The Military Than I Do For Any Fucking Politicians…

    Sure I find it hard to understand how they can take instructions from people like Geoff Hoon – and The Current Idiot…

    But at The Highest Level and on The Ground Level – the Kids who actually risk their lives fighting wars they do not understand…


    And I know what they think

    Yes I Want Military Rule For a Short Period…

    I Think It is The Only Way To Restore True Democracy.

    If you think we are living in a Democracy at the Moment – You are Incredibly Ignorant

    Craig Murray Demonstrated That Quite Clearly in Norwich…

    He Got No Access To The Media

    No-one could hear what he had to say

    He was drowned out with 156 seperate pieces of Paper shoved through peoples letter boxes, which the fascists didn’t even issue on soft toilet paper – such that they could have found a use for it

    Craig Murray Tried

    What Have You Done?

    Delivered Toilet Paper?


  • tony_opmoc

    I am also going to say this in respect for all the kids who lived in the road where we live…

    We live in a tree-lined avenue – where nearly all the windows of the surving houses were blown out

    Where we live is close to an airfield

    That was incredibly important in Us Winning the Battle of Britain

    And I have recently been watching some of the old films….

    And when the Spitfires Landed…

    My Dad who was a Completely BRILLIANT ENGINEER…

    Was Getting The Kids Back Into The AIR

    Cos It Was a Fight Against Evil

    And Our SPITFIRES were Really Good And My Dad Could Fix Them


  • tony_opmoc

    And so you don’t really think about it. You have done all the training at University and they offer you a job – and you take it and move from Manchester to London

    And you are in the same block of offices and you are working on designing the latest electronic weapon of mass destruction to defend our democracy against all the evil forces of communism in 1966 and you are working in the same block as EMI Studios

    And these hairy blokes turn up to record their next album and you talk to them in the pub…

    And my Sister Does Not Understand

    She Can’t Believe That Her Husband Has Given Up an Incredibly Well Paid Job…

    But I Always Thought My Brother-in-Law

    was Brilliant especially the only time I beat him at Chess…

    He Simply Couldn’t Do It Any More

    He Resigned

    I think He May Have Been Drinking With John Lennon


  • Barbara

    Hi Tony,

    My Dad was navigator on Mosquito and Lancaster fighter/bombers in WWII and after brief spell on civvy street returned to RAF for 27 years, so I’m a RAF brat, now with one son in Army (parachute regiment) and one in Navy (fleet arm).

    I regard our armed forces with respect and admiration, but the fact has to be acknowledged that they are in effect graduate schools for mercenaries worldwide.

    All that training and knowledge without the traditional constraints of loyalty to a country or to a regiment makes for some dangerous loose cannons.

  • tony_opmoc

    What about Our Planet?

    Sure Us Humans Have Fucked It Up a Bit

    But The Devastation We Have Caused Is Nothing Like As Bad As You May Believe…

    Yes We have Dramatically Reduced The Number of Land Based Animals Who Want To Attack and Eat Us

    And Yes We Should as a Part of Being The Current Guardians of Our Planet Reserve Extremely Large Areas Of Wilderness Where We Don’t Intrude

    And Under The Current System of Capitalism – That Seems Impossible – But Its ALREADY DEAD…

    So we have to pick ourselves up back off the floor – and look around…

    And Realise That Most Human Beings are Actually Really Nice

    For Example Where we Live we Can All Dance Together – Multiple Cultures From All Over The World – and Sure Lots of Us Want To Fuck Each Other – But The Evidence is That Despite The Fact We Love Each Other and Fuck So Much – Our Population is DECLINING SIGNIFICNTLY…

    So if we can just subtley influence the rest of the World to slowly bring the advantages of education and plumbing and clean water systems and protecting your own seed stock from infiltration from genetically modified food and terminator seeds….

    We can maintain our Diversity and Our Humanity – Because With Education and a Feeling Of Safety and Security…

    Two Children Are Enough

    I Reckon Our Kids Love Us Enough – That They Will Still Be Diving With Us In The Indian Ocean When We are 90 Years Old…

    Come on Dad – You Can Still Do It –


  • tony_opmoc

    I Pose as a Question

    Has Any Muslim You Have Ever Met – Tried To Convert You To His Religion?

    Do You Think It Likely That You Are Going To Get Your Prayer Mat Out at Some time in The Future

    And Stick Your Bum In The Air

    And Point It To Mecca

    Or The Other Way Round?

    If Stupid Cunts Want To Do This – Then Leave Them To It

    They Aren’t Causing Any Problems – and The Music From The Call To Prayer in Places Like Marrakech – (sorry if I have spelt it wrong) is really nice

    I just preferred the smell of horse shit to mopeds…

    But even so

    If people want to Pray to their Allah – just leave them to it…

    Us Western Cunts – Totally Unprovoked Have Killed Millions Of Completely Innocent People Who were Doing Us No Harm Whatsoever To Steal Their Oil From Them

    We Are Completely Disgusting


  • tony_opmoc

    Someone here on Craig Murray’s website said Free Speech is Dead – and You Cannot Say What You Think

    Well I Come From Oldham And I will Say What The Fucking Hell I Want To Say

    If Someone Wants To Kill Me

    Then Fucking Well Get On With It

    I Am Amazed I am Still Alive and Healthy

    And Sometimes I Say Stuff and Completely Upset Even My Best Friend…

    And Then I Apologise, Even Though I Did Nothing and Said Nothing That Wasn’t True…

    There is Nothing Wrong With Aplogising

    Sure it shows a bit of Personal Humility But That is O.K.

    Sometimes it is Completely Necessary

    I Really Do Not Want To Fight My Best Friend

    For a Start He is Much Fitter Than Me – and Could Beat Me to a Pulp

    But If I Think He is Being a Cunt – I May Emotionally Explode in Such a way that I am hearing Fourth Hand Totally Corrupted Versions of What Happenned from people who weren’t even there.

    Now crab – edit that

    We got it all back together, but I did do one hell of a lot of emotional crawling and I hadn’t even shagged his Girlfriend.

    Though he shagged nearly every beautiful girl in the pub


  • Steelback

    Blackwater is a Knights of Malta outfit.

    The company therefore,now already active in Pakistan,is above the law.

    The Knights have been integral to the Anglo-US defence/intelligence establishment for some time.


  • Larry from St. Louis

    Finally someone brought up the Blackwater / Knights of Malta connection!

    Did anyone realize that Blackwater was mentioned in the Protocols? Look it up!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The occupied government of Afghanistan and the United Nations have both concluded that U.S.-led troops recently dragged eight sleeping children out of their beds, handcuffed some of them, and shot them all dead. While this apparently constitutes an everyday act of kindness, far less intriguing than the vicious singeing of his pubic hairs by Captain Underpants, it is at least a variation on the ordinary American technique of murdering men, women, and children by the dozens with unmanned drones.

    Also this week in Afghanistan, eight CIA assassins (see if you can find a more appropriate name for them) were murdered by a suicide bombing that one of them apparently executed against the other seven. The Taliban in Pakistan claims credit and describes the mass-murder as revenge for the CIA’s drone killings. And we thought unmanned drones were War Perfected because none of the right people would have to risk their lives. Oops. Perhaps Detroit-bound passengers risked theirs unwittingly.

    The CIA has declared its intention to seek revenge for the suicide strike. Who knows what the assassination of sleeping students was revenge for. Perhaps the next lunatic to try blowing up something in the United States will be seeking revenge for whatever Obama does to avenge the victims (television viewers?) of the Crotch Crusader. Certainly there will be numerous more acts of violence driven by longings for revenge against the drone pilots and the shooters of students.

    In a civilized world, the alternative to vengeance is justice. Often we can even set aside feelings of revenge as long as we are able to act so as to deter more crime. But at the same time that the puppet president of Afghanistan is demanding the arrest of the troops who shot the handcuffed children, the puppet government of Iraq is facing up to the refusal of the United States to seriously prosecute the Blackwater assassins of innocent Iraqis. Justice will not be permitted as an alternative to vengeance — the mere idea is anti-American.

    No one so much as blinks at the CIA’s avowal of vengeance for the recent suicide attack, never mind the illegality, because the entire illegal war on Afghanistan/Pakistan was launched and is still maintained as a pretended act of revenge for the crimes of 9-11. Of course, we’re not bombing the flight schools or the German and Spanish hotels. Of course , we admit that there are fewer than 100 members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Of course we openly seek massive permanent bases and an oil pipeline. Of course, Obama’s decisions are all electoral calculations computed by the calculus of cowardice. Of course, we’re prosecuting the Butt Bomber as a criminal, just as we always used to prosecute criminals as criminals. Of course, revenge would not be a legal justification for war even if we could persuade ourselves it was a sane one. But the war is publicly understood as revenge, the resistance by its victims is understood as revenge, the escalation is understood as revenge for the resistance, and an eye for an eye slowly makes the whole world blind.

    But here’s what we’ve forgotten: nothing is ever remotely as horrible as war. So, nothing can ever constitute a justification for launching or escalating or continuing a war. Dragging children out of bed and killing them is not a freak blip in the course of a war. It is war reduced to a comprehensible scale. It’s less war, not worse war. Everything we are spending our grandchildren’s unearned pay on, borrowed from China at great expense, all of it is for the murdering of human beings. And it will remain so for eternity, no matter how many times you chant “Support Duh Troops.”

    I know many soldiers and mercenaries had few other options, given our failure to invest in any other industries. I know they’ve been lied to. I know they’re scared and tired. But they wouldn’t be there if we brought them home. And I support a full investment in their physical and mental and economic recovery. What I don’t support is anyone participating in these wars, and that includes every single American who is not putting every spare moment into demanding that Congress stop forking over the money.

    It’s blood money. It’s payment for murder. It cannot be defended. It cannot be permitted. We must stop it now. We must shut down the place it comes from.

    Not another dime. Not another dollar. Not another death. Not another thought of revenge.

  • Larry from St. Louis


    Compelling words, but you’re a 911 Truther with insane beliefs, so why would a normal person treat you seriously?

    Do you realize that you’re not helping, and in fact hurting, the opposition to American intervention by having and expressing your crazy beliefs?

  • crab

    Interesting to note, Larry that you did find those words of Mark’s compelling.

    Your ad hominen response was very poor – you might say ‘inane’.

  • glenn

    Crab: Larry is known for his ‘poisoning the well’ logical fallacies. I explained it to him, slowly and in detail, but he is incapable of understanding even basic concepts. Either that, or he’s a liar that pretends not to understand. Same result in these forums.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Folks: again, I wasn’t attacking on the merits … geesh.

    My point was that Mark Golding seems like an educated fellow … that he chooses to believe that the Towers were brought down by pre-planted thermite – as he has apparently been manipulated by the American right wing to believe this – is quite sad, and doesn’t do any good for his position.

  • glenn

    Yes indeed, it’s very clear what you are doing. And it’s called the Poisoning the Well fallacy. It’s a long established, discredited logical error when making an argument.

  • crab

    Agreed Glenn, its totaly off topic, shamelessly stated to demean Mark’s posting, just a plain as day ad hominen attack.

    Larry, you choose your standard of discussion.

    – Your term “chooses to believe” implies a lack of rational standards. About important issues we cant just ‘choose’ what we believe. If we could, why would we ever need to *Seek* the truth.

  • Larry from St. Louis


    Previously, did you not immediately accuse me of being someone who was paid $.50 per post? You also said that I must be a Republican because I don’t believe in your dumbass thermite conspiracy theory.

    I’m not a Republican.

    I find it ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that the right wing in the U.S. has manipulated your feeble mind to believe in their silly pseudo-fascist conspiracy claims.

    Do you still believe that I’m paid to post?

    Is there anything else you want to say to poison the well?

  • Larry from St. Louis


    You failed to address a number of things that I wrote in a previous thread. To wit:


    You’re really not that intelligent, are you? You live in a world of false dichotomy – i.e., if someone doesn’t believe your crap, they must have the beliefs described by you above.

    I don’t believe in any of those above.

    But I don’t think you possess the mental capacity to understand that.

    And now, after accusing me of being a paid shill who believes that Obama is a secret Muslim, you’re gonna whine and whine and whine because I called you stupid.

  • Larry from St. Louis


    Please also address the following, from a previous thread:

    Heh Glenn, do you believe, as Anno believes that “nobody here believes that Obama had a Muslim education, except in order to be able to pose as a friend to Islam.”

    Do you believe what Jaded wrote:

    “An Israeli firm controls security at Amsterdam airport by the way. Same with all the 9/11 flights. I guess saying this must make me an ‘anti-semite’ or something, but what the hell!”

    Just how much do you align yourself with Texan right-wing nutjob Alex Jones – as much as Arsalan Goldberg?

  • LeeJ

    Excellent post Mark. Very elegant. Glenn and crab, why dont you just ignore the nonsense Larry writes.

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