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The Guardian reflects the metropolitan London world of New Labour, and nothing else. Its coverage of the referendum, particularly by Severin Carrell, achieved the remarkable feat of being even less fair and containing even more lies than the Scotsman. But if you want really to get inside the mind of Labour, the Guardian remains the place to go to know what the Labour elite – London’s Balls, Cooper, Miliband, Harman, Umunna, Jowell etc. are thinking.

Right now they are thinking of how to take power after they lose the election. And the Guardian’s article on this subject indicates exactly how they are thinking in the illustrating picture. The Labour Party’s ideal political world is a world without Celts.


Not just no SNP and no Plaid, but not even the SDLP. There has been a remarkable silence from the SDLP while the party whose whip they follow has wrapped itself in the Union Jack, declared that nationalism is totally incompatible with Labour, and refused even to speak to Plaid Cymru and the SNP. What does the SDLP make of this renunciation of nationalism? Do they go along with it?

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43 thoughts on “A World Without Celts

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  • Clydebuilt

    Received my copy of “London Calling …how the BBC Stole the Referendum” by G.A. Ponsonby” over 400 pages.

  • Mary

    Will watch and reply later Robert as I have to go out. I see it is by Heathcote Williams whom I greatly admire. Dave Lawton puts up links here to his work.

    Meanwhile this is my fear. Some sort of coup follows it.

    “The Tories are planning a coup. 2nd election before Christmas.” says the Chunkster
    Posted by marknadim on May 6, 2015, 9:20 am


    SNP balance or not, I feel foreboding. I imagine the fascisti in our country will be/are planning – now. Centre for Policy Studies, MoD, MI this and MI that all busy. Shrivenham too. If you can subdue Britain you can subdue any people. Perhaps a false flag to get us cowering. And as the people run and jump and cycle in their Lycra, with brains hollowed out by reality TV and soaps, there will be little or no resistance.

  • DoNNyDaRKo

    There were a few wrapped up in Union Jacks in Glasgow showing the ugly face of Nationalism yesterday.
    Naturally unreported in our MSM as it does not conform to the State narrative.These are the tactics of the SA Brown shirts Fred.And as for the war criminal Blair’s nationality being Scottish,he would beg to differ.But no matter what flavour he is,he belongs in jail.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Noted also here, Dreoilin, with anything else I can glean about the roving turd’s activities –




    Re the rumour that he was stepping down as Quartet Envoy for Mubadala, there was only ever one source for that – the Financial Times. Actually, he fancies himself in a more lucrative role (he only gets enormous exes, no salary, for being QE) with a classier title, but so far no-one has volunteered to give him one. Now Saudi’s Salman has materialised as a war hawk for bringing Iran down, I imagine that may be where bastard Blair is looking.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    fred 6 May, 2015 – 8:03 am :
    “Let’s look back to 2003 when we had Blair for Prime minister, born in Glasgow, George Brown was Chancellor, Iain Duncan Smith headed the Conservatives and Charles Kennedy the Liberal democrats. Despite Scots being the minority they were very much the majority in government.
    We invaded Iraq.”

    So what are you actually saying here, Fred? Never trust a Scot? All Scots are bastards? Don’t let the uppity Scots rise above their station?
    I’m having difficulty in interpreting your post as anything other than racist, so please tell me, what point are you making?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Don’t play the ingénu, it doesn’t suit you.

    Fred is saying that politicians of Scottish origin are very well represented in the governance of the UK. Some would say over-represented.

    Nothing racist about that.

    So fuck off. 🙂

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    I hadn’t considered your comment was a direct rely to Craig’s topic. I see now that you weren’t being racist. I apologise.

  • fred

    “There were a few wrapped up in Union Jacks in Glasgow showing the ugly face of Nationalism yesterday.”

    Your article was dated last Friday.

    In my opinion all such behaviour is to be deplored, there is no excuse, if the police can find who was responsible they should be charged and sent to prison.

  • Mary

    As Dreoilin, who shadows my every move here (why?), reminded me, I have not replied to you Robert.

    I started watching Royal Babylon this afternoon and got halfway when I fell asleep and woke up about an hour ago but it wasn’t the video that sent me to sleep. It was my condition.

    At 1hr 11mins I do think it is overlong and I found the commentary tedious. Much of the content is already known eg the Royals’ predilection for killing animals and birds but I don’t think the piece advances the anti-Monarchy cause greatly. There will always be the nitwits who gawp at the royals and cheer but they are unlikely to see Royal Babylon.

    Bring on that republic.

  • glenn

    Mary: You are correct, IMHO, not to spend much time (or indeed any) critiquing someone’s YouTube link. Any general reference to mass literature (“See Milton Friedman”, etc.) should be dismissed as a time-wasting exercise.

    Expecting over an hour of someone else’s time, to allow a third party to supposedly make a case, is extremely arrogant. If someone has a case they should make it, or start arguing it at least, not expect you (or me, or anyone) to expend hours just to find out what their argument might be.

    No disrespect to Robert, but if he – of anybody at all – expects someone else to spend 70+ minutes just to see what his point might be, he could spend just 5 minutes of his own time to give an outline.

  • Robert Crawford

    Glen, Mary and anyone else who may be interested.

    If the numbers i.e. how much the Queen is worth are correct, then she could may off the National Debt and, solve the homelessness problem with just two billion pounds and have 15.6 billion pounds left over, to play with. All her official expenses are paid for by those on P.A.Y.E.

    After all, it was HER Government,HER Knights, Her Allies, Her Subjects who created the financial crisis in the first, and, last place. Was it not?

    Just think what that would do for her Standing in the U.K.

    Who is it that puts their signature to everything to make it The Law?

    Poverty maintained when there is a solution, is not a good thing.

    Who is watching who, with the say so of whom?

    Do the right thing for your Subjects Ma’am, while you can.

    Don’t be a “Scrooge”.

    You know it makes sense.

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