Those Theresa May Police Cuts 184

Here is a vivid illustration of how Theresa May crippled the Police during her seven years as Home Secretary. The figures and charts are from an official parliamentary document. I have merely added the wobbly red lines to indicate when Theresa May became Home Secretary. It is extremely plain what she did to the police.

Red Line = Theresa May Becomes Homes Secretary

Red Line = Theresa May Becomes Home Secretary

Red Line = Theresa May Becomes Homes Secretary

Red Line = Theresa May Becomes Homes Secretary


This is a matter of choice by Theresa May. In Scotland in exactly the same period, policing was devolved to Holyrood. The SNP faced precisely the same budgetary pressures as the Home Office, but managed to maintain police numbers.

It is also worth noting that we were not comparatively over-policed. England and Wales are now well below the norm.

Finally this stunning riposte to the BBC tweeting out Tory propaganda.

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184 thoughts on “Those Theresa May Police Cuts

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  • reel guid

    Kezia Dugdale’s big campaign stunt today was to have a go-kart race against a Labour activist representing the SNP with a yellow rosette. Who stayed anonymous behind their crash helmet after the race. There they go trying to Stig-matize the SNP again!

    Of course in the real world Kezia’s wheels came off long ago.

      • Harry Vimes

        I once had a teacher who had an alter – ego. I was very surprised when I discovered this as he was one of those people who you would never have thought would ever be unfaithful to himself.

        I’m trying to think who that teacher reminds me of. But for the moment it escapes me.

  • Hmmm

    BTW I’m hoping the reds beat the blues… I wonder who (if anyone ) Corbyn supports?

    • Harry Vimes

      I understand Corbyn is a Gooner.

      Having said that I’ve just had a little wager with myself about the chances of a future event. You’ll know what it is the minute it arrives.

      • Hmmm

        Lol I support would have to be a team in red!.
        Have you gone for a double? Or Wenger leaving and Corbyn replacing him☺

      • Harry Vimes

        My apologies Hmmm, you misconstrued due my having to be cryptic.

        As it happens I’m engaged in another sport altogether here, call it fishing. Still waiting for the bite.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      I used to listen to LBC, on my way to and from work. Once my cousin who lives in Sweden was on. His parents were involved in the media industry when he was a child. They were “Posh”. His Mum could drink even me under the table…when she was 86 years old. My mum – her sister – didn’t really approve.

      Now, I don’t watch TV, and I don’t listen to LBC. I do know about The Apprentice (UK version) and Alan Sugar. I thought it was his show, but apparently he copied it off Donald Trump.

      Who’s Katie Hopkins?

      Alan Sugar seemed O.K. to me, I Just thought Pace’s kit better. The Americans finally bought them too. I was not impressed. Most of ’em come from Yorkshire where I used to go Gliding at Sutton Bank.

      Good men.


    • Ishmael

      I wonder if there will be any soul searching.

      Like Farage, I shudder to think how much hurt these people perpetuated of over the course of there lives. Filling peoples minds with their abhorrent message of hate and reactionary rhetoric.

      I blame LBC more, immoral institutions that without these people would be nothing. I dream of a world without corporations. undue power.

      What is it with people who think they should project their voice in such a way, Hitlers.

  • Sharp Ears

    Has Cameron. the destroyer of Libya, had anything to say about Manchester and the Libyan connections, or is he lying low?

  • K Crosby

    Since the Thatchler regime, the tnddency for the porkies to be an implicit class militia had been made explicit and with shooters a-go-go. The summary powere of the militarised police has been increased enormously and their immunity from prosecution almost absolute, however many people they kill. Treating May’s cuts as anything other than a well-overdue wing clipping, after nearly 40 years of feather-bedding is misconceived.

    The terrorists are in Whitehall and Westminster, hiding behind shooters, spies and tame judges not lurking under the bed.

    • K Crosby

      Since the Thatchler regime, the tendency for the porkies to be an implicit class militia had been made explicit, with shooters a-go-go. The summary power of the militarised police has been increased enormously and their immunity from prosecution has been made almost absolute, however many people they kill. Treating May’s cuts as anything other than a well-overdue wing clipping, after nearly 40 years of feather-bedding is misconceived.

      The terrorists are in Whitehall and Westminster, hiding behind shooters, spies and tame judges not lurking under the bed. Well, May wasn’t in Westminster long when that bloke was running down people, she jumped in an armoured car behind a ring of tooled up minders and legged it. Strong and stable? My arse.

      PS I managed to leave typos all over it despite using a spell checker to signal errors. ;o)

      • Tony_0pmoc

        K Crosby, I really like you – even if you are a bloke. you can’t half write.

    • Phil the ex-frog

      K Crosby
      “Since the Thatchler regime, the tnddency for the porkies to be an implicit class militia had been made explicit”

      Agree with the rest but I suggest the idea that political policing is a new thing is very misplaced. The 19C population of London very well understood the class role of the newly formed “plague of blue locust”.

      1834, Coldbath Fields, London: 3000 of the newly formed police attacked 1000 workers demonstrating for better wages. A copper was killed. The first death of a copper on duty. Against much establishment pressure the verdict was justifiable homocide. The jurors became instant popular heroes. They were feted and celebrated, awarded peoples medals, celebrated on a boat up and down the Thames.

      • K Crosby

        I was referring to the armoured goon squads loafing around next to the porky wagon, rather than the Sicherheitsdienst who have co-ordinated city, union, NHS and employer databases to blacklist people for 150 years.

        Bring back Phil and Nige, “crime can’t crack itself”. ;o)

    • K Crosby

      I live in one of the dodgier purlieus of Hull but I’ve seen Harrogate, where the rich fuckers go to die. ;O)

  • Ishmael

    There is something very wrong with politicians. ALL of them.

    I tried to illustrate it earlier but was mod’d. They administer a system they don’t dirty there own hands with, get others (police army) to do the actual violence (of which there is a stark analogy in German history) and hide there actions behind a thin veneer of impeccable dress, and polite discourse.

    This is a fundamental corruption of human nature that must be realised.

    • Ishmael

      With that I think I will say adieu. All this has drained me so (computers are too powerful in this context) and my heath is important to mantain for myself and others. And I don’t like words really, it’s just that I feel ideas are so beltway they need to be challenged somehow. But the weight…

      It’s nice to see others with a less “political” take entering the mainstream. But it’s not healthy in any large dose, it really isn’t. I feel iv said more than id have wished ideally, But some things that I did wish that where hopefully not to much of a habitual repetition of stale old political thinking.

      My brain needs….Curing. I don’t know if i’ll return.

      I wish you all the best of (holistic) health, and I mean that.

      • Phil the ex-frog


        Don’t be a stranger. Meantime, have fun brain preserving on your heath.

        • Ishmael

          It’s not fun, it’s that thinking too much is not how humans should be, it is a kind of a disease. A disconnect from our nature and direct experience that is the only place to feel belonging, ecstasy. To live.

          But this disembodied dead form of words. It’s a pain beyond bearing. Convoluted and alien. Don’t think, feel, it’s like a finger pointing to the moon, concentrate on the finger and you miss all that heavenly glory. 🙂

          And there are no strangers,

          • Ishmael

            Bobm Maybe your right. Or once a week. 🙂

            I think to focus the issue more (and thanks for inspiring the thought) it’s that humans shouldn’t focus on all this. Taking it all in destroys you. We simply don’t have the capacity to emotionally prosses all this stuff and remain human. This is why most politicians (etc) aren’t very human. Those things are shut down, the consequences of far off actions.

            Im convinced if many could they would kill themselves. I mean I have very little power but even this scares me. Ie, “shit what did I say to all those people, and what effect may it have? Over the net it’s not really a human interaction. So you can’t be sure.

            I think I understand Craig’s blog polices a little better now considering that. I’m am every impulse myself. He does an good job considering but yea, I need to be careful about lot of things.

            When you’ve been hurt by people (the types who run this system) it’s hard to contain/redirect the hate. They are on this very blog.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    It’s entirely possible, that once we have all calmed down, that even right wing tories and ukip supporters will actually leave their homes and walk to the polling boot and vote to get rid of this useless incompetent Government

    I am voting Labour

    (i don’t normally do politics on a website – but ffs)

    I am not saying they are going to be any better – but at least Jeremy Corbyn can stand on his feet and give a sensible answer.

    Theresa May is a complete embarrassment – and nevermind – seemed to think I was going to vote Tory – read the detail girl…don’t stop at the first few worrds. I said if I voted I would vote for The Girl.

    I want my democracy back – maybe despite these Terrorists in Control – we stand a chance at the ballot box.


    • Tony_0pmoc

      I am not expecting my local MP – if she gets elected to be this good – but I reckon she will give it a go. My Ex is politically involved. She expected the pension she had paid for all her working life to simply get paid when she was 60 years old.

      It wasn’t and Mhairi Black was the only MP to stand up in The Houses of Parliament to defend my Ex Girlfriend.

      What she said was magnificent

      She is 22 years old and Scottish

      She is Brilliant. You Blokes are Rubbish in comparison…

      and of course I still love me ex. She is a lovely girl.

      You can find Mhairy Black on Hansard

      Meanwhile my Ex goes to meetings like this. She still, despite being skint aint half got some balls. She is nearly as old as me.

      She’s Beautiful and Still My Friend after all this time. She has met my wife – a couple of years ago – and they got on surprisingly well. They had something in common. (me)

      “We are a campaign group that fights the injustice done to all women born in the 1950s affected by the changes to the State Pension Law (1995/2011 Acts).​​”


  • Sharp Ears

    Don’t think I can stand 13 more days of the same nonsense on here today.

  • laguerre

    I dunno. I just have difficulty believing people like Johnson, when they’re denying what they said, on the lines of Corbyn, just a year or two ago. Evidently it’s a question of what comes across to the public, but given the feeble campaign of May, a lot more of the truth seems to be coming out than May would wish.

    • D_Majestic

      And she and her mates are going to negotiate Brexit? Fat chance. Some of us remember the ‘Fail’ etc. telling us how Cameron would come back with grapes and pomegranates from his meeting with the EU. He came back with zilch.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hate to ask the obvious question but weren’t Gareth Williams, Gudrun Loftus, and the Al-Hillis assassinated after Theresa May became Home Secretary.

    And when did the Chinese do in Heywood? And wasn’t the disappearance of MH370 involved in this?

    Didn’t the money go to the covert services at the expense of the police?

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Trowbridge H. Ford,

      For someone your age ( Ithink you are over 20 years older than me) – you still seem extremely bright.

      What’s your secret?

      I hope I can make as much sense in 20 years time. (I think I have just had a text from my Ex) ..but I’ve not read it yet. She is concerned – both her kids trained at Manchester University studying Law. I’ve never met them.


      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Thanks, Tony, but I am no genius.

        Just keep asking questions and looking for answers about incidents which don’t make sense. And don’t rule out looking into what the bastards have really done, like Nixon and the ‘Iron Lady’, not the smoke they spew out.

        • D_Majestic

          I hope that many here do exactly that, Trowbridge. No shortage of things which simply don’t add up in the last 10 years.

  • Hieroglyph

    It’s interesting that the Tories, the party of law and order, were the ones to introduce cuts. Actually, these are cuts I can get behind. Add a serious cut to our military spending whilst you are at it, around 50% for now. Oh – and fire about 90% of the boys from Cheltenham, because the spooks are completely out of hand now. I doubt that the police cuts really made any difference to the attack anyway.

    So, of course, the Tories are ramping up the attacks on Corbyn. Good on them, at least they are showing a bit of fight, and have finally realised that Emperor Palpatine is about to lose, if they carry on as before. Corbyn, of course, has been under attack since day 1, and it’s water of a duck’s back; so I guess we should thank the Blair drones for the prep work, not that they’d be pleased to hear it. Today’s attack is entirely ludicrous of course, but to be expected. He’s ‘playing politics’ with the Manchester attack. As some wag noted on Twitter – a few days after an attack, should he be talking about litter? If he wants to make a foreign policy speech, good. I’d like him to make a speech on the war on drugs as well (which is linked to foreign policy, albeit at a remove), but let’s not be too hasty, one is enough.

    I have an amusing scenario for you. Hung Parliament, and George Galloway wins his seat. The numbers will be so tight that he has the casting vote. I will literally buy champagne, and drink in delight.

    Corbyn will be our next PM – if the election isn’t rigged. Congrats to RobG for his prediction. Hope he gets unbanned.

    • Rob Royston

      A prophet without honour! Say what you like about Rob G, he got the UK angle right if not, totally, the French one.
      I too hope he gets unbanned.

  • Anon1

    Lord Ashcroft’s 40,000 sample poll taken from Monday to Friday is out today. This is the one to pay attention to. It gives the Tories a majority of 116.

    • laguerre

      Pollsters have adjusted their algorithms since 2015. The idea of shy Tories isn’t valid any more. And what party is Ashcroft a strong supporter of? Post-truth and fake news are both post 2015. No doubt Ashcroft has also adjusted his algorithms about truth.

  • Anon1

    The Times reveals that the UK is now home to 23,000 known jihadist extremists. Of these around 3,000 are judged to pose a threat and are under active monitoring or investigation. The remainder are considered a “residual threat”. Salman Abedi was in the latter category.

    • Rob Royston

      Why does the Times not reveal that the UK security services are being used by actors outside our control to attack foreign nations and steal their wealth?
      They are now busy blowing doors off and making arrests, finding more “evidence”. All I can imagine that they are doing is trying to distance the perpetrators of the bombing from themselves. They and their bosses, May, Cameron, Hague etc. brought us to where we are today.

  • Anon1

    Meanwhile, in Corbyn’s socialist paradise…

    “Under state pressure, Venezuela TV limits live coverage of protests”

    (Reuters) – In the mountains above Caracas, two government officials often stand watch over the antennas of TV news network Globovision, poised to take it off air if regulators object to coverage of anti-government protests, according to two station employees.

    They said the 24-hour Venezuelan news station receives regular warnings from state telecom regulator Conatel against showing live footage of clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces, or broadcasting terms such as “dictatorship” and “repression.”

    • George

      Obviously Venezuela hasn’t yet developed the seamless corporate control over the airwaves that the “free” West has.

    • Stu

      It’s worth remembering that privately owned TV stations participated in the 2003 military coup and encouraged the population to rise up against the elected government.

      Media restrictions in Venezuela have to be seen in this context.

  • Anon1

    28 Coptic Christians dragged from a bus in Egypt and shot dead for refusing to convert to Islam on the spot.

    “It’s our foreign policy that makes them do this.”

    • nevermind

      How did you find that out Anon1, you are so clever….. Was the Murdered NATO accountant, no sign of his murder yet, really been murdered because NATO was financially supporting IS to manoeuvre its agenda through EU Parliaments?

      you ought to prove it here, your favourite blog.

    • Stu

      It’s worth noting that the Islamists who carried out this attack appear to be based in Libya.

  • Sharp Ears

    Liar! Liar!
    This song annihilates Theresa May. And the BBC may soon be forced to play it to the whole country [VIDEO]

    May 26th, 2017

    Today, anti-austerity group Captain SKA has released a song that could be very embarrassing for Theresa May. The track is trending on Twitter, and has already made it into the Top 60. If it keeps up this momentum, there’s a very real chance that even the BBC may have to play it. And to the whole country, no less.

    As The Canary previously reported, the song is a new version of the 2010 anti-austerity track Liar Liar.

    All download proceeds from before the 8 June election will go to food banks across the UK, and to The People’s Assembly Against Austerity. The hope is to get the song into the Top 40 so the BBC will have to play it.

    Captain SKA says on Facebook:
    NHS crisis, education crisis, u turns you can’t trust Theresa May. Let’s get this into the top 40. Download now and force the BBC to play it on our airwaves.

    “You can’t trust her”

    Theresa May has already undertaken a number of U-turns since she became Prime Minister. She also has the record of being only the second Home Secretary in history to have been found in contempt of court. A ruling which saw a judge slam her behaviour as “regrettable and unacceptable”.

    And her party doesn’t have a much better record itself. In fact, citizens have almost come to expect that the Conservatives will break their promises:

    Strong & Stable? Explain this then. #PMQs.
    — Labour Eoin (@ToryFibs) April 26, 2017

    With all this in mind (and much more), Captain SKA hopes to make it clear – through the medium of song – that Britain can’t trust Theresa May and her party.

    If you agree with that message, and want to see the new version of Liar Liar hit the charts just before the 8 June election, you know what to do.

    Get Involved!

    – Download Liar Liar Ge2017 from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, or Spotify. Support the track on Twitter using the #liarliar hashtag.

    – For more from Captain SKA, check out their YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

    – Vote in the 8 June general election.

    – Discuss the key policy issues with family members, colleagues and neighbours. And organise! Join (and participate in the activities of) a union, an activist group, and/or a political party.

    – Also read more Canary articles on the 2017 general election.

  • Anon1

    Great question put to Corbyn by Andrew Neil:

    “What was the foreign policy of Sweden that resulted in Sweden being attacked?”

    Anyone like to answer on Jeremy’s behalf because he just spluttered.

    Here’s my answer: “They started to admit large numbers of ‘refugees’.

    • Sharp Ears

      Robbie Gibb was the editor of that programme where Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to extremely hostile questioning from the Rupert Murdoch stooge, Andrew Neil.

      He is the same editor who attempted to refute allegations that the resignation of a Labour MP was staged live on Neil’s Politics Today. Disgraceful.

      ‘a rebuttal to the accusations of anti-Labour bias has been issued by the Executive Editor of BBC Politics Today, Robbie Gibb.

      Which would be …erm …this guy:

      Former deputy chair of the Federation of Conservative Students
      Brother of Tory MP Nicholas Gibb
      Former Chief of Staff for Tory Minister Francis Maude
      Best man at former Tory MP Mark McGregor’s wedding

      Neil also interviewed May. I didn’t see it but was told it was a car crash.

    • nevermind

      I’m sure he could comment on the policies of many other countries but he’s running to lead this country, by the looks of it, even the unfair totally skewed electoral system will not be able to stop it.

      Good news is, I have voted this week, I’m sure that you, as our righteous man, will support that, you know that I have lived here for some time and have an interest in the future of my children and grandchildren.

      thanks for your support in advance, now off canvassing for Clive Lewis MP, who will get re elected, and before you split yourself in half in anticipation, I will be voting for Labours policies.

  • Ishmael

    I swear some people in this society make me feel physically sick. I know what cruelty lies under their so called superior innane etiquette, used to think themselves above others and cast down those who are generally far more human.

    I had many good friends who were in and out of mental institutions, and though they did not function well according to societys order THERE hearts where sound, id rather spend time with any of them than anyone thought “respectable” in this asylum of a social order that’s destroying our very means of existence.

    At least they wouldn’t knowingly genocide the world, or create the bomb ready to wipe out human existence on any given day. Now that says something about the sanity of crossing your Is and dotting your Ts.

    • Ishmael

      And i’ll tell you something, That man Jeremy Corbyn is a decent person. He has a good heart. Surrounded by mostly by monsters but has somehow managed to keep alive what matters in human beings.

      So what he’s a bit scruffy, and older. He doesn’t act like your regular political egomaniac and he clearly isn’t one. Shame on those who have the temerity to cast him down. They are not worth spit. Repellant.

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