The Sad Death of James Le Mesurier 238

We should never forget that all human deaths are tragedies. No human is perfect and none is completely evil. Even the most wretched, snivelling excuse of a human being you can possibly imagine – say Ian Austin – has known a mother’s love. Le Mesurier leaves a wife and children who will be mourning. We should not forget that.

Unfortunately he worked in a profession where you can very quickly move from an asset to a liability. Le Mesurier’s usefulness to Western security services, Israel and their Gulf allies came to an end when the jihadist headchoppers to whom Le Mesurier had been providing logistic support and invaluable propaganda, lost their last secure footing in Syria. That the white helmets worked hand in glove with the extreme jihadists, and moved out wherever they moved out, is beyond dispute as a matter of fact, whatever the state of denial of the mainstream media. That there is now nowhere in Syria that people can go around executing Christians with impunity, and simultaneously now nowhere that the White Helmets can operate, is not the coincidence the mainstream media affect to believe. Some of them possibly do believe it. As a wise man once observed, it is amazing what people can believe when their job depends on it.

Having stopped being useful, Le Mesurier became much more of a liability after Turkey took over further control of former jihadist controlled areas in Northern Syria. The chances of Turkey obtaining both documentary and first person testamentary evidence of the relationship between the White Helmets, the jihadists, and western and allied intelligence services increased substantially. Indeed I have reason to believe Turkey may already have done so. His potential liability to his former employers ratcheted up. This resulted in his death. Whether he was killed or took his own life from the resultant stress, I have no information at present.

As regular readers know I have excellent contacts in Turkey of precisely the right kind. Leading a life a great deal more complicated than just being a blogger, I regret that I have been unable to date to tell you the full truth of what I was doing in Ankara in December 2017, and probably will not be able to tell you for a year or two yet. I will now try to get further information from my contacts on Le Mesurier, but please understand it may not be instant.


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238 thoughts on “The Sad Death of James Le Mesurier

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  • Petra

    Apologies for going off-topic Craig, but is there any way that you could help the SNP to reach their target?

    The SNP is looking ”to raise £50,000 in the next 48 hours to challenge the unfair and unjust debate format.”

    ‘If the broadcasters get their way, Scotland will be shut out of election debates. We’ve got a message for them today – You’re not on!”

    I see that this is for SNP members only, however you can donate to the SNP here:-

    Please donate to put a spanner in their works. Ensure that our representative, Nicola Sturgeon’s voice is heard.

    • Hatuey

      Do you really think the SNP needs donations to cover a poxy 50 grand bill?

      Donating as a non-member using your second link wouldn’t put one penny towards the “cause” you mention either; it would just go into the general funds of the SNP which are obviously to be key separate.

      They’ve got about 100 MPs and MSPs. By any standard those people are all relatively rich. Maybe each of them could chip in a measly £500, that way poor people wouldn’t need to part with cash in the run up to Christmas..

      • Petra

        Yes I do think that the SNP need donations Hatuey. The money that they receive is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the Tories, Labour and Libdems all of whom receive donations from wealthy individuals, their membership, private companies, dark money and the trade unions, etc etc. And of course they need funds for a multitude of reasons over and above this latest issue.

        We don’t know how much this legal action will cost, so I would assume that money would have to be used from their general funds to meet the costs if need be. Looks as though you’re not exactly a supporter of Independence, or concerned about the SNP being excluded from the debates, so fair enough.

        • Hatuey

          “The money that they receive is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the Tories, Labour and Libdems…”

          Great. Something we can test and possibly falsify. Do you have data on this since it’s your claim?

          “Looks as though you’re not exactly a supporter of Independence…”

          I’m a big supporter of independence but I don’t see the connection between that and the point I made above. The SNP and you are asking ordinary people to donate to the tune of £50 thousand, possibly more. I think the comparatively rich SNP politicians should pay it.

          If you take what I say at face value instead of reading into it, this conversation could be constructive.

          • W

            Sorry,but that is a load of nonsense. As someone else pointed out, the tories are hugely rich so how can you say that the SNP are so wealthy, thay don’t need donations? Furthermore the huge amount of money that Alex Salmond received (including a modest fiver from moi) for his trial in a relatively short period of time, proves that the funding is available and people are willing to donate to a cause that they believe in.

          • kathy

            Hi, I don’t know who “W” is but it aint me and I was the person who posted the comment at 23.48.

    • Borncynical


      Yep. Rather reminds me of the discovery of a terrorist chemical factory in East Douma, replete with European supplied ‘ingredients’ and empty rocket shells, immediately following liberation. The SAA/Russians invited international journalists to view the finds but it was left to intrepid independent investigative reporters to take up the offer and show us what was there; no one bothered from the MSM.

      • Borncynical

        Sorry…Eastern Ghouta, not Douma. As we know, that’s a different case of conveniently ignoring the truth!

        • Brianfujisan


          Have you heard of a great and Brave journalist called Tom Duggan – I follow him for the latest on Syria.. As he lives in Damascus.

          Exclusive British journalist Tom Duggan destroys MSM lies on Syria 19 05 2017
          208 views•May 18, 2017 –

          P.s. He is also an Aikido Expert

  • Anonymous

    Maria Zakharova outed him Nov 8

    Three days later his handlers outed him, he had become a liability.

    “The Strange Death of White Helmets Founder Leaves Many Questions to Be Answered”
    Not only did he establish and develop the White Helmets, but he secured significant funding from the UK, U.S., Turkish, German, Qatari, Dutch, Danish and Japanese governments, and helped raise money on Indiegogo. His deep connections to the British military and his expansive experience as a mercenary serving Gulf dictatorships made him the perfect figure to establish a “rescue group” aimed at legitimising terrorists operating in Syria and to push for a regime-change intervention.

    Along with the White Helmet’s ties to terrorist organizations and faking chemical weapon incidences, the group also has a role in the execution of civilians and using children in their propaganda campaigns. Mesurier was without a doubt a man with deep connections and deep pockets, with every resource available to him from international intelligence agencies and significant experience in supporting terrorists in conflict zones.

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