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What would Craig Murray be like if he had charisma, good looks, style and a huge slug of street cred? I came across this video last night. In fact virtually every single point made by Bob is a point I have made on this blog, but it sounds so much more radical coming from him.

The blocking of Joanna Cherry from standing in Edinburgh Central by Nicola Sturgeon in order to shoo in her anointed successor, NATO’s Angus Robertson, protégé of Lord John Kerr, secretary of the Bilderberg Group and my former boss (remarkably all that is straight fact), should be reason enough to vote against Robertson, even if you don’t know the truly filthy story that lies beneath. But who else a decent independence supporter might vote for in Edinburgh Central was a problem.

Until Bonnie Prince Bob.


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194 thoughts on “Vote for Bonnie Prince Bob in Edinburgh Central

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  • Alf Baird

    Edinburgh central reminds me of a Frantz Fanon quote, which perhaps reflects Bob’s sense of place and culture in his own city today:

    “The native is an alien in his own country under colonialism.”

  • Bayard

    Presumably not, as anyone would not use any word in the same way if it meant something different to what it actually does mean. Would you call yourself “marxist” if it meant “sex pest”?

    • N_

      What salient difference are you assuming between a group of men degrading a woman (let’s assume she’s “consenting”, like, er, Linda Lovelace?) and a group of whites degrading a Pakistani (make exactly the same assumption)?

      It seems you didn’t spot the obvious similarity.

      • Bayard

        Despite the “obvious similarity”, “bukkake” still doesn’t mean “a group of whites slapping a Pakistani”, so it’s pointless making any speculation about how it would be used if it did. In addition the degradation in the real meaning is sexual and that in your meaning from a parallel universe is violent, which when it comes to making similes, is a different kettle of fish (and, no, before you ask, I wouldn’t have used that expression if it meant “number of immigrants coerced into a tight group”).

  • DunGroanin

    Lol. Can’t wait for the bellends of the Atlantic alliance and Phillip Cross’s wiki revelations about the Putin controlled Scottish Indy supporting anti Nato Robertson’s shoo in to the head of Scottish Government, as the ii flying blue trolls army are diverted to fire bomb and flatten the Bonnie Prince!

    I love the stench of a dirty election taking off in darkness and mystery!

    Though it will have to go some to beat the last two he’s in the US and U.K. (but as everyone knows Scotland is the vivisection test bed for what is then spread to the rest of the subjects later) – will they even find a way to disqualify or imprison him? Like the Catalans?)

    I need a healthier snack then popcorn for this.

    • Wikikettle

      A very interesting interview by Afshin Rattansi Going Underground, of the ex-President of Catalan and current MEP. A wide ranging and historical overview very pertinent to Scottish referendum. If someone could link please?

  • 6033624

    I want justice for Salmond. It’s clear that there have been lies told only in order to remove him, as he said, from public life. I have my own thoughts about exactly WHY this came about but the point is that even after this is resolved where does this leave the cause for independence? Is it, as ALL the press keeps asserting, being damaged by this? Personally I don’t think it is, there seems to be no real evidence for that.

    I appreciate that this isn’t really the point of course. Justice and good governance must come before everything and justice for Alex Salmond is STILL needed. A ‘Not Guilty’ in THIS case isn’t enough, people actually need to know this was a fit-up throughout.

    The British State are regarding this as a win/win of course. The outcome of the inquiries and trial would damage someone and they hoped to lever that as damage to the cause of independence. But I still think our electorate are too sophisticated to be this easily fooled.

    • DunGroanin

      Agree with your assessment that this is win-win strategy for the Brigadiers to keep Madge Purring.

      Of course they war gamed it.

      The target is the will of the people for independence.

      From the wormtongue barbies to the whole upper echelon of scotgov and snp and their civil servants with strings going back to Whitehall and deeeeeeper.

      The Independence cause is going to take blows, whether through ignominious departure of the Murrell Muppets or her claim to legitimacy for having survived and filling her government with high visibility inappropriate functionaries (designed to repel the ‘ordinary man and woman’ in the street.

      Such are the strings they have attached to the bow of keeping Scotland enslaved.

    • paul

      Could be any number of character flaws:

      • She’s a distinguished practitioner of law
      • She intimidates her opponents in the HOC
      • She turns up and speaks at large popular rallies in favour of independence
      • She doesn’t hold with ill thought-out legislation
      • She is both well liked and respected
      • She is independent of the Murrells’ inner court
      • She is suspiciously keen on independence
      • She values honesty over advancement
      • She is not a failed drama student
      • She might be a suitable leader for a party focused on Scottish independence.

      Take your pick.

      • Shatnersrug

        You forgot

        She didn’t work at a large student Union until she was allowed to ‘intern’ for an msp

        • paul

          I also forgot
          She is the preferred candidate in the edinburgh central seat, but only by the members.

      • Rosemary Hart

        Thanks Paul… Really helpful to have those truth statements framed so succinctly… I’m glad i asked that open question so that somebody like yourself would clarify the situation in a way that i couldn’t.. I’m sure they’ll be helpful for other folk reading through the comments, along with the others who contributed to the list.

  • Kempe

    ” (Turkish) conservatives argue its principles of gender equality and non-discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation undermine family values and promote homosexuality. “


  • M.J.

    I wonder what the “truly filthy story” behind Lord John Kerr is. Anything to do with Murder in Samarkand?

  • Michael Laing

    With the proviso that I don’t feel qualified to hold a view on drugs policy, I agree with every point made in Bob’s video. I live in Edinburgh Central, and I am very relieved that I will no longer feel it necessary to waste my ballot paper.

    • Squeeth

      You don’t need to be qualified to be a citizen. Drugs are de facto legal; this makes the regulation and taxation of drugs informal, a nice little earner for the bent ones.

  • J

    But it was an apposite usage and whether or not it was intended, a usage loaded with contempt for the very concept, as should be abundantly clear from the context in which it was used.

  • DiggerUK

    David Davis pulls no punches in The Mail on Sunday. Craig should consider getting permission to reproduce the article as a stand alone blog piece…_

    “The SNP-controlled Crown Office even has me in its sights, saying it will attempt to identify my source for the material I disclosed to the Commons. It clearly wishes to intimidate future whistleblowers from coming forward. But it is overreaching itself and I will not bow to its demands.
    If Scottish police officers come down to my Yorkshire constituency, they can expect to receive a cup of tea and biscuit. But that is it. They will leave empty handed”

    • Frank

      Rebel balladeers will be singing of the Murrells and the Crown Office for centuries to come. This is one of the noblest and most valiant ndependence movements the world has seen.

  • nevermind

    It could be possible that Craig gets an affirmative decision between now and Wednesday, as the judiciary will have to grapple with its own frocks and forelocks.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Are you confessing to have called yourself ‘a middle class wanker’ on this site, Mr Murray?!

    You’re certainly middle class.

    And by the very fact that you actually express real, robust opinions with regularity, it’s impossible that you won’t get some folks calling you a wanker.

    But I do wonder if you would be regarded by Bonnie Prince Bob as an intrinsic part of the ‘gentrification of Edinburgh’??

    • nevermind

      I’m quite sure you tried to wank a little yourself in your previous life as a human, Rhys, its a nonsensical post.
      I’m sure that his BPB video is aimed at the Oxberry area and all that lies along the bus route there.

    • Wikikettle

      Rhys Jagger. “Gentrification” is now a sort of policy by Pontins holiday’s. The hatred of “Travelers” and labeling has now taken the dimension of Pontins having a published black list of Irish surnames for their staff to refuse bookings !

  • Out+of+Affric

    I would vote for Bonnie Prince Bob and consider myself fortunate that I do not view life through the prism of football.

    Those Hearts supporters who are in the bubble (football not Edinburgh Central) might be less inclined. It’s often the throwaway lines that are the most best remembered.

  • Fredi

    Bonnie Prince Bob is an articulate character with many valid observations. He is someone whom I suspect has been inspired by Deek Jackson who once ran against Gordon Brown in a similar kind of protest.

    Charlie Booker’s newswipe was also undoubtedly inspired by the intrepid Deek.
    Youtube characters can and do sometimes shape contemporary discourse, sadly this isn’t the same as actually winning seats. Good luck to the man anyway.

  • Tatyana

    as a foreigner, I do not fully understand the meanings in his message, but I catch oratory, rhythm and melody. And I also really liked the manner of pronunciation – is it a Scottish accent?

    • Peter N

      Yes, Tatyana, it is a Scottish accent, at least as it is spoken by the working-class in Edinburgh (I speak it myself, though I no longer live in Edinburgh). The accent varies somewhat across Scotland but people from different areas/towns can speak to each other in their own accents and be understood in different areas of the country — so no problems. The Scottish middle-classes and upper-classes do not speak in this way, they consider that language uncouth, and so they speak ‘Proper English’. They do understand it, however, by and large, they would rather rip their tongues out than be contaminated by speaking it. Scotland and language, and the way it is linked into the class system, is a weird place to live in.

      In any case, if you like the lilt of the language then I would recommend this other video by Bonnie Prince Bob:

      DiscontentThere’s No Edinburgh In The Festival (YouTube, 6m 36s)

      He has much the same view of the festival that I came to have myself.

      • Tatyana

        Thank you so much, Peter! I enjoyed the video, thanks!

        Either he is a good speaker, or it is the accent feature, I’m able to recognize every word. Little or no reduction in voice volume in the ends of words and phrases helps greatly.

        Interesting what you say about class difference. We have nothing of that kind here in Russia. Though we have ethnic accents and area accents, but you can tell an educated man from a working class man only by their respective vocabulary.

        • DunGroanin

          Tatyana, you may be interested by the Glasgow accent!
          Here’s an example. Best done with subtitles , with a fine comedy from 30 years ago, here’s a little example.

          BBC Comedy: Rab C. Nesbitt – Scottish independence can we talk… (YouTube, 1m 15s)

          There are many TV episodes by the comic genius, with a Chaplainesque political sensibility. If you are into politics with comedy, it’s worth it.

      • Frank Owen

        “The accent varies somewhat across Scotland but people from different areas/towns can speak to each other in their own accents and be understood in different areas of the country — so no problems.”

        Er…fellow Scots always carry a dictionary when entering the NE, where, for example, ‘fit like a glove’ is a question not an idiom.

        Doric, the hard-core dialect spoken in affectation by teuchters, represents a whole world of unnecessary pain for the listener, but the coastal accent is very pleasant.

    • Courtenay Barnett


      You are a foreigner who speaks English.

      There is a further point – for there are so many versions of the English language when it migrated across the world.

      Here is an example of what I mean:-

      Linton Kwesi Johnson (from Jamaica) – If I Was a Top notch Poet (YouTube, 3m 23s)

  • Mark Boyle

    For those of you who also have VERY SHORT MEMORIES of what Bonnie Prince Bob had to say about Wings Over Scotland – without whom Sturgeon or what’s being going on in the SNP would never have come to light – straight from the very site:

    He may have scrubbed his incriminating Twitter account with the above on it, but his vanity Instagram page, also under the name of NonideeFixe, is still up:

    Oh, and just in case he tries to scrub the evidence:

    The same person who called Wings Over Scotland a ‘Snake Oil Selling Charatan P*ss Artist’ three years ago now wants independence supporters to vote for him on May 6th 2021.

    Not this side of hell!

    • Lyn Hay

      Seems to me that the Bonnie Prince is young enough to be still growing, and his election video has shown some of that. Give him a role as an MSP and he will grow into that as well. He is already better than those who would denigrate him.

      • james

        lyn – i agree… but this won’t prevent the opposition from pulling out any skeletons they can find on him! the more of a threat he is, the more then will find messengers to carry the water….same establishment agenda. its a sad kettle of fish, but regardless – i share your mature viewpoint.. ditto steve goodwins comment… in fact we are led on the world stage by first class wankers that would never have the courage or temerity to refer to themselves as such… bob is a refreshing break from the conformism that so many small minds seem to gravitate towards…

  • Squeeth

    Sorry about that, I didn’t realise it was that long until I scrolled down just now. My comment: This article is shite and an example of why I don’t subscribe to the LRB.

  • Colin Alexander

    Will Bonnie Prince Bob take the oath of allegiance to Purrin Betty aka Elizabeth Windsor aka Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha, so he can help administer colonialism on behalf of the UK state?

  • Mary Jenkins

    I love this and if I lived in Edinburgh, I would vote for him, Bonnie Prince Bob, needs to be told that Moray IS NOT in Banff … Banff is a town in Banffshire …. Moray is the county that Angus Robertson stood for, I know because I voted for him, before I knew better. Please change this video … it sounds so stupid, you saying Moray (the county) is in the town of Banff.

  • Douglas Scorgie

    Colin Alexander
    March 21, 2021 at 19:14

    “Will Bonnie Prince Bob take the oath of allegiance to Purrin Betty aka Elizabeth Windsor aka Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha, so he can help administer colonialism on behalf of the UK state?”

    He will have to Colin it’s in the (unwritten constitution). Members of parliament; police officers; police civilian workers; judges; civil servants; security services and probably many more cannot take up their positions if they do not take the oath.

  • vin_ot

    Robbo would counter that at least people know where they are with him …

    “In 2015, The Daily Telegraph reported that Angus Robertson’s second home expenses had included a television costing £1,119, a £400 home cinema system, £500 for a bed, £20 for a corkscrew and £2,324 for a sofa bed.[17] The home cinema system was initially denied by the expenses office; however, Robertson appealed this decision and it was subsequently awarded.

    In 2017 it was reported in several newspapers that Robertson had sold his second home in London, the mortgage on which was paid on expenses, as part of his divorce settlement. Robertson had previously pledged to repay the value of the expenses on the property and donate any profit to charity”.


  • S

    Can you win a FPTP election with a campaign like this? I would have thought that with FPTP you would have to try not to campaign too aggressively against a large demographic, and also try not to use offensive language that many people find inappropriate.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the video very much, and he’s drawing attention to crucial issues. Just questioning whether it’s a serious approach at winning at FPTP.

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