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The news from Manchester continues to horrify as each individual tragedy gets confirmed in all its heart-rending detail.

In my two posts in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester bombing, I concluded:

If it was a home made bomb, it was a remarkably powerful one. It would be very unusual for a lone terrorist to be able to make a bomb this powerful. It is hard to think of any incident where an individual acting entirely alone has successfully done that.

It has become plain that the reason the critical warning has been declared (which is British for State of Emergency) is that the security services believe such a powerful portable bomb almost certainly requires organisational support to build it. I was subject to accusations that I was secretly suggesting that this attack was perpetrated by the British state, in order to influence the election. It is undoubtedly true that the timing of the attack is remarkable – it came as Tory poll ratings were plummeting, Theresa May had just made the screeching U-turn or pretended U-turn on social care, and then appeared totally out of her depth in the Andrew Neil interview, destroying her “who do you trust” narrative.

In fact, nothing I wrote can in any way be construed as indicating I thought that the British state was implicated in the attack. For the record, I do not think it is remotely likely the British state was implicated in the attack. I knew a lot of senior people in the security services, and a few in special forces, and there is not a single one I suspect would do this kind of thing, or not actively seek to stop it if they came across it. I simply discount the idea.

But the election is the elephant in the room. We cannot pretend this has no impact on the election. Historians will look back at how this did or did not affect the course of the election.

I have a number of concerns. The first is that I argued that the Russian referendum in Crimea was not legitimate because you can’t have a free and fair election with troops patrolling the streets. I still hold that view about the Crimea, and I have real concerns about proceeding with the election during, in effect, a state of emergency.

The second point is that, because I rule out a British government false flag, that does not mean that I rule out the idea that the timing of the attack was an attempt to affect the course of the election. It seems very likely that it was timed to affect the election, especially when you consider that an attack from the same kind of jihadists occurred in France just before their recent election.

You would have expected an attack with such a sophisticated bomb to be part of a pattern of more or less simultaneous attacks using similar technology. That is what the security services did expect; hence the “Critical” warning. The fact there has so far been only one attack suggests to me that it was brought forward quickly to a target of opportunity due to the snap election.

There are many non-British state and non-state groups which might wish to influence the election. Remember that the very definition of terrorism is violence with a political objective. If it does not have a political objective it is not terrorism. Let me make this observation. The ideology of virtually all “Islamic” terrorism stems from Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism is fundamental to the very foundation of the rule of the Saudi royal family. Every known jihadist terrorist group, including ISIS, Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda, has received funding from Saudi Arabia. Here is a fascinating article by MI6’s Alastair Crooke on Wahhabism and the “duality” of the superficially hostile ISIS/Saudi relationship. Everything we know about Salman Abedi is consistent with this influence.

Jeremy Corbyn has continually criticised Saudi Arabia’s appalling human rights record and its devastating attacks on civilians in Yemen. Corbyn has vowed to stop arms supplies to Saudi Arabia. By contrast, Theresa May and her ministers have repeatedly visited Saudi Arabia and positively kowtowed to its rulers, and looked to increase arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Who do you think the Saudi ruling class, the World’s leading sponsors of terrorism, wish to win the General Election?

Furthermore a key part of the Saudi sponsored Sunni terrorist surge is support for Al-Nusra and the other jihadist rebel groups fighting to overthrow Assad in Syria. I do not support Assad, but neither have I ever thought it remotely sane to support a violent conflict to overthrow him and replace him with jihadist head-choppers. Yet the British establishment, and especially the Conservative Party, has been gung-ho to bomb Syria and help the jihadists to replace Assad.

Who has stood against the bombing of Syria and against British military support for the Saudi/jihadist agenda in Syria? Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP.

I have no doubt whatsoever the jihadists would try to influence the election, and try to influence it against Corbyn. As the great journalist John Pilger said yesterday of this possibility that ISIS are trying to influence the election against Corbyn and the SNP:

“They know how to intervene in public discourse every day and in politics every day. So that suggestion may well have a great deal of validity.”

Security issues traditionally play well for the right in an election. At time of attack there is a tendency to rally to authority figures. Rather than a very inadequate politician under fire, the Prime Minister has been able to appear in an entirely unchallenged setting as a figure of patriotism. Let me be 100% clear. It is not that May has done anything wrong; it is just that these effects are what the terrorists are probably counting on.

So in our hearts we must never forget the unfortunate victims of this bombing, so young and with so much talent. We must remember the horribly maimed as well as the dead, and ensure they receive all the support they need. We must condemn without ceasing the disgusting violence that destroys so many lives.

But we must also do something very difficult. We must press in our heads a reset button. We must remain entirely rational in considering the political choices before us, and not allow the incident to affect – in any direction – our political calculation on how to vote. Otherwise that is a major victory for the terrorists.

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  • Anna Thew

    The more that is said about our arms trade and colonial history, the better. My mind drifted back to University in Italy, my teenage Syrian boyfriend whose brother was tortured by the repessive regime, student insurrection there as in Europe, the Palestinians, the Israeli girl soldiers and the Libyans and we were all being educated together in a foreign land, studying as much art and history and philosophy and poetry and politics as science and economics – together through education, exchanging views, together and no hijabs, the liberation of women was high on the agenda – my mind drifted back to an article by Jonathan Raban about the British carving up greater Arabia, drifted back to events in 1947, the partition of India and Pakistan, the formation of the state of Israel, Palestine and drifted forward via Genet and Pasolini and Pontecorvo and how even then in Italy, amongst the Palestinians and teenage Arabs, even then why did Saudi not lift a finger to fund schools and hospitals – why weren’t THEY giving aid to the Palestinians? And Osama Bin Laden and the two opposing Saudi family factions with commercial and military investment in Afghanistan reported heavily in La Reppublica but hardly a word in the British press, the links and origins of Al Kaida in Saudi – and the forgotten issue of human rights in Saudi, the barbaric apartheid of men and women, where women cannot vote, cannot drive, where women do not enjoy human rights and freedom of movement and we arm these guys just because they have oil and money? WHY are there no sanctions against Saudi and any other country on this planet where apartheid and subjugation is operated against half the population, women and where women are not just treated like shattles, not just like cattle, but kept locked up inside, in batteries, in the dark, deprived not just of education and social and political interaction but of LIGHT. Intervention in the cause of human rights, even on occasions militaristically to protect populations including women under attack, but bombing however high tech is indiscriminate and can never be right. Look at the films Sheffield at War, then look at our equivalent Feuersturm ├╝ber Hamburg, the bombing of Dresden in which thousands and thousands of civilians were burned alive overnight. Have we such short memories. Education, learning other languages, learning and exchanging and appreciating other cultures and beliefs, looking after people, protecting the environment and so human health and well being is the only war to be had on terror and malice. We had a first and second world war to learn this. We had as a result of the working force of women on all sides in the second world war to make demands on the British government to institute the welfare state, widows pensions. free health for all, social housing and free education for ALL to university level and the last lasted merely thirty years before it began to be dismantled, our precious education system, the envy of the world where equal numbers of men and women from all ethnic and economic backgrounds could study both sciences AND the humanities. Without education where there is no partisan political interference and no subject discrimination particularly no discrimination or restriction on research subjects and the humanities where we are encouraged to be FREE to think and utilise and learn about and EXCHANGE the full HUMAN potential of both the male AND the female brain and study both male AND female behaviour, particularly aberrant male behaviour en masse trading arms and money and power, there will be no balance, no harmony, no society and no peace, there will be no way out. Who invest in gaming, mass entertainment, communications, film, the internet, the arms trade. Yes, the US and the Saudi women suppressors have a vested interest in interfering in democratic elections and disrupting democracies that might think it a good idea to return to investing in health, education and CARE for the environment, for ALL human beings and the possible means of achieving unilateral disarmament and redistribution of wealth thereby.

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