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Paul Barbara

‘…The main protagonists of the theory that all of the diseases on the rise in western society are due to glyphosate are Samsel and Seneff, neither of whom have done or have been trained in biological sciences as far as I can see…’
I don’t hold that view, but I do hold the view that Glyphosate is poisonous to humans and animals. Along with many vaccines, bee and other insect killing herbicides, increasing electro-smog, nano-particles in the air, water and soil, and so on.
The snake-oil salesmen, in keeping with their slimy murderous trade, speak with fork tongue.
They say Glyphosate attacks the shikamate pathway, which they say humans and animals don’t have, but they are lying, insofar as the incredibly important gut bacteria do use this pathway, and it is disrupted, seriously damaging their health. But do they care? All they care about is being slapped with a multi-million cancer suit, and plenty more waiting in the wings.
Monsanto pulled a crafty one selling out to Bayer – I suspect they knew their dirty game was about to come under serious (I hope) attack, and ‘passed the parcel’. I’m sure the Jerry’s will appreciate it.