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    Kim Sanders-Fisher


      Certain facts are absolutely beyond dispute: in the past both well respected judges and politicians have publicly admitted, and documented in statements, that our Electoral System is wide open to vote rigging on an industrial scale. Nothing has been done to correct this problem which threatens to delegitimize our democracy. The decision to privatize and outsource our electoral services certainly didn’t make voting more reliable or secure, because the Electoral Commission were not authorized to have any control over the third party private companies who were to offer electoral services. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

      Since the privatization of electoral services in 2012 one company, Idox, has grown to significantly dominate the sector, buying out smaller competitors to monopolize the market. Idox is a subsidiary of an Oil&Gas giant, seen by many as potentially hostile to the concept of a “Green New Deal” that might damage profits. The direct involvement of Tory MP Peter Lilley in a Directorship role until mid 2018 was never challenged as a conflict of interest as the company rapidly expanded their influence throughout the UK. In September 2019, three months before the General Election, Idox Software Ltd was awarded a £1.7 million contract by the Cabinet Office, without competitive tendering, to revamp the management of the electoral register.

      The same company, Idox, despite handling multiple different aspects of the electoral process from our voter registration, to their comprehensive Postal Vote Managed Service, also created a handy canvassing App to help political parties reach their target supporters in local communities. So the same private company, with strong ties to the Tory Party, have your name, your date of birth, your full address, your signature and they also know how you intend to vote because it’s all on their computers! But that’s just fine because they are being cautiously, independently monitored by….. No one! The Electoral Commission has no oversight of these private companies: do you still think your vote is safe? Every vote must count so it is time to “Rescue our Watchdog!”

      After the truly unfathomable Tory “Landslide” victory, it would be ludicrously naive not to suspect that the Conservatives had taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity to steal our votes. Flaunting Purdah, and despite their public mandate for impartiality, the unprecedented efforts by the BBC to promote Boris Johnson, demonize Jeremy Corbyn with baseless smears, almost totally ignore other opposition candidates and shamelessly sell the unstoppable inevitability of the Tory victory was relentless. It was like a dirty little secret laid bare through multiple clumsy gaffs; some which even broke electoral law, but still remain unresolved to this day.

      The Christmas holiday timing of the 2019 General Election was perfectly choreographed to maximize chaos and confusion as predicted: “accidentally” disenfranchising millions of voters both in the UK and abroad. With their elitist arrogance, the Tory Party certainly did everything humanly possible to cast genuine doubt on the validity of the shock election result. Like a cheesy theatrical farce, this was the only election in my lifetime where the overwhelming focus has not centred on the party that actually won, but instead obsessed over ruthlessly shaming the party that lost and indoctrinating the public as to why they were so badly beaten! This devious strategy has deliberately removed the necessity for public scrutiny over the plausibility of such massive vote swings.

      The BBC and MSM propaganda juggernaut is still rolling on, trying desperately to make the impossible narrative fit. with talk of those “borrowed votes” that were never on loan in the first place. To honestly believe that droves of the working poor, subsisting on the pittance pay of a zero-hours contract, reliant on Universal Credit and food banks to make ends meet, living in squalid, insecure, overpriced, rental accommodation, worried sick about job loss and the possibility of eviction, courageously risked destitution and starvation to vote for Brexit is patently ridiculous! It is equally delusional to suggest that their more secure parents were so selfish that they blocked out the hardship their children were suffering under austerity for the pipe dream nostalgia of life outside the EU.

      Reality check: No matter how much they might gripe to canvassers or rant to opportunistic TV presenters in a pro-Brexit Vox-Pop, when the time comes to actually vote people always chose self-preservation over destitution and watching their children starve; this is a really basic essential of human survival. If Boris Johnson’s documented gross insults were not enough to dissuade them; after unnecessarily inflicting a decade of ideologically driven austerity on the forgotten and abandoned North, you want me to believe that those former Labour voters were ready to support their tormentors and beg for another decade of exploitation? To buy into this BS you would have to accept the theory that the most deprived areas of the UK were gripped by mass Stockholm Syndrome!
      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its not a giraffe!

      If the BBC had abided by their mandate of neutrality the public might have had a better chance to hear about the Labour manifesto, but even if the Party only followed through with a small fraction of their pledges, voters knew that there would be an end to austerity and the most punitive of Tory policies. Despite the herculean efforts of the BBC and MSM to try to present the Labour Brexit plan as incredibly complicated, it was pragmatic, basic and very simple; it secured the most essential rights and standards. There was absolutely no need to feel betrayed by an honest man or ever consider “lending” support to a spoilt, filthy rich, elitist, serial liar.

      Yet another round of “it’s too late now” complacency and chivalrous acceptance of a defeat that defies a multitude of seriously alarming, very legitimate reservations, will seal our fate and hardwire the strong potential for future vote rigging into our corrupted fake democracy. Joseph Stalin once said: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Are we that easily fooled?

      A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog! It is time to “Rescue our Watchdog” and put the necessary, long overdue, safeguards in place to restore full public trust in our damaged Electoral System. The British are entirely capable of setting a sterling example to the world concerning how we fearlessly protect UK citizen’s rights: this objective is a top priority for our government.

      Visit the Elections Aftermath forum on this blog to review past comments, but do return here to post your reply as there is little space left on the original thread; sorry SA, this was primarily my fault for posting such lengthy comments with multiple links.

      Also adopt the new Hashtags: #TORYRIG2019 & #TORYWARPED2019 to help publicize this really important issue. Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition on AVAAZ:
      W.A.R.P.E.D. Withdrawal Against the Rights of People’s Electoral Decision – #TORYWARPED2019

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      Kim Sanders-Fisher

        Due to the substantive material change in status after being dragged out of the EU against the will of the majority of the population north of the border, there is much talk on this blog site of the right of the Scots to hold another Independence Referendum. While I do not deny that the Scots have every right to feel aggrieved and clamour for another vote on independence, I would be deeply concerned over the security of such a vote with this UK Government in charge and so much at stake.

        “Republicofscotland” responded to the concerns that I raised in Craig Murrays last post, with this opinion, and a link I had not previously explored, by stating that “…the Electoral Commission has been captured, which makes it not fit for purpose.”
        In an article posted in the Ferret it explores the rogue influence of “Dark Money” on UK politics and the ridiculously paltry fines levied on those found in breach of the rules; fines so low that they represented merely the “cost of doing business” rather than an effective deterrent to corruption.

        One crucial comment in this Ferret Article that caught my attention was this appeal for long overdue reform:
        “The Electoral Commission desperately needs the power to deliver substantial fines and other enforcement mechanisms. Otherwise, the flood of dark money which is poisoning our politics will only continue.” It is important to realize that the Electoral Commission had no powers to decide on expanding their remit or straying beyond the boundaries of the monitoring powers set by the Government. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

        This is why the Petition I have launched on Avaaz is so important, because it is only by exposing the true extent of the flaws in our Electoral System through public outcry that we can ever hope to get a fully functioning protective mechanism in place. It is pointless just winging about how wide open to corruption and vote rigging our Electoral System has become unless you are prepared to join the force for changel please read, sign, share and link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. “Rescue our Watchdog – All Votes must Count!”

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          I commented above on the frequent visits to 10 Downing Street, during the Blair government, of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘man on earth’, Irwin Stelzer – in his connection with the Henry Jackson Society.

          A couple of week’s agoThe Guardian:

          “Johnson met Murdoch on day he signalled general election bid

          News Corp owner was the only media baron the prime minister saw in his first three months

          Boris Johnson saw Rupert Murdoch for a “social meeting” on the day he signalled his intention to seek a general election last year, according to new transparency disclosures.”

          “Rupert Murdoch was once asked why he hated the EU so much. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied.’When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.’ No wonder, then, that he was an avid supporter of Brexit.”

          from The Brexit Syndicate

          So, it seems that Murdoch’s twisting with UK politicians and meddling in UK politics, and particularly in our relationship with the EU, goes back at least a couple of decades.

          Murdoch has his fingers deep in the dirt of the world. For one, he has interests in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights through Genie Energy. Genie Energy’s Strategic advisory board includes: Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Summers, and Jacob Rothschild. Through the influence of his manipulative son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump has recognised the incorporation of the Golan Heights into the state of Israel.

          Murdoch’s interest in the creation of the ‘war on terror’ and, in particular the attack on Iraq may be glanced through his appointment of Jose Maria Aznar to his News International board shortly after the Madrid Bombings when Aznar lost his premiership in Spain. Rather like Blair’s well-rewarded appointment with Morgan Stanley after he lost his position in the UK.

          (Those who have forgotten Aznar’s involvement would do well to remember the Azores Summit held four days before the attack on Iraq began – this pre-war meeting was attended by Bush, Blair, and Aznar, along with Barroso, Portuguese premier.)

          AliB gave a link on an earlier thread on Craig’s blog to this item which discusses Johnson’s intentions to control free movement labour, and to create freeports.

          Murdoch and the money grubbers are getting even more greedy, if that were possible.


          [Suggested article for The Sun ‘newspaper’ –
          Considering Johnson and Murdoch have “social meetings” one might expect Murdoch to have attended the Lebedev party held after Johnson’s election victory, or even gone to see him on holiday in Mustique; but, no, neither would be suitable. Mick Jagger was at Lebedev’s party; he also owns a place on Mustique. The presence of the current Mrs Murdoch may have led to some unkind wrinkly dick comments from the UK’s gutter press.]

          I do apologise for lowering the tone of the debate by mentioning Murdoch and The Sun – I couldn’t help myself!

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            What surprises me is the silence on Johnson’s accepting a gift worth £20000 for the Christmas holiday in Mustique. I would think that it is in blatant breech of the ministerial code of conduct but no one seems to be concerned or question this. Here is the relevant paragraph:

            Acceptance of gifts and hospitality
            7.20 It is a well-established and recognised rule that no Minister should accept gifts, hospitality or services from anyone which would, or might appear to, place him or her under an obligation. The same principle applies if gifts etc are offered to a member of their family.

            7.21 This is primarily a matter which must be left to the good sense of Ministers. But any Minister in doubt or difficulty over this should seek the advice of their Permanent Secretary.

            7.22 Gifts given to Ministers in their Ministerial capacity become the property of the Government and do not need to be declared in the Register of Members’ or Peers’ Interests. Gifts of small value, currently this is set at £140, may be retained by the recipient. Gifts of a higher value should be handed over to the department for disposal unless the recipient wishes to purchase the gift abated by £140. There is usually no customs duty or import VAT payable on the importation of official gifts received overseas. HMRC can advise on any cases of doubt. If a Minister wishes to retain a gift he or she will be liable for any tax it may attract. Departments will publish, on a quarterly basis, details of gifts received and given by Ministers valued at more than £140.

            7.23 Gifts given to Ministers as constituency MPs or members of a political Party fall within the rules relating to the Registers of Members’ and Lords’ Interests.

            7.24 Departments will publish, quarterly, details of hospitality received by Ministers in a Ministerial capacity. Hospitality accepted as an MP or Peer should be declared in the Register of Members’ or Lords’ Interests respectively.

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              Boris also seems to be a serial offender in breaking the ministerial code of conduct but it seems that the regulatory bodies, similar to the electoral commission are also just toothless dogs:

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                Boris seems also to have problems with money and lady friends he wants to impress –

                like Jennifer Arcuri

                and Joanna Lumley

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                  It was a coup. We’re under occupation.

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                  Kim Sanders-Fisher

                    In a comment on Skwawkbox a contributor expressed a doubt that is probably shared by many people regarding the potential rigging of the 2019 General Election, so it is worthy of analysis here. The point raised was as follows:

                    “….It would be foolish to deny any possibility of electoral fraud on a national scale but conspiracy theories have problems. Idox’s bosses (assuming they’re your prime suspects) would need to keep any hint of fraud or access to the real numbers from non-involved employees to avoid blackmail or whistleblowing and jail. Involved employees are guaranteed jobs for life – or death.

                    Any large scale election fraud would require a conspiracy. What all conspiracy theories fail to explain is how the conspirators guarantee none of them will ever blow the whistle, mention the crime in a drunken encounter, be caught in other crimes and name the conspirators for a reduced sentence, find god, make deathbed confessions etc etc. Only fools trust others with their freedom.”

                    My reply was to say that: “I respect your opinion, but while your reasoning appears to make sound common sense, and is reassuring to those who might have doubts regarding the security of our voting system, there are major flaws in this premise.” I went on to explain the reality of attempting to blow the whistle to expose any type of wrongdoing within a powerful corporation.

                    First of all in the case of Idox it is important to remember that, for pure practicality of producing such large volumes of ballots, the printing of ballot papers, their envelopes, etc would need to be fully automated. A select few trusted employees might know that there was double printing or pre-marked ballot papers being automatically inserted into the A envelopes and sealed ready for substitution prior to an officially viewed opening session. This greatly reduces the number of people in the know unless someone is consciously digging for evidence ahead of time.

                    However, the major disruptor with regard to those seeking to expose the truth remains the ruthless targeting of Whistleblowers. You would think that with an issue so momentous that someone would have the courage to come forward with such important information, but people are easily intimidated and rightfully fear serious reprisals. I speak from brutally raw personal experience as a Whistleblower myself. At first you believe that what you are exposing is so universally known about by fellow employees that you are in no danger bringing it to the attention of a supervisor; this is usually the tragic first step towards being blacklisted if you are a regular employee or the total destruction of your career if you are a skilled professional.

                    The second there is any hint that inside knowledge of corruption, fraud or safety violations are about to be made public the Whistleblower is ruthlessly targeted and discredited to the point of being falsely criminalized. In America I was marched out of Johns Hopkins Hospital by two security guards to the horror of shocked staff who observed this deeply humiliating spectacle. From that point on not a single former work colleague dared to communicate with me for fear of being targeted; I lost dozens of close friends overnight. Once the company or institution has managed to establish that it is you who is suspected of criminality, anything that you attempt to report regarding their dangerous or fraudulent conduct can be disregarded as merely the false accusations of a disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind!

                    This is a very effective tactic that will silence the most conscientious of workers since, beyond totally destroying your career, in almost every single solitary case, your honesty will accomplish absolutely nothing: sadly, no one will believe your reporting. The highly conspicuous “walk of shame” is just the very beginning of a horrific and precipitous decline that has led many Whistleblowers to take their own life; it is a truly devastating experience from which very few courageous individuals will ever fully recover. In my case a career in surgery was over, I lost my home in the US and everything I owned: I still suffer from PTSD. This process is just as effective here in the UK as the intimidation tactics of Dominic Cummings’s aggressive armed escort of the dubiously disgraced Special Advisor, Sonja Khan, out of Number 10 clearly demonstrated. What information did this SPAD possess that might have made her a target?

                    This tactic of shaming, suspicion and ostracizing a Whistleblower is used to silence any colleague who might be foolish enough to consider coming to their defence or supporting their allegations: for a government agency, public institution or powerful company it is remarkably easy to universally demonize a former employee to the point where their credibility is completely destroyed. In the exceptional rare cases that take years to expose, after the damage becomes too great to be ignored, there are frequently dozens of people who knew enough to have come forward with the truth, but who were so fearful of retaliation that they remained silent. There are precious few bold Whistleblowers who emerge from this torturous process unscathed, but it always requires extreme personal sacrifice of some kind.

                    In a Guardian article interview with the Cambridge Analitica Whistleblower the uncomfortable truth is laid bare by Christopher Wylie when he reminds us that:
                    “When you look at how, for example, the NCA [National Crime Agency] has just sat on blatant evidence of Russian interference in Brexit,”
                    Wylie says: “When you look at how you can go and commit the largest infraction of campaign finance law in British history and get away with it.”

                    The explosive revelations of a second whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, fell inexplicably flat. Sanni revealed in the Observer how “Vote Leave deliberately broke the law in the way it funnelled money to the data firm AggregateIQ, an associate company of Cambridge Analytica. It’s believed to be the biggest breach of electoral law in a century, but it was given minimal coverage by the BBC and all but ignored by Britain’s political class. The law-breaking was confirmed by the electoral commission in July, and it has now been referred to the police.”

                    The suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly in 2003 after his life was torn apart for correctly accusing the British government of over-selling intelligence in order to justify the Iraq invasion. The murder of Seth Rich in Washington that remains unsolved despite rumours he was assonated after possibly passing DNC documents on to Wikileaks. The political prisoner Julian Assange has suffered solitary confinement in Belmarsh prison for his journalistic efforts in exposing the war crimes sanctioned by the US Government, if he is extradited he will likely die in an American jail. There are very serious consequences that deter any high-stakes Whistleblower from coming forward.

                    Look how the manipulation of our voting by Cambridge Analytica exposed by Christopher Wylie was essentially marginalized as irrelevant after it was exposed and you can begin to understand why Whistleblowers are reluctant to take such catastrophic risks for zero societal benefit. When asked in a Time article interview: “The Capabilities Are Still There.’ Why Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Christopher Wylie Is Still Worried” what advice would he give to somebody who’s considering blowing the whistle? Wylie offered this response:
                    “Talk to a Lawyer. As obvious as that piece of advice is, this is something that whistleblowers almost never do. They jump to handing over stuff to journalists or they go public and they don’t think things through. You will be a far more effective whistleblower if you operate within a legal framework.”

                    Why did I feel the need to write about this here, possibly further scaring those who might be capable of supplying crucial evidence to expose the truth regarding the unfathomable “landslide” result of the 2019 General Election? It is really important to discuss the issues that might continue to cast doubt on the possibility of vote rigging and elaborate on the realities that negate such genuine concerns. This thread has also documented the fact that it is now really well recognized by Judges, MPs and the Electoral Commission that our current Electoral System remains wide open to fraud on an industrial scale.

                    By highlighting these facts and bringing them to the attention of the wider public we increase the possibility that if a whistleblower were to emerge they would stand a far better chance of being believed rather than cast aside as a discredited troublemaker. That does not offer potential Whistleblowers a risk free path to recognition, but it does at least offer them the solid refuge of our support.

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                      If any employees can leak evidence or data, they should know they can do so anonymously via wikileaks.

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                      Paul Barbara

                        One way of advertising your Petition is to comment on newspaper articles about Labour’s ‘poor showing’, mentioning the Petition.
                        I tried it here (don’t know if it will stay up):

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                        Kim Sanders-Fisher

                          I am constantly being told that people really were just “too stupid” to see the writing on the wall; they voted against their own self interest in favour of Brexit. I am now told that the same “idiots” supported the Tories to “Get Brexit Done,” despite the looming risk of crashing out of the EU without a deal which now seems increasingly likely. I can understand why some people voted for Brexit under the blizzard of disinformation that blindsided so many people in the UK, but I cannot fathom the Tory “landslide” and, beyond the unacceptable insult, stupidity does not come close to justifying such an unbelievable result.

                          Although I am sometimes gratuitously accused of implying that those who voted for Brexit were just “stupid bigots,” I have never been so insulting as to put their decision down to stupidity or racism; this type of angry mudslinging gets us nowhere in the debate. I prefer to claim that we were all a lot too trusting. We trusted politicians who lied to us on both sides of the EU Referendum issue. It’ is not a crime to be too trusting and even the smartest among us can be fooled by a slick con artist. However, our politicians should not be lying to us and we should be able to hold them to account when they do. That is what needs to change.

                          The lies of Brexit were so successful in winning over the vote and since those who told the most outrageous “porkies” were never reprimanded let alone punished for misleading the electorate, the entire landscape of what is permissible in terms of exaggeration and BS has spiralled way out of control. The message on the side of the bus, and the invasion of the Turks worked well for Boris so why not boast of building 40 new hospitals and drum home that PR pitch by deliberately lying to parliament during PMQs? MPs can be disciplined for calling another MP a liar in the chamber, but no rule prevented Margaret Hodge from defaming Jeremy Corbyn as an “anti-Semite” without a shred of evidence to support her insult.

                          The current political climate penalizes those who speak truth to power and demonizes those who adhere to honest and truthful conduct. To limit scrutiny, Boris Johnson wants to cherry-pick which journalists he will condescend to speak to while he us now threatening the viability of an already heavily Tory compliant BBC. The PM plans to effectively neuter the Judiciary to eliminate any possibility of future interference in his authoritarian power grab. He already appears totally devoid of accountability for his numerous lies, mistakes and dodgy financial dealings.

                          We must fight to restore the integrity of our democracy before we are frog marched into a dictatorship. This is not just one reckless loon catastrophising; the Tory agenda was documented on page 48 of their manifesto and all of the classic warning signs are falling into place. We can demand increased scrutiny of the government and we should expect full accountability. Investigating this last General Election is a vital first step in order to validate the unfathomable result or correct the injustice of a rigged vote. No matter what is discovered, exposing the serious flaws that leave our Electoral System wide open to corruption must drive long postponed government reform. Please read, sign, share and link to this Petition:

                          Still dreaming of those sunny uplands of post Brexit prosperity? This International Business Times article has a few stark words of warning from those who do stand to reap the profits: “One of the biggest names in European private equity said that Brexit will be good for his business, but will mean a 30% wage reduction for UK workers. … He added that EU immigration will be replaced with workers from the Indian subcontinent and Africa, willing to accept “substantially” lower pay.”

                          This does not look good, but however you, your family and your friends may have voted in the EU Referendum or in the recent General Election, let us try to ditch the insults and the assumptions that others might want to insult those with whom they don’t agree. We have all been a lot too trusting while politicians have lied and continue to lie to us. This must stop. To restore trust we must demand genuine honesty, politicians cannot limit or sensor robust public scrutiny; no one is above the law so they must always be held fully accountable if they lie and cheat.

                          #50179 Reply

                            Setting up freeports in the UK

                            ‘UK launches freeports consultation with aim to open first next year
                            Government says tax-free zones could bring investment and thousands of new jobs

                            There is, however, some caution about the risk of freeports being used as a base for money laundering or other organised crime. In a report on illicit financing last year, the European commission said freeports could be “potentially vulnerable to money laundering or terrorism financing” in the European single market.

                            The European justice commissioner, Věra Jourová, said freeports were “the new emerging threat”, adding: “This is something we want to focus more on.”

                            Labour has condemned the idea. John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, called freeports a “revival of a failed Thatcherite plan from the 1980s designed to cut away at regulation and our tax base”.

                            He said: “There is very little solid evidence that so-called freeports create jobs or boost economic growth, showing this up as another ideological move from a far-right government. This plan only represents a levelling-up for the super-rich, who will use freeports to hoard assets and avoid taxes while the rest of us feel the effects of under-funded public services.”’

                            “The idea was first raised by Boris Johnson during his campaign to become Conservative leader.”

                            Really, does Bumbling Boris have these ideas all by himself, or has he been influenced by the ‘super-rich’ coup leaders.

                            #50181 Reply
                            Kim Sanders-Fisher

                              Cimarrón – This short video about the Geneva Freeport: “The Swiss warehouse where the rich hide assets and wealth leaves no trace” is in French with subtitles, well worth watching. It is typical of the Tory agenda to boost tax avoidance for the wealthy elite with a teaser scheme for offering jobs to the working poor.

                              J – In Reply #49922 on the old Elections Aftermath thread you offered me real hope for my campaign when you said that: “You’re doing great Kim and your arguments are beautifully developed. Thanks” and you provided a link to the twitter post of Toussaint@Serec_Fourmyle.

                              I don’t think I could handle the added stress of Twitter, but that is what could make my Petition take off. Are there any Twitter aficionados out there who can give the Petition the boost it really needs? I want to grab the attention of @Rachel_Swindon, @OwenJones84,
                              Kerry-Anne Mendoza@TheMendozaWoman or someone else with the huge mass following to get it noticed. Please get your friends to read, sign, share and link to the Petition:

                              #50186 Reply
                              Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting 30/12/2019 Welcome… New Blog
                                I only wished I had discovered this blog a whole lot earlier: it was started just before the New Year. We are no longer a lone voice in the political wilderness…

                                07/02/2020 “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope” This was the first post that I stumbled upon via a twitter page, despite the fact that some of their material should have bounced to the very top in a Google search over a month earlier. How much can we really trust the Corporate masters at Google not to steer us in the wrong direction on a controversial subject like this?

                                It looked like an exciting new Blog site cram packed with data and numerous informative links to support their sound conclusions was fresh out of the gate, but perhaps this valuable blog site had been languishing in obscurity as we made our futile searches for relevant information and evidence of voter fraud over the past month and a half.

                                Touting “Insight into your Daily Gaslighting” a February 7th Post: “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope” has accumulated a wide range of data. They lead into their article with this overview of that scope:
                                “This post is a selected summary of the range of election fraud during GE2019. Ranging from bribes, bias, to global conspiracies. With this width we can’t go into much depth and by definition will not capture everything… but depth is recorded in links.” To read this informative post go to the imbedded link.

                                This appears to be the first dedicated Blog site focusing exclusively on Electoral Fraud. I will be checking through their links for new evidence and looking over their other posts to see what we can link to; this is quite a find. I have posted, unfortunately accidentally double posted, a comment with a link to the Petition and highlighting our Election Aftermath Discussion Forum. I did not find a contact email to address to leave a message for the author, but hopefully they willcome and explore our forum. I will keep you posted.

                                #50190 Reply
                                Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                  More from the newly discovered Blog: The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting.

                                  31/12/2019 “Dry Run for Postal Ballot Fraud – High Court overturns Highworth election count error”
                                  This post targeted one particular error that was perhaps a taste of things to come; it affected a small constituency near Swindon and the abnormal result in local council elections: “Highworth, in Wiltshire, has fewer than 7,000 registered voters but more than 40,000 ballots were counted after the town council election in May.” The piece concluded by noting the following:
                                  “Annoyingly there is no description of how this could have happened, whether anyone is going to be prosecuted or whether this was “just an accident”. Also the closing phrase is ambiguous “ensure this does not happen again”? You mean, like, next time we won’t get caught?!”

                                  This was Posted on: 15/01/2020 “Election Fraud GE2019”
                                  Still not on the radar for most people due to the relentless Tory propaganda pumped out by the BBC and the tabloid press the writer notes: “No-one seems to be talking about this yet… GE2019 and the use of Social Media Sock Puppets and Psychological Operations, Postal Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression. This wasn’t so much a political event, trading policy ideas on a level playground, but more like a military operation with one side armed to to teeth with tanks and fighter jets with the other with handbags.”

                                  In a final statement the writer says: “Electoral Law is lagging behind in regulating Big Data and other technological advances that destroy real democracy…”

                                  The Post on: 28/01/2020 Dealt with: “PysOp GE2019”
                                  By way of explanation regarding the technology being directed at brainwashing the public the writer explains the proudest accomplishment of unelected adviser to the PM Dominic Cummings:
                                  “The Previous Daily GasLamp post refered to GE2019 as a PysOp – which stands for Pyschological Operation – part of Pyschological Warefare, a little known part of the art of warefare which is as old as Sun Tzu. This post expands upon that statement.”

                                  Check out the above posts on this Blog. More to follow…

                                  #50198 Reply
                                  Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                    Yet more from the newly discovered Blog: The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting.

                                    On 31/01/2020 the GasLamp wrote: “Sheeple. Are you ready for this?”
                                    Situation Awareness or “How to win an election without really trying!”

                                    The whole modus operandi is laid bare for us here:
                                    “How could the Tories be so certain that they would win a General Election? Election Fraud GE2019″
                                    “The answer is “Situation Awareness”. You just need to read up on Dominic Cummings’ blog about his Voter Intention Collection System on how it was used in the Vote Leave campaign and how it was re-used for GE2019.”

                                    The GasLamp goes on to marvel at Dominic Cummings’s accomplishment:
                                    “That is some “situation awareness”! This level of estimation requires computers especially since the Tories had no ground camapign in the north! They had every voter identified, every voter’s politics analysed by computer, every intention to vote predicted or persuaded or impersonated or blocked. Rigged? You bet!”
                                    The one imbedded Link I have included here goes to a very interesting Vox Political Online article that, among other things, shows a list of new Tory PMs that live hundreds of miles away from the constituents they are supposed to be representing.

                                    On 04/02/2020 the GasLamp wrote:
                                    “GasLighting from Number 10 and the expose of election fraud from Iowa”
                                    This post covers a lot of ground including everything from the UK Election to aspects of international involvement and vote rigging in the US Elections. In an intro that includes no less than eight important links in the first paragraph entitled “Background” the writer informs us that:

                                    “The 2019 General Election was the culmination of a Military-style PsyOp (Psychological Operation) managed from the Institute for Statecraft with help from friendly nations. Full Situational Awareness was coordinated by Dominic Cummings using his Voter Intention Collection System (VICS), just like he did for VL, recording every voter intention. With 100% accuracy, the Tories obtained the 80 seat majority predicted on Nov 25th, 2019, by micromanaging the postal votes to suppress voters or stuff ballots (imitating people they knew wouldn’t be voting). After all there was precious little evidence on the ground to indicate that the Tories were campaigning at all in the north…”

                                    On 07/02/2020 the GasLamp wrote: “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope”
                                    This post covers everything from Brexit Party Bribes; Mainstream Media Bias; Confidence, No Ground Campaign and Surprise Win; Electoral Roll Errors and Delays; Security of Ballot Concerns and Postal Vote Fraud to the Global Conspiracy. There Is a lot to take in here.

                                    Do visit: “The Daily GasLanp” Blog to explore a wealth of informative Links. DailyGaglamp.com If you have yet to sign my Petition on AVVAZ; Please read, sign, share and Link to this: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

                                    #50210 Reply
                                    Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                      Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset. Data is being scavenged and weaponized to wage cultural, social and economic warfare on populations all over the world as it is now utilized to manipulate elections. A major contribution to the Brexit decision in the UK and the Trump victory in the US was achieved through harvesting data. A video Discussion on the film “The Great Hack” was posted on YouTube the 19th November 2019. The description of who is featured in the discussion says:
                                      “Join us for a fascinating discussion with director Karim Amer, writer/producer Pedro Kos, investigative reporter who broke the story of the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data breach Carole Cadwalladr, and Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center International Policy Director Marietje Schaake as they go deep inside the complex issues of data, privacy and Russian intervention and what it means for America, and the free world.”

                                      The contributors focus on the impact of not correcting the situation in time for the US Presidential Election in 2020. Despite a release date shortly before the UK 2019 General Election, and the toxic proximity of Vote Leave manipulator Dominic Cummings as Boris Johnson’s principal advisor, there appeared to be a disappointing lack of concern over the ongoing impact on UK politics. The Daily GasLamp post referred to GE2019 as a “PysOp – which stands for Psychological Operation – part of Psychological Warfare, a little known part of the art of warfare which is as old as Sun Tzu.”

                                      “PysOp” is a weapon not supposed to be used on the population.
                                      The discussion participants reveal information that should alarm us all. Via Facebook Cambridge Analytica harvested data on 230 million Americans with an average of over 5000 data points on any one person it took as few as 10 data points to discover who might be considered easily persuadable. These “Persuadable’s” accounted for over 80,000 votes in just three key battleground States, but that was enough to secure a win for Donald Trump. Due to better data protection laws in the UK, a law suit brought by David Carol to retrieve his own data uncovered the truth since all the data was processed here.

                                      “The Great Hack” from award-winning filmmakers Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim is well worth watching:
                                      “Political Warfare: People everywhere are in a battle for control of our most intimate personal details.
                                      The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation with astounding access to the personal journeys of key players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. The Great Hack forces us to question the origin of the information we consume daily. What do we give up when we tap that phone or keyboard and share ourselves in the digital age? The Great Hack Netflix documentary lifted the curtain on our vulnerability and how public opinion and the very foundation of our democracy is being manipulated and shaken to the core.”

                                      While this devious tactic was deployed to collectively brainwash certain persuadable members of the UK population in the run up to the 2019 General Election and has also helped reinforce the media propaganda that continues to support the fake news of a Tory Landslide victory, I doubt it would have been sufficient without vote rigging. Please read, sign, share and link to this Petition on AVAAZ:

                                      #50229 Reply
                                      Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                        “Johnson’s scheming puppet master Dominic Cummings orders brutal cabinet cull” announce the Mirror on their dystopian front page as the UK makes another dangerous lurch towards dictatorship with a reshuffle to consolidate power, silence dissent, banish scrutiny and permanently outlaw any Government accountability. Telling it like it is they warn: “Anyone who has dared to question the PM or his spin doctor is forced out” and describe the newly appointed team as an “Inept government of spineless stooges.” Where are we headed?

                                        Suella Braverrnan was appointed to replace the eminently more experienced and qualified Geoffrey Cox as Atourney General. Braverman, a hardline Brexiteer, had certainly been making all the right noises attacking “judicial activism” saying that judges were “trespassing” on politics just as the PM heralds a tough crackdown on our legal system that will destroy vital checks and balances. As the government’s most senior legal adviser, she will now play a crucial role in defining the new relationship between the courts and Government as outlined in the page 48 manifesto pledge priority to “take back control from the judiciary.” After her recently published blistering attack on human rights litigation and the overuse of judicial review challenges, her appointment in such a key role should deeply worry us all.

                                        In his resignation letter Cox said of his past efforts in government during the volatile Brexit period: “Throughout that process, I have sought, as my role requires, to give candid and independent legal advice both to you and to your predecessor on how that desirable outcome might best be achieved lawfully and effectively.” Outspoken ex-Tory Soubry tweeted: “Genuine concern that as a hardline, no-deal Brexiteer with little experience will not undertake the important role of AG – which invariably means giving firm legal advice a Govt/PM doesn’t want to hear because it doesn’t suit them politically.” It brings to mind that classic sarcastic skit: “What about the Vegetables? Oh, they’ll have the same as me!”

                                        Excelling in one’s job is no longer good enough for our desperately insecure and malicious aspiring despot. The PM sacked Julian Smith as Northern Ireland secretary just one month after he accomplished the challenging task of brokering a deal that restored power to the Stormont Assembly. Was this due to his agreement to investigate alleged crimes by British soldiers during the Troubles, Smith’s disparaging remarks about the damaging consequences of a no-deal Brexit, or both? But the real shock of the day came when Chancellor Sajid Javid refused to bend to the will of our uncompromising dictatorial PM

                                        The ever tightening grip of Boris Johnson’s untrammelled power was wielded when Chancellor Sajid Javid was ordered to fire all of his Special advisors (SPADs). Javid demonstrated enough courage to refuse and offer his resignation just one month before presenting his first and only budget; a record for an early walk-out. It was announced that Rishi Sunak will replace him to “play Chancellor of the Exchequer” on television. He is the perfect PR stooge with all the right credentials: BME Tory MP from a northern constituency; he has pitched well on TV already, plus I think Boris Johnson knows he can rely on Sunak’s absolute compliance.

                                        There was a suggestion that Boris Johnson was perhaps going too far with his targeting of MPs who, despite still doing well in their role, have not always agreed with him. On “Politics Live” Andrew Neal asked: “Is this a bit personal?” To which Tom Newton-Dunn made the barbed reply: “I think we’ve certainly seen already by his first cabinet reshuffle, with his first appointments back in July, something that we have not seen before from Boris Johnson, a vindictiveness, a meanness and certainly a ruthlessness to put it politely….” “Vindictive, mean and ruthless,” very strong criticism coming from a leading hard core right wing journalist in the heavily Tory supporting press!

                                        Newton-Dunn went on to say about Boris Johnson that: “…He can pull the trigger on people with free abandon if they cross him and I think there is a theme across this reshuffle now, whether it’s the loud voice of Geoffrey Cox, the gaining voice of Sajid Javid and certainly the loud voice of Andrea Ledsom; he doesn’t like loud voices and he doesn’t like loud voices that challenge him, even at this early stage, even when he’s got this socking great mandate, he still feels the need to politically execute people that get in his way and it’s a very intriguing trait…”

                                        I wouldn’t call it “a very intriguing trait,” I would call it a really scary warning sign; this is another classic demonstration of the PM’s insecurity as this narcissistic dictator ramps up his stranglehold on absolute power. Of course this might have been the demand of Dominic Cummings, whose Machiavellian PsyOps tricks helped rig the election to give Boris Johnson his fake “landslide” victory. It was Cummings who already removed one of the Chancellor’s SPADS, stripping her of her work and personal phones before ordering her marched out of number ten by armed police officers! No one warned Javid of the firing and this order was the last straw.

                                        “The March of Shame” is a standard US tactic of falsely accusing potential whistleblowers to humiliate and ostracize them while destroying their credibility and intimidating their colleagues into refusing all future contact. I know firsthand exactly how highly effective this rogue strategy is in silencing outspoken conscientious employees who are forced to endure this disgrace. The unnecessary excessive show of force and public degradation virtually criminalize the whistleblower to insure that they are totally isolated from friends or support and they are publically discredited as a “disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind.”

                                        “at will Firing” and the “Walk of Shame” are well established American “Business Friendly” practices that will be imported as rapidly as chlorinated chicken in order to serve the needs of our new US corporate masters. However, what I found so alarming about the rapid removal of Sonja Khan, Javid’s fired SPAD, was the timid acceptance of an event that clearly violated current UK Human Resources protocols. This event got a brief mention in the press as we heard Sajid Javid hadn’t approved the dismissal, but it blew over very quickly. Did this SPAD know something that made her a prime target? Is Sonja Khan OK or is she living in fear, far too terrified to challenge what seemed like an unfair dismissal?

                                        This brutal political bloodbath comes at a steep price to our fading democracy. Under the sinister hypnotic influence of his dark sidekick, each time this narcissistic PM decides to throw his toys out of the pram in a vindictive spitefest like this it costs tax payers dearly as we must pick up the tab: a £100k bill for ministerial severance pay. Last year’s rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic cost us £250,000! The universally despised Ester McVey, who inflicted so much misery on those struggling to survive on frozen benefit payments, will be handsomely rewarded with yet another £25.000 windfall for her second brief cabinet assignment. Just keep leveling-up Boris…!

                                        This is no longer a functioning government. It has rapidly deteriorated into a dangerous cult of compliance after the unfathomable “landslide” majority seeded all power to the unelected puppet master controlling our PM after he successful rigging the election in his favour. Once a powerful despot is firmly in control of our court, gagged the press and abolished our human rights it will be too lat to fight back; such despots take decades to remove. This dubious election result cannot go unchallenged; this is no time to be complacent while we can still make a difference. Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition on AVAAZ: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

                                        #50230 Reply


                                          Yes, thank you, excellent video on Freeports – the enclaves that are not subject to national laws, and avoid tax and customs duties.

                                          It appears to me clear that the following has happened:

                                          1) The UK has been raped.*
                                          2) The pillaging has commenced.**

                                          *1) Raped by the global cabal of super-rich gangsters fronted in this case by Rupert Murdoch, with the traitor Boris Johnson as figurehead.

                                          **2) Stage one of the pillaging is the establishment of the ten Freeports, which shows quite clearly why it was necessary to ‘GET BREXIT DONE’, in other words, to get the EU out of the way so that such developments can go ahead unhindered.

                                          #50236 Reply


                                            Did you see this link posted by Cymro on the blog?


                                            #50245 Reply
                                            Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                              Cimarrón – Thanks for posting this link, it made for a very alarming read. American Kate Andrews is one of the most visible proponents of the far right agenda of the innocuous sounding “Tax Payer’s Alliance” exploiting her repeated invitations to tout her poison on the BBC. Even when she openly criticized the viability of our NHS in its current format, free at the point of need, her blatant privatization pitch went unchallenged. TPA doesn’t support tax payers it advocates for those who avoid tax; it would be more aptly named the “Tax Dodgers Alliance!” The BBC is helping to soften up the public for universal acceptance of perpetual austerity and a privatized NHS.

                                              There is a lot of seriously scary information being uncovered here, but as more of the totalitarian agenda for the UK is disguised by Boris’s “Levelling Up” lies, no one is fighting back. When Boris led his new cabinet in chanting his fake promises, “40 new Hospitals… etc” he was really playing to a dumb and docile sector of the electorate. To ram his agenda through our parliament required a sizable Tory majority; the “landslide” victory delivered by vote rigging on an industrial scale.

                                              With more widespread public awareness to cause a significant outcry demanding an investigation and Petition Challenge to the 2019 vote we can extricate this toxic regime before it is too late. Why is the complacent acceptance of this rapidly deteriorating situation so pervasive? It has never been more important to get the word out and insure that the public is fully informed; social media can make this happen, but the process so far has been slow and apathetic.

                                              I created the Hashtags #TORYRIG2019 and #TORYWARPED2019 to help disseminate the truth about the rigged election and EU Referendum vote. What is WARPED: Withdrawal Against the Rights of People’s Electoral Decision! Credible evidence supporting the rigging of Vote Leave on behalf of foreign interests is mounting every day; it was turbo charged by the massive data dumps from Brittany Kaiser just after the New Year. We know that driven by dangerous men like Bannon and Mercer, funded by the US and other foreign powers manipulating the vote, Brexit was rigged.

                                              Now the principal manipulator at Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, is dictating the organization and policy of this rabid Tory Government that he manoeuvred into place through his toxic propaganda in a rigged election! The Treasury is now under the control of Number Ten removing another vital check on power. The hard right have installed a compliant Attorney General to neuter the Judiciary. All those Tory MPs who might have resisted a No Deal Brexit have now been extricated from the new Tory cabinet in preparation for us to crash out of the EU in a way that no one in the UK voted for. This ruthless reshuffle was extremely alarming; why so little resistance from progressive MPs, commentators and the public? How much worse does it have to get before we resist the regression to dictatorship?

                                              A window of opportunity exists during the transition period, where there will be few material changes. There still remains a possibility that the EU could vote to annul the undemocratic decision that was forced on a large group of its EU Citizens against their will using a foreign influenced rigged vote: the EU could declare that the Article 50 letter sent by Theresa May was invalid. This does not necessarily mean that the UK would definitively vote to remain in a properly monitored confirmatory vote, but it does offer a properly informed choice free of interference. This decision would be a logical offer of EU cooperation during the political turmoil of a delegitimized government’s corrective removal from office.

                                              The UK has a unique opportunity to become the leading force in overturning the corrupt rigging of elections globally and it could not possibly come at a more important time, right before the US Presidential Election. If we demonstrate the moral courage to fully expose the truth and take appropriate corrective action here in the UK, all of the toxic connections with the far right in the US will be equally exposed at the same time, because this is all interconnected. The corrupt elections in a number of foreign countries that have already been exposed in the Brittany Kruger data dump have the power to destroy the credibility of authoritarian despots including the one determined to decimate the Brazilian rain forest!

                                              By delegitimizing the fake Tory landslide victory and ousting Boris Johnson and his team from power we set a vital example to the world, but we cannot achieve this crucial goal of exposing the truth while the general public remains locked in a state of perpetual complacent apathy. There are numerous people out there with far stronger social media connections than I have, that could do their bit to publicize this important cause on various platforms and persuade a professional investigative journalist to work on this. My Petition focuses on the urgent need to secure UK elections by exposing the well recognized flaws in our Electoral System; this is only possible with a thorough nationwide investigation of the 2019 Election vote. Please read, sign, share and Link to the Petition:
                                              2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

                                              #50252 Reply
                                              Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                                This February 15, 2020 at 13:27 comment from J on Craig’s last Blog post highlights the travesty of the disastrous Tory Reshuffle where he quotes from a Twitter thread he describes as “interesting and relevant:”

                                                “Let’s talk about what REALLY happened in yesterdays Cabinet reshuffle. While you were all being played, Matthew Elliott, the Far Right head of the IEA, TPA, boss of Cummings, Westley, Grimes, husband of Sarah- American head of Republicans Overseas is NOW writing the UK budget.

                                                This means that the goal of the TPA/IEA and ultimately the WTA which NONE of you are even aware of, to control public spending and drastically reduce public services, reduce the size of the Nation State and give tax breaks to the very rich, will have been achieved. While ALL of you were duped into focusing on Cummings (who Elliott and his wife CHOSE to be their fall guy back in 2012 ..see pic from Sarahs own tweets during the 1st screening of the Brexit Cumberbatch movie) he has hidden in the background and now controls the Government.”

                                                #50261 Reply
                                                Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                                  Time to Review Past Petitions and Post a Status Update on Current Petitions:
                                                  On the UK Government Petition Website there is an old Petition that is now closed: “We want Parliament to commission an independent review of the election result…” The Petitioners make a futile appeal for Government action; it went nowhere and after 1,338 Signatures it was closed down in January of 2016. That rumbling of discontent followed suspicions about the result of the 2015 General Election. The Petitioners stated that: “We are convinced the general election was rigged. But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.”

                                                  Again posted on UK Government Petition Website there was a rejected Petition over vote rigging that called into question the legitimacy of the previous General Election in 2017. “A RIGGED GENERAL ELECTION.” The Petition appealed to Labour MP: “Harriet Harman must force an enquiry into the General election result. We are convinced it was rigged. But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.” Why was this petition rejected? The Government’s response was that: “It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for. Your petition asks for Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP to force an inquiry into the result of the general election. This site is for petitions to the Government and the House of Commons as a whole.”

                                                  Another Petition on the UK Government Petition Website garnered 22,393 signatures before it was, oh so conveniently, closed down early because of the 2019 General Election; this left the UK public wide open to industrial scale Postal Vote fraud once again. “Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled.” The Petitioners elaborated on the problem by saying that: “Postal voting is ‘wide open to fraud’ and should be scrapped in its current form. Judge Richard Mawrey, who sits in judgment on election fraud cases, previously said ballot-rigging was now a ‘probability’ in some parts of Britain due to the extension of postal voting.”

                                                  These failed attempts to rescue our democracy from corruption are becoming distressingly routine: we must draw a line in the sand before the situation gets any worse. Our Petitions are key to increasing public awareness to create a huge citizen outcry over this injustice. Why is this well documented serious flaw in our Electoral System consistently ignored by our Government? It works exceptionally well to help facilitate widespread Tory Vote Rigging: bottom line, it keeps the Tories in power.

                                                  The first of the newer Petitions I would consider relevant to the important cause of restoring the integrity of our highly questionable democracy was launched well before the 2019 General Election. It gained an impressive level of support, with a current total of 156,309 Signatures on the 38 Degrees Petition site. Unfortunately, although the goal was laudable, far from achieving the desired pre-election enhancement of the Electoral Commission’s powers to combat electoral fraud, we endured what was undoubtedly the most corrupt election in my lifetime.
                                                  “Increase the fines for breaking electoral law” 156,309 Signed; I believe it is still open to further signatures so: Please Sign. This was addressed To: Michael Gove and all political party leaders in Westminster. This Campaign was created by Adam Ramsey of Open Democracy and Hosted on 38 Degrees.

                                                  Obviously my Internet trawl searching for Petitions relevant to the 2019 General Election was a tad overdue as I have only just discovered yet another Petition I had not noticed before on 38 Degrees. “Clean up our electoral system” 24,184 have Signed – Please Sign. This was probably launched by the 38 Degrees team; the goal to “Increase the powers and fines of the Electoral Commission” is addressed to: “All political party leaders in Westminster.”

                                                  If you are thinking “lots of luck with that one under an unstoppable Tory majority,” I can understand the sentiment, but we cannot afford to complacently accept the status quo and give up. It will be an uphill challenge to demand that this Tory Government should prioritize increasing the powers of the Electoral Commission to “Clean up our electoral system” if they are not significantly shamed and forced to concede by the overwhelming evidence of corruption in this last election as is targeted in my own Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. Mine is a more recent Petition Hosted on AVAAZ, but with under 425 Signatures I seriously need your support so Please Sign.

                                                  “Demand Parliamentary Investigation into rigged postal votes 2019 Election.” 7,272 have Signed: Please Sign. Hosted on Change.org – Oswald Beyzade started this petition to European Parliament and Others. This Petition is interesting in that the appeal for consideration is firstly to the EU which places any decision beyond the obvious dismissive powers of our current Tory Government. If we can produce enough evidence the EU might come to our rescue.

                                                  “We want an independent investigation into the implementation of the 2019 UK General Election” 3,579 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition on the Care2 Petition site appears to be focused on the Electoral Commission and includes the note:
                                                  “If anyone had personal experience of having difficulty voting please contact the Electoral Commission on this website to make a complaint as soon as possible…”

                                                  “Recount the Postal Votes GE 2019” 7,513 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org – Alex Webb started this Petition to the Electoral Commission.

                                                  “Please investigate why legitimate voters were turned away in the 2019 general election” 682 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org John Clayton started this Petition to the UK Electoral Commission.

                                                  Few people comprehend how toothless our Electoral Commission is in practice, from inability to adequately monitor outsourced Electoral Services, to unnecessarily convoluted procedures for demanding a recount or an investigation, to paltry token fines that do precious little to deter violating the law with rampant corruption. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

                                                  The remit of the Electoral Commission is determined by Parliament and that is now under the control of a Tory majority leveraged into power by the fabricated “landslide victory” that was almost certainly achieved through vote rigging on an industrial scale. The fox is not about to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the hen house! It will take a real fight to “Rescue our Watchdog!” All Votes Must Count.

                                                  “Stop the anti-Corbyn bias on the BBC” 26,076 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org – John Han started this petition to the BBC. On 16th January John Hans announced that: “We have decided to run a joint petition campaign of our ‘Stop the anti-Corbyn bias on the BBC’ with Richard House’s ‘Demand a full independent inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the 2019 General Election’.”

                                                  “Demand a full independent inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the 2019 General Election.” 7,031 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org – Richard House started this Petition to Registered voters and all consumers of Britain’s broadcast media and Others.

                                                  In reality it will take a massive groundswell of public support to force this authoritarian government to take notice; these Petitions are just the beginning of the huge public awareness campaign that will be necessary to accomplish our goal. The Petitions listed here cover different aspects of the battle to restore the integrity of our democracy from postal vote rigging to the BBC and media manipulation of the propaganda campaign; they are listed in no particular order, but they are all equally in need of your support. Click on the “Please Sign” Link to read and sign the Petitions.

                                                  #50273 Reply
                                                  Paul Barbara

                                                    What goes around comes around – this article has links to the British (and American) electoral shenanigans:
                                                    ‘Massive Israeli Data Leak Is Treasure Trove for Iran Intel. It Can Jeopardize Mossad and Special Ops’: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/52997.htm
                                                    A large part of Israel’s rapid ‘winning’ of the war it started in 1948 was intelligence it had gained through the ‘Village files’ it had built up of all Arab villages and Arab urban neighbourhoods beforehand (another reason was Britains’ destruction of the Palestinian resistance in the 1936 revolt).

                                                    #50280 Reply
                                                    Paul Barbara

                                                      Re Petitions, I got this in an email today from 38*:
                                                      ‘This is incredible. Since the news broke that the government decided to declare war on our BBC, more than 150,000 of us have come together to defend it.

                                                      The public backlash to the government’s plans to scrap BBC radio stations and TV channels, and to scrap the licence fee, has already begun. [1] But if we’re going to stop these plans for good, it’s going to take more of us.
                                                      Will you sign the petition now and prove the British public won’t stand for this brazen attempt to dodge accountability?
                                                      SIGN THE PETITION ‘

                                                      Makes one wonder just who is pulling their strings.

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