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    Kim Sanders-Fisher


    Certain facts are absolutely beyond dispute: in the past both well respected judges and politicians have publicly admitted, and documented in statements, that our Electoral System is wide open to vote rigging on an industrial scale. Nothing has been done to correct this problem which threatens to delegitimize our democracy. The decision to privatize and outsource our electoral services certainly didn’t make voting more reliable or secure, because the Electoral Commission were not authorized to have any control over the third party private companies who were to offer electoral services. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

    Since the privatization of electoral services in 2012 one company, Idox, has grown to significantly dominate the sector, buying out smaller competitors to monopolize the market. Idox is a subsidiary of an Oil&Gas giant, seen by many as potentially hostile to the concept of a “Green New Deal” that might damage profits. The direct involvement of Tory MP Peter Lilley in a Directorship role until mid 2018 was never challenged as a conflict of interest as the company rapidly expanded their influence throughout the UK. In September 2019, three months before the General Election, Idox Software Ltd was awarded a £1.7 million contract by the Cabinet Office, without competitive tendering, to revamp the management of the electoral register.

    The same company, Idox, despite handling multiple different aspects of the electoral process from our voter registration, to their comprehensive Postal Vote Managed Service, also created a handy canvassing App to help political parties reach their target supporters in local communities. So the same private company, with strong ties to the Tory Party, have your name, your date of birth, your full address, your signature and they also know how you intend to vote because it’s all on their computers! But that’s just fine because they are being cautiously, independently monitored by….. No one! The Electoral Commission has no oversight of these private companies: do you still think your vote is safe? Every vote must count so it is time to “Rescue our Watchdog!”

    After the truly unfathomable Tory “Landslide” victory, it would be ludicrously naive not to suspect that the Conservatives had taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity to steal our votes. Flaunting Purdah, and despite their public mandate for impartiality, the unprecedented efforts by the BBC to promote Boris Johnson, demonize Jeremy Corbyn with baseless smears, almost totally ignore other opposition candidates and shamelessly sell the unstoppable inevitability of the Tory victory was relentless. It was like a dirty little secret laid bare through multiple clumsy gaffs; some which even broke electoral law, but still remain unresolved to this day.

    The Christmas holiday timing of the 2019 General Election was perfectly choreographed to maximize chaos and confusion as predicted: “accidentally” disenfranchising millions of voters both in the UK and abroad. With their elitist arrogance, the Tory Party certainly did everything humanly possible to cast genuine doubt on the validity of the shock election result. Like a cheesy theatrical farce, this was the only election in my lifetime where the overwhelming focus has not centred on the party that actually won, but instead obsessed over ruthlessly shaming the party that lost and indoctrinating the public as to why they were so badly beaten! This devious strategy has deliberately removed the necessity for public scrutiny over the plausibility of such massive vote swings.

    The BBC and MSM propaganda juggernaut is still rolling on, trying desperately to make the impossible narrative fit. with talk of those “borrowed votes” that were never on loan in the first place. To honestly believe that droves of the working poor, subsisting on the pittance pay of a zero-hours contract, reliant on Universal Credit and food banks to make ends meet, living in squalid, insecure, overpriced, rental accommodation, worried sick about job loss and the possibility of eviction, courageously risked destitution and starvation to vote for Brexit is patently ridiculous! It is equally delusional to suggest that their more secure parents were so selfish that they blocked out the hardship their children were suffering under austerity for the pipe dream nostalgia of life outside the EU.

    Reality check: No matter how much they might gripe to canvassers or rant to opportunistic TV presenters in a pro-Brexit Vox-Pop, when the time comes to actually vote people always chose self-preservation over destitution and watching their children starve; this is a really basic essential of human survival. If Boris Johnson’s documented gross insults were not enough to dissuade them; after unnecessarily inflicting a decade of ideologically driven austerity on the forgotten and abandoned North, you want me to believe that those former Labour voters were ready to support their tormentors and beg for another decade of exploitation? To buy into this BS you would have to accept the theory that the most deprived areas of the UK were gripped by mass Stockholm Syndrome!
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its not a giraffe!

    If the BBC had abided by their mandate of neutrality the public might have had a better chance to hear about the Labour manifesto, but even if the Party only followed through with a small fraction of their pledges, voters knew that there would be an end to austerity and the most punitive of Tory policies. Despite the herculean efforts of the BBC and MSM to try to present the Labour Brexit plan as incredibly complicated, it was pragmatic, basic and very simple; it secured the most essential rights and standards. There was absolutely no need to feel betrayed by an honest man or ever consider “lending” support to a spoilt, filthy rich, elitist, serial liar.

    Yet another round of “it’s too late now” complacency and chivalrous acceptance of a defeat that defies a multitude of seriously alarming, very legitimate reservations, will seal our fate and hardwire the strong potential for future vote rigging into our corrupted fake democracy. Joseph Stalin once said: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Are we that easily fooled?

    A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog! It is time to “Rescue our Watchdog” and put the necessary, long overdue, safeguards in place to restore full public trust in our damaged Electoral System. The British are entirely capable of setting a sterling example to the world concerning how we fearlessly protect UK citizen’s rights: this objective is a top priority for our government.

    Visit the Elections Aftermath forum on this blog to review past comments, but do return here to post your reply as there is little space left on the original thread; sorry SA, this was primarily my fault for posting such lengthy comments with multiple links.

    Also adopt the new Hashtags: #TORYRIG2019 & #TORYWARPED2019 to help publicize this really important issue. Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition on AVAAZ:
    W.A.R.P.E.D. Withdrawal Against the Rights of People’s Electoral Decision – #TORYWARPED2019

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Due to the substantive material change in status after being dragged out of the EU against the will of the majority of the population north of the border, there is much talk on this blog site of the right of the Scots to hold another Independence Referendum. While I do not deny that the Scots have every right to feel aggrieved and clamour for another vote on independence, I would be deeply concerned over the security of such a vote with this UK Government in charge and so much at stake.

    “Republicofscotland” responded to the concerns that I raised in Craig Murrays last post, with this opinion, and a link I had not previously explored, by stating that “…the Electoral Commission has been captured, which makes it not fit for purpose.”
    In an article posted in the Ferret it explores the rogue influence of “Dark Money” on UK politics and the ridiculously paltry fines levied on those found in breach of the rules; fines so low that they represented merely the “cost of doing business” rather than an effective deterrent to corruption.

    One crucial comment in this Ferret Article that caught my attention was this appeal for long overdue reform:
    “The Electoral Commission desperately needs the power to deliver substantial fines and other enforcement mechanisms. Otherwise, the flood of dark money which is poisoning our politics will only continue.” It is important to realize that the Electoral Commission had no powers to decide on expanding their remit or straying beyond the boundaries of the monitoring powers set by the Government. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

    This is why the Petition I have launched on Avaaz is so important, because it is only by exposing the true extent of the flaws in our Electoral System through public outcry that we can ever hope to get a fully functioning protective mechanism in place. It is pointless just winging about how wide open to corruption and vote rigging our Electoral System has become unless you are prepared to join the force for changel please read, sign, share and link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. “Rescue our Watchdog – All Votes must Count!”

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    I commented above on the frequent visits to 10 Downing Street, during the Blair government, of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘man on earth’, Irwin Stelzer – in his connection with the Henry Jackson Society.

    A couple of week’s agoThe Guardian:

    “Johnson met Murdoch on day he signalled general election bid

    News Corp owner was the only media baron the prime minister saw in his first three months

    Boris Johnson saw Rupert Murdoch for a “social meeting” on the day he signalled his intention to seek a general election last year, according to new transparency disclosures.”

    “Rupert Murdoch was once asked why he hated the EU so much. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied.’When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.’ No wonder, then, that he was an avid supporter of Brexit.”
    from The Brexit Syndicate

    So, it seems that Murdoch’s twisting with UK politicians and meddling in UK politics, and particularly in our relationship with the EU, goes back at least a couple of decades.

    Murdoch has his fingers deep in the dirt of the world. For one, he has interests in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights through Genie Energy. Genie Energy’s Strategic advisory board includes: Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Summers, and Jacob Rothschild. Through the influence of his manipulative son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump has recognised the incorporation of the Golan Heights into the state of Israel.

    Murdoch’s interest in the creation of the ‘war on terror’ and, in particular the attack on Iraq may be glanced through his appointment of Jose Maria Aznar to his News International board shortly after the Madrid Bombings when Aznar lost his premiership in Spain. Rather like Blair’s well-rewarded appointment with Morgan Stanley after he lost his position in the UK.

    (Those who have forgotten Aznar’s involvement would do well to remember the Azores Summit held four days before the attack on Iraq began – this pre-war meeting was attended by Bush, Blair, and Aznar, along with Barroso, Portuguese premier.)

    AliB gave a link on an earlier thread on Craig’s blog to this item which discusses Johnson’s intentions to control free movement labour, and to create freeports.

    Murdoch and the money grubbers are getting even more greedy, if that were possible.


    [Suggested article for The Sun ‘newspaper’ –
    Considering Johnson and Murdoch have “social meetings” one might expect Murdoch to have attended the Lebedev party held after Johnson’s election victory, or even gone to see him on holiday in Mustique; but, no, neither would be suitable. Mick Jagger was at Lebedev’s party; he also owns a place on Mustique. The presence of the current Mrs Murdoch may have led to some unkind wrinkly dick comments from the UK’s gutter press.]

    I do apologise for lowering the tone of the debate by mentioning Murdoch and The Sun – I couldn’t help myself!

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      What surprises me is the silence on Johnson’s accepting a gift worth £20000 for the Christmas holiday in Mustique. I would think that it is in blatant breech of the ministerial code of conduct but no one seems to be concerned or question this. Here is the relevant paragraph:

      Acceptance of gifts and hospitality
      7.20 It is a well-established and recognised rule that no Minister should accept gifts, hospitality or services from anyone which would, or might appear to, place him or her under an obligation. The same principle applies if gifts etc are offered to a member of their family.

      7.21 This is primarily a matter which must be left to the good sense of Ministers. But any Minister in doubt or difficulty over this should seek the advice of their Permanent Secretary.

      7.22 Gifts given to Ministers in their Ministerial capacity become the property of the Government and do not need to be declared in the Register of Members’ or Peers’ Interests. Gifts of small value, currently this is set at £140, may be retained by the recipient. Gifts of a higher value should be handed over to the department for disposal unless the recipient wishes to purchase the gift abated by £140. There is usually no customs duty or import VAT payable on the importation of official gifts received overseas. HMRC can advise on any cases of doubt. If a Minister wishes to retain a gift he or she will be liable for any tax it may attract. Departments will publish, on a quarterly basis, details of gifts received and given by Ministers valued at more than £140.

      7.23 Gifts given to Ministers as constituency MPs or members of a political Party fall within the rules relating to the Registers of Members’ and Lords’ Interests.

      7.24 Departments will publish, quarterly, details of hospitality received by Ministers in a Ministerial capacity. Hospitality accepted as an MP or Peer should be declared in the Register of Members’ or Lords’ Interests respectively.

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        Boris also seems to be a serial offender in breaking the ministerial code of conduct but it seems that the regulatory bodies, similar to the electoral commission are also just toothless dogs:

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        Boris seems also to have problems with money and lady friends he wants to impress –

        like Jennifer Arcuri

        and Joanna Lumley

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    It was a coup. We’re under occupation.

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    In a comment on Skwawkbox a contributor expressed a doubt that is probably shared by many people regarding the potential rigging of the 2019 General Election, so it is worthy of analysis here. The point raised was as follows:
    “….It would be foolish to deny any possibility of electoral fraud on a national scale but conspiracy theories have problems. Idox’s bosses (assuming they’re your prime suspects) would need to keep any hint of fraud or access to the real numbers from non-involved employees to avoid blackmail or whistleblowing and jail. Involved employees are guaranteed jobs for life – or death.

    Any large scale election fraud would require a conspiracy. What all conspiracy theories fail to explain is how the conspirators guarantee none of them will ever blow the whistle, mention the crime in a drunken encounter, be caught in other crimes and name the conspirators for a reduced sentence, find god, make deathbed confessions etc etc. Only fools trust others with their freedom.”

    My reply was to say that: “I respect your opinion, but while your reasoning appears to make sound common sense, and is reassuring to those who might have doubts regarding the security of our voting system, there are major flaws in this premise.” I went on to explain the reality of attempting to blow the whistle to expose any type of wrongdoing within a powerful corporation.

    First of all in the case of Idox it is important to remember that, for pure practicality of producing such large volumes of ballots, the printing of ballot papers, their envelopes, etc would need to be fully automated. A select few trusted employees might know that there was double printing or pre-marked ballot papers being automatically inserted into the A envelopes and sealed ready for substitution prior to an officially viewed opening session. This greatly reduces the number of people in the know unless someone is consciously digging for evidence ahead of time.

    However, the major disruptor with regard to those seeking to expose the truth remains the ruthless targeting of Whistleblowers. You would think that with an issue so momentous that someone would have the courage to come forward with such important information, but people are easily intimidated and rightfully fear serious reprisals. I speak from brutally raw personal experience as a Whistleblower myself. At first you believe that what you are exposing is so universally known about by fellow employees that you are in no danger bringing it to the attention of a supervisor; this is usually the tragic first step towards being blacklisted if you are a regular employee or the total destruction of your career if you are a skilled professional.

    The second there is any hint that inside knowledge of corruption, fraud or safety violations are about to be made public the Whistleblower is ruthlessly targeted and discredited to the point of being falsely criminalized. In America I was marched out of Johns Hopkins Hospital by two security guards to the horror of shocked staff who observed this deeply humiliating spectacle. From that point on not a single former work colleague dared to communicate with me for fear of being targeted; I lost dozens of close friends overnight. Once the company or institution has managed to establish that it is you who is suspected of criminality, anything that you attempt to report regarding their dangerous or fraudulent conduct can be disregarded as merely the false accusations of a disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind!

    This is a very effective tactic that will silence the most conscientious of workers since, beyond totally destroying your career, in almost every single solitary case, your honesty will accomplish absolutely nothing: sadly, no one will believe your reporting. The highly conspicuous “walk of shame” is just the very beginning of a horrific and precipitous decline that has led many Whistleblowers to take their own life; it is a truly devastating experience from which very few courageous individuals will ever fully recover. In my case a career in surgery was over, I lost my home in the US and everything I owned: I still suffer from PTSD. This process is just as effective here in the UK as the intimidation tactics of Dominic Cummings’s aggressive armed escort of the dubiously disgraced Special Advisor, Sonja Khan, out of Number 10 clearly demonstrated. What information did this SPAD possess that might have made her a target?

    This tactic of shaming, suspicion and ostracizing a Whistleblower is used to silence any colleague who might be foolish enough to consider coming to their defence or supporting their allegations: for a government agency, public institution or powerful company it is remarkably easy to universally demonize a former employee to the point where their credibility is completely destroyed. In the exceptional rare cases that take years to expose, after the damage becomes too great to be ignored, there are frequently dozens of people who knew enough to have come forward with the truth, but who were so fearful of retaliation that they remained silent. There are precious few bold Whistleblowers who emerge from this torturous process unscathed, but it always requires extreme personal sacrifice of some kind.

    In a Guardian article interview with the Cambridge Analitica Whistleblower the uncomfortable truth is laid bare by Christopher Wylie when he reminds us that:
    “When you look at how, for example, the NCA [National Crime Agency] has just sat on blatant evidence of Russian interference in Brexit,”
    Wylie says: “When you look at how you can go and commit the largest infraction of campaign finance law in British history and get away with it.”

    The explosive revelations of a second whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, fell inexplicably flat. Sanni revealed in the Observer how “Vote Leave deliberately broke the law in the way it funnelled money to the data firm AggregateIQ, an associate company of Cambridge Analytica. It’s believed to be the biggest breach of electoral law in a century, but it was given minimal coverage by the BBC and all but ignored by Britain’s political class. The law-breaking was confirmed by the electoral commission in July, and it has now been referred to the police.”

    The suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly in 2003 after his life was torn apart for correctly accusing the British government of over-selling intelligence in order to justify the Iraq invasion. The murder of Seth Rich in Washington that remains unsolved despite rumours he was assonated after possibly passing DNC documents on to Wikileaks. The political prisoner Julian Assange has suffered solitary confinement in Belmarsh prison for his journalistic efforts in exposing the war crimes sanctioned by the US Government, if he is extradited he will likely die in an American jail. There are very serious consequences that deter any high-stakes Whistleblower from coming forward.

    Look how the manipulation of our voting by Cambridge Analytica exposed by Christopher Wylie was essentially marginalized as irrelevant after it was exposed and you can begin to understand why Whistleblowers are reluctant to take such catastrophic risks for zero societal benefit. When asked in a Time article interview: “The Capabilities Are Still There.’ Why Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Christopher Wylie Is Still Worried” what advice would he give to somebody who’s considering blowing the whistle? Wylie offered this response:
    “Talk to a Lawyer. As obvious as that piece of advice is, this is something that whistleblowers almost never do. They jump to handing over stuff to journalists or they go public and they don’t think things through. You will be a far more effective whistleblower if you operate within a legal framework.”

    Why did I feel the need to write about this here, possibly further scaring those who might be capable of supplying crucial evidence to expose the truth regarding the unfathomable “landslide” result of the 2019 General Election? It is really important to discuss the issues that might continue to cast doubt on the possibility of vote rigging and elaborate on the realities that negate such genuine concerns. This thread has also documented the fact that it is now really well recognized by Judges, MPs and the Electoral Commission that our current Electoral System remains wide open to fraud on an industrial scale.

    By highlighting these facts and bringing them to the attention of the wider public we increase the possibility that if a whistleblower were to emerge they would stand a far better chance of being believed rather than cast aside as a discredited troublemaker. That does not offer potential Whistleblowers a risk free path to recognition, but it does at least offer them the solid refuge of our support.

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    If any employees can leak evidence or data, they should know they can do so anonymously via wikileaks.

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    Paul Barbara

    One way of advertising your Petition is to comment on newspaper articles about Labour’s ‘poor showing’, mentioning the Petition.
    I tried it here (don’t know if it will stay up):

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    I am constantly being told that people really were just “too stupid” to see the writing on the wall; they voted against their own self interest in favour of Brexit. I am now told that the same “idiots” supported the Tories to “Get Brexit Done,” despite the looming risk of crashing out of the EU without a deal which now seems increasingly likely. I can understand why some people voted for Brexit under the blizzard of disinformation that blindsided so many people in the UK, but I cannot fathom the Tory “landslide” and, beyond the unacceptable insult, stupidity does not come close to justifying such an unbelievable result.

    Although I am sometimes gratuitously accused of implying that those who voted for Brexit were just “stupid bigots,” I have never been so insulting as to put their decision down to stupidity or racism; this type of angry mudslinging gets us nowhere in the debate. I prefer to claim that we were all a lot too trusting. We trusted politicians who lied to us on both sides of the EU Referendum issue. It’ is not a crime to be too trusting and even the smartest among us can be fooled by a slick con artist. However, our politicians should not be lying to us and we should be able to hold them to account when they do. That is what needs to change.

    The lies of Brexit were so successful in winning over the vote and since those who told the most outrageous “porkies” were never reprimanded let alone punished for misleading the electorate, the entire landscape of what is permissible in terms of exaggeration and BS has spiralled way out of control. The message on the side of the bus, and the invasion of the Turks worked well for Boris so why not boast of building 40 new hospitals and drum home that PR pitch by deliberately lying to parliament during PMQs? MPs can be disciplined for calling another MP a liar in the chamber, but no rule prevented Margaret Hodge from defaming Jeremy Corbyn as an “anti-Semite” without a shred of evidence to support her insult.

    The current political climate penalizes those who speak truth to power and demonizes those who adhere to honest and truthful conduct. To limit scrutiny, Boris Johnson wants to cherry-pick which journalists he will condescend to speak to while he us now threatening the viability of an already heavily Tory compliant BBC. The PM plans to effectively neuter the Judiciary to eliminate any possibility of future interference in his authoritarian power grab. He already appears totally devoid of accountability for his numerous lies, mistakes and dodgy financial dealings.

    We must fight to restore the integrity of our democracy before we are frog marched into a dictatorship. This is not just one reckless loon catastrophising; the Tory agenda was documented on page 48 of their manifesto and all of the classic warning signs are falling into place. We can demand increased scrutiny of the government and we should expect full accountability. Investigating this last General Election is a vital first step in order to validate the unfathomable result or correct the injustice of a rigged vote. No matter what is discovered, exposing the serious flaws that leave our Electoral System wide open to corruption must drive long postponed government reform. Please read, sign, share and link to this Petition:

    Still dreaming of those sunny uplands of post Brexit prosperity? This International Business Times article has a few stark words of warning from those who do stand to reap the profits: “One of the biggest names in European private equity said that Brexit will be good for his business, but will mean a 30% wage reduction for UK workers. … He added that EU immigration will be replaced with workers from the Indian subcontinent and Africa, willing to accept “substantially” lower pay.”

    This does not look good, but however you, your family and your friends may have voted in the EU Referendum or in the recent General Election, let us try to ditch the insults and the assumptions that others might want to insult those with whom they don’t agree. We have all been a lot too trusting while politicians have lied and continue to lie to us. This must stop. To restore trust we must demand genuine honesty, politicians cannot limit or sensor robust public scrutiny; no one is above the law so they must always be held fully accountable if they lie and cheat.

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    Setting up freeports in the UK

    ‘UK launches freeports consultation with aim to open first next year
    Government says tax-free zones could bring investment and thousands of new jobs

    There is, however, some caution about the risk of freeports being used as a base for money laundering or other organised crime. In a report on illicit financing last year, the European commission said freeports could be “potentially vulnerable to money laundering or terrorism financing” in the European single market.

    The European justice commissioner, Věra Jourová, said freeports were “the new emerging threat”, adding: “This is something we want to focus more on.”

    Labour has condemned the idea. John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, called freeports a “revival of a failed Thatcherite plan from the 1980s designed to cut away at regulation and our tax base”.

    He said: “There is very little solid evidence that so-called freeports create jobs or boost economic growth, showing this up as another ideological move from a far-right government. This plan only represents a levelling-up for the super-rich, who will use freeports to hoard assets and avoid taxes while the rest of us feel the effects of under-funded public services.”’

    “The idea was first raised by Boris Johnson during his campaign to become Conservative leader.”

    Really, does Bumbling Boris have these ideas all by himself, or has he been influenced by the ‘super-rich’ coup leaders.

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Cimarrón – This short video about the Geneva Freeport: “The Swiss warehouse where the rich hide assets and wealth leaves no trace” is in French with subtitles, well worth watching. It is typical of the Tory agenda to boost tax avoidance for the wealthy elite with a teaser scheme for offering jobs to the working poor.

    J – In Reply #49922 on the old Elections Aftermath thread you offered me real hope for my campaign when you said that: “You’re doing great Kim and your arguments are beautifully developed. Thanks” and you provided a link to the twitter post of [email protected]_Fourmyle.

    I don’t think I could handle the added stress of Twitter, but that is what could make my Petition take off. Are there any Twitter aficionados out there who can give the Petition the boost it really needs? I want to grab the attention of @Rachel_Swindon, @OwenJones84,
    Kerry-Anne [email protected] or someone else with the huge mass following to get it noticed. Please get your friends to read, sign, share and link to the Petition:

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting 30/12/2019 Welcome… New Blog
    I only wished I had discovered this blog a whole lot earlier: it was started just before the New Year. We are no longer a lone voice in the political wilderness…

    07/02/2020 “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope” This was the first post that I stumbled upon via a twitter page, despite the fact that some of their material should have bounced to the very top in a Google search over a month earlier. How much can we really trust the Corporate masters at Google not to steer us in the wrong direction on a controversial subject like this?

    It looked like an exciting new Blog site cram packed with data and numerous informative links to support their sound conclusions was fresh out of the gate, but perhaps this valuable blog site had been languishing in obscurity as we made our futile searches for relevant information and evidence of voter fraud over the past month and a half.

    Touting “Insight into your Daily Gaslighting” a February 7th Post: “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope” has accumulated a wide range of data. They lead into their article with this overview of that scope:
    “This post is a selected summary of the range of election fraud during GE2019. Ranging from bribes, bias, to global conspiracies. With this width we can’t go into much depth and by definition will not capture everything… but depth is recorded in links.” To read this informative post go to the imbedded link.

    This appears to be the first dedicated Blog site focusing exclusively on Electoral Fraud. I will be checking through their links for new evidence and looking over their other posts to see what we can link to; this is quite a find. I have posted, unfortunately accidentally double posted, a comment with a link to the Petition and highlighting our Election Aftermath Discussion Forum. I did not find a contact email to address to leave a message for the author, but hopefully they willcome and explore our forum. I will keep you posted.

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    More from the newly discovered Blog: The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting.

    31/12/2019 “Dry Run for Postal Ballot Fraud – High Court overturns Highworth election count error”
    This post targeted one particular error that was perhaps a taste of things to come; it affected a small constituency near Swindon and the abnormal result in local council elections: “Highworth, in Wiltshire, has fewer than 7,000 registered voters but more than 40,000 ballots were counted after the town council election in May.” The piece concluded by noting the following:
    “Annoyingly there is no description of how this could have happened, whether anyone is going to be prosecuted or whether this was “just an accident”. Also the closing phrase is ambiguous “ensure this does not happen again”? You mean, like, next time we won’t get caught?!”

    This was Posted on: 15/01/2020 “Election Fraud GE2019”
    Still not on the radar for most people due to the relentless Tory propaganda pumped out by the BBC and the tabloid press the writer notes: “No-one seems to be talking about this yet… GE2019 and the use of Social Media Sock Puppets and Psychological Operations, Postal Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression. This wasn’t so much a political event, trading policy ideas on a level playground, but more like a military operation with one side armed to to teeth with tanks and fighter jets with the other with handbags.”

    In a final statement the writer says: “Electoral Law is lagging behind in regulating Big Data and other technological advances that destroy real democracy…”

    The Post on: 28/01/2020 Dealt with: “PysOp GE2019”
    By way of explanation regarding the technology being directed at brainwashing the public the writer explains the proudest accomplishment of unelected adviser to the PM Dominic Cummings:
    “The Previous Daily GasLamp post refered to GE2019 as a PysOp – which stands for Pyschological Operation – part of Pyschological Warefare, a little known part of the art of warefare which is as old as Sun Tzu. This post expands upon that statement.”

    Check out the above posts on this Blog. More to follow…

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Yet more from the newly discovered Blog: The Daily GasLamp – Insight into your Daily Gaslighting.

    On 31/01/2020 the GasLamp wrote: “Sheeple. Are you ready for this?”
    Situation Awareness or “How to win an election without really trying!”

    The whole modus operandi is laid bare for us here:
    “How could the Tories be so certain that they would win a General Election? Election Fraud GE2019″
    “The answer is “Situation Awareness”. You just need to read up on Dominic Cummings’ blog about his Voter Intention Collection System on how it was used in the Vote Leave campaign and how it was re-used for GE2019.”

    The GasLamp goes on to marvel at Dominic Cummings’s accomplishment:
    “That is some “situation awareness”! This level of estimation requires computers especially since the Tories had no ground camapign in the north! They had every voter identified, every voter’s politics analysed by computer, every intention to vote predicted or persuaded or impersonated or blocked. Rigged? You bet!”
    The one imbedded Link I have included here goes to a very interesting Vox Political Online article that, among other things, shows a list of new Tory PMs that live hundreds of miles away from the constituents they are supposed to be representing.

    On 04/02/2020 the GasLamp wrote:
    “GasLighting from Number 10 and the expose of election fraud from Iowa”
    This post covers a lot of ground including everything from the UK Election to aspects of international involvement and vote rigging in the US Elections. In an intro that includes no less than eight important links in the first paragraph entitled “Background” the writer informs us that:

    “The 2019 General Election was the culmination of a Military-style PsyOp (Psychological Operation) managed from the Institute for Statecraft with help from friendly nations. Full Situational Awareness was coordinated by Dominic Cummings using his Voter Intention Collection System (VICS), just like he did for VL, recording every voter intention. With 100% accuracy, the Tories obtained the 80 seat majority predicted on Nov 25th, 2019, by micromanaging the postal votes to suppress voters or stuff ballots (imitating people they knew wouldn’t be voting). After all there was precious little evidence on the ground to indicate that the Tories were campaigning at all in the north…”

    On 07/02/2020 the GasLamp wrote: “Election Fraud 2019 – Scope”
    This post covers everything from Brexit Party Bribes; Mainstream Media Bias; Confidence, No Ground Campaign and Surprise Win; Electoral Roll Errors and Delays; Security of Ballot Concerns and Postal Vote Fraud to the Global Conspiracy. There Is a lot to take in here.

    Do visit: “The Daily GasLanp” Blog to explore a wealth of informative Links. DailyGaglamp.com If you have yet to sign my Petition on AVVAZ; Please read, sign, share and Link to this: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50210 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset. Data is being scavenged and weaponized to wage cultural, social and economic warfare on populations all over the world as it is now utilized to manipulate elections. A major contribution to the Brexit decision in the UK and the Trump victory in the US was achieved through harvesting data. A video Discussion on the film “The Great Hack” was posted on YouTube the 19th November 2019. The description of who is featured in the discussion says:
    “Join us for a fascinating discussion with director Karim Amer, writer/producer Pedro Kos, investigative reporter who broke the story of the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data breach Carole Cadwalladr, and Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center International Policy Director Marietje Schaake as they go deep inside the complex issues of data, privacy and Russian intervention and what it means for America, and the free world.”

    The contributors focus on the impact of not correcting the situation in time for the US Presidential Election in 2020. Despite a release date shortly before the UK 2019 General Election, and the toxic proximity of Vote Leave manipulator Dominic Cummings as Boris Johnson’s principal advisor, there appeared to be a disappointing lack of concern over the ongoing impact on UK politics. The Daily GasLamp post referred to GE2019 as a “PysOp – which stands for Psychological Operation – part of Psychological Warfare, a little known part of the art of warfare which is as old as Sun Tzu.”

    “PysOp” is a weapon not supposed to be used on the population.
    The discussion participants reveal information that should alarm us all. Via Facebook Cambridge Analytica harvested data on 230 million Americans with an average of over 5000 data points on any one person it took as few as 10 data points to discover who might be considered easily persuadable. These “Persuadable’s” accounted for over 80,000 votes in just three key battleground States, but that was enough to secure a win for Donald Trump. Due to better data protection laws in the UK, a law suit brought by David Carol to retrieve his own data uncovered the truth since all the data was processed here.

    “The Great Hack” from award-winning filmmakers Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim is well worth watching:
    “Political Warfare: People everywhere are in a battle for control of our most intimate personal details.
    The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation with astounding access to the personal journeys of key players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. The Great Hack forces us to question the origin of the information we consume daily. What do we give up when we tap that phone or keyboard and share ourselves in the digital age? The Great Hack Netflix documentary lifted the curtain on our vulnerability and how public opinion and the very foundation of our democracy is being manipulated and shaken to the core.”

    While this devious tactic was deployed to collectively brainwash certain persuadable members of the UK population in the run up to the 2019 General Election and has also helped reinforce the media propaganda that continues to support the fake news of a Tory Landslide victory, I doubt it would have been sufficient without vote rigging. Please read, sign, share and link to this Petition on AVAAZ:

  • #50229 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    “Johnson’s scheming puppet master Dominic Cummings orders brutal cabinet cull” announce the Mirror on their dystopian front page as the UK makes another dangerous lurch towards dictatorship with a reshuffle to consolidate power, silence dissent, banish scrutiny and permanently outlaw any Government accountability. Telling it like it is they warn: “Anyone who has dared to question the PM or his spin doctor is forced out” and describe the newly appointed team as an “Inept government of spineless stooges.” Where are we headed?

    Suella Braverrnan was appointed to replace the eminently more experienced and qualified Geoffrey Cox as Atourney General. Braverman, a hardline Brexiteer, had certainly been making all the right noises attacking “judicial activism” saying that judges were “trespassing” on politics just as the PM heralds a tough crackdown on our legal system that will destroy vital checks and balances. As the government’s most senior legal adviser, she will now play a crucial role in defining the new relationship between the courts and Government as outlined in the page 48 manifesto pledge priority to “take back control from the judiciary.” After her recently published blistering attack on human rights litigation and the overuse of judicial review challenges, her appointment in such a key role should deeply worry us all.

    In his resignation letter Cox said of his past efforts in government during the volatile Brexit period: “Throughout that process, I have sought, as my role requires, to give candid and independent legal advice both to you and to your predecessor on how that desirable outcome might best be achieved lawfully and effectively.” Outspoken ex-Tory Soubry tweeted: “Genuine concern that as a hardline, no-deal Brexiteer with little experience will not undertake the important role of AG – which invariably means giving firm legal advice a Govt/PM doesn’t want to hear because it doesn’t suit them politically.” It brings to mind that classic sarcastic skit: “What about the Vegetables? Oh, they’ll have the same as me!”

    Excelling in one’s job is no longer good enough for our desperately insecure and malicious aspiring despot. The PM sacked Julian Smith as Northern Ireland secretary just one month after he accomplished the challenging task of brokering a deal that restored power to the Stormont Assembly. Was this due to his agreement to investigate alleged crimes by British soldiers during the Troubles, Smith’s disparaging remarks about the damaging consequences of a no-deal Brexit, or both? But the real shock of the day came when Chancellor Sajid Javid refused to bend to the will of our uncompromising dictatorial PM

    The ever tightening grip of Boris Johnson’s untrammelled power was wielded when Chancellor Sajid Javid was ordered to fire all of his Special advisors (SPADs). Javid demonstrated enough courage to refuse and offer his resignation just one month before presenting his first and only budget; a record for an early walk-out. It was announced that Rishi Sunak will replace him to “play Chancellor of the Exchequer” on television. He is the perfect PR stooge with all the right credentials: BME Tory MP from a northern constituency; he has pitched well on TV already, plus I think Boris Johnson knows he can rely on Sunak’s absolute compliance.

    There was a suggestion that Boris Johnson was perhaps going too far with his targeting of MPs who, despite still doing well in their role, have not always agreed with him. On “Politics Live” Andrew Neal asked: “Is this a bit personal?” To which Tom Newton-Dunn made the barbed reply: “I think we’ve certainly seen already by his first cabinet reshuffle, with his first appointments back in July, something that we have not seen before from Boris Johnson, a vindictiveness, a meanness and certainly a ruthlessness to put it politely….” “Vindictive, mean and ruthless,” very strong criticism coming from a leading hard core right wing journalist in the heavily Tory supporting press!

    Newton-Dunn went on to say about Boris Johnson that: “…He can pull the trigger on people with free abandon if they cross him and I think there is a theme across this reshuffle now, whether it’s the loud voice of Geoffrey Cox, the gaining voice of Sajid Javid and certainly the loud voice of Andrea Ledsom; he doesn’t like loud voices and he doesn’t like loud voices that challenge him, even at this early stage, even when he’s got this socking great mandate, he still feels the need to politically execute people that get in his way and it’s a very intriguing trait…”

    I wouldn’t call it “a very intriguing trait,” I would call it a really scary warning sign; this is another classic demonstration of the PM’s insecurity as this narcissistic dictator ramps up his stranglehold on absolute power. Of course this might have been the demand of Dominic Cummings, whose Machiavellian PsyOps tricks helped rig the election to give Boris Johnson his fake “landslide” victory. It was Cummings who already removed one of the Chancellor’s SPADS, stripping her of her work and personal phones before ordering her marched out of number ten by armed police officers! No one warned Javid of the firing and this order was the last straw.

    “The March of Shame” is a standard US tactic of falsely accusing potential whistleblowers to humiliate and ostracize them while destroying their credibility and intimidating their colleagues into refusing all future contact. I know firsthand exactly how highly effective this rogue strategy is in silencing outspoken conscientious employees who are forced to endure this disgrace. The unnecessary excessive show of force and public degradation virtually criminalize the whistleblower to insure that they are totally isolated from friends or support and they are publically discredited as a “disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind.”

    “at will Firing” and the “Walk of Shame” are well established American “Business Friendly” practices that will be imported as rapidly as chlorinated chicken in order to serve the needs of our new US corporate masters. However, what I found so alarming about the rapid removal of Sonja Khan, Javid’s fired SPAD, was the timid acceptance of an event that clearly violated current UK Human Resources protocols. This event got a brief mention in the press as we heard Sajid Javid hadn’t approved the dismissal, but it blew over very quickly. Did this SPAD know something that made her a prime target? Is Sonja Khan OK or is she living in fear, far too terrified to challenge what seemed like an unfair dismissal?

    This brutal political bloodbath comes at a steep price to our fading democracy. Under the sinister hypnotic influence of his dark sidekick, each time this narcissistic PM decides to throw his toys out of the pram in a vindictive spitefest like this it costs tax payers dearly as we must pick up the tab: a £100k bill for ministerial severance pay. Last year’s rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic cost us £250,000! The universally despised Ester McVey, who inflicted so much misery on those struggling to survive on frozen benefit payments, will be handsomely rewarded with yet another £25.000 windfall for her second brief cabinet assignment. Just keep leveling-up Boris…!

    This is no longer a functioning government. It has rapidly deteriorated into a dangerous cult of compliance after the unfathomable “landslide” majority seeded all power to the unelected puppet master controlling our PM after he successful rigging the election in his favour. Once a powerful despot is firmly in control of our court, gagged the press and abolished our human rights it will be too lat to fight back; such despots take decades to remove. This dubious election result cannot go unchallenged; this is no time to be complacent while we can still make a difference. Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition on AVAAZ: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50230 Reply



    Yes, thank you, excellent video on Freeports – the enclaves that are not subject to national laws, and avoid tax and customs duties.

    It appears to me clear that the following has happened:

    1) The UK has been raped.*
    2) The pillaging has commenced.**

    *1) Raped by the global cabal of super-rich gangsters fronted in this case by Rupert Murdoch, with the traitor Boris Johnson as figurehead.

    **2) Stage one of the pillaging is the establishment of the ten Freeports, which shows quite clearly why it was necessary to ‘GET BREXIT DONE’, in other words, to get the EU out of the way so that such developments can go ahead unhindered.

  • #50236 Reply



    Did you see this link posted by Cymro on the blog?


  • #50245 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Cimarrón – Thanks for posting this link, it made for a very alarming read. American Kate Andrews is one of the most visible proponents of the far right agenda of the innocuous sounding “Tax Payer’s Alliance” exploiting her repeated invitations to tout her poison on the BBC. Even when she openly criticized the viability of our NHS in its current format, free at the point of need, her blatant privatization pitch went unchallenged. TPA doesn’t support tax payers it advocates for those who avoid tax; it would be more aptly named the “Tax Dodgers Alliance!” The BBC is helping to soften up the public for universal acceptance of perpetual austerity and a privatized NHS.

    There is a lot of seriously scary information being uncovered here, but as more of the totalitarian agenda for the UK is disguised by Boris’s “Levelling Up” lies, no one is fighting back. When Boris led his new cabinet in chanting his fake promises, “40 new Hospitals… etc” he was really playing to a dumb and docile sector of the electorate. To ram his agenda through our parliament required a sizable Tory majority; the “landslide” victory delivered by vote rigging on an industrial scale.

    With more widespread public awareness to cause a significant outcry demanding an investigation and Petition Challenge to the 2019 vote we can extricate this toxic regime before it is too late. Why is the complacent acceptance of this rapidly deteriorating situation so pervasive? It has never been more important to get the word out and insure that the public is fully informed; social media can make this happen, but the process so far has been slow and apathetic.

    I created the Hashtags #TORYRIG2019 and #TORYWARPED2019 to help disseminate the truth about the rigged election and EU Referendum vote. What is WARPED: Withdrawal Against the Rights of People’s Electoral Decision! Credible evidence supporting the rigging of Vote Leave on behalf of foreign interests is mounting every day; it was turbo charged by the massive data dumps from Brittany Kaiser just after the New Year. We know that driven by dangerous men like Bannon and Mercer, funded by the US and other foreign powers manipulating the vote, Brexit was rigged.

    Now the principal manipulator at Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, is dictating the organization and policy of this rabid Tory Government that he manoeuvred into place through his toxic propaganda in a rigged election! The Treasury is now under the control of Number Ten removing another vital check on power. The hard right have installed a compliant Attorney General to neuter the Judiciary. All those Tory MPs who might have resisted a No Deal Brexit have now been extricated from the new Tory cabinet in preparation for us to crash out of the EU in a way that no one in the UK voted for. This ruthless reshuffle was extremely alarming; why so little resistance from progressive MPs, commentators and the public? How much worse does it have to get before we resist the regression to dictatorship?

    A window of opportunity exists during the transition period, where there will be few material changes. There still remains a possibility that the EU could vote to annul the undemocratic decision that was forced on a large group of its EU Citizens against their will using a foreign influenced rigged vote: the EU could declare that the Article 50 letter sent by Theresa May was invalid. This does not necessarily mean that the UK would definitively vote to remain in a properly monitored confirmatory vote, but it does offer a properly informed choice free of interference. This decision would be a logical offer of EU cooperation during the political turmoil of a delegitimized government’s corrective removal from office.

    The UK has a unique opportunity to become the leading force in overturning the corrupt rigging of elections globally and it could not possibly come at a more important time, right before the US Presidential Election. If we demonstrate the moral courage to fully expose the truth and take appropriate corrective action here in the UK, all of the toxic connections with the far right in the US will be equally exposed at the same time, because this is all interconnected. The corrupt elections in a number of foreign countries that have already been exposed in the Brittany Kruger data dump have the power to destroy the credibility of authoritarian despots including the one determined to decimate the Brazilian rain forest!

    By delegitimizing the fake Tory landslide victory and ousting Boris Johnson and his team from power we set a vital example to the world, but we cannot achieve this crucial goal of exposing the truth while the general public remains locked in a state of perpetual complacent apathy. There are numerous people out there with far stronger social media connections than I have, that could do their bit to publicize this important cause on various platforms and persuade a professional investigative journalist to work on this. My Petition focuses on the urgent need to secure UK elections by exposing the well recognized flaws in our Electoral System; this is only possible with a thorough nationwide investigation of the 2019 Election vote. Please read, sign, share and Link to the Petition:

  • #50252 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    This February 15, 2020 at 13:27 comment from J on Craig’s last Blog post highlights the travesty of the disastrous Tory Reshuffle where he quotes from a Twitter thread he describes as “interesting and relevant:”

    “Let’s talk about what REALLY happened in yesterdays Cabinet reshuffle. While you were all being played, Matthew Elliott, the Far Right head of the IEA, TPA, boss of Cummings, Westley, Grimes, husband of Sarah- American head of Republicans Overseas is NOW writing the UK budget.

    This means that the goal of the TPA/IEA and ultimately the WTA which NONE of you are even aware of, to control public spending and drastically reduce public services, reduce the size of the Nation State and give tax breaks to the very rich, will have been achieved. While ALL of you were duped into focusing on Cummings (who Elliott and his wife CHOSE to be their fall guy back in 2012 ..see pic from Sarahs own tweets during the 1st screening of the Brexit Cumberbatch movie) he has hidden in the background and now controls the Government.”

  • #50261 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Time to Review Past Petitions and Post a Status Update on Current Petitions:
    On the UK Government Petition Website there is an old Petition that is now closed: “We want Parliament to commission an independent review of the election result…” The Petitioners make a futile appeal for Government action; it went nowhere and after 1,338 Signatures it was closed down in January of 2016. That rumbling of discontent followed suspicions about the result of the 2015 General Election. The Petitioners stated that: “We are convinced the general election was rigged. But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.”

    Again posted on UK Government Petition Website there was a rejected Petition over vote rigging that called into question the legitimacy of the previous General Election in 2017. “A RIGGED GENERAL ELECTION.” The Petition appealed to Labour MP: “Harriet Harman must force an enquiry into the General election result. We are convinced it was rigged. But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.” Why was this petition rejected? The Government’s response was that: “It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for. Your petition asks for Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP to force an inquiry into the result of the general election. This site is for petitions to the Government and the House of Commons as a whole.”

    Another Petition on the UK Government Petition Website garnered 22,393 signatures before it was, oh so conveniently, closed down early because of the 2019 General Election; this left the UK public wide open to industrial scale Postal Vote fraud once again. “Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled.” The Petitioners elaborated on the problem by saying that: “Postal voting is ‘wide open to fraud’ and should be scrapped in its current form. Judge Richard Mawrey, who sits in judgment on election fraud cases, previously said ballot-rigging was now a ‘probability’ in some parts of Britain due to the extension of postal voting.”

    These failed attempts to rescue our democracy from corruption are becoming distressingly routine: we must draw a line in the sand before the situation gets any worse. Our Petitions are key to increasing public awareness to create a huge citizen outcry over this injustice. Why is this well documented serious flaw in our Electoral System consistently ignored by our Government? It works exceptionally well to help facilitate widespread Tory Vote Rigging: bottom line, it keeps the Tories in power.

    The first of the newer Petitions I would consider relevant to the important cause of restoring the integrity of our highly questionable democracy was launched well before the 2019 General Election. It gained an impressive level of support, with a current total of 156,309 Signatures on the 38 Degrees Petition site. Unfortunately, although the goal was laudable, far from achieving the desired pre-election enhancement of the Electoral Commission’s powers to combat electoral fraud, we endured what was undoubtedly the most corrupt election in my lifetime.
    “Increase the fines for breaking electoral law” 156,309 Signed; I believe it is still open to further signatures so: Please Sign. This was addressed To: Michael Gove and all political party leaders in Westminster. This Campaign was created by Adam Ramsey of Open Democracy and Hosted on 38 Degrees.

    Obviously my Internet trawl searching for Petitions relevant to the 2019 General Election was a tad overdue as I have only just discovered yet another Petition I had not noticed before on 38 Degrees. “Clean up our electoral system” 24,184 have Signed – Please Sign. This was probably launched by the 38 Degrees team; the goal to “Increase the powers and fines of the Electoral Commission” is addressed to: “All political party leaders in Westminster.”

    If you are thinking “lots of luck with that one under an unstoppable Tory majority,” I can understand the sentiment, but we cannot afford to complacently accept the status quo and give up. It will be an uphill challenge to demand that this Tory Government should prioritize increasing the powers of the Electoral Commission to “Clean up our electoral system” if they are not significantly shamed and forced to concede by the overwhelming evidence of corruption in this last election as is targeted in my own Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. Mine is a more recent Petition Hosted on AVAAZ, but with under 425 Signatures I seriously need your support so Please Sign.

    “Demand Parliamentary Investigation into rigged postal votes 2019 Election.” 7,272 have Signed: Please Sign. Hosted on Change.org – Oswald Beyzade started this petition to European Parliament and Others. This Petition is interesting in that the appeal for consideration is firstly to the EU which places any decision beyond the obvious dismissive powers of our current Tory Government. If we can produce enough evidence the EU might come to our rescue.

    “We want an independent investigation into the implementation of the 2019 UK General Election” 3,579 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition on the Care2 Petition site appears to be focused on the Electoral Commission and includes the note:
    “If anyone had personal experience of having difficulty voting please contact the Electoral Commission on this website to make a complaint as soon as possible…”

    “Recount the Postal Votes GE 2019” 7,513 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org – Alex Webb started this Petition to the Electoral Commission.

    “Please investigate why legitimate voters were turned away in the 2019 general election” 682 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org John Clayton started this Petition to the UK Electoral Commission.

    Few people comprehend how toothless our Electoral Commission is in practice, from inability to adequately monitor outsourced Electoral Services, to unnecessarily convoluted procedures for demanding a recount or an investigation, to paltry token fines that do precious little to deter violating the law with rampant corruption. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!

    The remit of the Electoral Commission is determined by Parliament and that is now under the control of a Tory majority leveraged into power by the fabricated “landslide victory” that was almost certainly achieved through vote rigging on an industrial scale. The fox is not about to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the hen house! It will take a real fight to “Rescue our Watchdog!” All Votes Must Count.

    “Stop the anti-Corbyn bias on the BBC” 26,076 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org – John Han started this petition to the BBC. On 16th January John Hans announced that: “We have decided to run a joint petition campaign of our ‘Stop the anti-Corbyn bias on the BBC’ with Richard House’s ‘Demand a full independent inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the 2019 General Election’.”

    “Demand a full independent inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of the 2019 General Election.” 7,031 have Signed: Please Sign. This Petition is Hosted on Change.org – Richard House started this Petition to Registered voters and all consumers of Britain’s broadcast media and Others.

    In reality it will take a massive groundswell of public support to force this authoritarian government to take notice; these Petitions are just the beginning of the huge public awareness campaign that will be necessary to accomplish our goal. The Petitions listed here cover different aspects of the battle to restore the integrity of our democracy from postal vote rigging to the BBC and media manipulation of the propaganda campaign; they are listed in no particular order, but they are all equally in need of your support. Click on the “Please Sign” Link to read and sign the Petitions.

  • #50273 Reply

    Paul Barbara

    What goes around comes around – this article has links to the British (and American) electoral shenanigans:
    ‘Massive Israeli Data Leak Is Treasure Trove for Iran Intel. It Can Jeopardize Mossad and Special Ops’: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/52997.htm
    A large part of Israel’s rapid ‘winning’ of the war it started in 1948 was intelligence it had gained through the ‘Village files’ it had built up of all Arab villages and Arab urban neighbourhoods beforehand (another reason was Britains’ destruction of the Palestinian resistance in the 1936 revolt).

  • #50280 Reply

    Paul Barbara

    Re Petitions, I got this in an email today from 38*:
    ‘This is incredible. Since the news broke that the government decided to declare war on our BBC, more than 150,000 of us have come together to defend it.

    The public backlash to the government’s plans to scrap BBC radio stations and TV channels, and to scrap the licence fee, has already begun. [1] But if we’re going to stop these plans for good, it’s going to take more of us.
    Will you sign the petition now and prove the British public won’t stand for this brazen attempt to dodge accountability?

    Makes one wonder just who is pulling their strings.

  • #50287 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    A Democracy Now Broadcast featuring the Documentary film “The Great Hack.” Broadcast shortly after the New Year this PBS American documentary presentation details big data’s threar to democracy following Brittany Kaiser’s January 2020 document releases. Although the Brexit vote is featured and in spite of the very recent UK Genera Election, the interviews primary focus is on the impact on American Elections and the problem is discussed from a US perspective.

    “The Great Hack” features award-winning filmmakers Karim Amer and Jahans Noujaim, it is well worth watching:
    “Political Warfare: People Everywhere are in a battle for control of our most intimate personal details.
    The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation with astounding access to the personal journeys of key players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. The Great Hack forces us to question the origin of the information we consume daily. What do we give up when we tap that phone or keyboard and share ourselves in the digital age? The Great Hack Netflix documentary lifted the curtain on our vulnerability and how public opinion and the very foundation of our democracy is being manipulated and shaken to the core.”

    Brittany Kaiser’s revelations regarding the involvement of Cambridge Analytica in manipulating the Brexit vote are exposed and there is no question that data protection laws were broken and there was significant illegal foreign intervention and funding that violated UK Electoral Law. With Dominic Cummings holding a pivotal role in both Leave EU and the Election that handed Boris Johnson an unexpected majority we cannot simply trust that the extraordinary result did not represent the Master Puppeteer up to his old tricks. While you watch the informative Democracy Now documentary transpose the emphasis from the US Presidential race to the severe ramifications following our 2019 General Election that was almost certainly rigged.

    It was really nauseating to watch the Labour leadership debate last week where the prospective contenders bent over backwards to prostrate themselves in response to another right wing moderator, determined to draw more blood over fake anti-Semitism, in the BBC’s concerted effort to reinforce the Labour’s fabricated “catastrophic” defeat. The hard sell propaganda over this grossly over exaggerated defeat has never let up, but resistance demands that we must loudly defy this constant destructive narrative as it is deviously designed to boost the legitimacy of Boris Johnson’s rigged “landslide” victory. The Tories are revelling in the extreme humiliation they are inflicting by grinding down all the opposition MPs and Labour supporters who discreetly decline to defy the lies simply to avoid being labelled “sore losers.”

    Labour are too busy eating their own smelly socks to pull on their boots and march! However, this is not the time to complacently accept yet another drubbing from these arrogant Tory cheats. If an Olympic Gold Medallist tests positive for doping they will be stripped of their medal and banned from competing; if you cheat on an exam you will lose your qualification. Is the potential ballot stuffing that may have cheated the entire population of the UK out of a fair and just government via a rigged election less important than an Olympic Medal or an undeserved credential? The system is so seriously rigged that there will be no second chance in five years time; if we do not correct the result right now we could be forced to endure decades of despotic Tory tyranny.

    While this devious PsyOps tactic was deployed to collectively brainwash certain persuadable members of the UK population in the run up to the 2019 General Election and has helped reinforce the media propaganda that continues to support the fake news of a Tory Landslide victory, I sincerely doubt it would have been sufficient without widespread vote rigging. Please read, sign, share and link to this Petition on AVAAZ: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50294 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    I spent the longest time trying to post my last comment, but it keeps being blocked by an annoying Wordfence notice. That post was to have included an imbedded Link to the really important Democracy Now Broadcast from earlier this year that I featured in my piece. I am still unclear what was blocking my post, but it did finally go through after I removed the Links and one section of the text. However, I really felt it was that the Link to the Democracy Now broadcast provided vital information so, although the full broadcast is over an hour long, it is well worth watching and I will try to post the Link separately here.

    The full Democracy Now broadcast was broken down into six segments with titles that I listed on my original submission. When I removed the Links and this list of titles my comment finally posted. Of all the segments the one entitled, “Facebook is a Crime Scene; ‘The Great Hack’ Documentary details Big Data Threat to Democracy,” was perhaps the most pertinent. Both of the critical Links posted in Moderation, so if you have not yet managed to locate the Democracy Now broadcast, or if you do not have the time to watch it in its entirety, at least watch the section “Facebook is a Crime Scene.”

    • #50302 Reply

      Paul Barbara

      @ Kim Sanders-Fisher February 19, 2020 at 11:38
      The other five episodes to your link ‘Meet Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Releasing Troves of New Files from Data Firm’ are to the right on that page.

      When I tried to list the full titles on this post, I got the ‘Wordfence treatment too.

  • #50296 Reply


    Another question is whether to apply to if your employer abuses their position and relations in the police to put pressure on you… I’m thinking of applying to AAAPPP, has anyone heard about it anything? Please, help! Thanks.

  • #50314 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    In my response to the encouraging support from SA on Craig’s latest Blog post I responded by saying that: “While I greatly appreciate your endorsement of my efforts in trying to expose the vote rigging that I firmly believe corrupted the 2019 General Election, we cannot put pressure on Craig to direct the content of this Blog. If and when he feels inspired to write more about his conclusions following the extraordinary “landslide” victory that Boris Johnson inexplicably pulled off, like the rabbit out of a hat, then we will all benefit from his astute deductions, but until then this is after all Craig Murray’s Blog.”

    We do need to be respectful of that fact, so I continued by saying: “I am grateful to Craig for tolerating my impassioned rants on the Discussion Forum: “Elections Aftermath; Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged?” This has provided a vital forum space for myself and others to keep those interested in seeking justice fully informed about any progress via comments and the numerous links to the gathering evidence. There are also ways to actively participate through signing one or more of the online Petitions via Links posted on this “Elections Aftermath” forum.”

    I hope that many of you will take the time to visit the Nine Important Petitions that I linked to in an earlier post and forward these Links to your friends. In my reply to SA I also posted a Link to the Blog site I only recently discovered: “The Daily GasLamp,” dedicated to exposing the corruption that has perpetrated our Electoral System. In one of my previous comments I included several excerpts from their Blog to provide a flavour of the content so far and these can be found along with Links to the Blog by visiting that forum post.

    In a number of the Blog posts written by Craig prior to the Election he applied his trademark standard of level-headed logical thinking that indicated we were heading for something far closer to a hung parliament, which would at least have made a modicum of sense. In Craig’s pre-election posts: “Do Not Despair of This Election,” “The Truth About this Election,” “The Invisible Tories” and “The Largest Vote Swings in British General Election History,” he wrote of his doubts regarding support for a sizable Tory victory.

    On the 21st of November, in “Do Not Despair of This Election,” Craig started by pointing out the worrying stance of those who participated in an early TV debate, where Boris kept repeating “get Brexit done” no matter what question was asked of him and Jo Swinson expressed a sickening desire to press the nuclear button! Although he acknowledged Corbyn had missed a few of the classic Labour open goals the press verdict was not great for Boris Johnson: “You Gov’s verdict of a 51 to 49 victory for Johnson was very dubious indeed.” He wrote.

    He went on to add: “…even that would be a major advance for Corbyn given the constant barrage of unfair media demonization to which he has been subjected in the last five years. Almost seven million people watched the event live, a significant audience. Parity with that audience is a very good start for Labour. I suspect it really went better than that. YouGov have a long and dishonourable history as Tory push pollsters.” Sadly that was at a point where we all believed that BBC impartiality rules would benefit Corbyn during the campaign: if that standard had only been applied.

    When Craig reminded us of the failure of May’s election bid: “The Tory campaign of closed workplace addresses, artificial set-up encounters and a constant simple soundbite slogan is repeating the formula that failed so spectacularly in 2017. “Get Brexit Done” is going to annoy voters as much as “Strong and Stable”…” This made perfect sense as Boris stuck to the disastrous campaign strategy like super glue; how could it possibly have resulted in such a spectacular victory?

    On the 7th of December In “The Truth About this Election” Craig reminded us that: “The undeniable truth is that almost precisely as many voters have deserted the Tories as have switched to them. Hence they are on the same percentage.” He said “…an equal number of voters have deserted the Tory Party.” Here was Craig’s “zinger” regarding the BBC’s biased manipulation of Vox Pops; according to his tally: “…57 vox pop/audience members saying they are deserting Labour, because of Brexit/Corbyn. I have tallied 1 – yes ONE – audience member (and zero vox pop) saying they are abandoning the Tories over Brexit/Johnson.” So we were being manipulated, who’d have thunk it?

    Craig deduced that ignoring the media spin, although the Tories were not in retreat they had not progressed beyond their 2017 level of support either; progressive voters should just “vote smart” making cautious tactical choices to avoid a Tory victory.

    On the 9th of December In his post “The Invisible Tories Craig exposed the unreliability of what many of us call the “Push Poles:” “Survation are showing a swing from Labour to Conservative in London of 13.5%. That is absolutely massive, and nobody believes that is happening on the ground.” Highlighting their lacklustre campaigning, in conclusion he wrote “In short, I am absolutely unable to square the opinion polls with the evidence of my own eyes and ears.”

    On the 11th of December just one day before the General Election Craig write: “The Largest Vote Swings in British General Election History,” I forensically dissected the implications of these massive vote swings against the actual election results in a previous post so I will not repeat the data here. However Craig’s post focused on the one sided presentation of this information by the media and what would have transpired if that bias was removed: “…It would have challenged the entire government narrative. But the media have not done this. They have instead chosen to tell only the pro-government side of this story of electoral swings. This is probably the worst period of concerted state and billionaire controlled media propaganda in the modern history of the “democratic West”.”

    Craig concluded by saying: “Ask yourself this simple question. The Tory vote has not increased since 2017. Have you heard that simple fact stated on the broadcast media and is it the impression the broadcast media have been giving?” The answer now exactly as it was then: the BBC have no intention of presenting the true facts and their unwavering support of the Tories has not paid off by protecting this public service from the ravages of Tory cuts and threats of privatization. Craig also said that: “The final reason to believe that the Tory lead will narrow from the YouGov constituency model poll is that they themselves reported this.”

    It is well worth reviewing these earlier Blog post to gauge Craig’s gut feeling about the highly unpredictable result of the December election and how his analysis was in stark contradiction to the “landslide” victory claimed by the Tories. Indeed there was such a wealth of evidence to support my suspicion that the 2019 General Election result was rigged that I have referred back to these earlier posts here on the Elections Aftermath forum. We can thoroughly trust Craig not to try to make the current Media/BBC propaganda fit the Tory objective or enable Boris Johnson to perpetrate his lies. I will patiently await Craig’s input on the matter.

  • #50325 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    “The Will of the Sheeple” Brexit sorted using “‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population?”
    A July 2019 Guardian Alarm Bell as “The Great Hack: the film that goes behind the scenes of the Facebook data scandal,” is released.

    “This week, a Netflix documentary on Cambridge Analytica sheds light on one of the most complex scandals of our time. Carole Cadwalladr, who broke the story and appears in the film, looks at the fallout – and finds ‘surveillance capitalism’ out of control.”

    In this July 2019 Guardian Article Carole Cadwalladr highlights one of the astounding revelations from the film “The Great Hack.”
    “There’s a gobsmacking moment, captured in the film, when Kaiser tells the select committee that the British government had classified Cambridge Analytica’s technology as “weapons-grade”. It was export controlled, meaning the company was bound by law to tell the government if it used it overseas. Damian Collins, chair of the committee, is seen digesting this piece of information, and asking: “So what you are saying is that the proposal was for Leave.EU to use what you call ‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population?”

    In seeking to emphasize the point Carole Cadwalladr says: “It’s worth reading that sentence again. There’s no conspiracy here, just important unanswered questions. Did the British government have oversight of Cambridge Analytica’s activities in multiple elections worldwide? Was this “weapons grade” technology used on the British population?”

    Cadwalladr goes on to say: “…it’s worth restating what kicked off the entire story. It was only when Cambridge Analytica started writing repeatedly to me, furiously denying any involvement in the EU referendum – despite having previously boasted about it in multiple places online – that I started investigating this byzantine web of people, data and money.”

    It is obvious from what Carole Cadwalladr documents here that the totality of this highly effective propaganda disseminating technique was known to the Tory Government well before they called the 2019 General Election when she states that:
    “The official position, including that of the Electoral Commission, is that Cambridge Analytica did no work for Leave.EU. However, that is not the impression left by the film. Collins says, “We’ve documented how Cambridge Analytica worked with Leave.EU, regardless of whether they were paid or not. There are still so many unanswered questions that require further investigation.”

    What is blindingly obvious from these revelations is that Boris Johnson’s disgraceful promotion of Brexit, with blatant lies and fear mongering, succeeded in winning the Brexit vote using “‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population?” What is equally clear is that having secured the authority to force the UK out of the EU by corrupt manipulation of the public for his own personal career promotion, Johnson was determined to coerce the British people into accepting the most damaging form of Crash-Out Brexit. This was accomplished through rigging a mid-winter snap General Election to establish a massive Tory majority so that he was unstoppable in parliament.

    Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, who produced the film, believe that the fightback is in full swing saying: “The film does a brilliant job of telling the story of the central role data plays in politics, and the way a few big companies can get inside the heads of millions of people.”
    In the light of our recent rigged election I have trouble sharing their optimism, but they add: “The Great Hack is a crucial start of the next stage: “Because now we need action,” she says. “We need law. We have to solve this.”

    Does using “‘weapons grade communications techniques’ against the UK population establish “the Will of the People”? No! We must call this out for what it is: Brexit is “The Will of the Sheeple!”
    The British are not a nation of brain-dead automatons seeking perpetual subjugation and exploitation through subversive mind control. We can and we must fight back by disputing the result of the corrupt Brexit vote and the rigged 2019 General Election.

    HOW TO FIGHT BACK: Visit this recently discovered new Blog: “The Daily GasLamp,” dedicated to exposing the corruption that has perpetrated our Electoral System. I have already posted several Blog post excerpts to provide a flavour of the content so far. Part 1 of a New Post detailing background information on Cambridge Analytica has just been posted on the Daily GasLamp. One of my previous post listed a total of Nine Important Petitions with Links; please read, sign, share and Link to all of these Petitions.

  • #50336 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    In a series of new posts The GasLamp focuses attention on the corrupt influence of dodgy Tech Companies in Elections.
    To avoid excessively lengthy posts this was broken down into parts the first of which went up on the 20th of February.

    In: “What is all the fuss about Cambridge Analytica: Part 1” the GasLamp provides detailed background information on Cambridge Analytica, with the goal that founders, Bannon and Mercer, had in creating a subsidiary of Mercer’s SCL to wield covert influence over US voters. There is an overview of the history of SCL Group’s involvement in the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDI) and how their research was shifted to commercial applications in a lucrative field: “in military disinformation campaigns to social media branding and voter targeting”.

    This Part 1 post elaborates on the origins of the subversive Tech being used to warp our elections. With more information on the SCL group to appear in another instalment, the GasLamp states that according to SCL its methodology: “has been approved or endorsed by agencies of the Government of the United Kingdom and the Federal government of the United States, among others.” That should very seriously worry us all..

    In Part 2 The GasLamp post reveals the background of major funder, American Robert Mercer, and how the EU Referendum in the UK was used to “test run, Cambridge Analytica’s approach to influence elections.” Mercer’s donation of Cambridge Analytica’s services to Nigel Farage at Leave.EU, enabled them to use illegally harvested date from Facebook profiles to send individualized targeted shock ads filled with scare mongering disinformation to manipulate people into voting for Brexit. The piece also reveals Dominic Cummings VoteLeave access to the same Cambridge Analytica technology, channelled through the Canadian company AggregateIQ, to deliver “an estimated one billion individually curated targeted adverts to voters in the lead up to the Brexit referendum, in contravention of established voting rules.”

    Part 2 concludes with a TED Talk where Carole Cadwalladr tells of returning to her childhood home in Blyth Valley, Wales on a mission to understand why the local population in this former coal mining town, that had benefited so enormously from EU funded regeneration projects and was virtual devoid of resettled migrants, chose to return the strongest vote for Brexit in the UK? Their decision made no logical sense until she uncovered the covert influence of those personalized campaign ads that were designed to deliberately deceive, sowing the seeds of fear and hatred in a deprived staunchly Labour community.

    There are serious questions that still remain unanswered with regard to the source of all the funding that enabled the conserted onslaught of disinformation. Both VoteLeave and Leave.EU failed to inform the UK Electoral Commission of Mercer’s funding or free service donations and this was probably not the only source of foreign funding that violated UK Law. Even when the Electoral Commission established that the VoteLeave campaign was guilty of breaking Electoral Law this serious breach was glossed over in the media and thus failed to convince the British public that Electoral fraud had irrevocably corrupted the Brexit vote.

    Restoring security and integrity to the UK Electoral Process, through investigating this criminal activity after parliament is driven to vote in favour of authorizing increasing the remit and powers of the UK Electoral Commission: does that vital imperative matter to you? This worthy goal is precisely the cut and thrust of the Petition I created that is hosted on Avaaz. If you have yet to review the Petition, please read, sign, share and Link to it here:

  • #50356 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Where there warning signs about Funding, Fake News and Data Manipulation that we all missed as far back as 2018?
    According to a July 2018 analysis in the Canary: “An £8.4m donation to the Leave campaign may have changed UK history.” This Canary Article revealed that: “On 29 July, a report [pdf] entitled Disinformation and ‘fake news’ emerged following a cross-party parliamentary inquiry. It examines “issues concerning the very future of democracy” in the UK following the EU referendum. Its findings are damning.” An additional revelation on page 51 of the report stated that: “…a Leave group received the ‘largest donation to a political campaign in British history’.” Our future misery was bought and paid for by the wealthiest billionaires in our country. The Interim Report cited by the Canary and the Final Report on “Disinformation and Fake News” go to the Parliament UK Website.

    Within the article is a deeply disturbing quote from Arron Banks that exposes the deliberate and wickedly deceptive way he had endorsed the gross manipulation of unsuspecting UK voters with Leave.EU’s Social Media campaign he described as: “a firestorm that, just like a bush fire, it blows over the thing. Our skill was creating bush fires and then putting a big fan on and making the fan blow. […] the immigration issue was the one that set the wild fires burning.” This unrelenting firestorm of sickening online bile was further reinforced by the now infamous ‘Breaking Point’ posters that were reported to police as a “blatant attempt to incite racial hatred.”

    Also in the report and highlighted by the Canary was the alarming fact that Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU’s director of communications, was reportedly recorded discussing: “the power of using emotion, rather than facts, which ‘created a wave of hatred and racism and all this right movement, empowering all those things’.” How much further to the far right do we want to lurch under this dubiously elected Tory Government that has ensconced all of the most extreme Brexiteers in a position of untrammelled power? According to the report Wigmore also referenced the “Nazis’ propaganda strategy.”

    Shockingly, back at the time of that July 2018 Report the UK Electoral Commission admitted that: “Only the company and campaigner know why a voter was targeted and how much was spent on a particular campaign.” It is now well past time for us to demand that our government must fully empower our Electoral Commission to reign in this abuse: time to “Rescue our Watchdog!” But three and a half years on the rigged 2019 General Election has unwittingly facilitated driving the UK further towards the Brexit precipice.

    From the Canary article sighting the report we learned that it was in a document from Cambridge Analytica’s presentation pitch to Leave.EU where they stated that “We will co-ordinate a programme of targeted solicitation, using digital advertising and other media as appropriate to raise funds for Leave.EU in the UK, the USA, and in other countries.” Any such solicitation of overseas funding is a direct violation of UK Electoral Law; this is freely admitted to in writing. Why was this fraudulent manipulation and access to illegal funding for targeted subversive campaigning not enough to delegitimize the Brexit vote?

    Although ultra far right American Steve Bannon “introduced Cambridge Analytica to Arron Banks and to Leave.EU,” following the Brexit success, more recently he has been in communication with Boris Johnson whose lies helped propel the Leave campaign to victory. Page 38 of the report explicitly connects Cambridge Analytica and AggrigateIQ, the company Dominic Cummings relied on for exactly the same harvested data to target voters with dark subversive messaging and blatant lies. This despicable unelected master puppeteer has now been rewarded with the supreme advisory role at number 10 in a crucial position to manipulate the policies of Boris Johnson as he consolidates his dictatorship of our failing state.
    Back in 2018 this crucial report picked up by the Canary outlined allegations of data harvesting exposing the data misuse facilitated by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s arrogant refusal to testify as he seeks to continue hiding the full extent of Facebook’s disgraceful illegal data mining and vile dissemination of corrosive false advertising defies justice. Three and a half years on, while we still do not even know the source of Arron Banks’s massive donation to Leave.EU, while our Electoral Commission remained too powerless and enfeebled to protect our democracy, we were coaxed into a mid-winter snap election from the same team that lied and cheated to force Brexit on the UK.

    Now after more lying and cheating under the banner of “Get Brexit Done” we will be forced to crash out of the EU; this is not “The Will of the People” it is “The Will of the Sheeple!” Beyond the disastrous timing there are powerful indications that multiple aspects of that pre Christmas Election were manipulated and rigged to guarantee that Boris Johnson could consolidate his total stranglehold on exclusive power.

    What can enlightened people do now? Restoring security and integrity to the UK Electoral Process, through investigating this criminal activity after parliament votes to authorize increasing the remit and powers of the UK Electoral Commission: does that vital imperative matter to you? This worthy goal is precisely the cut and thrust of the Petition I created that is hosted on Avaaz. If you have yet to review the Petition, please read, sign, share and Link to it here: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50367 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    In a free Society we should not need to beg for Justice! Free Julian Assange. Tories want to Extradite him as a “Bad Guy:” This far right toxic Tory Government has the Journalist and Political Prisoner Julian Assange banged-up in Belmarsh where the British imprison the most dangerous terrorists in the UK. His detention for the non-crime of journalism that embarrassed, or should I say deeply shamed, the US Government could see him extradited to the US to spend the rest of his life behind bars. He could even face torture and execution. Please sign this Petition:

    PETITION: #FreeAssange: Sign against Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States!
    Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
    is firmly opposed to the possible extradition of Julian Assange to the United States, where he could be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for charges that include publishing and providing journalists with information that served the public interest.
    Reporters Without Borders: Assange’s extradition to the US would “threaten the work of all journalists”

    Freedom of speech is being suppressed under an unprecedented onslaught from the growing number of despots who dictate policy through their repressive authoritarian regimes around the world: the UK has just joined this elite cabal. Tyrannical policies touted as necessary to keep us safe don’t just strip away our freedoms they endanger our very existence. If Assange is extradited it will set an extremely alarming precedent, that the US will have exercised supreme authority to target a citizen of any nationality, living in any foreign country, for an alleged “Crime” that was not even committed on US soil! Let that concept peculate for a while and you will realize how severely damaging such a universal gagging order would present to democracy worldwide.

    The Tories are going after the BBC, as if it wasn’t thoroughly right wing biased enough already; probably they would prefer to turn it into a Fox News look-alike under trusted pal Rupert Murdock! The Main Stream Media is under attack with only selected journalists allowed access to Government officials and press conferences vetted. The progressive news outlets online, already decried as Fake News, will be targeted next: they will be shut down ASAP. The opposition is already outgunned, but by leaning on the press the Tories can select the most inept and docile leader to replace Corbyn and drag the Labour Party back to the right.

    MPs who dared to defy Boris Johnson have already been culled from the Tory Party and the brutal finality of their departure stands as a stark warning to new Tory MPs: “toe the line” or leave immediately in disgrace. The Civil Service is about to be gutted in order to install compliant operatives who will fall under the deranged control of Boris Johnsons unelected sidekick Dominic Cummings; those who cannot stay “on message” will face the humiliation of an armed police escort to march them off the premises.

    The so called “Henry the Eighth Powers” will make it a lot simpler for the Tories to revamp UK law in their favour once we crash out of the EU. The checks and balances provided by our independent Judiciary will vanish after they become dependent upon Tory Party approval for top appointments and Judicial Review is removed to thoroughly neuter their powers. The horrific consequences of the pledges written large on Page 48 of the Tory Manifesto should truly terrify us all, as problematic barriers like the European Convention on Human Rights are scheduled to be ditched for a far less restrictive redefinition.

    Brexit will allow Boris Johnson to not just “take back control,” but to “usurp supreme control;” regressing the UK to its pre EU level that will bring the longest period of stagnation since the Napoleonic era as the rump of “little England” is turned into a slave state for the many in order to enrich the few! Workers rights can be expunged along with other troublesome “Red Tape” like food and safety standards. Wages will plummet just as prices rise, but the right to strike will be severely restricted to the point where it is worthless as a bargaining tool and the unions will finally be totally crushed.

    The social safety-net will be completely dismantled; fight for survival or die in destitution. There is no need for the Tories to invest in training as the new immigration policy of “Scavenge, Exploit, Deport” is a much cheaper option for their race to the bottom. Who will take the low paid jobs of our current migrant workforce? The pension age will climb while the state takes a lot less responsibility with regard to paying for it. The so called “Economically inactive” will be forced into all types of menial labour; this will include the disabled and pensioners who will no longer be able to cover the soaring cost of their medications or pay for privatized healthcare under the new US model.

    Page 48 also tells us who the Tories have pledged to target: “First they came for…” The Gypsies.; their encampments are to be declared illegal so that their caravans can be seized by police while they are thrown in jail for the criminal offence of being “a traveller.” This same expansion of the Trespass Law could just as easily be used to sanitize our streets by declaring Rough Sleepers and Homeless people a menace to society. How will they warehouse all those targeted individuals? American corporations will build us massive US style for-profit jails to lock up all the “Bad People.”

    Two lone terrorist attacks in short succession look suspiciously like Government controlled events. A known dangerous prisoner was released under round the clock surveillance by twenty armed officers, who all failed to notice that he was wearing a suicide vest until after he launched a brutal attack… at which point they promptly shot him dead. Incidents like this offer a devious means of preparing the public for the new Tory agenda of repression and extrajudicial executions. There has already been an attempt to blur the lines between violent terrorists and peaceful protesters; have no doubt that warped redefinition will be snuck in latter when opposition politicians are paying less attention. The thought police will be expanding their remit shortly.

    If the UK government really wanted to turbo-charge deradicalization they could employ the successful techniques of Cambridge Analytica. These techniques were originally developed specifically for the deradicalization of terrorist sympathisers, but they have found a far more lucrative use in manipulating elections. PsyOps techniques managed to dupe people all over the UK into voting against their own interests using Fake News in a selectively targeted disinformation program. Why couldn’t these methods of intense brainwashing be put to good use flushing the angst and hate out of a terrorist sympathiser’s head?

    All of the classic signs are in place as we inch ever closer to full dictatorship; we really need to remove this toxic far right Tory Government before it can cause any more harm. We must fight the rigged election and the grievous injustice of the persecution of a conscientious investigative journalist and crusading whistleblower. As a demonized Medical Whistleblower myself, I believe Julian Assange is a hero to all Whistleblowers. Assange’s inhumane treatment in Belmarsh prison, and the fact that the current UK Government are seriously considering handing him over to the US authorities, is emblematic of the horror that lies ahead if the Tories are not removed from power.

    I have several close friends who sought refuge in England as asylum seekers and prospered after starting a new life here. I have witnessed the impact of our morally bankrupt policy of scavenging medical professionals from countries that could not afford to train them. I have sailed to remote idyllic islands in the Indian Ocean; I can just imagine how much Chagossians must want to return to their homeland. I was appalled to see the squalor of Hudaydah in a country the Peace Corps described as one of the three poorest on earth, but that was decades before the Saudi’s bought our bombs raining down on their children! Still the plight of Palestinians continues, their stolen land as many remain trapped within the Gaza Ghetto, while our current Tory Government supports their persecution under Zionist apartheid. It was our corrupt election, but there was more at stake than just the hopes and dreams of UK citizens here.

    Under a progressive left wing Government we could not only end austerity, pay people a living wage, reduce poverty and homelessness while fighting the climate crisis with “The Green New Deal,” but a conscientious, humane PM would protect our natural environment, end the Hostile Environment, take heed of the UN recommendations on UK Poverty, free Julian Assange, return the Chagos Islands and stop selling arms to foreign despots around the globe. All of this injustice would stop if we removed the most hateful far right Government of Boris Johnson. It is not beyond our capabilities, if the public take swift action to end this dystopian nightmare by working to delegitimize the Tory dictatorship through challenging and exposing the rigged 2019 Election.

    It is our duty to seek justice through relentless protest, to demand Freedom for Julian Assange with this vital Petition. But also to demand a more expansive level of justice for us all with a resolution after the corrupt election result is fully exposed. Please sign the Petition to help make this possible: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50388 Reply


    So Kim, what do you think about the idea of crowd funding full page ads in the national papers with stories like these:

    etc, etc

    asking people to respond if they or anyone they know has had a similar experience. Both the fund raiser and the adverts will publicise the story and the data recovered could actually be enough (in conjunction with election data) to prove it.

  • #50405 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    J – We must try to start coordinating the effort more effectively or it will fade away as everyone sinks back into their depressed state of fatalistic complacency. A few of those who regularly visit Craig’s Blog check in here sporadically, but among those few who can we count on to ramp up the Social Media contacts? There are people on both Twitter and Facebook who could be of great value due to their huge following and I think this is possibly more valuable than newspaper ads and it’s expense free. Could you for example contact someone like Rachael_Swindon on Facebook because she could provide a far more effective megaphone than costly print ads.

    We need those activists on Twitter to post Links to this Forum and “The Daily GasLamp” where regular information is available. There are a total of Nine relevant Petitions that I found and provided Links to here on this Forum post: #50261 to have them all together in one place. Despite the repeated posting of a Link to my Petition it is barely shifting as so few have gone there to sign; it seems most other Petitions are progressing just as slowly. There is now a dedicated website, “The Daily GasLamp,” posting information specifically related to the rigged election, the PsyOps used by Cambridge Analytica to target voters and other aspects of this growing problem of Electoral Fraud, but although I have posted Links, relatively few people are finding this new site.

    The biggest problem we appear to have is coordinating between all of the people working on this and gathering all of the evidence and information in one place. “Postal Vote Investigation @PostalVoteProbe” on Twitter is gathering valid evidence and so is another person on Twitter “Facts Central @StillDelvingH,” but we need to connect the dots. Because I am not on Twitter, I find it really hard to keep track of who posted what and when, but I don’t think I could handle the stress of joining. In hindsight I am really glad I never joined Facebook; the more we know about the company the creepier it sounds.

    Facebook and Twitter may be the only way to lure an Investigative Journalist to our cause or attract a really high profile Facebook activist to widely publicize the situation. I have tried to post comments on other sites and reply to articles posted on the Internet, but the frequent, fast paced, very brief quips from a smart phone are not in my skill set. My mobile is MIA since I put it aside when the screen got damaged; I am also dyslexic and so uncoordinated I never send texts anyway. I do realize that a huge amount can be achieved through Twitter, Facebook, etc messaging; if you have good connections please make smart use of them to promote this cause.

    Posting comments after articles appearing online is really great way to get the word out there cost free. In terms of paid print Ads we might do better to consider the team at “Led by Donkeys” as they already have experience and contacts through past Crowdfunding campaigns. They are well recognized and made a significant impact with their efforts, but they might now be looking for a new way to direct their talents following the disastrous 2019 Election. If their team were to realize that this vote was probably rigged and a new campaign could potentially expose the truth to change the outcome, we might get very enthusiastic support. The only contacts for them that I can find is via Facebook or Twitter.

    I will stick to my comments and trying to maintain a resource on this Forum so that the background information is available in at least one place online. As a former Whistleblower myself, I know the importance of finding a fertile reservoir of support as it ensures that a potential informant knows there are people who will be believe them if and when they come forward. I feel certain that there are potential informants out there, who have critical evidence that could blow this scandal wide open, but they are being intimidated into silence. Part of that strategy is to convince the Whistleblower that no one will ever believe them and that the public have now moved on. The regular postings here and on the GasLamp help to prove that is not the case.

    I have also tried to email the Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Open Democracy, plus Carole Cadwalladr, John Pilger and others, but no response yet. These organizations and high profile Journalists receive a blizzard of emails and it is very hard to cut through that clutter. Can you contact or connect via Twitter or Facebook with the people that I am failing to reach? Try to get in touch with the “Led by Donkeys” team. It will only boost our cause if any of these people hear from several passionate progressive activists on the same subject; I think this is our most vital next move so I hope you can commit to helping out.

  • #50410 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    I wish it was easier to just contact people directly by drafting a meaningful personal message sent via email or by picking up the phone and for a friendly chat.

    The only option nowadays is to join the pool of victims of the morally bankrupt rogue Internet Company, Facebook, on their vacuous Website, that scavenges your private data to flog of to the highest bidder in a betrayal of the trust of all its users.

    Alternatively one must learn to master that weird thumb twitching technique and carve up a logical train of thought into obscure sound-bites to be publicly displayed on Twitter. Am I the only one who feels we have regressed?

  • #50427 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    NEW GASLAMP Daily Gaslight Part 3 in a series of posts that focus primarily on Cambridge Analytica, Part 3 makes a slight detour to: “discuss the difference between propaganda and gaslighting and why this matters when considering GE2019 Election Fraud.” In an analysis of Propaganda we are reminded that: “Truth is not the absence of propaganda; propaganda thrives in presenting different kinds of truth, including half truths, incomplete truths, limited truths, out of context truths.”

    One particular statement about Propaganda encapsulated the devious agenda of the Leave Campaign and the malign influence of the controlling protagonists of Brexit now ensconced in number 10: “Propaganda is not so much designed to change opinions so much as reinforce existing opinions, prejudices, attitudes.” But then, despite the firm belief that I am not easily swayed, there was a line that resonated with my own personal experience: “The most successful propaganda will lead people to action or inaction through reinforcement of what people already believe to be true.”

    I was reminded of my first crewing job aboard a sailing yacht heading from Antibes to Corsica. It was a wet and rough windward passage and I felt really queasy at the helm of the 48’ Hinckley on night watch as we longingly searched for the light that marked the northern tip of Corsica. It was such a relief to see the light that the core details of the light’s characteristics were glossed over in the determination to just head for the lighthouse. Imagine our disappointment as we approached and were forced to realize that the pattern of flashes was completely wrong. Cold and tired, we were so convinced that it must be our light that our whole perception of what we were looking at had changed to meet our eager expectations.

    We are all equally capable of falling victim to persuasive messages or concepts that we are eager and waiting to embrace. Beyond extending the length of our voyage, no harm befell us due to this error, but it was an important lesson learned. No matter how much we might want to deny it, we are all susceptible to certain propaganda messages at some point. The illegal data mining of Facebook accounts provided enough information for Cambridge Analytica to know precisely what customized messages would engage which targeted recipients. We imagine that all of those messages stoked bigotry and fear of migrants, but the truth is we have no idea. A person passionate about something as innocuous as animal welfare might have received a totally different type of message with an equally corrosive item of Fake News, we just don’t know.

    This GasLamp post offers tools to help recognise the common features of this deceptive strategy in order to effectively combat its toxic influence. Despite the admission that: “propaganda is a powerful tool which can be used for good or ill,” our decision making should include an evaluation of “cui bono: who benefits?” This statement offers hope for the future because clearer mandatory declarations of who is funding political messages, no matter what medium they are delivered through, will shine a valuable spotlight on how obscenely wealthy people are manipulating our voting choices for their own material gain.

    Another tactic that was flagged up was the overly simplistic messaging like: “take back control” or “get Brexit done” it was stated that these deceptively basic slogans had: “only one purpose: to hide complexity and realities.” I would add to that theme the age old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!” With Brexit it was huge trade deals that would be done and dusted within a few months; during the election it was the equally incredulous “40 New Hospitals!” In reality those future trade negotiations will take years to materialize and despite the absence of funding, impossible construction logistics and a distinct lack of NHS staf, Boris Johnson has his team of spineless sycophants were caught on camera chanting his “40 new Hospitals” lie.

    Part 3 concludes with a list of “warning signs” to help identify Gaslighting. To make the listed warning signs relevant to the recent 2019 Election the GasLamp provides a set of: “examples in the past where Gaslighting has been carried out, preparing the ground to make propaganda effective.” There is no doubt that every one of the listed tactics was used in the UK electoral. In my estimation the most alarming and distressing of these sample deliberate deceptions was perpetrated by our state broadcaster the BBC in direct violation on the Purdah political neutrality rules. This gross injustice will never end unless you decide to take decisive action.

    Two online Petitions have now joined forces in an attempt to hold the BBC to account so please visit their Joint Petition; Sign Here.
    Few people have fought so hard and endured so much to give voice to courageous Whistleblowers, than the Journalist and political prisoner, Julian Assange, held in Belmarsh prison awaiting extradition to the US. Please sign the Petition to Free Julian Assange. For all of the vitally important reasons to “Rescue our Watchdog” because All Votes Must Count, please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50440 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    The Rigged “Landslide” Tory Victory in the 2019 Election: “If you are going to tell a lie, you better make it a really big lie…” Just yesterday evening BBC 2 aired a Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Conservative Party… Yes, that’s right the same Tory Party that supposedly just won an eighty seat majority in parliament in that miraculous “landslide” victory! In the run up to an election the BBC has an obligation to provide equal air time to all political parties, but it is unprecedented for this to continue over two months after the votes have been cast! Why squander precious advertising funds on political broadcasting in prime time right after winning an election with such a huge majority?

    The Tories cannot quite believe their success in pulling off this massive con trick, so they obviously feel that right now they can’t take any chances and it is still necessary to pump out relentless propaganda to support their stolen victory. The ad featured an ordinary looking chap who was supposedly one of those thousands of lifelong Labour supporters who switched allegiance to vote for Boris Johnson. He was not a random voter stopped on the street, no, he was perched on a high stool alone in a studio under the spotlights telling his woeful tale of feeling betrayed, ready to feign surprise when Boris entered from stage left to reassure him about his “borrowed vote.”

    That “Borrowed Vote” line is getting trotted out on a regular basis right now in an effort to justify the inexplicable phenomenon of so many staunch former Labour supporters in the north of England who allegedly “lent” their vote to the party responsible for a decade of unforgivable neglect while consciously inflicted suffering and torment by implementing their needless austerity policies. These charlatans should try filming their next pro-Tory Party political broadcast at a food bank or where people are standing in line waiting for the jobcentre to open so they can endure another painfully humiliating grilling to obtain a pitance to survive on Universal Credit. These long suffering citizens didn’t willingly lend their vote to the Tories: it was stolen from them in a rigged Election!

    The Tories will keep feeding us that lie while it remains as unconvincing as the lie on the side of their Brexit campaign bus; as unconvincing as the lie about delivering “The Will of the People;” as unconvincing as “40 new Hospitals;” now, just as unconvincing as ever, Boris desperately elaborates on the tall tale of the remarkable “borrowed votes.” All of these lies will corrode and come apart in time as the sordid truth is fully exposed to the public. “The Will of the Sheeple” as this Tory Government sells off our NHS to the powerful US Healthcare Corporations who might actually build those impressive new Hospitals exclusively for the wealthy elite.

    This disaster can only by accomplished if you are willing to accept the highly improbable scenario where the most vulnerable, impoverished and severely exploited citizens, living in the most consistently deprived areas of this country, chose to risk watching their own children starve by voting for their sadistic tormentors to “Get Brexit Done” on behalf of the supper wealthy backers that continue to fund Boris Johnson. I do not believe for one instant that the entire country was gripped by an overwhelming case of collective Stockholm Syndrome and nor should you as it is just not credible.

    Ask yourself why the Tories are so insecure about their win that despite a “Landslide” victory they are still desperately pitching to reinforce the legitimacy of the election result in party political public service broadcasts? They know that huge swaths of the population are deeply disturbed by the result and the devastating implications posed by another decade of deprivation and chronic exploitation under the Tories. The Tories will blame vindictive sabotage from the EU, the Corona Virus, those warned of “bumps in the road” any excuse to abandon the latest lies about “levelling up.” The PM knows that ditching austerity to invest in equality for deprived areas is completely incompatible with core Tory values.

    The purpose of this forum, The Daily GasLamp and others is to fully expose the lies by unravelling the complex web of corruption that allowed Boris Johnson to steal the 2019 Election. We urgently need a far more coordinated response, with those who have an abundance of regular Social Media contacts posting information, evidence and crucial links to all of their online friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter and other Websites. People are already starting to ask questions and sign Petitions calling for Investigations into the Election result; my earlier Post #50261 lists a grand total of Nine Petitions including my own Petition to “Rescue our Watchdog:” 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

    Please do not procrastinate over this important issue, Boris Johnson wants you to give up and accept his lies or he would not be still continuing to ply the same tired pitch day after day on TV and in the press. Despite the recent Tory attacks aimed at the BBC they have compliantly stayed on message with their reporters and interviewers focusing on reinforcing the broken legitimacy of this stolen vote. Labour Party MPs have been forced into repeated public humiliation attempting to scrutinize the unfathomable defeat in support of this warped Tory agenda. We need people to contact their MP and state categorically that they firmly believe that this vote might have been rigged and their representatives should disown the Fake News of a historic Labour defeat. At the very least this defeat has been grossly over exaggerated to comply with Tory spin.

    No matter what your personal belief is regarding the shock result of the 2019 Election, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that our Electoral System is wide open to serious fraud on an industrial scale. The UK Electoral Commission is toothless: “A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog!” Can we really afford to continue to ignoring the critical flaws in our Electoral System just because they are too unimportant for the ruling Tory Party to vote for increasing the powers of this vital public watchdog? Only immense public pressure can force the investigation that the Tories fear could delegitimize their victory and oust them from power. Work with us to make this a reality!

    Endless foreign engagements in support of the US, atrocities like selling arms to foreign despots and the persecution of an innocent Journalist and Political Prisoner Julian Assange who now faces extradition, torture and death in the US: this will not end unless we remove this toxic Tory Government from power. If you have not yet done so, Please sign the Petition to Free Julian Assange.

  • #50475 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    In a new document setting out the government’s stance for Brexit negotiations our worst fears over the strong potential “No Deal” scenario for crashing out of the EU will be realized. The PM made it clear that he is ready to walk away, jettisoning EU trade negotiations in June to focus on last ditch preparations for the “Titanic” successful culmination of Boris Johnson’s deceitful betrayal of the British public. Lying and scheming to engineer a crash-out right from the start, with no intention of securing a deal, Boris will justify this capitulation by deploying more of his trademark callous spin; he will blame the EU for not grovelling to offer exclusive privileges to our fading, shrinking, once great nation by his deadline for “sufficient progress.”

    In his statement to the Commons Michael Gove said: “We want the best possible trading relationship with the EU, but in pursuit of a deal we will not trade away our sovereignty.” In reality who have the British public lost that precious sovereignty to now? In the EU Referendum we were far too trusting and easily tricked into voting for Brexit, but by accepting the 2019 rigged Election result as totally legitimate we will be forced to abandon all of the protections of EU Law for the Wild West of Dominic Cummings dictated Kleptocracy delivered by his puppet, our current narcissistic PM Boris Johnson.

    Dominic churns out the catchy sound bites and Boris dutifully spouts them amid a barrage of meaningless contradicting waffle and the odd Latin phrase just to remind the plebs of his superior education. The deception of words used to fool the public and distract from a far more insidious agenda is sickening. The US perfected this sham by deviously renaming their deadly MX warheads: “Peacekeepers!” With Boris “Borrowed Votes” replace the dire reality of Stolen Votes, just as Johnson’s idea of “Levelling Up” will represent the diametric opposite: “Trampling Down” as the most vulnerable and deprived feel the crush of a “Boris Boot” stomping on their neck! We must block out the propaganda and spin of Boris Bull Shit or is it time to let him own BS as: “Boris Shit!”

    We need to redraft the narrative to expose the “Boris Shit” for what it is, really serious shit; not “Get Brexit Done” but the harsh reality of “GET BREXIT DUNG!” Johnson has already demonstrated to the EU that he cannot be trusted in negotiations as he has already reneged on assurances he put in writing in the agreement he signed before the election. I am sure the EU have legitimate concerns over a Tory race to the bottom as we ditch the rights and standards of protective “Red Tape” to become an unfair competitor on the edge of Europe. But, while Boris Johnson has sped up the timetable for driving home his wretched sales pitch for his no deal Titanic disaster, we will still have the EU legal protection of the transition period for a few more months until December.

    What would happen if growing concern throughout the entire country calling for an investigation started to damage the legitimacy of the Tory Government? What if this receptive environment was enough to provide the courage for a Whistleblower to come forward with crucial evidence? What if there was no way for Boris Johnson to stop a full investigation from exposing the truth? If widespread corruption was responsible for providing that “landslide” Tory victory, the Election result would be invalidated and that victory would rightfully be overturned. This might very well jeopardise the legitimacy of previous votes including the vote for Brexit that has already been very significantly discredited.

    How would the EU react to the overthrow of this Tory Government, a Government so hostile to the EU and so determined to create a situation that would severely disadvantage their future trading? It is important to also realize that the EU has a responsibility towards not only the British citizens living here, with a large proportion still opposed to Brexit, but EU citizens living in the UK and our expats living on the continent. I doubt the EU would vote to support and continue dealing with a corrupt Government who took power through fraudulent practices; there would be no legitimacy to their rule and no obligation to uphold any of their decisions.

    If the vote right after the New Year, taken by a distorted majority of Tories who possibly had no right to vote, and the subsequent Brexit deadline reached in January are both open to dispute then I believe that, in fairness to the affected citizens whose rights were violated, the Brexit process would be put on hold? The UK would need an interim government in place pending yet another General Election under stricter monitoring conditions that could be fully trusted by all concerned. After the deception is exposed the rerun might produce a very different result and the EU might also agree to abide by the decision of a second referendum.

    A critical report into foreign interference in UK Elections should have been released before the election, but it remains under wraps; what are the Tories so worried about? Their insecurity is demonstrated in their gush to reinforce the incredulous win with a new Tory Party Political Broadcast right after allegedly winning the election. Who authorized that and why? Are the Tories desperately trying to build support from those who failed to realize that their votes were stolen? Are the Tories trying to build enough resistance to weather the onslaught of public criticism ahead when the Boris Shit ceases to convince the masses?

    The massive data dump of Brittany Kaiser has revealed that Cambridge Analytica were able to use their PsyOps techniques to corrupt Elections all over the world. Just one of the places mentioned was Brazil, where Bolsonaro was swept into power, but look what his corrupt regime has done to decimate the rain forest! Think about the extreme harm Trump could inflict on the American people, the environment and innocent civilians in the countries the US chooses to target. Do you want this corruption to spread?

    Could the UK set an impressive global example of principled practice by recognizing the rights of ordinary citizens, protecting the democratic process, respecting the law to restore justice and equality? Yes, the “Mother of all Parliaments” can and should set an example for other countries to emulate. Time to “Draw a Line in the Sand” under the White Cliffs of Dover where our courageous airmen fought the Battle of Britain; we must fight another Battle for Britain to restore justice, humanity and democracy before this brief opportunity is lost to decades of suffering, exploitation and persecution under a corrupt Tory Government. Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50483 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    IS THIS “JUDICIAL CAKEISM?” Quoting Craig Murray’s post on Day 4 of the Julian Assange Extradition Hearing:
    “Fitzgerald replied that the entire extradition request is on the basis of the treaty. It is an abuse of process for the authorities to rely on the treaty for the application but then to claim that its provisions do not apply.” This pertained to the protection of Political Prisoners from Extradition under the treaty and the ludicrous claim that this did not apply under UK Law.
    Fitzgerald had stated: “On the face of it, it is a very bizarre argument that a treaty which gives rise to the extradition, on which the extradition is founded, can be disregarded in its provisions. It is on the face of it absurd.”

    In my own comment I was forced to conclude that: “This is nothing short of “Judicial Cakeism:” We will take the part that allows us to proceed with an Extradition Hearing in accordance with the treaty we signed, but we want to exclude the bit we don’t like in the absurd pretence that UK Law will supersede the provisions of that same treaty in this particular instance.”

    However, we cannot afford to myopically focus on just the Julian Assange Extradition Hearing or even exclusively bemoan the wider ramifications of this injustice with regard to gagging the press and the extraordinary efforts to curtail free speech both here and abroad. The disgraceful way in which this trial is being manipulated is emblematic of an emerging dictatorship. Beyond control over the Judicial process and stifling the media this hearing represents several of the classic regression towards full dictatorship: the inhumane and unjust treatment of Assange, both in jail and in court, is an abomination of the UK respect for Human Rights.

    We cannot ignore the big picture: that a progressive Government, representing the majority of British citizens, would have blocked this US extradition, ending the incarceration of the UK’s most controversial political prisoner to offer him refuge and support. As I wrote in a reply to Giyane’s comment to Craig’s Day 4 Post:

    “There will be no end to this insanity without the removal of the corrupt Tory Government who rigged the 2019 Election to seize absolute control in order to perpetuate the gross injustices of endless UK/US war crimes inflicted upon the innocent throughout the world. I fear there is little hope of preventing this extradition that will become the gateway to a massive extension of the grotesque abuses of power perpetrated by the US Government. The Tory manifesto pledged to abolish Judicial Review, but also to introduce greater Government control over Judges, possibly making the most influential Judges subject to political appointment.

    This freight train of injustice has barely left the station, but the Tory agenda could be derailed if the legitimacy of the 2019 Election result was challenged and investigated. Unfortunately, the US Presidential Elections pose an even greater threat regarding the subjugation and elimination of democracy, especially in places where easily hackable Electronic Voting Machines have been introduced to facilitate ongoing corruption and Electoral Fraud. The last gasp of UK democracy was stifled in 2019; the Tories will embrace the enabling technology of voting machines in a heartbeat. We can set a groundbreaking example here in the UK by becoming the first major Western Democracy to overturn a rigged Election.”

    My post in response to the Day 4 Post will likely get lost in the blizzard of replies, but it is testament to the huge support that Craig Murray commands that so many are paying attention to his sterling efforts to speak truth to power by commented and offering financial support just as I felt compelled to contribute the other day. In my comment I included a link to this Forum with a brief explanation of our objectives: “a strategy for challenging the stolen vote.”

    I flagged up my earlier Forum Post #50261 that lists the Nine Petitions including the one I created calling for an Investigation: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. I also posted the Link to the Blog site “The Daily GasLamp” saying that it: “offers a further trove of evidence regarding the ongoing PsyOps manipulation of a growing number of Elections worldwide and the extreme danger this poses.” Anyone who is not convince that fraud occurred during the last Election should consider the growing body of evidence supporting this allegation both on the GasLamp, on the original Elections Aftermath Forum, here and elsewhere. If you are already convinced please don’t procrastinate, take action.

    I concluded by saying that: “While the injustice of this trial must be strenuously opposed, we cannot ignore the rigged election process that installed the corrupt Government that is enabling and facilitating this landmark abuse of power. We can and we must fight back. If we do nothing the UK will descend into an authoritarian dictatorship and it will take decades to remove the offending despot from power. Atrocities like the persecution of innocent journalists will become commonplace just as it has in other European countries that pretend to respect democracy. We must demand the investigation required to restore UK democracy before it is too late.”

    Endless foreign engagements in support of the US, atrocities like selling arms to foreign despots and the persecution of innocent Journalist and Political Prisoner Julian Assange who now faces extradition, torture and death in the US, will not end unless we remove this toxic Tory Government from power. If you have not done so already please sign the Petition to Free Julian Assange.

  • #50489 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Universal Healthcare is our Best Defence in a Pandemic – Why we Must Oust the Tories to Save our NHS.
    Machiavellian sidekick and chief influencer of the PM, Dominic Cummings, revealed that: “Tory MPs largely do not care about these poorer people. They don’t care about the NHS.” Sure Dom, we knew that. The UK population are not really that stupid; which is why they did not suffer a wholesale conversion to Tory values in the delusional belief that serial liar Boris Johnson would usher in a new Government of prosperity for the poor. The “Borrowed Votes” scam will evaporate when the reality of the next budget hits and the excuses are trotted out; those “bumps in the road” caused by a vindictive, (non compliant), EU and an economic downturn from the Corona Virus.

    As decimated as our NHS has become under Tory austerity cuts, it does still provide universal access: not for much longer if the Tories have their way. There is no time when the universality of our healthcare safety net is more important than when we are faced with the threat of a global pandemic. How soon will Britain be forced to adopt key elements of US business practice to comply with American trade deal demands as they pick over the residual carcass of “little England” abandoned by the EU? Those economic and regulatory changes will expose us all to the dangers of ruthless Corporate greed on steroids, starting with the attack on our NHS.

    I speak from my own experience in US Hospitals after making the conscious choice to work in “overwhelmed public facilities,” the indigent’s emergency care of last resort for those who cannot afford medical insurance. Jackson Memorial in Miami has the second busiest ED in the US after Cook County and state-of-the-art Ryder Trauma saw so much “penetrating trauma” that it was selected as the best placed to train US combat medics before deployment to overseas conflicts. Here in the UK we are concerned when a four hour waiting time is breached; at Jackson it was not uncommon to see half a dozen crash victims strapped to backboards for well over eight hours! That is the new direction for UK healthcare under the management of US Corporations.

    In America people delay or avoid costly Medical care. Aside from the harsh realities faced by those who cannot afford prompt treatment what is the greatest threat posed by the “for profit” Healthcare model? The impoverished indigent, who fall through the safety net, represent a fertile breeding ground in which deadly infections can flourish undetected and untreated, steadily gaining a grip among the lower echelons of society who must prioritize the need to keep working no matter how sick they feel. This is not my personal doom fuelled fantasy projection, it’s the sombre reality as already proven through the example of the spread of multi-drug resistant TB among the homeless population.

    While the Tories are working out where they can cut corners by denying care to the undocumented, or making it a lot harder to access care, they are heading in the wrong direction towards a target that will endanger us all. The other components of the US Corporate stranglehold on Healthcare are equally troubling with a mandatory fanatical work ethic that does not allow for sickness or taking time off. To strongly discourage staff from calling in sick American companies, including the top Hospitals, have a punitive policy that leads an employee into the disciplinary process if they call in sick for the third time in the same calendar year.

    Such so called “Business Friendly” practices mean that staff rarely access any sick time that might be on offer through their employee benefit package at work; this means bigger profits for US Corporations and businesses. As these Corporations move into the UK market they will bring their toxic business friendly practices with them. Why should we be seriously concerned about such changes? Think about how that will impact the spread of a deadly virus within a population fearful of losing their job, worried about losing Healthcare coverage for their entire family that depends on maintaining their employment just as it does in the US.

    When the “Occurrence Policy” was introduced at Johns Hopkins the innocuous title provoked jokes: “Oh, I think I’m about to occur!” But sick nurses treating vulnerable patients with compromised immune systems was no joke as the bugs spread in crowded changing rooms led to multiple staff members all functioning below par at the same time. The highly restrictive environment while scrubbed into surgery for hours at a time does not easily accommodate sick practitioners. This was a disastrous miscalculation in response to the relentless drive to remain competitive by reducing costs for increased profit in a private Healthcare system.

    Another increased risk is posed when employees cannot stay home to care for a sick child; the bottom line is that in America sick means very sick or it must be ignored. That will mean sick children in schools and nurseries because a parent cannot afford to take time off. In the UK we are only just waking up to the harsh reality of how the growing legions on zero hours contract workers, who do not qualify for and sick benefit or support, will cope with the need for self isolation. Corporate greed got us into this mess and it is why we so desperately need a progressive government to ban zero hours contracts and the race towards US style business practices. A poetic warning re US style Healthcare:

    Beware of those you do not treat,
    A burden you chose not to meet,
    They suffer alone and die in pain,
    All for Corporate financial gain,
    Infection’s fertile breeding ground,
    This moral judgement wasn’t sound,
    Too late to wonder why it spread,
    So many sick are now all dead!

    We are not only travelling overseas a lot more, but our domestic journeys are getting longer too. American employees will think nothing of driving over an hour to get to and from work. Priced out of accommodation in London many Brits are now required to make lengthy commutes to jobs in the city. The more we travel the easier it is for bugs to spread exponentially across the country and around the world. “Think Green – Think Local” could do a lot more than cut our carbon emissions – it would cut risk. I sincerely doubt Oil & Gas subsidiary, Idox, would have prioritized a “Green New Deal” progressive party when they were “managing” our voting system.

    The vested interests in Fossil Fuels, Pharmaceuticals and giant US Healthcare Conglomerates that have bought and paid for Brexit and the far right Tory agenda for delivering our headlong crash out of the EU are too selfish and short-sighted to show concern over the staggering number of impoverished and vulnerable people who will die if the Corona Virus takes hold. Already the dramatic surge in precarious employment, exacerbated by Universal Credit coercion and means testing, has greatly increased the overall risk of spreading this contagion. Lack of Social Care provision puts a strain on our already overburdened NHS while the social cleansing of London and our growing homeless population has dramatically impacted our ability to deal with a pandemic crisis.

    All of these dreadful miscalculations were consciously implemented to serve Tory greed. We had the opportunity in December 2019 to rid this country of the Tory scourge, but that hopeful future was stolen in a rigged vote. It is now too late to avoid the worse ramifications of the last decade of Tory neglect and unnecessary suffering caused by ideologically driven austerity. But, allowing the Tories to sell off our NHS to US Healthcare Corporations will not leave us better prepared to meet future pandemic challenges. We must act now to prevent a repetition of the suffering this Tory Government will once again inflict on this country. It is not too late to challenge the Stolen, not “borrowed votes,” that could totally delegitimize Boris Johnson’s grip on power; please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition:

  • #50519 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    TWITTER STORM: A Social Media Demand for Accountability; “What’s the Tories Fault?” #ToriesFault
    At 7PM yesterday evening Benefits News launched a Social Media campaign calling for the public to hold the Tories to account. A Canary Article quoted Benefits News’s apt description of “the same old Tories” as they detailed the poor start to Johnson’s premiership saying: “…their complete lack of moral decency and callous ideology has been long established. There are several Tories who should have been booted already. The UK deserves better than this corrupt, conniving lot, so we’re going to expose them some more.”

    During Boris Johnson’s Election campaign he tried really hard to convince the British public that his Government team was new, different and dynamic, but in reality the only change of direction for his new vision Tories was to take an extreme lurch to the far right and commit to an ultra hard Brexit or a “No Deal” crash out of the EU. The appalling track record of the Tory Party over the last decade is not something that their former Foreign Secretary can conveniently distance himself from as if he did not play a major role in the preceding Tory Government.

    Even if we were to give Boris Johnson a clean break with the punitive policies of Cameron and May while ignoring several times when, as Foreign Secretary, he was a cringe worthy national embarrassment due to personal undiplomatic blunders in his disgraceful past, he has not done well as PM. His disinterested, “I’ll show up when I feel like it” attitude prompted Jeremy Corbyn to launch a well deserved scathing attack during PMQs when he dubbed Johnson a “Part Time Prime Minister.” If he couldn’t be persuaded to get his bum of a Caribbean beach to return to the UK as we faced the serious potential threat of war, just what does it take?

    Johnson’s aversion to public appearances and interviews as he distances himself from all public scrutiny is getting much harder to plausibly explain no matter how eagerly the BBC try to cover for him. He could have visited the flood zone in high-vis jacket, boots, sans poser mop and bucket; surely the northern “Borrowed Votes” brigade would have welcomed their intrepid leader? Boris didn’t need to be warned, he knew he wasn’t at all welcome. An angry mob of jeering flood victims might have revealed the fact that few in the devastated northern communities had voted Tory; he betrayed them when he stole their votes so it was time to slink away.

    There is no shortage of material with which to lambast Boris Johnson and his team of incompetent charlatans. Of the Faults listed in the Canary article as occurring “All in the space of a few months…” Court actions over Universal Credit while a think-tank finds we are still poorer than in 2008; ‘eugenicist’ Andrew Sabisky’s appointment; the “Jamaica 50” deportation flight; the abandoned rights of child refugees after Brexit; the sluggish response to floods and the Corona Virus are but a few.

    I would add to the list that includes the dubious decision of a man with no backbone imposing a Boris branded “Spine” up the UK with HS2. Despite my relief over the court ruling against that third runway at Heathrow, many of us are disappointed that Boris will not be volunteering himself to be flattened by a bulldozer! No one was particularly surprised to hear that life expectancy is now in decline. We observe in horror the cruelty of this Government in its persecution of Julian Assange as we await a ruling by the Kangaroo court convened to torment and extradite this Political Prisoner and Journalist as a warning to all conscientious journalists worldwide. The consequences of exposing and criticizing global bully America are grave; sign the Petition: Free Julian Assange.

    The sad truth is that it takes a few progressive news outlets to bring the constant Tory failures and injustices to our attention when the BBC and right wing press fail to hold them to account. But this campaign is about us, it’s our shout, so let’s make it a really loud one. This is a chance to grab public attention through Social Media with an opportunity to yell “shame on you” to this failing Tory Government. I’m not much good at Hashtags or Social Media for that matter, but it is good to see #ToryFault trending, I only wish I could spur the same interest in #TORYRIGGED2019 and #TORYWARPED.

    All protest action can make a difference this is a call to arms; the first of March has now passed, but we need to maintain laser like focus and momentum to delegitimize the Tory Party as we seek to remove them from office. “USE #ToriesFault … on every tweet, meme , pic, news article, that exposes everything that is the Tories’ fault. The aim is you, in your masses, get this hashtag in the top trending list, you do it fast and furious and keep going.” Don’t forget the Petition to challenge the vote:

  • #50530 Reply

    Paul Barbara

    @ Kim,
    Re contacting ‘Led By Donkeys’:
    ‘Led By Donkeys show their faces at last: ‘No one knew it was us’:

    It seems James Sadri (see my comment above at March 3, 2020 at 02:04) also works with ‘open Democracy’. Try contacting him by phone or letter.

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    • #50531 Reply

      Kim Sanders-Fisher

      @ Paul Barbara: Thanks, I will try to get back to Open Democracy again in the morning. I have been in touch with them a couple of times after I commented on an article and noticed the name Adam Ramsay. He was a member of our local Green Party group at one point so I am trying to touch base with him, but despite leaving messages he has not got back to me yet. Now I will have two people to leave messages for there.

      It would be good to try and get in touch with the team via the pub too if you live in that neck of the woods. It seems as if these guys might be looking for a new way forward; they are probably sharing our dismay over the election as the Tories plan to force a no-deal Brexit on us.

      The BBC and all of the media have been in overdrive trying to reinforce the “Borrowed Votes” BS, no Bull, that’s “Boris Shit” aptly renamed! I was totally gob-smacked when I saw a Tory Party Political broadcast the other day from the party that is still trying to sell that “landslide victory” spin. It tells me they might have lingering concerns that their vote rigging scam could be exposed.

      The trouble is that so many people have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker that it is hard to convince anyone that the logic does not support such a huge win. I just hope if we can manage to contact “Led by Donkeys” they too will not have been led by the nose. Back when the team started out no one dared speak out against the precious “Will of the People” as it was being sold by the Brexiteers. Led by Donkeys led the big shift back in the other direction and once the word got out people joined the Remain movement in droves. They could lead the charge for us too as we battle “The Will of the Sheeple!”

      I have found a couple more dissident blog sites including one that has drafted an appeal to the EU; more on that tomorrow. I am still reluctant to join Facebook and I do not think I could cope with the stress of Twitter, but we need to post links back to this forum and the Nine Petitions that are, like mine, very slowly collecting signatures. It feels like such a lonely uphill battle right now so I really appreciate hearing from another supporter, thanks for posting.

      • #50555 Reply

        Paul Barbara

        @ Kim
        OK, I’ll make some trips to the pub. It’s not in my local area, but it’s not too far away. Years ago a friend of mine used to live very near the pub.
        It will take some time, but I’ll give it a try (I live near Tower Bridge; the pub is in Stoke Newington. It will be a hit and miss affair, needing multiple trips, as I obviously don’t know when they will be there. If I knew how to copy the picture in the Guardian, I could use it to ask the bar staff if they were regulars and if there was a time they generally drank there.
        Keep up the good fight!

        • #50556 Reply

          Paul Barbara

          I’ve managed to print off a couple of black and white pics of the four, and added their names.
          I may make the first foray to the Birdcage this weekend.

          • #50561 Reply

            Kim Sanders-Fisher

            @ Paul Barbara, thanks for offering to help. The Led by Donkeys team would probably have gained some notoriety after the pub regulars discovered what there were doing. The bar staff might know them all quite well if they often visit the pub, but obviously they will want to be discreet to protect the guy’s privacy. If when you visit the pub, they are not there, perhaps there is someone who recognizes them and knows them well enough that they can pass them a message to them, just to let them know we are really eager to get in touch.

            Giving them the opportunity to call or email back could possibly be arranged over the phone so it might be worth giving the pub a call before you head up there. The bar staff might tell you that they no longer frequent the pub and we would be back to square one. If you get a chance to actually talk to them, the first thing to find out is if they realize how strong the possibility is that the 2019 Election so called “Landslide Tory victory” was rigged.

            If they have been taken in by the media, the BBC and the Boris Shit they may not yet believe the vote was stolen. I like to think that they are smart enough to realize what went on and that there is a real need for another big campaign to properly inform the public. My Petition is focused in the dire need to “Rescue our Watchdog” by forcing parliament to empower the UK Electoral Commission to provide credible oversight so that our Electoral System is no longer wide open to fraud on an industrial scale. Very necessaty because “All Votes Must Count.”

            By calling the result of the 2019 Election into question we are putting this Tory Government on notice, that unless the monitoring and security of our vote is restored and the Tory private interests are excluded, no government election through such a dubious process will ever have the right to claim political legitimacy in the future. If there is no challenge the Tories can shrug the matter off with the same caviller attitude of: “Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…” The evidence is more glaring with each election; it must stop.

            Do not expect the Fox to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the Hen House! It is not in their interests so there is no political will to correct the deeply flawed system, but if electronic voting machines are installed and Voter ID is introduced the situation will get a whole lot worse. We will need a massive public campaign that is too embarrassing to ignore in order to drag Boris Johnson kicking and screaming to the accountability table. He has a way of getting around the law, but this time we must show him he is not above the law.

            The Johnson/Cummings dictatorial bullying is meeting resistance from ignored Civil Servants and discarded SPADS. As we continue to gather evidence there is a far greater chance of a Whistleblower coming forward. Our challenge must be big enough to discredit this Tory Government’s international and domestic credibility. I think a new campaign from Led by Donkeys would get crowdfunding support: we so need them in board!

  • #50578 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    I have already stated in previous comments that I am of the opinion that as UK Citizens we must appeal to the EU while we are still in the transition phase under EU rules. I have just discovered another WordPress site with “An Appeal To EU Parliament On Behalf Of British-EU Citizens” that was linked to on yet another site with a rich cache of informative Links. I will write more on this second site in a future post when I have had time to sift through the Links. However, I wanted to post this EU Appeal Link first, described as: “a great article which looks at the corruption surrounding Brexit and a Government that would blindly press on with something so legally flawed.”

    On December 22, 2019, It was obvious that I was not the only one focused on something a lot more important than Christmas as author, Debdahvibez, took the time to write this: “An Appeal To EU Parliament On Behalf Of British-EU Citizens.” This important post started out by stating that: “Britain and the EU are presently brokering UK’s exit from the EU and on strength of a Referendum held in 2016, in which UK citizens voted ‘Leave’ by a small majority of just 4%: A minority-lead very likely gained through a variety of criminal activities on side of the Tory-led ‘Leave’ campaign i.e. Financial corruption, blatant lies, invasion of voter privacy, collusion with hostile foreign powers…”

    The writer goes over many of the issues that made the Brexit result so dubious in terms of legitimacy including foreign interference, saying: “A nation is only as good as its leaders and when an alleged ‘democracy’ throws up fascists who oppress even their own populous, we understand that those nations are no longer lawfully recognised as democratic and due to the fundamental fact, that democracy is implemented for the specific purpose of prohibiting fascism.”

    In a paragraph elaborating on the prevailing sentiment regarding Brexit in the UK since the 2016 vote the author offers credible evidence that public opinion has changed, documenting that: “By August 2019, it became very clear that the majority of UK citizens do not want Brexit and certainly not, a ‘hard-Brexit’. Over 1 million people have twice marched through London and tens of thousands in every town & city across Britain, as an impromptu protest against Johnson’s unlawful proroguing of Parliament and in support of remaining within the EU. We have yet to witness anything remotely close to the equivalent in support of Brexit.”

    The author felt it was important to stress Johnson’s criminal conduct thus: “This was in direct ignorance of all the evidence exposing a criminal-coup, evidence which includes, a Supreme Court judgement that found Mr Johnson PM guilty of abusing his powers to unlawfully shut-down Parliament/Democracy for purpose of “getting Brexit done” by October 31st.” Expressing alarm over: “permitting a criminal government to run a GE; weighing up the risks against a global network of criminal interests, as opposed to the benefits & interests EU membership assures and delivers to UK citizens…” I wholeheartedly agreed with the author who also said: “…it was very clear that Johnson PM & Co, were not only capable of breaking the law to run a rigged-election, they had, after aforementioned SC Judgement, publicly stated that it was their full intention to ‘break the law’ again to ‘get Brexit done’.”

    “In light of all of the above, UK’s December 12th 2019 GE result is highly suspect and already, evidence is piling enough to validate what amounts to lawful suspicion” There were multiple reasons given to support the case that the “landslide” result was simply not credible given the way Boris Johnson functioned during the campaign; the contrast between the resounding public support for Corbyn compared with visible demonstrations of revulsion towards Boris, all of this obscured by the BBC, tabloid press and dodgy “push poles.” This reinforces the arguments I have made her on this Forum on numerous occasions to support the allegations of a rigged vote. (Read this Appeal in full and check out links to References).

    “Johnson had to win by a landslide in order to have full control of Parliament in order to “Get Brexit done”. Under the heading “EU Duty Of Care” the author clearly lays out the obligation of the EU to act and what the EU should do to correct matters and protect UK Citizens by stating that: “It is beholden on the EU, to recognise the immense risks now facing the UK public as a captive populous at mercy of what amounts to a criminal-cabal and also, the resulting threat against Europe’s hard-won free-trade-union.”
    Elaborating on the logical remedy the author says: “As EU citizens, British people’s only hope now is that EU Parliament honours their duty-of-care toward upholding the rights of all EU citizens and thereby, refuses to commit to any Brexit-deal or even, to permit Brexit, until such a time as the UK public have had a 2nd Referendum and this time, one which is carefully monitored and with a commitment to ensuring the British public are fully and accurately informed about exactly, what they are voting for or against.”

    The Author makes an earnest plea to the EU: “For sake of the children of Britain, the EU cannot now fail to recognise the severity of this extraordinary situation that is “Brexit” and the core force-of-corrupted-power behind its impetus. In such circumstances, the EU has opportunity and the right, to itself, inform British citizens via public broadcasts/press-conferences, about e.g. Why EU Parliament is insisting on a 2nd Referendum i.e. ‘Due to EU duty of care to ensure national-populations are not being dragged out of the EU against their will, by corrupted-powers, only to become corporate-slaves and stripped of all their rights in order to become a ‘democracy-free-zone’/tax-haven‘.” Surely this is still possible if we oust the Tory Government during the transition phase?

    In the Petition that I Created I touch on the wider implication of setting an example on a global level. The UK could initiate a critical turning point where citizens refuse to accept a rigged election coup and overthrow a despot before he is able to usurp total control. This important point about wider responsibility for upholding democratic principles is touched on here: “While EU Parliament holds diplomatic relations with the various EU national governments, a fundamental feature of those relations, is that all governments are recognised as a democracy and therefore, each government represents the people of its nation.”

    However, once a government is lawfully suspected of oppressing or denying democracy and even, proven to be committing crimes against democracy, all diplomacy has to be in favour of the abused & oppressed public suffering rule of any such despot power.” In this persuasive argument the author elaborates further on the risks to the stability of the EU of inaction and not coming to the rescue of both British citizens and EU citizens living in the UK soon to be criminally defrauded of their rights. The far right group of Tories now in power have not been shy about revealing their dark objectives: “Comprehensive de-regulation, removal of social and environmental protections; Weak or non-existent compliance with international anti-money laundering measures…”

    This scenario is deeply damaging to the EU and as the author points out it certainly does not end well for us here in the UK: “We all know the end-game which is, to erase all the social and economic progressions achieved after WW2; scrapping human rights, workers rights, women & children’s rights, environmental protections…” Offering a stark wake-up call, this appeal in its entirety is a lengthy read, but well researched and worthy of a visit to the WordPress site with a chance to explore the many valuable Links.

  • #50600 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    I know I am not alone in my outrage over the unelected Dominic Cummings’s toxic hold over our hapless PM, but did you vote for a guy called Steve Bannon, who is not even a UK citizen? There have been multiple reports of foreign meddling in our Elections and not just the anonymous references to “Russian Bots” Online. There is little doubt that there were specific individuals in this larger conspiracy to undermine UK Democracy, a friend and confidant to both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, is widening his sinister sphere of influence in a number of EU Elections well funded by the deep pockets of Robert Mercer.

    Bannon is on a mission to discredit and destroy the EU by stirring up far right nationalist fervour right across Europe. He visited the UK and helped Johnson with his anti-EU propaganda campaign to secure the Brexit vote. As Trump’s presidential campaign chief strategist he won over US voters with the same PsyOps technology that had been “product tested” on unsuspecting UK subjects to brainwash them into believing Boris Johnson’s lies about leaving the EU. Bannon colluded with Trump to usher in a whole new style of brash and hyper aggressive attack politics, grotesque lies and fake news.

    Steve Bannon is not shy about his ultimate goal to “Destroy the EU”: he has crisscrossed the Atlantic multiple times to meet with far right groups stoking fear over migration in a grand quest to establish a global ultra conservative movement. His aims are laid out in a Financial Times Article where he is quoted making his destructive intentions very clear. The FT describe Steve Bannon as “…on the warpath — in Europe. US president Donald Trump’s former chief strategist is a hard-right advocate of a hard Brexit. Now his ambitions extend further. He wants to dismantle, destroy and bury the EU. Mr Bannon, 64, co-founder of the alt-right website Breitbart News, is setting up a Brussels-based political vehicle called The Movement. Its purpose is to rally assorted rightwing populist and far-right nationalist parties…” This was initially to campaign for the European Parliament elections, but he certainly didn’t stop at that.

    An excellent June 2019 Byline Times Exclusive on Steve Bannon with his disturbing links to the British far right: “The Transatlantic Triumph of Trumpism: Boris Johnson – A Plan Years in the Making” by Peter Jukes exposes the wanton manipulation of the UK public over the Brexit vote. It was a very sad day for democracy. Jukes describes: “The Johnson-Farage double act of Brexit managed to achieve the shock Leave vote and all that has ensued – with some help from Bannon’s digital operations, Russian troll farms, and multiple instances of over-spending and illegal data use. Campaigns are not allowed to co-ordinate or have a common plan, but there’s nothing to stop the various players behind them having a common project.”

    Jukes talks about the emergence of a group within the Conservative party called the “Young Britons Foundation” that: “was an offshoot of the Young Americas Foundation (YAF), based at the Reagan Ranch in California, which relied heavily on funding from US hedge fund billionaire, Robert Mercer.” At a ten year anniversary event held in late 2013 at Churchill College Cambridge Bannon was there to woo the Thatcherite disciples of the “Self-described ‘Conservative Madrasa’!”

    Jukes says that: “There’s little doubt the YBF was a Brexit establishment in embryo, and nearly all of them are now backing Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister.” Not only did this insidious faction of the Tory Party succeed in installing Johnson as PM, but what followed was a brutal purge of all of the more moderate Tory MPs, including party grandees, as the agenda lurched to the far right.
    Jukes describes how: “The dark arts of digital ‘information operations’ and data mining, which would play such an important role in both the Trump campaign and Brexit referendum three years later, all began to converge in that winter of 2013.”

    In the states when a TV Channel cuts to a news bulletin it is “brought to you by…” a major advertising sponsor. In a similar way the toxic duo of Boris Johnson and the Dom, with their perverted crash-out plan for Brexit, were brought to the UK public by even darker forces from across the pond, namely Steve Bannon and his financial backer Robert Mercer. It is vitally important that we fully expose this foreign intervention and the sordid details of our rigged Election and the Brexit Referendum so that we can remove such toxic influences on our democracy in future. Please read, sig, share and Link to the Petition to demand an Investigation: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50618 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    A challenge was initiated within this Open Democracy Article: “Why are Britain’s ‘watchdogs’ protecting politicians, not us?” A Petition was launched by Open Democracy prior to the December 2019 Election; yet another long ignored Petition, this time calling for transparency and the release of critical documents so that the public could have made a truly informed decision before a UK Election. That Petition gained over 5000 signatures, but once again absolutely nothing was accomplished after the customary scant recognition by UK authorities meant that it was more corrupt business as usual as we went to cast our worthless votes on the 12th.

    After the fact, the importance of a report into foreign intervention in our elections is being allowed to fade in our memories as we are persuaded by a compliant media that the square peg really must be made to fit into that round hole. The authors state: “Our leaders stand accused of presiding over corruption, fraud, racism – and suppressing evidence of foreign interference. We urgently need answers before 12 December.” So what happened? Nothing, again! Where is the outrage now that yet another election has passed, while the populous remained duped, uninformed of the serious corruption within our Electoral System?

    I have contacted Open Democracy several times in the past few weeks regarding my growing suspicions over the result of this most recent election. They told me that they are investigating this issue. Why am I not reassured by this news? Any “investigation” that Open Democracy is conducting is so very subtle and discrete as to remain virtually invisible to those who might have concrete evidence to submit. Speaking as a former Whistleblower, I can say from experience that if you feel the cause you are fighting for is already well and truly lost and you will never be believed, it becomes much harder to come forward and speak out from such an isolated position.

    Now that the highly suspicious result of this Election has been called it is considered sacrilege to challenge its validity or mention vote rigging. We dare not appear to be “sore losers;” why is that so much more important than restoring genuine integrity to our failing democracy? Why must we once again fall into immediate, complacent silence and try to make the incomprehensible results fit neatly onto a defeatist narrative set by the Tories and their media supporters? This is the exact same dirty trick that was used to force the shocked British public to accept Brexit as “the Will of the People;” how many times will we accept being played for fools?

    The Open Democracy article reminds us that: “We have laws in this country which entitle us to know whether toys pose a risk to children. Whether food products contain allergens that could kill us, and whether medicine has potentially unpleasant side effects. Why should our politics be any different?” Valid point. Ripping up the red tape and stripping back fire services cost people their lives at Grenfell Tower; did we clamber to suppress an investigation into what went wrong? Why is the possibility of Electoral Fraud a no go area that cannot be scrutinized to determine the truth and restore a just result we can all believe in?

    I am thoroughly sick of the trite answer about “lessons learned” when in reality this never occurs. Real change takes decades with multiple tragedies and injustices suffered before new laws to protect the public are finally enacted. The passage of time allows decision makers to prioritise profits as they distance themselves from a shock event or an injustice that makes headline news. Dig up some pap about the royals or announce the five month old pregnancy of the mistress ensconced at number ten… just distract the plebs.

    If an Olympic athlete is found guilty of doping they are stripped of their medals, banned from competition and publically vilified as fair punishment for bringing disgrace to their sport. If a student cheats on an exam we would not consider for an instant that they should be permitted to retain an accolade they acquired that was no longer merited. If you commit fraud and the police catch you they will try to prosecute you for the offence and you could go to jail. Why is Electoral fraud not a punishable offence, but instead the perpetrators are richly rewarded with high office, international recognition and a future knighthood?

    We need real action now to validate the legitimacy of this Tory Government or remove them from office. There are a multitude of very serious anomalies, unexplained exclusions that add to the blatant lies that make an investigation well warranted in this instance, If there was no impropriety there is nothing to hide and an investigation will reassure members of the public who remain sceptical due to the shock “landslide victory” that followed an appallingly pitiful Tory campaign. In many parts on the UK there was no Tory campaigning; hustings, interviews and debates were avoided while embarrassing gaffs were plentiful. After ten years of misery under Tory austerity the resounding Conservative win made no sense at all.

    We have returned to the familiar ridiculous reassurances that parties can regroup and get ready for another totally futile electoral challenge in five years time under the same corrupt system with the same lax regulations exposing our votes to industrial scale fraud. Why even bother? But under the complacent illusion of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” we will allow our corrupt system to flourish and become even more accepted and established in preparation for the next rigged vote.

    The Tories plan to repeal the Fixed Term Parliament Act – to replace it with what? Voter ID requirements could disenfranchise millions of the most vulnerable non Tory voters, while redrawing district boundaries can further advance the ambitions of our Tory elite. By claiming an unstoppable majority there is no apposing their policies as they take full advantage of the so called “Henry the Eighth Powers” to alter all areas of our laws to meet their demands after crashing us out of the EU. They could introduce the notorious, easily hackable, electronic voting machines to simplify vote rigging next time around.

    So great point readily abandoned Open Democracy: “Why are Britain’s ‘watchdogs’ protecting politicians, not us?” There is absolutely no question that the UK Electoral System is wide open to fraud on an industrial scale; this is a well established fact commented on by respected judges. However, there is no political will to fix the system that has entrenched the incumbent Tory Party: “Don’t expect the Fox to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the Hen House!” It is only by challenging this most recent highly dubious 2019 Election result that we can expose the inherent dangers in our flawed Electoral System. If not now, when?

    It will take a massive rebellion throughout all regions of the UK to finally force the authorities to investigate the results of the election that gifted this Tory Government an unstoppable majorly to run roughshod over the law. Even if you do not suspect that the Tory Party used dirty tricks to steal our votes; we desperately need the UK Electoral Commission to have greater oversight to keep our votes safe: A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog! I firmly believe that an investigation will expose wide-scale vote rigging, but even if this is not the case it will reveal the dangerous potential for industrial scale fraud that must be eliminated for us to have any faith in the validity of our elections in future.

    The establishment of authoritarian dictators through PsyOps manipulation of the population and rigged elections is on the rise throughout the world. Look at the damage Brazil’s so called “strong man” has done to the environment in just one year. The UK could set a valuable example by exposing this scandal and removing a corrupt regime before it can cause such universal harm. It is our duty as responsible citizens to make that happen; please read, sign, share and Link to my Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50683 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    On a Webpage entitled “The Conspiracy of our Time,” I found a new treasure trove of informative Links some of which I had already tracked down, but there was new information there too. The author focused on the web of highly suspicious connections that point to inappropriate conflict of interest situations between Tory Party members and individuals, organizations, companies or regulators intimately involved with our Electoral System.

    The means, motivation and ideal opportunity to commit fraud does not in itself indicate that fraud was committed, but it does provide a high index of suspicion. There is sound reasoning behind requiring MPs and political entities to fully declare any involvement that might be construed as a conflict of interest; it allows the public to feel confident in the motivations that drive political decisions: no one should be in a position to buy influence. Sadly, the ability to rampantly abuse Electoral; rules to dictate the political agenda has got seriously out of control in the UK.

    The watchdog organization overseeing our voting system in the UK, our Electoral; Commission is virtually powerless to monitor or exersize any constraint over the growing level of corruption in our voting system. This is bacause the parameters of their power are decided by our government and the current Tory Government is more than happy with the lax situation yjat exists now. Without a major public outcry there is absolutely zero political will to compel the Tory Government to tighten regulations, provide more vigilant scrutiny or increase the penalties for violations. It is our duty to demand that change to: “Rescue our Watchdog!”

    Without the public realizing the damaging consequences of changes that were enacted by the Tories, our Electoral System has undergone a process of privatization without any increased provision for monitoring of the companies that are engaged in the outsourced electoral services. One company, Idox, was able to rapidly expand within this lucrative market, acquiring contracts for the provision of services throughout the UK by absorbing former competitors to monopolize the sector. This influence over our political system has been flagged up as potentially very problematic due to the high level involvement of the Tory Party and the fact that Idox is a subsidiary of an Oil and Gas giant that one would not expect to approve of progressive policies like “the Green New Deal.”

    However, the author of “The Conspiracy of our Time,” goes on to explore other influencing factors that have conspired to create a situation where the British public have been prepared to accept the shocking result of the 2019 Election as legitimate. The right wing media bear heavy responsibility for promoting a Tory victory and the conduct of our public broadcaster can no longer be trusted to remain neutral as required under the mandatory regulation of the BBC. Purdah rules were trampled on as the BBC morphed into an obscenely biased Tory propaganda machine, reinforcing fake news and covering for Boris Johnson’s multiple embarrassing gaffs.

    The author pointed out the media’s preference and special fondness for the heavily right leaning poling company YouGov as the prime source for all the polls they quoted: “60% of people say such-and-such, etc. This is a polling company that only has a 2 point rating on Trustpilot, so aren’t very trustworthy in the first place, and that have already been involved in a campaign to try to influence an election.”
    They went on to note with regard to YouGov that just like IDOX, it is: “…also a Conservative company, with Directors directly linked to the Conservative Party, including one that is currently in Boris Johnson’s cabinet – Nadhim Zahawi.!”

    The author revealed the frustration felt by many concerned voters who had attempted to report voting issues and violations to the Electoral Commission or the police and had taken to twitter to vent their anger over the lack of response. The conclusion drawn was damning: “For the BBC site, there were various images posted by people on Twitter who had tried to complain, but couldn’t access the site. Why would the BBC or the Electoral Commission avoid hundreds, probably thousands of complaints about reporters and MPs, live on air, admitting to electoral fraud? They wouldn’t, unless they didn’t care about the truth.”

    A major issue raised was with regard to the PM’s blatant lies about the security of our NHS in trade negotiations with the US: “Boris Johnson claimed during his election campaign that there was no chance at all that US companies could increase drug prices for the NHS. It has been quietly revealed by a Conservative minister in the last few days that this could well happen after all.”

    It is always shocking to discover the extent of the stealth privatization that is taking place despite Boris Johnson’s deceptive reassurances: “He (and Health Secretary Matt Hancock) also promised there would be no further privatisation of the NHS. Despite that claim, as of April last year, there were £127 Million worth of NHS contracts up for grabs to private companies.”

    The author concluded that: “America is the only country that will benefit from Brexit, with all new access to our national health service (and thus our public finances – taxes we all pay), and an all new export market free from EU safety standards. And the only people who will be paying for it are the British public.” The persistently recurring question posed by the Governments refusal to release the Russia report; what are the Tories so determined to keep hidden when it comes to Russian meddling in Brexit?

    The Author Links to an interesting article on how UK Intelligence Agencies worked with the media on the smear campaign targeting Corbyn.

    This Webpage represents the tireless work of another citizen frustrated with the complacency over this rigged election and determined to accumulate the necessary evidence to expose the truth. I will write more about the “Conspiracy of our Time” Webpage in a second post. We need more conscientious and determined warriors like this to help turn this wretched situation around: If you have any evidence please write about it here.

  • #50701 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Returning to the informative piece entitled “The Conspiracy of our Time,” it is really important to determine what role the UK Electoral Commission are equipped to play with regard to monitoring, regulation and dealing with reported violations. The Author has included in this post a reprint of several exchanges with the Electoral Commission dated early January 2020. It was interesting to note that, just like my communications with the EC, their replies were remarkably rapid, (ignore an obvious typo of the year.) These messages were printed in their entirety with some really pertinent questions asked and answered.

    If you have ever dealt with any type of watchdog, regulatory body or National Ombudsman you will know that they are always remarkably slow to respond; the hope is that if they fail to reply for weeks on end, you will just give up and drop the matter. These bodies are in place not to provide genuine oversight, but to create the false illusion of having somewhere to direct a complaint. When you send a follow-up letter or email, that too is ignored for weeks. If you call they tell you there is a huge backlog of complaints they are dealing with, yours has yet to be assigned or the person dealing with it is away, sick on holiday or otherwise unable to reply. When a reply is forthcoming it is routinely unnecessarily vague, often prompting more questions than providing pertinent information.

    No matter how important or urgent these issues might be they usually take literally years to resolve, so you can imagine my shock when I got a response from the Electoral Commission within a couple of days; I was nothing short of astounded and seriously impressed. In the email, I felt that there was a sincere attempt to answer all of my questions and I was provided with a direct phone line number to the named officer who had drafted the reply. This too is a significant deviation from the norm, where such individuals do their level best to avoid any further scrutiny or additional questions. When I called, the woman I spoke to patiently remained on the line clarifying points for well over an hour, with no attempt to cut me off!

    In response to the reporting of concerns by the author, the Electoral Commission advised that the local police should be contacted. Following this advice there were attempts to contact the local police officer who the EC insisted was supposedly assigned to specifically deal with Electoral Allegations in all of the constituencies throughout the UK. This proved rather frustrating when more than one police department claimed no such person actually existed. Was this a deliberate attempt to throw the complainant off course or was it a desperate attempt to highlight the discrepancy between what was promised by the Government and what has been deliverable in reality?

    Despite the author concluding that: “…this just screams that they are trying to avoid responsibility.” I would like tp give the Electoral Commission the benefit of the doubt, as I do not necessarily agree. I was impressed by their rapid responses to my emails and the patience shown during lengthy phone conversations. I would therefore lay the real blame for what appears at first glance to be the Electoral Commission’s ineptitude. The blame is more appropriately directed towards the Tory Government determined to narrowly define the remit of Electoral Commission powers with the deliberate intention of rendering their interventions “toothless.”

    When the author contacted the local police department the complainant was directed to contact Action/Fraud who deal mainly with financial misconduct; it sounded like a very frustrating buck-passing exercise. The author reported that: “After seeing the above email, I called in at my local Police station to request contact details for the officer that deals with electoral allegations. The officer on the reception desk said she had no idea what I was talking about, and directed that I contact ActionFraud, which seems from their website to deal mostly with financial fraud.”

    The author went on to report that “Nevertheless, I gave them a call, and they took down what I had to say as a “witness statement,” with reference NFRC 200103408385. If anyone else chooses to make a formal complaint, whether to their local Police Force, or to ActionFraud themselves, feel free to pass on the above reference, or even share the link to this document. The ActionFraud representative also suggested that I went back to the Police station, to double check about an elections officer there.”

    What if our UK Electoral Commission are thoroughly fed up with functioning as the Tory Party’s scapegoat, held responsible for the ruthless cutbacks under austerity that have stripped away police resources, oversight and the power to respond appropriately to legitimate complaints? Are they directing people to a police resource that they were assured would be in place despite knowing that the extensive austerity cut backs have rendered such service provision impossible to deliver? Perhaps the Elrctoral Cpmmission are crying out for a strong piblic response!

    It would be highly unlikely for any Government agency or watchdog to appeal to the Government of the day for far greater, more comprehensive restrictions, to be imposed on their powers. So what if I am dead wrong regarding the underlying motivations and intentions of the Electoral Commission? Are they just trying to dodge the bullet and deny responsibility by passing the buck? Ultimately, that really doesn’t matter as long as we heed the serious warning signs and act swiftly to correct the situation. If we unanimously acknowledge that: “a Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog,” there is an urgent demand for radical change.

    We have a choice, either we can blindly accept that the UK Electoral Commission is utterly helpless and should remain helpless to protect our rights or we must challenge the serious electoral anomalies, that point to widespread fraud, and demand an investigation to expose the truth. I want to believe that the prompt replies and effusive responses from the Electoral Commission are a plea for public action that we should respond to with genuine urgency; we must “Rescue our Watchdog” because “All Votes Must Count!” Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50702 Reply


    This is truly shocking. What you describe is reminiscent of what happens in third world manipulated pseudo democracies. So we have a facade which hides the fact that the toothless electoral commission is procedurally only an obfuscatory body meant to be there to lend an air of respectability. I believe that elections in some of these countries are usually carried out under the observations of regional or international bodies, such as OSCE (sorry have to check this). I wonder whether a legal challenge can be mounted to bring this matter to the attention of such a body. This is all rather too big but the general apathy the whole subject seems to attract, is amazing and denotes the terminal morbidity of our so called democracy .

  • #50703 Reply


    Further to my above comment, in fact OSCE have been involved in the form of a suborganisation called ODIHR and have produced an assessment before the elections

    I have written this email to OSCE

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a citizen and not an activist but obviously show much interest in how democracy seems not to be fulfilling the wishes of the people and how elections can be sometimes used to distort these result. I know that the ODIHR been involved in these elections and produced an ‘Other Needs Assessment Report’. I hope this will be followed up with further post elections report.

    There have been some concerns expressed by some regarding the unexpected results of the last elections in the UK where the Tory party won by a landslide, despite a very poor campaign and where the leader of the opposition party was vilified by the press with clear bias. There are two other concerns, one is that there was a increase in postal voting which were probably not as stringently supervised, and run by companies that are managed by members of the Tory party and the other is the real absence of any meaningful way by which the UK supervisory system ,The electoral commission, has nay meaningful way in investigating possible election rigging, referring members of the public to the police to do so.
    For simplicity I will send you a link to a discussion taking place in some alternative media in UK which have tried to shed more light into this.

    Elections Aftermath: Was our 2019 Vote & the EU Referendum Rigged? #TORYRIG2019

    Election Fraud 2019 – Scope


    Please let me know you will be taking this matter further.

    I have yet to read the assessment but you might find this useful. I also assume you have read this report from the house of commons.

  • #50716 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    SA – Thanks for getting involved and taking this important step; we so need people to wake up to the reality of what just occurred electorally and take challenging action just as you have. I read through the Interim Report again and was once again drawn to certain critical points. One was the admitted complications and restrictions preventing anyone from bringing a Petition Challenge whether that was for allegations of deliberate gross misconduct and fraud or for a genuine mistake that required prompt correction. Prohibitive legal costs inhibit any legitimate access to a challenge which must ultimately encourage fraud.

    Although the report stated that: “Challenging the validity of an election is done through an election petition, which is heard by an election court. An election court can annul an election or correct the result. The election petition is the only mechanism for challenging elections.” The reality was revealed in an admission that during Representation of the People Act 1983 the Electoral Commission had said that: “the election petition in the case of Tower Hamlets :highlighted the almost prohibitive cost and complexity faced by candidates or ordinary electors who want to challenge elections, because of the outdated legal procedures that are currently set out in law’.”

    One contributor to the report, Henni Ouahes, argued that the petition system was: “not fit for purpose” and said that: “although the petitioners won the Tower Hamlets case ’the big scandal at the time was that, although they won, they had to, essentially, face losing their homes if they had lost’.” The report quoted Andy Erlam, one of the petitioners in the Tower Hamlets case, when he argued that legal aid should be introduced for election petitions “which reach a certain threshold” and that frivolous or vexatious petitions could be dealt with by being struck out. Ultimately, “the citizen should always have the power to challenge an election result.”

    Another contributor, Dr Wilks-Heeg, told the panel that: “in cases where there are serious allegations of corrupt and illegal practices, there was a very serious risk that election petitions would not be brought because the potential petitioners would not be willing to bear the risks and costs. Professor Sobolewska argued that: “victims of fraud tend to be people living in conditions of social deprivation and marginalisation, who would not be able to bear such cost or access complex legal advice.” So where do we stand now with multiple allegations made all over the UK with regard to the 2019 General Election that could cumulatively have amounted to a rigged result?

    The conclusion drawn in the report was that: “The election petition system for challenging elections is archaic, too complicated and not fit for purpose. It is in the public interest that meritorious election petitions are brought forward but the under the current system there is a risk that such petitions will not be brought forward, due to the complexity of the process and the level of potential cost. We agree with the Law Commission’s recommendation that that the election petition system is brought into the modern court system. As part of any such reform, the Government must ensure the right balance is struck between ensuring access to justice for electors and also preventing vexatious attempts to challenge elections.”

    One piece of input that bounced off the page was a suggestion that with a: “rare opportunity” to “modernise other aspects of electoral law: “Possible reforms could include automatic registration of 16-year olds when they receive their national insurance numbers” “Strengthening the long-term funding of elections” was mentioned separate from later criticism of the obscene amounts donated by a single individual with the opportunity underlying opportunity to by political influence.

    Under the report’s analysis of Digital campaigning I did not see any mention of the targeting of “persuadable” voters, whose data we now know was obtained illegally, being targeted with “Weapons grade PsyOps technology” in a relentless campaign of disinformation. Among official circles there appears to be a poor understanding of the power of this modern technology in the wrong hands. What was documented was that: “In its consultation response on Protecting the Debate: Intimidation, Influence and Information, the Government confirmed its intention to introduce an imprint regime for digital campaign material.”

    It was recorded that “Witnesses to our inquiry welcomed such a proposal” and that: “Some witnesses contended that further reforms were necessary for digital campaigning. The Electoral Reform Society argued steps needed to be taken to improve ‘transparency on spending and ad content more broadly’, which would necessitate a more comprehensive review of electoral rules.” It noted that: “The Electoral Commission provided some recommendations for digital campaigning such as: Digital campaign material must have an imprint saying who is behind the campaign and who created it.”

    There was a call for Campaigners to: “sub-divide their spending returns into different types of spending and should give more information about the money spent on digital campaigns” and a suggestion that “Social media companies should work with the Electoral Commission to improve their policies on campaign material and advertising for elections and referendums in the UK.” Criticism also targeted the online media campaigns on social networks for being unregulated.

    It was0 documented that: “Although social platforms and online media are seen as an instrument that enables citizens to communicate with candidates or elected representatives, a number of state-sponsored and private initiatives have been undertaken to define and tackle the problems arising from unregulated online campaigning. Several ODIHR NAM interlocutors voiced concerns about potential foreign and domestic spread of fake online content and disinformation during the campaign period, which might affect the integrity and credibility of the election process. According to the ODIHR NAM interlocutors, changes in the primary election legislation are required to introduce provisions to regulate online campaigning.”

    Recommendations included: “imprints on digital campaign material, increasing maximum fines, and giving the EC greater powers to compel information from third parties.” Some examples cited included: “Facebook introduced ‘Ad Library’ which offers a searchable collection of currently running advertisements. Twitter recently announced that it would be banning political advertising globally. Most recently, Google introduced measures to increase transparency and to bar political advertisers from targeting voters by limiting election advertisement audience being targeted based on the general categories: age, gender, and general location.” The regulations are having a hard time keeping pace with technology, but our democracy is at stake so we must try harder.

    There was analyses of the proposal for introducing a Voter ID requirement where the measure was accurately described as a “sledgehammer to crack a nut” with the evidence of voter personating incidents described as negligible and the significant risk of disenfranchising vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities unacceptably high. The report called for more pilot studies to determine efficacy before this was considered for introduction across the UK. In the US voter ID laws have been introduced as a deliberate tactic for suppressing the minority vote; that this goal has been successfully achieved is no indication that it should be emulated.

    The Report noted that: “Under the current body of electoral law, nearly everyone involved in a general election faces significant risks or challenges. A primary cause of this is the archaic and confusing state of electoral law. This is not an acceptable state of affairs. The updating and simplification of electoral law must be seen as a pressing priority for the Government.” In a very clear acknowledgement that significant problems exist they also recommend that: “…our successor Committee should carry out an inquiry into the role and effectiveness of the Electoral Commission.” AMEN TO THAT!

    A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a dog! We need the UK Electoral Commission to be appropriately empowered by the Government to fully protect the security and integrity of our votes with the power to nullify a mistaken or a corrupt election result and severely penalize the perpetrators. All Votes Must Count so it us time to “Rescue our Watchdog”
    Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50737 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Our Legitimate Concerns are Highlighted and Confirmed by the Independent Review Conducted by ODIHR:
    The reviewers expressed concern over the fact that in the UK: “There are no limits on donations to political parties, candidates and third parties. ODIHR has previously recommended to consider limiting the amount that a single donor can donate in order to restrain parties’ overreliance on large scale donations originating from a few sources.” In the US the campaign of Bernie Sanders who shunned the so called “Super Packs” demonstrated that people power was able to compete relying on individual small donations: this was real democracy!

    Citizens on both sides of the pond feel helpless when their modest contributions are rendered meaningless while the wealthy elite are so easily able to buy the influence necessary to protect and perpetuate their privileged status. This is especially galling when that money is being channelled into UK Elections from those who will not be impacted by the negative consequences of right wing policies on their daily life because of their extreme wealth, they may live overseas, have non-dom status or at least park their money offshore.

    It is reassuring to note that we are not alone in calling for the UK Electoral Commission to be given greater powers within an expanded remit: “ODIHR had previously recommended to mandate the EC with investigative and sanctioning powers for offences relating to candidates’ spending and donations.”

    “But, you might say, surely if the 2019 General Election was Rigged someone would have filed an official Election Petition Challenge by now?” Chance would be a fine thing! The ODIHR waded through our overly convoluted and complex complaints and appeals process concluding that it left a lot to be desired.

    Elaborating on the process they documented that in the UK: “Election results can be challenged through an election petition brought by an unsuccessful candidate, one or more voters before an election court. Such a challenge can be made within 21 days of the submission of the results protocol. Longer timeframes to submit a petition are envisaged if the petition challenges the outcome of an election on the grounds of corrupt or illegal practices, or in relation to election expenses. Complaints against electoral officials, their actions or inactions are brought directly to regular courts. Each petition costs GBP 400.” In reality this fee is a minor concern when failing to win the case can punish Petitioning citizens with huge court costs.

    The report concurred with the findings of our own UK government review by noting that: “Several ODIHR NAM interlocutors considered the current system for challenging elections as too burdensome, both in terms of its complexity and costs, thus discouraging interested parties to put forward complaints on merits.”

    The report looked at the issue of independent oversight by election observers – you know, like those people who broke Electoral law to give Laura Kuennsberg the heads up on the postal vote tally so she could blurt out the impending Tory victory on BBC TV the day before the Election! Well that’s not quite how it is supposed to work with neither Kuennsberg nor Dominic Raab charged for their well documented, very public, violations. Election observers are not meant to take a sneak peak and pass on critical information to add to the gross bias of “push poles;” in a functioning democracy they would all be charged, fined or even jailed.

    The ODIHR documented the parameters and limitations placed on election observers: “The legislation provides for individuals and legal entities to be accredited as election observers who have right to follow the issuance and receipt of postal ballots, voting and counting procedures.” The limitations they noted included: “The law, however, does not explicitly provide for observation of procedures beyond election day, such as voter registration, candidate nomination and registration and other work of election officials prior to election day.”

    A significant portion of the highly suspicious activity surrounding this 2019 General Election occurred beyond the diligent gaze of conscientious observers who could have been relied upon to keep our votes safe. While the report noted another ignored prior recommendation by documenting that: “ODIHR has previously recommended to expand provisions to allow for observation of all stages of the electoral process” in reality the gross lack of scrutiny may have actually deteriorated still further.

    The privatization of our Electoral System was not matched by explicitly expanding the powers of the Electoral Commission to provide appropriate oversight of companies to whom the work was outsourced. No conflict of interest rules were applied to senior Tory Party members gaining an unacceptable level of controlling interest in these ostensibly politically neutral companies; hence they remained blatantly partisan in their agenda and interests. There were no controls placed on companies like Idox to prevent them from gaining an unhealthy monopoly in this lucrative market.

    We have a documented admission from the Electoral Commission that they have no jurisdiction over the third party companies used by Returning Officers to handle the Postal Vote Managed Service. This represents a major shortfall in scrutiny from our toothless electoral watchdog. I was seriously alarmed to discover that this same company with a monopoly stranglehold over our gtowing number of Postal Votes had won a hurriedly assigned bid to revamp our electoral register without competing tendering only two months before the election was called and the election itself left the process in partially completed limbo with two separate lists of who was eligible to vote causing havoc at polling stations. Many believe that this was fully anticipated, deliberate chaos to suppress the vote.

    By December 12th a Tory supporting subsidiary of an Oil and Gas giant had control of the electoral role throughout the UK with the power to send or delay the sending of the Postal Votes they were now in full control of managing. A multitude of complaints have emerged to indicate that some Postal Votes were less of a priority than others as many did not arrive in time or were never received at all. Other voters were blocked from voting due to the gross errors made with the registry of voters. It was well after the election that I discovered that this same company, Idox, had also created a special Idox Canvassing App to help political parties identify where their supporters were located.

    I find it deeply disturbing that one heavily Tory supporting Oil and Gas subsiduary, that certainly would not support a progressive “New Green Deal,” has total access to the names, dates of birth, full address and unique signature of so many vulnerable voters, but now also knows for whom they intend to vote! This is a gift no fraudster could possibly wish for and it seriously invites corruption and vote rigging on an industrial scale. When this resulted in an unbelievable landslide victory, following a truly abysmal election campaign of dodging loud protests, avoiding press scrutiny and waffling through seriously embarrassing gaffs, only the chronically gullible would fail to question the possibility of a rigged vote.

    If it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck it’s not a Giraffe!

    If a team was sent to ivserve our December Election, the ODIHR would have anticipated a reasonable level of media neutrality, especially from the highly respected BBC during the controlled period of Purdah, but the anti Corbyn smear campaign was relentless. Fact Checks avoided any scrutiny of the Tory Government but also neglected to verify the authenticity of lies used to defame the opposition. It was pathetic to watch, so I cannot imagine how an unbiased observer would react to viewing such blatant propaganda. There are only so many unfortunate “mistakes” that a manipulative administration can get away with before significant suspicion is aroused by those not bombarded by the relentless stream of Tory lies and Fake News. We will eagerly await the conclusions of the ODIRH regarding this rigged Election.

    We know that following the “Other Needs Assessment” done by ODIRH there was a plan to send observers to oversee our 2019 General Election process. We can inly hope that this was possible and will look forward to reading the report. In anticipation of a robust response with a genuinely fair and unbiased appraisal of what went on during our disastrous pre Christmas Election I am sure the multiple significant problems experienced and being reported by voters all over the country will sound alarm bells at last. We will eagerly await the conclusions of the ODIRH regarding this General Election that we believe was seriously rigged.

    We are confident that this ODIRH team to be well and truly able to support and confirm our suspicions in a convincing way so that we are able to proceed with appealing to the EU for justice. Brexit was not in our name and nor was the Tory “landslide victory.” EU citizens, including British nationals here and on the continent, will need all the help we can get to throw of the yoke of oppression as we careen even closer towards a dangerous dictatorship in the UK. Even without specific proof of vote rigging our system remains wide open to abuse, so it was reassuring to read that the ODIRH also believe that the UK Electoral Commission needs to be appropriately empowered by the Government to fully protect the security and integrity of our votes:

    A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a dog! We need to secure the ability for ordinary citizens to bring an Electoral Petition Challenge to seek justice enshrining the power to overturn a fraudulent vote without risking personal bankruptcy. To regain the trust of the British public in future Elections, we must also have a way to hold the perpetrators of electoral fraud fully accountable for stealing our votes: All Votes Must Count so it us time to “Rescue our Watchdog”
    Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50771 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Another terrific Daily GasLamp Article has just been posted: “What is all the fuss about Cambridge Analytica? Part 3”
    So what is revealed in part 3? According to the author: “This part is about the methods and implications of CA on electoral processes?” The net was tightening around the tech company that had boasted of running the 2016 Trump digital campaign for the Presidency. The author documents how a warrant to search company servers was issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and in March 2018 Cambridge Analytica’s London offices were searched. In an effort to distance themselves from the fallout Facebook claimed to have been deceived and banned Cambridge Analytica from advertising on their platform.

    Suspended from Amazon’s Cloud Hosting Services, “the governments of India and Brazil demanded that CA report how their data was used in political campaigning.” According to the author’s documentation of the penalties levied in a July 2018 judgement: “the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office announced it intended to fine Facebook £500,000 ($663,000) over the data scandal, this being the maximum fine allowed at the time of the breach, saying Facebook ‘contravened the law by failing to safeguard people’s information’.”

    This paltry fine of Facebook for their gross violations of our privacy laws amounted to a sum unlikely to denture similar criminality in the future. In July 2019 a US court was a lot harsher in penalizing Facebook, hitting them with a $4Billion fine for their part in the data breach. Why are the UK authorities so helpless to act letting off this tech giant with a slap on the wrist when their illegal data breach and the devious manipulation of that data will now be permitted to negatively impact the British way of life for decades to come? In a move the author describes as “Rather too late…” with Cambridge Analytica “now ‘gone’ but their methods, their ‘genie’ is now out of the bottle.”

    The author goes on to describe the illegal practices of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook under the heading “What did they do?” Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook app called “This Is Your Digital Life” seemed like an innocuous quiz-like game but in reality it was not only harvesting data on those who voluntarily played, but also on all of the “friends” they were linked to via Facebook who were unwittingly caught in this vast illegal net, despite not being consulted or providing permission. In breach of Facebook’s own terms of service data from about 87 million users was harvested for political targeting.

    There is a Link to hear Alexander Nix describe the CA Big Data approach elections as the author goes in to describe how electioneering moved on from the conventional demographics as collected by canvassers to complex psychographic profiles with “the attitudes of each person distilled down to a few variables!” The author says that: “What CA has invented is the technology to subvert the traditional election processes.” Those targeted as “persuadable” might not be urged to vote a certain way; they are just as easily dissuaded from voting at all. As well as promoting disenfranchisement these toxic messages often stoke prejudice or unwarranted fear through deliberate disinformation just as we saw in both the Leave Campaign and the 2019 Election.

    The article is certainly not a comfortable read as it goes on to elaborate on how this gross deception of the public was achieved. There is a good description of what psychographics are and how the technology evolved from product advertising to being used as a tool for covert political manipulation. “Psychographic information might be your buyer’s habits, hobbies, spending habits and values. Demographics explain “who” the buyer is, while psychographics explain “why” they buy.” According to the author: “Proven in the commercial market, CA weaponized Psychographics for electioneering…”

    In 2008, Michal Kosinski of the Psychometrics Centre of Cambridge University helped develop a profiling system using general online data, Facebook-likes, and smartphone data. “He showed that with a limited number of “likes”, people can be analysed better than friends or relatives can do and that individual psychological targeting is a powerful tool to influence people.” According to the author: “This aspect of facebook-likes is absolutely key and – as far as I can tell – is missed in all other write-ups of the Presidential Election 2016 and GE2019 Fraud.” This is probably the biggest take-away from the article.

    The author describes various techniques and interventions some of which I was entirely unaware of including: Sentiment Analysis; Robot Process Automation (RPA); then going on to define the difference between Bots and Sock Puppets. In my naivety I was grateful for this explanation as to my amazement the latter had nothing to do with keeping your feet snug and warm in winter! Some of us struggle to keep pace with the new jargon.

    The author makes a very important point about what money can buy: “The set up and running of this technology requires a huge amount of capital intensive investment (this is where the rich, organised “few” outgun the poor, disorganised “many”). And this technology is not even in party headquarters but can be outsourced to friendly front organisations, commercial organisations or even foreign powers.”

    There is an explanation of how cheaper and readily available off the shelf technology in the form of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be morphed into a new role to serve an election goal with a core set of marketing principals adapted accordingly. The devious agenda of Dominic Cummings, architect of both the Vote Leave campaign and the 2019 Tory General Election strategy is described in his blog where he talks of his central database of voters called the “Voter Intention Collection System (VICS).”

    Where did Dominic Cummings obtain the core data to fuel his VICS program for use in the 2019 General Election? The Author describes his source as both: “…’conventional and unconventional’ – from that we can assume conventional = demographic data – freely available to political parties – and unconventional = psychographic… as described above – illegal.” In conclusion the author declares that this data was obtained illegally; “Illegal to the price of $5billion just to Facebook alone for allowing a loophole in its software. How much more illegal is it for people to deliberately exploit that loophole?”

    Good Question! Do visit the Daily GasLamp to read this informative piece in full for a better understanding of what just occurred to our thoroughly discredited Electoral System. We need to seek justice and put things right ASAP so Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

    • #50800 Reply


      Keep up the excellent work Kim. I am sorry that others are not participating in this but your blogs are a valuable reference to what is going on. The general apathy is staggering. The most staggering apathy comes from the Labour party who have decided to have a very long leadership contest which just prolongs the distraction from jobs that need to be done. With Covid-19, Johnson would like to pretend to be the new Churchill that will once again save the country. But it seems that he would like to do that by delaying action putting economic considerations above people’s lives.
      The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has now become the official spokesperson for the Tory party, seemingly without any restraint. Look at this page of the Express with several reports of her often uncritical analysis of government actions.

      • #50815 Reply

        Kim Sanders-Fisher

        SA – Thank you for your input and your continued support. It is very difficult to remain on message as the entire world now faces a serious crisis. I cannot deviate from the reality that we would be far better placed to deal with all of the dire situations we now face if we just had a trustworthy Government in place doing what was in the best interests of ordinary people. If we continue to endorse this rouge Tory Government, that has no legitimate mandate or right to be in office, then we are burdened by the reckless decisions that they make in order to stay in power.

        This Tory Government is making decisions that are at odds with almost all other European countries. Despite announcing that they have drastically increased their testing capacity for Covid 19, in reality testing is now being refused except to the most obviously extremely sick patients. Symptomatic individuals are being asked to self-isolate and take care of themselves at home. Same old Tories: “your fault, your problem, don’t ask the Government for hekp!” This strategy produces a deceptively false evaluation of the actual case load in the UK and does not allow health authorities to assess where resources are needed most.

        It is impossible to carry out an assessment of any kind while refusing to evaluate the evidence! The UK non-strategy is extremely hard to justify as it is the very antithesis of how the WHO function in their global healthcare role. It is easier to lie to the public if you refuse to acknowledge any data or statistics; the model you must base all your planning on has to totally rely on guesswork. Meanwhile Johnson has resorted to what we call in the medical profession “hanging crepe;” talking up the worst case scenario ahead of an increased death toll he has no intention of preventing.

        In part the Tory strategy is probably driven by financial interests, but there is also a large very vulnerable elderly sector of the population that the Tories would gladly kill off. The population are being softened up in preparation for this tragedy so that it will be less of a shock as the situation deteriorates until it becomes the new norm. At one time the Tories relied on the pensioners for most of their votes, but now they no longer need to worry about the support of the older generation, because they have the electoral system fully rigged under Tory control.

        While I can understand a modicum of cross party support over our crisis strategy, there is not nearly enough scrutiny of the underlying Tory motivations. It certainly does not help that the opposition MPs have totally capitulated over the unfathomable election result and are falling over themselves to solidify the Tory Fake News narrative. Don’t forget this was exactly the same with the Brexit vote with PMs being coerced into repeating the warped mantra about “The Will of the People.” It took a while before the lies and hypocrisy got exposed as “The Will of the Sheeple,” but once it was, public opinion started to shift. We need the same seismic shift with regard to the rigged 2019 General Election.

        I think that Led by Donkeys, the same team that exposed the lies of Brexit, would be well placed and very well trusted to launch a new campaign to demand an investigation into the election to validate the results or overturn the rigged vote. If anyone knows how to contact them please make this an urgent priority. We should not be careening into a major crisis with a part-time PM who is prepared to throw our elderly under the bus and exploit the situation to satisfy his personal greed and incompetence. We need proper Government with legitimate elected leadership to protect all of the citizens in the UK. Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

        • #50827 Reply

          Paul Barbara

          @ Kim Sanders-Fisher March 14, 2020 at 00:31
          I made a trip to the Birdcage pub yesterday, no joy. I didn’t even ask the barmen if they knew the four, as they were Turkish and I felt I would not get any help from them. I didn’t feel comfortable in the pub, which was quite expensive, and I was the ‘odd man out’.
          I may go again, but I doubt it.
          Your best bet is probably to phone the Greenpeace office and ask to speak to either Stewart or Knowles, or write a snail-mail to either of them at Greenpeace, Canonbury Villas, London N1 2PN.
          Office is open 09.00 – 17.30 Mon-Fri.

  • #50798 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    The Covid Budget: The Tories want you to believe they are ready to “Level Up” after a decade of “Decimating Down!” Boris Johnson has tried to disown the appalling past track record of the Tory Government in which he was a prominent serving minister, but we cannot let him get away with this “not me Gov” deception. The majority of us suffered under the wholly unnecessary Tory Austerity Agenda, so let’s get the catch phases right on the money, so that the glossy new coating slapped on by callous Tory spin doctors, with the help of our compliant right wing media, does not continue to own the narrative. Promote the Hashtag: #TORIESDECIMATINGDOWN

    What were the Tories responsible for? There must be a few choice phrases that would really sum up the pain inflicted by Tory greed on large sectors of the UK population through their ten years of ideologically motivated exploitation and neglect. They have been consistently Uncompromising to the Unemployed; Defiling the Disabled; Pummelling the Poor; Debasing the Destitute; Hammering the Homeless; Deporting the Defenceless and Brexit will further decimate the life chances of all the children growing up in poverty along with our underappreciated and overburdened young people in the UK.

    We cannot remain so desperate to appease and cooperate in this time of national crisis that we allow the Tories to inflict even greater harm under the ruse of combating the Covid 19 virus. If the virus is not appropriately contained it might present a unique opportunity for these proven unscrupulous politicians to cull vulnerable sectors of the population by conveniently Extinguishing the Elderly; Annihilating the Addicted and “cleansing” our streets of rough sleepers under a sudden rapid deployment of their pledged expansion of the trespass laws designed to target the gypsies. First they came for the gypsies…

    The reality of what was not mentioned in the Budget should deeply trouble us all, because while the assistance to small businesses will bring welcome relief to that sector, it is their business rates that cover the spiralling cost of Social Care, Youth Services and all of the other vital public services Councils provide with less and less support from this Tory Government. There was a casual mention of the barest minimum of funding to local authorities that will struggle to combat the impact of a dramatic fall in their current revenue while experiencing an increased burden of responsibility due to the demands of combating Covid 19.

    By leaving this gaping hole in the social safety net unaddressed the Government must fully understand which citizens, in which vulnerable sectors, will be hardest hit by the consequences of their repeated deliberate neglect. Luckily for the Tories, during a time of national crisis the inadequacies and failings within our infrastructure can be just written off as unavoidable collateral damage. This will be especially true if the Tory Government policies come under the grotesque total absence of scrutiny that will no doubt be gifted to them by the BBC and our right wing media in general.

    There was vague mention of the huge sector of our working population who are engaged in zero hours contract jobs, where their employers have no obligation to cover sick pay and they cannot afford to take time off. The expendable work force of poorly paid slave labour individuals might try to access the dysfunctional benefit system to undergo the humiliation and torment meted out by DWP in the hope of receiving £93 a week to subsist on. The UK has the lowest statutory sick pay in the EU despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world: this is truly a disgrace.

    Ricky Sunak gave the strong impression he was preparing to “Splash the Cash” in his “End of Austerity” Tory Budget a day ago, but as per usual much of the money belonged to repeat announcements of pledges that habitually remain unfulfilled year on year. “Potholes over People” and bold proposals for infrastructure spending that could evaporate after the lengthy obligatory reviews. This was just a massive distraction technique as these serial liars promise to repair the “Decimating Down” of a decade of Tory damage and neglect.

    The “Magic Money Tree” was repatriated from its overseas tax haven and Boris found a few billion stuffed down the back of that wine stained sofa; all of a sudden the Tories went on a Keynesian spending spree: big-up the hype over innovation and don’t forget to mention that “Green crap!” Tories are incapable of any real change of direction… Undoubtedly it was considered best not to mention the much anticipated end to the cruel benefit freeze that has impoverished so many throughout the UK; that might remind recently deceived voters of who put this draconian measure in place.

    No one is supposed to notice this sleight of hand over trotting out former abandoned financial pledges and downplaying the catastrophic of “Decimating Down” harm caused by austerity that has left our NHS grossly unprepared to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. It is time to start screaming “First do no Harm” as the current planning does not focus on the elderly and most vulnerable because these people are an expendable burden on the wealthy elite. A measured and humane policy would isolate those most at risk so that our NHS is not suddenly overwhelmed, but do not expect compassion from a Conservative: that is just hype.

    So many disabled and vulnerable people have already died unnecessarily due to the work capability assessments, DWP sanctions and being driven onto the street in destitution with cruel restriction the Tories have enforced to deliberately target the poor. We could endure even greater carnage, with an accelerated death toll, as a result of policies driven by their greed as we get set to endure another decade of Tory punishment if we fail to remove them from power. Or, we could fight back. Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50818 Reply


    Thanks Kim
    You echo my very thoughts especially about the actions regarding the covid19 virus. I don’t know if you have seen what I wrote about this in another thread. But all of this has been a trend of Britain ignoring international law for years as Craig has drawn attention to in several blogs. Britain has become a rogue state and this has now become institutional with the Tories sagely in power. I am not quite sure how they think they will get away with this one, standing against all of the rest of the world, and the WHO and being the laughing stock of the world.
    Many bodies are now defying the government recommendation such as football and sports associations and other bodies. The idiots in government think that thier inaction will presumably cushion the government from liability. Maybe suing Boris and his advisors personally may be a good way to retaliate when the results of this negligent advise is realised.

  • #50823 Reply


    I am trying to find out how GE2019 was rigged.

    I suspect folks were left off register and postal votes were delayed. I have done a few FOI and pulled together some data for a few constituencies going back to 2005 – 1st time PV was open to all.. Did this to see if there was anything glaringly obvious but of course there is not – just 1 or 2 % points but enough to make a difference in possibly 60 seats!

    So I asked my CLP to do an audit of those folks that said they would PV but did not – Shockingly my CLP are not interested – even though we now have a CON mp after only ever having Labour in Blyth Valley.

    Would you like to help perhaps persuade your CLP to carry out an audit?

    Thank you Also just discovered not only is IDOX used at Cabinet office and Local authorities but they all use the same print company to print postal votes etc!

  • #50834 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Ell – You are doing a great job and I know this is an uphill slog, but it is worthy of your time and attention. Identifying the points of susceptibility in our current Electoral System is incredibly important both to understanding how the 2019 General Election might have been rigged and to prevent the opportunity for any political party to fraudulently rig any vote or referendum in future. What are the key problem areas?

    1. Political involvement or conflict of interest by MPs or wealthy influential party members in positions inside such private companies.
    2. Market monopoly of the sector by a third party private company, Idox, involved with handling several areas of our voting system.
    3. Lack of Watchdog knowledge, access to or oversight of the third party companies used for outsourcing of electoral services.

    The undue influence of Tory MP Peter Liley as a non-Executive Director at the Election Management company, Idox, until early 2018 is just one such glaring conflict of interest that should not have been permissible under UK Electoral Law. The fact that Idox is a subsidiary of an Oil and Gas giant openly seeking to expand their area of influence also raises a red flag when opposition progressive parties are dedicated to a low carbon, green agenda that would negatively impact business. This sets the scene for a high degree of justified suspicion especially when the election results are so unfathomable.

    An unhealthy monopoly has resulted from this one particular company, Idox, buying out smaller competitors that handled one aspect of the vote and then closing them down within days of the December Election as was the case with Halarose. The awarding of a large contract to revamp the Electoral Register that was not put out to competitive tender, but was allocated to Idox just a couple of months before the Election giving them exclusive access to addresses, names, dates of birth and the unique signatures of most voters throughout the UK. A fraudster couldn’t wish for a better gift, but this in itself is not hard evidence.

    Idox also developed a handy Idox Canvassing App which added the voting intention data for all of those on the new Electoral Register they had created. Consolidating so much powerful information in the hands of one unaccountable private company that could not necessarily be trusted to remain impartial, but would not be hampered by any watchdog scrutiny, was extremely reckless. The Electoral Commission have freely admitted in writing that they have no jurisdiction over the private company or companies that a Returning Officer outsources the work to; they don’t even keep a list of which authorities use which companies: this is staggering!

    So where to look for hard evidence? After a campaign to boost the number of people using postal votes and the poor timing of the election just as students were on the move, the percentage of postal votes was much higher this time around. It would be helpful to find out what the percentage of postal votes was in this last election. The Idox Postal Vote Managed Service had absolute control of the Idox software designed to assess the validity of your signature and possibly reject your vote on that or other grounds. It was also within the gift of Idox to prioritize, delay, suppress or destroy mailings to meet the desired number of favourable Tory respondents.

    We do know that a significant number of Postal Votes did not arrive in time or did not arrive at all; we need to determine if it was reasonable to claim incompetence if the volume of such anomalies is suspicious enough to point to deliberate suppression of the vote. Many of these issues will require a demonstration of the volume of mistakes and errors that simply cannot be accounted for without a very strong suspicion of deliberate intervention. Genuine errors are always random so if a sizable preponderance of unfortunate errors consistently accumulates votes for a Tory candidate at the expense of opposition candidates that, in itself, is highly suspicious.

    The deliberate bad timing of the Election meant that there were discrepancies between the original and the new Electoral Register causing fully anticipated confusion on poling day that resulted in numerous registered voters being removed from the register and refused the right to vote; in some places this impacted a large number of voters. People were told they had already voted or that they were registered to vote in a remote location to which they had no connection. How much of this chaos was due to poor management errors? The sheer volume of these anomalies that are being reported on social media goes beyond chronic incompetence to imply vote rigging.

    The more data that we can accrue to demonstrate that the sheer volume of anomalies was not within the bounds of reasonable error and that the negative impact disproportionately helped a Tory candidate running in a former Labour stronghold, the stronger the case proving a rigged election becomes. From the plan for a crash-out Brexit to the disastrous mishandling of the Covid 19 outbreak to the “Levelling up” budget that is designed for more “Decimating Down,” we cannot afford to let these Toxic Tories remain in power. Ell – I will post more on where to look for the evidence tomorrow after tracking down a couple of important Links, but for now if you have not done so yet, Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50835 Reply


    Would love to post my spreadsheet and a flow diagram I have done which shows the digital links between LA elec regs/Cabinet office/ DWP Cis database and importantly Adare Sec who are the contracted printer.

    However not sure how to attach things here?

    [ Mod: You can’t upload files to this blog, unfortunately. However, you can post the file to an anonymous file host and then include the download link here. ]

    Also need CLPs to audit Folks who said they would vote but did not – CLPs do have this info but mine & a few others that were contacted via my friends are not interested either!

  • #50843 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Paul Barbara – Thanks for trying on my behalf to contact the “Led By Donkeys” team; I hope you SA and others will keep posting here. Welcome to Ell – Fantastic that you are putting together this cache of evidence and I realize that there are others who are engaged in similar activities; we need to create a repository for this information so that it is all collected in one place. The space to exhibit all of this data extends beyond the capacity of this Forum, but there are other possibilities as outlined by our Moderator.

    What I am trying to achieve with my relentless posting on this Forum is to:
    A) Inform people of the high probability of a Rigged Election vote by constantly publicizing information about it.
    B) Encourage everyone to demand information and electoral data from their local authorities.
    C) Maintain a Forum space where information and strategies can be shared that might prompt a Whistleblower to feel safe and
    supported enough to emerge from the shadows.
    D) Decisive Action: Accumulate enough evidence with the help of a professional Investigative Journalist to make this a front page news story and an unstoppable demand for justice from both UK authorities and potentially the EU Courts too.

    I have tried to post Links to other Blogs, Websites and Articles that elaborate on the situation to help build this wealth of evidence that will hopefully become so overwhelmingly compelling that it cannot be ignored. One blog that I found, “the Daily GasLamp” is dedicated to the issue of our rigged elections especially in the area of Cambridge Analytica’s PsyOps technology and how even now “weapons grade” PsyOps brainwashing is being deployed to manipulate the electorate. I am monitoring this Blog very closely so that each time they post further information I can offer a brief summary of the new content and a Link to visit the site.

    There is a possibility that your data could potentially be posted on the Daily GasLamp as there might be more space to achieve this goal. I would suggest getting in touch with the person who created the Daily GasLamp Blog by commenting at the bottom of one of the posts; after I did this I received a direct email from the Blogger and was able to establish contact. I will send a new email to alert the blogger that there is a lot of data evidence being collected by various individuals with nowhere to display that information and is there any way that this can be accommodated on the Blog.

    I am not a very Tech savvy person when it comes to the capacity of Blogs, connectivity or Social Media, but the advice of the Mod is very valid and offers us a way to display the data collected direct from a Link on this Forum. My concern is that the greatest failure of this effort so far is the ability to keep all of the various activists who are diligently working on this issue interconnected through one universally recognized hub. How many of the people reporting their serious electoral problems and unexplained anomalies in sporadic posts on Facebook or Twitter are connected to one another and working together towards a common goal?

    The connectivity issue is a particularly serious weakness for me personally because I am not prepared to launch on Facebook as I am even less trusting of the site now than I was years ago when everyone else was so eager to join. I find it equally frustrating trying to keep track of what is posted in brief blips on Twitter. The information shared seems to appear and then disappear just as rapidly and I am not sure that if I joined in the random tweeting I would be any the wiser or even be able to keep pace.

    We need to create a broad cross-section of different types of Internet spaces, social media platforms, alternative news outlets and Blogs that can come together to focus on one purpose: to bring accountability to our electoral process by challenging the 2019 General Election and potentially other flawed votes. People who can connect through a number of different Internet platforms will be essential to keeping the information current and widely disseminated for maximum exposure to get the general public on side.

    In a time where most people do not even divulge their real name, let alone provide a contact email address or a phone number, it is has become very difficult for me to get in contact without membership access to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, these spaces are so cluttered and diffuse that it is just by random luck that one might attract the attention of that key person that there is a dire need to get in touch with. The most valuable tool that social media savvy supporters can provide is to help direct those key people to our campaign so that they can decide if they want to take on the challenge and get involved.

    WHO DO WE NEED TO CONTACT? I have tried attracting the attention of the team from “Led By Donkeys” to see if we can interest them in publicizing this issue as the natural successor to their amazing public awareness campaign that garnered so much newsworthy attention nationwide. We need to contact a number of very high profile social media icons like Rachael Swindon and Alternative News promoters from across the spectrum like Aaron Bastani, Kerry Anne Mendoza, Carole Cadwalladr, John Pilger, Owen Jones to name but a few.

    Last, but certainly not least, we need well established organizations like Open Democracy and the International Consortium of Professional Investigative Journalists to deploy a team of investigative journalists to start sifting through the data that has already been collected, filling in the gaps, collating the evidence and demanding answers so that we are ready to expose the truth and demand action. At that point a police investigation, an Electoral Petition Challenge and an appeal to the EU demanding justice will become a genuine possibility.

    A big thank you to Paul Barbara for trying to contact the “Led by Donkeys” team; don’t give up trying. SA thank you for your input too and welcome to this Forum Ell; this effort is very much needed. We need a major post in the Canary and other Alt News outlets; that means persuading Skwarkbox to stop apologising and making nonsensical excuses for the catastrophe hoax being promoted by the Tory party. There is so much to be done. People tend to drift onto this Forum and then drift away again, but we need all of you to let us know what you might be able to realistically work towards accomplishing and then please keep us posted…

  • #50870 Reply


    “The deliberate bad timing of the Election meant that there were discrepancies between the original and the new Electoral Register causing fully anticipated confusion on polling day that resulted in numerous registered voters being removed from the register and refused the right to vote; in some places this impacted a large number of voters”

    If the majority of them could be reached and convinced to return a questionnaire then compare this data to the detailed breakdown of results, a strong circumstantial case could be made, if we’re right. Without numbers it’s probably all pissing in the wind. The way things are likely to develop in the near future, I suspect the window of opportunity to do something meaningful is almost closed.

  • #50871 Reply


    Oh, and Postal Vote Investigation https://twitter.com/PostalVoteProbe has been silent for three weeks now.

  • #50878 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    J – We must strenuously resist the temptation to give up as that is exactly what the government is hoping will occur. Time and distance between the corrupt event and the determination to just carry on with business as if they have a genuine mandate to set the rules: that is the strategy and we dare not play into their hands by giving up. Can anyone contact “Postal Vote Investigation https://twitter.com/PostalVoteProbe” to encourage this sleuth to continue probing for evidence as such commendable efforts are not in vain? We cannot afford to ignore what occurred in December as this will mark the last real election for a very long time if we fail to correct the result.

    I have written elsewhere that: “Covid 19 could act as the cover and the excuse for this far right Government to inflict more pain on the UK population than even the PM’s crash-out Brexit will cause.” From the “Decimating Down” of Liverpool by inviting thousands of potentially virus infected fans to create a northern hotspot on Labour turf, to his “Final Solution” for culling the elderly by abandoning them to die in self imposed isolation or face jail: Boris Johnson’s decisions are criminal.”

    We must continue to fight the grotesque injustice of the rigged election that gifted this Tory Government the power to continue exploiting and causing misery to millions in this country. Please read, sign, share and Link to this important Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.

  • #50897 Reply


    Blyth Valley in the collapsed “red wall” – Was it pushed or did it fall?

    On 12 December 2019 whilst watching BBC Election 2019 and reeling from the shock of the exit poll predicting an 80 seat majority, imagine my horror when it was announced that for the first time in my 62 years I had a CONSERVATIVE MP.

    Blyth valley was established as a constituency in 1950 as Blyth, renamed in 1983, has always been labour, was the third seat to declare the result in 2019 and was the first conservative seat at that election.

    I have published this blog and my spreadsheets, flowcharts etc here


    Not very elegant or well written but hey ho!

    I cannot go any further with these we URGENTLY NEED AN AUDIT of those who said they were voting and did not!!!

    I just cannot get any CLP to do this! but more in the blog


  • #50898 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Ell – I visited your new Blog earlier and reading through the data you posted there a few points that bounced off the screen: As I noted in the comment I left: “Please do not give up; you have put too much effort into this so far to shelve your efforts or just give up now. There is a lot of tabulated data here that is difficult to fit in the space, but it demonstrates that there is plenty of material to work with if we could get a professional investigative Journalist interested in this matter.

    I have contacted a number of organizations and individuals including the International Consortium of Professional Investigative Journalists, Open Democracy, Carole Cadwalladr, John Pilger, Aaron Bastani and others. I suggest you double up on my contact appeals to the same organizations, individuals and more.”

    You documented the report that supposedly: “There were very low numbers of postal votes.” You later noted in your tabulation of the numbers that although postal votes were down from 2017 the fall was not that dramatic. However, you then note that: “There were high numbers of people turning up at the polling stations necessitating extra staff being employed at the count.” Do you have any pictures to document long lines of people waiting to vote as there were elsewhere in the UK? How does this evidence of higher than normal turnout correlate with turnout being less than in 2017?

    Pictures tell a damning story. This discrepancy is hard for the vote riggers to fudge when people produce pictures of the phenomenal number of people waiting in line with reports of reduced turnout. A lot of people took these photos on their phone because it was a very unusual occurrence, but it does not support lower turnout – quite the opposite. Where people turning up to vote only to discover that they were not on the register as they should have been? Were these discrepancies causing hold-ups that left people waiting in line longer than normal?

    The next thing to catch my attention was when you documented: “A total of 28 ballot boxes arriving at the count,” later revealing that there were a total of 31 polling stations! So what happened to the ballot boxes from the three other polling stations? Is this where witnessed long lines of voters shank down to a lower turnout with three whole ballot boxes missing in action? This would represent a serious discrepancy looking a lot like tampering.

    Here is a continuation of my response to Ell with regard to further evidence gathering and discrepancy exposing options:
    Within any given total of postal votes sent out it is quite normal for a percentage not to be returned due to a move, an illness, death or a prison term preventing a response. However, this can present an opportunity for ballot stuffing to make up the quota sought through fraud. In the Scottish Independence Referendum the percentage returned was not credible, in some cases as high as over 96%, sparking the really in depth analysis of suspicious votes in the Dunoon Unit Report. This report makes interesting reading as it very clearly points to fraud.

    The postal votes that are returned are sent back in a very conspicuous white envelope with a large letter “B” printed on the front. These envelopes have been described as a blatant invitation to theft, aptly put by one Judge who said they might as well be marked with the words “Steal Me!” Since postal ballots can be handed in at a polling station on Election Day, the allegedly unreturned ballots may account for a number of people being turned away told they had already voted: this was excused as an innocent error. In reality their unreturned B envelope was available for substitution during the postal vote managed process controlled by Idox; the exceptionally high record breaking return rate points to this being the case.

    The seal or seals placed on ballot boxes are applied after the inner envelopes marked with the letter “A” are opened in front of observers. But what security is placed on these A envelopes before they are opened to remove the ballot papers? Between the opening of the outer B envelopes, when standard checking of the voter’s signature occurs and a number of ballots are rejected as invalid due to incorrect data or signature, and the observed opening session for the A envelopes, who secures and guards these ballots?

    All of this is accomplished in-house at Idox facilities where there is potentially an opportunity to trade out the valid ballot envelopes for replacement ones. These replacement A envelopes containing the ballot could very easily be produced to order with a pre-marked ballot for the desired candidate inside the A envelope sealed as normal, but probably all using an automated process. Idox controls every single step of this process and has computerized access to all of the assigned numbers printed on the ballot A envelopes that must also match the ballot papers inside; this presents few obstacles to prevent tampering as there is no oversight. A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a Dog!

    When the sealed ballot boxes are brought to the polling station they are routinely mixed in with other votes eliminating one of the very few opportunities to flag-up ballot stuffing. There is really no logical justification for this mixing up of the votes since if postal ballots were tallied separately it would alert Returning Officers to a suspicious discrepancy in the vote tally that might lack credibility. The percentages for each candidate should not be radically different between postal voters and those who vote on polling day. If a massively high percentage of just the postal votes favour one candidate it would look highly suspicious if this was not matched by walk in voters. A very simple change of tactic could be implemented for all future votes to reduce the risk of fraud.

    One interesting feature that could distinguish the postal ballots from other votes, even after this unhelpful mixing process, is the probability that the vote cross will most likely be marked in pen by postal voters after completing information and signing in pen. However, the ballots from voting booths are normally marked with a pencil as that is what is available within the booth. So what if a large sample of pen marked ballots were examined for signs of automation, a pen mark that does not look individual or distinctively different enough from other pen marked votes within the same batch. This closer examination of pen marked ballot papers probably would not be anticipated or prepared for by fraudsters, as there is such a scramble to count quickly on election night.

    The ballots and even the ballot A envelopes are all retained for one year, opening up the possibility for examination by police if we can prove that it is warranted. There is one further examination of the ballots and the A envelopes that would conclusively prove that fraud had been committed. It requires that the evidence is tested for fingerprints. While prints are not always picked up on paper, it would be highly unlikely for none of the A envelopes or ballot papers to have a unique set if prints, just sets of common prints from the opening team and counters. With no evidence of a voter’s fingerprints this phenomenon would only be possible if automation was used to create batches of replacement ballots.

    The winning margins are all in exactly the right constituencies by precisely the right numbers like the votes were made to order. This would have required automation and a master plan; a whistleblower might still blow this rigged election wide open. The wins were loosely supported by Tory “push poles” and the relentless BBC and other media propaganda, the smear campaign and hiding the true picture of Corbyn support and Boris vilification. As you can see there are multiple ways to deceive the public if your party is determined to seize power through fraud. However, there are ways to expose the truth if it is possible to have an investigator examine the evidence.
    DO NOT GIVE UP – All Votes Must Count – Please keep up the good work to “Rescue our Watchdog!”

  • #50910 Reply


    Hello Kim

    I have added a flow chart into my blog that was missed when I first posted it.

    I cannot get the formatting right over there and would really like a respoitory to place all of this in.

    I am not giving up I have tried to contact journalists via Twitter, FB, direct email etc NO_ONE is INTERESTED!

    Signed petitions which go nowhere, Electoral commission is worse than useless and IF a human rights case can be brought it needs to be soon

    We lose access to ECHR 31st December 2020 and you can bet your bottom dollar 1st January 2021 will see whar HR we have now wiped out.


  • #50911 Reply


    RE: @Postalvoteprobe have emailed him several times no reply?

    I have just sent a copy of my blog to my local newspaper editor. Will keep you informed of developments – DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!

    If anyone does manage to persuade thier CLP to audit non voters I am happy to crunch numbers for them.

    otherwise for now I need to “Get a Life” as that despicable TORY MP told a constiuent who asked about living on £94 per week sick pay.

  • #50913 Reply


    Latest version of my spreadsheet APPENDIX – have now added Dover plus UXbridge & south Ruislip per a twitter request

    Email me if you want a copy in PDF – does not display very well on my blog

  • #50916 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Ell – I am glad to hear you say: “I am not giving up I have tried to contact journalists via Twitter, FB, direct email etc NO_ONE is INTERESTED!” Your reply has reassured me that I would probably not have accomplished very much at all by succumbing to the pressure to join Facebook, Twitter or the like, and the conscious avoidance of such spaces has greatly helped me to maintain my sanity! I really don’t know how these platforms function so I would be fumbling in the dark trying to get my feeble sound-bites noticed by the high profile aficionados who attract all the attention.

    Still, there is no reason why you and others should not keep trying if you are familiar with these spaces and how they are best able to publicize an important message. Gone are the days when you could just look someone up in the phone book and give them a call… so call me a dinosaur! I really feel that if we could get the team from “Led by Donkeys” interested that they could put a giant megaphone to the project. There are also a number of really good Investigative Journalists out there who would have a huge boost in getting to the bottom of this mess aided by all of the data you have so diligently collected.

    You say that: “I cannot get the formatting right over there and would really like a repository to place all of this in.” I do not have an alternative space, but I do have a formula for turning your data tables into easily transferable, customized to fit images you will be better able to post on your Blog and elsewhere. “Bear with;” I am no Techie. In an effort I should realistically describe as the blind as a bat leading the marginally visually impaired, I will try to explain how I have managed to spatially manipulate the content that I posted on my long neglected Blog.

    When I was out in Indonesia as a Medical volunteer after the Boxing Day tsunami one of the local Doctors taught me a how to use PowerPoint to accomplish a whole lot more than creating training presentations. I was able to produce a complete floor plan of the Surgical treatment area and sterile core to illustrate a proposal I needed to present to WHO. Now, I routinely use PowerPoint for my design concept drawings as I find it really quick and easy to use for this task, but you can create data tables too if you do not need all the special features of Excel..

    Creation Space: I chose PowerPoint to create my controlled print boxes and I used the simple “Table” feature in Power Point to create data tables. I use PP because you can expand your content well beyond the edges of the slide you are working on and then adapt it to fit the area you want latter on. Do not feel confined to the slide space, just extend sideways as much as you require, but use other options to stay as compact as possible. I also use a pastel background colours within my tables as this makes it easier for dyslexics to read.

    Font & Fudging: Then it is important to select a compact font because it appears to be the width of your document that’s awkward to accommodate. I use a narrow san-serif font like Arial Narrow, but I prefer one called Agency FB; as a dyslexic I find this one easier to read and I always avoid Serif fonts like Times New Roman for the same reason. The font size can be enhanced using “Bold” and even “Text Shadow” to keep the text tight, but readable. By fudging I mean organizing the size of the title boxes to give you more height than width. The numbers below take up far less space, so it is just one large box at the top.

    Capture as an Image: It does not matter if your table stretches out past the edge of the screen as your next move is to capture your completed table in its entirety and use the “group” function to unify it as a block image. Then all you need to do is “Copy” and select “Paste Special” from the “Paste” menu. You can now turn your table into one of several types of picture file.

    Adapting the Image: Once this is accomplished the picture can be adapted to fit the space where you want it displayed. Within reason you can distort the image to increase the height and diminish the width by differing proportions to make your table fit into the posting area on your blog page. If someone wants to reprint your data all they need do is copy and paste what is now a picture.

    Using this technique you can make your tabulated data easily readable on your own Blog space and easily transferable to be added to an email or document you send or print out. Keep signing the Petitions and sharing them with your friends; if you look for a much earlier post #50261 that I created on February 17, 2020 at 08:25 you will find a total of nine related Petitions calling for investigations into various aspects of this rigged Election including my own. We cannot give up as All Votes Must Count: it is time to “Rescue our Watchdog!”

    PS: I will not be in the least bit offended if one of the more Techie inclined younger contributors has a far easier and more efficient way to fudge the awkward dimensions of a data table into a blog post: please share.

  • #50924 Reply


    Hello Kim

    thanks for the tips re editing my spreadsheet to fit blog pages.

    I have the file as an excel spreadsheet and a PDF however the blog site I chose will not let me post either of these

    If anyone wants copies email me at [email protected]

    I have checked out cloud storage for a repository but decided the way I store files now on an external hard drive is what I will stick with. However if anyone wants to start a repository and want to add copies into there I am willing to do that.

    We need to bear mind that 31st December we lose access to ECHR and 1st January 2021 those HR we have now will vanish!

    TIME IS TICKING to get an audit of non voters.

    ALL Constituency Labour parties have lists of who said they would vote but did not.

    A simple task to contact these folks and ask why. If a significant number say they were elft off register or did not get PV Pack that is all that is needed for an investigation!

    Cannot for the life of me understand why so many CLPs are unwilling to do this – almost like they are happy for us to continue to be tortured by this corrupt Crime Minister & his crime syndicate.

    • #50934 Reply


      Cannot for the life of me understand why so many CLPs are unwilling to do this – almost like they are happy for us to continue to be tortured by this corrupt Crime Minister & his crime syndicate.

      One of the main reasons for the results of the election is that the Labour party has been badly divided. The Corbyn Leadership and the ,members on one side and the PLP and party apparatus on the other. When you look at it this way you see that some within the labour party actually got the results they fought for ever since Corbyn was elected as leader, This may be the reason, or one of the reasons why there is such an apathy from within the party. Also remember after this deadly blow to the party, produced by this result, the labour party has been on the defensive and would be very conscious that to question the results would be to appear as bad losers. After all this has already been rehearsed in the States where the Democrats tried to discredit Trump’s win by all sorts of means including the spurious Russiagate.

  • #50937 Reply


    Hello SA

    I do not disagree with what you say, however this could have been done quietly and only made public if significant numbers were found to have had thier vote supressed which would entail action by the suppressed voters as it would be human rights issue and not action by labour party.

    Fear of being accused of being “sore losers” stopping LP acting is betrayal of memebers and campaigners who worked so hard.

    Shame on them! Enabling Tories to this day!

  • #50947 Reply


    I have created a flowchart to show this as I really do not think people know how the system of Individual Electoral registration works.

    These notes expand on that.

    Register to Vote.
    Responsibility for preparing electoral registers was taken away from the overseers of the poor and given to local authorities with the passage of the Representation of the people act 1918. The ‘head of household’ was responsible for registering everyone who lived at the address.
    The electoral registration system was changed again with the passage of the Electoral registration and administration act 2013. The new system is called Individual Electoral Registration (IER).

    This gave everyone who is eligible to vote control over their own registration.

    It introduced a new online application process, IER Digital Service, managed by the Cabinet Office. This allows for the personal data provided by the applicant, to be matched with data held by the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP), in order to verify the identity of the applicant.

    The transition to IER began in June 2014 in England and Wales and September in Scotland, following the Independence Referendum.

    During the transition almost 90% of those already on the register were automatically data matched and added to the new register. Those people who were not successfully matched were invited to register to vote.

    If you don’t know whether you are registered to vote, it’s possible to check under this new system by contacting the Elections Office at your local authority.

    Personal Data required for IER application which is input to IER Digital Service online by an Applicant or from the Local Authority uploading information via their Electoral Management System (EMS) which was received from a paper application form.

    • The applicant’s full name.
    • The address where the applicant is resident on the date of the application and in respect of which they are applying to be registered.
    • Any address where the applicant has ceased to reside in the 12 months prior to the date of the application and, where that address is not in the UK, an indication of whether that person was registered as an overseas elector during this period.
    • An indication of whether the applicant is resident at any other address, including any address where the applicant is currently registered and claims to be entitled to remain registered.
    • The applicant’s date of birth or, if they are unable to provide this information, the reason why they are not able to do so and a statement as to whether the applicant is under 18 years old or aged 76 or over.
    • The applicant’s National Insurance Number or, if they are not able to provide this information, the reason they are not able to do so.
    • The applicant’s nationality or nationalities or, if they are not able to provide this information, the reason why they are not able to do so.
    • An indication of whether the applicant requests their name to be omitted from the edited register.
    • A declaration that the contents of the application are true (in practice, on the paper form, this will involve a signature or at least a mark on the form that shows that they have made the declaration).
    • The date of the application.

    This data is matched with the DWP CIS database which is an amalgamated data source, consisting of information received from internal DWP systems, as well as other government sources, such as HMRC and possibly DVSA.
    In order to perform the data match, DWP have developed an algorithm which matches the applicant’s personal identifiers (full name, National Insurance Number [NINo], and date of birth [DOB]) sent to them via the IER Digital Service, against the CIS database.

    The DWP matching algorithm works like a filter, the stages of which can be broadly summarised as:

    • The identifiers contained in the personal record are standardised by DWP to make them more consistent with the DWP dataset (e.g. removal of spaces and hyphens from NINo)

    • The personal record is compared to the records in the DWP dataset, following a sequence of matching operations:

    1. Is there a record in the DWP dataset with a NINo that matches the NINo provided? If not, the personal record is flagged as No Match and no further matches are attempted.

    2. Does the DWP record identified at step 1 have a DOB that matches the DOB provided? If not, the personal record is flagged as No Match.

    3. Do the names on the DWP record identified at step 1 match the names provided? A series of name matches are carried out until the best match is obtained.

    4. The end result is a series of match statements that describe the levels at which a record has ‘passed’ or ‘failed’ against a series of matching criteria.

    5. The level of match obtained is reported back to the IER Digital Service which assigns a score to the results, indicating either success or failure.

    6. The match results plus the score assigned to them are passed to the Local Authority EMS where they are displayed to the Electoral Registration OFFICE (ERO) within 24 hours.

    Applicants whose identity can be verified through the DWP match are added to the register of electors at the next available update, providing the eligibility criteria (age, nationality, residence) have been met and the applicant has been positively determined.

    The Local Authority must then confirm in writing that the application has been successful and must include the date that the applicant will be added to the register.

    For further details and information the Local Authority must take if an applicant’s identity cannot be verified see: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/sites/default/files/2019-11/Part%204%20Maintaining%20the%20register%20throughout%20the%20year_0.pdf

    <img src=”https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6052893853873989517#editor/target=post;postID=3834176856706812992;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname” alt=”Register to Vote Flowchart” />

  • #50948 Reply


    The register to vote flow chart can be downloaded here [requires Google account]


    or email me

    [email protected]

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    I have written up these notes about the Electoral register and the annual canvass.

    As other have pointed out the 2019 annual canvas was greatly affected by the timing of the election.

    As I have written under register to vote when you do so your identity must be checked before you can get onto the register. It is not difficult to see that delays in verifying identity when large numbers of persons were registering to vote close to the deadline, might lead to many people not getting onto the register in time.

    For 2019 the deadline to register to vote was 26th November and for LA the deadline was 29 November in order to publish the register on 1 December.

    According to press reports 660,000 people registered on 26th December, a huge number to verify identity in 3 Days

    Electoral Registers.

    Responsibility for preparing electoral registers was taken away from the overseers of the poor and given to local authorities with the passage of the Representation of the people act 1918. The ‘head of household’ was responsible for registering everyone who lived at the address.
    In June 2014 the electoral registration system was changed again with the passage of the Electoral registration and administration act 2013. The new system is called Individual Electoral Registration (IER).

    For a summary of this process see Register to vote.
    If you don’t know whether you are registered to vote, it’s possible to check under this new system by contacting the Elections Office at your local authority.

    You will remain on the electoral register unless and until:

    • You are not entitled to be registered in respect of the address.
    • You cease to be resident at the address or cease to satisfy the conditions for registration.
    • You were registered as the result of an application for registration made by someone else (i.e. not the individual whose details are provided on the application and who has declared that the information provided is true) or your entry has been altered as the result of an application for a change of name made by someone else.

    Annual Canvass

    Under this new system an annual canvass takes place and the revised electoral register is published on 1 December. The only exception to this rule is if there has been an election during the canvass.

    A Household Enquiry Form (HEF) is sent to all properties in the registration area within the period of 1 July to 30 November. This is a paper HEF in the prescribed format and cannot be sent by email or by any other electronic means.

    The HEF may be pre-printed with certain information about each person currently registered at that address namely:

    • Full name and nationality.
    • An indication as to whether each person listed on the form is aged 76 or over.
    • An indication of whether each person is omitted from the edited register and information on how they can change their preference (‘omitted’ includes where the person has previously opted-out of the edited register or has at any time requested that their personal data is removed from the edited register until further notice under Article 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation.
    • An indication as to whether each person has an existing postal or proxy voting arrangement.

    The HEF must be accompanied by a covering letter and a pre-addressed, pre-paid reply envelope in which the form can be returned. See examples below.

    A HEF cannot be used to register people. It is a mechanism to collect information about who is resident and eligible to register at a particular address.

    Any potential new electors identified (for example, where a name has been added to a HEF) will be sent an Invitation to register (ITR) and a registration application form.

    By law a person who has received a HEF must provide the information that it requires to the ERO, but there is no requirement for the form itself to be returned. This includes where there are changes to the information pre-printed on the HEF or new information is being provided.
    There is a criminal penalty of a fine up to a maximum of £1,000 for failing to provide the information required by the HEF to the ERO.
    The penalty for providing false information to an ERO is up to six months imprisonment, an unlimited fine in England and Wales or a fine of up to £5,000 in Scotland.

    Revised Electoral Register
    The revised version of the electoral register must be published by 1 December which applies even if the date falls on a weekend or bank holiday.
    The only exception to this rule is if there has been an election during the canvass when the revised version of the electoral register must be published by 1 February of the following year.
    The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) must publish:

    • The full register of electors for all election types combined as far as possible into one register and containing the appropriate franchise markers.
    • The edited register which is an exact copy of the full register but with the exclusion of those who have opted out of their details appearing on it.
    • The list of overseas electors.

    The full register must contain the name, address, nationality, franchise marker and elector number of every eligible elector.

    The register is divided into polling districts and each one is given a unique set of letters. Each elector is given a number which as far as is reasonably practicable, are allocated in such a way that the numbers run sequentially in each part of the register. The polling district letters and the number together are known as the elector number.

    The names of electors who may only vote in certain types of elections must be prefixed in the register with certain letters called franchise markers.

    E indicates that the elector is an overseas elector who is also a peer eligible to vote in the House of Lords and is only entitled to vote at European Parliamentary elections.
    F indicates that the elector is an overseas elector who is only entitled to vote at UK Parliamentary and European Parliamentary elections.
    G indicates that the elector is a citizen of a member state of the European Union (except a Commonwealth country or the Republic of Ireland) who is only entitled to vote at local government elections.

    K indicates that the elector is a citizen of a member state of the European Union (except a Commonwealth country or the Republic of Ireland) who is entitled to vote at European Parliamentary and local government elections.
    L indicates that the elector is a peer eligible to vote in the House of Lords who is entitled to vote at European Parliamentary and local government elections.
    N indicate that the elector is anonymous

    The table below shows an example of some of the formatting for an electoral register and an accompanying explanation in the right-hand column.

    Sample Electoral Register

    Elector number Franchise marker Name Address Description (not shown on register)
    1 Evans, Gareth 1, The Street Ordinary elector; can vote at all elections
    2 12/06/yyyy Juba, Charlotte 2, The Street Attainer; can vote if poll is on or after date shown
    3 G Chamberlain, Louise 2, The Street Local government elector only
    4 K Mackenzie, Scott 3, The Street Local government and European Parliamentary elector only
    5 L Pack, Daniel 4, The Street Peer; eligible to vote in the House of Lords, cannot vote at a UK Parliamentary election

    Other Electors
    Elector number Franchise marker Name Address Description (not shown on register)
    6 F Jolly, Simon Overseas elector; cannot vote at local government elections
    7 Watts, Julie Service elector; can vote at all elections
    8 N Anonymous elector; can vote at all elections

    Example of HEF can be downloaded here


    or email

    [email protected] for a copy

  • #50950 Reply


    I am working on a flow chart and write up for the process of registering for a postal vote.

    Hope to publish in the next week.

    Re postal votes a simple matter of delaying the sending of PV packs of those who would have voted labour would be enough to rig the results.


    • #50968 Reply

      Kim Sanders-Fisher

      Wow! This is a lot of information Ell. I am curious, what is the significance of the age over 76? I know that people over that age are still able to vote as my mother was still voting at 88. So why is this part of the questioning?

      Many people do not realise that young people can get on the voting register at 16 even though they cannot vote for another two tears. I think if a huge number of 16 and 17 year olds got their name added to the register it would sent a message to the Tories… Your time will soon be up! Sadly this is only true if we are able to prevent further rigging of the Electoral System in future

      By the way I think the “Sore Looser” jibe is just another lousy excuse for complacency. I can hear the tiny, whiney voice of Gavin Williamson saying we should “just shut up and go away.” That image should be enough to energize and enrage you; we cannot be beaten into submission by whiney Tory wimps.

  • #50986 Reply


    Hello Kim

    No idea of the significance of age 76 on Electoral Register – except there is comment from time to time that older folks should not vote – unfair for younger voters to have thier future decided by doddery old people or some such rubbish!

    this is an interesting idea


  • #50992 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Controversially, and to much public outcry, the Victoria Derbyshire has already been banished from the airwaves. Did you notice that now “Politics Live” has just disappeared from the schedule without warning? Obviously the Tories did not need any dissenting voices from the opposition or guests and they did not want their own MPs challenged live on air: it had to go. We inch closer to becoming a police state with total control over the state owned media. We must fight back.

    So we are left with those dreadful daily “News Conferences” that are a one way indoctrination featuring Tory policy from the great leader; as uninspiring as a Tory Party political broadcast, but with supportive questioning cherry-picked from the right wing media. There are the two selected science “experts” chosen for their support of the dangerous eugenics experiment of “Herd Immunity!” Boris Johnson “wears” the loyal, quasi legitimizing powers of these two Tory science stooges like “the Emperors New Clothes,” hoping they will deflect the growing international criticism of his abandonment of UK Covid 19 reporting obligations to the WHO.

    With his usual nauseating bluster Boris claims we will: “Get on top of it” as if he is talking of mounting the misses! Johnson blithely boasts of an end in sight twelve weeks hence with not a shred of evidence to support his delusional optimism. Best not to mention his cracking joke about alternative ventilator manufacturers producing equipment for a program he wanted to call “Operation Last Gasp!” He was advised that his comment really was far too sick for prime time.

    Despite the increasing impact of the Pandemic, several much needed Hospitals will still close as nothing can be allowed to get in the way of the Tory stealth dismantling of the NHS. A pity he couldn’t sell that “Herd Immunity” strategy to the public; their confidence in the lying toad making disastrous decisions to sacrifice thousands of predominantly elderly patients was so unacceptable Johnson was forced to pretend he had never mentioned his “Final solution” for Social Care. Time to tone down the “many of you will lose loved ones” Churchill style rallying cry and put the onus on the public following orders: you will survive, but only if you’re good! That way if the death toll climbs you can blame public non-compliance.

    One plan to “Slaughter the Sheeple” man not be foiled as his dithering over the logistics could abandon those forced into self-isolation to starve due to lack of funding and inability to access food supplies. Blame it on the confused elderly too “stupid” to order Online, blame it on lack of family support or cash strapped Councils not providing care or carers off sick; Johnson will walk away from the collateral damage unscathed as usual: it is never his fault. If Johnson can maintain his tight control of the media the public will never learn the most shocking facts. He has postponed important decisions until embarrassed into following the lead of the devolved governments – some leadership!

    There are many important issues I am really passionate about aside from Covid 19 and crash-out Brexit, austerity, the plight of the homeless, destitution on Universal Credit, victimization of the disabled, our exploited and abandoned young people, but also the disastrous foreign policy towards the Palestinians, the children of Yemen killed with bombs we sell to the Saudis as well as the Persecution of political prisoner Julian Assange. None of these issues will ever be dealt with until we are able to remove this toxic Tory Government from office.

    The 2019 General Election was rigged and we will continue to suffer the consequences until we Investigate the Election Result, expose the truth and overturn the vote. You were right to point out Ell, that our time to correct this injustice is limited, but we can potentially appeal to the EU as European Citizens at least until December. Impeachment may not have been resorted to for a very long time, but these are extraordinary circumstances and we cannot afford to be complacent or constrained by convention. Above all we cannot give up as Tory inaction, blunders and deliberate cruel neglect will cost lives: there is now far too much at stake.

  • #50996 Reply



    Have emailed you contact details for 4 people involved in Led by donkeys. DM (private message sent to 2 of them on twitter Oliver & James and Private message sent to Oliver on Facebook.

    Just keeping on keeping on.

  • #51032 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Many thanks Ell. I will be focusing on preparing my appeal to professional Investigative Journalists and those who are in a better position to publicize the campaign more effectively than I can so that the message goes mainstream. I appreciate your help in locating the all important contact details to facilitate this effort and getting the information out there via the media platforms that I am not at all familiar with like Twitter and Facebook. We all have different skill sets, but working together we can sucseed in this endeavour.

    We cannot allow the Covid 19 crisis to provide cover and an excuse for the Tories to get away with the Covert 2019 General Election vote rigging scandal. It is only by seeking justice to overturn Covert 2019 that we can remove this rogue Government from office to replace the blundering incompetence that now puts so many British lives at grave risk.

    A progressive Government of the people would prioritize the genuine needs of the people and our precious environment. That radical change of priorities is what we all desperately need in this time of crisis. This is far to important for complacent denial and acceptance of the Covert 2019 vote rigging; we cannot afford to give up.

  • #51041 Reply


    The representation of the people act 2000 gave everyone the right to vote by post starting with the 2001 general election. The table below shows the increase in postal voting since 1997.

    The figures for 2019 will be available late in 2020 when they are published by the Electoral commission; however Lord Ashcroft poll is estimating that in 2019 the postal vote as a percentage of the valid votes was 38%.

    Region Year Electorate Turnout (number of valid votes counted as % of electorate) Total number of valid votes counted Postal votes Issued Postal votes included in count Postal votes included in count as % of valid votes counted
    UK 2017 46,835,433 68.80% 32,220,817 8,456,791 6,986,581 21.68%
    UK 2015 46,354,197 66.22% 30,697,525 7,592,735 6,302,073 20.53%
    UK 2010 45,597,461 65.11% 29,687,604 6,996,006 5,596,865 18.85%
    UK 2005 44,245,939 61.37% 27,153,310 5,362,501 3,963,792 14.60%
    UK 2001 44,403,238 57.26% 25,426,017 1,758,055 1,370,884 5.39%
    UK 1997 43,714,673 71.57% 31,286,284 937,205 738,614 2.36%

  • #51044 Reply


    Postal vote application

    The representation of the people act 2000 gave everyone the right to vote by post starting with the 2001 general election.

    Electors who are registered to vote are entitled to apply for a postal vote for an indefinite period, a definite period or for a particular election.

    There is no requirement for an elector to provide a reason why they want to vote by post.
    A postal vote application must be made in writing, but can be in any format, letter, fax, email with a scanned signature or an absent vote application form are acceptable, as long as the personal identifier information is clear and unambiguous and is provided in the format prescribed in the regulations and as explained below.

    • the signature shall appear against a background of white unlined paper of at least 5 cm long and 2 cm high


    • the applicant’s date of birth shall be configured numerically in the sequence of day, month and year, i.e. DD MM YYYY

    Unlike applications to register to vote, postal vote applications cannot be made online or by telephone.
    Where a registration to vote application is made online and the applicant indicates that they wish to vote by post and provides their email address, the IER Digital Service will automatically email them a postal vote application form – see example below.
    The applicant can print off and complete the form, then return it to their Electoral Registration Officer.
    Where the applicant does not provide their email address but indicates that they wish to vote by post, the IER Digital Service informs the ERO who sends a paper copy of the postal vote application form.
    There are a number of pieces of information that must be included on a postal vote application by law. The application must be made in writing and be dated, and include the following information:

    • the full name of the elector.

    • the address where the elector is (or has applied to be) registered to vote.

    • the elector’s signature (or a request for a signature waiver – see below).

    • the elector’s date of birth.

    • whether the application is for a particular election (and if so, identify which one), a particular period or an indefinite period, and if it is for a particular period, it should specify that period.

    • whether it is for parliamentary elections, local government elections or both.

    • the address where the postal ballot pack should be sent and, if this is not the registered address, a reason for the redirection.

    If an applicant is unable to provide a signature or a consistent signature due to any disability or inability to read or write, they can request that the requirement for a signature on the postal vote application (and postal voting statement) is waived. The applicant must provide with their application the reason for the request and the name and address of any person who has assisted them with completing the application.
    The ERO will need to gain proof or evidence in order to be satisfied that the applicant is unable to provide a signature, be satisfied that the request for a signature waiver is genuine and is not being used as an attempt to avoid the postal vote security measures.

    The ERO should ensure that all applications are date-stamped upon receipt as this is particularly important in the lead-up to an election. On the last day for applications ahead of a particular election, it is also advisable for the ERO to record the time of receipt, so that they have a clear audit trail of which applications were received before and which applications were received after the deadline.

    Only electors who are registered, or will be registered, can apply for a postal vote. Once the application has passed the registration check, it must be scrutinised to ensure that it satisfies the prescribed requirements set out in paragraphs. Where it does, the ERO must confirm to the elector the outcome of the application.

    If applications are incomplete the ERO should, where possible, make further enquiries to obtain the missing information. If the missing information is not submitted, the application must not be allowed.
    Where it appears that the elector has made a mistake when completing their postal vote application (for example, where they have transposed their date of birth figures), the ERO should contact the elector and ask them to resubmit an application form with their identifiers.
    The ERO must write to all applicants to let them know whether their application has been accepted or rejected and if an application is rejected, they must give the reason(s) why it has been rejected.

    Any postal vote applications received after the deadline for a particular election must be disallowed for that election, and the elector notified of the fact.

    If, however, it is an application for a definite or indefinite period going beyond the election, and the application meets all the prescribed requirements, the elector should be advised on the confirmation notice that their application will become valid for future elections. If the application is refused, you must notify the applicant of the decision and the reason for it.

    An appeal procedure is provided for persons whose applications have been disallowed. Any person wishing to appeal must give notice to the ERO within 14 days of the date of the decision on the application and must specify the grounds of appeal.

    The ERO must immediately forward the notice to the county court, together with a statement of

    • the material facts which have, in the ERO’s opinion, been established in the case

    • the ERO’s decision upon the whole case

    • any point which may be specified as grounds of appeal.

    Postal application forms may be scanned and stored electronically, or the ERO may keep the originals in paper form. In the case of Northumberland county council I have had written confirmation from them that all forms containing personal identifiers are scanned into the Local authority’s electoral management software provided by Idox/Civica.

    Electors who have been allowed to vote by post must have the letter ‘A’ marked alongside their names in the register to be used in the polling station. The local authority EMS system has the facility to print registers especially for use in the polling station at a particular election.
    Postal voters’ signatures are refreshed every five years.

    The law requires EROs, by 31 January each year, to send every absent voter (postal, proxy and postal proxy voters) whose signature on the personal identifiers record is more than five years old a notice in writing

    • requiring them to provide a fresh signature if they wish to remain an absent voter

    • informing them of the date on which they would cease to be entitled to vote by post or by proxy in the event of a failure or refusal to provide a fresh signature (i.e. six weeks from the date of sending the notice).

    Absent voters who have been granted a waiver are not affected by the refresh provisions as they do not have a signature on the personal identifiers record.

    The ERO cannot require an absent voter to refresh their signatures outside the formal refresh exercise, except where you have sent a rejection notice to a postal voter after an election on the grounds that the signature provided on the returned postal voting statement did not match the example held on the personal identifiers record (and the person continues to be shown on your records as an absent voter).

    The next refresh exercise will be in January 2020 and will cover those absent voters whose signatures on the personal identifiers record will become more than five years old between 31 January 2019 and 30 January 2020.

    Six weeks from the sending of the original notice, absent voters will lose their entitlement to vote by post or proxy if no response is received.

    This means that absent voters have just under six weeks to return the notice or the entitlement would be lost on the last day of the six-week period.

    After three weeks of the date of the original notice, if no reply is received, a reminder notice should be sent to the absent voter.

    The date of birth is not part of the refresh process as set out in legislation. Existing absent voters do not need to provide their date of birth again in order for their absent vote to continue.

    The notice must require the absent voter to supply a specimen of their signature, and explain that if this is not received before six weeks of the date of the notice, their absent voting facility will be cancelled.

    The following information should be included in the notice to explain:

    • how the required personal identifiers are used and how the personal identifiers assist in deterring misuse of the entitlement to vote by post/proxy.

    • the details of the absent vote currently in place for that person and the types of elections at which the person would no longer be able to vote by post/proxy if they do not provide the required signature.

    • that cancellation of the absent vote for failure or refusal to supply a new sample signature does not prevent the elector subsequently re-applying for an absent vote.

    • the circumstances in which the signature requirement may be waived.

    • the deadline for the ERO to receive the signature (i.e. before six weeks from the date of the notice.

    Any fresh signature that is received after the deadline cannot be used to add the previous absent voter back onto the relevant absent voter record.

    In this case the ERO should send the person a letter explaining that the notice cannot be accepted and that if they wish to continue to have an absent vote they must re-apply and provide their identifiers on the application.
    The ERO should include an application form with the letter. There is no provision for you to pre-print the date of birth you already hold on the new application form.

    The ERO must notify the person in writing that their absent vote has been removed. This applies equally where the person has refused to provide a signature or has failed to respond to the notice or reminder notice.

    The notice must:

    • explain that the person’s absent vote has been removed because of a failure to provide a fresh signature, and that if they wish to vote they can only do so at a polling station.

    • inform them of their polling station.

    • remind them that they may make a fresh absent vote application, which must include their identifiers.

    The ERO should include a new absent vote application form with the removal notice.

    The flowchart can be downloaded here:


    • #51094 Reply

      Kim Sanders-Fisher

      Hi Ell – You report that: “If an applicant is unable to provide a signature or a consistent signature due to any disability or inability to read or write, they can request that the requirement for a signature on the postal vote application (and postal voting statement) is waived. The applicant must provide with their application the reason for the request and the name and address of any person who has assisted them with completing the application.

      The ERO will need to gain proof or evidence in order to be satisfied that the applicant is unable to provide a signature, be satisfied that the request for a signature waiver is genuine and is not being used as an attempt to avoid the postal vote security measures.”

      I did not know that there was an alternative available to accommodate those who might no longer be capable of signing their name. I doubt that many people know this is the case. I can imagine frail elderly people with arthritic fingers producing shaky signatures that would not survive the automated scrutiny controlled by Idox. How many votes are discarded due to an illegible signature?

      Was this another type of disenfranchisement or could these votes be reassigned during the unsupervised in house process that Idox maintain control of with their Postal Vote Managed Service. Is there a process for contacting the voter when their postal vote has been rejected? This would allow for a correction or a later attempt to vote directly at the polling station.

  • #51069 Reply


    Issue and return of Postal voting pack

    The Electoral Registration Officer is required to keep records of those applications for postal votes that have been granted.

    The records must indicate

    • the elector’s full name (unless the elector is registered anonymously).

    • the address to which the ballot paper is to be sent.

    • It should include the elector number, and if the elector is registered anonymously, their elector number must also be included.

    When an election or referendum is going to be held, the ERO uses these records to instruct the printing services company to send out postal vote packs.
    According to advice on Northumberland County Council website “your postal vote pack may not be sent out until 4 working days before the election”.

    The postal voting pack contains:

    • Ballot paper

    • Postal voting statement

    • Envelope A

    • Envelope B

    The elector should follow these instructions:

    1. Mark their vote on the ballot paper by putting an X in the empty box to the right of the name of the person they want to vote for. The elector can only vote for 1 candidate.

    2. Put their ballot paper into envelope A and seal it.

    3. Complete their postal voting statement with their date of birth and signature. Make sure you fill in your date of birth not today’s date.

    4. Put their completed postal voting statement and envelope A (which has the marked ballot paper inside), into envelope B and seal it.

    5. Post envelope B. It is free to return a postal vote by post so there is no need for a stamp if you are posting it in the UK.

    The elector needs to ensure that they return their ballot paper AND their postal voting statement or their vote will not count.

    You need to return your postal vote so that it arrives by the close of the poll. If your postal vote pack arrives too late to be returned by post, it can be handed in to the Returning Officer at your local authority or handed in at any polling station within the constituency.

  • #51109 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Will COVID 19 facilitate implementing the dangerous authoritarian policies of this far Right faction of the Tory Party with their “Decimating Down” agenda conveniently enabled by the “COVERT 2019 Rigged Election” fake “landslide victory” result? In a recent Article in the Canary they offer a stark warning: “The Tories just revealed the most terrifying part of their coronavirus plan.” Stating that: “The bill will introduce sweeping measures,” the article published an alarming quote on Twitter from ITV’s political editor, Robert Peston, that summed up the enormity of the proposal:

    “There has never in my lifetime been a law that so encroached on our civil liberties and basic rights as the Coronavirus Bill, scheduled to become law by end of month. It is all aimed at keeping us safe. But the transfer of unchallengeable power to the state for two years is… huge. It covers everything from burials, to holding those who threaten national security for longer, to closing borders, to detaining those with mental health issues, to empowering the police to quarantine those with the virus, and much more. This is… wartime stuff.”

    Others chimed in on Twitter: QuantumChoices #FBPE @tfoale 18 Mar “They’re handling it extremely badly – according to the world’s experts. Just like they’re handling brexit really badly, according to the economists and trade experts. This is a government that doesn’t like experts, remember. They prefer sycophants.”

    In a subsequent Article the Canary reveal that: “The bill will change the following around mental health care and support:
    • It will now only take one doctor’s approval to have a person sectioned (detained) under the Mental Health Act. Previously two doctors had to agree to this course of action. This protected people from biased, incorrect, negligent, or unfair decisions.
    • Time limits on detaining people in a mental health setting will be removed. Currently, medical professionals can detain people for up to 6 months at first, depending on circumstance. This will now be open-ended, meaning if you’re in psychological distress you can be locked up indefinitely.”

    Such sweeping powers are incredibly dangerous with malevolent leadership in absolute majority control of Government as we now have. In this same piece the Canary also warn that the bill will permit Hospitals to discharge patients back into the community without regard for their ongoing care and allow Councils to ditch their responsibility towards care of the disabled and vulnerable including children. The affect on our judicial system could turn trials into “Kangaroo Courts” with expedited procedures that will put Human Rights at risk just as Brexit will allow the Tories to eliminate most of the right we now enjoy.

    There were ominous warning signs on page 48 of the Tory Manifesto that they planned to attack the basic rights of citizens, both Workers Rights as well as Human Rights, especially members of targeted minority groups like the gypsies. The Coronavirus Bill will accelerate our loss of liberty under “Medical Marshal Law” with the Social Safety net now being stripped away even more swiftly and more radically than we had once feared. Within this Article there is a letter that the Canary have drafted, appealing for people to send a copy to their MPs to prevent such lack of responsibility.

    Alarmed by what the Canary describe as: “all these changes are unprecedented” they quote civil liberties group Big Brother Watch on Twitter: “The law will last 2 years. Government must justify this length given the severity of the measures, which will interfere with the everyday lives of people in the UK. A shorter duration with a sunset clause would ensure the powers are strictly temporary & promptly reviewed.

    It’s right that Government takes rapid & robust action, but good laws are rarely made in haste & rights are too often the casualty of crisis. The Opposition & civil society have important roles to play in scrutinising emergency powers to protect both public health & human rights.”

    The Canary are concerned that measures enacted in haste will be retained for a very long time, warning: “But what Big Brother Watch fails to address is whether the powers in the bill will actually last two years; or whether the Tories will merely keep these existing power in law permanently. Because the way the legislation is being passed, they have the power to do this.”

    The Covid 19 health crisis could help this radical hard Right faction of the Tory Government to usher in the full scale dictatorship we fear they had planned all along. This fear is amply justified by the alarming pledges on page 48 of the Tory Manifesto where there were warnings of attacks on the power of the Judiciary and a Tory reinvention of what Human Rights will remain in place after leaving the EU. There has been an extremely rapid and alarming reduction of the BBC presentations that might render any criticism of the Government: control of the press and state broadcasting is a classic warning sign of dictatorship!

    Due to the distraction of the Covid 19 crisis, thankfully the forced opposition party grovelling in support of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election result is no longer as repetitive and nauseating as it once, but the public cannot be conned into thinking that there will be a progressive comeback in five years time. Future “Elections” will be purely cosmetic attempts to justify continuation of strict Tory authoritarian rule. Voter ID checks will disenfranchise millions of the most vulnerable potential voters and the introduction of electronic voting machines will greatly simplify vote fraud in future.

    We need to strengthen and increase the powers of our Electoral Commission, but that will never be an issue worth addressing for the Tory Government who so richly benefit from slack regulations and nonexistent oversight. “Do not expect the Fox to pitch in with long overdue repairs to the Hen House!” Even if no concrete evidentiary proof of fraud is uncovered in an investigation it will still expose the unacceptable weaknesses in our Electoral System: A watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog! We must commit to Rescue our Watchdog as All Votes Must Count.

    Why now during the Covid 19 crisis? This global pandemic is clearly demonstrating the critical importance of strong, trustworthy leadership, something that is sadly lacking in Boris Johnson. The lies, chronic blunders, dangerous mistakes, u-turns and cruel calculations that have characterized his handling of the response to Covid 19 have sunk the UK into an even deeper pit of shame called out by world leaders. As the death toll climbs it could fuel public outcry and a revolt against this rogue Tory Government. The PM’s shallow “Get Brexit Done” mantle can no longer hide his nakedness and incompetent lack of leadership in a real crisis.

    Demanding a comprehensive investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election result is vital to exposing the corruption that could now cost thousands of lives in the UK. Removing the Tories from office is a top priority in order restore the sanity of adhering to WHO guidelines, properly supporting our NHS staff and enabling a progressive Government to protect the lives of all our people instead of just finding more ways to squander public money on the elite. Progressive socialist policies will prove key to our survival as a nation, but we cannot continue to beg for them piecemeal from a Tory Government that promoted the fake science of “Herd Immunity” fully prepared to sacrifice the most vulnerable and “Slaughter the Sheeple!”.

  • #51139 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Responding in this time of national crisis who can we clearly identified as “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” in UK Politics? Despite receiving more support than any other Labour leader since 1945 it was not enough to take out the Tories in 2017. Were vote rigging shenanigans in play back then? It is hard to know, but certainly it was already well recognized that our Electoral System was wide open to Industrial scale abuse. Despite the angry rants of centrists Labour members wanted Good Jeremy to stay put and over eight Months ago a Petition appealed for a: “Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.”

    The resounding support for Good Jeremy in the Petition led with the statement: “We, Labour Party Members and Supporters, have full confidence in the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. We recognise he is the target of a relentless smear campaign, orchestrated by the wealthy establishment who do not want a socialist Labour government.” Sadly, although this Petition has continued gaining support and is now fast approaching 70,000, the “relentless smear campaign” continued to ramp up unabated in an effort to destroy Good Jeremy or find a way to remove him for losing the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

    That was then, but what of now? Despite the concerted hammering Good Jeremy suffered from our supposedly neutral BBC and the heavily biased Right wing press strong support for Corbyn persisted beyond the deeply disappointing Covert 2019 Rigged Election. As his detractors assigned blame to Good Jeremy in further humiliating smears to reinforce the Tory lie about “borrowed votes,” Fake News of the crumbling “Red Wall” was repeated in grovelling apologies that were never warranted. But even in this darkest hour many were not ready to abandon their champion and a new Petition appeared: “Campaign to keep Jeremy Corbyn as leader.” To date another 18,788 and counting have signed to express their desire to keep Good Jeremy as leader.

    In a recent Article in the Canary: “A storm is brewing over the Labour Leadership race” the state that: “Despite the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Labour Party leadership election is going ahead. But a growing number of people are calling for the party to suspend it. And they’re also saying outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn should remain in the job.” As leader of the opposition our Good Jeremy has maintained a laser-like focus on the priorities of ordinary people he has: “remained on track repeatedly holding the Government to account for their reckless decisions in mishandling the Covid 19 crisis. More and more the Labour leadership contest is looking like a damaging distraction that is totally inappropriate at this critical time and should be abandoned.”

    In the Canary article there is a Link to the most recent Petition: “Covid-19 Outbreak: Suspend the Labour Leadership contest.”

    The Petition, which has now gathered over 5000 signatures, states that: “It has become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis unlike any this nation has confronted in at least a generation. It is a crisis that demands the full attention of the party’s membership, the labour movement, PLP and party bureaucracy.” It describes how the leadership campaigns have: “ground to a halt” due to the coronavirus saying: “now is not the time for a complete change in leadership and shadow cabinet.” It calls on the party to: “work together to hold the government of Boris Johnson to account. We do not have the luxury of retreating into an inward-looking debate among ourselves. Over the coming months, we must work together, as a party, to fight for our communities.”

    The people of this country were quick to identify Dominic Cummins as “the Bad,” a treacherous cancer now ensconced within the very heart of this rabid Tory Government. On Sunday the 22nd of March the Sunday Times exposed the sinister influence and callous attitude of Bad Dom in his top advisory role with the ear of the Ugly Boris Johnson. This explosive article levelled the whole misguided support for the unproven dangerous strategy of “Heard Immunity” on Bad Dom, blaming his malign intervention for promoting this obscure pseudo-science that put the UK at odds with the WHO and most other countries globally.

    The sheer arrogance of the Bas Dom leads him to mouth off next to an active mike, blurt out shocking revelations to the press, candidly “spill the beans” in front of multiple witnesses and boast of his ingenious manipulative prowess in deranged ramblings on his Blog. His warped belief in eugenics is well documented if deeply disturbing, but he is a known quantity of bad that permeates this rogue far Right faction of the Tory Party committing the PM and the cabinet to his evil agenda.

    However, we should remember that the Bad Dom is on very shaky ground as public resentment grows over the failed policy of “Herd Immunity” and his callous statement that the Government should: “Protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” The Bad Dom could also face prosecution for his admitted use of illegally obtained data in the Brexit Referendum and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election as this puts him on the wrong side of UK Data Protection laws. This potential bombshell is well described in one of the Daily GasLamp Blog posts on Cambridge Analytica where they say: “Illegal to the price of $5billion just to facebook alone for allowing a loophole in its software. How much more illegal is it for people to deliberately exploit that loophole?”

    Boris Johnson “the Ugly” emerged at today’s PMQ’s as if at the top of a precipitous elitist Davos ski slope ready to begin his familiar devious slalom weaving through all the important and valid questions, deftly evading the treacherous mogul bumps of harsh reality with his non-answers in a rapid decent all the way to the dirty slush at the very bottom of the black run. His repeated exasperating message was “sure, we’re doing that,” or more accurately, we might get around to it in our own sweet time! All top familiar the emphatic: “we will do whatever we can, whatever it takes….” but only if and when we are absolutely forced to do so!

    The untrustworthy Pinocchio Ugly Boris responded to urgent appeals from across the house over the total lack of financial support for the most vulnerable by liberally spaffing money, all over the chamber on empty promises he had no intention of keeping. He was: “putting a billion pounds into arf, arf… £1000… Universal Credit arf, arf…. 500 Million to local Councils arf, arf…” the answer to everything was another lie about money that will probably never materialize. Don’t look for it to appear any time soon in accounting because the only budget promises Ugly Boris will honour are to the wealthy benefactors who sponsored his Covert 2019 Rigged Election campaign; their generous slush fund could actually transpire.

    Ugly Boris’s new “Obey me” mantra has become: “Stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save lives.” It is all up to us of course. As usual the vague Tory promises are easy to go back on. This, while asking the public to take responsibility for accomplishing all the civic duties they will never be given the resources to achieve. Ugly Boris has set us up for a catastrophic failure that his Government fully anticipate will claim the lives of thousands; a disaster they have cleverly engineered to blame on public non-compliance as our future dictator establishes his God like authority. Ugly Boris and Bad Dom wilfully precipitated this chaos as the incompetent Tory. Government has totally abandoned you with no recourse to funds; many will die in their “Slaughter of the Sheeple!”

    We helplessly suffer the increasingly ugly spectre of Boris Johnson, flanked by compliant ministers and discredited “scientific experts,” while acting on the advice of the Bad Dom to tout the latest populist “Nudge” tactics. With the pomp of Tory Party political broadcasts and the barest minimum of scrutiny, Ugly Boris has scheduled daily Press Briefings to deliver the latest smorgasbord of confusing and conflicting new restrictions and unrealistic demands. There must be constant hand washing despite limited access to sinks; use hand sanitizer despite the fact that this antimicrobial Gel is no longer available in shops; strict social distancing despite being imprisoned in cramped accommodation of forced to rely on packed trains, and self-isolation despite the critical lack of food delivery slots. Many will die in the “Slaughter of the Sheeple!”

    While lying about desperately needed Testing and backlogged PPE logistics putting NHS frontline staff at risk, Ugly Boris had the gall to taunt the NHS “Cannon Fodder” with his outrageous promise of 40 new hospitals! I am in no doubt that when the giant US healthcare Corporation get their greedy hands on our privatised NHS they will invest in swanky new facilities to cater to the needs of wealthy clients after usurping the prestigious brand name of our crumbling health service. Sadly, the blatant lies of our “part time Prime Minister” will continue to infect our screens and our minds until the disastrous duo of the Bad Dom and Ugly Boris are finally ousted.

    Ugly Boris will be glad to see the back of PMQs for a while, but he should not count on a swift end to the rigorous scrutiny of Good Jeremy any time soon. Warned that he was “not going anywhere” should be the catalyst for Labour members to demand that he stays in post; Good Jeremy is the strong leader the British so desperately need to guide us through this time of crisis. If there was a complete exposure of the fraud committed to steal the Covert 2019 Rigged Election the last thing we want is for the Labour Party, already critically weakened by lies and deception, to be deprived of its strong, trustworthy leadership.

    We need to support the Petition to end the race to find a new leader and “Rescue our Watchdog” so that we can neutralize the serious damage done by Bad Dom and Ugly Boris – In “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” we can only hope the Good Jeremy, always on the right side of history, will eventually prevail.

  • #51151 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    The Daily GasLamp has posted a couple of pieces on Covid 19 and how the Pandemic could shape future UK political decision making. Any deviation in focus leads to the question: what takes priority right now Covid 19 or the Covert 2019 Rigged Election? In the first Post: “Covid 19 and Future Policy” they are quick to point out the ineptitude of our “part time Prime Minister” in dealing with Covid 19 and previous crisis’s that have emerged thick and fast since he claimed his “borrowed votes” in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

    The biggest blunder, following directly after Boris Johnson’s stark admission that “your loved ones will die,” was letting the already doom filled imagination of the general public contemplate the horrific impact of “Herd Immunity.” Described by the author as: “Loose talk or policy, whatever, the term “Herd Immunity” has horrified scientists world wide when its been applied to COVID-19: such a policy could condemn as many as 1 million to death in the UK with no guarantee that any future immunity protection would occur.” Condemned by the WHO over the Government’s inaction, Johnson has drawn sharp criticism or his Trumpian approach.

    In a list of priorities there are the usual points raised about the poor handling of testing including testing at Airports and other points of entry; one not mentioned that still has me in shock: testing our Medical staff and Carers. As a former Medical professional myself I cannot imagine dealing with the anxiety of working around infectious patients without proper protection, but apparently many of our NHS staff are being put at risk in this way. Issues that increase risk for NHS staff include the sheer volume of their exposure during practice and the negative impact on immunity caused by exhaustion and high levels of stress.

    Medical staff have already become infected and some are now sick enough to require ventilation equipment. The British public are fiercely protective of NHS staff so if a Doctor or Nurse dies it could precipitate a tidal wave of angry public reaction towards the Government for their complacency. Whenever basic needs are raised there is the same “the check’s in the mail” type of reaction from Johnson and his team and one has to wonder if the constant delays don’t represent a determination to silently stick to the disastrous do nothing “Herd Immunity” strategy like “nothing has changed” as the Maybot was so proud of announcing.

    “But already we have run into problems: testing at home? testing at airports? proper sick pay? release prisoners? All these policies need a complete change in government direction!” claims the author… good luck with that one. However, I keep returning to that chicken and the egg conundrum of what comes first, Covid 19 or the Covert 2019 Rigged Election that exacerbated this crisis with abysmally incompetent, untrustworthy leadership? While some may want to put the latter on hold until the former is under control I would argue that it could prove impossible to get Covid 19 under control until proper leadership is in place.

    The list of the “could have been” policies just drums home the injustice of what was stolen from us in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. “What we don’t need is “socialism-for-the-already-rich”…” but certainly we do need “A form of QE for the rest of us” Amen to that! Where I disagree with the writer is in his assumption that: “There is no point, wishing for a Corbyn-led government. That boat has sailed.” Corbyn has made really powerful interventions in the last few weeks and a growing number of Labour supporters believe he needs to stay in place to provide strong leadership, stability and consistency during this challenging national crisis. Corbyn is universally trusted to put ordinary people first, but any move to put aside the leadership contest will of course need to come from the contenders.

    Although they will not admit it publically every delay and half baked decision Boris has announced has reinforced my belief that the Tories are still committed to a version of Dominic Cummings’s warped eugenics program for “Herd Immunity” to cull the elderly and most vulnerable in a “Slaughter of the Sheeple!” The “black is white” PR spin enabled by the BBC and tabloid press does little to convince me otherwise. There will be a very big spike in deaths that Boris Johnson will as usual try to blame on stupid people not following his orders, despite the fact that many of his dictates are entirely unworkable.

    There is no financial help for those who have been told not to go to work, statutory sick pay is only just over £94 a week, one of the lowest levels in the EU, and Universal Credit is being overwhelmed with applications. Some will die of starvation because even the food banks are having trouble meeting the increased demand. There is no program in place to make sure that the elderly, those at risk or in self-isolation can get food. There are weeks of waiting for a delivery slot even for pensioners who are Internet savvy. In Spain they have found elderly people abandoned to die in care homes; nothing we are doing will prevent this from being repeated here in the UK where provision of Social Care is already thinly stretched.

    A very serious flash point that will incite public outrage will occur if any NHS workers become infected and die. Doctors and Nurses have already succumbed to Covid 19 in Italy and the things that put them at greater risk will be at least as relevant here. The delay in testing our frontline medical staff and care workers and the poor supply of inadequate PPE put them at increased risk as does travelling to work on overcrowded trains. Other countries have done a far better job of testing and protecting these key personnel, and have still had Medical staff die; we should brace for a worse outcome here.

    If the deliberate choice to abandon the well proven requirements of the WHO causes a far higher death toll in the UK there will be an urgent call for the Tories to go. There is no accountability or honour in the Tory camp and they will try desperately to cling on to their stolen power. The public must be ready to seize the agenda and drive the press by refusing to allow the BBC and the Tabloids to shield Boris Johnson and his warped side-kick from taking full responsibility for obvious blunders that will cost countless lives. Rebellion, civil unrest and disobedience would not be taking advantage of tragedy, but instead doing the right thing to save lives as it’s important to remember that if such social upheaval occurs the obvious remedy is to remove corrupt leadership.

    While I would never suggest or encourage anyone to resort to anything beyond peaceful protest, inevitably desperate people may reach breaking point where severe deprivation causes the oppressed to demand change and outweighs the fear of confronting police or facing military suppression. This has proved true in rebellions overseas that have toppled governments even when they turned the might of the military against their own people. We could potentially see riots in London within a few weeks if Boris Johnson continues with his dithering and denial while significantly more people needlessly die.

    We know that the Tories had already factored in serious depravation and lethal consequences following crash-out Brexit; this was revealed when we learned that operation “Yellowhammer” included stockpiling body bags! Why would the Government need a large stock-pile of body bags? It was obvious even before Covid 19 accelerated their deprivation initiative that the Tories were planning on the chaos of Brexit causing many to fall through the cracks and die. I was concerned enough to anticipate the panic buying and non-survival of the most vulnerable, but for the Government this might have been a well planned strategy all along.

    I do not believe that there is a right time to crank up the campaign after it has been put on hold for a few weeks or months due to Covid 19; every day the Tories are allowed to remain in power will cost more lives. Our goal to thoroughly investigate the validity of the 2019 Election result, and hence the legitimacy of the Tory Party to make catastrophic decisions on our behalf, could not be more urgent as they seek “emergency powers” under cover of the Covid 19 crisis. They have demanded that their Brexit crash-out must not be delayed as this facilitates manipulating and altering our laws by stealth; this could destroy democracy in the UK.

    Deal with Covid 19 or focus on the Covert 2019 Rigged Election should not be an either/or choice as it will require us to build a very strong base of universal support for the earliest opportunity to remove this dangerous Tory Government from office.

  • #51158 Reply


    I fully agree with what you say and what is on the DailyGaslamp and it is very sickening to see such an incompetent government mishandling of the crisis. I agree the policy of Herd Immunity has not been abandoned just silently rolled out. See what I wrote this morning about this on here.
    The Government has now unprecedented power especially as Parliament has now been dismissed and I am afraid the Labour party is totally at sea with its prolonged leadership elections. There is no united voice against this government which has now given itself sweeping power. In effect we now have a supreme leader, not a democratic Prime Minister.
    It is as if not only the political class has been neutralised but the scientific and medical advisors to the government have become so politicised and do not offer sound advise but are told what to say by Dominic Cummings. When the dust has settled I think those people will have an unbearable burden of guilt to shoulder, because they have been used.
    The insanity of the government’s approach can just not be emphasised enough. They had the models of China, suppressing the infection by first major expansion of treatment of serious cases, then isolation of milder cases by proper quarantine and total curfew of affected cities. This has worked for now. In South Korea they suppressed the infection by early testing contact tracing and quarantine. We had two models and two months to act, all wasted.
    We now have a situation where we have a rogue regime contributing to the death of its own people, maybe we should escalate this to the UN as a human rights issue?

  • #51161 Reply


    Kim & SA

    totally agree with all that you say especially

    “Deal with Covid 19 or focus on the Covert 2019 Rigged Election should not be an either/or choice”

    However the reality, at least for now is that NO-ONE is LISTENING or willing to act!

    Lord save us all now we are living in a dictatorship

  • #51176 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Boris “Bull in a China Shop” Johnson joins the “Herd! Not that I would wish him or anyone else harm, one cannot help commenting that those in leadership really should practice what they preach. It is a great relief to know that we might not be so frequently bombarded with his pervasive featuring in so called “press briefings” that are a lot more like Conservative Party political broadcasts with a one way regurgitation of Tory spin. This latest development is certainly not confidence inspiring when not just the PM, but his Health Secretary, Mat Hancock, and Chief Medical Advisor, Chris Whitte all test positive or show symptoms for Covid 19 on the same day.

    The simplistic sound bites delivered by jovial Johnson often pose far more questions than answers due to his complete lack of understanding of the most basic principals involved in effective “Social Distancing.” A less confusing instruction was needed to instil the concept in everyone including children: “Avoid People and the Things that People Touch!” That would be my simple instruction as it includes the missing part of the Covid 19 contamination puzzle that is barely mentioned in health warnings: “the things that people touch.”

    You might avoid contracting the virus from an infected person by keeping a safe distance apart, but then pick up the bug from the door handle they grabbed just before you touched it yourself. We must become a lot more conscious of the things that we all come in direct contact with so frequently every day as the virus will survive on hard surfaces for up to 72hours. Carry a supply of antimicrobial wipes with you in a Ziploc bag and wipe the door handle, the ATM keypad, the access or lift button, before you touch it. This is just one more line of defence to include in your armoury.

    Boris should have paid attention to the proper operation of a lever tap before exposing his own poor practice demonstrating a hand washing routine to the nation on public television. Re-contaminated his hand turning off the tap he showed a total lack of understanding of the design, but he probably wasn’t listening to NHS staff – so what else is new? A strong leader would have asked the NHS staff to demonstrate what constitutes a thorough hand wash rather than barge in front of the cameras to set a really bad example. This epitomizes his style, ignore sound advice and rely on Boris bluster.

    Boris Johnson has consistently let down the people of this country, none more so than NHS staff who a crying out for an adequate quantity of proper PPE supplies and urgently needed access to testing. Each time this vital issue is raised he starts blathering on about vast sums of money he is about to spend while promising yet again that NHS needs are being met. Attention craving Boris will feel lost performing to an unresponsive screen. Perhaps a week of alone time will do him a world of good, providing the solitude he needs to contemplate the enormity of his errors. Now that the PM must follow his own order to “Stay Home” it is a pity he is still so slow to comprehend the importance of his other messaging to “Protect the NHS” and “Save Lives!”

    I had noticed that Boris did not look well for over a week and I kept wondering if he had become infected; how many other MPs came into close contact with him and will soon need to self-isolate. If the public needed a concrete example of gross incompetence following deeply flawed decision making the core team dropping like nine pins certainly made a very poor impression. Undoubtedly Boris Johnson needs a period of self-isolation; might I recommend a much longer period of isolation by leaving public office… say, for good!

    The abysmal handling of this crisis will be fully exposed in the coming week as Covid 19 deaths exceed 200 a day, an alarming number of NHS staff prove to be infected after testing of staff begins and other MPs are forced into isolation. This Tory Government negligently wasted two months and it will cost many lives; when our Doctors and Nurses start dying there will be a public outcry. It did not have to be this bad. The Covert 2019 Rigged Election gifted power to this dangerously incompetent team; Exposing the Truth can and must remove them from office. Please spare us the torment of hosting the world’s first “Virtual Dictator.”

  • #51200 Reply


    We are in an extremely dangerous situation I am afraid. We have a government that has been installed through deception, with absolute control, no scrutiny by Parliament and with sweeping powers. If one does not see a connection between HMG response to the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit and the last election, one must be blind.
    I of course know that the Covid-19 pandemic is real and quite dangerous and have argued in the other thread that the government’s response has, and still is, incompetent, slow, too little too late, wishy washy, no clear directions, causing confusion rather than clarity. I am now beginning to think that these actions are deliberate.
    I believe that since the referendum one of the main aims was to align UK with US in every way, politically, socially, economically and of course militarily. In many ways UK has been the cat’s paw of US foreign policy regarding Russia and has been mainly responsible for the new cold war, and deliberately so. During this period UK has refrained from antagonizing China and pretended to run a sort of policy of looking at China for a possible post Brexit trade deal. Whether this was real or whether it is actual a reflection of a real division within the Tory party, is difficult to determine. I believe that there is a very strong Atlanticist faction within the party. The most recent international political activity has been to start blaming china for the pandemic as was done by IDS today and echoing the rantings of Trump and Pompeo.
    The new policy now is to try and reduce the panic. The chief medical officer has now picked the figure of 20,000 deaths as the projection of what will happen, and this has become the target of analysis. We were told on the BBC and Sky news by some analysts that this about 650 extra deaths due to Covid-19 as the others would have died anyway of flu or other cause and that this is the estimated excess mortality from the virus. But it is of course too early to make this assumption seeing that cases are still on the rise, and that any social distancing measure will take at least two to three weeks to show an effect.
    I do hope that there is still a mechanism for retribution after the dust has settled and an enquiry would show how ill prepared the government was for this predicted scenario and has lost two months of planning. The parlous state of the NHS has come to light and the lack of a clear disaster contingency plan, or the lack of its implementation is a serious indictment of this government. But I am afraid it will not be the politicians who will be to blame.

  • #51214 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Trot out the Tory Tripe, punctuated by dizzying supply numbers of kit that seems forever “on its way” and generous funds pledged, but not quite in support of those who need it most. With each broadcast, we brace ourselves to endure yet another monologue of self-congratulatory party political drivel that euphemistically passes for a “Press Briefing.”

    This daily dose of dictates drowns out the main news and yet we feel inextricably compelled to watch and discover the worst that lies ahead. We dutifully tune in each day to learn the latest restrictions; the harsh commands of a Government that now dictates control over every aspect of our diminished lives, from whether we can afford to feed our kids to how long we will be permitted to venture outside our own front door and for what specific purpose. While I’m not suggesting that strict quarantine restrictions are unnecessary; I cannot help worrying about the imposition of Medical Marshal Law as what we are witnessing is the very epitome of a fledgling authoritarian police state under the supreme command of a Dictator.

    On a daily basis the same important questions remain unanswered or neatly deferred with more procrastination over crucial issues like when vital PPE will actually be delivered to Hospital staff and when the long postponed testing mandated by WHO will begin? No one from the Government has been forced to explain why two precious months of preparation time was needlessly squandered when there was such a crystal clear indication of the scenario we would inevitably face in the UK. Are we three weeks behind Italy or just two? This pales in significance as our Tory Government stubbornly ignored the glaring warning signs and failed to adhere to WHO appeals to test, test, test, to quantify our risk, trace isolate infected cases.

    There were the stunning examples of how Asian countries had swiftly brought the Covid 19 pandemic under control with massive testing programs, innovative technology used to trace all contacts, strict isolation of infected individuals and blocking of borders, but the elitist British always think that they know better! When other European countries banned large gatherings, the blasé Brits invited football fans to flock to Liverpool where they arrived unchecked from the Madrid hotspot of Covid 19! While sensible foreign Governments closed their schools and enforced cautious lock-downs, “Take Back Control” UK blundered on in stark defiance of the reality gripping our continent.

    This morning’s grilling from Andrew Marr put Michael Gove on the spot: “Can I ask, when we will reach the peak?” Gove, seeking to suspend scrutiny replied that “…it depends on the actions that all of us take… practicing social distancing, if we follow the rules…” that typical Tory denial of responsibility was shocking as the scramble for blame begins in earnest. The sheer gall of Gove to raise the spectre of the Tories early warped strategy where the “science” had once supported “Herd Immunity,” now ridiculed and barely mentioned in embarrassment, replaced by a new rebrand of the Government’s continued advocacy of “good scientific advice!”

    On Marr’s question about providing PPE for NHS staff there was another mealy mouthed diversion from Gove: “That’s what were seeking to do…” I want to know, why are we still seeking at this late stage of an imminent disaster? “We have known about Covid 19 since December” Marr protested; to which Gove claims that the Government has been “increasing testing over the last month…” He then adds that on testing we are “rising up the league tables” as if gaining comfort from the possibility that a few other national Governments are doing an even worse job than we are in the UK.

    Defending Tory inaction Gove said “The important thing is not to look backwards, but to look forwards;” well I can understand that, as it would expose the massive failures of your inept governance. Gove pledged “when it’s over we will look back.” Sure, and waffle on about “lessons learned” by a Tory Government that never learns from even the most brutal lessons of its reckless past. From Gove there was yet more “seeking” he was “seeking to increase access to ventilators… seeking to upscale testing… seeking to increase production of PPE…” “Can you assure staff who, in the course of the last few days, should have received PPE?” Marr pressured Gove. So, did NHS staff actually get those supplies? Gove was starting to sound like “Where’s Waldo” seeking so much, but we are all wondering when he would find and more importantly when the Government would actually deliver?

    Marr elaborated on one NHS supplier in Nantwich called “Direct Access,” who had resourced 2500 ventilators that they could have procured for the Government some weeks ago. Too late for that now! Gove meekly agreed to investigate as if it was the first time he had learned of it, despite several well circulated news reports of the failure. Gove prevaricated claiming perhaps they had “not met specifications” and the equipment was “not what’s required to save lives?” Another company mentioned was MEC a reputable manufacturer of ventilators who offered 500, but no reply from the government; sadly, Marr informed, “you missed the boat!”

    Ignoring, bungling or misplacing the early offers of well established manufacturers of ventilators, according to Gove the Tories will channel funding to favoured private sector companies like Dyson, McLaron and Rolls Royce who will re-invent this urgently needed complex equipment from scratch. A totally new design and a rushed production-line is acceptable for simple supplies, but this strategy is potentially downright dangerous with a machine the delivers the crucial amount of air needed to sustain human life!

    Marr pressed on: “let me ask you about the EU procurement scheme, which would have allowed Britain to get more and cheaper equipment that we desperately need and which we have not taken part in.” Good point, we all want to know why? Gove passed it off as “…there’s some confusion over our involvement in that scheme…” He went on to invoke “Senior figures in the NHS,” saying that it would not have made any difference and with a truly delusional Brexiteer flourish Gove boasted of British exceptionalism by commenting that there was “nothing we can’t do as an independent nation…” The Europeans are busy collaborating to resource kit, but we just arrogantly dismissed the EU offer of cooperation on bulk purchase supplies that now leaves the UK scrambling to meet the urgent demand!

    Marr’s grilling continued apace. “The health service did an enormous project four years ago looking at an epidemic exactly like this, why did you not learn any lessons from that project?” Marr demanded to know. Gove defensively denied taking part, but appeared flustered as he claimed there were lessons learned, but awkwardly veered of the point with “more broadly” eager to return to “seeking at this time, and in the light of the best scientific and Medical advice, to respond appropriately… do the best we can…“ Obviously he didn’t get the memo on toning down that “scientific advice” Boris Shit, but then most Tory MPs are sticking with the same line. Gove ended with: “How do you put a price on life?” That’s a bit rich coming as it does from a hard right Tory proponent of ruthless austerity cuts! It was a relief to see Marr really put a Tory Minister on the spot for once.

    The Sunday Telegraph has revealed that: “the NHS failed a major cross-government test of its ability to handle a severe pandemic but the “terrifying” results were kept secret from the public.” They go on to say that “Ministers were informed three years ago that Britain would be quickly overwhelmed by a severe outbreak amid a shortage of critical care beds, morgue capacity and personal protective equipment (PPE),” they said an investigation has discovered. “Codenamed Exercise Cygnus, the three-day dry run for a pandemic carried out in October 2016 tested how NHS hospitals and other services would cope in the event of a major flu outbreak with a similar mortality rate to Covid-19.” The Telegraph exclusive noted that “The report on Cygnus’s findings were deemed too sensitive by Whitehall officials to be made public.”

    A Guardian article revealed that Tory ministers readily ignored the essential need to stockpile protective facemasks for our frontline staff in case of a pandemic flu outbreak…Why? That wasn’t considered cost effective, but under the “spare no expense” budget of “Operation Yellowhammer” it was important to stockpile body bags to prepare for the purely preventable damage of a hard crash-out Brexit! This is a damning demonstration of where their core priorities lie: a Tory Government unwilling to invest in the necessary precautionary lifesaving protective equipment was ready to accept the requirements of dealing with the unnecessary carnage that their chaotic Brexit fiasco might create! That warped thinking puts the genuine priorities of the people dead last and is truly sick.

    The only positive punch-line of the pathetic Johnson Election campaign came when lying toad Boris promised forty new Hospitals for the NHS, but was this ghastly iteration really what was meant? The Nightingale’s are being prepared, giant warehouses for the condemned victims of the looming nightmare scenario ahead; all part of the preventable production-line of pain and suffering on passage to the morgue! The death toll has already surpassed 1,200 as mistakes made at high levels months ago will continue to have horrific repercussions in the next few weeks. The only strategy that has ever succeeded in getting the Covid 19 infection rate under control involves massive testing programs and strict tracing and isolation protocols, but this deluded Tory Government has yet to commit to this requirement as they seem absolutely determined to prove that the WHO are wrong.

    In his Must Read Article “The Hammer and the Dance” author Tomas Pueyo describes: “What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like, if Leaders Buy Us Time.” The informative piece includes a lot of useful graphs to elaborate on the basic point he is trying to get across. He calls out our tepid response: “The US and UK, like countries such as Switzerland, have dragged their feet in implementing measures.” Pueyo lays out the likely consequences of a “Do Nothing” approach with the reality check that: “If 5% of your cases require intensive care and you can’t provide it, most of those people die. As simple as that.”

    As I have also posted on the Coronavirus Forum: This author also raises an important point about “Collateral Damage,” noting that the numbers “only show people dying from coronavirus. But what happens if all your healthcare system is collapsed by coronavirus patients? Others also die from other ailments.” Quoting the total number of ICU admissions in the US in one year as 4 Million the likely death toll if there was no place for these patients in ICU is truly staggering. With a far smaller population in the UK the potential collateral damage of fatalities here in the UK added to Covid 19 deaths would be unacceptably high.

    The case presented by Pueyo clearly demonstrates that we absolutely cannot afford to overwhelm our NHS. Unfortunately, we appear to be right on track to do just that if we do not impose stricter measures right away, but also start aggressively testing and tracing to track down and isolate cases before they spread the virus. It does not inspire confidence or reassure the public that the PM is taking the necessary measures seriously when not only has Boris Johnson tested positive, but also the Health Secretary, Mat Hancock plus the PMs Chief Medical Adviser, Chris Whitte, has developed mild symptoms and decided to self-isolate. Is Whitte postponing a test to avoid Boris’s “take it on the chin” bravado looking more like a total wipe out at the top?

    New to the Tory Tripe propaganda line it was time to gain public acceptance of our grisly fate, an appallingly high body count that would need to become more palatable with frequent retelling to the shocked British public. We might keep the death toll down to less than 20,000, but only if we follow their orders to the letter. Do exactly as you are told and fewer will be killed by this dreadful disease, but they want you to believe that this is not in any way their fault. When their ineptitude causes us to breach that bloated boundary, after blaming and shaming the public for the stupidity of their non-compliance, will another arbitrary target be set?

    Do not blame Tory incompetence, their stubborn ignorance as they disputed uncontrovertibly facts by advocating a “do nothing“ policy in the pretence that the Dom’s eugenics program of “Herd Immunity“ would provide sufficient damage control. The public recognized a classic Tory motivation with the financial advantage of a convenient extermination of our elderly and infirmed! Too late to undo the harm of inexcusable dithering they now want to disown the consequences of their abysmal decision making. Time to reframe the Tory spin, it will be portrayed as wilful public non-compliance and not their fault at all; the inevitable 20,000 lives lost the Tory “Slaughter of the Sheeple” is about to begin! But, it never had to be this way.

    We could have vigorously fought back after the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, but we lapsed into a fatalistic complacency allowing the Tory lies to flood our airwaves with hype about “borrowed votes” and buying into that fear of being labelled a “sore loser.” But it is still not too late to “Rescue our Watchdog” and demand a thorough investigation into the stolen Election. I know many of you feel that the Covid 19 crisis demands our urgent attention and right now this must remain our priority. But Covid 19 and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election are inextricably linked. Unless we remove this Tory Government from office we will be forced to accept the tragic consequences of their dangerous decisions that will continue to put so many innocent lives at risk and the “Slaughter of the Sheeple” will proceed unabated.

  • #51238 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Covid 19 “Emergency Measures” are being manipulated by leaders intent on solidifying authoritarian rule, with Hungary’s Victor Orban leading the assault on Democracy. How soon before his known admirers in our hard Right Tory Government demand similar untrammelled power? Covid “viral coup” is currently decimating the toxic team at number ten, further weakened today as “Herd Immunity” advocate, Dominic Cummings, himself joins the “Herd.” This might defer their power grab for a week or two, but not for much longer than that, as an absent parliament is the perfect scrutiny free environment to forward their dictatorial aims.

    The Guardian documents how: “Hungary’s parliament has passed a new set of coronavirus measures that includes jail terms for spreading misinformation and gives no clear time limit to a state of emergency that allows the nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, to rule by decree.” Orbán’s Fidesz party had the advantage of a two-thirds majority to ignore the valid concerns of opposition parties who called for an end date or sunset clause for the emergency legislation.

    The overwhelming majority gifted to Boris Johnson in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election fake “landslide victory” would allow the Tories to overrule opposition objections in the UK to an unlimited extension of draconian “Emergency Powers” in exactly the same way as Orbán’s Fidesz party has. Some of these alarming measures were openly pledged on page 48 of the Tory Manifesto, with new limitations on the power of the Judiciary and attacks on our Human Rights. The Tory Election campaign itself provided ample demonstration of absolute control over the media including our supposedly neutral state run broadcaster, the BBC. The judiciary and the press are always the first to come under attack in the march to Dictatorship.

    In an earlier Guardian article written before the decisive vote, Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, said “You can’t have a completely unrestricted mandate for the government. The current draft does exactly that. It basically gives an open-ended carte-blanche mandate.” The Budapest-based think tank Political Capital commented that “The past 10 years have served as ample proof that the Hungarian government exploits and abuses opportunities to weaken institutions serving as a check on its power, whenever it has the chance to do so. Extraordinary legal situations are very easy to introduce, but it is much harder to return to business as usual afterwards.”

    Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, a French Green MEP who represents the European parliament on Hungary and the rule of law, warned that Hungary had been taking a “a dangerous turn away” from democratic standards. “Viktor Orbán must not be given a carte blanche to further empower himself and strip away Hungarian citizens’ democratic rights under the auspices of tackling the corona crisis,” she said. “the EU had left it late to respond to decade-old concerns about democratic backsliding and the weakening of the rule of law under the Orbán government. Sadly for Hungary, we have been so far [behind] that I am a bit lost [as to] what we can do now.”

    Orbán’s onslaught on democracy has not gone unnoticed by the EU, but it has remained a member state while determinedly flaunting the upholding of democratic principles that form the basis of membership. Over a year ago the Guardian reported: “MEPs vote to pursue action against Hungary over Orbán crackdown – Parliament votes for first time to trigger article 7 procedure against a member state. The European parliament has voted to trigger the EU’s most serious disciplinary procedure against Hungary, saying the country’s government poses a “systematic threat” to democracy and the rule of law.”

    However Hungary is not the EU’s only trouble spot as reported by Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group in an Article: “Dictatorship law that could force Poland out of the EU brings thousands out in protest.” Commenting on the implementation of EU Law: “This is not the first attempt by the right-wing PiS [‘Law and Justice’] party in power to seize control of the judiciary, however the measures proposed against independent judges are so openly repressive that the law would inevitably raise questions about Poland’s continued membership of the European Union.”

    In their description of the steady progression towards Dictatorship the group note similarities with their own leadership in Ukraine saying that: “On coming to power in 2015, the PiS government behaved very much like UKraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of the Regions in 2010. There were blitzkrieg moves to ‘tame’ a major part of the media and legislation to secure control over the judiciary. In Poland’s case this has meant that public television has effectively become a mouthpiece for the ruling party, with all issues of public importance, including the attack on an independent judiciary, reported with major distortion and manipulation.”

    The same areas of attack in both Hungary and Poland are definitely on the Tory agenda; certainly the BBC has already “become a mouthpiece for the ruling Tory Party.” We must seriously consider the alarming warning signs demonstrated by the steady encroachment on democracy that has occurred under Orbán starting with the classic well recognized danger signs of dictatorship: attacks on the Judiciary and freedom of the press. The hard Right faction of the Tory Party that seized control following the Covert 2019 Rigged Election hugely admire Victor Orbán; his totalitarian rule is the model they will follow if given the chance. We cannot give them that chance.

    When Boris Johnson crashes us out of the EU in December even the hope of a belated intervention by the EU due to unacceptable Human Rights violations will no longer be available to us in the UK: that is the Tory Brexit end game. While we remain in the transition period there is still an outside chance that British Citizens, both here and on the continent, plus EU Citizens resident here could potentially appeal to the EU to protect our Human Rights by challenging the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and possibly the Brexit Referendum result for the same reason: fraud and corruption.

    By December it will be too late to appeal to the EU so we must not delay efforts to “Rescue our Watchdog” and demand a thorough investigation into the stolen Election. I know many of you feel that the Covid 19 crisis demands our urgent attention, but the Tory Party will not let this crisis go to waste; they will take full advantage with “Emergency Powers” granted temporarily, but permanently enforced as is the fear in Hungary. Covid 19 and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election are inextricably linked. Unless we remove this Tory Government from office we will be forced to accept the perpetual Human Rights limitations of “Medical Marshal Law” setting us on the path to Dictatorship.

  • #51280 Reply

    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Don’t we all feel so secure in the knowledge that our leaders have consistently made all the right choices? Not! Why squander money on protective kit for your expendable NHS staff in preparation for a global Pandemic that might still be a few months or even a few years off? Instead you should prioritize the renewal of our Trident Nuclear deterrent so you can claim strategic importance in a war that would totally annihilate almost everything on the entire planet! To an Eaton educated toff that makes perfect sense… A really “strong leader” is going to opt for complete wipe out of the human race; why doesn’t Corbyn get the importance of that? How unpatriotic! Now Jo Swinson, she is on side; Boris can count on drafting her in to push the button as she’s said she was up for that.

    So here we are grotesquely unprepared for the biggest challenge our nation will face since the Second World War knowing that our Government has funded those Nuclear subs to protect us from an enemy that will probably never be foolish enough to strike even if they had a valid reason to do so. The jingoistic politicians will invent a reason just to ramp up the fear and concern over an enemy that has never attempted to be openly hostile towards us. We need to construct an enemy or we cannot justify the need for a deadly deterrent and without all that animosity and sabre rattling our MPs would shrink back down to the scared, diminished little boys they really are behind that Eaton arrogance.

    Without that constant fear of the Russian threat we might have progressive Socialist politicians trying to divert the funding for our precious arsenal towards programs that are genuinely needed to secure public safety and the tangible welfare of us all. How unspeakably abhorrent that, after the neo-liberal decimation wrought by Thatcher and a decade of austerity, we might actually vote for a Government that was firmly focused on the public good. It was such a crying shame that when the progressives offered real hope to our nation, desperate for change, their victory was snatched away by Tory fraud in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

    It was such a cruel trick when Tories doubled down to gloat, brandishing that grotesque lie about “borrowed votes” and forcing Labour MPs to grovel in humiliation to reinforce the validity of that totally inexplicable Covert 2019 Rigged Election result. They would have worked hard to end the grinding poverty, deprivation and suffering that a decade of unnecessary austerity cuts had inflicted on most UK citizens. They would have raised the living wage, and scraped Universal Credit: the driving force of destitution, homelessness and reliance on food banks. They would have build affordable homes for ordinary people to live in ending the insecurity of the private rental profiteering.

    Aside from the enticing election pledges, there were sound underlying policies like the “Green New Deal,” Nationalization of utilities and transport, but also the investment in neglected infrastructure gutted by years of senseless Tory cuts. There would not have been time to strengthen our flood defences to avoid the deluge that swamped so many homes, but it would not have been ignored by a part-time PM holidaying on a Caribbean island and immediately forgotten the second the water subsided! The years of underfunding our NHS could not have been fixed overnight, but it would have been an urgent priority under Labour.

    When Covid 19 first appeared in Wuhan a responsible Government would have assessed the inherited lack of vital kit and staffing resources, quantified the potential risk to our country and prepared accordingly by first making sure that our NHS was braced for the devastating potential of a global Pandemic. We knew this was on its way in January so this urgent task should have been at least partially accomplished before the end of February with a basic set of precautionary restrictions advised for the most at risk groups, vigilant checks at points of border entry, testing and tracing. We will never get on top of this crisis until the Government adheres to the WHO demand to test, test, test!

    There will be little to celebrate by December of 2020 as the Tory team plan to crash us out of the EU without a deal, severely compounding the extreme hardship that will be gripping the nation even if we have managed to emerge from the trauma of the Covid 19 Pandemic. It would be typical of the sick mind of Boris Johnson to promote Covid 19 Christmas decorations in “fever red” and iridescent bilious green, obscene blobs with lots of protuberances to lodge on the festive tree! I doubt it would occur to him that half the population would be too impoverished to celebrate even if they were not starving.

    In really does not have to be this way, but we cannot afford to procrastinate any longer; we must take the actions necessary to remove this rogue Tory Government ASAP before their abysmal poor judgement causes even more catastrophic harm. December is a harsh deadline where we will lose any right to appeal to the EU for justice and help to correct the Covert 2019 Rigged Election the result that scuppered our right to a democratic confirmatory vote on Brexit. It is not too late to challenge the rigged vote if we can gather the crucial evidence.

    The EU cannot ignore the risk of the far Right Nationalist takeover in Hungary and Poland; they must try hard to re-establish the democratic rules that govern the EU and maintain a peaceful collaboration between all member states. The EU should also act swiftly to prevent the UK from becoming a Singapore style tax haven on the edge of the continent, exploiting its citizens in a virtual slave state; they could try to help us rescue our democracy. The consequences of refusing to get involved will see the EU dominated by dangerous authoritarian Dictatorships. We cannot allow Covid 19 to become the vehicle helping to enable this nightmare scenario to evolve in the UK.

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    Whilst people are dying, our clown PM finds time for a joke

    Boris Johnson has largely managed to cloak his clownish persona when leveling with Britain about the severity of the coronavirus outbreak. But the prime minister reportedly slipped back into bad habits on a Monday night conference call with manufacturers, who have been urged to join a national effort to produce more medical ventilators for the impending medical crisis. Politico reports that some of the business leaders were “less than impressed” with Johnson’s conduct on the call, with one saying: “He couldn’t help but act the clown, even though he was a on call with serious CEOs from goodness knows how many companies.” The same unnamed business leader is reported to have said the prime minister “joked” that the emergency project to build more life-saving ventilators could be known as “Operation Last Gasp.”

    This shows the level of thought of this buffoon in charge. But it also underlines an even deeper flaw of thinking. The government has not shown any sign of urgency in dealing with stopping the infection other than social isolation. The military should be deployed in helping in distribution food to prevent people from unnecessary shopping journeys, hotels should be requisitioned to isolate mild case in quarantine. But of course Johnson’s focus on the high tech end of things, respirators, which are so much down the line and would be better sourced from manufacturers with proven track records and licensed products, instead of by turning to companies in which the Tories hold shares for a bit of diversion of the main issues showing the incompetence.
    As the WHO urged from the outset, nothing can substitute for testing, testing, testing, and also isolation.

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