Cyber Attack On This Site to Crash MI6 Post 19

The site is under a strong denial of service attack from a bot trying to crash it by overloading with millions of pings from multiple locations. I presume the objective is to take down the revelation of the fake MI6 Snowden story, which had been read by tens of thousands already and is now really taking off.

While the copyright in that article remains mine, I grant permission for it freely to be reproduced by anybody, anywhere. I shall be grateful for multiple copies to be posted around the web so it can’t be taken down.

Some extremely brilliant people have put an awful lot of time and a bit of money on the defences of this blog, making it very hard to crash even by governments, through a cloud hosting system. (OK, you got me, I don’t understand how they do it). With any luck we won’t go down, but backups on that article very welcome.

This article will be deleted in an hour or so to put the MI6 lies back at top of the blog.

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19 thoughts on “Cyber Attack On This Site to Crash MI6 Post

  • Ruth

    Very interesting. Earlier this afternoon I tried to put a link to your article in the comments section of the Daily Mail. Having posted about three or four comments on the same article a very short while before, I found that I couldn’t use my password. I quickly got another password and tried to post the same comment but got sent an email saying, ‘ Thank you for your reader comment for the article linked below. Unfortunately it has not been published because you have posted more than 10 comments in last 24 hours for this article.’ I’m absolutely sure I only posted the three or four messages.

    Also, I noticed something different in the behaviour of what I believe are usually government trolls. Instead of generally smearing pro-Snowden comments, very anti-Snowden comments are made and almost in a matter of seconds/minutes they get very high ratings.

  • Trodos

    You may just have nipped a malevolent operation in the bud. They will become laughing stock if they now follow up with a ludicrous “suqami passport in the 911 rubble” next step.

  • Republicofscotland

    Rev Stu over on Wings suffered simikar attacks as did Chris Spivey,and they say on Dads Army “They don’t like it up them.”

    I recall they used DDOS, direct denial of service,and in Spiveys case he moved his online site to Iceland I think.

  • Republicofscotland

    Rob I see on your very good blog you said that Scotland had only one pro-independence paper the Herald,it’s not,the Sunday Herald leans towards independence on occasion when it suits it.

    The only true pro-indy paper (with sales 30.000 plus daily) in Scotland is the National.

  • Andrew Wilson

    Hey Craig,

    Thanks for the information, always enjoy reading your blogs.

    Take care, be safe, the establishment don’t like their dirty laundry being aired in public.

  • RobG

    14 Jun, 2015 – 7:35 pm

    Thanks for the correction. I’m in south west France and as such don’t have the intimate knowledge that someone on the ground in Scotland has.

    Sometimes I make mistakes.

  • Porkfright

    Ruth, 6.19p.m. This sort of behaviour in on-line comments is now happening on a daily basis and is noticed by those of us who switch between MSM outlets and something else. (Piano practice largely with me). Clearly some cyber-fiddling going on. Indy had run the story, and loads of comments were heavily in favour of Snowden. Now gone, of course! Welcome to GDR/GB.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Thanks for the correction. I’m in south west France and as such don’t have the intimate knowledge that someone on the ground in Scotland has.”

    No probs RobG.

    Keep up your good blog work.

  • OldMark

    Keep buggering on(W. Churchill)

    Craig- Your five point demolition of the Sunday Times article has obviously rattled a few cages.

  • nevermind

    I knew something was up when twatter trended. keep copies people and thanks for being in touch.

  • John Goss

    Nothing surprises me. But thanks for this information as well as the Five Reasons post which cleared up a few misunderstantings of the lay people. 🙂

  • Paul Johnston

    Hi Craig
    If you think your site is secure please please drop me a line as there is something I would like to let you know.
    I notice you are running a WordPress 🙂

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