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      Thank you, Justin, for bringing the pdf, but I see nothing, just a black screen. Screenshoted, if you can access the .jpg screenshot you’ll see what it looks like.

      Essentially I’ve read what you’ve linked earlier, the photos of the pages, so I can confirm it says he is accused of making videos, posting it on YouTube, so that ‘it became available to unknown number of people’. Exactly this wording, I read Ukrainian version. No other accusation was there.
      If you could help with fixing the problem with .pdf?

      I monitor the updates on Gonzalo’s situation on YouTube. Here is another blogger Jackson Hinkle speaking. Happy to note he used “Where is Gonzalo Lira” re-wording Gonzalo’s own phrase “Where is Tiffany Dover”

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        Also, If I can please ask a native speaker to listen to Jackson Hinkle’s video linked above at 7:15. At this timestamp he mentions someone with a remark they are a ‘spokesperson for Ukrainian propaganda for English listeners’. As a Russian I just cannot make out what is the name?

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          Tatyana, it’s Sarah Ashton Cirillo (spelling might be wrong, always possible with names).

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            Yes, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo is a transgender combat medic embedded with the AFU and 113th Kharkiv Defense Brigade, deployed as a sergeant to the front lines and recently injured in action.

            Here’s the unpleasant announcement about Gonzalo Lira’s capture:

            Here (s)he can be seen condemning Lira’s activities:

            It looks like the indictment file was taken down by the site host. Try this flipbook version, which is easier to read online:
            Gonzalo Lira SBU indictment

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              Thank you, guys (sorry to use this form of addressing, I really don’t know what is proper nowadays 🙂 Ladies and gentleman?) It’s getting very fast to the midnight in my place and I’m wanted at home to feed my boys, and cats, and make sure I’m ok, and have a sleep before the new day comes.
              It will be a hectic time till Tuesday for me, especially because I planned to squeeze into my busy schedule also an exhibition that ends this Sunday. They exhibit Bosch and Bruegels. It’s not that I’m particularly interested in seeing 15th century high-res 1:1 scale prints… But since Bosch’s work has been turned into a bunch of internet memes entitled “the suffering middle ages” I just can’t miss it 🙂 They allow drinks and photos, here where one could miss the lost Instagram access, might be an excellent report!
              Forgive me for appearing only occasionally, but I want to encourage you not to be shy to contact if something important, or you urgently need a Russian or Ukrainian translator – by clicking on my nickname. There’s an e-mail and phone number there, I’m available on WhasApp and Telegramm.

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              Pears Morgaine

                Face it, Lira is a complete idiot; unless he was deliberately setting himself up for martyrdom. You don’t broadcast your escape plan or even your intention to escape to the whole world and not expect to get nicked. Looks to me like his narcissism, the need to draw attention to himself, overcame what common sense he has. Quite amusing to watch him, Ritter, Bartlett and RT squabble amongst themselves.

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                  Oh, Pears are here! 🙂
                  It’s funny to see you spending your effort to emphasize the insignificance of Gonzalo.
                  We have a popular film here in Russia. In it, a female character in a tense scene shouts at the male character: “for three days I rode on horseback, trying to catch up with you, to tell you how much I don’t give a damn about you!”

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                    Alexander Mercouris of The Duran commented on the Gonzalo-Scott dispute yesterday.

                    He chose to take the “compassionate” position in support of Gonzalo whilst acknowledging that there are significant unanswered questions.

                    Watch from 6:55 :


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                      I understand that when people speak they want to let their opinion be known. But in general, the situation is very simple – Gonzalo stated that he was tortured, that he was most likely to be put in prison and had a vanishingly small chance of ever getting out of there alive.
                      In such a situation, the first thing to do is to make the person safe. The second is to ensure control, that is, not to allow something to be done with them secretly, without reliable information to the public.
                      I extend this approach to Gonzalo, and Assange, and Skripal, and Navalny, and the entire Ukrainian conflict on a larger scale – first stop the violence, secure people, and then look for ways to resolve the conflict. At the very last place in this algorithm of actions will be listening to opinions and assessments, such as what their motives were and whether they deserve it.

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                        Agree entirely Tatyana. I have no doubt your wisdom is widely appreciated on this site.

                        Brian Berletic of The New Atlas has just completed a live stream with the Duran guys and with Angelo Giuliano. He began their coverage of Ukraine with a full discussion of Gonzalo’s situation and his dispute with Scott.

                        Brian, having previously discussed this with Scott rejected his view that Gonzalo is an SBU agent saying that Scott had no evidence to back up his claim and changed his story twice while he was talking to him. Brian further claimed that the root of the dispute is a previous falling out between the two guys as a result of which they both hate each other and now neither is prepared to back down.

                        Alexander Mercouris added to his views expressed yesterday that neither did he believe that Gonzalo is an agent of the SBU.


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                        Pears Morgaine

                          Funny but ‘lack of evidence’ never seems to have bothered either Berletic or Ritter before.

                          I have read that after his previous arrest Lira was put on a train and told to leave the country, however he got off before reaching the border and went back. If true it suggests he isn’t too worried about living in Ukraine nor about being picked up be the authorities.

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                            “Funny but ‘lack of evidence’ never seems to have bothered either Berletic or Ritter before.”

                            More utter nonsense from the master/mistress (??) of the spurious quote.

                            If you knew what you were talking about Pears, or acted with any integrity (no breath held), you would know that Brian Berletic’s work is the most meticulously sourced and always includes comprehensive references to back up his commentaries and, unlike yours, his references are always valid and specific to the subjects he covers.

                            No worries, your m.o. is widely recognised and understood on this site by now.

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                              While we are waiting for news on Gonzalo, and since certain frequent commenters are here, may I suggest to entertain you?
                              Max Blumenthal makes a standup comedy!

                              A young ‘Ukrainian Buddhist’ claims “we are the master race, we are the 4th Reich’
                              Just to note this young guy is in the center of the group of ‘buddhists’ making a selfie in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kyiv region. Soon after the Maidan coup
                              the source seems like having much more on Buddhism in Ukraine

                              And, for dessert, nice, oh so nice art video! It goes good in itself, but Russophones may enjoy the subtitles, that turn it into a joke about the spokesperson Chirilo
                              Actually, if you don’t understan Russian, it ‘substitutes ‘have you looked at the badges on our caps recently?’ with ‘have you looked at our spokesperson recently?’ And the rest you can easily imagine and you’ll be right in your guess, highly likeely 🙂

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                                It seems certain now then that Gonzalo has been re-arrested. Whilst taking a neutral position himself on the now much aired public dispute, George Galloway spoke to Gonzalo’s father yesterday evening who confirmed that his son was back under arrest and that his court hearing has been postponed until later in the month.

                                Watch from 1:34:20 :


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                                  Our news report that Scott Ritter’s account is deleted on YouTube.
                                  “YouTube video hosting removed the channel of retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, who commented on the situation in Ukraine and criticized Washington’s actions …
                                  trying to access Ritter’s channel, I get the message: “The video is not available because the YouTube account associated with it has been deleted.”
                                  Ritter, among other things, actively commented on the special military operation in Ukraine, in particular, criticized the US for the multibillion-dollar aid supplies to Kiev, and also predicted the failures of the Ukrainian army. The ex-military also criticized Vladimir Zelensky. In June, he said that Zelensky is disrespected and hated in NATO, as he “leads his people to the slaughter.”
                                  Ritter, commenting on the removal of the channel, said that the reason for this was supposedly “inciting hatred.” At the same time, YouTube didn’t provide any example of such hatred, and didn’t warn the expert about the upcoming blocking, he noted. The ex-military also claims that “none of the episodes of The Scott Ritter Show contained hate speech, unless unique content from those whose voices are hushed up is considered hate.”

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                                    thx 4 info

                                    Another piece in the infinite chain of evidence that since the advent of free market entrepreneurship in the news business will always end up in monopoly of opinion and basically destroy what it originally was supposed to protect.

                                    So eventually there is no other option but become a Marxist regarding the question of private property.

                                    Until this problem is effectively solved the process of rise and decline of free news media intrinsic to capitalism will never end.

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                                      ah, here is where you are, AG! 🙂
                                      Yesterday I noticed that there is a comment from you, it was visible in the notification block about new answers on the Forum. I clicked several times to read it, but I always got to page number 1, and only today I noticed the pagination and reached you 🙂

                                      Well, I would not associate this with the political or economic system. It seems to me that it depends more on such a phenomenon: with a revolutionary change in society, new people come to power, serving a new goal. At this stage, it still works as intended, well, more or less.
                                      But sooner or later these “new people” increase their power and form connections. This is how a “network of elites” is formed. And now, at some stage, the system begins to work for the elites, because all of them are no longer scattered independent units, but a network. This happens whether you have marxism in your street or capitalism.
                                      If more than 50 years have passed since the moment of the grandiose change of the ruling elite, then your state has probably developed extensive networks of such “people in power.” Everyone of whom are striving to place their friends or relatives in “good jobs”, to give lucrative contracts. In general, clans and connections.

                                      In fact, any media in any system serves the authorities, because media workers are hired, literally, you pass an HR manager before you are allowed to work, and your materials get to the editor before it is published.
                                      Only independent non-media non-systemic journalists have independent opinions.

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                                        ever heard of this case?


                                        It’s in French but would do in case you do not speak French (with you Communist world conspirators one never knows).

                                        There is a French polit-thriller about this. They say Barbereau was framed by FSB which denounced him to be consumer of child pornography. Barbereau who was a French diplomat working as part of a RU-FRA cultural institute fled RU to not end up in prison for 15 years after he was warned that the trial and the court ruling were a fix.

                                        Accordingly the French movie´s title is “Kompromat”.


                                        Despite the so-so polit plot it in essence is a love story.
                                        star and co-producer Gilles Lelouch originally wanted to acquire the rights for Barberau´s book about his life story. But that didn´t work out.
                                        So the film is with fictional characters. But the plot is based on what allegedly happened.

                                        (I am having issues with the constant denouncing RU as a state of perverse leadership in entertainment products. But that´s another topic.)

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                                          your comment left me puzzled 🙂
                                          I didn’t understand if the remark about the Communist World Conspiracy was humorous or downright serious, as I could not find the slightest hint of a smiley symbol in your posting 🙂
                                          Also, knowing French a little… – I find it difficult to determine my level, since I learned it a very long time ago and had no real practice since that time; and, given that half of the English language consists of French words; and, given that Latin is a compulsory course for linguists and French is mostly Latin – … well, if I cautiously admit that I understand much of French, will you start hating me or will you put me on some terrible list of some world conspirators?

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                                            (some other occasion I will try clearify the puzzling above comment of mine. Sry)

                                            This I found today about “Queerness under Communism”. 45 min. podcast with 3 conversations with 3 young scholars.

                                            I found it interesting enough to post.

                                            Of course my agenda behind it is, to prove to people in the West that RU/SU is not as backwards as they so often picture(d) it.
                                            Apart from that I am sometimes surprised how little the young generation knows. This might be arrogant. But to asssume that queerness in USSR and beyond was non-existent is odd.

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                                              (… I hate to say it because it´s such a cliché: But in the podcast the last lady, the one who studied at Oxford of all places, is the best one…so try to make it until min. 45.)

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                                                Any news about Gonzalo? Seems like there is no.

                                                Well, to keep this thread live, may I share what I found in Russian Wiki? Gonzalo is a distant descendant of General José Miguel Carrera, who was the leader of the struggle for the independence of the Spanish colonies in South America. One of the founders of the independent state of Chile. National hero of Chile.
                                                General José Miguel Carrera in turn is a descendant of Diego Garcia de Cáceres, a conquistador and a Marrano.
                                                The latter word is unfamiliar to me, and I looked further into Wiki.
                                                Marranos – the term that the Christian population of Spain and Portugal called the Jews who converted to Christianity. The decree of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, adopted in 1492, ordered all the Jews of Spain to either be baptized or leave the country within three months.
                                                The Marranos, who secretly continued to profess Judaism, were the main object of persecution by the Spanish Inquisition.

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                                                  thx thats an interesting dive. In Europe they know very little about South American history although it is an indeed highly engaging subject. and there is little interest in it on institutional / cultural level.

                                                  * * *

                                                  this is posted by Foreign Policy – about how evil the new schoolbooks in RU are:


                                                  I don´t doubt there are ISSUES. But I also doubt Foreign Policy did ever write an extensive essay dedicated to French history books (the Algerian War e.g.) or US history books. and so on.

                                                  May be of interest.

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                                                    ..oh and of course the same is true for German school materials on RU and this war.
                                                    I don´t even want to know what they are telling kids in school now.
                                                    The little they used to know about the USSR, mostly shadowed by the glorious US war effort, is now completely gone I guess…

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                                                      AG 🙂 the link you’ve posted, the URL itself is a piece of propaganda art 🙂 war-hatred-putin and an anchor for the cookie message 🙂 Oh, my!

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