One thousand British casualties in Iraq 2

With the news of the deaths two more British soldiers earlier last week and another on Sunday, people may start asking again about the true cost of the Iraq war. In a previous post we have highlighted evidence of the high levels of casualties inflicted on the Iraqi people. However, the cost to the people serving in the British military should also be remembered. A posting on LFCM draws attention to the fact that British military casualties in Iraq are now in the region of one thousand. A milestone that deserves attention.

Update 01.03.06: Fresh evidence of the UK governments attempts to underplay the true extent of British casualties is featured in this new posting.

MOD letter reveals John Reid issued misleading figures on British casualties in Iraq

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    Glad to discover you in this format. It seems that you are plural: Craig + assistant(s)? Anyway, thanks for your tenacity and eloquence in a good cause.

  • the Disillusioned ki

    Keep Counting

    I'm usually pretty dubious about those sections of the anti-war movement who focus unduly on the cost of the war on British and American forces. I'd rather they weren't out there being killed and I feel sorry for those they leave behind, but I've alw…

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