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Last night the BBC was reporting on the Conservative manifesto. This is a document whose most striking pledge is to fill in some of the potholes in roads that have proliferated due to massive cuts in local authority funding, and to give free hospital car parking to those visiting a terminally ill relative. Just think of the last one. How do you prove your relative is terminally ill? What if there is a chance they might get better? The administration of this system is going to require people to have some form of certificate or token that all hope is now lost. For the car park. The Tories are all heart.

As the News continued, Laura Kuenssberg told us that the battle lines between the parties are now clearly drawn, and the major division is over how much the government “should interfere in the economy”.

Interfere. Not intervene. Not regulate. Interfere. It is a very deliberate choice of word. Let me turn to the Oxford English Dictionary:


1) Prevent from continuing or being carried out properly
2) Handle or adjust without permission
3) Become involved in something without being asked
4) Sexually molest

Words matter. Kuenssberg chose a word with powerful negative connotations and no possible positive meaning, to describe the alternative to the Tories. Kuenssberg talking of government interfering in, rather than intervening in, the economy is in itself a very strong and explicit declaration of Kuenssberg’s belief in an Ayn Rand, “Britannia unchained”, free market, ultra neo-liberal world view. To explicitly frame the choice in the election as between the Tories and “interfering” is just another example of the way the BBC slants their election coverage, permanently.

Now I started to draft an article three days ago, before that particular Kuenssberg propaganda masterclass.

Here is what I wrote as a draft three days ago:

“Maybe I am just unlucky. I have had television news bulletins transport me to hear vox-pops featuring former Labour voters in Dudley who now want to vote Conservative to GET BREXIT DONE. I have seen vox pops in fishing wharves in Peterhead and Grimsby, in dismal cafes in Hartlepool, in bingo halls in Yarmouth, in pubs back in Dudley, on high streets in Wakefield, in a shopping mall in Thurrock, in hardware stores back in bloody Dudley again. The country is full of people who want to GET BREXIT DONE, and who will NEVER VOTE LABOUR AGAIN.

The strange thing is that I have not seen a single vox pop from Richmond, featuring an educated woman who is switching from a lifetime of Tory voting because they have become a far right party and are going to crash the economy with hard Brexit. But there are many people like that in Richmond, and indeed all over London, and throughout much of southern England. They exist but are not worth vox-popping, apparently. Because they are not the broadcasters’ chosen “narrative”.

The BBC, ITN and Sky will doubtless defend the very obviously targeted demographic and destination of their “vox-pops” on the grounds that this is the “narrative” of the election. But that is a self-reinforcing prophecy. The public are relentlessly being told that what ordinary people want is to “GET BREXIT DONE” and to vote Tory. But that is actually only what about 40% of the people want. We just aren’t being shown the other 60% as the broadcasters focus relentlessly on areas with the highest leave vote, and on vox pop subjects with the least possible education.”

While that passage was atill on the stocks, last night, alongside the Kuenssberg analysis, the BBC gave us a vox pop from the Rother Valley that fitted perfectly the above description. It came from a Yorkshire Labour seat that voted Leave. It featured Labour voters who will now vote Conservative. The ladies interviewed were perfectly primed with precisely the main Tory slogans. A lady told us she wanted Boris so we could “get Brexit done and get on with domestic reforms”. Another ex-Labour voter told us she would vote for Boris because “he may not be trustworthy, but I like him”. Trust and likeability are two factors the pollsters regularly measure. It is important for the Tories that voters prioritise likeability over trust, because Johnson’s Trust numbers are appalling. How fortunate that the BBC happened to find a little old lady in the Rother Valley who could express this so succinctly!

Or maybe it is not so surprising. With the mainstream media as such a reliable echo chamber of public slogans, perhaps it is not surprising to find the public just echo them too, as they do in North Korea. The state media in the UK is of course not the only propaganda outlet. Billionaires control 87% of print news media by circulation, and are aggressively Tory for obvious reasons of self-interest.

This leads to the incredible circularity of the “Newspaper Reviews” that take up such a high proportion of broadcast news output. The broadcasters “review” the overwhelmingly right wing print media. And who do they invite to do the reviewing? Why the billionaire employed journalists of the overwhelmingly right wing print media, of course! So we have the surreal experience of watching journalists from the Times and the Spectator telling us how great an article in the Daily Mail is, about how Corbyn is a Russian spy and Scotland not really a country at all.

If that was not bad enough, we then get deluged by “commentators” from “think tanks” which are again billionaire funded, like the Institute of Economic Affairs and scores of others, sometimes with money thrown in from the security services, like the Quilliam Foundation and scores of others. It is a never-ending closed circular loop of propaganda.

The truth is that it largely works. Social media is overwhelmingly sceptical of the government narrative, but we still live in a society where the power of mass broadcasting and even print retains a remarkable amount of influence, particularly on the old and the poorly educated. It is no coincidence that it is precisely the old and the poorly educated that are the targets of Cummings’ “Brexit election” strategy. If it comes off, Kuenssberg and her fellow hacks will have proven that the power of the mainstream media is as yet unbroken.


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997 thoughts on “Interfering with Laura Kuenssberg

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  • Jay

    Hehe, Old Aunty coming through for her man yet again as polls take a turn for the worse, no longer even caring what it looks like.

    BBC News Press Team

    “As the national public service broadcaster, the BBC’s first priority must be its audience [mmm.] In the wake of a major terrorist incident, we believe it is now in the public interest [chuckle] that the Prime Minister should be interviewed on our flagship Sinday political programme with Andrew Marr . . [But we do] continue to ‘urge’ Boris Johnson to take part in the prime-time Andrew Neill interview as others have done.”

    • michael norton

      Whether posed or completely real,
      it does hugely play to the benefit of Boris Johnson.
      Right from the start of this campaign, Boris has wanted 20,000 extra policemen on the beat.
      He has wanted stiffer sentences for violent crime.
      The NATO seventieth party, is about to kick off in the U.K.
      He is in the spotlight, in a way, which makes him seem Priministirial.

      All positives from Boris’ view.

      • Jay

        Of course. There wasn’t going to be a better opportunity between now and election day for Aunty to try and puff her man up as Prime Ministerial.

        She’s seized on this ‘major’ terrorist incident shamelessly and will just be praying now that the doofus doesn’t manage to embarrass himself tomorrow morning.

  • Dungroanin

    London Bridge / Fishmongers Hall
    = City of London – The Ancient City.

    The perpetrator ‘executed’ like Jean Charles at Stockwell.

    The identity and back story of the perp instantly available – just like the passport FBI found at WTC…


    It is clear that there is clear panic at the number of new voters registered upto cut off, this means that their planned ballot stuffing is looking to become ineffectual.

    The Prince Andrew story cleared the pages the previous weekend as the free broadband policy got the propagandist on the hop and Bobo lost first debate with Jezza.

    Last weekend was about light pollution/Elon Musk breaking Tesla windows and lurid details of death of Brit in NZ – just after the Friday QT special which bobo lost again and Corbyn announced his neutrality on confirmatory referendum.

    This weekend – after Andrew Neil failed to land killer KO, Labour revealed secret negotiations for Trump Trade Deal, Bobo got sicknote on debate and sent his daddy & ditched the Neil debate (he does as he is told as he explained to some local reporter in a farm shop in Devon!), and crashed and burnt on his LBC interview and post callers laid in … the ‘terror’ attack unfolded (the name Khan is aimed at Hindu voters in Bobo’s constituency).

    They wants their precious HARD BREXITS. Theys do! Nazgul wraith brexit king Cummings has flown from the tower to find the precious himself!
    Theys got sacksfulls of dead catses and theys not afraid to KILL and injure innocents for their precious – and uncle Pompeo promises no hobbit Corbynites wills stopses their precious masters.

    • Republicofscotland

      “The identity and back story of the perp instantly available ”

      It always is, or they are known to the security services previously.

      • Michael

        Having read the comments in the Off-Guardian it seems the Fishmongers Hall where this story begins was founded in 1381 by the man who plunged a knife into Wat Tyler to end the Peasants Revolt. Knowing how symbolism is very important to the elite, I can’t help wondering if this charade was to symbolically put an end to Corbyn’s chances of election ie. to end the modern peasant’s revolt?

  • giyane

    Not much difference imho between a royal who gets praise and glory for entering the sleazy world of arms deals and a jihadist who gets a green light from NATO to terrorise. Both could have said no. If they couldn’t refuse because they were already being blackmailed, the blame falls on the blackmailers.

    That’s why I say that the queen is the person who created the dodgy Prince for her own weird satisfaction and it is the politicians who make and use terrorists. . In a world where a queen posts her own son to a paedophile Zionist US arms dealer, nobody should hesitate for a second in blaming the Tories for yesterday’s spectre of terror.

    It means, if you vote for us , you agree to our using the streets of London as a foil set for any acts of fake terror we choose to perpetrate.
    I agree. I want to spend eternity in the hottest flames of he’ll in exchange for a detached house in suburbia and a free leather seated four by four.

  • John Goss

    This would be unbelievable but for the bigoted dictatorial world we have become. Two days ago I published a piece defending the Labour Party against taunts from the Chief rabbi that under Jeremy Corbyn it had become anti-semitic. Jewish News editor, Jack Mendel, claimed in a tweet that my article was anti-Semitic. I tweeted in what way. He blocked me!

    The original article is here.

      • John Goss

        MN, if you had read the article you would see I rang no “Jews control the world bell”. In Judaism you cannot get higher in this country than Ephraim Mirvis. He is the chief rabbi. So it is all right for him to call Labour anti-Semitic (which it is not) but not all right to criticise those who tell these lies?

        I can’t see where you’re coming from.

        • MN

          “if you had read the article”. I did. You’re not objective (how can you be, its your own piece)… and you’re not listening. Whatever your intention… the title and the first paragraph clang the wrong bells. I’m a long time opposer of Israel and certainly Ephraim Mirvis’s interventions and I can see that.

        • John Goss

          Well MN, I am having difficulty believing your claim “I’m a long time opposer of Israel and certainly Ephraim Mirvis’s interventions and I can see that” because only a couple of days ago you could also see where Ephraim Mirvis was coming from but failed to see the vitriolic nature of his harangue against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see.

          Let me point out I am clanging no bells but simply trying to redress the balance against those with connections in mainstream media who manipulate public opinion in an unfavourable manner. As well as Jack (the dictator) Mendel’s opinions there are those of his colleagues at the BBC like Neil Henderson all pulping out the same vitriol.

          The time has come to fight back – though everybody (bar a few) seems too scared to do so. I know when William Hague said that Israel’s response to the deaths of 6 Israeli soldiers in 2006 by killing 1,370 Lebanese was “disproportionate” funding to the Tory Party swiftly diminished.

          Perhaps that’s the kind of balance you believe in. Or perhaps I’m wrong. But you need to do a much better job to convince me.

    • George McI

      I think you made a mistake with “wealthy Jews”. Actually I wouldn’t even talk about “Jews” at all but only about this bogus “anti-Semitism” witch hunt which is being used not specifically by Jews but by the rich. There are no doubt Jews involved but to go down that road at all is a red herring that will gleefully be seized on by the shameless media manipulators.

      I know it’s pathetic to have to say this – but you really have to watch everything you say in case it can be used against you. And – yes I am aware that these conscienceless media hacks are going to smear you anyway but you shouldn’t offer them something they can easily use. The moment you stop talking about the rich, the capitalists, the neoliberals etc. and start talking about “the Jews”, then they have won.

      And in that spirit, I also note you say, “The tentacles of power politics stretch far and wide bringing the Archbishop of Canterbury into their clutches.” “Power politics” is fitting but “tentacles” can easily be related to Nazi propaganda. Apologies for the pedantry but I think we must all realise now how filthy this smear campaign is. As an example try this Stephen Pollard tweet:

      “Please, broadcasters, when you cover the Chief Rabbi story and Labour antisemitism, stop going to JVL for a ‘counter’ voice as two sides of a debate. It’s like covering an attack on homophobic politicians and then going to a spokesman for a group of homophobes for ‘balance’”

      Note the McCarthyite logic: No need for a defence of the accused since we already know they are guilty.

      • John Goss

        Fair comment George, but if nobody stands up against this insidious evil and everybody accepts that they are going to get lambasted for any alternative viewpoint that challenges the accepted narrative. I never as a phrase use “rich Jews” and the nearest comes in the paragraph:

        “Those who circulate this nonsense are not poor Jewish families trying to eke out a living in these days of austerity. They are not persecuted like Anne Frank’s family, forced to move abroad because of Nazi ideology. They are rich. They are bankers. They are owners of corporations and owners of the media – or those who can put pressure on the owners of the media.”

        I am well aware that many Jewish people are as opposed to the nonsense as I am. Rabbi Meyer Weinberger on behalf of European rabbis has written to Jeremy Corbyn stating that Ephraim Mirvis does not speak for them.

        To my mind there has been too much pussyfooting and cosying up. We have to nip it in the bud. If we do not speak out against injustice we are no different from those in Nazi Germany who never defended the Jewish community, gypsies, Communists, homosexuals and other minority groups oppressed by the Third Reich.

        • George McI

          ” I never as a phrase use “rich Jews”…”

          The first sentence of your original post goes:

          “Never to my memory has there been an election where wealthy Jews have been so frightened.”

          Technically you are correct. But it’s the wealthy in general who are frightened. You make it seem like a Jewish issue. But I would say that this entire focussing on Jews plays into the hands of these propagandists milking …well, we all know what they are milking. Norman Finkelstein refers quite rightly to “The Holocaust Industry” i.e. that extortion racket which shamelessly exploits Jewish suffering in World War 2 for political ends. And it’s still going on – now more than ever. It is most emphatically not a “Jewish issue” but has been spun as such for the maximum Pavlovian effect.

          The basic mechanism right now is to conflate “the Jews” with the rich. There was a report on RT about a ludicrous new phenomenon where the rich were presenting themselves as persecuted. And we inevitably had the old “I felt like a Jew in Nazi Germany” line.

          I thoroughly support what you do. I just think you should be careful not to give those media ghouls ammunition with the aforementioned Jew/rich conflation. The Jews are themselves just pawns in this sinister game of manufactured outrage where the manipulators really couldn’t care less about what damage they do to communities, culture, traditions – Jewish or otherwise.

          • John Goss

            I can meet you most of the way but it was not I who mentioned the concerns of Jewish people but Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in an attempt to blacken the character of Corbyn’s Labour. As I said in the article I think it will backfire. Most people are not stupid.

            To begin with I suspected I was alone but there has been more support than I expected for my speaking out.

            Anyway, thanks for the advice. I do realise what you are saying. I have just reached a point where think it is time to confront those spreading nasty messages with impunity and the full support of MSM.

            Some years back on this blog I recall speaking out about the persecution of Jews especially in Nazi Germany, but also in the pogroms long before the second quarter of the twentieth century. I was urged to be cautious because of the “Holocaust Industry”. All obscenity, all holocausts, all torture should be condemned regardless of who is on the receiving end.

            Yours and MN’s attempts to get me to modify my language are understood, and I think Jeremy Corbyn is a great exemplar in that respect. I can’t guarantee I can live up to such an easy-going use of carefully-chosen language even though I know the advice you offer is for my own good. And it is appreciated.

          • George McI

            I appreciate your optimism with that “most people are not stupid”. I got into an argument with Hatuey where he made me realise that I was being far too pessimistic and that this was part of mainstream media mind programming. If they cannot influence their viewers to support whatever idiotic scam they are churning out, they can influence them into thinking that resistance is futile. The media says in effect, “We are everyone so if you don’t agree with us then you are the odd one out.” And the fact that this does admittedly work on many does not indicate it works on all. Indeed – the very vision of “public opinion” that the media presents is part of the scam.

            In the meantime all we can do is to tell the truth and have hope – and these are two of the most powerful weapons.

  • nevermind

    With sadness I note that Lord Rothermere has bought up the i paper for near enough 59 million, a paper which, after incremental price rises over some years from 25pence to now £1.20, has now become profitable

    Craig was right to pen down this article as the BBC complained about the Conservative placing adverts with comments from Laura on social media websites and FB.
    Laura Kuenssberg saying ‘pointless delay to Brexit’, followed by newsreader Huw Edwards stating ‘another Brexit delay’ are all part of the complaint.
    So is the caption’ a hung Parliament=gridlock Stop the chaos, vote Conservative’ a totally unacceptable use of BBC content.

    ‘we are asking the Conservative party to remove these adverts’…and the Conservative party refuses to do so as it was ‘clearly’ not edited content .

    Obviously the Tory’s can’t win in this election without using the content of a national broadcaster and willing stooges within the BBC hierarchy, they haven’t got one original idea in their dumb heads.

  • nevermind

    What happened to the Rabbi who informed the police about personal threats to him and his family in the wakle of signing the thank you letter of support to Corbyn?
    Here in South Norfolk a Labour party canvasser, a woman, was driven at with a car, she narrowly managed to get out of the way. In Norwich another party worker was shoved over the bonnet of a car, so somebody could ‘walk past’.

    This election is featuring thugs and it is revealing that the BBC does not follow up these attacks for fear of Conservative retribution to their franchise.
    Why have they not interviewed the 72 year old man who had his jaw broken by some hooligan at the doorstep?

    • Deb O'Nair

      compare this this to the media coverage of Brexit Party canvassers who were milk-shaked (even though at least one looked staged) during the EU elections.

  • michael norton

    Boris Johnson has been gifted a terror attack, a brilliant, caring, white Cambridge graduate has been slaughtered,
    by a knife wielding Muslim, that was followed by a Polish man wielding a narwhal horn on a bridge in London, heoric members of the public, stepped up to the plate and took control, followed by the knifeman being shot in the head by London police officers.
    This is on a plate for Johnson.
    A few questions

    Did the knife wielder turn up wearing his false suicide bombers outfit and caring gorrila tape and knives?
    Did the knife wielder turn up at Fishmongers with his terror stuff in a bag, if so was his bag searched?
    Or did he turn up clean
    and collected the false suicide vest, the gorrila tape and knives from the toilet, that had been stashed by another person?
    If the latter ,
    who is his accomplice?

    • Ken Kenn

      Well -here’s the thing.

      If this was a ‘meet up ‘ or a Conference as they say at Jacob Rees Mogg’s house and this bloke was invited ( tag and all – who ‘invited ‘ him and who was his accomplice in the legal sense?

      Stafford is up the line from London so did he arrive of his own accord or was he brought to the Fishmarket Hall?

      Still not many clues as to how where the dead and injured were attacked.

      My brother thinks it was a cons punch up.

      Is he right – or was it Terrorism?

      More to the point is Patel going to take the flak for Johnson?

      Awful though this is it ends up political.

      Whether we like it or not.

      Marr tomorrow will spend nearly all of his time discussing terrorism not the GE.

      That’s why the BBC has caved in.

      Now that is really cynical politics.

      Even lower than Johnson’s tricks.

      The again the BBC has been doing this since its inception.

      No surprise to me – not at all.

  • Deb O'Nair

    When the terror status was reduced some weeks ago many people said it was an indication of a pre-election false flag terror pantomime. The public swallow it every time because they do not want to contemplate the alternative.

    • giyane

      Deb O’ Nair

      The people who write the scripts for this bollocks are straight from Hollywood.
      Apparently we are now to believe the narrative of revenge by the ‘terrorist’ against his ‘ rerehabilitator ‘.

      Prevent is a recruiting organisation , not a preventing one. Rehabilators working for the company that sent Andrew to Epstein , are agents of destruction. The corporate bums of the Zionist mafia in the Tory cabinet have services to sell .

      The little people leading boring lives in the Muslim slums get sucked into the big world of Zionist gangsterism . We already need haram mortgages to survive. Now they need harram work and a haram narrative to motivate them.

      Really there is nothing to see here except tijarah/ business. The creation of problems that need expensive solutions from mafia men and women.

      • giyane

        BTW the Labour PParty are just as corrupt as the Tories, which is why they chose a worn out student idealist to figurehead them. When Labour win this election the Zionist mafia Hollywood narrative will stay exactly the same and Jeremy will be sent to no 10 to be an icon of purity while they carry on exactly the same.

        • Xavi

          Another Tory cock pretending he views Jeremy Corbyn as a charlatan/ sell out. Lots of them about on this site.

          • giyane


            I’m a Muslim. I don’t believe is politicians . I believe in God . I actually believe politics is trying to divert people from what is good into what is beneficial for them. Bit of a bummer I know but you can save your insults for the drain.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ giyane December 1, 2019 at 23:20
            You are just plain wrong in not believing that some politicians really do try to do their best for the people, rather than just themselves. And Jeremy is most certainly one of them.
            Even his enemies don’t throw that at him, because it is self-evidently untrue.

          • Giyane


            I actually believe that the only way to change my circumstances is to ask from Allah and the only way to achieve that is by worshipping Him. Everything else is totem poles and dirges.

            Christmas and Easter drive me nuts because they are the only days my compatriots believe their drivel.
            Elections drive me nuts in the same way because they actually believe politicians for the duration.

            As for elections falling on xmas, the whole British society is inserting its Brexit head up it’s own backside.

          • Giyane


            Supposing I were to suspend credulity for a second and think that God divide himself into an omnipotent Being into a human with an On- off button
            Or vote for my Mp who declared there was no more money as a joke.
            Why would I suspend my brain in cocaine long enough to believe he and his blairite brownie colleagues would not do it again?

            Having a party leader who refuses to declare his opinion Brexit reminds me of the state of mind I put myself in when I’ve bought a ticket on a terror ride at the fairground. If I have a heart attack or fall off please God look after my immortal soul.

            Why would I commit my pencil to will o the wisp who will not commit himself to his opinion. I neither worship the people nor the elite, so why put my trust in either of them.
            Win some you lose some isnt fantastic marketing . We had a referendum.
            We decided what to do. May tried to change it into a hard Brexit and failed.
            Corbyn should tether himself to his own principles and guarantee a soft Brexit.

            Otherwise the blairites and brownites are still running the labour party and No.
            I’m not going to vote for them now and I never voted for them before.

            I wont vote for a man who wont put forward his own idea for fear of upsetting others.
            You will lose anyway what you are afraid to lose. Take a deep breath mr Corbyn and say Norway plus. Then I will tick your man’s little box

          • Xavi

            You pose on here as some kind of uber moral holy man yet scramble for any excuse to denigrate Jeremy Corbyn.
            You seriously think I care about you voting? You are a fool as well as a phony.

  • Steve Hayes

    Kuenssberg took Jeremy Corbyn’s words out of context to present a false and defamatory picture. The BBC Trust found against her, but BBC senior management’s response was to assert that she is an excellent journalist: the BBC is a propaganda organisation; it ought to be disestablished.

    • Marmite

      Not a day goes by….

      Media regulations and standards must be very lax these days, with so-called fact-checkers rather taking up the role of censors of anything that doesn’t conform to an ever-right-wing neoliberal ideology.

      I’ve taken to looking at The Mail recently to see what ‘the voting public’ is reading these days. Not a very hopeful sight.

      Regarding this story, what The Mail neglects to say is that no ethnic or religious groups were singled out to begin with, and therefore not mentioning one can hardly be seen as exclusion.

      But I guess reason or logic just doesn’t need to apply….

      As long as the voting public laps it up, the truth is beside the point. Today they will enlist Jewish sensitivities in their efforts to demolish all morality; once that’s done, they will be incarcerating more honest journalists and stomping on all forms of diversity and dissent.

  • michael norton

    Donald Trump has landed, very quietly.
    Boris Johnsons minders have to keep the pair apart, they do not want any endorsements in case it frightens off the voters.
    The LibDems are hurtling down the slope into the memory hole, it was said on the radio today that Remainers and Levers on the door steps have told the LibDems that their Revoke notion is antidemocratic
    and not what anyone, other than the LibDem High Command want,
    so the LibDem Revoke policy is thought to be giving hope to Labour.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ michael norton December 2, 2019 at 23:38
      Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so quiet for our unwelcome transatlantic ‘guest’.
      Seems like he’ll get some fish and chips at Lizzie’s Place, as there is a multi-group demo from 16.00 later today (Tuesday), forming at Trafalgar Square, then marching to the palace.
      I’m not looking forward to it – it will be dark and cold, and many people will still be at work.

      • michael norton

        a few questions for Boris Johnson

        1) why are you still illegally holding Julian Assange?
        2) What have you done with Yulia Skripal?
        3) Why was Priti Patel in the Golan, when you were her boss?
        4) What involvement did the British Security Services have in the death of the al-Hilli Family?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ michael norton December 3, 2019 at 08:58
          Be patient.Come the Day of Judgement, and these Luciferian critters will reveal all.
          If I go on that demo this afternoon I shall have my megaphone.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    According to her, Boris Johnson was furious when a meeting at Rochester, Kent was cancelled on police advice.

    No better way to get the Conservative voter to the polls after the London Bridge attack.

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